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Volume 01, Issue 19


June 13, 2013

PONZI SCHEME in KEENE? All Smoke & Mirrors? The following are the first two paragraphs of an article published October 23, 2012 by Paul Gnadt, Keene Star News (Keene, Texas): “Energy plants to bring 210 jobs to Keene” “Two plants to be built in Keene, each producing different types of power, could fuel the city’s economic engine for a long, long time. “Thursday in a conference phone call with the principals of B.e Energy, the Burleson Area Star learned that B.e is in the final stages of geographical studies and engineering surveys in preparation for building two manufacturing plants that may increase the city’s tax base by as much as $600 million. The conference call participants were: B.e Energy President Greg Bowman, in Beamsville, Ont., Canada; B.e co-founder and advisory board Chairman Lawrence Bloom in London, England; B.e Chief Development Officer Don Guilian in Columbus, Ohio; City Administrator Bill Guinn, City Economic Development Director Keith Jilge, Keene Economic Development Corporation President David Patterson, resident Warren “Bud” Findley, who introduced B.e Energy to Keene, and the Burleson Area Star.”

The following are excerpts from an article published May 13, 2012 by Brendan Kirby, Mobile Press-Register (Mobile Alabama): “Derided as fraud, Baldwin alternative energy company draws interest from Canadian investor” “...Nonetheless, a startup named B.e. Energy, which its founder runs out of his Ontario (Canada) home, has been intrigued by *Cello (Energy) and wants to buy it (the abandoned Cello Energy plant at Bay Minette, Alabama). At a hearing this year in the bankruptcy case, B.e. Energy president Greg Bowman and his chief development officer expressed “extreme confidence” in the technology. “’…Success of the Current Plan relies completely upon B.e. Energy obtaining a $29 million loan from a mystery lender (sound familiar?) as well as B.e. Energy successfully having $500 million in bonds issued in Texas,’ the lawyers wrote. “Also, the lawyers questioned Bowman’s credentials, including images from Google Maps of the street where he lives and runs the company. The pictures show a modest, middle class neighborhood. “’The company has no salaried employees and despite purporting to be an active

The now abandoned Cello Energy plant at 12020 D’Olive Street, Bay Minette, AL

player in the cutting edge of clean energy, B.e. Energy does not have a website,’ they wrote in their objection to the bankruptcy plan. “And the lawyers railed against the involvement of Allen Boykin, whom they accused of participating in the fraud. *Cello Energy is a now defunct, abandoned energy plant near Bay Minette, Alabama. The company officials said materials such as tires, trash, hay, straw, switchgrass and wood chips would be converted to diesel fuel. In late June

2009, a federal court ordered Cello Energy to pay $10.4 million in punitive damages for fraudulently claiming it could produce cheap diesellike fuel. Are Keene City leaders exercising due diligence? In 2007, a tiny Alabama start-up called Cello Energy was telling people that it had devised a way to produce cellulosic ethanol at $16 per barrel, using material like hay, switchgrass and wood chips. Investors listened and invested millions of dollars in the venture. The leadership

of California-based Khosla Ventures was so impressed with Baldwin County inventor Jack Boykin and his claim that he has unlocked the secret to turning wood chips and hay into cheap diesel fuel, that they agreed to give him $25 million to build three manufacturing plants and to spend millions more each year to operate them. Scientific American reports “In late June 2009, a federal court ordered Cello Energy to pay $10.4 million in punitive damages for fraudulently claiming it could produce

cheap diesel-like fuel. Cello’s owner, Jack Boykin, allegedly built a sham facility and lured pulp producer Parsons & Wittemore Enterprises to invest $2.5 million in an ownership stake in 2007.” Cello was convicted of fraud, so someone, somewhere, failed the due diligence test! Anytime anyone promises to turn wood chips into cheap diesel fuel and produce 50 million gallons of diesel or aviation fuel per year, you’d better be very careful!

United States Bankruptcy Court Southern District of Alabama In Re CELLO ENERGY, LLC Case No. 10-04877-MAM-11 BOYKIN TRUST, LLC Case No. 10-04931-MAM-11 JACK BOYKIN Case No. 1004930-MAM-11 Debtors ORDER GRANTING CONFIRMATION OF DEBTORS’ CURRENT PLAN OF REORGANIZATION WITH CONDITIONS AND RULING ON RELATED MATTERS Cello Energy is a company that owns technology

it developed that it claims details a process to turn cellulosic materials into fuel (the “technology”). Cello is owned by Boykin Trust. Jack Boykin was the sole owner of Boykin Trust. Jack died on August 25, 2011 and his estate is being probated. There is a dispute about whether the process that Cello has, can, or will ever work. The testimony of B.e. Energy executives, including a skilled engineer, indicated a high degree of expectation on their part that the technology can work. If the process does work, the technology is very

valuable. If it does not, the value of Cello is essentially limited to the value of a plant built in Bay Minette, Alabama to manufacture the fuel. The plant is shuttered at this time due to failure to produce commercial quantities of any such fuel and lack of funds to keep the plant open.

Right: Allen Boykin talks in this 2009 file photo about how his Baldwin County company, Cello Energy, plans to turn hay and other vegetative material into biodiesel fuel. New Yorkbased Parsons & Whittemore Enterprises Corp., which won a $10.4 million judgment against Cello, has objected to a bankruptcy plan that could allow Boykin to remain in charge of the company and earn a 6-figure salary. (Press Register/Craig Myers)

The Keene Pioneer Heritage Foundation is raising funds to honor our local war dead In 2004, the Southwestern Adventist University Board of Trustees, after due consideration and reconsideration, voted to remove the Pioneer Memorial Entrance Monument which was then located on the west side of the school campus. The principle reason was to replace the old sign with a new, contemporary sign along that border of the campus bearing the name of the University. In recognition of the fact that there are those who are very much interested in preserving the monument intact, an ad hoc committee has been formed and had voted to bring into being a new entity, the Keene Pioneer Heritage Foundation. The primary objective of this Foundation is to fully restore this Memorial. Now that the monument finds its home at the Keene Memorial Cemetery, the Foundation has expanded its concept by choosing also to honor the military veterans buried at the Keene Cemetery, by raising funds for the engraving of

the names of the veterans in an eighteen inches granite structure, at the back of the monument and along the wall bordering the monument. “This is the main project of the Foundation right now but it also calls for a monumental amount to reach its reality and completion,’ declares KPHF President, Myrna Castillo.

Furthermore Mrs. Castillo commented, “However, we’ll never reach this goal without the concerted effort of everyone and with strong determination and hard work.” In conjunction, the Keene Pioneer Heritage Foundation is currently updating their list of veterans who are buried at the Keene Memorial Ceme-

tery as well as their respective family or contact person. If you are a family member or a contact person for a veteran or veterans buried at the Keene Cemetery, please call Myrna Castillo (817-558-9379) or John Read (817-707-5844) to provide them with your name, telephone number, address and e-mail. This information

is very much appreciated for it will expedite the completion of the said worthy project. The following are the board members and officers of the organization (KPHD): Board Members: Philip Payne – Chairperson Lenora Payne Myrna Castillo Robert Bischoff

John Read Lillian Davis Irene Herr Marjorie Stowe Robert Rael Loneta Pauly Officers: President- Myrna Castillo Vice President- John Read Secretary- Irene Herr Treasurer- Robert Rael Last November 11, 2012 (Veteran’s Day), at the Keene Senior Center, the KPHF hosted a Dinner for a Cause with its beautiful program rendition and sumptuous meal, honoring our local veterans. The event was a success. The proceeds from this dinner went towards its fund raining project. This coming November during Veteran’s Day, the organization is planning to continue its fund raising efforts by again hosting a Dinner for a Cause. Please don’t miss this event. Stay tuned for the date, time and venue. Hope to see you there! Sponsorship Form Page 3


Soapbox Racing For Adults Comes to Johnson County courtesy of Keene Chamber of Commerce Labor Day (Sept. 2, 2013) will be race day in Johnson County. The Johnson County Soapbox Classic starts at 9:00 am with racer check in at 7:30 am. The location of the race will be on the service road to Hwy 67 just to the north of the split of Hwy 67 and Bus. 67 located in Keene, TX. There will be 2 different divisions that will be racing – Adults age 16 and up and Kids age 10 – 15. The racing format for the Kids Division is a double elimination straight speed race. The Adult Division will be a seeded double elimination slalom race. The adults have to drive the course and not just point it straight down the hill. Awards will be given for the top three finishes in the two divisions and then also for a variety of other categories. The rules are designed to let the creative genius come out. For example, the weight of the car cannot exceed 225 lbs. (that does not include the weight of the driver). For a

complete set of rules you can go to and read what all the requirements are and also to register your car and to pay for your car registration. The number of racing brackets is limited so if you are going to race you need to go ahead and register for your racing spot. Vendors will also need to submit a request to participate and they can do this by going to the same website and submitting a request form. On the website find the vendor request box and click on the tab and follow the directions. That form will be reviewed and then the party will be contacted and notified whether they have been chosen to be a vendor at this event. This is done so that there is a variety of food items that are being sold and not a lot of the same items. Johnson County Soapbox Classic is part of the National Adult Soapbox Derby Association headquartered in Marble

Falls, TX. They were established in 2009 to promote the sport of adult soapbox derby racing. The goal is to promote this sport in the North Texas area in a manner that not only benefits the community but pulls the community together and does it in a family friendly environment. For further questions and information on this event the contact person is: Tim Sinclair Keene Chamber of Commerce Race Director Phone # 817-307-3362 Email: jcsoapboxclassic@ web site:

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Keene City moves forward in the planning for new City Hall At the Keene City Council Meeting held on May 30, 2013, Council Member James Chapline indicated he had scouted 4 locations for a prospective Keene City Hall: “The former Hour of Prophesy building (ON 67), the former Color Graphics building on Fairview, the vacant land on the corner of 4th and College and the property that the City of Keene owns just to the north of the car wash (on N. 2280).” “What I asked for” continued Chapline while formally addressing the Mayor and the other Council Members in attendance, “was a fairly brief look at these to see what the feasibilities were. I visited with the fire chief, and the fire marshal and the code enforcement official about the two existing spaces that had buildings on (them)… Those buildings have to be brought up to date.” Bill Guinn, City Administrator also brought up some issues regarding fire code (sprinkler) and ADA compliance costs for these two prospective sites, plus an additional A/C installation cost at the Color Graphics building. “I think there are some serious (cost) issues there… that are virtually impossible to estimate.” stated Guinn. Chapline concurred with Guinn’s cost concerns regarding these 2 sites. “Old buildings are going to end up costing you tons of money,” added Keene resident and council meeting attendee Robert Bischoff. “My recommendation is that you look to build a new building, whether it’s going to combine the police department or others to it.” He supported building on the city owned property just north of the car wash on N. 2280, but expressed a concern about ample parking availability at this 3 acre location. “Three acres will accommodate a 6,000 square foot building with a parking lot,” stated Guinn. He expressed the urgency for making a

decision on a prospective City Hall location. The property on 4th and College Drive is also 3 acres in size. “It seems to me,” continued Chapline “that the property on (4th and) College needs too much dirt work. I personally like that location, but I don’t like anything else about it! And so it kind of comes down to the three acres in my mind, next to the car wash. To add a little bit to that, I agree that we need to build a city hall now, and then we’ve got to address the fire and police issues in the not too distant future, but not address them as part of this. I think that we can build an adequate size building there of 6,000 square feet; has been thrown around quite a bit. We could have plenty of parking. What I would like to see in the entrance, is a covered awning coming into a window where people can go pay their water bills and can handle minor city business without getting out of their cars. We have a lot of elderly people in town and in bad weather they can drive under there and handle their business without ever stepping out of their car.” “My last choice” Chapline added, “was what I now believe is the best choice and that is on the 3 acre city owned property out there (2280). I think that is the way we should go.” Chaplain then made the motion “that we proceed with planning of the new city hall building on the city owned property.” The motion was seconded by Donny Gore and it was carried unanimously by the remainder of the council members. The following were other key items on the agenda for discussion and possible action: 1. Request by the City Council for items to be placed on a future agenda for discussion. City Council Member Cheryl Schram proposed that she “would like to see a discussion item at least concerning the emergency management situation, specifically a schedule of

the chain of command, I’d like to see what work is in progress and plans for an emergency situation. …It is time that we understand what we have and what we don’t have and put together a presentation as to how it is.” City Council Member Donny Gore made the observation that “the internet (service) is lacking in the City of Keene. He requested a meeting with AT&T to discuss internet accessibility issues for the City of Keene and its residents. In a later interview he informed the Keene Chronicle that an email was sent out requesting a meeting “so by the next council meeting we’ll have something to bring back to the table.” Gore further requested that the City of Keene put on the agenda for the next Council Meeting the purchase of a new staff vehicle for the City. 2. Consider approval of renewing special use permit for Lisa’s Learning Center, property located at 204 E. Oakdale, owner – Lisa Parrish. Council Member Donny Gore made the motion to approve this action. It was seconded by Council Member James Chapline and carried unanimously by the remainder of the council members. 3. Discussion and possible action on appointing the following person; David McCormick to the Athletic Association for a 2 year term. Council Member James Chapline made the motion to approve this action. It was seconded by Council Member Gore and carried unanimously by the remainder of the council members. 4. Discussion and possible action on Black Board Enrollment Process (Blackboard Connect automated emergency notification system). City Administrator Bill Guinn shared a sample enrollment card to the council members and informed them and the meeting attendees that at the recent Chamber Expo the City of Keene was set up to

inform and sign up interested Keene area residents. “We also do it at Starfest” informs Guinn, “we have a table set up to sign people up.” I will double check on this but we want to make sure that anytime anyone opens a water account that they’ve been given a card that so they can sign up for it. And then of course, it’s a prominent link on our current website (www.keenetex. com). It’s got a good link; it’s clear and people can sign up in both English or Spanish. That’s the registration process in a nutshell.” Council Member Cheryl Schram – who is also the Keene Chamber Volunteer Coordinator - requested registration cards for dissemination by the Keene Chamber and stated that she would also put it on the Chamber Facebook page. “Our new website is coming out soon and I want to make sure we include a link for enrollment,” stated Schram. She also suggested that enrollment information “be released to the paper,” to which Guinn responded “we will be glad to do that on a quarterly basis.” 5. Discussion and possible action on renting or leasing an office space the Economic Development Director (Keith Jilge). Several office options were presented, discussed and rejected as unfeasible. Council Member James Chapline also proposed and promoted an office space location at the Northside Station on N. 2280. For this location, Chapline stated he was quoted a rate of $1,000/month by the owner Mark Miosi, which includes utilities. “That includes a reception area out front that is 12’X17’. And then there is a space that would be the meeting room which would be a little over 22’ square ft. But that didn’t include the main part of it; and that’s the office that’s directly behind the meeting room. And that to me is really the key to the whole thing - without that it’s kind of useless. …Miosi quoted a

price of $1,750 for this which seemed high for that space.” Chapline suggested “going back to try to re-negotiate” on this rate as “this space is ideal for getting all of our eggs in one basket. We need and must have economic development in this town and we need to give them the tools that they need to do the job!” Chapline further proposed with teaming with the Keene Chamber of commerce for utilization of this space along with the Type A & Type B Boards for more effective communication and coordination of services between these respective entities. Council Member James Chapline made the motion to approve this action. It was seconded by Mayor Pro Tem Dale Janes and carried unanimously by the remainder of the council members. 6. Discussion and possible action on approving Ordinance No. 2013-469 of the City Council of the City of Keene, Texas, approving and adopting rate schedule “RRM – rate review mechanism” for Atmos energy corporation, mid-tex division to be in force in the city for a period of time as specified in the rate schedule. Mayor Pro Tem Dale Janes made the motion to approve this action. It was seconded by Council Member Gilbert Perez and carried unanimously by the remainder of the council members. 7. Discussion and possible action on approving Ordinance No. 2013-470 amending the fee schedule that is associated with using or renting the park or ball fields. Council Member Gore made the motion to approve this action. It was seconded by Council Member Chapline and carried unanimously by the remainder of the council members. Council Member Lorena Morin was absent from above referenced proceedings.

CLASS WAR 2013 The folks who are getting the free stuff don’t like the folks who are paying for the free stuff, because the folks who are paying for the free stuff can no longer afford to pay for both the free stuff and their own stuff. And the folks who are paying for the free stuff want the free stuff to stop. And the folks who are getting the free stuff want even more free stuff on top of the free stuff they are already getting! Now... the people who are forcing the people who pay for the free stuff have told the people who are RECEIVING the free stuff that the people who are PAYING for the free stuff are being mean, prejudiced, and racist. So... the people who are GETTING the free stuff have been convinced they need to hate the people who are paying for the free stuff by the people who are forcing some people to pay for their free stuff and giving them the free stuff in the first place. We have let the free stuff giving go on for so long that there are now more people getting than paying for the free stuff. Now understand this. All great democracies have committed financial suicide somewhere between 200 and 250 years after being founded. The reason? The voters figured out they could vote themselves money from the treasury by electing people who promised to give them money from the treasury in exchange for electing them. The United States officially became a Republic in1776, 236 years ago. The number of people now getting free stuffoutnumbers the people paying for the free stuff. Failure to change that spells the end of the United States as we know it. ELECTION 2014 IS COMING A Nation of Sheep Breeds a Government of Wolves!


COUNCILMAN JAMES CHAPLINE takes aim at the Keene Chronicle At last month’s city council James Chapline was quoted as saying: “...Keene has 2 newspapers, the newspaper from the Star Group which you pay for and the Keene Chronicle which you don’t. Occasionally the Cleburne Times (Review) will show up as well… Isn’t it interesting that there are 3 newspapers that report on Keene as well, except there is one that stands head and shoulders above the crowd; reporting on the real issues in a fair and positive manner. The City of Keene should honor the Star Group and Paul Gnadt for fair and honest reporting, for being part of the fabric of this community with an eye always trained on the real issues and ignoring the malicious gossip and unsubstantiated rumors. I enthusiastically bring to the council tonight the recommendation the we bestow to the Star Group, at the next city council meeting, and declare that day ‘Star Group.’” Way back when I was in the sabbath school primary division I had a very kind and sweet sabbath school teacher that I adored. Her name was

Mrs Stovall and she told us little people it would be best if we would never drink Coca-Cola and never read the Sunday newspaper comics. I also had a wonderful Bible teacher in academy, Dr. Thomsen, and he would tell us that he played a game with his children on Sunday morning to see who could run and get the Sunday paper first and throw the comic section in the trash. Well to this day I have never read a Sunday comic and it was years before I ever had a Coca-Cola and I now I will drink Coca-Cola only if it is the only thing to drink. My point is Mr Chapline...there are lots of comics out there on Sunday mornings and there are lots of Coca Colas in the stores, however, no one forces me to read the comics or to drink Coca-Colas and likewise Mr Chapline no one forces you to read the Keene Chronicle. I can only hope that you spend more time critiqueing city council actions than examing the Keene Chronicle. However, it doesn’t take a lot of effort to vote with the mayor on every issue! Dan E Roberts

Chisholm Trail Academy Graduates 2013 Sean Aqui Mason Bendell Rachel Conover Marco Facundo Stevan Gonzalez Blaine Holder Eryn Hopps Anthony Liberto Emily Mansano Clarissa Merrills De-Armond Mitchell Megan Owen Miranda Poski Sabreena Reid Damian Romo Katherine Ruch Ashley Smit Zac Thomas Kilory Weis Sarah Zaneta

Jay Ayala Clarity Chola Andre Doneskey Emily George Courtney Hanna Megan Holt Tyler Hoskinson Isabella Lopez Angelica Mendez Clarisse Metzger Damian Muff Emily Peterson Raelein Racero Kevin Reinke Mike Rotan Sammy Sheppard Jennifer Sousa Johnathon Turner Nikki Weis Ashlen Zapara

Wanda R Smith High School Graduates 2013 Nick Acevedo Julie Armstrong Heather Baker Peter Bokadrik Nestor Cano Erica Chrusciaki Brian Foley Naomi George Manuel Gonzalez Steven Hadley Reagan Higgins Ariana Jacquez Benjamin Jordan Patrick Krajewski Lean Langadrik Lee Lanki Timothy Machado Andrew McNight Keishla Morales Viviana Ozuna Emily Pierce Kasey Reeves Jennifer Rivera Priscilla Rosendo Wallace Santana Mary Shaw Tiffany Tallido Stewart Walker Kaylee Whiteside Xavier Winlan

Eric Allen Laurie Bajo Suemina Bohammy Mon ‘Twuan Boykin Catherine Chastain Alec Elliott Dennis Garcia Jiron Gibson Kierston Green Brittany Hanks Areli Jacquez Saulson Joash Kaylee Kirkpatrick Taylor Lane Amanda Langmos Ritok Leban Alex McKnight Andy Montenegro Angel Ortiz Windy Payne Michael Price Edwin Rivera John Robert Pauline Rubio Melissa Servin Nicholas Shawn Gerardo Villalobos Brittany Webber Nicholas Wiggins

Alternative Learning Center Reymen Armenta Stephanie Cortez Arthur Smith

Zachary Brady Sonia Prince Tony Thomas

Retirees Fellowship Monthly Meeting The Retirees Fellowship will hold its monthly meeting on Thursday, June 20th at 5:30 pm in the Keene Senior Citizens Center at 207 E. 1st Street. The dinner will be catered by Mandy’s Catering. There will be a vegan and gluten free option. Luz Arauzo will provide wholesome entertainment. This organization is open to all community retirees who wish to attend. If you have any questions or need more information please contact Betty Taylor: 817-790-2077 or 817-648-6908.

Veteran’s Omissions from our published list In the last issue the Keene Chronicle published the list of veterans buried in the Keene Memorial Park as was provided by the Cemetery Association. We have been notified that at least three veterans have been overlooked. They are Frank Beeson, WWII Navy; SSG David “Sonny” Henry, Vietnam War, Army; Richard Woodall, Civil War Veteran. Upon further research we have identified 4 other CIVIL WAR VETERANS: James W Clark, born Aug 27, 1836 died July 18, 1924, UNION SOLDIER; Cpl James S Hampton, born 1842 – died 1929, UNION SOLDIER; Cpl Benjamin Harrison Warren, born April 12, 1844 – died November 20, 1918, CONFEDERATE SOLDIER; Dave M Jackson, born July 1841 – died May 23, 1915, CONFEDERATE SOLDIER.

Just So You Will Know… In recent weeks the city council has held various closed door sessions to the public. Some have been for discussion of personnel, whether to keep or terminate their services and other have been to discuss the possibility of B. e. Energy and other companies coming to Keene that the leaders have talked up in the past 9 months. It appears that Keene has only spent money to purchase new properties in the industrial park, spent money to have an aerial survey ($65,000.00) completed and paid for lawyers to listen to their story. In only 4 meetings the attorney’s fees amounted to $5,264.00 for their participation in the closed session. Information gathered from Open Records Request dated May 7, 2013 disclosed this amount. Attorney’s fees are calculated at $235 per hour. Greg Davis and Drew came

to visit Lillian Davis this week. Greg is Lillian’s son and was on the way to Atlanta, GA. Drew, Lillian’s grandson was accepted in a residency program at Emory University and they were enroute to get him settle for the next couple of years. 97 year old Morris Lowry passed his driver’s test one more time and is now legal to drive for another 2 years. He just doesn’t understand the State of Texas only making his license good for 2 years. Don’t they know I will need to drive when I am 100! Oh yes, Professor Lowry audited a religion class at the University this spring… he might be thinking of teaching religion after he matures a little. After 40 years of service to SWAU…Larry Garrett is retiring as the Vice President of Finance. His replacement will be Joel Wallace, he has been the assistant treasurer for the

Southwestern Union the last decade or so. Artie Loignon, father of Austin Loignon, suffered a heart attack this past week. Had a stint put in and is now home recuperating. He claims he was not able to rest much at the hospital and now he hopes to get some rest. Keep him in your prayers. It appears that the Keene High School has too many names. Officially the board of trustees 6 years ago voted to change the name to Wanda R Smith High School and that is what is on the front of the building. The sign on the entrance fence reads Keene High School. At graduation this year the program read Keene Wanda R Smith High School and so did the diplomas. Keene is not Wanda’s first name. A little confusing for those that has not grown up in Keene. Perhaps, it should be known and written as Keene

High School on all communications, except for graduation announcements, programs and diplomas and then and only then it should be known as WANDA R SMITH HIGH SCHOOL as it is officially. Less confusion and everybody would know where the Keene High School is located. What do you think? Perhaps, before Wanda leaves the superintendent’s job…. she could educate the people in charge that a $10,000 plus grooming mower is not made to mow pastures as they are doing, but rather manicured lawns. And we wonder why they need to purchase a new grooming mower!! The district owns a really nice John Deere tractor with a rotary mower that is designed to mow pastures and weeds. Would that not be a more logical solution long term?

The Southwesterner

Two Nursing Students Receive $1,000 Scholarships By Glen Robinson Two nursing students at Southwestern received $1,000 scholarships recently from a local organization. Grace Ann Porter and Joan Lauren Stewart, both junior nursing majors, received these awards. Ridglea Lone Star TBW is a local organization affiliated with Texas Business Women, Inc. According to Suzanne Schlabs, scholarship chair for the organization, the mission of Ridglea Loan Star TBW is to provide resources for leadership, networking and advocacy to empower women to succeed personally and

This is a Custom 4 bedroom 2 bath 2 car garage home sits on 2.5 acres and is a gardner's dream home hosting dozens of mature fruit bearing apple, peach, pear, fig trees , home has city water but the grounds are irrigated by well water. Gated entrance for privacy, Covered RV space and 35'x40' work shop with interior office within the workshop. This a Beautifully constructed custom home which is located at 925 County Road 702, Cleburne TX 76031 It sits on the outskirts of Keene as you go down Oakdale headed East.

professionally. “TBW promotes equity and economic self-sufficiency for women,” says Schlabs. “One way to accomplish our mission is to give scholarships for higher education.” Any man or woman interested in becoming a member can contact Susanne Schlabs at Meetings are the first Thursday of each month at 6 p.m. at Mimi’s Café at Bryant Irvin and South Loop 820 in Fort Worth. The July meeting will be on the 11th. Applications for the 2014 awards will be received in February.

Junior Nursing major Grace Junior Nursing major Joan Ann Porter stands with Lauren Stewart accepts her Suzanne Schlabs. $1,000 scholarship.

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Softball season in full swing at Elisa Carver Park, Keene, Texas

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The parking lot at Elisa Carver Park was filled to capacity on the evening of June 4, 2013, as Keene softball season threw out its first pitch. The softball season runs through the Month of June. Game times are Tuesdays and Thursdays, 7-10 PM. The purpose of the Keene Athletic Association is for the promotion of youth athletics including, but not limited to softball, tee ball and soccer for all youth who reside or attend school in the Keene commuANGELS AND RED SOX nity. Elisa Carver Park is located in the heart of Keene and includes softball, soccer and tee ball fields, volleyball and basketball courts, a three-quarters-of-a-mile walking trail, playground, and a picnic area, as well as a nine-hole disc gold course. The Keene Athletic Association, whose members are listed below, coordinates the summer softball league and the fall soccer league at the Elisa Carver Park. Patrick Hill, Co-Chairman Sheri Hadley, Co-Chairman Members: Alison Hill Chad Hutchinson Mike Rose Gloria Miller Sonny Tyler

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Lisa’s Learning Center Pre-K/K Graduation Ceremony Lisa’s Learning Center held a Pre-K/K Graduation Ceremony in Keene on June 6, 2013 for three graduates. Halyn Montgomery, daughter of Michael and Rochelle Montgomery of Cleburne, and Travis Williams, son of Daniel and Diana Williams of Cleburne, graduated from Pre-K. Analisa Nichols, daughter of Angie Chapman of Keene, graduated from Kindergarten. Both Analisa and Halyn have been attending Lisa’s Learning Center for four years and Travis have been attending for two. The program theme was “Oh, The Places You’ll Go!” It included songs sung by all the toddler and preschool children, as well as a special skit entitled, “My Tooth is Gone” by Travis Williams and Isabella Cruz-Dilligard. Each graduate received a special tribute, followed by a Media Show Presentation of their accumulated experiences. Parents and Grandparents were also recognized for their all-embracing school support including Rochelle Montgomery, Daniel Williams, Geri Montgomery, Vidalina Perez, and Lisa Muniz. Lisa’s Learn-

Read-Billingsley Real Estate 315 Pecan St…Keene…Open concept, great corner fireplace, beautiful landscaping a great buy at $105,000

ing Center is currently taking applications for the upcoming school year beginning August 26, 2013. If you are interested in more information you may call 817-558-0261 and ask for Director, Lisa Parrish.

(From L - R) Travis Williams, Analisa Nichols, and Halyn Montgomery

Halyn Montgomery reading a tribute letter to her mother, Rochelle Montgomery.

Travis Williams performing a skit entitled, “My Tooth is Gone”

Carl & Ruth Stilwell time flies! Ruth just celebrated her 100th birthday!

119 Rosedale Ave…Keene… Large 3 BR with additional one BR rented apartment. REDUCED to $104,900 113 Rosedale Ave…Keene…Beautiful 3 BR, open concept. Features great deck on the back. Ready to move in at.....$95,500 113 S Fairview St…Keene… Nice 3 BR on 300 foot deep lot. Currently leased. A great buy at……..$84,500 One lot on John Thomas Dr…Keene…$23,900 3.5 acres on CR 414, beautiful building site………$55,000 5 commercial acres on Hwy 67 service road, adjacent to Peterson’s Gym……………..$199,000 3.15 acres on CR 703, Alvarado…………….………..$79,000 1 commercial acre, downtown Alvarado…..……….$85,000 Read-Billingsley 300 S Old Betsy Rd • Keene, Texas 76059 817-645-8785

Carl & Ruth Stilwell


Carl, Ruth and oldest son Jim 1938

The Newspaper That Has Keene In Mind

Keene Chronicle

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Can’t you just smell that lucious BBQ and Cobblers at Wagon Wheel BBQ? Look at that Loaded Baked Potato and Homemade Potato Salad and Cole Slaw!

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Keene chronicle june 13 2013  

Weekly newspaper covering the City of Keene, Texas

Keene chronicle june 13 2013  

Weekly newspaper covering the City of Keene, Texas