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Organic Food — Your First Step to a Healthy Life

Are you one of those people who want to know what you take in and how good it is for you? Are you really aware of the processing and procedure involved in the making of the food that you consume. We stay away from organic food because of its hefty price tag but is organic food really good for you and the environment we live in? Organic food industry has become a booming industry ever since Amazon acquired Whole Foods, the iconic seller of organic wares and interesting beverages. Organic foods are gaining a lot of popularity these days as a greater of the world’s population wants to know about its benefits.

What exactly is Organic Food? Organic food refers to the food products are that prepared, processed and produced with the use of chemicals pesticides, chemical preservatives or chemical fertilisers. They’re prepared according to the norms set by an organic certifying body.Identifying Organic Foods isn’t tough, you can easily identify organic food with the help of an organic logo on the packet. If you’re worried about who puts the logo and whether it is authentic or not then you should know that the companies, farmers, manufacturers, and suppliers put the logo of the certifying body.

Benefits of Organic Food over Non-Organic Food★

The Organic Foods are normally grown with natural fertilisers whereas the Non-Organic Foods are Grown with synthetic/chemical fertilisers.


In Organic Foods, Weeds we controlled naturally by using crop rotation, hand weeding, mulching, etc and pest are also controlled by using natural methods but in case of Non-Organic Food, the weeds and pests are controlled with chemical herbicides and synthetic pesticides, respectively.

Health Benefits of eating Organic Food: It provides better overall health : Organic food is neither produced not are they processed with the help of chemical pesticides and chemical fertilisers. To cultivate Organic Food, people use natural techniques such as green manure that is helpful to fertilise the lands. The crops produced are safer, healthier, and smellier final products.

Antioxidant in Organic Food: Numerous scientific study suggests that antioxidants have an overall health benefit especially the ones that comes from organic foods. The positive impacts of organic food’s antioxidant will help a person to prevent heart disease, cancer, cognitive malfunction, premature aging and vision problem.

Organic Food tastes better: It is true that organic foods taste better than its counterpart and junk food. And if you’re accustomed to the addictive qualities of the junk food like processed sugar and MSG then it will take some time for your body to accept and experience the healthy food and once your body is compatible with organic foods, you’ll start craving for it and everything else will taste bad. Organic Food is fresh: Organic Food is often deemed to be fresh as it doesn’t contain chemical preservatives. These are guided by very strict standards of production, processing and preparation. The lack of chemical preservatives state that Organic Food is more or less fresh and juicy.

Kind of cheaper: Although a few organic food and products are extremely expensive, but in the long run organic food might just save your money is a lot of ways: ★


The whole foods help to prevent major as well as minor diseases and illness which indicates that there will be seemingly low health care costs and you’ll not miss your work more or less. Your brain is in absolute control if your body, so whenever you eat anything, your brain tells you to eat the food based on the nutrients it receives.


If you think getting organic food is hard and is expensive then you can try buying organic foods from the farmer’s market and this is extremely inexpensive and when you come into direct contact with the farmer you also get an option to barter with farmers for goods and services.

Well let’s face some realities. Organic food normally costs 20% to 100% more than the inorganic conventional food.You can find organic food products in Keemat. As an online food supplier in the UK, Keemat provides a lot of benefits to the customers and the suppliers.

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Organic food — your first step to a healthy life  

Are you one of those people who want to know what you take in and how good it is for you? Are you really aware of the processing and procedu...

Organic food — your first step to a healthy life  

Are you one of those people who want to know what you take in and how good it is for you? Are you really aware of the processing and procedu...