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Thursday, December 06, 2012

With 22 years of experience, Kay Tucker knows exactly what to do

“There was an old woman who lived in a shoe; she had so many children she didn’t know what to do. She gave them some broth, without any bread, and whipped them all soundly and sent them to bed! “And then the state declared her an ‘unfit mother’, and sent them to Tucker’s, both sister and brother!” The proverbial old woman who lived in a shoe has nothing on Kay Tucker! Besides having had 3 biological and 2 adopted children of her own, Kay Tucker has been a foster parent to more than 100 children! But unlike the old woman who lived in a shoe, she knows exactly what to do! Kay provides much more than broth to these youngsters. For the children who have been placed under her care, she provides wholesome nutrition in a secure, stable, nurturing and spiritual environment. Kay has had 22 years of experience working with troubled children; 18 of those years have been with her own therapeutic foster home in Keene. Kay first became interested in fostering children back in 1990 when she began working the evening shift for Odyssey Harbor Treatment Center in Keene. “I started working there as a counselor in hopes of becoming a foster parent

someday and to determine if I had the right stuff to really take care of tough kids” Kay said. I was assigned to a group of 6 very street wise and very troubled teenage girls. These kids were categorized as level 5 and 6 (the most incorrigible kids in the State of Texas). There were moments when I became very discouraged feeling that I was not really getting through to these girls and not being a blessing to them.” “I had been having a lot of trouble with my group of girls for a couple of nights,” relates Kay on one of her early experiences. “One evening I had had a particularly challenging experience with the ringleader of the group of girls that I was assigned to. In a moment of self-doubt, I had decided that if I really couldn’t be a blessing to these girls, I should no longer do this kind of work. At that moment I prayed to The Lord that if it was His will that I continue working there and that He would somehow have to help me realize that I indeed was a blessing to these girls. Otherwise, I said to myself, I was ready to accept any other plan that He would have for my life. After bed time as I was sitting at a table doing my evening paperwork, the ringleader of the group rose up in her bed and called out my name. At that point I thought to myself ‘oh, oh, here we go again!’ She said ‘Ms. Kay, I just want you to know that I am so glad you are here. You are a real blessing to all of us girls and I just wanted to tell you that.’ That astounded me as this kind of talk from this particular girl was totally foreign! At that very moment I knew without a doubt that

God had spoken to me through this girl and had answered my prayer! From this point on things just got so much easier with these girls and I was able to understand and get along well with this extremely troubled group of kids. It was then that I realized that this was exactly what God wanted me to do! I then told God that if He was willing, I would be working with these girls for as long as He needed me here.”

be signed by a judge. The removal must be based on a determination of whether the child is in imminent danger of abuse or serious harm.” Kay’s foster care home is contracted with “ACH Child & Family Services.” ACH is a licensed foster care and adoption provider through the State of Texas and has been serving the needs of the Dallas/Fort Worth community for nearly 100 years. ACH partners

“Shortly thereafter a local foster care family called asking me to help them out for a year or so in order to give them a break. In the process, they promised to train me in achieving my long term goal, i.e., establishing my very own therapeutic foster care home. My husband and I have been running a foster care family for approximately 18 years now.” The children in foster homes have become, through a legal process, wards of the state. According to the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services, “for the removal of a child from the biological or legal parent, consent from the parent, and approval from CPS management or a court order must

with The Texas Department of Family and Protective Services to provide temporary placements for children who are abused or neglected and unable to live with their parents or families. These children have often been victims of physical, sexual or psychological abuse or neglect. The ultimate goal of foster care is to provide children with a safe and nurturing environment until they are ready to move towards a more permanent home (return to their biological fam-

ily, another family member or, when that is not possible, to an adoptive home). ACH screens, assesses, trains and licenses foster parents to meet the physical, cultural, emotional and spiritual needs of the children in their care. Kay encourages involvement in foster parenting and would like the Keene community to know that “like parenting, foster parenting has challenges but is also highly rewarding. Your unconditional love can help children during a difficult time in their life and bring them renewed trust and hope. I believe every child deserves to grow up in an environment of love, secure in the knowledge that they are protected from harm, surrounded by those who care for them, and offered every opportunity to thrive, prosper and reach their maximum potential. You could make a lifetime of difference in a child’s life — by simply opening your heart and your home. Consider becoming a foster and/or adoptive parent and help give a child a second chance!” It is not uncommon for foster care families to become the permanent adoptive parents for the children in their care. Kay and her husband has adopted from her own foster family, two male siblings. The younger sibling, Jonathan, 12 is currently enrolled at Joshua Adventist Multi-grade School. The older sibling, Gerardo, 20 is working and enrolled

part-time at Hill College. They are both members of and attend the Joshua Seventh-day Adventist Church with their parents. The qualifications to become a foster/adoptive parent are as follows: • Capacity to love and nurture children • Can be married, single or divorced • High School Diploma or GED • 21 years old or older • Legal US resident • Texas Driver’s license, proof of insurance and dependable vehicle • Must have a working telephone • In good or well-managed health • Maintain financial selfsufficiency • Have adequate sleeping space • Stability - No major transitions within the last year • Demonstrate an open and accepting attitude of persons from different cultures, family backgrounds and life experiences with openness to long-term and short-term care • Recommend participation in a faith community For more information on the foster care and/or adoption process call ACH at 817-8867140.

Did You Know?

Aurora’s Beauty Salon Offers Many Styles in a Christian Environment


PATTERSON SELLS CITY COUNCIL ON AERIAL MAPPING AGREEMENT A Special Council Meeting of the Governing Body of Keene, Texas convened on November 26, 6:00 p.m. at the Keene City Hall Council Chambers. After leading out with the opening prayer, pledge of allegiance and the welcoming of all Council Members and attendees Mayor Ackerman ceded the floor to Dave Patterson, Keene Economic Development Director. Patterson then took the floor to make his case before the City Council for the funding of the contracting with Bannister for the aerial mapping of the Keene industrial park. He stated to the Council Members and attendees that “the Bannister bids are competitive with all other bids and I propose we move forward on this.” This was followed by lively discussion and questions by council meeting attendees. “Why is this expenditure necessary when it can be a really simple procedure with CAD?” Robert Bishoff inquired, “besides”, he added “a lot of stuff is already on-line with Google maps!” To which Patterson responded “this is an electronic file which is much more detailed than any other maps available. We will exclusively own all of these maps and all of these footprint layouts and we will be able to share electronic files with engineering firms. We really need this information for effectively marketing the industrial park. Without the files we cannot

proceed competitively. We need this data to take it to prospective firms. We have to give them a universal language that they can work with. Every other industrial park already has this in place.” Bill Guinn then added “We’re getting a total aerial survey on 590 acres. These 590 acres includes everything we’re doing

David Patterson before council requesting to borrow $65,000 to do an aerial photo / survey of existing and proposed industrial park property

in the future, from (Hwy) 67 to the railroad tracks” affirmed Patterson. Special items on the agenda which were the topic for the above discussion:

1. DISCUSSION AND POSSIBLE ACTION ON APPROVAL OF AN AGREEMENT BETWEEN THE KEENE ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT CORPORATION AND BANNISTER ENGINEERING, LLC FOR UP TO $65,000 FOR AERIAL MAPPING AND SUPPLEMENTAL TOPOGRAPHIC SURVEY SERVICES On this item newly elected Donnie Gore made the motion to “move forward with this action.” The action was seconded by Mayor Pro Tem Dale Janes and it was approved unanimously by the City Council. 2. DISCUSSION AND POSSIBLE ACTION ON AUTHORIZING THE CITY OF KEENE TO LOAN FUNDS OF UP TO $65,000 AS NECESSARY FOR CASH FLOW PURPOSES, FOR FUNDING AN AGREEMENT BETWEEN THE KEENE ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT CORPORATION AND BANNISTER ENGINEERING, LLC FOR AERIAL MAPPING AND SUPPLEMENTAL TOPOGRAPHIC SURVEY SERVICES On this item Mayor Pro Tem Dale Janes made the motion to “move forward with this action.” The action was seconded by newly elected Lorena Morin and it was approved unanimously by the City Council.

Aurora Ramirez is a single mother of 5 ranging in age from 15 to 29. In August of ‘07 she moved her family from Plano, TX to Keene. At that time her eldest daughter Aurora Berenice was a nursing student at SAU and Ramirez, recognizing the value of a Christian education hoped to enroll the rest of her children into the local SDA schools. Aurora’s daughter is now a registered nurse and works in a Medical office in Hillsboro, TX. Ramirez’s two youngest sons Eric and Emanuel are both high school age and still live at home with her. Eric, 18 has aspirations of becoming an Adventist minister and Emanuel, 15 would like to study psychiatry. They are currently both enrolled at Cleburne High School (as Aurora has a Cleburne address). This is not by choice. They would both prefer to attend the local Chisholm Trail Academy. “Right now,” Aurora says “business is slow and I cannot afford the required tuition for CTA enrollment. I pray to God that my business does well so that I can enroll my sons at CTA. I have a lot of faith that God will answer my prayers!” Aurora has worked as a stylist for 21 years. Aurora’s Beauty Salon has been in operation since

September of ‘08. What Aurora would like the public to know is that “I love my job and I like to make people feel comfortable in my shop and with my services here in a Christian town and here in my Christian environment. What I desire above anything else is for my kids to be educated in a spiritual environment and get a wholesome, Christian education. I would like to stay at my present location and be able to support them in this endeavor.” Aurora’s Beauty Salon, besides from being a Christian environment offers the following services: 1. All styles of hair cuts

2. Dyes/colors/highlights 3. Facial wax 4. Razor cuts 5. “Up-dos” 6. Taper faze 7. Roller sets for senior ladies 8. Home services to shut-in clients 9. On site nursing home services to elderly clients Aurora would like to thank her local clients for their patronage and support. She has another stylist who assists her 2 days out of the week. Aurora’s Beauty Salon services both male and female clients. Walk-ins are welcome and SAU students get a student discount!

Aurora’s Beauty Salon’s hours of operation are: Mon - Thur: 10 am – 6 pm Friday’s: 10 am – 4 pm Open for business 2 Sunday’s out of the month. 109 S. Old Betsy Rd Keene, TX 76059 817-933-7253


Meet Your New Council Lady Lorena Marin Councilwoman Ward I, Place 2

Lorena Marin, 42, newly sworn in as Keene City Council-lady, Ward I, Place 2 is a first generation American, the 3rd of 6 siblings. She was raised in Denver, Colorado. Her parents, Ricardo and Maria Madrid are Mexican immigrants and reside in the Keene area. Marin is a married, working mother of 2, ages 17 & 21. Marin and her husband of 23 years moved from Colorado to the Keene area in 1995 in order to attend SWAU. In 1998 she earned a B.S. Degree in Office Systems Administration and is presently working in Fort Worth. Her husband Roy is employed at Huguley Memorial Hospital in Fort Worth, TX, as Director for Materials Management. Marin’s daughter, 17, Breana

is a junior at Chisholm Trail Academy and her son, Jordan is graduating this year from Southern Adventist University with a degree in nursing. “I decided to run for the City Council after some encouraging by both friends and family. I prayed about it because when I commit myself to something I give it 100%. I get really passionate about issues! My husband and parents have been very supportive in my bid for the City Council.” “I really want to inform the citizens of Keene,” says Marin, “I want them to know what’s going on in their town and how they can become involved in helping better our city.” “I recently got a call from a Keene resident with a concern. I was able to research her concern and get back with her on it. She was so happy and appreciative! “I would like to see a more informed community so that the citizens of Keene can become more pro-active in supporting local businesses and city self-improvement – making Keene a cleaner, safer and nicer town to live in both for us and for our children. We, ‘the community,’ have a part in it and a responsibility as citizens to get involved as far as learning and understanding the issues and knowing what’s happening in our city.

“I see the responsibility of the Keene City Council Members to serve and be accessible to the citizens of Keene. We are here serving because they voted us in and so they need to know they are welcomed to come ask questions or share their concerns. “I feel much honor that I have been voted by the people of the City of Keene to represent them. I would like for everyone to know that I care about their concerns and I care about our city.” In a special called meeting, Lorena voted to approve a $65,000.00 loan to the KEDC in order for Bannister Engineering, Inc., to do aerial mapping of the Keene Industrial Park. Her reason for her vote, “I had formerly been serving on the ‘Type B Board’ - which is the Keene Business Development Board – and from what I understand there are prospective businesses that are interested in coming to the Keene Industrial Park. I believe that through the generating of tax revenues from prospective businesses, the potential is there for more than doubling our current city revenue! That’s why I voted the way I did.” Besides the Bible, Marin’s favorite book is “Pilgrim’s Progress” by John Milton.

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Lillian Davis Does It AGAIN… With the help of lots of friends Lillian Davis was able to raise $2,197.00 for the A.D. (Alzheimer) Memory Walk this year. The walk was held on Oct 16th, a cold and windy day, in Fort Worth at the Trinity Park. With the aid of her faithful walker, just along to keep her from falling, she managed to complete her walk around the park. Lillian express appreciations to all that help her make it happen. She is already gearing up for next year’s walk…anyone want to join her?

Brazos Chamber Orchestra Christmas Concert Christmas Pops and Agnus Dei

Agnus Dei

Chritsmas Pops

Sunday, December 16 at 7:00 pm at the First Baptist Church Cleburne, the Brazos Chamber Orchestra with Music Director, David Anavitarte will be performing familiar Christmas favorites. Also on the program, the vocal ensemble Healing Heart will be performing ‘Agnus Dei’ by Michael W. Smith. This concert was filled to capacity last year, so you will want to come early and get a good seat. Concert is free, no tickets required. Stille Nacht The National Anthem It’s The Most Wonderful Time of the Year Grandma Got Ran Over by a Reindeer

Winter Wonderland Polar Express Agnus Dei Tickets will be sold at the Christmas concert in Cleburne, for our gala event, “Some Enchanted Evening.” Tickets are $75.00 per person. This event is for everyone, singles, couples and businesses. Blue Mesa Grill will be catering our meal, Rickey Smith, American Idol finalist from season two will perform with Orion, and the Brazos Chamber Orchestra. The evening will also include a silent auction and “enchantment boxes”. You don’t want to miss this extravagant evening. Seating is limited. “Some Enchanted Evening”

tickets will make a wonderful Christmas gift for friends and family. To order your tickets mail a check to: Brazos Chamber Orchestra 104 Songbird Trail, Keene TX 76059. Agnus Dei will also be performed with the BCO under the direction of David Anavitarte • Saturday, December 15 at the Arlington Seventh-day Adventist Church at 9:00 am and again at ll:30 am, featuring the Sanctuary Choir • Sunday, December 16 at 11:00 am, at the First United Methodist Church Burleson, featuring the Chancel Choir. Tickets will be available for “Some Enchanted Evening” at the Burleson location.

Southwestern Adventist University Presents Third Annual Free Christmas Concert in Cleburne

Johnson County citizens were treated to a very special evening of delightful and inspirational music by the Southwestern Adventist University’s Department of Music on Sunday, December 2 at the Cleburne Conference Center. The concert featured vocal and instrumental Christmas music performed by music faculty John Boyd, Rudy Dennis, Marc Elysee, Margaret Griffith, Ana Scarone, and Jonathan Wall, as well as highlight The University Singers, Southwestern’s Brass Ensemble, Southwestern String Quartet, Southwestern Flute Choir, Southwestern Chamber Orchestra, and Saxophone Quartet. The concert was free and open to the public. A reception was held immediately following the concert. Southwestern’s Music Department produces many recitals

and concerts each year. The University Singers features 33 students, each of whom auditioned for their position in the choir and represent a wide variety of majors. In addition to touring all over Texas and surrounding states, the group toured Costa Rica last year and just recently traveled to Washington D.C. to perform for the Senate at the invitation Senate Barry Black. The group alsoperformed for the Hope Channel while in D.C. Later this year, the Singers will travel to the Czech Republic where they will tour, sharing their ministry of music.


The Southwestern String Quartet and the Southwestern Chamber Orchestra are new additions this year thanks to Southwestern’s newest music faculty, Marc Élysée. The Brass Ensemble features eight talented students also representing a wide variety of academic disciplines. All of the groups are preparing for Southwestern’s annual music festival in April, the culmination of which is a performance in the Morton H. Meyerson Symphony Center in Dallas, TX. Additional Christmas concerts and recitals will be performed on Southwestern’s campus December 1- 8. For more information on upcoming concerts, and to access complete bios on the featured faculty, please visit www. or contact Darcy Force, 817.202.6629.

CPR/AED at Keene Junior High Article and photos compiled by: Joyce Anne Yates



Christian Schools Athletic Fellowship, Inc.

Laura Friend, Project ADAM Texas program coordinator, lost her daughter due to cardiac arrest, which could have been prevented if those present had been educated on the proper use of AED. Project ADAM began in 1999 after a series of sudden deaths among high school athletes in southeastern Wisconsin. Adam Lemel, a 17-year-old Whitefish Bay, Wis., high school student collapsed and died while playing basketball. His parents, along with David Ellis, a childhood friend of Adam’s, collaborated with Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin to create this program in Adam’s memory. Project ADAM has spread to other states, and COOK’S Children’s Hospital in Fort Worth sponsors the Project ADAM Program for the DFW and surrounding areas. While Project ADAM Texas can serve as a resource for other organizations, the primary goal is to provide schools across Texas with the necessary tools and education to plan, fund and develop their public access defibrillation (PAD) program. Keene ISD has AED’s (Automated External Difibrillator) located on each campus, and the coaches take a portable AED to all off-campus athletic and sporting events. Texas is currently the only state to require that an AED be located on each campus. Laura Friend was invited by Keene ISD School Nurse, Leslie Kilgore, to discuss and demonstrate the use of AED’s and give a brief over-view of CPR to students at Keene Junior High School. She shared

In 1980, a small group of Dallas and Fort Worth area schools came together seeking competition in a Christian environment. In the Fall of 1984, the first organized schedules were develLaura Friend Lucas Rosendo practicing CPR oped and the Christian from Cook Schools Athletic FellowChildren’s Hospital ship was founded. From the beginning, CSAF has been unique in the fact that it offers district and post season competition at the Elementary, Junior High and High School levels. In the summer of 2004, CSAF became incorporated in anticipation of expanding the High Estevan Solis practicing Irene Herr watching Kaitlyn School division into a CPR Baker practice CPR statewide league. That statewide organization that the average response time to was introduced in the an emergency is spring of 2005 as Texas 8 – 15 minutes, Christian Athletic Felwhile the human lowship. To date, TCAF brain can only surnow oversees the High vive 3 – 5 minutes without oxygen. School Division in 20 She stressed the Varsity State Championimportance of ships. CSAF continues knowing and to oversee the Elemenstarting CPR imtary, Jr. High and Jr. mediately. Laura Laura Friend Presenting with Leslie also mentioned Varsity Divisions in 13 Kilgore KISD school nurse that the first sign Junior High Regional of heart trouble is At the end of the presentaTournaments, 3 Jr. Varoften when a person coltion, the KJH students had the sity and 8 Elementary lapses. There may be no prior opportunity to practice chest warning. She also stated that compressions typically used in District Tournaments. some signs of a possible heart CPR as a first response until In the Spring of 2009, condition requiring medical medical help arrives. Students in celebration of our attend is dizziness, fainting, and staff alike enjoyed the 25th anniversary, two chest pains, and feeling more presentation and gained potenFine Arts Divisions were tired than the average person tially life-saving knowledge. introduced, Christian all the time. Schools Artistic Fellowship and Texas Christian Artistic Fellowship. These new Divisions now offer Fine Art Festivals for the Elementary thru High School levels. The primary purpose of CSAF, Inc. is to develop Christ-like character through quality athletic programs, with attention given to fellowship, respect for opponents, playing heartily as unto the Lord, and Christian fun.

Keene Junior High Annual ‘Food for the Holidays’ Donations Article and picture submitted by Joyce Anne Yates

Keene Junior High Students and Staff participated in their annual “Food for the Holidays” donations. Each student and staff member was asked to donate two or more food items to be used in providing Holiday meals for those most in need. The nonperishable food items were collected during the month of November, prior to the Thanksgiving holiday. These items were then donated to the Salvation Army. Mrs. Witter with KJH Student Council Members and Salva Mrs. Webber, KJH Student Council Leader, assisted KJH Food Drive the student council members Poster in decorating food donation boxes and in promoting this project. Students who contributed were asked to sign and color a soup can picture to be used to add décor and increase donations for the Food Drive boxes. Keene Junior High students and staff hope that their donations will be used to help others have a happier Holiday Season this year. KJH Food Collection Box

The Newspaper That Has Keene In Mind

Keene Chronicle

To the right: CTA - 67, Weatherford - 17

Opposing Benches

Pre-game prayer

Coach Sickler consulting team

Score 2 points for Blazers


FEEDING BIRDS DURING THE WINTER By: Warren Easley Feeding birds is a rewarding and enjoyable hobby in the midst of a chilly winter day. The following are tips to make bird feeding and identification easier for the both the novice and the experienced birder. So go ahead put out the feed, the water and they will come to your yard. You could be visited by as many as 24 different species of birds in Keene and Johnson County, just depending on your landscape and the distance to nearby trees that provide valuable cover for birds. Keene is a great place for sparrows that winter here and come south during the extreme cold weather of northern states. Look for the following: House Finch, House Sparrow, White-Winged Dove, Mourning Doves, Tufted Titmouse, Chipping Sparrow, American Goldfinch, Dark-eyed Junco, Red-Bellied and Downy Woodpeckers, Northern Cardinals and Blue Jays, just to name a few that can be lured into your feeding station. One of the most important features is moving water. If you cannot afford a small pump to move the water, then put in a bird bath and keep the water unfrozen. Birds need and appreciate water during the winter. At times it can be difficult to find water. Some

birds even bathe in the coldest part of the year. Any feeder should be placed close to cover. This will prevent hawks from raiding your birds. An old brush pile, an old Christmas tree and the like will serve the purpose effectively. It gives the birds a place to hide when the hawks make a fly over for their dinner meal. Keep all feeders clean, free from mold, mildew and other conditions that could cause disease among your backyard flock of birds. An occasional washing is a good idea. Dispose of old seek that becomes crusted or moldy. You will find that most winter birds feed on seeds, since insects and fruit are harder to find during the winter. The best feed for birds in cooler weather have a high fat or oil content. I suggest you start with black oil sunflower seeds. Another good choice is suet blocks that can be purchased at Lowe’s or Home Depot. Also, a good all-around fed is white or red millet. Another choice would be mixed feed with cracked corn, milo and striped sunflower seeds. These types are cheaper and will help in getting a greater variety of species using your feeding station. If you can afford it, niger seed is a sure bet to attract Pine Siskins and Goldfinch. This feed is expensive and the birds will devour it quickly. Many people in

Keene use this type of feed in their tube feeders. I see no advantage to spreading the seed on the ground. The birds will spread enough there for the ground feeders. Now that you have attracted birds to your feeding station, you will want to identify as many as possible. The easiest way would be to call an experienced birder to come over and help you. But that would only take the fun out of birding. You should purchase a nice pair of binoculars, keep and pencil and some paper handy and make notes as you see the new birds. Then later on you will want to purchase a bird guide. Plan on spending at least $25-$30 on a good guide like: 1) Peterson’s Field Guide to the Birds, 2) Sibley’s Guide to the Birds of North America, 3) The Bird Guide to North American Birds by the National Geographic Society. If you really want to press ahead in the study of birds, get a really nice camera and a long lens to take some shots of those neat birds you have visiting your backyard. Another fun part of feeding birds is telling your friends and other birders what has been coming to your feeder and what feed you have used to attract them. Now go out and get started… it is never too late!!! See you next time.

Keene ISD Board of Trustees Keene Adventist Elementary Meet in Special Meeting School Presents a Charming and The board of trustees of the intendent and prepares daily/ equal pay in the district and KISD met in open meeting weekly/monthly attendance re- whether it would cause present Inspiring Christmas Program at 5pm Monday to discuss cords that are used to generate “aides” to request more money the hiring of a new PEIMS (Public Education Information Management System) coordinator. The question for the board by Wanda Smith, superintendent, was whether they wanted to approve hiring a new person for the vacated position at a substantially higher wage than the previous employee that recently resigned. The PEIMS coordinator reports directly to the super-

funds from the State of Texas. The coordinator also facilitates transcripts. The resigned employee had five years of service as PEIMS coordinator and was paid $33,675.00 per year. The prospective candidate from outside of the district requires a minimum of $41,998.00 for an additional $8,323.00 of local tax payer’s dollars. Discussion was centered on whether it would be fair to the other “aides” of

next year. After a rather lengthy and somewhat heated debate it was voted 5-1 to pay the increase in wages to get a new coordinator for the district. Board member Danny Roberts was the lone vote against the increase. He cited his vote was against the increase in dollars and not against the proposed candidate. Board member Jerry Becker was absent from On Friday evening, November 30, 2012 at the Keene Church the meeting. of Seventh-day Adventists the Keene residents were treated to a delightful and inspirational Christmas program by the students and staff of the Keene Adventist Elementary School. The program began with welcoming remarks and a prayer by Thomas Kennedy, KAES principal. The musical presentations included the beginner, intermediate and advanced Hand bell Choirs, the “Ra-

ONLINE @ www.

dio J-O-Y” Christmas Cantata 2012, the Middle School

Choir with “The Best Songs”, Taylor Bailey with “Mary’s Song”, the 2nd and 3rd Grade with “The Shepard’s Song”, 1st Grade with “The Angel’s Song”, Pre-K & K with “The Friendly Beasts” and the 4th & 5th Grade with “The Wise men’s Song”. In closing KAES led the congregation with and inspiring “The Best Songs with Joy to the World”.


17th Annual Keene Christmas Light Parade Parade photos by Tobe Watts

This was our 17th annual Keene Christmas Light Parade and it was a great event. The Good Lord smiled on us and gave us spring like weather and that resulted in one of the largest crowds that we have had if not the largest. However, it could not have taken place without the financial help from the local area businesses. I would like to express my gratitude to the following lists of sponsors who have been very faithful in supporting our event: Pinnacle Bank, Crest Water Supply, Hopps Automotive, Zacharias Real Estate, Town Hall Estates, Susan Meyer / Edward Jones, Dr. Brady Rusk, DDS, SWAU, Keene Pharmacy, Wash Depot, The Video Place, City of Keene, Quality Brakes, Huguley Memorial Medical Center, United Coop- First time in 17 years Tim was able to wear shorts and short sleeved short to erative Services, Texas Confer- coordinate the parade. ence of SDA, HEB Food Store, event on. Without the help of everyone this would not have General Insurance Services, Putnam Services (for always been the success that it turned out to be. THANK YOU providing light for our USMC color guard) ALL!!!!! Tim Sinclair, Director Keene Christmas Light Thanks to everyone else that had a part in putting this Parade

Santa and Mrs. Santa on Firetruck

Parade Marshall - Dale Anderson

USMC Color Guard

This year’s Parade Marshall was Dale Anderson, longtime educator at Chisholm Trail Academy and avid bicycle rider. Notice his arm in a sling? It was from a bicycle accident last weekend.

Grand Marshall - Melba Bower

This year’s Grand Marshall was Melba Bower, longtime activist in Keene. She will volunteer for most any worthwhile project or volunteer you to fill the position. She has been known to ask if you have made your funeral arrangements, she will sell you a pre need anytime you are ready!


2012 Keene Parade Entry Winners

Best Lighted Vehicle: John Barroso – 1st Legacy Dental Fire Truck Wayne Cabansag – 2nd Lighted House boat

Best Animal Entry: Shepherds Valley Chuck Wagon Ministry – 1st Horse drawn Wagon Chanda Reins – 2nd Horse

Best Lighted Float: SWAU Alumni - 1st Helicopter Lone Star Collision – 2nd Large Wreckers

Best Business Entry: Pinnacle Bank – 1st Float Hopps Automotive – 2nd Flatbed Wrecker

Best Artistic Impression Entry: Mission Hospice – 1st 3 Wheel Cycle City of Keene – 2nd Dump truck with antlers Most Unique Entry: Tim Kay - 1st JAMS City Celebration Train - 2nd

Best Lighted Vehicle - 1st place Legacy Dental

Best Pathfinder Club: Fort Worth First Pathfinders - 1st City Temple Pathfinder Drum Core - 2nd

Best Adventure Club: Cleburne First Adventurers Arlington Central Adventurers

Best Antique Car: JCHS - 1st 1940 Ford Firetruck Johnson County Tractor Club – 2nd John Deere Tractors

Fort Worth First Adventure Tigers - 2nd Best Overall: Quality Brakes Mardi Gras Float

Best Children’s Entry: KISD Jr. High School Cheerleaders - 1st

Best Lighted Float 1st Place - SWAU Alumni

Best Business Entry 2nd Place - Hopps Automotive and Towing 1st Place Best Children’s Entry - KJH Cheerleaders

From left to right front row: Kaitlyn Stephens, Hensley Mulina, Jade Channell, Alicia Tijerina, Janice Castro, Ciara Supelano Back row: Kaylee Freedman, Genesis Elias, Amberly Armstrong, Destiny Remedies, Amelia Godec, Thaudo Kabo Picture by: Teresa Randall

Best Artistic Impression 1st Place - Mission Hospice

Best Antique Car 1st Place - Johnson County Historical Commission

Best Artistic Impression 2nd Place - City of Keene

2nd place in Best Antique Cars - Johnson County Tractor Club

Best Over-all Winner - Quality Brakes and Alignment

Most Unique Entry 2nd Place - JAMS Celebration Train. 2nd Place

Keene Chronicle December 6, 2012  
Keene Chronicle December 6, 2012  

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