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TARGET MARKET By: Keaton Welychka

High School Students

SUBWAY  Subway is a good target market for teens because it of fers a good

healthy alternative to fast food joints. It’s always been easy to go and buy a burger and fries at a cheap and easy price. Now with a chain like Subway, it makes it just as easy to find a healthy

alternative. Especially in this day when so many kids worr y about how they look , people are always looking for a healthy alternative. Subway has become so popular they have even introduced breakfast

as an option on their menu. Subway is quite popular among students because it is quick easy and customizable.

 Subway has stores in Welland in the Seaway Mall, Niagara Street etc,

SPORTCHEK ď‚Ą Spor ts are a big par t of students lives today whether it be playing on a travel spor ts team, playing school spor ts or simply gym class. Kids and students now need a lot of equipment and Spor tChek provides that. Spor tChek carries a lot of name brands and nowadays, carries a lot of

weight nowadays due to athletes sponsors and adver tisements. Some of the brands Spor tChek of fer s are Nike, Adidas, Bauer which appeals to students of our age. They also of fer many dif ferent spor ts and activity

equipment like hockey gear, basketball, baseball, running. By having so many options they are appealing to a wide variety of students. Spor tChek can be found at the Seaway Mall.

Electronics are a massive par t of our day and age. We

need phones to communicate with people and stay connected through messaging, computer s to create documents for work and school etc. Apple has

targeted students by appealing to them through appearance and through quality. Apple of fer s high speed computer s with the best programs for

documents. This appeals to students who want their work to appear as professional as possible and to get it done in a shor t amount of time. Also, Apple is a big

name brand with a sleek packaging and appearance. Students and people care a lot about name and appearance and Apple of fer s a product that is well

known and reliable and that’s what draws in students. Staples of fer s a wide variety of Apple products and there is an Apple store in the Pen Centre.


AMERICAN EAGLE OUTFITTERS American Eagle Outfitters is a popular choice amongst teens. They offer new and trendy clothes for many seasons for both boys and girls. They also always seem to be updating their stock and adding new additions to the rack. However sometimes their

prices can be on the higher end of the spectrum. However if you are a registered at an American Eagle they send out coupons and deals to draw you in. They often use the pull strategy to get you to come to their store but then use the push strategy once

you are in the stores. American Eagle is also a great option for teens because they offer a lot of variety for boys and girls. While most stores just cater to one sex, AE offers varieties

for both making this a popular choice for both genders. There is an American Eagle at the Pen Centre.

 The movies have long been a place where people, students, adults etc. have gone for some enter tainment. You can choose to go to the Cineplex. The Cineplex of fer s many dif ferent genres of movies for you to see and at a fairly reasonable price. They also of fer a Scene card so you can accumulate points to put towards a free movie. More popular among teens now though is the Drive – In. The Drive – In shows new and older movies and also of fer s some privacy while watching the movie. It is also a great place to take a big group of people and see one movie all together. We have a Cineplex at the Seaway Mall and a Canview Drive In


Target Market for Teens  
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