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Thursday, Oct. 15, 2009

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I believe it was Vince Lombardi who once said, “It’s not whether you get knocked down; it’s whether you get up.” Well that’s certainly true for life, but also for fantasy football. Maybe not necessarily in that order. Have you taken a look at your roster and said, “What happened?” I like this team. I have Brady (Tom, not Quinn) and Moss (Randy, not Sinorice), LaDainian Tomlinson and Calvin Johnson. Tony Romo, Drew Brees and Kurt Warner were all supposed to be money in the bank. How is my second-round Steve Smith not better than the waiver-wire Steve Smith? Are you are 2-3? Or 1-4? Or even 0-5? Well, one thing I am not going to do is lie to you. The answer to your salvation is not in this column. In fact, it’s a fairly poor week for pickups. But what I can tell you is to not give up. Things can turn around in a hurry in fantasy. I can tell you that your team has no memory. It has no idea you lost three straight. It can just as easily win three straight. Your studs will awaken from slumber. We saw it Sunday from the likes of Roddy White, Michael Turner, Clinton Portis and T.J. Houshmandzadeh, among others. You never know when your desperate waiver-wire pickup will go all Miles Austin on you. For the truly frustrated, you can’t really play the league’s top scorer every week, can you? I mean, unless you used to run a dog fighting ring in a former life and karma has come back to kick you. So take a look at who’s out there this week. Maybe your bad luck will finally come to an end. Jeremy Maclin is one of the three obvious names this week, and I like him the most not because he is an Eagle, but because of this simple reason: opportunity. With only a constantly injured Kevin Curtis in front of him, Maclin has a better chance of getting looks and producing than some of the other guys, especially since Miles Austin is off this week. Maclin’s game was a bit of a fluke and McNabb does spread the ball around, but he certainly needs to be owned. As for Austin’s monster performance last week, I don’t think you’re going to see that from him again, obviously. But while he had 10 receptions, 250 yards and two touchdowns, he actually could have had four scores and he was targeted 15 times. The Cowboys won’t always play Kansas City; they have a bye this week; and my guess is Jerry Jones will insist that Roy Williams start to justify that contract when he comes back in Week 7. That said, Austin is a big-play guy on a team that needs them. If you don’t need help immediately, he might be the better long-term pickup. Based on recent commercials for his movie, Michael Jackson has more life in him these days than the Kansas City’s Larry Johnson. What? Too soon? Or not soon enough? LJ is done. You and I both know it and deep down, I think the Chiefs know it. It has to be sooner than later that they pull the plug on a guy who is currently averaging 2.4 yards per carry. Two point four! On 93 attempts! Jamaal Charles, meanwhile, hasn’t gotten a lot of work (only 15 attempts) but what he has gotten, he’s done something with. He’s averaging 5.1 yards per carry. He also had 54 yards on five receptions Sunday. He’s a better pass-catcher than LJ, a better running back these days and having never met either guy, I’ll say it. He strikes me as the better human being. Charles will be the guy sooner or later. Why not get him now and beat the rush? So just remember, the important thing is that you keep fighting. Not just for yourself, but for your leaguemates. Have pride in your team. Nothing sucks worse than teams and owners who bail. You made a commitment, now go and honor it. The results might just surprise you.

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KSC coach enjoys working two jobs Kenny Wright

Equinox Staff For some, taking on a second job while already coaching a Division III collegiate sport would seem unimaginable. But one Keene State College coach has proven it can all be done. Most colleges have assistant athletic directors, but the difference at KSC is the man that holds that position is also the men’s basketball coach and has been for the past ten years. This is Rob Colbert’s fifth year taking on both jobs. “All schools have assistant athletic directors. It’s common and, actually, a lot of schools have full-time assistant [athletic directors] that don’t have coaching duties,” KSC Athletic Director John Ratliff said. It’s definitely a huge help but it also puts pressure on him timewise for basketball, especially during the season. It makes it difficult but he has all the confidence from the other coaches.” In 2005, Colbert was named interim athletic director when Ratliff left his post to take the same job at another college. Colbert held the position for a few months before Ratliff returned to KSC to resume his job as athletic director of the Owl sport teams. “Mr. Ratliff left to take another position and I was asked to become the interim athletic director, which I did,” Colbert said. “After a couple of weeks or months he actually came back as the athletic director.

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