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Volume 01, Issue 30

November 21, 2013

“We were not heroes,” declares Louis J. Rael! “…We were just ordinary boys, coming of age and forced to face life threatening extraordinary conditions in the realities of war,” continues Rael in recalling events of his U.S. Military service during WWII. “I was drafted into the U. S. Military” recounts Rael, “at age 18 under a measure signed into law on November 14, 1945, by then U.S. President Franklin Delano Roosevelt declaring ‘Teens -- men age 18 and older – will join the manpower pool to win World War II.’ My brothers were in the military at that time and so as early as age 17, in spite of the adamant counsel of one of the elders of the local Adventist Church in Albuquerque N.M. -where I had my membership- I really wanted to go, join my brothers and serve my country!” The following is an account of some of Rael’s military challenges, in his own words: “At the age of 16, I was baptized into the Seventh-day-Adventist Church, so the Army was a true test of my religious convictions. The policy of the Adventist Church was that no Adventist soldier was to bear arms. And so the General Conference of Seventh-dayAdventist’s contacted the military authorities, and I myself carried a copy of a statement by President Roosevelt that ‘all conscientious objectors shall be exempt from carrying arms and shall be assigned other duties in the military, as needed.’ “And so, at the draft board when I filled out all my papers - on the advice of the Church leaders - I signed on as a ‘conscientious objector.’ So after my physical I was classified

as ‘1A-O’ which received a certificate your assigned weapon. That’s means I was in perfrom NYA a local going to be your rifle and you fect health to go and training school in are going to be responsible for the ‘O’ designated Albuquerque. NYA that weapon.’ me as an objector. (National Youth “My heart sank as I fell in And so I said to Administration) right at the tail end of the line. myself, ‘okay, that’s was a government Then is when the wheels in taken care of, I’m sponsored school my brain started turning and covered!’ for training young I said ‘wait a minute here!’ “About a couple of people in some kind So I finally got to him and I weeks after passof a skill. I also said ‘Sergeant sir, I will take ing my examination worked briefly at this rifle and I will put my at the draft board I the air base there in serial number on it as ordered received a letter that Albuquerque as an but that’s about all I can do I was to be picked aircraft welder. because I am a conscientious up to report to the “So we conjecobjector and as such I am not induction center at tured that because supposed to handle weapons, Fort Bliss, a United of our respective that would be against my States Army post in vocational trainreligious convictions, sir!’ He El Paso, Texas to ing we were being looked at me incredulously await further assignassigned to what the and uttered a bunch of profanment. There again military calls ‘an ity retorting ‘I’m giving you I started wondering ordinance’ which is an order soldier, you take this what was going on sort of a department rifle and you are going to have because all most all for the maintaining to talk to the Chaplain about Local Keene area U.S. Military Veterans honored at the recent “Dinner for of the other young of military equipyour objection!’ a Cause” held on November 10, at the Keene Senior Citizen’s Center and recruits were there ment, e.g., weap“And so I took the rifle and sponsored by the Keene Pioneer Heritage Foundation. Pictured (L-R) Louis ons, tanks and other put it on the rack and all the no longer than 2 J. Rael, Loy Fitch, Philip Payne (nonveteran Chairperson of KPHF and award vehicles. And it weeks before they time thinking ‘what am I presenter), Henry Bedford, Donald Stowe, Chris Evans, Dale Janes and were assigned to would have been a going to do?’ And so imHarold Lindsey different training good deal because mediately you know, the next centers all over the after basic training morning the order went out took another fellow and me could happen if we open country. they would have sent us to a ‘okay fellows, get you rifles together to the local railroad this envelope prematurely? “After about a month or so, technician school where they and let’s go!’ In basic training station there in El Paso. They Nobody will know!’ Curiosity would teach us all the tricks all of my buddies that had that’s the first thing they do gave us meal tickets along got the better of us and it took of the trade for the repair and been inducted with me had you know. I tried to explain with our orders in a sepano longer for him to say that already been assigned, they maintenance of weapons and to the Corporal in charge of rate sealed envelope. They than for me to rip open the were already gone. And so I all the other heavy military our platoon telling him ‘you further instructed us not to envelope! finally went to the company equipment. know, I’m really not supposed “We were both pleasantly office and I asked the Sergeant open the envelopes for at least “So when we arrived there to be here.’ He responded 12 hours. Beyond that they surprised to discover that our there in the office ‘what’s my we were eagerly anticipating ‘what do you mean, Rael?’ I status, sir?’ And he said ‘what didn’t give us a clue regarding assignment was to Aberdeen our new assignment. They then explained to him ‘I am our destination. Proving Ground, a US milido you mean?’ I explained picked us up at the railroad a Seventh-day-Adventist and “This other young fellow tary base located in Harford ‘those fellows that came with station there in Maryland and as such I am a conscientious and I were assigned a PullCounty in the state of Maryme are gone and I’m still assigned us a place. Then objector. We just don’t handle man car with bunk beds in the land. My partner said ‘I’ve here!’ ‘Well’ he replied, ‘I’ll the next morning they got us arms.’ He said ‘well, I’ll tell passenger train. It was late heard about that place, it’s a check on that.’ all together for the orientayou what, everybody that falls at night and we just sat there technical training center. I “And so about a week later tion lecture. This fellow, a out in formation when the orwondering about our assigntook an auto mechanic course I was called to report to the non-commissioned officer, a der is given must fall out with ments. We were both thinkand I have a certificate. What clinic where they injected me Sergeant lined us up and said a rifle, and you must do so. ing the same thing ‘where are about you?’ he asked. I with 2 shots and said ‘you get ‘the first thing we do here is If not the superiors will call we heading?’ And so finally explained to him that in high ready because you’re shipassign you your rifle. I want school at age 15 or 16, I had ping out tonight!’ And so that we looked at each other and you to record you serial num- Continued Heroes: Page 4 wondered out loud ‘what taken a welding course and night they picked us up and ber on a tape and attach it to

Where were you on November 22, 1963?? Carol Ghering: They shut down classes and allowed us to watch TV. I and all the others were shocked. Laura Kasper: I was home from 2nd grade with a stomach bug. I was watching TV & irritated that my shows were being interrupted for President Kennedy’s visit to Dallas. I saw the assassination in real time realizing that something horrible had happened. By Sunday my brother had the stomach bug and he witnessed Oswald getting shot by Jack Ruby while sitting in my dad’s lap watching TV. Mom and I returned from church to learn that they had witnessed that as it happened. Ted Franks: I was a sophomore at Arlington High School. It happened on a Friday and all football games were cancelled. Florence Burton: Sitting in geometry class in Downers Grove, IL. Todd Saylors: I was not born yet but my mom was on the street in front of the Xerox building in Dallas when she worked there. Becky Astalas: I was living in Camino, California. I was 5 years old. Just remember my parents watching the new on our TV Betty Beach: Vivid memory. 10th grade Tulsa Jr. Academy. They brought a TV (b&w) to our classroom. Jeanne Cunningham Crawford: We were jealous of one of our classmates since her dad got her out of school to go to the motorcade. We were at the Dallas Junior Academy and lunch was just over. Someone must have called one of our teachers. We ran out to the cars and turned on the radios to listen. Then later a TV was set up and we watched the news until our

parents picked us up and took us home. We were really worried about our classmate. E J Irish: Eighth grade, Midland Adventist Academy in Kansas City. We often watched TV during lunch hour, so we had the news on already, and then just a few minutes before one o’clock the news bulletin with Walter Cronkite came on with a live phone report I believe by Dan Rather. Troy Spring: I was but a twinkle Micki Nellis: I was standing in line to re-enroll at the University of Oklahoma 20 days after my first son was born. There were gasps from the staff behind the counter, and then they said that President Kennedy had been assassinated. David Perry: I was a freshman at LaPorte High School and had left the pep rally with my buddy Wayne Barnes. It was raining like crazy and we ran from the gym to the classrooms. We met our algebra teacher, who was crying, and she told us. We spent the

rest of the school day in our home rooms, listening to radio reports. Terry Roberts: watched on TV in California at school. Three years later we moved to Dallas, three years after that I had the displeasure of meeting the man on TV, Henry Wade. Elaine Wilmore: I was in 7th grade science class. Our teacher told us. There was total silence. As 12 year olds, we were in total shock and denial, mere children. Gary Berriochoa: I was in my 2nd grade classroom at St Mary’s School in Newport, Rhode Island. This was the school that was adjacent to the church that JFK and Jackie were married in. We were all in shock and disbelief. We went home early. Ruth Kennedy Williams: I was in 10th grade choir class in Bartlesville, OK. Verona Mullins: Lived in Texarkana, TX. I was in science lab at the high school as a sophomore. They called an assembly in the gym and informed us that he had been shot but not his condition. It

wasn’t till I got home that it was on the news that he had died from injuries. I actually was watching TV live when Ruby shot Oswald. For a 14 year old it was almost like fiction. But remember it well. Francine Swayze: I was leaving my university classes for the day when I heard the new on the car radio…what a tragic day in America. Mary Stevens Day: I was in the EEG lab at the White Memorial Hospital, running a test on a patient at the time. Remember exactly where I was standing. I was married 11 months on the 26th of that month. Donna Pike: In eighth grade at Ella E Hughes Elementary in Keene. I was in my blue Rambler coming back to school from lunch. Heard it on my radio and I was the one that told my classmates and the teachers. JoAnn Loignon: I lived in Wichita Falls, TX and was in the second grade, and I heard it on the radio in the car. I went in and told my teacher, my mom and Sam Miller,

Larry Garrett that the president had been killed and they made fun of me and said I did not know what I was talking about! Nancy Carlock: At Cleburne High School. Paula Westbrook: At home, I had not started school yet. Mom had the radio on and she was shocked. Dan E Roberts: I was in the eighth grade at Ella E Hughes…after Donna Findley told us the president was killed I went to the flag pole and lowered the flag to halfmast. John Hiser was our teacher and he brought a TV in so we could watch until we left school. I spent the next days glued to the TV. I witnessed the first live shooting/killing on TV that Sunday morning. The world changed that weekend. Mary Werning: I was at home in Dallas ironing and watching The Edge of Light soap opera. Penny Moore: I was in Lincoln, Nebraska in the car. I heard it on the radio. Kenna Lee Austin Carlson: I was at recess at Ella E Hughes school when Donna Findley, who was old enough to drive and who had gone home for lunch, came back to school and told us what she heard on her car radio. Kathie Baldwin White: At the grassy knoll with my dad. I have a ticket for this Friday. Joan Speyer Jenkins: I was at home, in the house that Mr Schram live in for so long, it was behind Keene City Hall. We had the TV on and heard the news…stayed glued to the TV for the next 3 days. Ray Heston: 3rd grade was told about it by Ms Prepot and sent home. It was a cold gray day in Iowa that day. Deb King Dandridge: 3rd

grade at Keene Public School. Beryl Castania Levell: Sitting in class at Baton Rouge Junior Academy Glenna Callahan: Dallas in grocery store heard it over the loud speaker. Joyce Evans: at work, the office alcoholic came in and no one really believed it but we soon were all sad and crying. I remember the drum playing for days. Kathryn Cooke Ratcliff: Our fifth grade class had been on a picnic. When we got back to the school we were greeted by the principal who gave us the sad news. I recall Mr Keith Hallock being visibly upset and he dismissed our class. I walked in front of W O Belz’s Store on my home. He was passing out Dallas Morning News Extras. He gave me one and told me to hang onto it for life. He said it would be worth something someday. I wish I had listened to him. Teresa Fry Beem: My father was in downtown Dallas, one of the vast number of people lining the roads, and jumped out just as the motorcade past by and screamed at the president. Within five minutes, he was shot! (Dad wasn’t a fan…. but golly, he’s always felt bad about that!) Carla Daugherty: I was on a Holy Land tour leaving Bill R Reese: 5th grade boy’s PE. Mr Maize our principal came in and told us. Spent the next 3 day watching it all on TV. The next weekend we went to Austin for Tgiving and stopped by Dealy Plaza to see where it all happened. Marla Gothard: I was at the dentist in Grand Prairie. The secretary came in and said she had heard it on the radio. I was in the seventh grade at Continued Where were you: Page 4


Gifted/Talented Parent Orientation at KJH Article by: Joyce Anne Yates, KJH Counselor Picture by: Billie Hopps, Principal, KJH The Keene Junior High School held their annual Parent Orientation for parents of Gifted/Talented students. With thirteen students currently participating in the program, it was well attended. Lacy Little, Coordinator of the KJH Gifted and Talented Program led out and explained the program to parents. She discussed the Partial and Full Day Pull-Out components to the program, Field Experience opportunities the G/T students will have throughout the year, and The Texas Performance Standards Project that the students are

required to complete. Teachers of G/T students each shared how Differentiation within their classroom is being done on a weekly basis, to give G/T students the opportunity to work at a higher, critical thinking level. Gifted and Talented students are researching a topic, collecting primary and secondary sources that will

Miss Aimee the Balloon Lady visits Lisa’s Learning Center

Grandview-based balloon artist Aimee Pryor, aka Miss Aimee the Balloon Lady, paid a special visit to Lisa's Learning Center in Keene on Wednesday, November 6, 2013. Using twisted balloons and a dramatic storytelling flair, Aimee entertained kids with Bible skits and nursery rhyme stories bringing smiles to both the preschoolers and adults present. be used to support their study. Miss Aimee’s first experience They will create a product in learning to twist balloons related to their research. Prod- happened during a mission trip ucts will be displayed at the in 1997, in which she mastered Academic fair in May of next the art of designing a dog, year. Students will be present- cross, heart, flower, and sword. ing their research and will be Over the next several years available to discuss the product she perfected these designs at they have created. birthday parties at the request of friends and family. Miss Aimee found that learning the art of twisting balloons was difficult, as training conferences, classes, and Instructional DVD’s were scarcer to find than they are today. In 2007, while expecting her 2nd child, Miss Aimee heard that UTA was offering a course on Clowning & she immediately became excited and enrolled! During this course, she learned skits, costuming, make-up, face painting, juggling, and puppets. However, Miss Aimee found that her true talent and passion lie in balloon art. Subsequently, Miss Aimee expanded her long-time hobby into a career and started Port-a-Parties Entertainment. Port-a-Parties Entertainment originally offered the professional services of clowning, balloon twisting, and princess and mobile spa parties for children’s birthdays. Since then, Miss Aimee has expanded her practice to include Tommy Kennedy, KJH Band weddings and baby showers, director, is an accomplished where she has made elegant musician, playing auxillary floral arrangements, a bride percussion and various brass and groom, and even a stork instruments. He is a member centerpiece. Miss Aimee also of the Brazos Chamber Oroffers educational balloon chestra. We look forward to shows to schools, libraries, and many more Band Performanc- daycares. es at the Keene Junior High For more information about School, under Mr. Kennedy’s Miss Aimee and how to schedable leadership. ule an event at your place of school or business or just to view her latest balloon designs, visit

Pictured from left to right: Jessie Adams, Grant Williams, Brandon Dobbins, Isabella Cruz-Dilligard, and Gabe Contreras (back row); Wyatt Daniel, Xerxes Valencia, Aubree Waldon, Katie Adams, and Miss Aimee (front row).

Keene Junior High Band Inaugural Concert

Mr. Tommy Kennedy presenting KJH Fall Band Concert

The Keene Junior High Band, under the direction of Mr. Tommy Kennedy, performed their Inaugural Concert in the KISD Cafetorium. This is the first year, in well over two decades, that the Keene Junior High has offered Band as an elective. Most students in the KJH Band had never played an instrument before August of 2013. The band is currently

composed of primarily percussion and Brass instruments. The students performed a mix of short Folk songs by American, Mexican, Austrian, and French composers. Their favorite song was The Little Fish, an Austrian Folk Song. They also play a couple Christmas tunes and a theme from Symphony No. 1 by Johannes Brahms. Mr.

Real Estate for Sale


• Alvarado….CR707…3BR 2Bath 2 car garage on 1 acre of land, approx. 1652 square feet home….$128,100 • Cleburne….CR805A…Income producer, 2 double wides, one is duplex, (currently leased) other is available for owner occupancy or rentable. Beautiful must see to believe…3.58 acres…..$171,500 • Keene…4 bedroom 3 ½ bath, 2 living areas, media room, study/office… approx. 3368 sf on 0.877 acres of land......….$260,000

Jessie Adams showing off the octopus made for her by Miss Aimee.

Miss Aimee making the house made of bricks in the retelling of the story, “The 3 Little Pigs.”

Keene ISD Red Ribbon Week Event Keene ISD hosted a Red Ribbon Week Event in the Wanda R. Smith Gym. Bob Sparenberg with DeCoster’s Kids presented his Team Motivate - Courage to Say No in a Yes World! His message encouraged students to approach life with a Positive Attitude. He stressed that students will need to Decide to Say No! They would need Determination and Commitment to pursue the Idealism and Vision they have for a successful future, stating that they would

need Optimism and a belief that they can attain their goals. Keene Adventist Junior High students were in attendance. P.J. Webber of Keene High School was asked to volunteer to represent the analogy that a Motor Cross Bike engine and the Human Body are similar in their needs for maintenance and care to perform at their peak. Students were asked to sign a pledge to Be Drug Free and to choose to live a healthy lifestyle. P.J. competes in the Texas Off Road

Nationals each year. P.J. is one race short of potentially placing 1st in the race this year. DeCoster’s Kids has a mobile presentation center students can tour. Information is displayed and presented to encourage students to avoid any type of drugs, alcohol, tobacco and other harmful substances. This is a good message for young and old alike. Team Motivate was on hand and did a demonstrated Motor-Bike feats at StarFest 2013.

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Good Thru November 30, 2013

• Commercial property…Joshua, 2 bay garage with restroom, 40’x60’ metal building. Property can be seen from the new Chisholm Trail Parkway (toll road). Approx. 3.45 acres, fenced for security and additional parking.....$250,000

Most Amazing Airplane in History

The most amazing airplane in History....For the Airplane Buffs. Built in Russia during the 1930s, it flew 11 times before crashing and killing 15 people. The designer, Konstantin Kalinin, wanted to build two more planes but the project was scrapped. Later, Stalin had Kalinin executed. Evidently, it was not good to fail on an expensive project under Stalin. It has propellers on the back of the wings, too. You can count 12 engines facing front. The size would be equivalent to the Empire State Building on its side, with cannons. And you think the 747 was big... not only a bunch of

engines but check out the cannons the thing was carrying. In the 1930s the Russian army was obsessed by the idea of creating huge planes. At that time they were proposed to have as many propellers as possible to help carry those huge flying fortresses into the air, jet propulsion has not been implemented yet. Not many photos were saved from those times because of the high secrecy levels of such projects and because a lot of time has already passed. Can you imagine what it would be like sitting in this thing when those cannons go off? Looks like something out of a Jules Verne novel. WOW !!!!!!


Southwestern Adventist University Hosts Acrofest 2013 Acrofest 2013 was Hosted by Southwestern Adventist University. Acrobatic Teams from

eled to Keene, Texas for this event. Five of the more than 20 Acrobatic Teams combined to perform in the Keene W. R. Smith High School Gym for the Keene Junior High and High School students. The emphasis of this performance was to promote healthy living and demonstrate Home-Town Performance Brings House Down at Wanda R. Smith High examples School Gym of athletes working together to perform acrobatic feats that are only possible through a healthy lifestyle combined with physical

KISD trustees

l-r Gary Heinrich, Sheri Hadley, Geri Mongtomery, Donnie Beeson and Mary Ann Hodges take oath of office after the November 5th election. Donnie Beeson is the new board member as the others won re election for another 4 year term. The votes were canvass in a special meeting at 8am on Friday November 15th. By law only two board members need to be in attendance to make it a legal quorum for canvassing the votes. Sheri Hadley and Danny Roberts were the two that made the early morning meeting along with Superintendent Ricky Stephens. There were 205 votes cast in the election out of 2356 registered votes in Keene ISD. On the agenda for Monday night’s meeting was the election of trustee officers. Geri Montgomery was elected


president, replacing Sheri Hadley, Jerry Becker was elected vice president, replacing Geri Montgomery and Mary Ann Hodges replaces Judy Miles as board secretary. The board spent 3 hours in open meeting doing a mandatory Team of Eight training as required by the State of Texas. Dr Russell Marshall, the eleven year supertindent of Mabank ISD conducted the training that was attended by the Keene Elementary principal, Kelso Blair, Junior High principal, Billie Hopps and High School principal Sandra Denning. This was a first for Keene to include the principals in the board’s mandatory training. Dr. Marshall had been a university professor of Keene ISD superintendent Ricky Stephens while attending Stephen F Austin University.

Keene Chronicle

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Keene Chronicle


Seventh-day Adventist Universities, Colleges, and Academies across North America trav-

activity. This year’s message also promoted Rachel’s Challenge. Select members from the teams shared the major themes of Rachel’s Challenge, encouraging students to: Treat Others with Kindness and Respect; Eliminate Prejudice; Accept and have Compassion for Others; Practice Honesty and Integrity. One of the high-lights of this event was to have Peterson’s gym acrobatic athlete’s perform. This home-town team performance, many members of which attend Keene ISD, brought the house down with the enthusiastic clapping and response by their peers. It was an excellent presentation, and the challenge to “Treat Others the Way We Want to be Treated” is a timeless message and challenge we can ALL endeavor to practice and goal to reach each day.


Heroes: Continued from Page 1 you on it!’ But right there I could see the hand of the Lord working, because he then said ‘we have big barracks and they are coal heated. We need somebody here to keep the fire going, so you just stay here and there will be no questions asked because somebody has got to be here!’ “And so I went to the company office and talked to the company 1st Sergeant and I told him about my situation. I said ‘sir, it seems like there is something wrong here in my situation’ and then I had to go through that story again! He then responded ‘well, I don’t know anything about that but there’s not much I can do, you’re just going to have to talk with the Chaplain about that, he’s the one that makes those kind of decisions.’ I then reminded him that we as conscientious objectors have the right, recognized by President Roosevelt, ‘to refuse to bear arms.’ “So then I went to the Chaplain, a Catholic Priest and he started lecturing me saying “I know, it’s a tough time, we’re at war and we need young people to bear arms in order to defend our country.’ I respectfully replied ‘yes sir, but I am a Seventh-day-Adventist and we don’t believe in carrying arms.’ He then said ‘well, let me see what I can do for you, I’ll let you know.’ “So the next day I went back to the First Sergeant and said ‘what was the outcome?’ He retorted ‘oh, there’s nothing they can do about your situation, that’s all just a bunch of malarkey, you’re tricks are not going to work here, you’re in the Army man! Forget about all the business man, we’re at war!’ And so I respectfully inquired ‘Sergeant, is there any way that I can talk to the Camp Commander?’ Now in spite of the lump in my throat, those words came out of me, I don’t know how! He looked at me like I was crazy and shouted ‘Camp Commander?’ and I replied ‘yes sir, I need to talk to somebody about this because I feel that I do have some rights here that are being overlooked.’ He retorted ‘man, you don’t know what you’re talking about, do you really want to see the Camp Commander?’ I replied ‘yes sir’ and to my surprise he said, ‘okay, we’ll make arrangements.’ “And so on the next Saturday, I was in the barracks attending to the fires as assigned when a fellow that ran errands for the company came in and said ‘are you Rael?’ And I replied ‘I am.’ He then informed me that I was to report to the Camp Commander. I said ‘great, I’ve been waiting for that!’ He then instructed me to follow him and we went way out to a large building a distance away and we went up to the door and he said to me

‘see that door right there, just knock on the door and go in when ordered.’ “And so with nervous anticipation I knocked on the door and I heard a robust and commanding voice ‘come in!’ As I entered I saluted the Commander but he was sitting behind a big desk involved in shuffling through some paperwork, barely looking up to

Nineteen year old Private First Class Louis J. Rael, waiting for orders to cross the English Channel for the Invasion

make eye contact but did not acknowledge my salute. He was sort of an older gentleman and he pointed to a nearby chair and said ‘sit down here son!’ ‘Son?’ I said to myself in total disbelief. Those were the very first words of any respect I had received since my induction! He continued fiddling with the papers on his desk and then eventually addressed me saying ‘well son, I understand that you are having problems with your commanding officers.’ I replied ‘sir, I don’t know whether we can consider that as a problem but I am a conscientious objector, I was registered as a conscientious objector and we have word from our president that we can be exempt from carrying arms.’ I further explained to him ‘I am ready and willing to serve and to go anywhere as ordered but I can’t in good conscience handle an arm.’ So then he just started talking to me and carrying on an amicable conversation while inquiring about my religion asking ‘son, are you a Seventh-day-Adventist?’ I replied ‘I am sir.’ He then said ‘you know, in these documents you have a certificate here for some skilled training, welding.’ I replied ‘yes sir, I am a certified welder.’ He then commented ‘you know, this is just exactly the young people that we need in this

outfit. This is what this set up is for, maintenance ordinance. What you’ll do here is go through regular basic training and then after you’re through here you will be sent to a technical school to brush up on your skills. And when you have completed your training you will automatically be a non-commissioned officer. But honestly, I don’t find any record here as you being classified as a conscientious objector. So that is the question.’ I replied ‘sir, I was’ but I didn’t have the documents on my person to prove that. He then informed me ‘okay, I’ll tell you what I’ll do, I’m going to get in touch with the draft board and further investigate this thing. Then I’ll let you know through your commanding officer what I have decided on this matter.’ “Boy I mean to tell you, I stayed awake almost all night praying about this predicament! It was the following Saturday morning that while sitting on my bunk I heard someone yell out my name ‘Rael!’ It was another kid who informed me ‘you better pack up, you’re leaving here!’ And I excitedly responded ‘I’m ready, but where am I going?’ ‘I don’t know,’ he responded. And sure enough, that night they picked me up and I wound up at Camp Grant, Illinois, a medical training center. Instead of equipment repair training I was shipped off for training as an Army medic. Any other assignment other than medic training required handling a weapon. “So when another kid and I arrived at Camp Grant, a large military medical training center in Rockford, Illinois, located roughly 30 miles from Chicago, we first registered there at the main office and then we were assigned barracks. This kid who was transferred with me asked the Sergeant who was attending to us ‘can fellows go out to church on Saturday, here sir?’ This was the surprise of my life. I never expected to find another SDA in our company! This kid then explained to the Sergeant that he attends church on Saturdays. I looked at him with total disbelief and asked him ‘are you an Adventist?’ to which he replied affirmatively. We then gave each other a big brotherly hug! He later revealed to me that he had the same trouble as I did with his conscientious objector status. “So that’s how I would up at Camp Grant Medical Training Center where I got my six months of medic training. But there is another story here about keeping the Sabbath day holy. Although the center was a non-combatant training site, the majority of the fellows assigned there were not Sabbath keepers. That was another

Copy of Louis J. Rael’s U.S. Army, Honorable Discharge

trial that I went through as a Sabbath keeper. I encountered a lot of hate and opposition by both superiors and peers on refusing work on Saturday. Franklin D. Roosevelt made a statement, which I carried on my person giving us the right to be exempt from unnecessary work during the Sabbath hours. I also explained to my C.O. that I was willing to perform any assigned work at any other time of the week but Saturday was my day of worship. The Captain came to my defense when I was challenged by the Sergeant stating ‘Sergeant listen, I’m proud to have these boys in my outfit. Leave them alone, it’s okay, you can put them to work tomorrow!’ Military personnel transport “landing craft” approaching “It’s just amazing how the the Normandy shoreline on that fateful day of June 6, Lord works in mysterious ways and I was finally permit- 1944. ted to attend church services That was their secret strategy. rades fall! along with some of the other So when we were assigned to “Our duties as medics was Adventist fellow soldiers. We the hospital, the hospital was to render aid and to attend would all study the Sabbath not in operation at all. We to the fallen wounded and school lesson, sing, pray and were all camped out in tents dying. From our 50 pound fellowship together. This was awaiting further orders. And back packs filled with first aid a real blessing and an answer so we were on alert waiting supplies we would administer to my prayers! there for about another couple to their immediate needs; and “So after I completed my of months or so. And finally if they were hurting bad we training at Camp Grant we on the evening of June the 5th, would give them a shot of were given a 2 week furlough when they gave us orders to morphine to calm them down. and at the end of the 2 weeks board a landing craft of about Then we would carry them they picked us up there and 100 armed soldiers with stand- on stretcher to nearby landshipped us to Camp Shanks, ing room only, we all knew it ing crafts waiting to transport New York and then overseas. was ‘high noon!’ We crossed them to hospital ships for I crossed the Atlantic with more intensive care. Some the English Channel hitabout 48 other fellow soldiers would make it and some ting the beach in Normandy, and 50 sailors in a flotilla France in the wee hours of the would not! convoy of other flat bottom Indelibly etched in his memmorning of June 6, 1944. transport boats, cargo ships ory, Rael says, is the morbid “Even before we hit the and Navel warships. That flat beach we could see they sky site of the crimson Normandy bottom transport boat did not shoreline stained with the lit up with all sorts of aircraft cut through the water like a blood of his fallen comrades. and artillery fire. In spite of normal ship, it bobbed up and He recalls a poignant moment the noble efforts of our Air down like a cork and there while visiting the gravesite of Force cover we witnessed a were a lot of sick soldiers! We lot of other transport boats one of his closest buddies who spent 26 day in that boat in the blown up around us, all the was buried oversees shortly spring of 1943 before reaching time thinking we were next! after the invasion and thinkour destination at Plymouth, ing to himself, “…but for the “I don’t really like talking England. There we were put grace of God!” about the tragic events that us as replacement troops in Rael disclosed that he always followed in the heat of the Birmingham, England until carried a copy of Ellen G. battle aside from saying that I the invasion. There was about witnessed casualties all around White’s “Steps to Christ,” 10,000 troops there. given to him by a dear lady me. How can you describe “It was late one night when from his home church in Albusomething like that? People they picked a few of us up querque, N.M., in his fatigue where were not witness to the to take us to our assigned pocket and any spare time carnage really don’t underunit which was the Second during the darkest moments of stand. There is no way that General Hospital in Salisbury, I can really put it into words. the war experience he would England. But we actually pull the book out and read We caught heavy fire emanatdidn’t go there. See, we had it for strength and spiritual ing from enemy battleships been assigned to the unit of regeneration. and also from heavy artillery the Second General Hospital. Louis J. Rael, “ordinary boy” weapons from machine gun But actually, all of this was in nests stationed along the shore …or “war hero?” I say the preparation for the invasion. line. I witnessed a lot of com- latter!

Where were you: Continued from Page 1 New Councilman Davi Abrantes Beverly Peugh: sitting in a loud speakers to stop everypicked us up from school. I President had been assassiclassroom at school. when the thing we were doing.....then remember teachers crying nated. We dismissed early and news came around our teacher she announced “the President constantly. I walked home looking over Sworn In left us in tears. we kids were has been shot”....i remember Mary Alice McCorkle: my shoulder toward the Nike not told what happened and were too young to understand all the implications Dixie Kilgore Lysinger: First grade, Dallas Jr Academy Jim Grundy: I WAS WALKING ACROSS THE STREET AT SCOTT HIGH IN MADISON, W.VA, GOING TO WRESTLING PRACTICE WHEN SOME GAL ASKED ME IF I WAS FROM TEXAS, AND I SAID YES, AND SHE SAID THAT DAM TEXAS William Dailey: In the US Navy, aboard The USS Coral Sea, CVA43 aircraft carrier in the Tonkin Bay close to Vietnam heading for Japan for some relaxation, when the Captain came over the MC and told us that President Kennedy had been wounded by a gun shot in Dallas. About 20 minutes later he announced that the president was dead and that we had been ordered to turn around and go back to Vietnam. Deborah Walker Wright: I was sitting in my 6th grade class when our principal announced breathlessly over the

thinking “i need to get home cause none of us are safe”..... life changed that day for me forever.... Betty Huddleston Brown: Driving into the yard of our funeral Home in Post Texas with 3 children, when it came on the car radio. Jan Sutton: I was in my Typing 11class my junior year of high school in Bridgeport, Ohio, when the principal announced over the loud speaker that the president had been shot. I was glued to the TV for days while the dreadful tragedy unfolded. My husband, Layton, was in his residency at Parkland Hospital at the time but was not on duty. Lucy Bradley: 5th grade Mr Hallock. Keene. Watching it happen on tv. Cindi Reynolds Thomas: 1st Grade classroom in Dallas, TX at Wm. Lipscomb Elememtary School. We had just returned from lunch. A lone teacher went door to door, notifying each teacher it had happened, while sobbing. We sat in silence until our parents

Watching As the World Turns!!! They broke into the show and announced the president had been shot from the grassy knoll!!!! Lois Neill Wells: Home from school sick and watching it on live TV Martin Combs C E Dunn elementary, Arlington Texas. We were told in my2nd grade class. Linda Burt Wallace: Fourth period P.E. class in Brown Gym--9th grade at CHS. Marty Hinson Peters: I was in 3rd grade when my teacher (Mrs. Stewart, Coggin Memorial SDA church school in Corpus) was told at the door. She began crying and told us but as an 8 year old I didn’t understand the true significance... Jana Nazario Whitcomb: In school one room school house. Someone called us we sat in the teachers car and listened to the radio. Tom King: Albert Pauly entered our 3rd and 4th grade classroom and interrupted Mrs. Rogers to tell us the

Missile base in Alvarado, expecting a nuclear flash at any moment. Even as a 3rd grader I knew enough about what was going on that an attack on the president seemed like just the thing to do before firing missiles at us. Kruschev had been beating the table with his shoe at the UN and we’d just had the Cuban Missile Crisis the year before. Ft. Worth had a SAC base and there were heavy military industries and a Naval Air Base in the Metroplex. Scared the bejeebers out of us kids. We knew more Photo by Nick Chesney It only took a few minutes… about the perilous state of the unlike previous marathon world than the adults gave us city council meetings that credit for. have lasted for hours, this one lasted less than 15 minutes from gavel to adjournment. The city council canvassed votes from the November 5th general election. There were only 270 votes cast in the city election out of 2712 registered voters. Davi Abrantes, James Chapline and Cheryl Schram were elected to two year terms. Mayor Acker-

mann, suggested Dale Janes to continue as his mayor pro tem. Council woman Lorena Morin made to the motion to make Dale Janes mayor pro tem. After a few quiet minutes of council member looking at each other and with no second to be heard, Mayor Ackermann declared the motion dies of a lack of a second and then immediately adjourns the meeting. This week’s council agenda has the mayor pro tem nomination back on the items to be considered.


Joshua City Council member, A. J. Mathieu, has announced his candidacy for Johnson County Precinct 4 Commissioner

Mathieu has lived in Johnson County for over 25 years and resides in Joshua with his wife and two young sons where he has operated a computer support company for the last 16 years. “Being self-employed for most of my adult life has engrained in me the importance of managing my financial resources. Business owners know there is nobody else to rely on for a paycheck so I’ve learned three things

well; do the best I can for my clients, stretch a dollar as far as I can and trust God.” “In 2009 God called me to run for city council in Joshua. It was the last thing I would have ever predicted for my life, but that’s how God works sometimes. He called me to not sit on the sidelines anymore, but to become a part of the decision-making process that shaped my community and our world. He called me to demonstrate integrity in government and to inspire others to get involved because our nation is on a troubling path, but the solution starts right here at home. Sometimes issues take compromise to work together. Taking the time to listen to someone else’s ideas can build lasting relationships and yield great results. Sometimes it takes a hard stand to fight for what’s right. I’ve performed in both

situations.” “These last four years have been a crazy ride”, Mathieu said. “We’ve had some challenges in Joshua, but also some wonderful improvements. We opened our first park, a new fire station, and our YMCA. Some of the best experience I’ve gained has been involvement in aspects of government that you just can’t get staying here at home all the time. I served on a policy committee for the Texas Municipal League in Austin before the last state legislative session to help shape legislation that would affect cities. In 2012 I was elected to the North Central Texas Council of Governments Executive Board. That service has been valuable in finding opportunities for Johnson County, but also in witnessing the federal spending that is still going on despite what you hear about

budget cuts. I’ve worked on state legislation and I’ve gone toe to toe with well-funded lobbyists in front of a Texas Senate committee. Sometimes that seemed easier than the time I spend teaching Sunday School to three-year-olds!” “At home I serve on the Joshua Library Board and the Joshua Citizens Police Academy Alumni Association as a past-president and founding member.” Mathieu is also a member of the Chisholm Trail 100 Club and the NRA. “I see great opportunities in Johnson County in the next decade with the Chisholm Trail Parkway. Our population is expected to increase substantially and that takes good planning or you’ll spend many more decades trying to fix things done poorly. I want to see the county work cooperatively with the cities on planned developments so our

land use is optimized. One of the toughest parts of growth is always transportation so I’m excited to have been part of creating the Greater Johnson County Transportation Coalition which has already demonstrated that cities that may compete for business and residential development can work together towards goals that make us all better. We need to work hard preparing our road systems for double the amount of traffic and developing other modes to move people in and out of the county and within it. We also need to prepare to handle the inevitable crime that comes with a population increase. That means attention to our jail, an efficient court system and better pay for our Sheriff’s deputies.” “I’ve spent the last two and a half years attending Commissioners Court meetings to watch what’s going on in

Johnson County, something no other candidate can say. I did that because I’m committed to becoming the best candidate for this position. I know the issues and the people. I’m ready to get to work on day one. The most important thing for me during this campaign though will be getting to know the citizens and them getting to know me. Having been an active blog writer for the last four years I’ve produced a lot of information about things I’ve worked on and about me personally. I want anyone considering supporting me to get to know me first. An uninformed vote is not an earned vote and I want to earn every vote.” For more information on A.J. Mathieu please visit www., call 817-4261641 or like him on Facebook at

(Item is a standard item.) 8.Mayor’s nomination of Council Member to serve as Mayor Pro Tem, as required by City Charter section 3.03. (Item is a standard item.) 9. City Council’s consideration and election of Mayor’s nominee to serve as Mayor Pro Tem for a one (1) year term, as required by City Charter section 3.03. (Item is a standard item.) 10.Review and approval by the Council of the financial statement as of September

30, 2013. (Item requested by PeggyLoignon, Finance Manager.) 11. Review by the Council of reports by the Water, Sewer, Public Works, Police, Court, Code Enforcement, and Fire/ Ems Departments detailing monthly activity within each department Council may consult with department personnel, the City Administrator, and the City Accountant regarding the report. (Item is a standard item.)

Missionary Church of Itasca and the Believer’s Christian Cathedral of Hillsboro. “It was a perfect day in many ways thanks to the volunteers and the weather was great ” says Marcia Dyche Food Bank Director. The volunteer spirit

of these communities is alive and well. They had some produce left after the day ended. The food bank will be gearing up to serve more families next month. The next schedule event for Keene will be Saturday December 21st.

Council Agenda for November 21, 2013 1. Mayor’s remarks/public forum (The City Council invites citizens to speak on any topic; however, unless the item is specifically noted on this agenda, the City Council is required under the Texas Open Meetings Act to limit its response to one of the following: *Responding with a statement of specific factual information or reciting the City’s existing policy on that issue; or*Directing the person making the inquiry to visit with City Staff about the is-

sue. (No Council deliberation is permitted.) 2. Request by the City Council for items to be placed on a future agenda for discussion. 3. Consider approval of previous minutes. 4. Discussion and possible action on an Access Connection and Lease Agreement with AMG Technology Investment Group, DBA: Nextlink for internet services. (Item requested by Councilman Donny Gore.)

5.Discussion and possible action on, Resolution No. 2013-301, an Resolution by the City of Keene, Texas, affirming the casting of votes in the 2014-2015 election of the board of directors for the Central Appraisal District of Johnson County, Texas. (Item is a standard item.) 6. Discussion and possible action on Resolution No. 2013-302, a Resolution authorizing the borrowing of up to $181,500 from Pinnacle Bank, for the financing of

capital assets, as provided for in the City of Keene Budget for fiscal 1013-2014.(Item requested by William Guinn, City Administrator.) 7.Discussion and possible action on, Ordinance No. 2013482, an Ordinance amending the budget for the City of Keene, Texas, as amended and adopted by Ordinance No. 2013-475, dated September 26, 2013, appropriating resources for the fiscal year beginning October 1, 2013 and ending September 30, 2014.

Food Bank News

Kelly Flannery and Devon Connelly were the inaugural winners of the halftime shoot out at KISD home games. All spectators are given a ticket for the chance at half to shoot a layup,free throw, and 3 pointer. The winner receives a coupon for pizza

Saturday morning November 16th, the Keene Pinnacle Bank parking lot was full with people, cars and food. 701 Families! That’s how many families received food from last weekend’s Mobile Express sponsored by the

North Texas Food Bank, the Grandview Area Food Bank and numerous volunteers. 285 families in the Keene area received food. Mobile Express locations include the Keene Pinnacle Bank, The Second Baptist


Keene ISD 2013 Veteran’s Day Program

Rick Brockman, Keene ISD 2013 Veteran’s Day Program Organizer, recognizing two Keene High School students who have enlisted and will be joining the U.S. Armed Forces

Students from Keene ISD high school helped put out the flags in Keene for Veterans day. It was members of the National BETA club along with a few freshman, teachers and tKeene high school principal Sandy Denning

P.J. Webber with Bob Sparenberg of DeCoster’s Kids

Keene ISD hosted a Red Ribbon Week Event in the Wanda R. Smith Gym. Bob Sparenberg with DeCoster’s Kids presented his Team Motivate - Courage to Say No in a Yes World! His message encouraged students to approach life with a Positive Attitude. He stressed that students will need to Decide to Say No! They would need Determination and Commitment to pursue the Iadealism and Vision they have for a successful future, stating that they would need Optimism and a belief that they can attain their goals. Keene Adventist Junior High students were in attendance.

P.J. Webber of Keene High School was asked to volunteer to represent the analogy that a Motor Cross Bike engine and the Human Body are similar in their needs for maintenance and care to perform at their peak. Students were asked to sign a pledge to Be Drug Free and to choose to live a healthy lifestyle. DeCoster’s Kids has a mobile presentation center students can tour. Information is displayed and presented to encourage students to avoid any type of drugs, alcohol, tobacco and other harmful substances. This is a good message for young and old alike.

Keene ISD 2013 Veteran’s Day Program, organized by Keene Junior High 8th grade science teacher, Rick Brockman, was an inspiring event. It was attended by Keene Junior High and High School students, faculty, administrators and Keene ISD Superintendent, Ricky Stephens. Students, teachers, parents, and community friends dressed in era military uniforms from the revolutionary war to present day, as Kip Bassett, Instructor Pilot, flying B-52”s in his 14 years of service presented narration on each era represented. Mr. Brockman followed the presentation with recognition of Bobby Payne, a Command B-52 Pilot and later Senior ROTC Instructor at Western Hills High School in Fort Worth. Bobby Payne is husband of Karen Payne, English Instructor at Keene High School. He has served in uniform for 40 years. Also participating was Sergeant First Class, Michael Lindsey, who serves with the 176 Engineer Brigade in the U.S. Army. He is a Combat Medic

Kip Bassett, Narrator for Keene ISD 2013 Veteran’s Day Program

with 27 years of service to date. Mr. Lindsey has a son attending Keene Junior High and a daughter attending Keene High School. Students asked questions relating to how it feels to be a soldier, why the guests joined, and questions related to weapons. Sergeant Lindsey stated that he values Freedom, he feels that it is a duty to serve, and that ALL should find some way in which they can serve their country, even if they are not able to serve in the armed forces. Mr. Payne and Mr.

Bassett both had a desire to fly planes, and the U.S. military gave them this opportunity. They recognized the challenges military families face, but stated that they would serve again - in a heartbeat. The message that “Freedom is NOT FREE” came through loud and clear. Two Keene High School students were also recognized, Justin

Abrams and Blake Pradarits. They have enlisted in the armed forces, and plan to serve active duty upon graduation. A big Thank you goes to the one-quarter plus million soldiers who have bled and died to keep America Free and to ALL those currently serving to protect this great country The United States of America.

Keene Elementary News

Keene Elementary recognized their Super Charger Students for the second six weeks during a special assembly on Friday, November 15, 2013. Students were selected by their teachers based on their exemplary effort, performance, and behavior in the classroom. Front Row: Hope Strickland, Gavyn Norwood, Marc Anthony Belmares, Alber Kattil, Slade Abrams, Asia King, Lindsey Davis, Diann Phillip, Bethany Blair. Back Row: Jordan Steadman, Alan Castro, Kelsy Murillo, Andrea Greenidge, Scottie Ritok, Mia Hebert, Alyssa Bullon, Selane Jorbal, Danielle Ibarra, Ahtziri Garcia Valle. Not pictured: Adrian Hernandez

Southwestern Adventist University Presents Awardwinning Physics Professor Roy Campbell in Saxon Lecture Series

Southwestern Adventist University welcomes Dr. Roy Campbell as the presenter for the latest installment of the Saxon Lecture Series in Science and Religion on Saturday, November 16. Campbell is currently a professor of physics at Walla Walla University in Walla Walla, Washington. He was educated at Southern Adventist University and Florida State University where he earned a Ph.D. in theoretical particle physics. Campbell taught physics and astronomy at Southwestern Adventist University for 17 years. Among Southwestern alumni he is admired for his extensive knowledge and dry sense of humor, a welcome combination in a professor. It wasn’t uncommon for students to burst out laughing in class 10 minutes after a Dr. Camp-

bell joke. The topic for the presentation is “Finding Deep Down Beauty in God’s Creation: The Search for the Higgs Boson.” Campbell’s premise is that great mathematical beauty can be found in the laws of nature at the deepest level. Through the lecture we will better understand the beauty best summarized by Paul Dirac when he wrote, “God is a mathematician of a very high order and He used very advanced mathematics in constructing the universe.” The Higgs Boson, or Higgs particle, is an elementary particle first theorized as early as 1964. It’s existence, tentatively confirmed on March 14, 2013, is considered by many to be a monumental discovery because it appears to confirm the existence of the Higgs

field and therefore show that the Standard Model is correct. Campbell has held NASA fellowships in high energy astrophysics. He has won teaching awards at both Southwestern Adventist University and Walla Walla University. The presentation will take place in the Wharton Auditorium of the Mabee Center on Southwestern’s campus at 4:00 p.m. on Saturday, November 16. The annual Saxon Lecture Series is the brainchild of George Saxon, retired physics professor from Southwestern, who promoted the series and supported it financially with the goal of promoting scholarly discussion on science and religion. Running since 2007, the series has featured topics such as Galileo, John Harvey Kellogg, evolution, dinosaurs, and the new atheism.

Keene Junior High School Food Drive

The Keene Junior High School is participating in a Food Drive to help provide Thanksgiving Baskets to area families. The community is invited to join students at the Keene Junior High School in donating non-perishable food items. Donations can be dropped off at the KJH front office on school days from 8:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. through November 22, 2013. The KJH

student council members, under the leadership of Shannon Webber, KJH Teacher, is organizing and sponsoring this event to help brighten the upcoming holidays for families in need. Deliver to: Keene Junior High 402 E 4th St, Keene, TX 76059 817-774-5311 Sponsored by Keene Junior High Student Council


Keene Junior High Red Ribbon Week 2013 at Keene Junior School Librarian and Office High Students celebrate Red Ribpower to CHOOSE to resist bon Week 2013 at Keene Jupeer pressure, drugs, alcohol, Staff Host 2013 nior High School. The Theme tobacco and other harmful this year was A Healthy Me is substances. This message is BOSS’S DAY Drug Free! Each day, Octopresented throughout the year

L - R Billie Hopps, KJH Principal, Walt Pfiefer, Keene ISD CFO, Heather Archer, KJH Vice-Principal

Breakfast. Superintendent, Ricky Stephens; Walt Pfiefer, CFO; Keene JH Principal, Billie Hopps & KJH VicePrincipal, Heather Archer were invited to breakfast in the library at Keene Junior High. The table was set and decorated by Lydia Chacon, KJH Secretary. Aida Castillo, KJH Library selected the background music and prepared the Coffee, Orange Juice, and breakfast breads/muf-

ber 28 - November 1, 2013, students dressed to slogans such as “Our future is so bright when we are Drug Free! “Don’t get Tied down with Drugs!” and “Drugs have NO place in our Future!”. Celebrating “Put Drugs to Sleep!” Day, Litzy Mendoza, Hazel Marquez, and Emely Velasquez wore matching pajamas. The students enjoy Red Ribbon Week each year, and they are reminded that it IS their future. They have the

as well, through the STAR COUNCIL intervention program and classroom guidance lessons. Red Ribbon Week is a way to honor the memory of Enrique “Kiki” Camerena who lost his life in the battle against illegal drugs and to recognize the continued efforts of law enforcement and others who have dedicated their life to making their communities a Safe and Drug Free environment.

fins. Joyce Anne Yates, KJH Counselor joined in to balance the breakfast with fruits and banana nut muffins. The Administrators seemed to enjoy the meal and it is reported that some returned for a second mid-morning snack. We hope that BOSS’S Day was great Day in every way and that Breakfast at KJH got them off to a Great Start. The leadership at Keene ISD is valued and appreciated.

R - L Emely Velasquez, Litzy Mendoza, Hazel Marquez

L - R Walt Pfiefer - Keene ISD CFO, Heather Archer KJH vice-Principal, Keene ISD superintendent - Ricky Stephens, Billie Hopps - KJH Principal

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Keene Chronicle Subscription Form



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Fine Arts Department of KJH Presents “UNTAKEN” The The Fine Arts Department of Newspaper Keene Junior High Presented a That Has Keene In Mind

KC Read the

Keene Chronicle online at

combination Play & Band Concert performance that was held in the Keene ISD Cafetorium on November 14, 2013. The play "UNTAKEN", by Kathleen A. Palmer, was a debut performance by the 7th grade One Act Play UIL Class, under the direction of Irene Herr, Keene ISD 2013-2014 Teacher of the Year. This play depicted providential intervention in the lives of three families pondering the road not taken on September 11, 2001. The students gave an excellent and realistic performance show- L-R Nain Arriaga, Emely Velasquez, Bell Kurzon, Angie ing how providence intervened Hidai to prevent individuals from being in one of the Twin Towers on that fateful day in America. These students will perform their One Act Play later this year in the regional UIL competition. We wish them the best as they continue to develop their acting and skills in this Fine Arts class. Thank you Mrs. Herr for your dedication and many hours devoted to ensuring that your students can be the best they can possibly be. Congratulations on your recognition as Teacher of the Year. You deserve and R - L - Christopher Davis, Janice Castro have truly earned this honor.

R - L - Angie Hidai, Belle Kurzon

R-L Rigel Osorio, Saiya Robert, Luciano Pieroni, Penny Strickland

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After 4 years on the corner of Old Betsy and Hwy 67 “JD” is leaving Keene. He has been the manager of the Quickway Convenience store and instrumental in making it a clean, well landscaped and friendly place to do business. JD says he has “learned a lot from the people of Keene” and really appreciates being included in the business community. His last day will be November 30th in Keene. He has plans to take 30 days off to go visit his mom and his father’s grave in Pakistan. Upon returning he will become a business broker. He is especially appreciative of Toby Gonzalez, Warren Easley, Harold Burton, Dr. Salinas and the Bill Neighbors family for all the support and encourage-

ment they have given him and for their friendships. He will forever be grateful to all of his customers throughout the years. He would be honored if anyone ever gets a chance to drop him a note or bring him up on the local news, his email address is:zamiramed@att. net.

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Keene Dental 428 S. Old Betsy Rd. Keene, TX 76059


203 S College Dr…Keene…3BR 2Bath with apartment…………………….……$98,500 401 N Eastern St…Keene…3/4 acre lot with Doll House........(make offer)…...$84,500 3021 Marquise Ct….Burleson…4 BR 2 Bath, great neighborhood………….$164,900 1109 Snowberry St….Keene….4 BR 3Bath…………………………………….…$118,900 303 Oakwood Dr…Keene .Beautiful 4BR, 3Baths, great family home…must see. .... ..............................................................................................................................$136,500 208 Pine St….Keene…4BR 3Bath beautifully remodeled …………………… $129,500 3.15 acres on CR 703, Alvarado……………………………………………………..$64,500 1 commercial acre, downtown Alvarado………………………………………….$85,000

“Rentals, ask us” Read-Billingsley 300 S Old Betsy Rd • Keene, Texas 76059 817-645-8785

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