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KEDAR Information Technologies, commonly called KEDARit, helps clients solve their toughest problems, delivering innovative lean thinking solutions to meet such challenges as…

• Optimizing costs • Managing business processes • Achieving growth and innovation • Transforming through lean thinking • Training in IT Service Management • Aligning business objectives to technology • Applying technology showback/chargeback methods


[pronounced key • dar’• I• T or key • dar’• it ]

Clearly identify costs and the cost drivers, visualize value streams, and put greater key performance indicators (KPIs) and business intelligence at your manager’s finger tips.

KEDARit is the one firm with the experience and expertise to help businesses, government, and public organizations solve challenges in growth, innovation, and transformation.

Our service offerings include more than our management consultant expertise. We provide proprietary Software as a Service (SaaS) tools that bring the full strength of our capabilities to bear for every client. The SaaS solutions that KEDARit provides clients include powerful analytical tools to quickly identify non-lean areas, and model or perform simulations that show how costs can be reduced or optimized.

KEDARit is a premier management consulting company with the experience and expertise to help businesses, government, and public organizations solve their toughest challenges. We specialize in helping these clients achieve results that endure for Business and IT Strategy, Business Process Management (BPM), IT Service Management (ITSM), and Certification Training

The key to success for our clients in today’s complex business and technology environment is to “KEDARit [key•dar’•it]” – that is, to identify costs and the cost drivers, visualize value streams, and put greater key performance indicators (KPIs) and business intelligence at management’s finger tips. Allowing managers to achieve results such as:

For more than 10 years, our passionate commitment to excellence, integrity, and client success has helped KEDARit to grow and be a leading management consulting company. Over a decade of dramatic change, we have never lost sight of our core mission: using cutting-edge technologies to develop “Lean Thinking” solutions that achieve enduring results for our clients.

• reducing and optimizing costs, • achieving greater process efficiency, and • aligning business and technology objectives.

Our management consultant’s provide the advice and counsel that help clients go from where they are to where they need to be. Strategy is often the beginning of this process, not the end result. We deliver the deep and cross-linked capabilities that actually make change happen across our client’s organization.

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Our KEDARit Solutions “KITS” are designed to accelerate achievement of these results.


OUR MISSION: Using cutting-edge technologies to develop “Lean Thinking” solutions that achieve enduring results for our clients.

Our Theme

The term, IT Financial Management, is also rapidly becoming outdated. The new mantra is Financial Management for IT Service or Business Technology Financial Management. This new mantra requires a different and service driven approach to budgeting, financial governance, and cost optimization.

To put the value stream of how business objectives are achieved at our clients’ finger tips. Providing these clients greater cost transparency and governance over business processes and technology resources.

Our Value

Our Clients

The executive’s view of the business and technology functions continue to morph more and more into a single view: “business technology” functions. Our KITS enable executives to clearly define the value stream of the business technology function, by connecting the business value to the supporting technology services.

Clients tell us that KEDARit Solutions “KITS” enable their business and technology organizations to quickly: • define their functional value-streams, • engineer and automate key processes,

We are helping our clients to solve some of these most pressing business challenges: • Greater cost optimization • Improved process analytics and metrics

• achieve greater cost measurements and management reporting, • reduce cost through greater optimization and transparency,

• Transparent budgeting and financial governance

• transition from business and technology to a business technology view, and

• Business technology strategies using total cost of ownership rationale

• integrate the training needed to transform the culture to the “Lean Thinking” philosophy.

…and these technology challenges: • Automated budgeting and financial governance • Scaling costs to meet business technology usage • Greater showback/chargeback analytics and metrics • Value stream analysis that leads to business growth • Transform IT organizations to Business Technology Providers


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Solutions that deliver the advice, counsel, and SaaS tools and training that enable clients to quickly develop custom strategies and solutions that achieve lean objectives.

KEDARit Solutions “KITS� put the business intelligence (BI) you need at your finger tips. Our KITS help organizations to achieve greater lean business technology results that endure.

Solutions that deliver greater cost reductions and financial governance, identify the value-stream of how business objectives are met, and puts the analytics and metrics at your finger tips to achieve lean objectives

Solutions that provide a best practice BPM methodology and automated tools needed to map processes to business functions, develop visual processes, simulate operations, and automate processes that achieve lean objectives.

KEDARit partners with clients in a journey that begins with strategic insight and ends with powerful, lasting results.

Training solutions that are necessary to achieve greater cultural transformation and sustain improvements. We are a premier training provider of IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL), Lean IT, Cloud Computing, and ISO 20000 certification and custom training courses.


Strategy Development and Modeling

Client Value

IT strategy development requires a business technology strategic viewpoint of how technology is used to achieve business objectives. The development of a business technology strategy dictates that automated tools are used to allow rapid analysis, collaboration and modeling of problem-solving scenarios to determine the outcome of complex challenges.

Our IT Strategy offerings enable organizations to quickly adopt a business technology view of challenges and objectives to:

For over a decade KEDARit has been facilitating analysis and financial modeling to help clients set priorities, explore the impact of different operating models, and provide the rationale for strategic initiatives.

• integrate training that transforms the culture to the lean thinking philosophy.

• reduce costs 3 to 8 percent, • define business technology value streams, • enable process automation and innovation, and

KEDARit Solutions “KITS” Our IT Strategy KITS put the right business intelligence (BI) at your finger tips, which help organizations to achieve and sustain greater lean business technology strategic management.

Optimize the business and technology value-stream. The KEDARit suite of IT Strategy KITS enables organizations to achieve greater cost reductions and financial governance that put at your finger tips the value stream of how to scale business objectives and technology costs.


:: Cost Optimization Service (COp-S™) The COp-S™ KITS delivers automated financial cost modeling and value alignment capabilities that today’s CIOs need to: • achieve greater cost optimization, • create budgets based on scalable business needs, and • understand the real cost of Cloud vs. in-house solutions. Decision makers have the key performance indicators (KPIs) and business intelligence at their finger tips to easily scale strategic decisions to match the velocity of business change. Advantages

• Greater cost transparency

• Defined unit costs

• Rapid “what if” cost modeling

• Identified cost drivers

• Real cost optimization solutions

• Automated cost allocation • Value stream visualization

:: Showback Snapshot The Showback Snapshot KITS delivers visibility into the true total cost of ownership. It validates existing showback or chargeback allocation methods. This solution provides a realistic financial cost analysis of the selected organization. It provides a detailed snapshot analysis and recommendations for greater cost optimization and spending reductions. Advantages • Defined unit costs

• Visualized value stream

• Optimized solutions

• Automated cost allocation

• Identified cost drivers


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Technology Service Management

Client Value

At KEDARit, we are independent of any specific products, and see our clients’ needs in terms of people, process, and strategy first. Many ITSM consulting companies are tied to their own proprietary products, and so they see clients’ needs through that lens.

Our ITSM offerings enable organizations to quickly:

Clients value our independence, our deep content knowledge, and our holistic solutions. We deploy our Business Value Alignment (BVA™) approach to assist organizations with evaluating, planning, sourcing, and managing large-scale systems using ITSM best practice. We figure out how to implement ITSM best practice in a practical way that gets real value and delivers improvements aligned to business objectives.

• • • •

implement best practice improvements, adopt the ITIL® and ISO 20000 frameworks, achieve greater ITSM driven measurements and KPIs, and integrate training that transforms the culture to the lean thinking philosophy.

KEDARit Solutions “KITS” Our ITSM KITS put the business intelligence (BI) at your fingertips which helps organizations to achieve and sustain greater lean business technology service management.

Achieve greater IT service delivery capability. The KEDARit suite of ITSM KITS enables organizations to achieve greater cost reductions and financial governance of technology service delivery and support functions that put at their fingertips the value stream of how business objectives are met. © Copyright 2012, KEDAR Information Technologies Inc. This marketing brochure is provided courtesy of KEDARit, Inc.


:: Service Utilization Manager (SUMTM) The SUMTM KITS delivers the approach, guidance, automated tools, and training that is necessary to quickly define the line-of-business service utilization, and service value stream. It accelerates the client’s development and analysis of services as defined in the the IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL®) Framework. The SUM™ provides the automated tools to create a comprehensive Service Catalog, and the capabilities to analyze and manage the Service Catalog. The key fundamentals of an actionable Service Catalog are: • customer-facing view of services, • description of how services are used, • list of the business functions and customers supported, and • statement of the performance levels and quality of expected service. Advantages • Consensus among service managers • Automated visualization and analysis tools • Identified service interfaces and dependencies • Optimized service delivery and management operations • Defined service value stream from technology to business objectives

:: Readiness Assessment and Roadmap The Readiness Assessment and Roadmap KITS conducts an end-to-end assessment based on the IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL®) Framework and other best practice. Clients receive an actionable project plan (commonly called an “Implementation Roadmap”), and “quick win” recommendations that are realistic and sustainable. Advantages • Tactical comprehensive roadmap • Documented findings and recommendations • Automated surveys and professional interviews • Detailed analysis and research of the current environment • Training courses that are customized or intended for certification


Process and Workflow Automation

Client Value

Clients who face challenging cuts and increasing business growth objectives look to KEDARit to achieve greater transparency into their processes and workflow automation opportunities. Armed with this business intelligence they are able to make value driven decisions.

Our proven Business Value Alignment (BVA™) approach guides companies to a value driven use and deeper understanding of their business processes. Clients rely on the resulting business intelligence, and automated process development and simulation tools that are integrated into our BVA™ approach. Clients have realized greater than 15% cost reduction by using our BVA™ approach to optimize processes and automate workflows.

KEDARit is a unique management consulting company that helps clients overcome BPM challenges to meet their business objectives. We are second to none in developing processes and conducting workflow simulations to optimize the process total cost of ownership.

KEDARit Solutions “KITS” Our BPM KITS provide proven techniques to define the business processes of a department and to identify how technology can be used to automate its functions.

Achieve greater process efficiency through automation. In today’s business environment, more companies are developing ways to understand all that they can about their people, processes, and technology. It is not sufficient to rely on outdated approaches to gain competitive advantage. Business Process Management (BPM) is a way to quickly identify and better manage a company’s processes, automation, and innovation.


:: BPM Quick Launch The BPM Quick Launch KITS provides an agile best practice approach for process modeling and simulation. Our management consultants provide the expertise, counsel and hands-on experience with automated BPM tools to model and simulate processes regardless of the type: structured, unstructured, or hybrid. Our Business Value Alignment (BVA™) best practice approach delivers the following:

• Process transparency • Defined business interactions • Continuous process optimization • Collaboration and process consensus Clients have told us that the BPM Quick Launch KITS enabled them to improve the way their people did their work. It was easy for their managers and staff to have their fingertips on the pulse of business and project-based work performance. Advantages

• Organizational transparency • Better planning and management • Process simulation of what-if analyses • Capability to simulate complex processes • Process assessment and improvement modeling • Coordination of business interfaces and interactions


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Cultural Change

Client Value

KEDARit has been improving organizational effectiveness and leading successful transformation for private and public clients for over a decade. Our IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL®), Lean IT, Financial Management for IT Service, Cloud Computing, Lean/ SixSigma, and ISO 20000 certification and custom training courses take topics from concept through implementation.

Our training courses are the key to our client’s success. Training courses, whether customized or intended for certification, on-site or at our training facilities, equip each participant to:

Our instructors deliver the training that helps course participants successfully execute concepts and best practice to achieve their strategies and objectives. Each training course delivers relevant training and guidance that helps participants diagnose their organization’s adoption readiness, understand decision criteria and motivators, and develop a custom adoption program that supports their business objectives.

KEDARit Solutions “KITS”

• • • •

Reduce cost, Improve delivery of IT services, Scale spending to meet business objectives, and Achieve greater proactive problem management and resolution.

Our training KITS enable clients to achieve and sustain greater lean business and technology management.

Achieve greater ITSM culture transformation. We are the premier training provider of ITSM certification and customized course solutions.


:: Training The Training KITS delivers greater cultural transformation. Clients tell us that integrating training into other KITS is necessary and fundamental to achieving cultural transformation. Training KITS enables clients to achieve and sustain greater lean business technology measurement and management, and adopt best practice frameworks. All certification series courses are accredited by the APMG International Organization. Certification Series

• ITIL® 2011 • ISO 20000 • Six Sigma Workshops

• Lean IT • IT Governance • ISO/IEC 27000 • Lean/Six Sigma • Cloud Computing


© Copyright 2012, KEDAR Information Technologies Inc. This marketing brochure is provided courtesy of KEDARit, Inc.

We believe integrity is the best value a consultant can bring to a client. KEDARit always tells clients what they need to hear, which is not always what they want to hear.

More than ever, our clients want a company like KEDARit to achieve results that endure. KEDARit’s experienced consultants have a proven track record in bridging the gap between business and technology ideas and strategies and bottom-line outcomes. KEDARit brings an objective perspective to complex challenges with strong technological components. We don’t have a stake in a particular IT system or product, so we focus on delivering value for the client. Our most powerful concepts and methods form the core of the value we provide clients. Thought Leadership Intellectual capital is our most valuable asset. Encompassing knowledge, information, proprietary SaaS tools, intellectual property, methodologies, and experience make up a core asset of KEDARit - one that greatly enriches our value to clients. At KEDARit, the development and dissemination of thought leadership is a fully integrated part of each KITS. We have robust internal processes for turning innovative ideas into practical solutions, for capturing lessons learned from our assignments, and for managing our accumulated knowledge, so that our professionals can bring its full power to each engagement.


Only KEDARit seamlessly brings together the expertise and SaaS tools to help our clients surmount the end-to-end business challenges that don’t differentiate between business and technology objectives.

IT Strategy Charles Williams, KEDARit Practice Leader

When clients need the rubber to meet the road, they turn to KEDARit. Our pragmatic ability to drive change by taking innovative programs from concept through implementation is what makes us unique.

Business Process Management Neil Nobie, KEDARit Practice Leader

We can bring to each client engagement an arsenal of experienced and certified expert training instructors, and we can assemble our resources quickly.

Certification Training Bobbie Williams, KEDARit Process Leader

The power of KEDARit is in our ability to bring together our broad range of specialized knowledge, unsurpassed functional skills, and strong industry and domain

perspectives to bear on every engagement. Charles Williams KEDARit CEO


To learn more about KEDARit and how our KITS can address your organization’s needs, call us at (972) 317-3577 within North America. You can also: eMail us at; Friend us on; Visit us at; Follow Us on Twitter@kedarit Website http// Locations Texas: (972) 317-3577 Illinois: (312) 241-1090 Certifications • Open Text “ProVision” Partner • University of Texas at Arlington and St. Edward’s University Training Partner • APMG-International Organization Training Provider • Minority Business Enterprise (MBE) • Service Disabled Veteran Owned Business (SDVOB)

© Copyright 2012, KEDAR Information Technologies Inc. This marketing brochure is provided courtesy of KEDARit, Inc.