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Why Hadimba Temple of Manali is the most frequently visited destination Honeymoon Inn Manali is situated only at a distance of 1.5 kms from the main bus stand. Due to its exceptionally good quality customer service, the hotel has been frequently preferred by many travel agencies and has been rated as one of the Best hotels in Manali by tourists. Staying here will make you feel as if you are staying in any Star hotels in Manali . For More Information Visit Situated in the northern India, Manali is the most frequently visited travelling destination for travelers during summers. While there are a number of attractions in this place where people jostle in large numbers but Hadimba Temple is one of the most interesting places. Hidimdi, Hadimdi or Hadimba, this multi named Temple is situated at Manali. This is one of the most frequently visited Temples of the hill station. You will hardly find anyone who has visited Manali but has not come to this Temple. It is just a 20 minute ride from the Manali Tourist office and can be reached easily. The temple has got a strong mythological story associated with the epic Mahabharata, according to which the Pandavas used to reside here. It is said that during their stay in Manali, the Pandavas were attacked by an evil named as Hidimb. Bhima, who was the strongest amongst all the Pandavas, slaughtered the evil monster. But the sister of Hadimb, Hadimba is said to have performed meditation here to pray to the Gods and take a vow to marry the person who would kill him. The temple is hence built in the memory of Hadimba and her brother by Maharaja Bahadur Singh in the year 1533 AD. It is said that till today, both of them live here. Every year many tourists and pilgrimages arrive at this temple in order to see its beautiful architecture which is the major attraction of the place. The temple has wooden doors with the designs of Goddesses Durga inscribed on them. Base of the temple is whitewashed and has mud covered stonework inside the temple. There is a three inch tall image of Hidimba Devi placed inside the temple. It is said that in the ancient days, perpetrators or criminals were attached to the rock by tying their hands around it. A few meters away from the temple, a shrine that is established in the name of Ghatotkacha, son of Hidimdi. For More Information Visit Every year in the month of May, a Hidimba Festival is organized where cultural performances by the local people and theatre groups can be seen. The festival also witnesses some wonderful sports that include a bow and arrow competition and many such interesting sports. Fairs are also organized every year where food items, traditional jewelry and souvenirs of Himachal Pradesh are sold in large numbers. Moreover, the location of the temple admist the deodar

forest, known as the Dhugru Van Vihar forest makes it the perfect place for a wonderful stroll admist nature. There are a number of hotels which are situated near this Temple. Few of them are low budget where as others are star rated ones. It all depends upon the tourists which hotel suits them the best. The star hotels in Manali offer luxurious facilities to all its guests that include a unique food delicacy, WI-fi facilities in rooms and emergency medical facilities as well. But tourists should make sure that whichever hotel they are booking must offer sightseeing facilities.

Why hadimba temple of manali is the most frequently visited destination  

Honeymoon Inn Manali is situated only at a distance of 1.5 kms from the main bus stand. For More Information Visit http://www.honeymooninnma...