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Fontys School of Communications Eindhoven (The Netherlands) Teamname: Robocopy & Art Sanne van de Ven DaniĂŤlle van Doornmalen Anouk Schuurmans KJ van Gorkom M: - T: +31 (0)6 198 13 224

Campaign background & summary Binge drinking is a major health problem in the European Union. It has become clear to us that young adults don’t really care about the damage a harmful drinking pattern can do to your health in the future. They live in the here and now and are more concerned with the way they come across with their peers, being part of a group and having a good time in general. Their priority is upkeeping their image and Social Well-being on the short term, not their health on the long term. With the present burst in social media, sharing and liking has become a part of everyone’s daily vocabulary and activity. The target group is constantly trying to look as interesting and fun as possible. An everyday battle for positive attention. When you binge drink, all that hard work for positive attention gets thrown out the window. Suddenly, all you do is pull negative attention towards yourself. And while doing so you lose sight of your surroundings. The surroundings that you usually keep such a close eye on.

Prioritized objectives 1.

Showing the target group that getting into a drunken

stupor will only draw negative attention towards them. 2. Give the target group a tool to experience the way binge


drinking affects you and your surroundings, make them think twice before having that drink too many. 3. Convince the target group that binge drinking effects your social well being as well as that of others.

These goals should reach the target group by the end of the campaign period.

Proposed strategy & tactics Who are we talking to? Young adults - Aged 18-25 - Social, outgoing, fun - Interested in social media and online - Put effort in appearance and acceptance by group - Concerned with image - Living in ‘here and now’

Where do we reach them? 03 - BAG FOR ATTENTION

Focus on locations where the target group spends free time. Bars, pubs, clubs,festivals, downtown.

Insights The target group is more concerned with their present image than the long-term effects of their actions on health and well-being. Therefore it’s of no use to warn and ‘scare’ them into drinking less, as other anti-drinking campaigns have proven. Communicating through image, appearance and social surroundings will have more influence. When you’re drunk you are less aware of your actions and your surroundings. But your surroundings on the other hand, become more aware of you. You draw negative attention towards you and at the same time lose sight of it yourself. You basically look (and act) like a fool when you’re drunk. You might as well pull a brown paper bag over your head and get the same effect; See nothing while others look at you like you’re crazy.

Proposed strategy & tactics Strategy Binge drinkers lose sight of their surroundings but keep drawing more attention to themselves. We could show bingedrinkers what effect their actions have on theirselves and their surroundings. But how do we reach both target groups at the same time? Easy, a brown paper bag will do the trick. Pulling it over the bingedrinker’s head confronts him with the way he’s behaving; Not caring about his surroundings and how he affects them with his behaviour. At the same time, bystanders will think someone with a bag over his head is odd, so that will definately draw their attention. Some will laugh, some will whisper or point and stare. Both target groups are confronted with the effects of binge drinking. To reach the target group we recommend a push-pull strategy. The push-measures will generate awareness of binge drinking and the negative effects it has on everyone’s social well-being. The brown paper bag provides a fun tool to do so.


The pull-measures will take place online through several social media platforms. This is where the target group spends a lot of time and this is where the campaign has the potential to come to life and can actually be used by the target group.

Creative brief Core message

Young adults are more concerned about their image and the way they come across to their surroundings and peers than living healthily. Concentrating on the latter will not have the wanted effect

When you binge drink you have LESS attention for what goes on around you, but draw MORE attention towards you.

Why is this insight relevant?


Binge drinking makes you lose sight of your surroundings and the way you effect them, while at the same time pulling negative attention towards you. This is in conflict with keeping up your image and social well-being. Getting this message across will convince the target group to think twice before overdoing it with alcohol. They will drink less.

- Informal - With a wink - Casual - Likeable


Key insight

Creative execution Key visual The brown paper bag.


PAY-OFF: Don’t Bag For Attention Subtitle: Drink less

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Creative execution TV commercial


The commercial starts out with a club, we see people dancing with a view from above. Some of them are wearing a brown paper bag over their head. We zoom in on one of them. The one with the brown paper bag in his head is obviously drunk and making a fool of himself. The people around him laugh, stare and point at him. After that we see the bag getting placed over the camera, to simulate a situation where you would be the one wearing the bag. This way the viewer experiences the way you’re not aware of your surroundings and the way everyone mocks you when you wear the bag (or when you binge drink). The commercial ends with the Pay Off and subtitle: Don’t Bag For Attention. Drink less. - Library link:

Creative execution Print & Outdoor


Here we use the same visual as we did in the commercial. The center of attention is a binge drinker, the one who wears the paper bag. He is surrounded by people who are not amused with his behaviour. They gossip, point, stare, mock and laugh at him.

- Library link:

Creative execution Guerilla ad


We’ll make use of the well-known JCDecaux street furniture for a guerilla ad where there’s a picture of someone’s head, obviously drunk, covered with an actual paper bag that goes all the way over it.

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Creative execution Local guerilla & sampling Promo teams hit the streets and head for popular locations for clubbing. They are all wearing a bag over their head to get attention and hand out the actual Bags. The Bag for Attention is also available at supermarkets and liquorstores to hand out with every purchase of alcohol.


- Library link:

- Library link:

Creative execution Mirror ad


In the restrooms of popular bars and clubs, we’ll place semi-transparent Bags for Attention over the mirror. This way you can still see yourself, but have the illusion there’s a bag over your head. This is spot on because you obviously care about your looks, or else you wouldn’t be looking in that mirror in the first place.

- Library link:

Creative execution Online The Bag for Attention gets it’s own website, personal Facebook and Twitter account. Here you can find all relevant information concerning the campaign and the dangers of binge drinking. We’ll also introduce the Tag for Attention. In your own partypictures, you can tag one of your (drunk) friends. But not under their own name. You can tag them as the Bag for Attention. This way you won’t intrude on any privacy but you can let your friend know, in a fun way, they were a bit out of line last night. Same with Twitter as #BagForAttention or #ForAttention.


- Library link:

Evaluation The impact of this campaign can be evaluated in several ways: 1. 2. 3. 4.

The number of visitors on the Bag For Attention website; The number of tags for Attention that have been used on Facebook and Twitter; The number of views of the TVC; Everything that has been written because of the campaign (news items, blogs, fora, etc.).

Media recommendations


To reach the target group, we have to be where they are, especially situations where they are confronted with alcohol. The TVC is the introduction of the campaign, so the target group will know about the Bag For Attention. Next the target group will experience the Bag For Attention in real life: through guerrilla, sampling and the mirror ad. During the whole campaign the main website (which will be communicated through all channels) will be online, where the target group can get information about the campaign. On social media the target group will be confronted with the Bag digitally.

Bag for Attention  

European Ad Venture Competition