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Welcome to Bouvi’s Texture Tutorial for Photoshop. I am hoping that this guide will help beginners to extract art and use in their own UI creations. First thing you do is get a screenshot or use WoW Model Viewer to get an image. For this tutorial I used WoW Model Viewer to get the image but any screenshot will do. Just use the lasso tool or another tool to select the art. In the example below I just used the magic lasso to select it since the background is blue but any selection technique will do.

If using the magic lasso you will need to go under Select menu and choose Inverse. If you used another way to select it you can skip this step.

No matter which way you selected it, you must do the next step. This helps clean up the image. Go under the Select Menu, down to Modify and Choose Contract.

Set it to 1 pixel and hit OK

Copy the image and do a new document. Remember the size of the new document must be in powers of 2 (i.e. 2, 4, 8, 16, 32, 64, 128, 256, 512). A size of 256x512 is ok. 128x128 is ok. 220x180 will not work.

Paste the image into the new document. Hold down the control key (Apple key on Mac) and click on the thumbnail showing the image in the layers pallete. This will select your image again.

Again we do the Select down to Modify and choose Contract using a setting of 1 pixel. This will remove the whiteish border that can appear on textures.

On the channels pallette click the create mask button marked below. This will create a alpha mask for the texture.

On the channels pallette click the eye icon to show the mask. You should see red around your object.

From this point just save your texture as a 32 bit .tga file. Import into WoW and enjoy.


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