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Volume 01, Issue 18

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Keene City residents continue to hold Mayor Ackermann’s feet to the fire exposing apparent inconsistencies and contradictions Two Keene City residents demanded transparency and accountability at the recent City Council meeting held on the evening of May 16 at Keene City Hall. In the wake of the devastating tornados that swept through Hood, Johnson and Ellis Counties on the evening of May 15, former Keene City Council Member Chad Aden, wants to know “why it took 10 minutes” from Blackboard notification (Blackboard Connect automated emergency notification system) and the activation of the Keene emergency sirens. In an emotional delivery, he formally addressed his concerns to Mayor Ackerman and the Keene City Council members. “It’s very concerning to me” expressed Aden, “knowing that my wife is in a bath tub receiving text messages and not hearing the sirens, and I am thankful, thankful, thankful that she gets those text messages! But then I wander how many people in this City don’t get text messages, don’t get emails and don’t get phone calls? …We were under tornado warning at 8:05 (pm), and we didn’t activate that siren until 8:21! I received the first text message… at 8:11 last night. That is 10 minutes between Blackboard and that siren being activated! If this were an actual emergency and something was actually going

on you don’t have 10 minutes, you can ask the people in Grandbury that. I’m sure they would have loved to have an extra 10 minutes to be prepared. The 6 people who died would have loved to have an extra 10 minutes and maybe do something else. But we didn’t give that! My understanding from the ordinance that we adopted last council meeting was that when a tornado warning was activated within Johnson County, (that) our siren was to be activated…. We knew these storms were severe, they told us these storms were severe, and we had storms emerging over the top of us and we waited 10 minutes to activate them! Are you, Mr. Mayor, still controlling that button and still telling them to push it or not push it?” “I really wish that I felt confident that with the new ordinance that was passed that things would be going in the proper direction,” continued Aden, “that there would be no hierarchy of people sitting in a room telling someone when they can and cannot push a button. Let it be a simple ‘hey, here’s a warning, let’s push the button.’ If we over activate it, we over activate it, if it saves one life, it saves one life!” Keith Jilge, during his tenure as Emergency Management Coordinator for the City of Keene, scheduled a meeting to discuss the Keene emergency

management process with the experts at the North Central Texas Council of Governments. This action prompted a letter dated April 19, 2013,

City of Keene never took place. Through the Texas Public Information Act (Texas Government Code, Chapter 552) Keene resident Liesl Hoover

Keene resident Liesl Hoover addressing Mayor Ackermann and City Council Members

from Mayor John Ackerman in which he unceremoniously dismissed Jilge from the post. Later, at the City Council meeting on May 2, 2013, Ackerman publically announced that he himself was assuming the role previously held by Jilge. This role in effect, gives the Mayor the authority and discretion over - among other things - the Keene City emergency siren activation. The official record reflects that the scheduled meeting with COG and the

reported that she requested and received a memo dated April 8, 2013. This is the memo from Mr. Keith Jilge to Mayor John Ackerman, in which he (Jilge) specifically requested a meeting with Melanie Divine, Emergency Preparedness Specialist with North Central Texas Council of Governments. “The next thing that I requested” stated Hoover while formally addressing Ackerman and the Keene City Council members, “was a copy of the email from

Melanie Divine to Mayor Ackerman, cancelling the meeting – because that was what the Mayor stated - was that ‘Ms. Divine of COG had cancelled that meeting.’ I did not receive the email from Melanie Divine to the Mayor cancelling that meeting” continued Hoover, “what I did receive, oddly enough, was a confirmation email from Melanie Divine to Mr. Gilge stating that she was not only confirming the meeting but that she was looking forward to it. So I’m a little confused! Again it doesn’t add up. I think that was a statement that was not accurate or true (by Ackerman). I requested other documents such as the official document that must be filed with the State appointing the successor of Mr. Jilge, the (former) Emergency Management Coordinator. I haven’t received that either. I would think that since we voted at the last council meeting that you were going to be the (Emergency Management) Director as the Mayor - because that was your ‘right to do so’ - I thought that document would have been filed.” Hoover continued, “4 out of 16 items (requested) - I’m not understanding! It’s been 15 days instead of the 10 (business day requirement under the Texas Public Information Act), so I’m a little confused as to why the information that I’m asking for isn’t being given

- number one. Wondering if there is something to hide, if there’s something that we’re not supposed to know - I don’t understand that! …. Again I’m going to quote the last part of what you said Mayor, on April 29. You stated ‘when there are questions, concerns or complaints, the Council must investigate these issues.’ That goes back to all of these private session meetings that we were having discussing City employees and what-not. What I received from the City is a letter that says ‘Dear Ms. Hoover, I’m not aware of any correspondence, any email, any hand written note or any documents of any type that would list or speak to these questions, concerns or complaints referenced that would warrant an investigation.’ So I’m wondering, if there was nothing to it, then why did we go through all of the drama that we’ve been going through over the last few weeks?” Hoover ended her comments with this scathing rebuke: “It doesn’t add up, somebody is not telling the truth! So it speaks a lot to character in my opinion, it speaks a lot to who’s qualified and not qualified to be in the positions that they are in. Thank you.” Keene City Mayor John Ackerman gave no formal response to either of the above expressed concerns.

Did You Know: Valero, “Quickway # 11”

Zamir Ahmed, 49, aka J.D., Store Manager with A. Malik, Inc., was recently interviewed by the Keene Chronicle. The following is what he shared with us regarding his personal story and his Valero store located on FM 2280 at the intersection of State Highway 67 in Keene, Texas. “Every day I get up at 3 o’clock in the morning to be here at 5 o’clock. Sunday is my day off and I still come in to make sure that the store is set up right before my girl comes in so she has everything ready to go. I live southwest of Fort Worth, that’s about a 35 minute commute. “Besides the store, I do have a beautiful family, you know. I have 3 boys and a beautiful wife! I have seven year old twin boys and my oldest is 10. All three boys attend Woodway Elementary School in Fort Worth. “I am the manager of this store. I have been with this company for 12 years. The company bought the new location and I manage the store. I manage established businesses, they then sell the business and buy a new location. About 3 years ago my boss and I were passing through this little town (Keene) and I saw the store and liked it. I told him ‘I like this town and

I want you to buy this store.’ He bought the store. It’s a beautiful small town and I love the people around here. This August it will be 3 years that I have been working at this location. I told my boss that I would like to retire from this community. I don’t want to go anywhere else! People are great around here and I have learned a lot from this town, about health conscious, gardening, you know, the whole nine yards! These people will do anything for me and vise versa, I would do the same for them. I am planning to stay here as long as I can. If he sells this location, then I plan to retire. In my life I have worked in many locations; about every 6 months to a year I go to a new location and meet the new people – it’s a job! Trying to establish a relationship and get to know the people. When we got the store here 3 years ago, on the very first day I had people mad at me thinking that I’m going to be running the store just like the previous owner. And I said ‘no, you guys got to give me one chance and I’m going to prove myself how neat and clean I can run this business.’ Which, now you can see the good landscaping on the outside, clean restroom, clean store on the inside, reasonable prices and

very friendly service. I am so glad to have 2 employees who have been with me from day one. They are my clerks and their names are Maria Sifuentes and Peggy Surginer. They are both very honest and very friendly. The three of us run the store. “I had my own business in Jhelum, Pakistan where I am from originally. In 1979, right after graduating high school, I borrowed 23,000 rupees or the equivalent of $1,000 American money from my dad and opened a very small welding shop with no welding experience. I hired an experienced welder and we began making lawn furniture, fences and security gates. I have since become a master welder, and can make anything and everything! So from one small shop and one employee I expanded to 3 shops and 10 employees when I left Pakistan. During this time I was also attending college and working in a bank. It was part of my 6 week college bookkeeping internship program, and when I finished the course, they offered me a good job. “I moved here to this country in 1987 right after graduating from Punjab University in Southern Pakistan where I majored in Political Science, Economics and English. When I was 2 years old some of my family moved from Pakistan to Washington D.C. Years later my uncle – my mom’s brother – met a woman here in Dallas, they got married and he moved from Washington D.C. and bought a store in Fort Worth. And at that time I had just graduated college when he called me and said ‘what are you going to do?’ and I said ‘I’m going to run a business.’ He then

informed me that he had just bought a store in Texas and asked me ‘would you mind helping me out with the business?’ So I said ‘sure!’ So I moved to Texas! “I knew no one in Texas except my uncle – my mom’s brother – when I moved here! I was single at the time which was right after 9/11. It was a “family thing” decision. We are a very family oriented people. He asked for help and I initially had no intention on living here forever, I just intended to come down and Maria Sifuentes, Store Clerk (left) and Patrick Bridges, give him a hand. At the time regular Valero store customer (right) he had only one location, a Phillips 66 in Southwest Fort that’s where I met my wife. marry!’ So I proposed to her Worth. For almost 2 years, “When I was getting ready right after the first meeting he and his wife were workto return to Texas, my mother and I said ‘listen, I’m leaving ing that store both days and said to me ‘son you are almost in 3 days from this country nights! So after working 37 years old and you’re not but I would like to propose for him for almost 2 years married! I want you to get to you and marry you. If you I told him ‘you are staying married to somebody, I want say yes, fine, or if no then only in one place and you are to see my grandchildren!’ that’s the end of it because I’m comfortable but you won’t be Before then I was too busy going back to the States and more successful unless you in life to even think about I may never come back again open another business. And marriage. I had no intenand that’s a long distance! It he was kind of afraid, but after tion of getting married, but was a family meeting with my a long talk I convinced him. just to make her happy, I said mom and my sister-in-law and We then bought a Stop & Go ‘mom, OK I’ll get married my brother. So anyway, her location on 22nd and Long but my vacation expires in 3 father said, ‘well son, let us in North Forth Worth. After days and I will have to leave think about it and we’ll let you 8 months and a small investthis country, who’s going to know.’ My proposal required ment he made a significant marry me?’ She replied ‘give family’s approval, it’s very profit! So that kind of gave me just a little bit and I will much a cultural thing. I said him a better awareness of make arrangements for you ‘ok,’ and when we came home the way to make money. So to meet somebody.’ She then I was still dreaming about her then we just started buying showed me some pictures of and how I was going to spend and selling and buying and some local girls and asked me the rest of my life with her, selling other stores. The last ‘which one do you like?’ So even though they still didn’t store that I worked for my I picked one picture out and give any green signal. family for was the big Exxon said ‘mom, I like this girl, I “We got home at 11 o’clock gas station on Main Street would like to meet her!’ So at night and the phone rang. & 67 (Cleburne) – with the she made a phone call and we Her dad was on the line and Whataburger. It was nothing went over to visit her and we he said ‘we’re going to come but a empty corner lot and was talked. She was 17 years my over and visit your home built under my supervision junior and living with her partomorrow.’ My father had not back in 2001. After about a ents at the time while studying joined us on the earlier visit to year he sold it and we took for her Master’s degree. I her home. Anyway, the next a nice, long vacation. We was just looking at her and I returned to Pakistan where I Continued: started dreaming thinking ‘this visited with my parents and Valero Quickway Page 2 is the woman I would like to



Continued: Valero Quickway

Keene Chronicle

PO Box 135 Keene, Texas 76059 817-645-9808 Managing Editor - Robert Rael 817-701-8148


day when they met, visited and chatted with my father, they discovered that my dad’s little brother went to high school with my prospective father-inlaw years before! They then realized that we came from ‘good family.’ In our culture when you marry one person, you marry the whole family. So then, right after that they gave the green signal and the very next day we had a small ceremony at my fiancés home. We called the Imam (preacher), had a small family gathering and we got married. Within 3 hours (after the ceremony) I was flying back to Texas – by myself. The reason we did the wedding ceremony is because then I could return to the States and file for her U.S. citizenship visa. Within 90 days her visa was approved and right after 9/11, on November 9, 2001 we had an actual huge ceremony at my parent’s home, and then she moved to with me to Texas. “My father has since deceased. I have one brother and 6 sisters - four of them are living in Texas and a brother and two sisters are still living in Pakistan. We are a very close family and I talk to my mom just about every day on Skype.”




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J.D., Store Manager

“When we first got the (Valero) store and cleaned it up we received the CTE Silver Level Award from the Valero Corporate Office. This was based on a thorough inspection – they go over everything! And again last year out of 4 inspections I got a perfect score of 100 for another Valero Silver Level Award - two years running!” J.D. is an active member of the Keene Chamber of Commerce and in 2011 received an

award from the Chamber for ‘contribution to the beautification of the City through new buildings and/or well manicured grounds and landscaping, thus presenting a positive image and improved quality of life in Keene.’ For the past two years running J.D. has donated $500 - $600 worth of gas and 2 tickets to NASCAR at the annual Keene Chamber of Commerce banquets. “I like to give back the community”


ONLINE @ www. KeeneChronicle. com

stated J.D., “because we do appreciate the support of the local community!” VALERO, “QUICKWAY # 11” address: 104 FM 2280, Keene, Texas Phone: 817-330-2674 Store hours: 5 am – 11 pm, Monday – Friday 7 am – 11 pm, Saturday & Sunday

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Just So You Will Know….

Grumps Hamburgers is locating in the building just north of the Dairy Queen on North Main Street in Cleburne. They have another location in downtown Burleson and in Granbury. Further north on Main Street and south of the Taco Bell will become the home of Dickey’s BBQ. The building that was home of the Parkway Country Kitchen on South Old Betsy Road in Keene has been sold to the owners of Keene Family Dental. They are seeking people that would be interested in opening up a restaurant and serving the people of Keene. Here is your chance to have your own business. Lillian Davis spent two weeks in the hospital this month…but she is back on her feet making phone calls to solicit door prizes for Keene’s 4th of July Parade. For those who have spent a lot of time in Keene… Bobbi Anderson, wife of Don Anderson, former manager of the College

Press, passed away this past week in Placerville, California. She was the mother to Donald, Robert and Deborah. Another, long ago resident passed away this past week in North Dakota, Wanda Ward Easley, sister in law to Warren Easley and wife of Wayne Easley. Keene’s beloved bus driver and avid bike rider, Dale Anderson, passed away this past Sunday. He was known as MR CTA and MR A to anyone that had a chance to get to acquainted with him. Always smiling and helping out in as many ways possible throughout the community. His smile and advice will be missed many far and near. A memorial Service, a celebration of his life works, will be conducted at 4pm this Sabbath in the Keene SDA church. In lieu of flowers…the family is asking that donations be made to a scholarship to aid future students at Chisholm Trail Academy. Keene ISD board of trustees,

named Kelsa Blair to be the next elementary principal after accepting Shannon Thompson’s resignation. Mrs. Thompson will become the elementary principal in her hometown of Midlothian. The board also hired Thomas Kennedy as music teacher. This is the son of KAES principal, nice to know. New Superintendent Ricky Stephens signed a 3 year contract with the district on May 20th and will begin working full time on June 18th. The board also voted to hire Callahan and Freeman to design the expansion of the high school with plans on having it ready to occupy a year from this July. This November will be school board election time. Four members will be up for election: Sheri Hadley, Judy Miles, Geri Montgomery and Mary Ann Hodges. With the district at an all-time high enrollment with over 900 your input might make a difference for the future of the children of your district.


Obituaries Dale Louis Anderson Dale Louis Anderson, December 10, 1932- May 26, 2013. “Mr. A” as he was affectionately called passed away on Sunday morning. A special memorial service will be conducted in the sanctuary of the Keene SDA Church on Sabbath, June 1st, at 4:00pm. It will be a time to remember and celebrate the life of Mr. A. In lieu of flowers the family is requesting that donations be made to a special scholarship fund that will go towards helping students at CTA

Wanda Lee Easley

Wanda Lee Easley, 73 of Harvey, ND died on Monday, May 20, 2013 at her home. Funeral services will be held at 11:00 a.m. on Thursday, May 23, 2013 at the Seventhday Adventist Church in Harvey. Burial will be in the Seventhday Adventist Cemetery, Manfred. Visitation will be from 2 p.m. to 7 p.m. on Wednesday, May 22, 2013 at the Hertz Funeral Home, Harvey, ND. Wanda Lee Easley was born August 24, 1939 in Keene, Texas at the family home of L. C. (Doc) and Minnie Lee Ward. Wanda was raised in Keene and attended Southwestern Adventist Junior College (now a University). She graduated in 1957 and was married to Wayne Easley, also of Keene, on July 11, 1957 in Keene. Wanda spent most of her married life as a pastor’s wife, ably assisting her husband. She was a missionary wife on three

continents, North America, South America and Africa. Wanda served in food service at many Adventist Institutions. She was noted for her great cooking. Every meal was a banquet with Wanda. The tastier and the more attractive a meal could be was how Wanda wanted it. She took an avid interest in all things in the world of nature especially birds and flowers. Wanda was a good home maker and loved to brighten her home with plants and flowers and pictures of God’s wonderful creation. Wanda loved her children and grandchildren and was a devoted wife. She had a great love for her church family as well, spending hours doing hospital visits and visiting and encouraging members of the church. Wanda loved to travel and often accompanied her husband to wonderful exciting foreign destinations. She loved to get on a plane and head out to somewhere interesting! Wanda was an active member of the Seventh-day Adventist Church taking a leading role as a leader and teacher in the children’s divisions as well as in church youth programs such as summer camps, Vacation Bible Schools and Pathfinder work. She was for many years a deaconess in the church and was the cook for numerous church building projects; many of which were in Mexico. More than anything else, Wanda was an ardent follower

of the Lord Jesus spending much time not only in church work but in devotions and prayer. It could be said that Wanda had friends all over the world. During a recent prolonged illness; hundreds of people all over the world were praying for Wanda. Her favorite text was Isaiah 40: 31 where it says, “They that wait upon the Lord will renew their strength; they will mount up as Eagles. They will run and not be weary. They will walk and not faint.” As one lady put it, “Wanda was the perfect pastor’s wife.” Wanda is survived by her husband, Pastor Wayne Easley of Harvey, ND, four children: Linda Brinegar (Tony) of Berrien Springs, MI, Dr. Evan Easley (Ginger) of Minden, NV, Kevin Easley of San Jose, Costa Rica and Steven Easley (Magdalena) of Turialba, Costa Rica. There are three grandchildren: Shaun, Angela and Brandon and one greatgrandchild, Paul. Wanda was preceded in death by her parents, and two brothers, Mark and Wendell Ward. Wanda’s loved ones, along with her church family and her hundreds of friends eagerly await the Resurrection of the righteous dead when we can be re-united with Wanda. God bless her memory. Memorials are preferred to the Seventh-day Adventist Church, 737 Judy Blvd Harvey, ND 58341


Keene Junior High Gifted and Talented Academic Fair By: Joyce Anne Yates - KJH Counselor The Keene Junior High School Gifted and Talented Program hosted an Academic Fair at the KJH Library on May 9, 2013. The G/T students selected a topic to research for the school year. They were required to write a report, create a back-board to illustrate key points of their research, and create a

power-point that high-lighted research findings. Cameron Lewis, 6th grade student selected the Brain as his focus. He documented how the brain functions and posted interesting information from his findings. Emely Velasquez, 6th grade student selected for her topic how animals have inspired many inventions. She illustrated how designs in cars and planes can be directly linked to the designs

of animals - articularly aquatic and bird species. Many clothing designs have also been inspired by the fur and feathers of animals. Estevan Solis, 7th grade student focused on SATIRE. His research led to the discovery of how prevalent the use of satire is in cartoons, children’s videos, books, and expressive language within our society. The KJH Academic Fair was well attended

and enjoyed by all. The G/T students worked hard and really demonstrated their talent, as they answered questions by peers, teachers, and adults attending the fair and viewing their exhibits. Mrs. Little, KJH teacher facilitated the G/T projects and did a wonderful job working with these students this year.

City Council Meeting Held May 16th In the meeting of the Governing Body of Keene, Texas held at City Hall on May 16, the items for discussion and possible action were as follows: 1. Discussion and possible action on appointing the following person; Kari Griswell, to the Athletic Association for a 2 year term starting in May 2013 and ending May 2015 Councilmember Schram made the motion to approve the above item, it was seconded by Chapline and carried unanimously. 2. Discussion and possible action on reappointing the following person; Les Fromm to the Planning & Zoning Commission for a 2 year term starting in May 2013 and ending May 2015. Mayor Pro Tem Janes made the motion to approve this item, it was seconded by Councilmember Gore and carried unanimously. 3. Discussion and possible action on appointing two of the following people; Penny Gore, Nathan Castania, and Starlynn Smith, to the Park Board for a 2 year term. A motion was made by Councilmember Gore for the above proposed appointment of Nathan Castania and Penny Gore. The motion was

seconded by Janes and carried unanimously. 4. Discussion and possible action on removing the Athletic Association from under the Park Board’s Authority and have the Athletic Association report directly to City Council. Keene resident David Patterson offered the suggestion that the Keene Athletic Association become autonomous and under the Keene City Council’s supervision, similar to the AAs of Burleson and Cleburne. Park Board President Roger George concurred with Patterson’s suggestion. After lively discussion, the City Council finally agreed on leaving oversight of AA with the Park Board until the end of June which marks the end of softball season. 5. Discussion and possible action on changing the fee schedule that is associated with using or renting the park or ball fields. This motion was tabled until May 30 when new fees can be introduced in the form of an ordinance. 6. Discussion and possible action on an agreement with the Keene Economic Development Corporation and Bannister Engineering for Concept Lot Planning, Preliminary

Plat Preparation and Re-plat Preparation. The Council tabled this item on the suggestion of David Patterson “it’s better if we wait…” 7. Discussion and possible action on approving an Ordinance No. 2013-468 amending the budget for the City of Keene, Texas, as amended and adopted by Ordinance No. 2012-457, dated September 6, 2012, appropriating resources for the fiscal year beginning October 1, 2012 and ending September 30, 2013. Councilmember Chapman made the motion to approve the above item, Mayor Pro Tem Janes seconded it and it was carried unanimously. In other matters of discussion the Council agreed to Councilmember Schram’s suggestion for “placing on the May 30 Council Meeting agenda a discussion regarding the enrollment process for the Blackboard system and looking into getting some coverage in the media and possibly placing it on the (Keene City) water bill.” Also to be placed on the May 30 agenda is a suggestion by Councilmember Chapline for office space for Keith Jilge, Keene Economic Development Director. Chap-

lain stated the he would like to have the Council “explore space at Northside Station for an office for Economic Development.” Bud Findley expressed concern that the recent press coverage regarding internal issues at Keene City Hall may serve to discourage prospective industry to the area. Councilmember Donny Gore made the following related statement: “The point I want to make is that I think that as a Mayor, as Council and as citizens, when we discuss personnel actions, we need to be very careful how we discuss those (and) how we request those to be put on the agenda. Because as we have realized when we list people on the agenda… it has a tendency to make people get a little concerned about their job… So I think that we really need to be cautious and if there is an issue that one has, I would recommend spending some time in Bill’s (Guinn) office or to meet with that individual, as I do frequently. …I know if I were an employee and had some of these things written, I’d be defensive as well.”

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Cameron Lewis

Estevan Solis

Emely Velasquez

10th Annual Keene Chamber Business Expo showcases local goods and services

The 2013, 10th Annual Keene Chamber of Commerce Business Expo held on May 8th at the Leiske-Pultar Gymnasium, was organized and coordinated by the Keene Chamber Board and Chamber volunteers and proved to be another success story for the Keene Chamber in the promotion of local businesses. There was a total of 34 registered exhibitors, 12 official sponsors and hundreds of guests/attendees. This year’s Expo sponsors were CareFlite, Cleburne Ford, The Community & Economic Development Boards of Keene, General Insurance Service, Hearts and Flowers, Ideals Architecture, Keene Family Dental, Pinnacle Bank, Signs of Success, Southwestern Adventist University and Texas Workforce Solutions. The exhibitors were the Adventist Book Center, City of Keene, Community Opportunities, Crossroads Fellowship, Custom Insurance Services, Huguley Medical Associates, Johnson County Attorney, Keene Baptist Church, Keene Chronicle, Keene Seventh-day Adventist Church, Meals-onWheels of Johnson and Ellis Counties, Partners in Private Care, Rosser Funeral Home, That Catering Company, United Cooperative and Vibrant Life Foun-dation, Cleburne Ford, Sabre Industries, Family Nutrition Center, Staples of Cleburne and Hewlett Office Systems. Kristi Amparan, Keene Chamber Secretary informed the Keene Chronicle that more than 20 door prizes were given

out throughout the course of the event ranging in value from $25 - $100. More than half of the exhibitors contributed door prizes. Harry McQueen, current acting Chamber President was pleased with this year’s Expo and stated “we had a good mixture of people both young and old alike and I would like to extend a special thank you to Kristi Amparan, Chamber Secretary and volunteer Roy Robinson. They pulled all the details together and went the extra mile to make sure this year’s Expo was ready and everything went smoothly.” “I just started my business three weeks ago,” stated exhibitor Olivia Hall of That Catering Company. “The sales were pretty good, I gave out a lot of business cards and it was good publicity for me.” Greg Anderson, President of Partners Private Care said this about his experi-ence at this year’s Expo: “I think it was good for connecting with other busi-nesses in the community. It was a good resource for letting the public know about our services, and it was also a good way to find potential employees. We got leads on both. We now look forward to following up on the connections that we made at the Keene Chamber Expo.” Keene Chamber Volunteer Roy Robinson is already anticipating next year’s event and stated enthusiastically “next year we’re going to try real hard to get even more people and more contributors!”


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“Partners in Private Care” explains Schott, “is an organization dedicated to providing the appropriate level of private care to our clients by matching clients’ needs with provider expertise and partnering with them, their families and healthcare professionals. We strive to understand and address our clients’ individual scope of needs, goals, and unique personalities in order to deliver a customized plan of care through our carefully selected caregivers. As a client,” she continues, “it is our objective to assist you in optimizing your safety while ensuring your peace of mind and maintaining your quality of life. You can count on our many years of collective experience, our highly trained

Shauntae Schott, Managing Partner (L) and Greg Anderson, Administrator (R) with Partners Private Care

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o Skills assessment o Character assessment o Personal and professional references check o CPR certification o Verification of skill, appropriate credentials/certifications, licensure, etc. o Professional liability insurance o Auto insurance o TB-Test “Partners in Private Care offers a multidisciplinary, dedicated and experi-enced team of health care professionals” further explains Anderson. “It was born out of an unmet need in the homecare industry that serves to help individuals with specific custodial needs in a way that preserves dignity while optimizing quality of life. It allows our clients to age in their own comfortable, familiar environments while ensuring peace of mind for both clients and their respective families.” About The Managing Partners in Partners of Private Care Team: Shauntae Schott, Managing Partner of Partners in Private Care, holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Accounting from the University of New Orleans. She has more than 15 years of sales and leadership experience with a focus in business solutions, recruiting and healthcare industries. “Her passion and commitment to excellence has enabled her to build and nurture organizations with a reputation for quality patient care and exceptional customer service,” states her partner, Greg Anderson. Greg A. Anderson, Managing Partner of Partners in Care, holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Health Care Administration from the University of Phoenix. Anderson has more than 15 years of business experience which include Executive Director of the Courtyards at River Park. Anderson Started his career as a Paramedic in the Emergency Room at John Peter Smith Hospital and Keene Fire Rescue. “My love for helping others while promoting their best interest” explains Anderson, “has brought me to Partners in Private Care.” Partners in Private Care

• Laundry • Basic grooming and cosmetic care • Assistance in ambulation Partners in Private Care Cer-

tified Nursing Care includes the following: (This service include all the above listed Companion Care services plus an additional level of care) • Bathing, dressing, grooming, oral hygiene and skin care • Monitoring of vital signs which include: o temperature o pulse o blood pressure o fluid intake and output • Assistance with: o the use of all durable medical equipment including wheelchair, walker, transferring and adaptive devices o range of motion exercise equipment o colostomy care o wound dressing changes • Medication reminders • Blood sugar checks • Pre/post surgery support Partners in Private Care

Skilled Nursing Care includes the following: (This service may include Companion Care services, Certified Nursing Assistant care, plus an additional level of care) • Follow healthcare professional directives • Wound care and dressing changes • Administrate and manage tube feedings • IV therapy • Medication management and administration • Catheter care • PICC line dressing changes • Complete Parental Nutri-

tion • Injections and blood draws Partners in Private Care Specialty Services include: • Traveling Companions/ Caregivers • Assistance with personal shopping • In-Home Personal Trainers • Massage Therapy • Dietitian services/consultation • Plastic surgery transport and recovery • Eye Clinic transport and recovery Partners in Private Care testimonials: “We know that our dedication to what we do speaks for itself” explains Anderson, “but don't take our word for it, read what some of our clients have to say about us.” “I needed someone special to come be with my precious Mom while I was away for a few days. Partners sent an angel to me, the perfect caregivers, and I will forever be grateful.” Claire “It has been such a comfort to our family to have these sweet ladies as companions to Mom during her transition from assisted living to a nursing home. We feel there is special care taken to match personalities because of the interaction we see between Mom and these ladies.” Elaine “I'm glad to have Partners as my partner in the care of my Mom. l live 25O miles away – an only child and when my Mom needs support Partners is there for her until I can get to her. This gives us both peace of mind at a small cost.” Kay “While payment for services is private” informs Anderson, “your loved one may be entitled to coverage if he or she has a long-term care policy or is a veteran or the spouse of a veteran. Our office staff can talk to representatives from you insurance company on your behalf.” Call Partners in Private Care to discuss service options, fee schedules and third party coverage for services rendered. Their office is located at 2740 Dorothy Dr. Cleburne, TX 76031 Contact number: (626) PARENTS (727-3687) Email address:

Fax number: (817) 887-5864

Towne North Luxury Apartments & Fortune Real Property Mgt. Companion Care includes: • Assistance with housekeeping and organizing • Socialization and companionship • Errands, physician appointments and grocery shopping • Meal preparation

1401 A Courtney Pl. • Cleburne, Tx 76033 817-645-4547 1-2-3 BR Units Water and Trash Paid No Pets Credit Check Required

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209 W. Henderson St. Cleburne, Texas 76033 817-645-3772

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11am - 9pm Dine In or Take Out Owners: Martin and Maria Gonzalez

team of wellness professionals and our uniquely tailored professional services.” “Partners in Private Care” adds Anderson, “is an organization committed to ensuring professional and compassionate care while preserving our clients’ dignity, safety, and peace of mind at every stage of their lives. We are able to adapt to their changing needs by selecting qualified caregivers at every level of skill and expertise. Whether your loved one needs help around the house, assistance walking or help dealing with Alzheimer’s disease, we can provide you with the exact level of expertise required. Care services are offered for the duration of one hour to 24 hours - 7 days a week. There’s no minimum number of hours, you tell us how many hours of care your loved one needs. We can even provide live-in assistance and care as needed. We take great pride in matching your loved one’s needs with one of our expert caregivers qualified in providing professional and compassionate services. The first step is our free consultation.” A Unique Approach in Private Care Partners in Private Care takes a unique approach to private healthcare services. A prospective client can select the number of hours required. Whether you request a companion who can drive your loved one to a doctor’s appointment for an hour or two, or around the clock skilled nursing services, Partners in Private Care can arrange it for you. The levels of care that PIPC are qualified to provide include Companion Care, Certified Nursing Assistance, Skilled Nursing Care and Specialty Services. Here are some of the reasons that Anderson and Schott would like to offer that “sets Partners in Private Care apart from our competitors:” • PIPC has no minimum hour requirement. We are adequately staffed to provide the care that meets our clients’ needs. This care can be for an hour, 24/7, or even live-in. • We are locally owned and operated and are available to our clients and caregivers around the clock, 365 days a year. • PIPC caregivers are handselected to match our clients’ physical and emo-tional needs and their unique personalities. Our criteria in selecting prospective caregivers includes this question: “Would I allow this person to care for my mother, father, grandmother, grandfather?” If the answer is an honest “no,” then they do not become a part of our registry of caregivers. • All of our caregivers complete a selection process which includes: o Comprehensive criminal background and motor vehicle record checks

Good Thru June 30, 2013

You try to be there for you Mom or Dad as much as possible. But with your own responsibilities, it can feel as if you have to be in two places at once. That’s where Partners in Private Care can help. Partners in Private Care is locally owned and managed by healthcare professionals who have 20 years of experience providing caregivers throughout the Metroplex in all settings: at home, at assisted living facilities and in the hospital. It is a licensed and bonded organization staffed to provide all levels of private care services in one’s own residence, in an assisted living facility, a skilled nursing facility or even bedside in a hospital setting. Greg Anderson and Shauntae Schott, Managing Partners of “Partners in Private Care” would like our readers to know that when it comes to caring for your loved one, “don’t go it alone, you can’t put your life on hold to take care of a loved one. That’s where Partners in Private Care can help. We’re here to partner with you by providing a wide range of care at all levels to meet your needs.”


Ruth Stilwell is “still doing well” at 100! Keene area resident Ruth Stilwell celebrated her 100th year of life on May 1, 2013. When asked how she planned to celebrate this major milestone she replied “just enjoying the beauty of the day.” Jim, 70 one of her two sons visiting from Dallas the week of her birthday added, “Actually, that’s the way she loves to celebrate birthdays, without any fanfare.” Mrs. Stilwell’s younger son John, 67 also lives in Keene. She also has a total of 11 grandchildren, 15 great grandchildren and 3 great-great grandchildren. “My Husband and I moved from Vista, California to this house (her present location) in 1980. Carl, my husband of 63 years passed away in 2003.

He worked his way up to management through 30 years of what was then McDonald Douglas (now Boeing). I also was employed with McDonald Douglas and enjoyed 16 years, working my way up eventually as secretary to the President of the Company until I retired at age 59.” When asked what she attributes her health, longevity and vibrant, active life-style to, she replied “God’s grace, because I’ve outlived cancer, it can’t be anything else! I am not as active as I would like to be but I enjoy gardening and yard work. I have always enjoyed working outside and have always had a garden.” “My husband and I were Baptists before moving to Keene in 1980. I now belong

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“proceeds go to church and other missionary & humanitarian projects”

Sunday & Friday 10-4pm • Monday, Tuesday & Thursday 10-6pm • Saturday & Wednesday CLOSED Every Tuesday storewide sale 25% off • Every Friday 10% off for Seniors • 50% off Daily on selected items 107 S Old Betsy Rd • Keene, Texas 76059 • 817-202-8200 We accept donations “thanks so much for your continued support. God richly bless you!”

to the Keene Seventh-dayAdventist Church,” stated Stilwell when asked about her church affiliation. “My husband and I became members there in 1982. We lived across the street from Bill and Francis Flowers and developed a close friendship with them. They introduced us to the seventh day Sabbath and to Seventh-day-Adventism. Mrs. Stilwell, the oldest of seven siblings, was born in a farmhouse near Findlay, Ohio in 1913, with only a midwife assisting in her birth. Her father owned the farm and raised hogs, sheep, cattle, wheat, oats, corn and alfalfa. She graduated from Findlay College (now the University of Findlay, Ohio) in 1935 earning a major in English with a minor in Math. After graduating, she was employed as a teacher at a nearby High School, instructing in English and Math. Mrs. Stilwell had been dating her future husband since meeting him as a senior in High School. At that time female school teachers were not allowed to be married in the area of Ohio where she was working. So in 1938 she gave up the teaching profession and the couple married in

a simple home ceremony. “In the fall of 1939” recounts Stilwell, “the aircraft companies were searching for workers to train for their locations. In December my husband accepted a position for a company then called Douglass Aircraft. Growing up in rural Ohio, it was practically unheard of in those days, for any newlywed to move away from their family home area and their friends. My parents were very strict, so they insisted that my husband be absolutely sure he had a secure job and a suitable home for us to move into prior to my father driving me out to Los Angeles in April of 1940. As far as my parents were concerned, we were going to a ‘God-forsaken country!’ My dad got to know every ethnic group in the neighborhood to make sure it was a safe place for me to live!” Ruth Stilwell lives alone, remains independent in all activities of daily living and is mentally alert and physically active with daily housework, yard work and gardening activities. She also enjoys crocheting, playing the piano and organ, reading and doing jigsaw puzzles.

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Area residents pay tribute to our local fallen war heroes on the 5th annual Keene Memorial Day ceremony

Bugger leading out in the Pledge of Allegiance

Memorial Day, originally called Decoration Day, is a day of remembrance for those who have died in our nation’s service. Decorating the graves of fallen Union and Confederate soldiers took place in several states during the catastrophic Civil War conflict. In keeping with tradition, a multitude of Keene area residents convened at the Keene Memorial Park on Monday, May 27, 2013 under overcast skies on a mild and breezy Memorial Day to pay tribute to our very own who have died in the service of the United States. Clay Read officially opened the ceremony with a dramatic drum roll followed by the Honor Guard march to the cemetery gazebo, bearing the USA & POW/MIA Flags. Dr. Bob Mendenhall offered the opening prayer followed by the Pledge of Allegiance directed by Bugger Putnam, attired in military uniform. This was followed by a stirring vocal rendition of our National Anthem by Reuben Lee Salazar. Mayor John Ackermann gave the following welcoming remarks: “I am very honored to be here with you and I am very proud of the turnout that we have in such a patriotic community. I would also like to thank the Civil Air Patrol and all the members of the armed forces that are here, we appreciate you being here and presenting in uniform.” Ackermann then offered a touching biography of Sherrell and Vance Lee Shelton, local father and son war heroes. This was followed by the “Proclamation for Keene from Johnson County” by Don Beeson who also paid tribute by stressing the importance of honoring “our troops who have died in the service of the United States.” Beeson then

introduced keynote speaker Marty Peters, American Legion Auxiliary State President. “It is a pleasure to be home, I always consider coming to Keene as coming home because we always remember our college days and I see so many friends when I come here to Keene,” stated Peters in her opening statement. “And remembering” she continued, “is what today is all about - memories on Memorial Day! That’s why Colonel John McCrae wrote ‘In Flanders Fields.’” Peters then proceeded to eloquently recite this moving poetic tribute by Lieutenant Colonel McCrae to our fallen war heroes: “In Flanders Fields the poppies blow Between the crosses row on row, That mark our place; and in the sky The larks, still bravely singing, fly Scarce heard amid the guns below. We are the Dead. Short days ago We lived, felt dawn, saw sunset glow, Loved and were loved, and now we lie In Flanders fields. Take up our quarrel with the foe: To you from failing hands we throw The torch; be yours to hold it high. If ye break faith with us who die We shall not sleep, though poppies grow In Flanders fields.” “He wrote the poem to remember the horrors of the war that he saw around him” explained Peters, “the loss of life and the poppies growing through that blood soaked ground, giving us promise of new life. It is to us, that those Doe-Boys of WWI through that torch, passed to us the

Firing the cannon Terry’s Texas Rangers

importance of remembering that their sacrifices might not have been in vain. As Don (Beeson) said, ‘it started in the South’ as Decoration Day and it has evolved into today’s Memorial Day, a time to pause, a time to remember, a time for gratitude, a time not to forget. After all isn’t that what all of us want? We want to be remembered by those we love and by those that loved us.” “We remember the Doe-Boys of WWI” Peters continues, “the WWII men and women of the greatest generation, remember those that died in the often forgotten Korean War, remember those that we wanted to forget during that terrible Viet Nam War, and we remember those in the Gulf War and in today’s war; those that fought, those that died in service for our freedoms. So once again we pause, we pause in gratitude for the freedoms that we have the luxury of taking for granted today and everyday! We remember… Thank you.” Following Peters remarks the Honor Guard led the march to the gravesites of Vance Lee and Sherrell Shelton, accompanied by John Taber on bagpipes. Wreaths were carried and placed at the gravesite where Bugger Putnam rang the ceremonial bell and called out the wars (WWI, WW2, Korean War, Vietnam War, Gulf War and the Iraq War). The ceremony was concluded by a stirring rendition of “Amazing Grace” by Taber on bagpipes and a Cannon Salute in a dramatic Civil War cannon salute re-enactment by Terry’s Texas Rangers. Mayor John Ackermann and Steve Hubbard offered the final farewell while playing a brilliant “echo” rendition of Taps on trumpet duo. More than 200 Keene area

veterans of foreign wars are buried at Keene Memorial Park Cemetery, including some who served in WWI. Steve Shelton, brother to the honored veteran Sherrell Shelton and son of the honored veteran Vance Shelton shared the following thoughts to Keene Chronicle regarding this Memorial Day service: “This was a memorable service for me because on a day such as this we all came together to honor those that have come before us. Many have paid the ultimate price for that that we enjoy today. My brother and my father, they saw things that we can only read about and imagine. I was so young then that my memory is short – too long ago! My father which, thankfully I was able to have around until ’96, he had become ill and had been in the hospital for about 2 weeks suffering from cancer, he died. He always reiterated that Americans have much to be thankful for because of the price that many a man or woman has paid for, that has come and gone before us. It’s something, you know, that we Dr Bob Mendenhall having the opening prayer can hold as absolute as by all

Civil Air Patrol color guard presenting the colors

these graves; there have been many that have come before us. This service just brings you back to that point and the memory of those – especially family in this case! Being that I am the only one left in the family, it was important to be here to remember my father and my brother, and all those here that have served and have died for our country.” Yddo Ortiz has been the Coordinator/Planner for the annual Keene Memorial Day ceremonies since the inception. He expressed his surprise and appreciation for this year’s record turnout of approximately 125 attendees

in spite of limited advertising. He also wishes to thank the following for making this year’s ceremony “a real success!” • Dr. Timothy Miller, CISD Superintendent and Mr. Barry Hipps, Senior Director of District Operations, for loaning the ceremonial bell used in the “Calling out Wars” portion of the ceremony • Bugger Putnam for his involvement in the ceremony and for donating “countless hours and money” in the polishing and restoration of the bell to its mint condition • The Civil Air Patrol Color Guard • Dale Haney for placing the

American flags on the veterans’ gravesites • Marty Peters for her “continuing support” and involvement in the ceremonies • David Smith, Keene Memorial Park Curator for a “well groomed cemetery” • Terry’s Texas Rangers for their participation and dramatic cannon salute • And the following for their involvement and participation: Mayor John Ackermann, Clay Read, Reuben Lee Salazar, Steve Hubbard, Don Beeson, John Taber, Fred Crowley, J. Aaron, Steve Shelton, G. Jacobs and Mike Smith

Mayor John Ackermann flanked by Civil Air Patrol color guard


Ceremonial Bell at Shelton’s gravesite

Veterans walking to the gravesites

Remembering Our Veterans KEENE MEMORIAL PARK

John Taber on bagpipes leading the procession in the slow walk to gravesites

Johnson County Commissioner Don Beeson delivering Johnson County proclamation for Keene’s Memorial Day celebration

Clayton Read and Yddo Ortiz preparing to start the drum roll

Abel, Luther Velvin Adams, William Abel Alexander, Suzanne E Alexander, Fred Weldon Allen, Donald Ray Allen, Dr. Charles Allgood, Robert Lee, Sr Anderson, Wando Justin Anderson, Reuben A Armstrong, Eddie Arnold, E Eugene Ayers, Merle Bailey, Jerry E Ballard, R B Barksdale, Ernest Foster Barksdale, Raymond K Barnes, Albert William Bascom, Raymond J Bascom, Robert Bascom, Roger William Bass, William Bayless, Harvey Bayliss, Spurgeon Morgan Beck, Charles Edwin Beck, Raymond W Beem, Kenneth c Belz, Arbit L Belz, Ivin Belz, William Otto Berkner, Conrad Berry, Billy Ray Bicek, Milton John Birdwell, Clarence Santee Birdwell, John Jr Black, Elmer Lee Black, LeRoy Elmer Black, Raleigh Bostick, Lee Berry Bowers, William Lee Bowyer, Charles M Boyles, David Edmund Braden, M E “Bub” Burns, William Edwin Carpenter, Harold C Casey, William Roy Chacon, Sr., Eliseo Chastain,J Herman Clark, John Louis Cottrell, Herschel Otis Cox, Robert Enoch Craig, Charles Robert Cutright, Andrew Jack Dail, Lloyd Edward Dail, Troy Allen Dail, Willies Edward Darnell, Cecil R. Davis, David Wayne Davis, Lyndon E. Deisch, Donald DeLaune, Gardner Kernard Dennison, Allen Dinnis, Glen Edwards Dortch, Claude L. Jr. Drury, Jesse Lion Duncan, James McKay Dunks, William C. Elkins, Wemdell Hugo Erwel, Robert David Essig, Paul Willbur Sr. Eubanks, Albert Lloyd Feather, Burt Reed Fischer, William R. Fortner, Floyd Willis Franklin, Ben H. Freeman, Carol Gibson, Walter Griffith, Roger Jr. Hagood, Billy Wayne

Hallsted, Amos H. Hampton, James H. Harper, James David Harris, Hillary (Bud) Jr. Henley, Albert Hoover Henley, Vincent Hill, James Louis Hill, John Lawrence (Chubby) Hislip, Billy Floyd Hislip, Freddie Earl Holley, Wesley Roger II Hope, David M. Hopmann, Chriss F. Hughes, John S. Jackson, Walter C. Jonsson, Tom Keltner, Irene Mary Elizabeth Killebrew, Clarence Jefferson Kirkpatrick, Kelly Conrad Kline, Vernon R. Klopfenstein, Lloyd D. Kretsinger, Frank Bothe Kruska, Albert Kruska, Myrtle Kubash, Michael W. Lay, Lee Layton, William Elijah Leslie, George C. Leslie, Hilman Lloyd, Cadwallader W. Lopez, Elias C. Marcontell, Byron Martin, Don B. Martin, Norman Louis McCamon, M.E. McClain, Robert Earl McClenahan, Sterling McKinney, Robert E. McLean, Ernest Benjamin Michael, Orvel Moddrell, Murel Moore, Tommie Paul Moore, Willard F. (Bill) Moore, Arlon Mosley, Jeremiah Neal, Marion Arthur Nelson, Bert C. Nickle, George Clark Nixon, J. E. Northrop, William N. Sr. Ortner, Ron Osborne, R. Raymond Owens, Earl Russell Owens, Ellis Padon, Jere Ray Page, Louie Norris Parson, Stephen Travis Pauly, Albert P. Jr. Pearson, Leon Earl Pierce, Joseph B. Plemons, Russell Norman Plunkett, John C. Price, Dan M. Prindle, Jimmie Quinn, Thomas Ramsey, Joe Randall, Charles B. Ray, Earl Lee Ray, Earl Madison Rees, Forrest Allen “Rusty” Reeves, Charles Leslie Renfro, Laverne Rettig, Preston B Rice, Kenneth Allen Rice, Ross Russell Roberts, Jr. Percy Willis Rodman, John Graves Rogers, Johnie Carroll

Rogers, IV, Nathan Jackson Roth, PhD, Herbert J Rusk, O Zane Samois, George Manuel Sanders, Robert Louis Sanders, Tom Schulenberger, Cloyd Jacob Schulenberger, Hubbard M Shelton, Sherill Shelton, Vance Sinclair, David Howard Smith, Robert N Smouse, Clifford Songy, Roy Edward Spells, Henry Spiva, Homer Wesley Stanfield, Bill R Stoner, Clarence Moody Taylor, Lawrence E Thiebaud, Joseph Edward Thomas, Arthur O Thomas, Dr. Vernon L Thomas, Dr. James M Thompson,Jr. George Henry “Smokey” Thompson, Harold F Thomsen, Eugen Victor Thrower, Aubrey Bob Tidwell, Marshall C Townsend, William H Tracy, Ben Trammell, Jr, Eddie Trammell, Edmond Ralph Tucker, Sidney A Tusken, Robert Arthur Underhill, John Frederick Voss, Howard H Walters, Robert Eugene Ward, Lloyd Carson Ward, Lloyd George Warren, Raymond F Watkins, George Edward Westphal, Dr Herbert Melvin White, Elwood Wiist, Alvin Wiist, William V “Bill” Wilburn, John Douglas Wilkes, Harold E Wilkes, Raymond Wilkes, Mrs Raymond “Willie” Williams, Kenneth L Willis, Harold Edgar Winn, George Avery Winn, Joseph William Winn, Samuel Monroe Wisdom, Charles L Young, Joel Waymong

CAP standing guard at Shelton’s gravesite

Keene Chronicle May 29, 2013  

Local newspaper covering the City of Keene, Texas

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