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Week7 constructing journal In this week’s tutorial, we went to site visit of MAXSTRA. It is an apartment and still in building process. Inside the apartment, concrete panels include the PVC pipes on the top. These pipes are used to storm the water and sewage. Steel frames are used to support the pipes and such the big and heavy structure.

PVC pipes on the top Steel frame to support the structure

On the top of the apartment, different parts of apartment were shown which includes the kitchen, bathroom, living area and so on. Trusses frame are clearly shown on the windows of the apartment which are able to stable the structure. There are three different types of plasterboards maintained by the constructer. Different colours represent different uses, for example, red colour is used for the fire resistance, blue is used for the bathroom and the pink one is used for the walls. Also, one of the door frame was shown on the top of the apartment. It was made from the wood. Numbers of the steel columns are used to support the building inside structure. Steel columns

Truss frame of the window

Wood door frame and sliding operation

Timber frame

Then we went to the roof of the apartment. The roof is metal roof decking and it is supported by the steel beams. The roof system plays an important role of connections. The welded steel connections and bolted connection with two pieces of tab plates are used on each side of the columns to support the roof structure. These kinds of connections are used to make the roof structure more stable.

Welded steel connections

Metal roof decking

When we went back, the constructer also introduced the different lines on the top wall of the building which are used for fire, gas and water. And the lines on the side of the wall are used for the air conditioning. One interesting staff he showed us was the tie hole inside the wall. It is used to pour the concrete to the wall.

Different lines on the top which used for fire, water and gas

Tie hole

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Week7 constructing journal Constructing Environment The university of Melbourne

Studio Journal  

Week7 constructing journal Constructing Environment The university of Melbourne