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Why Choose Rubber Keypads?

ď‚— Rubber keypads may seem ordinary, but they do

have benefits which you can apply to your products. Most of the time, these keypads are preferred due to lower tooling cost and shorter lead times, especially when compared to membrane switches. With the right manufacturer working with you, you can be assured of having a high-quality product. Just like what KEE Group USA promises, it can design and manufacture your own keypad as specified by your product design and requirements.

Benefits of Rubber Keypads ď‚— There are numerous benefits of rubber keypads

which you may not have realized yet. While they are perceived to be outperformed by membrane switches, they offer advantages over the membrane types. Here are just some of the benefits of rubber keypads.

Number 1 ď‚— Rubber keypads can be highly customized for your

product requirements. They are easily shaped into various forms so customizing it is very easy.

Number 2 ď‚— They give good tactile user interface for better

customer satisfaction.

Number 3 ď‚— They can also be designed with different colors,

according to the shade that you want or the color that contributes to the aesthetic appeal of your product.

Number 4 ď‚— Rubber keypads provide protection. They are ideal

for food establishments, hospitals, and those that require sanitation. These keypads provide no crevices so they resist and contamination from food and other harmful substances.

Number 5 ď‚— They can be used with other components.

Furthermore, since they come with highlycustomizable features, they can work with other components even with membrane switches. This will further provide uniqueness in your product.

Design Options ď‚— Designing your own rubber keypads is easy. With the

further help of the engineers, you can achieve a design that will specifically meet the function and requirements of your product. The design of the rubber keypad may be customized with multi-color molding. The plastic caps can also be added with the different colors.

ď‚— To protect your rubber keypad further, you can opt

to have it applied with epoxy key tops or polyurethane coating. Of course, keypads are translucent so you can choose the color of the backlight you need. To know more about rubber keypads or to customize your own, contact the engineers at

Why Choose Rubber Keypads?  
Why Choose Rubber Keypads?  

Rubber keypads may seem ordinary, but they do have benefits which you can apply to your products.