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Southern NH G U I D E

Celebrate the Creative Arts

Who Should Participate?

Southern New Hampshire is a magical place that

§§ Galleries

combines colonial history with today’s fast-paced living.

§§ Individual artists: all mediums

Tucked into the corners of each town are people with

§§ Museums and historic sites

artistic and creative souls. The Southern New Hampshire

§§ Art venues, such as theaters

Art & Gallery Guide will highlight those individuals who

and opera houses

want to share their manner of expression to the world —

§§ Musicians and performers

one person at a time.

§§ Professional photographers §§ Retail stores with local artwork

This guide will be the region’s go-to resource for information about artists, musicians, photographers, performers, nonprofit organizations, and crafters. The fullcolor publication includes profiles of painters, galleries,

§§ Supporters of the arts community, such as corporations who sponsor art shows

Advertising Rates – NEW TRAVEL SIZE!

theaters, educational institutions and others, as well as a directory by town and an alphabetical list of creatives.



SIZE (width

With thousands of copies distributed for free, the guide



6" x 6"

highlights the extraordinary talent in Southern New

Full page


5" x 5" or 6" x 6" w/ bleeds

Hampshire, and invites residents, visitors and seasonal

Half page


2.4165" x 5"



2.4165" x 2.4165"

25 word description


submit online

tourists to support the local arts.

Fast Facts Print run: 5,000 Distribution: Direct mail, NH Open Door events, and

x height )

*Inside front, inside back, outside back, bleeds 0.25”

Ad Layout Specifications

available at galleries, bookstores, retail stores and other

Please supply advertisement files in PDF format with all

high traffic areas in Hillsborough County and beyond

images saved at 350 dpi, convert Pantone colors to CMYK

Available: October 2017 – December 2018 Web: theartandgalleryguide.com

(no spot colors) and embed all fonts. Ad materials are due Friday, Sept. 21, 30 days before publication. Email ad materials to info@kearsargemagazine.com.

Art & Gallery


Southern NH G U I D E

contact name:______________________________________________________



_ ___________________________________________________________

address:___________________________________________________________ city:________________________________ state:

_______ zip:_______________

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 Full Page Ad

$500 ­

 Half Page Ad


 Box


 25-word description


total cost


signed:____________________________________________________________ name:___________________________________________ date:______________

All ads must be prepaid. Last day to accept ads is Friday, September 21. Ad Materials: Please email your ad and/or description to info@kearsargemagazine.com Payment: Please send check or money order to Kearsarge Magazine, PO Box 1482, Grantham, NH 03753. You may also pay online with MasterCard or Visa at www.kearsargemagazine.com/advertise/purchase

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Magazine shall have no liability for the failure

b. Preferred positions (a specific page

to execute such advertising because of acts

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of God, government restrictions, fires, strikes,

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accidents or other events beyond Kearsarge Magazine’s control.

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to pay all collection costs, including

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of their advertisements. In consideration

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SO NH Art & Gallery Guide Media Kit  

SO NH Art & Gallery Guide Media Kit  

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