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Nickelodeon Auditions Day - Your Bag Of Tricks. You signed up for the Nickelodeon Auditions, and did your homework. You figured out how to deal with stage fright. You carefully selected your act. You perfected the personality you intend portray. And the D-day has arrived. Now what? Well, between the moment you wake up, and the moment you step onto the audition stage, there a few things you need to put in place. These will put you in perfect shape to deliver your very best in the Nickelodeon Auditions. I call them your personal bag of tricks. Here they are: Your Attitude This is the one thing which will determine your success or failure. Belief! Expectation! Attitude! Psychologists have a phenomenon they call “self fulfilling prophecy”. It can broadly be summarized as “what you think will happen, will actually end up happening”. In other words, if you think you’ll do great, you are often always succeed. If you think you’ll screw up, you always end up screwing up. So do yourself a favour, expect the best, and then deliver your best. After all, life has no guarantees; it’s about giving your best shot. Like Walt Disney put it, “if you’ve done your best, relax, coz worrying about it isn’t gonna make things any better”. Your Dress Code You have probably already selected your costume, so there’s only one thing you have to remember. Comfort. You have to wear something you are comfortable in. Something you can be yourself in. If you are uncomfortable or cannot be yourself in the costume, then drop it. You do not want anything which will distract you from your act. Besides, Nickelodeon Audition judges are looking for someone authentic and original. Your dress code should enable you to achieve that. Your Waiting Companion One of the most nerve wracking parts of the audition is the wait. That time when you are waiting to present your act. In most cases, you are stuck in a room with a bunch of aspirants all waiting their turn. It is always a tension-filled room. Someone may attempt to start a conversation – usually to calm their own nerves. Trust me, waiting time isn’t networking time. It’s time to focus and wait to deliver you act. This is where your waiting companion comes handy – something to occupy you as you wait. Could be anything; a book, crossword or iPod. Something to keep you company during the nervous wait. Don’t forget to carry it along. Your Secret Weapon

Everyone has one. It could be a talisman or lucky charm. It could be an article of faith such as a rosary or prayer beads (if you are religious). It could be a ritual you perform before “big” occasions. It could be a prayer you utter, a poem you read, or song you listen to. Something which inspires you and fills you with confidence! Some people think these are superstitions – but they work. They offer you the extra psychological support. And, when you are going to face a Nickelodeon Auditions panel, you need all the help you can get. So, that is it with your bag of tricks. Put them in place and you are ready to face the panel. One you step on stage, it is your time to shine. Give a performance that will knock the judges off their feet! After all, life is for the taking. The Nickelodeon Auditions could be your big break. Best Wishes. For More Information Click Here Original Source: -

Nickelodeon auditions day your bag of tricks