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CO2 Gasses Turn moon green P 43

Boy Drowns after Violent Thugs Beat him in the head with bat



Shark Bites divers leg A diver has been bitten by a shark when the shark attacked him from behind biting off his leg. > p12



Girl sues for lack of sign A teenage girl is sueing a birmingham city centre MacDonald’s firm for not displaying a wet floor sign. > Pg 6

Wet floor sign which should have been displayed


Local Blind Man sees red

A blind man regained his sight after being knocked over. Gary Hennman from Lichfield who was born blind regained his sight after being run over earlier this year. He is sueing the driver of the vehicle.>p9


Still no Justice for BBC reporter

The murder of BBC’s news reported Jill Dando remains unsolved after 10 years. Barry George was aquitted in 2008 thus leaving the crime unsolved.

Attacked: River where Adam drowned to death By Mariah Partridge

A young boy drowned today as bullies beat him to his death. Adam Walker, an A grade psychology student from the Kings Norton area of Birmingham, is the latest victim of a bullying related death. It is alleged that Adam and two other friends were walking along the river bank by their college, when they were approached by a gang of hooded youths. The hooded youths asked for the boys mobile phones, and they refused which angered the youths. It is said that it is at this point the hooded youths became very aggressive and pounced on the three boys. An onlooker who was walking

her dog when the incident occurred said “There were three of them just walking and then loadsa’ hoodies just came out of nowhere and began beating them with bats, one of the lads fell into the river, i couldnt see him moving”. Adam’s two friends broke free and ran away after several attempts to get Adam out of the river. It is believed the leader of the gang was beating Adam so hard with the bat, the force cracked his skull and in turn knocked him unconscious and forced him into the river. I was at this time the hooded youths fled the scene and Adams friends returned

with help and tried to save him but were unsuccessful. Paramedics arrived and He was pronounced dead on the scene. No one has been arrested in connection with his murder. According to Bullying Uk’s 2006 National Bullying Survey 69% of children in the UK report being bullied and 87% of parents report that their child had been bullied in the past 12 months It is estimated that at least 20 children a year commit suicide because of being bullied .


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Birmingham’s Own

Friday 27th November 2009

German Market Making More Money Than Pallasades BIRMINGHAM city center’s German market has been a big hit with this years christmas shoppers. The figures were released today stating that the Pavillions has lost almost 40 % of it’s buissness to the market less than 2 minutes away from the shopping center. The Manager of the German Market stated “ I come here every year towards christmas and we do well all the time, we have reasonable prices which is why we do well on our products, there is no competition with the pallasades”. With stalls filling Victoria Square and Upper New Street and over 2 million visitors a year it is the largest authentic German Christmas market outside of Germany or Austria.

It occupies 290,000 square feet above the station and is currently owned by Birmingham City Visitors from all over the region Council, who purchased it on and further come to Birmingham’s 30 March 2009 from the Agora German Christmas Market to buy Max Shopping Centre Fund, a unusual and handmade gifts, includ- property fund of Warner Estate. ing ceramics, candles, glasswork, It was sold to Agora Max by the jewellery and Christmas decoraprevious owners, The Mall, in tions. A number of stalls also feature October 2005. traditional German items such as The German Market Closes on wooden toys, nativity scenes and the 23rd of December, leaving marionettes. Pallasades opened The Pallasades hoping to regain in 1971 and was formerly known losses after this time. as Birmingham shopping centre. It occupies 290,000 square feet above Packed: Christmas Shoppers at the German the station and is currently owned Market by Birmingham City Council, who purchased it on 30 March 2009 from the Agora Max Shopping Centre Fund, a property fund of Warner Estate. By Hannah Meret


Pallasades Shopping centre

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