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The student voice of Keene State College

Vol. 66, Issue #15

Thursday, Feb. 6, 2014

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Youngest Vermont Legislator calls for activism at KSC PAMELA BUMP

with people in our own backyard, in neigh

copy editor

As a child, Kesha Ram became her school’s Student Council President, but

“There’s so much more that we could do when we link together and when we spread our roots and touch each other.� -KESHA RAM VERMONT LEGISLATOR

Ram expressed, in her keynote speech, January 29, at Keene State College during

ute to the late musician Pete Seeger by global—And that we know how to engage

later described her own experiences with



DC employees lose health care benefits

Owls heat up Winter Celebration and take on USM


AdministrAtive executive editor On January 1, 2014, 16 Sodexo employees who work on the Keene State College campus lost their According to Gregory Yost, Sodexo’s spokesperson, positions entailed in order to comply with the Patient

Draper said these programs were suggested it to come across as cuts, we didn’t want unhappy

also learned about the upcoming Sodexo health care about this issue, he mentioned it in a general meet



KSC men’s basketball player Matt Sherlock drives to the basket as part of a 95-59 blowout home win over the University of Southern Maine Saturday, Feb. 1. The win helped the Owls rebound from a four-point loss to rival Plymouth State just four days earlier and improved their conference record to 4-5. The Owls will need to finish the season strong if they hope to make the Little Eastern Conference tournament at the end of the month.

International judge teaches students about genocide Navigators explain health care options at Planned Parenthood BETHANY RICCIARDI

equinox stAff other schools in many ways; one being that there is no other college in the country that

“Teaching is all about hope. And you must trust the future. When you’re in the presence of students, you know you’re in the presence of the future.�


equinox stAff Keene’s Planned Parenthood is cur sessions and guidance regarding health


ies program’s newest class this semester is


Planned Parenthood in Keene is located at 8 Middle Street.

class, “examines the complex relationship to study an issue that many other people


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Black News / A2

ThursdAy, Feb. 6, 2014

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CAMPUS KSC President Huot reflects on virtual open house SAFETY RACHEL HEARD

Equinox Staff

Report Log

Week of: Jan. 27 Tuesday, Jan. 28 2:16 p.m. Math Center: Professor reported numerous book were stolen off book shelf. 4:44 p.m. Pondside 1: Report of possible 706 [marijuana]. Two arrests were made. Wednesday, Jan. 29 4:35 p.m. Holloway Hall: RA called about student reporting theft. Student cancelled theft report. Thursday, Jan. 30 4:06 p.m. One Butler Court: Vehicle found in fire lane with citation on from last night on it. Owner came out and removed vehicle from campus. 11:15 p.m. Holloway Hall: Trespassing letter was issued. Friday, Jan. 31 12:16 a.m. Huntress Hall: Subject transported to Cheshire Medical Center. Summons were issued. 3:34 p.m. Winchester Parking Lot: Subjects trying to building ski ramps on top of a mound of snow. 4:54 p.m. TDS Center: Dispatch noticed subjects entering the locked building with skateboards. 11:35 p.m. Randall Hall: Odor investigation. Saturday, Feb. 1 12:18 a.m. Huntress Hall: Mother called requesting check welfare of daughter’s roommate. 3:34 a.m. Owl’s Nest 7: Student attempting to gain access to Owl’ Nest. 6:11 a.m. Pondside 3: Campus Safety officer was requested to check the well being of a student. Student was fine, just sleeping. 9:34 p.m. Carle Hall: Student complaining of stomach pain. Sunday, Feb. 2 1:33 a.m. Owl’s Nest 9: RA reported something was thrown at her window from outside. 8:56 a.m Holloway Hall: Campus Safety assisted KPD with service of paperwork. 9:08 a.m. Carle Hall: Bathrooms damaged on third floor of the building and broken microwave in a kitchen. 9:43 p.m. Randall Hall: RA called to report that one of her residents had damaged his hand.

An open house, especially in the collegiate setting, conjures up notions of an institution opening its doors to the general public, alumni and others for visiting and observation, not just of the facility —but of its members as well. However, breaking traditional open house norms this past December, Keene State College President Anne Huot held KSC’s Huot invited community members, alumni, students, faculty and anyone who was interested to join her in a festive holiday open house, which took place online via webcam and a live interactive chat room.

very well, we got a lot of very positive comments from folks that were connected to the event through the electronic chat room that was set up, we got great participation from the community,” Huot said. Huot accepted the position of KSC president after a six-month long search process to replace former President Helen Giles-Gee, who left KSC after a short seven years to become the twenty-second President of University of the Sciences in Philadelphia. President Huot, who started her presidential duties on July 1, 2013, held the open house on Dec. 12, 2013, semester as president. The open house began with an introduction and welcome from Huot to the participants. Following were songs performed by several students and faculty in the music program and a poem read by a student. Huot then interviewed a graduating senior on his experience at KSC with an emphasis on the community service aspect. Lastly, a live chat room was enabled so participants could ask questions. “The objective was to be able to connect with alumni and friends across the country so we could share a live welcome and holiday greeting and some of the very special things about Keene State College so it’s a way to connect a broader audience without having to actually physically come together on the campus,” Huot shared. One way KSC and its students were highlighted during this event was through an electronic holiday card that was sent out prior to the event. The card featured several videos of students talking about KSC, what the school means to them and their


to things like a virtual open house for students that are interested in coming to KSC, she reinforced that this is a way to reach a broader audience. Student Body Class President, Eric Grady, said he is in favor of this a great idea for sure, not just for students but for their parents as well to see that the college administration really cares about incoming students.”

“We talked about [...] helping our students get hands-on experience through internships and service learning...” -ANNE HUOT KSC PRESIDENT

lege forward with a shared vision for the future.” dents, faculty, staff and community stakeholders, Huot gathered three themes that came to the forefront

spent a majority of time getting to know more about not just the col- that relationships with each other lege but also about the relation- are very important. “Students and faculty said it, the ships we have with the community staff said it, the external community of Keene. said it, about the relationship with the college in the sense that we are really a very close-knit commuand engaging with our students, nity and we care deeply about each a very successful way of getting a our faculty, our staff and the exter- other,” Huot said. message out about our college to a nal community, really listening to Secondly, Huot noted the physibroad audience,” Huot said. people about Keene State College cal beauty of the campus and what Because of the success of the and what our strengths are and an asset it is. - what our areas of opportunity are The last topic that was brought ident Huot shared that there are has given me a really broad founda- up focused on students and fursome plans in the future to extend it tion now on which to take the col- thering the community.

“We talked a lot about focusing in on support structures for student success and what kinds of things we can do in the future to enhance even further academic support and support the residential environment,” Huot continued, “We talked about our relationship with the city of Keene and the kinds of things we can do in partnership with the city to make the city stronger, in particular in that front we talked about the importance of bringing theory of practice and helping our students get hands-on experience through internships and service learning, voluntaryism, undergraduate research,” Huot said. Huot explained that she will use these themes as the underpinnings of a plan going forward. Grady agreed that the college’s

relationship with the city of Keene could be strengthened through increased service. negative image sometimes from the media and Keene, with The [Keene] to see more being brought into the am sure President Huot would sup-

go one step further and do more service right here in our own community,” Grady stated. Rachel Heard can be contacted at

NAVIGATORS (Cont. from A1)

als can be confusing which is where outside sources step in. Planned Parenthood is a sexual and reproductive health care provider and advocates for it’s communities. There are six centers in New Hampshire and one in Keene. Jennifer Frizzell is Planned Parenthood’s New Hampshire senior policy advisor. She has been working with P.P. for a little over ten years now. She explained that P.P. was one of two bids for N.H. to become trained Navigators. This would make the representatives eligible to advise the public of the upcoming health care changes and help give them a solution, she added. The sessions are on a one-on-one basis where the navigators look at the existing plan and help the client create a new plan, stated Frizzell. She added the navigators also inform the clients of what they can and can’t expect as well as provide them with multiple options to choose from to make their best decision. Although Planned Parenthood is known to help young adults in their reproductive years, Frizzell stated they have had a large range of clients who have taken advantage of the health care services they are providing. Frizzell estimated around 2,000 individuals have already used the program since it started back in October. “We are funded through August 2014,” ends March 31 of this year to receive insurance in 2014, then it’s getting applicants ready for the process for the following year.” She added that with how politicized the act has become, it can be very overwhelming and confusing. “We want to cut through that con-


fusion and have them feel comfortable with making an accurate decision for their families.” Keene State College Director of Health and Wellness, Christine Burke, said KSC’s health department does not deal with insurance. “Keene is not a hard waiver school, which means we don’t have an insurance plan to offer students,” Burke stated. KSC provides information and updates to students through its website to educate them on options, Burke said. “The problem we have is we get students that need more care than we can offer,” Burke

stated. She added they can strongly recommend services to students but cannot conduct some necessary procedures. Junior at KSC, Henry Bendel, recently had to apply for the Affordable Care Act. He stated the process took quite a while.

the phones, Bendel said. “Some don’t have another option if they are not on their parents’ plan,” Bendel explained. He added by saying the whole process was a huge hassle. Bendel, Burke and Frizzell all stated that staying on parent plans until an individual turns 26 years of age, is the best option. Making a decision about health care of the whole process,” Bendel said. He stated is hard to do on your own, which is why that after you submit the form it takes about Planned Parenthood trained to become Navitwo weeks to get your results. gators for the public, Frizzell added. began,” he added. The process would only work if the representatives actually answered

Haley Erdbrink can be contacted at

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HEALTH CARE (Cont. from A1)

After hearing about a similar situation at the University of Vermont and how that institution was handling their Sodexo health care stance in the general meeting and same precautions. According to an article on, Vermont’s NPR news Sodexo states that, “Sodexo [sic] shall not, without University’s prior approval, make any substantial changes in wages, fringe non-management Food Service employees,’ unless required by law.” No actions have been made, though, in putting a halt or pause on the change Sodexo workers ing to both Draper and Speaks. “There’s always been a concern on everybody’s part about how large contractor’s treat the people that work on campus, and that’s why we make a real big deal of it in the who explained the bids process. According to Draper, any bids are opened nationally for other companies to try to partner with programs, dietitians on staff and being able to cater to vending, athletics concessions, food courts, catering and the Zorn Dining sons why Sodexo has been picked to be the food services provider to the college multiple times. Draper pointed out that there holds with outside organizations. “Sodexo has been the incumbent and has won it every year [for the food service provider contract bid],” he said. Draper also said that contracts can be annually renewed and alterations can be made. Speaks added that, “all I would hope—and all I could really say— is that as a president of one of the worker’s unions, I would hope that both the college and Sodexo would do as much as they could to protect the workers.” Brittany Ballantyne can be contacted at bballantyne@keene-equinox. com

KESHA RAM (Cont. from A1)

ing on environmental justice issues, so I came to the University of Vermont with this sense of indignation and just started using my voice as much as I could,” Ram shared. As a college sophomore at the University of Vermont, Ram was invited to speak with Bernie Sanders, who was then running for Senate, and Barack Obama, who she referred to as “the rockstar senator from Illinois.” Ram added that the future United States President discussed a need for young people to get involved with politics, which she his speech. According to Ram, during Ram’s dent body president at the University of Vermont and entered the legislature that same year. At age 27, Ram now serves Burlington’s Old North End, Hill Section and the University District in the Vt. House of Representatives. Ram is a member of the state’s Ways and


STUDENT ASSEMBLY Master Planners ask Assembly for feedback

(Cont. from A1)

choose to ignore. They interest me, you know? I’m interested in the people who are sitting in that classroom,” Whalen stated. Whalen said the world of international law is changing. Therefore, she is looking to students to contribute to the progress of law in the future. Whalen stated she thinks that this is what some


Equinox Staff

“I think teaching is all about the future; teaching’s all about hope. And you must trust the future. When you’re in the presence of students, you know you’re in the presence of the future,” Whalen said.

On Feb. 4, members of the Student Assembly met with Residential Life and hired architects to discuss the new master plans for the Keene rience. Kent Drake-Deese, associate dean of student life, attended the Student Assembly meeting with a representative of Sasaki Associates Inc. an architecture sachusetts that was hired to

signed up to take a course, which looks at legal issues of genocide, indicates a hopeful step forward in trying to understand human atrocities. Paul Vincent, holocaust and genocide studies professor and chair said. Vincent said he thinks the biggest impact the demically, is that a mix of students will have something to show on their transcript that will get attention. Vincent said the department has socially committed students, whether they’re ever it may be. Vincent shared that these students think they can make a difference in the world where there are problems—and they can, he said. Vincent stated that classes like International Law and Genocide inspires the students to think globally. “I think the class is helping me put my experience into perspective. You know, witnessing a genocide is traumatic. Sitting on trials is a form of witnessing. Everyone exposed to witnessing I believe has to internalize that and live with it,”

The Sasaki Rep. stated that the master plan has been approved, yet Sasaki represenstill collecting data to include ment. The representative asked for feedback from the students. He asked them about what they liked and disliked about the

Whalen was an international judge in the


Judge Patricia Whalen teaches International Law and Genocide at KSC. She served as an

Whalen’s responsibility was to try war crimes international judge in the War Crimes Chamber in the Court of Bosnia. against humanity and genocide. Whalen said she is still unsure how she will handle this area—coping with the past Bosnian genocide. She is no longer a sitting judge, but a special advisor to the court. Whalen said teaching students about issues that she is also training judges on is similar, but totally different at the same time, and that’s why she’s liking this experience.

“Witnessing a genocide is traumatic. Sitting on trials is a form of witnessing.” -JUDGE PATRICIA WHALEN INTERNATIONAL JUDGE AND KSC PROFESSOR

on the trip to Bosnia in 2012. has some good stories,” Hunyadi said. DeBari said Whalen is amazing, patient and DeBari said she thinks the class is really personable. “We’re very fortunate to have this interesting as it takes a new perspective on the event in Bosnia and that is where they met her opportunity. How often do you get to learn from studies done in the major. “It’s an awesome a judge?” DeBari stated. DeBari shared that if experience,” DeBari stated, because there are no students who she met a few years ago are in the she wasn’t graduating this year and if Whalen other lawyers in the department. class, which is very exciting for her. Whalen said taught again, she would take another one of her the students really impressed her at the time classes. teaching and that she would be here for the with the depth of understanding the issues. semester. Whalen shared that the students and Whalen shared, “I spent some time with the major, agreed with DeBari and said she would herself are both in learning mode; but she has students and as a result of that, I received an hope that Whalen would teach again. For Hun- great respect already for the art of teaching. invitation to teach. It’s interesting, it isn’t really yadi the class is an elective. Hunyadi said she what I do, but the students really had great distook this class because she was also a part of the cussions with me, and I thought ‘Wow this is summer trip to Bosnia. When she met Whalen Bethany Ricciardi can be contacted at worth pursuing.” she said the judge invited the students over her Johanna DeBari, sociology and HGS major at house and she thought she was really nice and as the Public Engagement Specialist coordinator of the event, explained - that she wanted students to get, “this one feeling of empowerment “I think about how being a young where voices are heard,” from this woman of color and being able to presentation. serve on really important committees on a State Legislature is a real reminiscent of what one might have gift,” Ram stated while explaining that one quality which brought ment as there was a “wonderful her to the legislative position was blend” of music and speech. “gratefulness.” As a young female legislator of the event’s master of ceremonies, color, Ram noted that she had to work to gain recognition. Ram said that, early on in her career, she used “We share a lot of the same opinions.” strategies like asking herself, “What Providence, who is from Vermont, keeps them [people] up at night?” added that the musical element of Ram shared, “It helped me to personally enrich myself.” “politically conscious.” Providence Ram discussed how this “enrichment” led to the passing of her pro- and Ram help students to, “see pasposed bill on Tribal Recognition. sion that some people have and Ram shared that her bill was passed build on it.” by a majority vote in the Legislature, despite her own doubts. music to show “honesty about life.” The bill later “made it to the Governor’s desk, ending 30 years and a member of the gay commuof gridlock on tribal recognition,” nity, explained that she has peraccording to Ram, who indicated formed this style of music because that she was only 23-years-old at the she has learned that artists are more time of the bill’s passing. successful when they write about what they know. Although he followed the work

SoundoFF Forest DeCoste Junior Environmental Studies

around campus.”

News / A3

[ ]

Steve Day Senior Environmental Studies

“ composing as well as less food ”

Student Body President, Eric Grady, referred to his experimunity on campus. “I had a miserable experience in Pondside three my sophomore year. People always had their doors shut and didn’t socialize,” he said. said, “I’m all for community bathrooms, but there needs to be separate men and women’s While multiple issues were discussed, many members of the assembly expressed their need for community building opportunities. Senior Allie Bedell, student body trustee said about common areas, “I to have their own common place to hang out.” Sasaki’s Rep. stated, “We have pretty big and exciting goals, but it’s not going to be in one fell swoop.” Eric Jedd can be contacted at

chology major added that he liked Ram’s approach on issues such as mental health. the event promoted the idea that, “If you’re a young person and you assert yourself, you can make a difference—accomplish what you want.” Ram culminated the ideas of her presentation with an analogy about sequoia trees, addressing why each individual is important to a growing community. “You will never see a sequoia alone. They can’t exist alone. The biggest, most majestic, strongest, longest living things on earth need each other. Their roots don’t go deep at all. They go out and they connect with one another and interlock. And that is how they survive. They link together in one big community ... There’s so much more that we could do when we link together and when we spread our roots out and touch each other,” Ram concluded. Pamela Bump can be contacted at


Vermont Legislator Kesha Ram speaks at Keene State College Wednesday, January 29, 2014.

“What do you want to see brought to Keene State College?”

Kathryn Sleeman Junior Elementary Education

for teaching.”

Nick Anthony Junior Safety Studies

make it there with such limited hours.”

Compiled by: Brian Cantore Photo Editor

Donnie Dufour Senior Product Design

“ 24/7 building access. We should be able to use facilities we pay for when we need to.”

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Thursday, Feb. 6, 2014



Keene State College makes international connections

With international judge Patricia Whalen now teaching courses at Keene State College, a former White House staff member for the late President John F. Kennedy sharing his experience in Washington and a Skype session with a journalist who covered unrest in Syria, KSC has taken its connections to an international level this academic year. In addition, KSC had a number of nationally and internationally acclaimed guests who participated in the Symposium on campus. In November, the college bility for our roles in the community. The Equinox wrote an editorial in November about the opportunities KSC gives students to evolve and become more insightful individuals contributing to society [enter to learn, go forth to serve]. The Equinox believes the college continues to give students the ability to connect with members of society who can help them achieve positive goals for the future. This week, The Equinox reporter Bethany Ricciardi wrote about international judge Patricia Whalen and Whalen’s class, International Law and Genocide. With the chance to build relationships with such left on this campus who feels he or she has not been given at least a chance to take their passions beyond the KSC community and even the United States. Last week students had the opportunity to sit in a session and meet a young woman elected as the youngest person ever to the state of Vermont’s House of Representatives at the age of 22—the same age as many KSC juniors and seniors. The Equinox believes KSC students can hold powerful positions in their communities in the future. All students need to do is reach out to the resources provided to them. It is discouraging to see how many students remain unaware of these events and classes that are offered. As a member of the KSC community, students do hold a responsibility to be actively seeking opportunities to strengthen their education and bring a greater purpose to the jobs they will hold post-graduation.


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Spoon-feeding an ‘entitled generation’ in dating 101 With birth years from the early 1980’s to the early 2000’s, Generation Y is not like any other generation in history. This group is evolving fast, due to the rise in technology. Elementary school days for these children included Sony’s Play Station One and Nintendo 64 controllers in hand. Needless to say, this was the device. The way things worked in the past is changing drastically, which has resulted in a new way of doing things. Some of these changes have regressed the progress of society, while others helped us move forward. As much as Blackboard is a con-

venience to check grades or home- to interact with one another. Older generations had to go means to get such information, it through the daunting process of seems that parents to these kids are going up to their crush with some much more willing to go the extra kind of sly remark in order to catch step to do something for themselves. their attention. Now, it is as easy as This is an entitled generation a Facebook “poke” to get the point that is used to being spoon-fed across that you are interested. everything—perhaps even the life When it comes to dating, it is of dating. a matter of being grounded and Even though it was fun to understanding what technology’s spend middle school days on AOL uses are for and what face-to-face is Instant Messenger, and soon after for. Unfortunately, the majority of that, MySpace, such technology has Generation Y struggles with this. changed the ways of communicaIt is easier to get one another’s tion. Facebook has made it easy to emotions through facial expressions meet someone by simply typing and or body gestures when communicatclicking ‘send.’ It is almost as if this ing face-to-face. The only emotions group relies on technology in order being interpreted through texting

are when someone over-thinks the content in a received text message. Such thoughts include “Is she mad because she answered with just ‘Ok’ and not “Okayyy’?” or “He seems mad because he ended his sentence with a period and not three exclamation points.” As ridiculous as it sounds, this happens all the time. Parents of these kids never had to deal with such issues. Their only means of communicating with one another was through their house phones. For full story, see online version at Jordan Crowley can be contacted at

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Black Thursday, Feb. 6, 2014

OpiniOns / a5



Defending equal love when President of Russia bans gay-rights activity The signs, the protests, the “debates”—I can’t believe this is still a discussion. How is it that we are still arguing over who another person can love and marry, and How can it be that people believe they hold the ability to tell someone they can not stand before the love of their life to exchange wedding vows, simply because that is how a ruler can forbid displays of love. Yes, I’m talking about the President of Russia, Vladimir Putin, who is perfectly okay with banning gay-rights activity. According to an ABC News report, the law was signed into affect by Putin in July 2013 and, “bans pro-gay ‘propaganda’ that could be accessible to minors—a measure viewed by activists as forbidding almost any public expression of gay-rights sentiment. The law cleared parliament virtually unopposed and has extensive public support in Russia.” I enjoy intelligent conversations about complex beliefs, and not many conversations lead me to feel uncomfortable. When people deliberate over if being gay is “a choice,” someone’s upbringing, or science, I do enjoy putting my two sense in [I believe it’s simply how someone is born]— until I realize the real root of the whole problem with these conversations is that they even exist. It’s not my life to live, it’s not my sexual orientation and it’s not my wedding. To some, however, this type of relationship was once such a terrible fate (I say this with sarcasm) that someone could be incarcerated for it. According to a CBS News report, homosexuality was no longer considered a crime in Russia starting in 1993. That’s correct—a crime. Also to my absolute worry and fury, Russia might forbid citizens of foreign AP PHOTO countries with approved same-sex mar- President of Russia Vladimir Putin talks to Olympic volunteers in the Black Sea resort of Sochi, Russia. In July, 2013, Putin signed a law banning pro-gay propaganda. riages, “from adopting Russian children,” also according to a CBS News report. So, what does this mean if an athlete gay marriages and displays of affection world where athletes at the Olympic Winter but we need to do better. Already in affect is the new law which wins Olympic gold and wants to kiss their from happening. Games need to not only worry about the Russia needs to do better. I can’t believe it’s the year 2014, and this biggest competition of their lives, but their The world needs to do better—and this 4,000 to 5,000 rubles [$120 to $150]...and up to Does it mean they could be put behind behavior should they love someone the Rus- “better” I speak of is long, long overdue. 800,000 to 1 million rubles for non-governIt is pathetic, infuriating and the biggest sian government does not approve of. mental organization’s, corporations or other These people can’t show affection during waste of time and breath. I am certainly not excusing the United legal entities [$24,000 to $30,000,]” according what could very likely be the proudest Protesting for equality will never be any States and the many states within our own to moment of their lives, or even, their sad- of those things—but the fact that people country that still have not passed bills that Also on the site, a line reads that “formust protest in hopes of a change, however, will allow for legalized same-sex marriages. Brittany Ballantyne can be contacted at eigners are also subject to 15 days of prison I remain dumbfounded by politicians is. It does seem that the U.S. is moving and deportation from Russia.” and people alike who make efforts to stop It’s so disappointing that we still live in a ward, as 17 states have passed these bills—


A critique of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act Since President Barack Obama has signed the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA), the “Talking Heads” of the Amerairwaves with their disdain or approval of this, whether you like it or not, landmark legislation. I am sure you can guess who is on what side. It is in my opinion that there are more people in the political and public sphere who are against ObamaCare than are for it; an entire new faction of the Republican Party sprouted and gained control of the House due to the hatred for the health care bill. Democrats have even come out saying that the bill is riddled with loopholes or does not go far enough. Both sides of the aisle have come out and said that they did not even read the 2,000-page bill that was written by insurance and pharmaceutical companies, instead opting to vote on the party line. There are quite a few parts that I highly agree with in the PPACA. Insurance companies must offer the same rates and can’t deny coverage to patients because of pre-existing conditions. Young adults who are under the age of 26 are also now allowed to stay on their parents health insurance while pushing the system towards supplying “quality, not quantity” health care. I also agree that there needs to be a push for affordable preventative health-care like having regular check ups with a physician, which is the easiest way to stop illness and


Vice President Joe Biden talks about the healthcare law at the Families USA’s Health Action Conference.

two more months for the White House to reach its seven-million sign up goal. Numbers have not been released on the sign-ups by age demographic, which is arguably the most crucial part. In order for premiums to stay low, the Obama Administration needs more young, healthy people to sign up than older, sicker Americans. Will what I am about to say ruin the chances of winning an elected

section delivery route, expect to be looking at a bill of $4,435 in Britain, $6,441 in France; but here in the U.S. it’ll cost $15,041. To explain this large gap in child birthing costs between countries, one would assume that there would be a correlation of money spent would equal better results. Not true. According to the CIA World Factbook, the US has the highest infant mortality per 1,000 live births out of the countries being discussed in this opinion. In fact, to make it sink I do not think the PPACA goes in, the U.S. is forty-seventh in the far enough. It is my belief that it is world for infant mortality, where time for the United States of Amer- health care costs the most. ica to begin looking at its industrialized allies that have a single payer not going to lie and say I have all health insurance system, and follow the answers, and I am not going to place. suit. say my answers would work withThat being said, there are things Let me throw some statistics out speed bumps. We shouldn’t be that I do not agree with. First and at you that were highlighted in a afraid to let the evidence of our past foremost is the implementation of report from the International Fed- help us shape the future; like knowthe website. It was eration of Health Plans. In France, ing that health care costs drain the a complete disaster and the Obama the average cost of a daily hospital public purse in this nation. Administration needs to take full stay is $853; in the U.S., it is $4,287. For those who may say that uniresponsibility. The numbers of those versal health care is un-American who have signed up for the health Britain, $363 in France and $1,121 in and that only a free market and care exchange are also not looking the U.S. competition will bring down costs, so great. Vaginal childbirth costs, on aver- you need to realize that both of As of January 23, three-milage, total $2,641 in Britain, $3,541 in these are false. lion people have signed up for the France and $9,775 in America. For Competition has yet to prove Healthcare Exchange, giving only those who want to go the Caesarean that it brings down cost, and we

already have a single-payer healthcare system for Americans over proven to have lower costs and lower overhead. If everyone in the U.S. was to suddenly be put on a surplus. eral Government to negotiate wholesale prices of medication; something Congress forbade under President An additional remedy that I suggest is the introduction of price caps on certain procedures. Including price caps would make sure that an appendectomy does not cost between $8,156 and $29,426 depending on what hospital you happen to be closest to when this surgery is needed. The statistics show that the countries that implement single payer health insurance spend less. America has, in the past, looked around the world, witnessed how countries worked and told ourselves: “We can do better.” And in my opinion, we can. Zak Koehler can be contacted at


Happy employees equal success There are key ingredients to a successful business. First, treat positive attributes. Ensure to the your employees correctly; pro- workers that you notice the work vide them with support, growth they have done. Let’s start building some self-esteem and stop Second, actually care about them. When I say this, I mean don’t just There is an inherent need that look at them as a number and as everyone craves, a desire for secureplaceable. As humans we want rity. Unfortunately, right now to feel important and needed, and many people are feeling less and looking at an employee in any less secure at the workplace. The other way is disgraceful. Affordable Healthcare Act has We can not expect anyone to weighed heavily on businesses work with their whole heart when we attach a stipulation that anyone these businesses and corporacan do their job. Instead, encour- tions have expressed pressure to age workers that their work matters to the company, to the fellow This pressure has businesses and workers and to the overall success corporations hiring more staff, of the operations. cutting back employee’s hours I see so many unhappy people and paying them less with no beneveryday. Looking around, you can tell these people are so sick and tired of giving everything ers that have devoted their time their all and getting nothing in and energy to the success of the starts at the workplace. People are overwhelmed, stressed out and come home to more problems that affect their mood. Even at the workplace there is an uncomfortable feeling. It’s a pressure that the “boss” has placed on you. It’s almost as if they are saying, we expect one hundred and ten percent while we offer you the bare minimum. This negativity continues to circle, dragging others with it. It’s not hard to pinpoint what someone has done wrong. But it is much nicer to hear what someone has done right. Sure, the mistake can be mentioned, but why not add some positive reinforceafter all. It’s common courtesy. When this courtesy is eliminated in the workplace it is near impossible to be genuinely happy with the work you are producing. It’s almost as if this cycle exists— an endless cycle manufacturing continual disappointment. Then, you go off to your second job—a job that treats you the same way, a job that picks out

as health insurance taken away from them. Along with that, the workers are being treated poorly by management’s lack of knowledge and proper management skills. These are the managers that discourage you. Not to say there aren’t great managers out there, but it takes a certain type of person to be able to deal with everyone else and achieve united happiness for the worker and business. This person can be anyone—however they need to have a common respect for everyone they work with. This is where many businesses go wrong. The people in these powerdriven positions should be role models for what the business stands for. For full story, see online version at Brittany Murphy can be contacted at

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Stephanie McCann can be contacted at -




Researcher Nancy Etcoff, left, and Dove Global Self-Esteem Ambassador, Jess Weiner unveil Dove Beauty Redefined Survey results on the 10th anniversary of the campaign for 'Real Beauty.'

Have a friend studying away this semester? Tell them to join our Study Away column! Email

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thurSdAy, feb. 6, 2014

Studying in York, England: a mix of old and new OLIVIA GRIFFIN

York, England Surreal. After describing to my friends and abroad has been, there is no better word to capture what I’ve experienced. I spent the majority of last semester with pages of images and information about the beautiful city of York, England, trying to picture myself living there. Even though the anticipation was exciting, the pictures could never measure up to the way I felt when our bus drove into the city center. Seeing the place that I have been imagining for months was a crazy and overwhelming experience (especially after having spent a full 24 hours traveling and maybe being a little bit delusional). As soon as we entered York I realized walked through the city, it became clear that I would need four months (at least) to see it all. There is a poetic juxtaposition of old and new; something I've rarely found in the United States. The cathedral looking over the city is ancient, the roads are all cobblestone —yet the shops and nightlife are young and energetic. It is so easy to go out on your own and walk around, you never know what you’ll


Above: KSC senior Olivia Griffin sitting on the city walls of York, England, where she is studying this spring 2014 semester. Below: Griffin visiting Newcastle upon Tyne in England.

Since being here I’ve had a burst of energy that seems like it will never end. There is always something to do, always people to get to know. In the past week I’ve made friends from all over the world, explored this amazing city and all it has to offer and began to catch on to the subtle (and not so subtle) differences of living in the U.K. some of the friendliest people I’ve met. Immediately upon moving into my room, and were more than happy to take me into the city and show me around. The other international students have been nothing but inviting; having 30 people in the same situation as you (where everything is new and you don’t know anyone) makes you feel as though you are always among friends. It is interesting to learn about cultures from around the world and meet people that you would have otherwise never crossed paths with. While I have to admit it can be terrifying it’s quite exciting to know that there is so much room to grow. Being able to accept that you are scared or worried or upset about something and then move on from it is essential in traveling, and in life. Things like losing your phone in Newcastle within four days of buying it don’t seem as daunting. In fact, I’ve found that small moments of panic can become meditative if you let them.

This is an opportunity which I would recommend to everyone. To spend four carefree months traveling through a beautiful country and experiencing the world in a different way is bound to change your perspective on life. Choosing to study in England for me was accompanied a feeling of fearlessness. Each time I do something new here, that -OLIVIA GRIFFIN feeling is reinforced. I still have three-and-a KSC SENIOR -half months ahead of me, and I don’t know what’s to come. All I know for sure is that I plan to appreciate every curveball thrown my way, do things I never thought I would do and have CONTRIBUTED PHOTO the most awesome semester I could possibly KSC senior Olivia Griffin draws calligraphy at a Chinese New Year party. Griffin is studying in York, England, this spring 2014 imagine.

“The cathedral looking over the city is ancient, the roads are all cobblestone—yet the shops and nightlife are young and energetic.”


(Cont. from A10)

the booth. The booth was free, and guests could visit as often as they wanted. The photo booth also provided extra prop hats, boa’s, glasses and moustaches so guests could make the photos on their own. KSC sophomore Mary Allen showed off a stack of photos she took with her friends in the booth. “I think we took seventeen trips to the photo booth,” Allen said. When guests were not in the photo booth they could tracks all night. some of the more outgoing guests used the stage to lead SAC provided appetizers for guests after they worked up an appetite from dancing all evening. There was a selection of snacks including chips and dip, veggies and chicken nuggets. The Night Owl Cafe provided sodas and water for the guests. KSC student Rushane Kelly checked out the event only after he heard the sounds from the speaker. “I was playing pool and then I heard music,” Kelly said. When asked what the best part of the night was, he added, “The whole night was good.” The music pouring out of the Night Owl Cafe attracted people to the event from all over campus. According to Trabilsy, approximately 60 people attended the event. “We saw a nice variety of people, it brought a lot of different people from campus around.” Bentley said. “It was nice to get out,” Young said. winter weekend for SAC, who sponsored three more events during the weekend. SAC also sponsored a trip to Worcester, MA to watch the Providence Bruins take on the Worcester Sharks as sica Kirson. David Walsh can be contacted at


KSC students dancing in the Night Owl Cafe at the Masquerade Dance, part of Winter Weekend hosted by the Social Activities Council.

Right: Masks, scarves, hats and glasses were available for the students to wear in a photo booth at the Masquerade dance.

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Black Thursday, Feb. 6, 2014

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Comedian Jessica Kirson brings comic relief to Keene State ZACHARY FOURNIER

Equinox Staff Comedian Jessica Kirson visited Keene State College Sunday, Feb. 2 as part of her college tour. Despite the sparse turn out, the stand-up performer put on the show as if there were not an empty seat in sight. KSC’s Social Activities Council put on the event. Originally scheduled to be Sunday at 8 p.m., the event had to be moved to 3 p.m. as to not interfere with the Super Bowl. Hospitality Coordinator for the Social Activities Council, Sean Ballard, said, “While scouting for different people at the National Association for Campus Activities we (SAC) saw Kirson perform and thought she was hysterical and had to have her come to the school.” When asked what his favorite part of the show was Ballard responded, “I enjoyed the atmosphere that Kirson created by being very much herself on stage.” Kirson’s material kept the audience holding their sides throughout the hour the talent remained onstage. Not only did she draw on personal experiences and observations for material, but Kirson also utilized the audience for jokes. In this way, Kirson broke down the barrier between

audience and performer while simultaneously testing her own boundaries as a comic by making humorous remarks on the spot about her spectators. After being asked how she heard of the event, sophomore Amelia Gallup said, “I found out about it on Facebook and through friends I have in SAC.” When asked what her favorite joke from the comic was, Gallup said there was, [Kirson] facial expressions were hysterical.” Though the joke was not her favorite Gallup said that Kirson’s bit about the lack of enthusiasm white people have while singing happy birthday was, “so accurate.” A freshman from the audience who wished not to be named said, “I wish more people had shown up, I only heard about this event from a friend in the Night Owl Café.” He went on to say that he enjoyed Kirson’s use of the audience even though he himself was used for a joke at one point. “I thought it was really funny, I liked her impressions a lot. I thought it was really impressive how she could change her voice,” freshman Christine Simmons said when asked about the event. After the show, Kirson stuck around for a little while before driving to Boston to


Comedian Jessica Kirson speaks in the Mabel Brown Room on Sunday, February 2. KSC freshman Christine Simmons said, “I liked her impressions a lot. I thought it was really impressive how she could change her voice.”

She spoke to the remaining Activities Council. audience members, signed a “As a female comic, you couple of autographs and even have to appeal to guys,” said snapped a few photographs Kirson in a brief interview with the members of the Social after the show.

She went on to say, “The only time it is hard to be a woman in comedy is when trying to get a headlining gig at big comedy clubs because

they mostly book men.” for Lionsgate Entertainment. Kirson also mentioned that she will be cast in an upcomZachary Fournier can be contacted at zfournier@keene-equiby Nicholas “Nick” Cannon

NAPPING (Cont. from A10)


bodies,” Burke continued. Burke added that this can still happen without sleep. have time to just have quiet time during the day away from their phones, TVs and people, they can just close their eyes and do some deep breathing,” she said. Burke gave further advice to students and reminded them it is important to, “listen to your bodies.”


write for


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Student Life

Where in the wo rld is the owl? Find out on pa ge A8!

Thursday, Feb. 6, 2014


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‘Selfie’ becomes more than just a trend STEPHANIE MCCANN

Equinox Staff The three ingredients are: a camera phone, a slight twist of the arm and a smile. ing it as, “a photograph that one has taken of oneself, typically taken with a smartphone or webcam and uploaded to a social media website.” modern society with the recent development in phone technology and various outlets for social media. Keene State College students across campus are taking part in the prominent trend. KSC sophomore, Tracy Mallozzi, commented on the popuespecially popular lately. I think that if people look good, they’ll want to show other people by taking a picture of themselves,” she said. booster for girls who want to take a picture on their own terms,” Mallozzi said. more Ian Lemley commented on how gender no longer plays a way that technology has developed,” Lemley said. He added that it has become socially acceptable for guys to “Evolving technology has sort of broken down that gender barrier and we’ve all become so strongly associated with ‘the time of day. There are many possibilities when deciding to take laugh. friends or my boyfriend. I just want to make them laugh,” Hersom said. “It’s a different way of communicating in today’s culture.” Technology has served as a large part of the development of Phones are now equipped with reversible camera lenses, there are a considerably large amount of social media outlets and various applications, like Snapchat, (a fast-paced picturesending application between friends) put the user’s own face in the action. Lemley commented on how technology has turned ably number two or three on the app store,” Lemley said. He continued, “It only came out about eighteen months ago. When you look at the numbers, that app alone could probably it may also be important to look at the emotional outcomes selfpositive self-image. KSC junior Juliana Cerbone discussed the feelings behind

of anxiety. It’s not like posting a regular picture that someone else took of you. This is how you want people to see you,” Cerbone said. She continued,”because you can control the situation with a



Masquerade dance jumpstarts Winter Weekend DAVID WALSH

Equinox Staff The Social Activities Council (SAC) kicked off Winter Weekend 2014 in the Night Owl Cafe with the Masquerade Dance Friday, Jan. 31. SAC sponsored the free event which was Weekend


the NOC decked out in purple, green and gold decorations by the hospitality committee. SAC provided guests with masks for anyone who did not have their own. Many guests took the time to create their own masks using glitter, feathers and paint to personalize their masks. Meredith Trabilsy, vice president of SAC, said, “It was a fun night, I wore my mask and everything.”

“I made my mask but I couldn't wear it because it was still wet,” SAC Security Coordinator, Natasha Young added. When asked what her favorite part of the night was, KSC student Karisa Bergman said, “I like dressing up.” The highlight of the night for many was the “Wicked Fun Photo Booth,” which was provided by A Goodtime DJ company, a company SAC has worked with in the past. “It came with the DJ, so it was a package deal,” SAC Publicity Coordinator Julianne Bentley explained, “It always goes over well.” The photo booth was located just outside the NOC where guests could pile in and print HALEY ERDBRINK / EQUINOX a strip of three photos at the printer outside of KSC students dancing in the Night Owl Cafe


sported masks and other accessories at the Masquerade Dance on Friday, Jan. 31.

You snooze, you don’t lose: why taking naps is essential ASHLEY DEFILIPPO

Equinox Staff Naps throw off sleeping patterns, make people overly tired and are unhealthy, right? Wrong. According, to a recent Buzfeed article, if napping is done correctly it can help a person’s overall health status. It may be a common misconception that taking naps during the day is lazy or unhealthy, however, a Buzzfeed article by Adam Davis, “19 Reasons Why You Should Nap More,” stated that short naps can help lower blood pressure, retain information, increase alertness, boost creativity and decrease risks of heart problems. Also according to “Sleeping on the Job,” an article written by Sean Coughlan in BBC News Magazine, on “siestas,” the European tradition of an afternoon nap, napping is actually healthy when done in short periods of time. Research has shown that naps STAFF

“If sleep is needed then it should be taken to re-energize the body.” -CHRISTINE BURKE DIRECTOR OF HEALTH AND WELLNESS

tired, they make mistakes and are more likely to have accidents. They can't think as clearly," said Noel Kingsley, spokesperson for Siesta Awareness, who was interviewed for Coughlan’s article. “I feel that napping is an essential part to the college students wellbeing and happiness,” Keene State College junior Gabriella Raccio said. to do it,” junior Raphael Bastek said. According to Director of Health and Wellness, Christine Burke, “There is evidence to show that twenty to thirty minutes of napping

the problem is college students do not usually nap that way,” Burke said. This could be the reason that the human body. "Most people stay awake all Bastek said he believes that if he day rather than taking a nap—but wakes up tired, but does not take a they're fooling themselves. If they're nap, he often will feel better than if

he did nap. Burke suggested setting an alarm if it is hard to take short naps. “Deep sleeps will mess up the natural sleep cycle and once that happens, the sleep you are getting Raccio also agreed that people “shouldn’t take long naps, [they] should only take power naps.” Students may feel as if they are overtired because they are sleeping more than the 30 minutes and that leads them to think napping is unhealthy. “Sleep is probably the number one contributing factor to a person’s overall health,” Burke said. “If sleep is needed then it should be taken to re-energize the body.” “Traditionally most adults getting seven to eight hours of sleep a night don’t need naps, but if they feel tired they should listen to their


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Thursday, Feb. 6, 2014

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Gravity proves ‘breathtaking,’ boasts ten Oscar nominations ZACHARY KOEHLER

WEbmAstEr How It Works Movie of Week Two: Gravity


Sandra Bullock stars in the smash hit film Gravity. Gravity received four out of five stars in a review by The Equinox

» GRAVITY REVIEW, B4 Webmaster, Zachary Koehler, who said he expects the film will win at least one Oscar this awards season.

WKNH brings Boston to Keene with free concert


Bieber the latest to spiral out of control JENNICA MARTIN

A&E Editor


Copy Editor Last














Above and to the left, band members of the Boston band Big D and the Kid’s Table perform in the Mabel Brown Room at Keene State College, Thursday, Jan. 30, 2014. KSC’s WKNH hosted the free show which also included the local Keene band Jake McKelvie & the Countertops. Approximately 200 people formed an audience in the Mabel Brown Room to support both bands.

Jennica Martin can be contacted at

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ThursdAy, FEB. 6, 2014


Woodie Allen’s allies cast doubt on abuse claims JAKE COYLE

1990s. Elkan Abramowitz, Allen’s lawyer, said: “It is tragic that after 20 years a story engineered by a vengeful lover resurfaces after it was fully vetted and rejected by independent authorities. The one to blame for Dylan’s distress is neither Dylan nor Woody Allen.” Allen was investigated on child molestation claims for the 1992 accusation but was never charged. Dylan Farrow’s open letter didn’t urge renewed legal action but a retrial for Allen in the court of public opinion. Farrow, who now lives in Florida, is married, and goes by another name, argued for fans of Allen’s movies and actors who star

AssociAted Press

NEW YORK (AP) — Some of Woody Allen’s allies have come to his defense, casting doubt on renewed accusations by Dylan Farrow that she was sexually assaulted by her then-adoptive father when she was 7. Allen’s lawyer, studio and publicist weighed in on Farrow’s open letter, published online Saturday by The New York Times, in which she claimed that in 1992 at the family’s Connecticut home, Allen led her to a “dim, closet-like attic” and then sexually assaulted her. Farrow didn’t specify Allen’s actions but described other abusive behavior. The movie director’s publicist, Leslee Dart, said in an email Sunday But on Sunday, Sony Pictures that Allen has read Farrow’s letter. Classics, which regularly distrib“Mr. Allen has read the article and found it untrue and disgrace- latest, “Blue Jasmine,” urged caution ful,” Dart said, signaling that Allen in any rush to judgment. “This is a very complicated situto Allen’s tempestuous relationship ation and a tragedy for everyone with actress Mia Farrow in the early involved,” the company said in a

statement. “Mr. Allen has never been charged in relationship to any of this, and therefore deserves our presumption of innocence.” Ronan Farrow, the son of Allen and Mia Farrow (though she has said ex-husband Frank Sinatra could be the father), said Sunday on Twitter: “I love and support my sister and think her words speak for themselves.” Alec Baldwin, who “Blue Jasmine,” was among those Farrow singled out in her letter, asking, “What if it had been your child ...?” Baldwin responded on Twitter to those demanding a comment from him: “You are mistaken if you think there is a place for me, or any outsider, in this family’s issue.” Dylan Farrow’s most detailed account of the 1992 encounter returned the spotlight to the original police investigation of Allen. The handling of the investigation was criticized ney Frank S. Maco said at a news

conference that he believed there was “probable cause” to charge Allen but decided against prosecution partly to avoid a traumatic trial for the young girl. A disciplinary panel found that Maco may have prejudiced the ongoMia Farrow by making an accusation without formal charges. Months before Maco’s news conference, a team of child abuse specialists from Yale-New Haven Hospital were brought in to examine the case and concluded that the child had not been molested. Maco, who retired in 2003, told The Associated Press on Sunday that the statute of limitations on Dylan Farrow’s accusations ran out at least 15 years ago. He said he hopes Farrow was able to watch his news conference and read his statement about his decision not to prosecute Allen. “I hope she has access to that statement, to know what I did and why I did it,” Maco said.

(Cont. from B1)

“There [was] some security. The situation, as I would put it, is we should have had a event, but since we didn’t meet with any Campus Safety until three days before the event, that didn’t really happen.” Staff members wore designated T-shirts and worked on security such as keeping the balcony to strictly the bands and checking the bathrooms every so often. The headliner was Indie-rock band, Jake McKelvie & the Countertops. No stranger to Keene, this band has played house shows in town, has made previous appearances through WKNH and has participated in the Keene Music Festival. Unfamiliar to the Keene audience, however, was Big D and the Kids Table. Described as a Ska/Punk/Stroll/Dub band, Big D and the Kids Table performed for the ison to other bands and artists that have come to KSC and played, Graham said, “Having Big D [and the Kids Table] come is more inducive to having people come learn new music.” In an interview with WKNH DJ Rebecca Barishian, Big D and the Kids Table’s front man Dave McWane explained how their band can appeal to many audiences. “I think the curse and the awesomeness of Big D [and the Kids Table] is that everybody listens to different music…[ours] goes all over the place….” For KSC junior McKenna Sherrill, it Kid’s Table. “It’s a band that I don’t listen to on the daily but they played a show in my homeERIC GESUALDO / EQUINOX STAFF town with Streetlight Manifesto and Reel Big Fish. I really enjoyed their performance,” Above, Big D and the Kids Table band member, David McWane, perform at a concert hosted by WKNH in the Mabel Brown Room at Sherrill shared. Keene State College, Jan. 30, 2014. Right: The band Jake McKelvie & the Countertops perform in

WKNH continues to bring live music to the downtown Keene, N.H. KSC audience. Graham said, “Why wouldn’t it be important? Since we’re a radio show, we should be having bands. If a radio isn’t having bands come play on the air, what’s the point in having a radio station?” Danielle Mulligan can be contacted at

“If a radio isn’t having bands come play on the air, what’s the point in having a radio station?” -MICHAEL GRAHAM WKNH PROGRAM DIRECTOR

Devin Sanford Halli Valentine Freshman Undecided


Rita Thagouras Compiled by:

Women and Gender Studies


Alexis Zecha Freshman Safety

Eric Gesualdo / Equinox Staff

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Thursday, Feb. 6, 2014


(Cont. from B1)

so much, won so many accolades and been nominated for the top categories. After watching this trailer, it pretty much looks like anything and everything that could go wrong in space during a manned mission, does go wrong. There was destruction in pretty much every cut and scene of that trailer. Not going to lie though: It looks pretty freakin’ awesome.

some very cliché Hollywood moments that took me out of Gravity at times. Yes, the following paragraphs are likely to have spoilers. You have been warned. One of them was the lazy developed background on Bullock’s character. Thanks to Neil deGrasse Tyson, a theoretical astrophysicist, he brought up this good point that I also noticed. Bullock’s character is a medical engineer who is replacing parts on the Hubble Telescope. I am sorry, but NASA isn’t stupid. I don’t think they would send a medical engineer to replace things in space. This wasn’t the only sci-

After Watching Movie This movie was breathtaking; surreal in almost every way. Gravity was brilliantly done on the technical level, and I do not think anyone can argue over this one. From the opening 15-minute single shot scene, my eyes were wide open. I think my mouth dropped a little, too. I did expect some amazing cinematography coming from Cuarón, since, in my opinion, Children of Men is some of the best visuals from a movie in the past ten years. I would be surprised if Cuarón doesn’t get the Oscar for Best Cinematography. Out of the three motion pictures that I have seen in this category, this is superior and brings something new to the table. What really got me on board was how brilliant Cuarón made his visual and sound/music mesh. This movie did have a few downfalls; not many, but some nonetheless. There was a large lack of sound rate due to everything happening in space), but I think that allowed the visuals to be the main focus, while the mixing of what little sound was used and music to emphasize the visuals that was occurring. There were

space oriented mistakes that the movie made. If you are interested on the rest, it is a quick Google search away. But like Tyson, this didn’t less. It just took me out of it for a little bit. I suppose I just with a multi-million dollar budget can not pay an astronomer or even NASA to fact check for a story that takes place in space. ematography and direction from Cuarón was fantastic. As said above, this movie is to win Best Cinematography and I think it is in close running for Best Directing. As for the coveted Best Picture—I don’t think it brought enough to bring the next notch. a movie that will cause you to hold your breath at places and won’t let you look away from the screen . Trust me on that last part; I spilled my bag of popcorn because of it. Until next time. Zak Koehler can be contacted at zkhoeler@keene-equinox. com

Bruno Mars delivers red hot set for Super Bowl CHRIS TALLBOT

AssociAted Press Anybody worried about how Bruno Mars would do on one of the world’s largest stages had obviously never seen the young star perform live. That all changed Sunday night when tens of millions why he’s one of the most exciting live acts of his generation. Mars, 28, took his highpowered live show to Super Bowl halftime, creating what felt like an intimate show in the arena in East Rutherford, N.J., and supersizing it in moment for those who preceded him on the list of halftime performers in the big game. The Grammy Award-winning singer eliminated any doubters from the second he appeared on screen in a skinny tie and gold jacket almost as dazzling as his smile. He played a deep-groove drum solo while rolling across ized platform, then joined his smoking-hot live band for a series of energetically executed hits that were clearly not lip-synced. He then seamlessly integrated the Red Hot Chili Peppers into his set. “There were a lot of doubters and my man delivered,” Fox commentator Howie Long said after the performance. Hard to disagree. There


Bruno Mars performs Sunday, Feb. 2, at the Super Bowl Halftime Show. Mars was accompanied by his “Hooligans” and at one point, the Red Hot Chili Peppers.

acts that have come before like the infectiousness of Sting and The Police, or the groove of James Brown, and updating them with lyrics and sounds that capture the freshness of the current moment. He opened by displaying the beauty of his high tenor with the sing-a-long-inviting “Locked Out of Heaven” and “Treasure” before transitioning to “Runaway Baby.” That song, with its Brown-

moments that will live on at the water cooler Monday morning. And while you can argue about the entertainment value of watching shirtless Chili Peppers gambol about the stage, the 50-year-old Rock and Roll Hall of Famers managed to match Mars’ energy in a brief appearance that was no less memorable. Mars trades in shared memories, taking the best of Hawaiian-born singer to dance

in homage to “Soul Brother Number One,” complete with an impressive gymnasticsstyle split as part of his moves. He broke down the band to silence and killed the lights for a moment, allowing the crowd’s screams to be heard at home, before transitioning to the Chili Peppers and the funky “Give It Away.” The Chili Peppers, which included singer Anthony Kiedis and bassist Flea sans shirts in temperatures that hovered in the 40s, powered

through the song, then joined Mars and his Hooligans in a quick few bars from Black Sabbath. Mars and his eight-piece band, The Hooligans, were dressed from head-to-toe in custom-made clothes from Saint Laurent by Hedi Slimane. Fox cut to video segments of soldiers around the world dedicating the next song to loved ones before going back to Mars. He appeared alone on a small stage in the center of the

“Just the Way You Are” with the stands full of lights and Super Bowl history. It was a powerful moment and compared favorably to past performances by stars like Prince and Bruce Springsteen. There was never a dull moment. That’s about all you can ask, especially in a game that was full of them.

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Actor Philip Seymour Hoffman was found dead, according to law enforcement officials, in an apartment in Greenwich Village in New York City on Sunday, Feb. 2.

Facultly Artists Recital (Jazz) Friday, February 7 7:30 p.m. Alumni Recital Hall

Hoffman fans mourn death, tout actor’s great talent and legacy

Putnam Theatre “The Great Beauty”

Feb. 7-12 Friday & Saturday 7:00 & 9:30 p.m. Sunday-Wednesday 7:00 p.m. Saturday & Sunday 2 p.m. matinee


AssociAted Press there was heroin in at least some of the scores of plastic packets in the New York City apartment where Philip Seymour Hoffman was

tests,” chief police spokesman Stephen Davis said. An autopsy began Monday, but results weren’t expected until at least Tuesday, the city

A friend had spoken to him by phone around 9 p.m. Saturday, in the last contact Monday, and authorities are working to deter- investigators are aware of anyone having with mine whether the drug was mixed or tainted with anything else. Medical examiners have not yet made locked when his body was found around 11:30 a.m. the next day by the same friend and Hoff46-year-old actor’s death, but police have been man’s assistant. investigating it as a suspected overdose. In the apartment were at least four dozen Hoffman was found in a bathroom with a small packets variously stamped with the ace of hearts and others with the ace of spades, two have said. A few details have begun to sketch a picture Tests of samples showed heroin in each he was found in his apartment in Manhattan’s Greenwich Village on Sunday. ity because they weren’t authorized to talk And questions have swirled about whether about the evidence gathered. Hoffman’s death could be linked to a potent Authorities also found unused syringes, a blend of heroin and synthetic morphine that charred spoon and various prescription medihas been tied to deaths elsewhere, though as cations, including a blood-pressure drug and a

Events starting on Thursday, Feb. 6 through Feb. 13 Colonial Theatre

Oscar Nominated Shorts Jan. 31-Feb. 6


The Place to Eat Randy Howard Feb. 7 7-9 p.m.

that scenario. “The direction of the investigation is going

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NatioN / B5

thursday, FeB. 6, 2014


Thousands of anti-Putin protestors march

Republicans still stand with Christie ANGELA DELLI SANTI GEOFF MULVIHILL

AssociAted Press TRENTON,



adamant Sunday that New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie should not resign from his post as chairman of the Republican Governors Association following a former ally’s claim that there is evidence Christie knew about an apparently politically than he has said. The support from former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani, Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal and Wisconsin U.S. Rep. Paul Ryan put Republicans on the offensive and the Democratic chairman of a state legislative committee investigating the September lane closures near the George Washington Bridge on the defensive the day Christie’s state hosts the Super Bowl. Also Sunday, a member of Christie’s administration who was subpoenaed by lawmakers investigating the lane closings Christina Genovese Renna


A group of protestors face a line of riot police during a rally demanding the release of 23 other demonstrators who were arrested during a crackdown earlier this month, in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. Police clashed with hundreds of anti-government protestors in the capital on Sunday, Jan. 26, 2014.

Marchers call for the release of 20 people arrested, some facing up to 10 years in prison Putin’s return to the presidency saw the passing of new laws aimed at cracking down on anti-government protests and restricting non-governmental organizations. MOSCOW (AP) — Several thousand protesters marched The protesters marched Sunday with portraits of the jailed through central Moscow on Sunday to call for the release of protesters and a banner stretching across the street reading: 20 people who were arrested after clashes between police and “Freedom to the Bolotnaya heroes, the hostages of Putin.” demonstrators in May 2012. Some of them face up to 10 years in prison if convicted for for the anti-government protesters in neighboring Ukraine, the protest, held on Bolotnaya Square on the eve of President where demonstrations have been going on for more than two Vladimir Putin’s inauguration to a third term as Russia’s presi- months. dent. Of the 28 people rounded up in the Bolotnaya case, eight

AssociAted Press

were recently freed on amnesty. Several defendants have been under house arrest, but most of the others have been in jail for more than a year and a half. Only three of the cases have been decided: Two defendants received light sentences after cooperating with investigators and a third was sent for forced psychiatric treatment. That man, Mikhail Kosenko, who was convicted of beating a policeman, had a history of schizophrenia, but rights activists charged the court was reviving the Soviet-era practice of using punitive psychiatry against dissidents.

Earthquake hits western Palestinians bodies returned after 10 years Greek island, Kefalonia ELENA BECATOROS

AssociAted Press ATHENS, Greece (AP) — A strong earthquake with a preliminary magnitude between 5.7 and 6.1 hit the western Greek island of Kefalonia before dawn Monday, sending frightened residents into the streets just over a week after a similar quake damaged hundreds of buildings, reviving memories of a disaster in the 1950s. Authorities said about 16 people had been slightly hurt, mainly by falling objects, while roads, homes and shops were damaged and some areas suffered power and water supply cuts. Islanders also had to contend with intense bad weather, with strong rain and low temperatures. Kefalonia Mayor Alexandros Parisis said the port at the island’s second largest town of Lixouri, the closest to the epicenter, had been damaged. Images from the area showed part of the pier breaking off and boats that had been on land for repair toppling over. Earthquakes have been rattling Kefalonia constantly for the past week, after a 5.9-magnitude temblor struck the area on Jan. 26, damaging homes and slightly injuring seven people. Since then, thousands of residents have been spending nights with relatives or in ships sent to accommodate them. Schools on the island have been shut for the past week, and had not been scheduled to reopen until Wednesday, said Deputy Mayor Evangelos Kekatos. Authorities urged the islanders to remain calm and not approach any damaged buildings. An eight-member rescue team with a sniffer dog was heading Order Minister Nikos Dendias and his ministry’s secretary general were also heading to Kefalonia to coordinate the response. The armed forces was sending two military transport aircraft carrying 30 personnel and three doctors as well as tents and emergency supplies, while a military ship was sailing to the island with digging vehicles, a mobile kitchen and a water tanker among other equipment, the Defense Ministry said. The Athens Geodynamic Institute registered the pre-dawn quake, which struck just after 5 a.m. local time, with a magnitude of 5.7 and an epicenter 12 kilometers (7.5 miles) northwest of the island’s capital of Argostoli. The U.S. Geological Survey registered a 6.1-magnitude. It is more


according to her lawyer. Renna had reported to ousted Deputy Chief of Staff Bridget Kelly, who apparently set the lane closings in motion with an email saying “time to Fort Lee.” Giuliani, appearing on CBS’ “Face the Nation” took aim at central to the scandal: John Wisniewski, who’s leading the investigative probe, and David Wildstein, the former Christie loyalist who as an executive at the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey last year ordered the lane closures after receiving Kelly’s email, as someone with less than pure motives. He said Wildstein “wants somebody else to pay his legal bills and he can’t get them paid unless the governor is responsible.” The unannounced lane closures caused massive gridlock in Fort Lee in September, delaying emergency vehicles and school buses and tying up some commuters for hours over four mornings. New Jersey legislators are investigating whether Christie aides engineered the lane closures to send a message to the town’s Democratic mayor. also investigating. On Friday, Wildstein’s lawyer wrote a letter to the Port Authority saying evidence exists that Christie knew about


Palestinian Khandra al-Akhras poses with a photo of her late daughter Ayat al-Akhras, who blew herself up in a suicide bombing in 2002.

Human rights groups appeal to Israel, allow for family funerals DAVID MAC DOUGALL

of Palestinian assailants, including that of al-Akhras, enabling her family to arrange a funeral. BETHLEHEM, West Bank (AP) Israel has returned the remains — When 18-year-old Ayat al-Akhras of Palestinian attackers from time to blew herself up outside a busy Jerusalem supermarket in 2002, killing sometimes as part of prisoner swaps, two Israelis, her grieving parents but the current round involves the were unable to bury her and say their most recent suicide bombers and gunmen and has revived painful to send her remains home. memories for families and friends of More than a decade later, after some of the victims. appeals from human rights groups, In the West Bank town of BethleIsrael is handing over some 30 bodies hem, the teenage bomber’s parents,

AssociAted Press

Mohammed and Khadra al-Akhras, expect an easing of their grief. “The pain will end,” said Mohammed al-Akhras, 67, who chain-smoked while he talked and rested his hands — gnarled from years of manual labor — on top of the cane he uses to walk with. “At any time during the day, during the night, we can go and visit her,” he added.

they happened. He did not disclose any evidence in the letter. Wisniewski also appeared on “Face the Nation” and defended his role and his previously stated doubts about what Christie knew and when. “What I’ve said is I have skepticism about the governor’s statement,” he said. “I haven’t said that the governor has responsibility for this. I haven’t said that the governor knew when this was happening.” Renna is among 17 people close to Christie subpoenaed by a legislative panel. to Christie to lose their job amid the scandal. The others Christie’s spokesman declined to comment on the resignation.


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thursday, FeB. 6, 2014


Amid drought, California agency won’t allot water

(Cont. from B5)

In Israel, the return of the remains of attackers from the second Palestinian uprising a decade ago has provoked some anger. “Those who killed civilians should be treated like people who committed war crimes,” said Meir Indor, head of Almagor, a group that speaks for victims of attacks by militants. “Eichmann’s body was not given back,” he added, referring to Adolf Eichmann, the Nazi who was executed by Israel in 1962 for his role as one of the architects of the Holocaust. The Israeli rights group HaMoked appealed to Israel’s The group said that the court didn’t rule, but that Israel’s Defense MinMinistry was not immediately available for comment. Since the beginning of the year, Israel has returned seven bodies of assailants from the second uprising, with two more scheduled Sunday, including that of al-Akhras, Palestinian activists said. Dozens more Palestinian militants killed in clashes or in suicide attacks are still believed to be in burial spots in Israel, off-limits to their families. Al-Akhras struck on a rainy Friday afternoon in March 2002, a bloody month at the height of the second Palestinian uprising. A spate of bombings and other attacks had left Israel on edge, with heightened security measures in place. She drove with a friend from her home in a slum refugee camp for Palestinians near Bethlehem to a Jerusalem supermarket less than 10 miles away. The Supersol grocery store, situated in a strip mall in the working-class neighborhood of Kiryat Yovel, was crowded with shoppers buying food for the Jewish Sabbath. Security guard Haim Smadar, 55, was searching the bags of people going into the store. He challenged al-Akhras, suspicious of her behavior, and she detonated her explosives at the entrance. A doctor caught up in the blast found the security guard bleeding to death on the pavement. His legs were gone. Al-Akhras was dead, and in the rubble, investigators found an unexploded mortar shell. On Sunday at the Supersol, a security guard stood in Smadar’s old spot. A plaque on the wall commemorated him and Rachel Levy, a Levy’s parents declined to comment. Almagor said the Levys were upset to learn in the media about the body of their daughter’s killer being returned to the West Bank. In the weeks before the attack, there were few signs that al-Akhras had become radicalized, according to her parents. Engaged to be married, she was a good student from a big, traditional Palestinian family of 10 brothers and sister. Some of them had been in and out of Israeli jails. Looking back, the mother said her daughter was restless at the


In this Jan. 9, 2014 photo, a visitor to Folsom Lake, Calif., walks his dog down a boat ramp that is now several hundred yards away from the water’s edge.


ers, cities and the conservation efforts that are intended to save dwindling populations of fornia. For perspective, California would have to SACRAMENTO, Calif. (AP) — Amid experience heavy rain and snowfall every other day from now until May to get the state back to announced Friday they won’t send any water its average annual precipitation totals, according from the state’s vast reservoir system to local to the Department of Water Resources. agencies beginning this spring, an unprece“These actions will protect us all in the long dented move that affects drinking water supplies run,” Cowin said during a news conference that for 25 million people and irrigation for 1 million acres of farmland. including those from wildlife and agricultural agencies. the 54-year history of the State Water Project that Friday’s announcement came after Gov. Jerry such an action has been taken, but it does not ary, a decision that cleared the way for state and every city tap will run dry. federal agencies to coordinate efforts to preserve The 29 agencies that draw from the state’s water and send it where it is needed most. water-delivery system have other sources, The governor urged Californians to reduce although those also have been hard-hit by the their water use by 20 percent. drought. Many farmers in California’s Central Valley, tions in the nation’s most populous state. one of the most productive agricultural regions in the country, also draw water from a separate endar year since records started being kept, and system of federally run reservoirs and canals, but this year is heading in the same direction. that system also will deliver just a fraction of its normal water allotment this year. in danger of a severe water shortage within four The announcement affects water deliveries months. Wells are running dry or reservoirs are planned to begin this spring, and the allotment nearly empty in some communities. could increase if weather patterns change and Others have long-running problems that presend more storms into the state. date the drought. Nevertheless, Friday’s announcement puts an The timing for of Friday’s historic announceexclamation point on California’s water shortage, which has been building during three years of announce they are raising the water allotment on below-normal rain and snow. Feb. 1, but this year’s winter has been so dry they “This is the most serious drought we’ve faced wanted to ensure they could keep the remaining in modern times,” said Felicia Marcus, chair- water behind the dams. woman of the State Water Resources Control The announcement also will give farmers Board. more time to determine what crops they will “We need to conserve what little we have to plant this year and in what quantities. use later in the year, or even in future years.” Farmers and ranchers throughout the state State Department of Water Resources Direc- already have felt the drought’s impact, tearing tor Mark Cowin said there simply is not enough water in the system to meet the needs of farm- alfalfa to feed cattle on withered range land.

AssociAted Press

At some point, al-Akhras made contact with the Al Aqsa Martyrs’ Brigades, a militant group that claimed responsibility for the bombing. Khadra al-Akhras, 62, remains unapologetic for her daughter’s actions, saying: “Each drop of blood from each child achieved hope for the Palestinian people”. At a small cemetery outside Bethlehem, a grave was prepared for al-Akhras. Her elderly parents, who struggle to climb the steep steps to the graveyard, paused Saturday at the entrance to say a verse from the Quran. The mother then climbed into the empty grave where her daughter was to be buried, and started to clear small stones and weeds. Her husband told her she shouldn’t do it. “No, I’m her mother. It’s OK!” she replied.

(Cont. from B5)

common for institutes to register The intense seismic activity reawakened memories of the dev-

dynamic Institute, adding that Monday morning’s quake appeared to be a strong aftershock of the Jan. 26 temblor. “We expect more aftershocks, which will be of this size or smaller,” she said. Seismologist Vassilis Papazachos urged caution and said islanders must make plans for shelter over the coming weeks or months if their homes are damaged as the region has produced powerful earthquakes in the past. “Measures must be mid-term,” Papazachos said on Greek television. “We can’t know whether there will be a bigger (earthquake).” Monday’s quake was felt across parts of the western Greek mainland and as far away as the

and neighboring Zakinthos, -tating nitude temblor struck three days after a 6.4 quake, killing hundreds, injuring thousands and destroying nearly all the buildings on the islands. Seismologists said more aftershocks were to be expected on the island, which lies in a highly seismically active region. Several registered in the initial hours after Monday’s quake. kilometers (186 miles) to the west. “The whole area has been activated ... we are all on alert,” said Maria Sahpazi, head of the Geo-

Mass mobs fill pews, lift prayers at NY churches CAROLYN THOMPSON

AssociAted Press

policy think tank in Oakland. “We’re seeing long term, ongoing declining groundwater levels, and that’s a major problem.” Many towns and cities already have ordered severe cutbacks in water use. populations also are being affected. Eggs in salmon-spawning beds of the American River releases from Folsom Dam were severely cut back. The drought is highlighting the traditional tensions between groups that claim the state’s limited water for their own priorities — farmers, city residents and conservationists. Chuck Bonham, director of the California Department of Fish and Wildlife, urged everyone to come together during the crisis. “This is not about picking between delta smelt people and the environment,” he said. “It is about really hard decisions on a real-time basis where we may have to accept some impact now to avoid much greater impact later.”

Vt. woman held in psych ward against her will testifies DAVE GRAM

AssociAted Press

BUFFALO, N.Y. (AP) — You’ve Mass mob. Playing off the idea of using social media to summon crowds for parties or mischief, mobs of Buffaloing pews and lifting spirits at some of the city’s original, now often sparsely attended, churches. It works this way: On a given Sunday, participants attend Mass en masse at a church they’ve picked in an online vote and promoted through Facebook and Twitter. Visitors experience the architecture, heritage and spirit of the aging houses of worship and the churches once again see the numbers they were built for, along with a helpful bump in donations when the collection baskets are passed. “I call these churches faith enhancers. You can’t help but walk in and feel closer to a higher power,” said Christopher Byrd, who hatched the idea in Buffalo last fall and has organized two Mass mobs so far, both of which drew hundreds. He’s heard from other cities about starting their own.

Without deliveries of surface water, farmers and other water users often turn to pumping from underground aquifers. The state has no role in regulating such pumping. “A zero allocation is catastrophic and woefully inadequate for Kern County residents, farms and businesses,” Ted Page, president the Kern County Water Agency’s board, said in a statement. “While many areas of the county will continue to rely on ground water to make up at least part of the difference, some areas have exhausted their supply.” Groundwater levels already have been stressed, after pumping accelerated during the dry winter in 2008 and 2009. “The challenge is that in last drought we drew down groundwater resources and never allowed them to recover,” said Heather Cooley, water pro-

MONTPELIER, Vt. (AP) — A week after emerging from an ordeal that began with her husband killing her son and himself and continued with her being placed in a psychiatric unit against her will, a Vermont woman said Friday that the state’s mental health system needs big changes. But Christina Schumacher — whose estranged husband, 49-year-old Ludwig Schumacher, strangled their 14-year-old son, Gunnar, and then hanged himself Dec. 18 — stopped short of saying she opposed involuntary hospitalization in all instances. committees that she went to a regular therapy appointment a day after learning of her family members’ deaths and was taken from there to the psychiatric unit at Burlington’s Fletcher Allen Health Care hospital. When she arrived at her therapy appointment, Schumacher said, she was met not only by her therapist, but a second doctor, a clinic director and two guards, who took her to the locked psych unit. She was kept CAROLYN THOMPSON / AP PHOTO

People gather for mass inside Our Lady of Perpetual Help Church in Buffalo, NY during a “Mass mob.”

The aim, he said, is to reignite 800 families when it was dedicated interest, support and perhaps even in 1900. Today, fewer than 50 wormembership in older churches that shippers typically amble into the “kind of fall off the radar screen of Gothic-style sanctuary for Sunday people.” Mass. One such church is Our Lady of “We’re still here,” said the Rev. Perpetual Help in a neighborhood Donald Lutz, who welcomed a settled by Irish immigrants along the Buffalo River. Sunday after Our Lady of Perpetual The church once brimmed with Help, known to locals as “Pets,” was

selected for the Mass mob. “It’s wonderful,” said Lutz, who learned his church had been chosen two weeks before. “It just shows that we are not just one parish, that it’s the whole family of the diocese. We take care of each other. “And,” he added, “if it helps us pay a few more bills ...”

the decision before I’d even arrived that they were going to check me in,” Schumacher, 48, of Essex, told the Senate Health and Welfare and Judiciary committees. to call for an end to all involuntary hospitalizations. And both lawmakers who heard her, as well as Vermont Mental Health Commissioner Paul Dupre, said they weren’t ready to go there, either. Schumacher said greater checks need to be put in place on the state’s ability to involuntarily commit patients to mental health facilities.

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sporTs / b7


Indiana rides Ferrell to upset Michigan Pacers drop second CHRIS GOFF

at home to Suns

AssociAted Press Yogi Ferrell orchestrates pretty much everything in Indiana’s offense. Coach Tom Crean added another responsibility to Ferrell’s plate Sunday: guarding the opponent’s top scorer. Ferrell came through on both ends — scoring 27 points and shutting down Nik Stauskas — to lead Indiana to a 63-52 upset of No. 10 Michigan. “Yogi is playing at an extremely high level,” Crean said. “He’s a true lead guard with everything he does.” Against the Wolverines, that


AssociAted Press Goran Dragic had 28 points and seven assists and the Phoenix Suns handed the Indiana Pacers 102-94 victory Thursday night. Gerald Green and Marcus Morris scored 16 points apiece to help the Suns win their fourth straight game. Roy Hibbert had 26 points and David West added 18 for the Pacers (35-10). Morris hit a 3-pointer with 2:58 remaining to give the Suns a 98-92 lead and Dragic dunked to give the Suns a 100-94 with 44 seconds left.

drained seven 3-pointers, two shy of the Assembly Hall record, in eight attempts and limited Stauskas, one points, 12 below his average. “This is a great win because Michigan is such a great team,” Ferrell said. The Wolverines (16-5, 8-1 Big Ten) had been the last unbeaten in conference play, off to their best Big Ten start since 1976-77. Indiana ended their 10-game winning streak by holding them to their lowest point total of the season. “I think it’s really good for us,” coach John Beilein said. “I didn’t think we were going to go undefeated. We hadn’t lost since Dec. 11, against Arizona. In the long run, we have to get better.” What made Ferrell’s matchup with Stauskas so impressive is that Ferrell is a point guard, giving up 6 inches and nearly 30 pounds to Michigan’s small forward. Stauskas many possessions on the left side of the court away from the action, rarely touching the ball at times. “They were denying Nik in the corner,” said Caris LeVert, who had Jr., who scored 13, as the only Wolinson III was also quiet, contributing nine points. Indiana (14-8, 4-5) had lost three of four but rode a tight, creative defense and Ferrell’s hot shooting to a win that might shift its season. Crean decided Ferrell’s awareness, quick hands and intensity were the perfect antidote to Stauskas’ deadly shooting and effective passing. “You’ve got to make his catches


Indiana guard Yogi Ferrell celebrates in the second half of an eventual win over Michigan in Bloomington, Indiana, on Feb. 2, 2014.

hard and his looks even harder,” Crean said. “You’ve got to be conscious of where he is at all times. I’m proud of our whole team defensively. Yogi was the catalyst.” With Stauskas limited, the Hoosiers led most of the way in improving to 12-2 at Assembly Hall. Noah Vonleh added 10 points and 12 rebounds for the Hoosiers, who shot 54 percent to the Wolverines’ 40 percent. Indiana may have reinvigorated its hopes for an at-large berth to the NCAA tournament by securing a second victory over a top 10 opponent. The Wolverines are a common victim and no stranger to coming up

short in this series. Dating to last season’s run to the national title game, the Wolverines are 27-12 in their last 39 games — with three of the losses to the Hoosiers, who are 24-8 against Michigan over the last 18 seasons. Michigan was outrebounded behind the arc. As Ferrell drained one 3 after another, fueling the crowd early and late, the Wolverines’ from the start. Michigan had more turnovers (8) 11 possessions to trail 25-22 at halftime.

the most given up by the Pacers in a half this season since the Suns scored 62 on Indiana a week ago in a 124-100 win. The Pacers rallied after trailing 66-49 at the break, but never could take the lead. They went on an 8-2 run early in the second half with shots by West, Paul George, Lance Stephenson and George Hill to get within 70-53. Later, George was fouled on a layup and converted the 3-point play to make it 71-61 with 7:01 left in the third. Miles Plumlee missed a dunk and Hibbert scored on a putback to get Indiana within eight. Channing Frye answered with a basket and then Hibbert scored Indiana’s next six points to get the Pacers within 73-69. Pacers guard C.J. Watson scored a layup at the start of the fourth quarter to make it 77-76, but Morris scored two free throws to put the Suns back ahead by three. Hill scored two free throws to make it 91-90 with 4:20 remaining, but Gerald Green extended the lead with two free throws and Hill made a

(Cont, from B10)

and years of training that lead up to these moments. “Sometimes we have to do workouts really early in the morning before classes. Even in cross country, there are times when we have to be here at 6:30 in the morning. But he would drive up and he would be there for us,” Goldsmith said. Not all coaches dedicate themselves like Thomas, of day, any time of the school year. “Pete is the only coach that really has to coach yearround because he has cross country, indoor track and outdoor track. His dedication level is probably more than any other coach because of going year round, but I think that’s why he’s so successful,” Ratliff said. When you combine a coach like Thomas, a determined group of runners and a supportive community, it seems the group is destined for success. While Thomas has already produced a lengthier resume at KSC, do not expect him to be going anywhere anytime soon. “Coaching for me—and I imagine for the other coaches—is our drug, our rush. It’s so exciting when days go well and people run well, or swim well, or shoot a basket well. Seeing kids walk off the track smiling, happy. Those moments are so special, it’s why I coach,” Thomas said. Diana Pimer can be contacted at

Suns ahead 95-92 and Morris hit a 3-pointer with 2:58 left to give the Suns a 98-92 lead. They went on a 9-0 run early in the game when Dragic tied the game on a layup and later hit a hit a 3-pointer and another basket to make it 13-6 The Suns went on a 15-2 run to close out the in the right eye, scored 12 second-quarter points. West added 10, but the Pacers were never able to of bounds that went over the corner of the backboard and through the hoop, it didn’t matter. Dragic hit a 3-pointer to take back the lead and to give the Suns a 62-45 lead.

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thurSday, FeB. 6, 2014


NYC Super Bowl reviews mixed DAVID PORTER

AssociAted Press Bowl in the nation’s most congested region unseasonably warm temperatures served as a pleasant backdrop for Sunday’s NFL title game. But long delays leaving MetLife Stadium for the thousands who heeded organizers’ advice and took mass transit left a sour taste. Organizers had dubbed the game the considerable effort urging fans to take trains or buses to the stadium. The message apparently took hold, as nearly 28,000 rode the rails from nearby Secaucus Junction. That far surpassed New Jersey Transit’s previous record of 22,000 riders in 2009 for a U2 concert, and nearly doubled optimistic pre-game estimates of 15,000. After Sunday’s game, fans converged on the rail station for the return trip, clogging the platform as trains loaded and left when full. The agency eventually opened a second platform to accommodate the overing in more than 50 buses to shuttle fans to the Port Authority terminal in New York City — almost two hours after Seattle completed its 43-8 victory over Denver — to eliminate the long delays at the stadium area. A NJ Transit spokesman told The Associated Press early Monday that nearly 25,000 passengers had been moved to Secaucus by midnight, two hours after the game, and that overall it was a “tremendous success,” considering the volume of passengers transported without accident or incident. When the last train cleared the platform at 12:45 a.m., 32,900 people had been transported by rail and more than 1,100 others taken by bus to Port Authority, a transit spokesman said. Seattle natives Jeff Chapman, 40, and his childhood friend Willie Whitmore, 39, were caught up in the delay and anxious to get home. “This is a joke,” griped Chapman, an engineer. “We’re not even from here and we could’ve told you this would’ve happened.” “What do you expect when you don’t give people any other option to get home,”


Men’s basketball guard Lucas Hammel draws contact during a home game against UMass Boston on Jan. 25.

in Lucas from the beginning, even when he had a couple of bad fall games. Steve (Cont. from B10) saw something in him and stayed with him.” Boudreau said the Owls stuck with However, the elder Hammel didn’t want to give Lucas too much feedback Lucas because of his work ethic on the basketball court. “We stuck with Lucas because of the way he competed,” Bougram is going down hill.’ That’s something three things about Lucas, “his effort, energy and attitude.” he needed to grow as an individual and Colbert said the Owls coaching staff Lucas said his father really helped him believes in Lucas because of his incredible passion and energy. “You know, that a great job of just letting me feel my way is something that you can’t teach. You can correct mistakes but you can’t create passion,” Colbert said. One thing that both Lucas and his father Lucas said. As the season has progressed this year attribute to helping Lucas get to the college the elder Hammel has continued to be level were practices back when Lucas was there as a father for Lucas, but not as a in high school with the ‘big boys’ at Mercoach. As Bert said, he never interferes rimack. “His sophomore year he started with Owls’ head coach Rob Colbert’s ways. playing with my guys in the summer and getting his ass kicked,” Hammel’s dad said. His son’s shots would be blocked and that, but absolutely nothing to interfere with defensive or offensive philosophies of he would turn the ball over as well when playing with and against the Division coach Colbert,” he said. According to the father, KSC fell in love with Lucas when Owls assistant coach, However, Bert said he kept saying to his Steve Boudreau, found Lucas at a fall ball son, “That’s how you get better. You’ve got league. “He’s the one who really believed to play against better players.”

Lucas also attributes his success to one of his dad’s former point guards, Darren Duncan. “A lot of players hated me playing the kid who would pull me aside and make

The rest of the festivities went off without a hitch. Many fans clad in Seahawks blue and green and Broncos orange shed their winter coats and posed in shirt sleeves next to ice sculptures on the MetLife Stadium grounds before Sunday night’s game. enough NFL owners in 2010 to vote to hold the game here likely didn’t dare dream would happen. “This is amazing,” said Molly Boyle, 27, couldn’t wish for a better ending for our team.” Meanwhile, Denver fans were sulking. Many left before the beginning of the fourth quarter when the Seahawks’ lead became insurmountable. By the end of the game, there were barely any orange jerseys left in the stadium. Sean Doyle, 42, an attorney from Denver, left after the third quarter and went shopping for souvenirs with his wife. gave up hope.” Earlier in the day, security was slow at train stations, but by 5:15 p.m., a little more than an hour before kickoff, 80,000 folks had already made it into the stadium. NFL spokesman Brian McCarthy said it was the earliest arriving Super Bowl crowd in at least 30 years. Emergency medical personnel told The Associated Press that they had to treat several people who collapsed when the Secaucus station became overcrowded. Lines began moving again after a little more than an hour of delays. spokesman William Smith said. “A number of trains arrived at once.” Nearly 100 federal, state and local agencies collaborated on security in and around the stadium, with coverage ranging from state police boats in the Hackensack River to sharpshooters on the roof of the Mead-

checking vehicles as they entered the parking lot. “There’s so much security here and the environment is so controlled that it acts as a deterrent,” New Jersey State Police Superintendent Rick Fuentes said. “We may end up having fewer incidents than at an average Giants or Jets game.” By late in the game, state police reported four people were arrested during the game, including two arrests for unlicensed venridiculous.” dors, one for drunken disorderly conduct At MetLife, an announcement on the and one for trespassing. scoreboard asked fans to please stay in the The celebratory mood carried over the stadium due to congestion at the platform. nearby Hudson River and onto the streets New Jersey State Police urged fans via of New York City, where Seahawks fans Twitter to “enjoy the stadium atmosphere were cheering and dancing around the until congestion dissipates.” Blarney Rock Pub in midtown Manhattan Dan Steidl, 27, from Green Bay, Wis., as the game blared from several television was waiting for 45 minutes with very little movement. in from Seattle to cheer on her hometown team. that’ll happen.” ence the Super Bowl,” she said.

really appreciated,” Hammel said. According to Hammel, Duncan is currently playing basketball out of the country in Canada and is unavailable for comment. The Owl’s point guard said those practices helped him along the way and they better prepared him for KSC. He said it helped himself toughen up mentally and going against these Division two full scholreally helped me develop my edge,” Lucas Hammel said. As for his experience at KSC, so far Lucas said it’s been a positive one. He highly praises Colbert and the coaching the coaching staff too much to transfer on College] for four years,” Hammel said. Brian Clemmenson can be contacted at

KSC athletic team records Men’s Basketball

Women’s Basketball



HOME AWAY (neutral)



HOME AWAY (neutral)

11-8 3-6

5-4 4-4 (2-0) Lost 1 7-11 4-5 6-4 1-7 (0-0) Won 1

Daniel Webster Box score Daniel Webster

35 26

Keene State College

48 35

at Plymouth St.

vs. Southern Maine

1 2 Total Box score 61 83


2 Total

Box score




Keene State College 20 44

Keene State College 20



Plymouth St.

Southern Maine

vs. Southern Maine

1 2 Total Box score 22 46

64 68


2 Total




Keene State College 47



Southern Maine

Men’s and women’s swimming and diving


Bentley Dual Meet at Spaulding Gymnasium Pool

Randy Dunton

Event 100 Back





Drew Ledwith

1,000 Free



Dan Oliveira

100 Fly



Amber Long

200 Fly



Alison Bartlett

50 Free 100 Fly





Caitlyn Shea


The KSC cheerleading team watches the men’s basketball team play a recent home game against Southern Maine on Saturday, Feb. 1.

one in Connecticut and another in Massachusetts—the girls hope to end the season on a fun and positive note. Dick plans on returning next year came, the nerves were gone. Everything and wants to see the younger girls stick was going great and all the girls were together throughout the years and start getting along.” traditions. “You know, you always get attached performance came, the team fell short of Dick’s high expectations. this select group of freshmen carry on. “Thursday night we performed at the basketball game and everything hit together their senior year and earn the and looked great and the girls were very respect they deserve from the student engaging with the crowd, and Saturday body.” morning comes and warm-ups also went very well. Once we hit the mat things Kendall Pope can be contacted at just fell apart,” Dick said. With two more competitions ahead— (Cont. from B10)


Saturday, Feb. 8, 3 p.m.

Saturday, Feb. 8, 1 p.m

Tuesday, Feb. 11, 7:30 p.m. Tuesday, Feb. 11, 7:30 p.m.

Saturday, Feb. 8, TBA

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Black Thursday, Feb. 6, 2014

sporTs / b9



SportS Editor The Athlete of the Week this week is freshman basketball player, Jaquel Edwards. Edwards started the year as a little-used games, the most he played was 18 minutes as part of a blowout utes, and now he hasn’t played as few as 18 minutes in the 13 ing of Southern Maine. Edwards -

game, Edwards’ numbers might ping. The 6-3 wing player made all but one of the eight shots he took on the night, missing only a ing new to Edwards, he is now and has started nine of the team’s last ten games. If he keeps playing like this, that starting spot AP PHOTO / KOJI SASAHARA


Japanese pitcher Masahiro Tanaka has a lot to smile about after signing a seven year, $155 million dollar deal with the New York Yankees on Jan. 22, 2014.

New York Yankees continue their spending streak with signing of phenom Tanaka

runner, Ryan Widzgowski. Widzgowski, who runs year-round, -


payroll last season was a league-leading

Equinox Staff

a huge bust. for the Yanks, but it still isn’t where they thought they would be. -

Ah, the New York Yankees.



out to make more, but this is worth it for the Yankees.

many of the people he was runInitially, the Yankees looked like they -

wins wrapped up a great week for the senior runner, who was

Yankees. Similarly, Kei Igawa dominated with the lasted just two seasons.

There were plenty of other signings during their offseason, but these names stand out


youngest hotshot out there, but he’s young Enter Masahiro Tanaka.


for at least four seasons. someone from a foreign league to play in the -

the shot put with a throw of 13.6 meters and eighth in the weight

games isn’t so bad, either.

Seibu Lions and played eight seasons, postERA. Yes, it is a risk, but this is a risk that the Yankees had to take. Tanaka’s got tons of - promise and, more importantly, this is a deal

meters. -

2.13 ERA in 186.1 innings that season.

went Tommy John surgery (to repair dam-

Zach Winn can be contacted at

Ray Waldron can be contacted at

Seattle soaks up first Seahawks’ championship

SOCHI (Cont. from B10)


aSSociatEd prESS what good a protest would do for the Washington, where one person was arrested

Sure, it would send a message, but that


begins. some, this year’s games are the only ones that they will qualify for. Is rob-

tures. Sunday. The last time a major Seattle sports Monday. in many neighborhoods after the game. The

ing your support for the gay and lesbian of the world. That’s the way you get your



sands of fans gathered. -

- reported. -


sians were strongly opposed to a law

The Olympic rings greet everyone who enters The Sochi Olympic Park.



Mayor Ed Murray said in a statement him running. No one has been arrested in the other shooting. Wednesday, with a route through downtown

Zach Winn can be contacted at

breaking windows, Jamieson said.

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Interested in writing for the Sports section? Email Equinox Sports Editor Zach Winn at thurSday, FeB. 6, 2014


Another season, another award for coach Thomas

Cheerleading team competes at nationals KENDALL POPE

Equinox Staff This season, the Keene State College Cheerleading team was told they would be getting a new coach—they would have never guessed they would be getting two. Halfway through the season, Heath to make a full commitment to the team and the women were left without a coach. The women said they were devastated, thinking their only hope of attending nationals was gone. Luckily, KSC alumni Nicole Dick came to the rescue. “Nikki puts all her heart into the program, you can tell she wants to be there and wants to help the program become better,” senior co-captain, Trisha Gunning, said. With the help of their new coach, the women trained and practiced three to four times a week, eager to get to the Universal Cheerleaders Association Nationals, held at Disney in Orlando, Florida. The week before the trip two cheerleaders were named ineligible to attend, leaving the team with only twelve members and lots of changes to make to the routine. In Orlando, they competed against eight other teams in the Open Division and Although the squad expected to do better, it is a young team made up mostly of underclassmen, and the women said nerves got the best of them. Senior captain Breanna Vacca explained, “This competition was a real eye-opener for the team and especially the


LEC cross country Coach of the Year award the latest in a long and successful career DIANA PIMER

men, as Thomas previously won the honor in 2009, and his fourth for the women, which he won in 2008, 2009 and 2010. Some people will remember 1981 as the year the New While Thomas appreciates the award and recognizes York Islanders won their second straight Stanley Cup, or its value, he does not like to focus on his own acknowledgwhen the Boston Celtics brought the NBA Championship ments. “It’s a great accomplishment by the kids,” Thomas title back to New England. For the Keene State College said. “The awards are meaningful in that it’s more that the community, however, 1981 will be remembered as the start team did a really good job collectively. That’s important, of an era. the kids did what they were supposed to do.” While Thomas focuses on his runners more than himcoach, Peter Thomas, has developed a program that demonstrates excellence and consistency. Through hard work KSC Director of Athletics, John Ratliff said that having and dedication, Thomas has produced 48 cross country a coach like Thomas at the college is extremely valuable All-Americans and 14 straight Little East Conference titles. not only for the current team, but for the future of the cross This season, however, Thomas gained extra recogni- country program as well. “I think there’s a saying, ‘suction as he was named the LEC Coach of the Year for both cess breeds success,’ and I think his overall success is what the men and women’s teams. This is his second title for the continues theirs,” Ratliff said of KSC’s runners. “Kids and

Equinox Staff

students want to come to a program that’s successful. The coach of the year award is recognition of that.” Fresh off her own LEC runner of the year award, KSC sophomore Samantha Goldsmith knows just how important it is to have a successful and dedicated coach. “Coaches are what holds the team together. Pete really knows what he’s doing when it comes to training us, but he’s also the kind of person that brings us together as a team and teaches us to work together and push each other,” Goldsmith said. Goldsmith added that the team’s success comes from Thomas’s knowledge of the sport and his attention to detail. She said that he cares greatly about each individual athlete, which creates a cohesive unit come race day. However, the students do not just step out on the course and run fast. There are countless hours that add up to weeks, months,


Freshman guard Hammel gets assist from coaching father BRIAN CLEMMENSON

he and Lucas sat down at the end of Lucas’s junior there absolutely one hundred percent as a father year of high school. Hammel said he wanted to be and as a parent. But as a coach I would give him there as a father and only as a coach in the begin- some guidance in the beginning,” Bert said. Many athletes never have the opportunity ning of the recruiting process. » HAMMEL, B8 to decide between playing for their father or “I made it very plain to him that I would be for Keene State College. However, for one KSC basketball player, freshman point guard Lucas Hammel, it was about where he was going to get the chance to play right away. Hammel would have loved to be playing this season for Merrimack College, where for the last 34 years his father, Bert Hammel, has been the head basketball coach. It would have also marked the third time he would have been playing for his father, Lucas said. “He coached my AAU [Amateur Athletic Union] team, I always like playing for my dad. Those two years were a great experience for me,” Lucas said. When growing up, Merrimack College was Lucas’ second home. “I knew every nook and cranny of it,” Lucas said. However, when weighing his options, Hammel decided on KSC because he had the chance to play right away. According to Bert, Lucas said to him he needed to go to Division III. “He was the one who came to me and he said I want to play right away. I want to be a starting point guard. There’s not a lot of kids nowadays that understand the level that they have to play at,” Bert said. “Obviously playing for my father was a lifetime goal of mine. But the only time I wanted to go to Merrimack was if I knew I would have had a chance to play right away as a freshman,” Lucas said. BRIAN CANTORE / PHOTO EDITOR Bert said the talk about colleges began when Freshman Lucas Hammel drives to the rim in a home game against UMass Boston Jan. 25.

Equinox Staff

competition ever. I think it was good for the younger girls to see their future competition so they can prepare better and know what to expect in the future.” Since some members of the team have never done competitive cheerleading before, the transition from high school cheerleading to college cheerleading was quite a change. there are a lot of new people, and only a few upperclassmen who actually know how to do the stunts at the college level. We know we have a lot of potential and we really want to make the top three for the next three years,” freshman Gabriella Pace said. Their coach had been to nationals, but she attended the National Cheerleaders Association competition in Daytona, Florida—not the UCA competition held in Orlando. “I was very nervous, I didn’t know to nationals as a head coach to a competition I had never been to,” coach Dick said. Dick continued, “But once the day



Boycotting Sochi misses point ZACH WINN

SportS Editor Russia’s discrimination towards the gay and lesbian community has caused much uproar in the lead up to the Sochi Winter Olympic Games, which start February 7. There have even been calls to boycott the games in light of the legal and social restrictions gays and lesbians face in Russia. But I don’t think boycotting the games would be an appropriate or effective response. Currently, Russia has no law prohibiting discrimination based on sexual orientation, something the United Nations has openly condemned. Some thought that awarding a Russian city the honor of hosting the Olympics would soften the country’s stance on homosexual rights, but the international spotlight has not deterred Russian President Vladimir Putin— or the Russian people—from openly opposing the prospect of treating homosexuals like equals. In June of 2013, the Russian government passed a law banning, “homosexual propaganda.”

The vagueness of the law can be used to prevent any form of demonstration that suggests that homosexuals are equal to heterosexuals. The controversy this law inevitably stirred up led some, including German President Joachim Gauck, to push for mass boycotting of the Sochi games. Fueling this movement was President Barack Obama’s decision not to attend. People have speculated that President Obama’s decision is a symbolic protest, although he has repeatedly said it has nothing to do with human rights issues in Russia. But the Olympics have never been a place for political demonstrations. The games are all about the celebration of athleticism, sport and competition. They put country against country and bring out nationalistic pride like no other event. People have boycotted or demonstrated in Olympic games before, but the Olympics simply has nothing to do with politics. It is above politics.


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The Equinox: 02.06.2014  

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