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Volume 01, Issue 14

Thursday, March 28, 2013

No Limitations - The inspirational story of Katie Chastain

Catherine “Katie” Chastain turns 17 on April 22nd. She graduates this June from Wanda R Smith high school. She has completed high school in 3 years at Wanda R Smith. As she finishes, she will also have one semester of college to her credit. She graduates in the top 10% of her class as an Honor student and part of the National Honor Society. Katie entered high school as a quiet, introverted and reserved young lady with a love of art. She will be leaving

as a much more self assured teen. The once quiet child has changed. She developed confidence and grew in new areas because of the great teachers at the school.The teachers did not view Katie as just another high school student. They never put limitations on her, but encouraged her to try new

things and push herself. Who knew that she was capable of capturing the top spot in speech class? As for her love of art? It grew phenomenally. A big part of Katie’s success and growth is because of the Art Program teacher, Jan Kinney. Her dedication to art and her

Did You Know: The Great Stuff

Thrift Shop

In 1998 Mrs. Jean Peterson, with the sanction and support of the Seventh-day Adventist Church of Keene, Church Ministries initiated a charity project on the corner of Fairview and First Street which was then called “The Community Service House.” Peterson later changed the name to “The Great Stuff Thrift Shop.” She was the first Thrift Shop manager. The Thrift Shop charity torch has since been carried by among others, Carolyn Powers and Robbie Kinney. The current Thrift Shop manager is Rebecca Smith. The Great Stuff Thrift Shop: Our motto at The Great Stuff Thrift Shop is ‘our stuff is the greatest.’ I have been manager at The Great Stuff Thrift Shop since February 1 of this year. Before that I worked here as a volunteer. We are non-profit and are a part of the Adventist Community Services Outreach program. We serve those who come to us asking for help, for need and for assistance. “I am paid by the Keene Seventh-day Adventist Church and I have 4 volunteers, one is in Panama right now. We welcome any volunteers that would like to help us. We certainly appreciate everything that people bring us because that’s our backbone. If we don’t have donations – and I don’t mean monetary, just things that when people are cleaning out their homes and

students allows them to see things and develop in all academic areas. She and Katie have worked together all three years of Katie’s attendance. The results are remarkable. From a small town in Keene, Texas with a population less than 10,000, Katie had the courage to apply

to the top Art Schools in the country- School of the Art Institute of Chicago, Rochester Institute of Technology (New York), Pratt Institute (New York) and Rhode Island School of Design (Rhode Island). She has been accepted to three of the schools and is anxiously waiting to hear from

the fourth. Congratulations to Katie, but most of all a big thank you to all of the teachers and staff at Wanda R Smith High School. They have really made a difference and continue to do so every day.

Community Health Fair Hosted By Southwestern Adventist University

Southwestern Adventist University’s Department of Nursing hosted their 3rd Annual Community Health Fair on March 24 from 2 to 4 p.m. at the Leiske-Pultar Gymnasium. Southwestern’s senior nursing students currently taking their Community Health course planned the event. The fair included health education on the following topics: vital signs, blood glucose, blood pressure check, body mass index, vision screening, Rebeka Smith, Great Stuff Thrift Shop Manager strep testing, body fat assessment, flexibility, muscle fitness, hearing check, and CPR/Heimlich teaching. Fifty students were involved in the planning process. Information was also provided on dental health, nutrition education, and lifestyle management. For the kids, there were activities such as a one-mile fun run, coloring, puzzles, and a jump rope/hula hoop competition. The fair was supported by many local businesses. Cleburne Pediatrics, Parkland Poison Center, Baylor Rehab, Huguley Memorial Hospital, Cleburne Drug, Cook Children’s, Johnson County Alliance for Healthy Kids, and Southwestern’s Kinesiology Department were vendors Pictured L - R: Martha Centerro, Volunteer, Marie Lamat the fair. Numerous local beth, Volunteer, Rebeka Smith, Manager & Margaret dentists, Applebee’s, the Texas Eustace, Volunteer Adventist Book Center, Southcan’t use anymore, clothing, Continued western’s Student Services Did You Know Page 5 anything that they feel we can Continued:

Dancing for fitness

Health Fair Page 5

March 25, 2013 - Three vehicles were involved in an accident at the intersection of FM 2280 and Business Hwy 67.

Photos by Nick Chesney - Three vehicle accident at the intersection of FM 2280 and Business Hwy 67.

Third car in 3 vehicle accident at Old Betsy and Hwy 67 business.

Photo by Nick Chesney - Careflight transporting patient to hospital on March 25.


Town Hall Volunteer Banquet

“Town Hall Estates Nursing and Rehabilitation in Keene hosted nearly 60 guests for their annual Volunteer Appreciation banquet March 21. After a delicious meal prepared by Chef Daniel Kuntchef, yearly individual and group service awards were presented by Activity Director Tara Kieschnick (left). The 2013 Volunteer of the Year award was won by the “Joy Sing-a-long Group,” led by Patty Koschielniak (center) from Cleburne and piano accompanist Kathleen Black (right) from Burleson.”

Brush Fire on County Road 414

Who said you can’t travel to Canton, shop for plants and “stuff “and be back to support their local team before sundown? Certainly not Wanda Smith, KISD supt and Mary Ann Hodges, KISD trustee. The dynamic duo left Keene before 7am and are shown here at the KISD track before 6pm. Bobby Hodges and Lynn Webb joined them at the track but allowed them to journey the highways alone. A long way to travel just to have a chicken fried hot dog!! Go figure!!

Photo by Nick Chesney - Keene Fire Chief Matt Gillin and EMS coordinator Casey Davis fight brush fire on CR414 on March 20th.

CTA / Alumni Basketball Game

Louie Speyer and Frank Callahan preparing to make presentation to Keene ISD board.


Keene Chronicle

Yannic Curubo, standing at free-throw line, scored 25 points to lead the CTA Alumni team to victory over the CTA Blazers, 81 - 72. Final for the CTA GirlsVarsity vs. Alumni: CTA - 56, Alumni - 46

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You should feel good about living in Keene. Here is how Keene compared to the State and National averages.

Keene Crime Statistics Taken from Keene Crime Statistics Summary Report 2010 Crime (Actual Data)* Incidents Aggravated Assault 1 Arson 0 Burglary 26 Forcible Rape 0 Larceny and Theft 64 Motor Vehicle Theft 4 Murder and Manslaughter 0 Robbery 1 Crime Rate (Total Incidents) 101 Property Crime 94 Violent Crime 2

2013 Crime (Projected Data)* Incidents Aggravated Assault 0 Arson 0 Burglary 27 Forcible Rape 0 Larceny and Theft 54 Motor Vehicle Theft 0 Murder and Manslaughter 0 Robbery 1 Crime Rate (Total Incidents) 84 Property Crime 77 Violent Crime 0

‘Officer Down’ On Thursday March 21, 2013 an off-duty Investigator with the Johnson County Sheriff’s Office was traveling north on HWY. 287 when Investigator Blankenship noticed a marked police vehicle on the south bound portion of the highway stopped with its lights on. He then noticed a body at the front of the vehicle. He turned around in the median and approached the vehicle. He was able to see the individual on the ground was a Deputy

Sheriff; Blankenship was identifying himself as a peace officer as he approached. He then made contact and used the deputy’s radio to call for assistance with “Officer Down”. The deputy was able to communicate with Blankenship and was assured by Blankenship and his mother, a retired nurse, as they started assisting the deputy with his injuries. Responding units arrived and took control of the crime scene.

Sheriff Alford and all of the employees of the Johnson County Sheriff’s Office are proud of Investigator Blankenship and his mother’s response to this critical incident. The Johnson County Sheriff’s Office is praying for a full recovery for Deputy Boyd as well as for the whole Montague County Sheriff’s Office. Tim Jones, Lieutenant Johnson County Sheriff’s Office

Just So You Will Know Over 500 students and former faculty members returned to Chisholm Trail Academy to celebrate 45 years of successful education. As far as California and Oregon from the west and Florida and Pennsylvania to the east the former students returned to their old school. David Coggin and Sam Miller, both members of the 1968 class had the Sabbath school lesson and 11 o’clock service, respectively. Kathy Davis Nomura played her flute and Patsy Massey sang for the returning students. Now it will be the class of 1969 to celebrate their 45th reunion in 2014 and they are already making plans for their celebration. If you know of someone in the class of 1969 from CTA have them contact Carol Straight Miller she has set up a page on FACEBOOK to connect with former students. City council met last week and one of the items on the agenda was to consider purchasing 5.8 acres of land on the corner of South College Drive and Hwy 67. The type B board of the City of Keene would be the organization used to purchase the property at a cost of $200,000.00. It is currently platted for residential use and City Administrator Bill Guinn is of the opinion that this property should be used for commercial purposes, preferably a grocery store. Now is this not the same reasoning they used when the same board signed a contract with the Birdwell family to purchase 6 acres directly across College Drive? The City of Keene lost their earnest money when the City was

not able to meet the extended deadline for closing on the property. That was at least $10,000.00 of your tax dollars plus what the city paid to have an EPA study conducted. Someone should request copies of contracts and payments made on that property and see why it was never closed. What has changed to make this property more attractive over the Birdwell property? Councilman Gore made a motion to table the issue until the next meeting. Perhaps, they will have answers for the taxpayers and council then. The Keene ISD board of trustees will meet April 2 and 3 to interview 6 candidates for the superintendent’s position. They will do this in close session on both nights. In the last meeting board member Danny Roberts requested his fellow board members to consider requiring the new superintendent to live in the district or at least in the City of Keene so that they can feel the pain of the tax burden shouldered by the residents of the City and the district. Current Superintendent Smith is now living inside the district. He also requested that they make the selection based on a positive school philosophy and past accomplishments of the candidate rather than by they “seem to be deserving of this opportunity. “ The board will also be moving forward on selecting a design build team to add on to the high school. The district is at an all-time high for enrollment, with over 912 students in attendance. KISD has the most students of any school in Keene.

Ferris Wicker, husband of Sharon Wicker of SWAU, is in Plaza Hospital recovering from a double kidney transplant on Good Friday. Sharon was preparing to donate a kidney to him but a double kidney transplant became available on Thursday night. Grace Denison is home from her recent hospital visit as a patient this time. Don Halsell has been seen up and out in recent weeks actually driving around town. He only has to use his cane now and not his walker. Amazing!!

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The Keene ISD played host for the areas Junior High & High School track and field teams this past week. Teams from Whitney, Grandview, Milsap, Midlothian, Rio Vista were among other teams competing in events at Keene’s track. Events attracted close to 1,000 students and observers in the two day event.


Chisholm Trail Academy Alumni Weekend

Class of 1968

Class of 1973

Class of 1978

Class of 1983

Class of 1988

Class of 1998

Class of 2003

Class of 20088

Right: Bringing back memories with a smile.... Nikki and Jana

Sam Miller, class of 1968, speaking at the 11 o’clock service


Continued: Did You Know use. We are absolutely indebted to the people who bring us all this and they do not know how much we appreciate it! “We tell people that we take everything but there are some things that are kind of hard to accept. Electronics like TVs we don’t really want to accept. We test everything that we put on the floor. For example, if it’s a curling iron, if it’s a CD player, if it’s a radio, we don’t put it on the floor if it doesn’t work. And with televisions and electronics like computers and such, we have no real way to test these things. And so we can’t tell the person what it does! We really don’t have the space here to accommodate large furniture and appliances. We don’t accept any kind of foods or canned goods either. “But we do take small furniture and all kinds of kitchen wares like cookware, dishes and utensils. And we take all kinds of clothing and shoes for both adults and children, linens, decorative items, pictures, lamps, any kind of books, tapes, videos and toys for children. We are real particular about our clothes. Our volunteer Maria, goes over our clothing with a fine tooth comb for stains, snags or tears – she doesn’t even like for them to be wrinkled! We are very, very particular about and proud of the condition of our clothes. They are in very excellent condition! “The Great Stuff Thrift Shop is open Sundays and Tuesdays 10 am to 2 pm. We accept donations any day of the week, but prefer to receive donations during regular business hours

so that we can protect them. We would really like to have a pick-up truck to just go around and pick up donation, but right now we don’t have that. Maybe someone will donate one to us for that purpose!”

Continued: Health Fair

The proceeds from the Great Stuff Thrift Shop go into the Community Service Fund of the Keene Seventh-day Adventist Church. The Great Stuff Thrift Shop is located at 117 Fairview, Keene, Texas (on the corner of Fairview and First Street and across the street from the Keene Seventh-day Adventist Church). Phone number: 817-2026468

department, and the Community Health course students provided door prizes. Donna L. Read, Associate Professor of Nursing, worked with the students as the sponsor for the event. “This is part of the Senior Nursing student’s last semester where they do Community Health Nursing. It is a part of their requirement for their Baccalaureate of Science Degree in Nursing. They prepare and put on this Health Fair. It is part of their curriculum for what they are doing and they get credit for this. Every year we have this Community Health Fair that is free to the public. “We have gift certificates from Applebee’s and we have the nuts and fruits from the ABC Store, we have a lot of people contribute things for the fair, they chip in every year which helps us a lot. “The students worked very hard on this project. We are happy to provide this service to the community,” Read informed Keene Chronicle.

Left to right: Donna L. Read, Associate Professor of Nursing, Souuthwestern and Senior Nursing student Terrajaine Hayslip-Kendrick

Kei Lani Stowell & Patrick Knaubert performing with Southwestern Acrobatic Team

Southwestern Acrobatic Team

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The Newspaper That Has Keene In Mind

Keene Chronicle

Keene Chronicle March 28, 2013  

Weekly newspaper covering the City of Keene Chronicle

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