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Open Daily 10 am – 5 pm Mt Sunapee Resort Newbury, NH Over 200 exhibitors Activities for kids Demonstrations Workshops Free parking And more!

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A R T & G A L L E R Y G U I D E 2016 - 2017

Art &



Gallery Upper Valley NH/VT G U I D E

F E AT U R E S 2 Making Art a Way of Life

For 41 years, the Cider Hill Gardens and Gallery in Windsor, Vt., has been a popular niche destination for many art and garden lovers. By Kim J. Gifford

16 Blues, Dixieland, Swing and Ragtime


Hartland, Vermont’s annual festival isn’t just for jazz fans. By Kim J. Gifford

18 Let’s Go to the Hop From performances to discussions, Hanover, N.H.’s Hopkins Center for the Arts engages and delights the Upper Valley community. By Jaimie Seaton

24 The Art of Complementing Art The Covered Bridge Frame Shop & Gallery will frame just about anything: paintings, prints, photographs, sports jerseys, needlework — even antique buttons. By Laurie D. Morrissey

30 New Hampshire to Nepal


Photographer Jim Block likes to take pictures of, well, everything. By Jaimie Seaton

34 Ceramic Tile Art Clients are drawn to artist Susan Beere’s tilework for its texture and bright colors. By Deb German

DIRECTORIES Lists of artists and organizations by town 5 Artists, Artisans & Galleries 22 Theaters & Performers 28 Museums & Historical Societies

A R T & G A L L E R Y G U I D E 2016 - 2017


Making Art aWay of Life For 41 years, the Cider Hill Gardens and Gallery in Windsor, Vt., has been a popular niche destination for art and garden lovers. BY KIM J. GIFFORD

Gary and Sarah Milek, owners of Cider Hill Gardens and Gallery, celebrate and weather the seasons of their business with the grace and flexibility of those who have transformed their way of life into an art form. In the spring they plant. In the summer their efforts bloom. In the colder days, Gary captures the beauty of the landscape in his art. In business for 41 years, the Mileks have witnessed many incarnations from a busy cider making operation and days of winter greenhouses filled with herbs­— lavender, rosemary, basil — for early spring flower shows to today’s targeted efforts — carefully selected crops of peonies, hostas and daylilies whose growth cycles flow gently one from another, producing a steady stream of admirers and shoppers to the business. Through it all Gary paints, exhibiting and selling his work at their onsite gallery. “We’re among those people who are pretty lucky as we’ve been able to support our lifestyle through our creativity. There was a time when things just dried up and blew away. I know a lot of painter friends who found something else to do. We stuck with it,” he says. The Mileks settled in Windsor when Gary got a job teaching drawing and painting at Dartmouth College in 1971. He professes to have been a lifelong artist, painting in watercolor as well as egg tempera, frequently adding gold leaf. He learned this medieval technique, which provides an extra dimension to the typically flat surface of a painting, while studying 2

A R T & G A L L E R Y G U I D E 2016 - 2017

at Rijks Academy in the Netherlands. Today, he is a member of the Egg Tempera Society. “When we started this, we knew we were going to garden here and paint. Gary had fallen in love with the landscape of apple trees and stone walls. I am the gardening part of the business and Gary is the art part,” says Sarah. “Except sometimes we interweave the parts,” interjects Gary. The two indeed collaborate with Gary assisting his wife in the garden, and she offering advice on frame selection. “We don’t always agree, so we have to make our stand here and there. It is a give and take,” Gary says.

Gary paints from nature, often taking his drawing pad outside to sketch. “I’m always dealing with nature and realism, though as I’m getting older it has become a little more fanciful,” he says. The landscape inspires; the fall and winter seasons take on the golden tones he so masterfully captures in gold leaf.

Cider Hill Gardens and Gallery 1747 Hunt Road, Windsor, Vt. (802) 674-6825

A typical summer day at Cider Hill Gardens and Gallery can bring anywhere from five to 20 visitors. Special events such as Peony, Hosta or Daylily Day, when the crops first go on sale, can attract as many as 100. Openings at the gallery also draw visitors. People come to walk the gardens and view the art. The gardens feature the work of various sculptors, and the collection is ever evolving. “The nightmare of my life would be to have no inspiration,” says Gary, which is perhaps why he and his wife seem to have created such an idyllic life. Even in paradise, however, there is a lot of work. “There is always more work to do than you can do, and in the summer the rest of the world doesn’t exist for me,” explains Sarah. “The benefit is, of course, we love our work.”


A R T & G A L L E R Y G U I D E 2016 - 2017


Art &

Performing traditional and contemporary folk music.



Upper Valley NH/VT G U I D E

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Susan Cancio-Bello: piano, vocals, mandolin Nicole Densmore: flute, djembe, vocals Laurie Reeder: lead guitar, vocals

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A R T & G A L L E R Y G U I D E 2016 - 2017


PHOTOGRAPHERS Jim Block, Paul Howe, and special thanks to the artists who provided their artwork

shop 603-643-5050 | classes 603-643-5384

Artists, Artisans & Galleries NEW HAMPSHIRE ANDOVER


F8 Photography (603)455-6595

Ararat Forge 267 Forest Street (603)938-2602

John J. Koron 297 Emery Road (603)568-3104 Lisa Jelleme, oil painter East Andover (603)455-3531 Mary-O Creations Mary Ofenloch (603)735-4101

Fine art, needlework and crafts. Specializing in pet portraits and landscapes. Handpainted pillows. Contact maryo.asclub@ Nature’s Palette (603)573-0384 Seth Kiedaisch Custom Woodwork 23 Kearsarge Mountain Road (603)470-5727 The MooseMan 289 Salisbury Highway (603)735-5323 Thomas Barber, oil (603)735-5607

J. Ann Eldridge 463 Rowe Mountain Road (603)938-5266 Michelle Marson Cochran Hill (603)938-2055 Sandy Luckury Braided Rugs 51 Dunfield Road (603)938-5530 Sew There! 15 Massasecum Avenue (603)938-5700 Stillwater Weaving Studio 196 Old Warner Road (603)748-0688

CANAAN Dimitri Gerakaris, metalsmith 69 Upper Gates Road (603)523-7366 Emile Birch 157 Talbert Hill Road (603)523-7289

Kraatz & Russell Glassworks 407 Gristmill Hill Road (603)523-4289 Lyon Creative Works 24 Perry Road (603)632-5966 Milk and Honey Fiber Studio 680 Canaan Street (603)523-7563

Singing Whale Stained Glass

CONCORD Capitol Craftsman & Romance Jewelers 16 and 18 North Main Street (603)224-6166 Detailed Stained Glass 24 Pleasant Street (603)224-7100

Platinum Puzzles 9 Stark Hill Road (603)632-1105

Jo-Shields Metalsmith & Designer (603)731-4427

The McAlister Collection Shop 19 Juniper Road (603)523-9130

Joy Raskin Metal Ornaments (603)448-1301

Woodland Vessels 157 Talbert Hill Road

Kimball-Jenkins School of Art 266 North Main Street (603)225-3932

CLAREMONT Clear Mountain Craft 9 Woonsocket Avenue (603)306-2766 Shawna Gibbs Photographer 99 Myrtle Street (603)738-1748

League of NH Craftsmen Retail Gallery 36 North Main Street (603)228-8171 Mark Knipe Goldsmiths 2 Capital Plaza (603)224-2920 Continued >>> A R T & G A L L E R Y G U I D E 2016 - 2017


McGowan Fine Art 10 Hills Avenue (603)225-2515

Covered Bridge Frame Shop & Gallery 916 Main Street (603)746-4996

Mill Brook Gallery & Sculpture Garden 236 Hopkinton Road (603)226-2046

Original art, prints, pottery, blown glass by local artists. Furniture making and repair. Custom picture framing for all your treasured items. Tuesday to Saturday, 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Three indoor galleries exhibiting paintings, sculpture, pottery, jewelry and mobiles. Annual outdoor sculpture exhibit. More than 70 regional and national artists. Enjoy the pastoral setting. Open Tuesday to Sunday, April 1 to Dec. 24, 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. New Hampshire Furniture Masters Association Gallery 49 South Main Street T. Devaney Fine Art 3 Pleasant Street (603)738-5330 Wyrding Studios

CONTOOCOOK Boyan Moskov Ceramic Studio 256 Pine Street (603)219-3732 Cat ‘n Squirrel Coloring Co. (603)513-4040


A R T & G A L L E R Y G U I D E 2016 - 2017

Dancing Crane Quilting 684 Main Street (603)746-2685 Ira Frost Birdcarvings 210 Amesbury Road (603)746-5009 Kathleen Dustin, polymer clay artist 469 Dustin Road (603)746-2669 Patricia Palson Handweaver Riverworks Handcrafted Jewelry 377 Little Tooky Road Sage & Twine 874 Main Street (603)717-5002

We offer thoughtfully and skillfully painted farmhouse and cottage-style vintage furniture and home goods. Join us for a furniture painting workshop or private lesson where you’ll learn the basics of working with milk and chalk paints.

CROYDON Gayle Hedrington Photography 147 Brighton Road (603)558-4323

ELKINS Charley Freiberg Photography (603)526-2767 Hibernating Artists Rosemary McGuirk (603)748-2115

Jack Dokus Designer Craftsman PO Box 373 (603)934-0299 Sawyer Bay 102 Gile Pond Road (603)934-5667

GEORGES MILLS Kendall Studio & Gallery 1036 Main Street (603)763-3295

GOSHEN Jamie Morgan Stained Glass (603)848-2593

Lorenz Fine Art 700 Mill Village Road (603)863-3385

Jon Keenan (603)568-6583

Maia Designs Studio 173 Four Corners Road (603)504-2524


Studio and gallery featuring fine art prints and unique handcrafted necklaces created by photographer Karen Winterholer.

Holmquist Furniture 67 Main Street (603)995-6863

ETNA Jim Block Photography

FRANKLIN Alice Ogden Black Ash Baskets 35 Flaghole Road (603)934-5012 Gail Rousseau Photography gailrousseauphotography. com

Tom Pirozzoli 667 Province Road (603)863-4425

GRANTHAM Fred Parsons Landscape Photography

Gwen Nagel (706)340-1585

Gwen’s landscapes in pastel, watercolor, and oil may be seen at Arabella Gallery (Windsor, Vt.), Breakwater Gallery (Eastport, Maine), Cassidy Gallery (Jackson, N.H.), and on her website.

HANOVER Betsy Derrick (603)643-3256

Jim Stamper Jewelry (603)863-2621 King Blossom Guitars Dunbar Hill Road (603)863-6125

Jon Gilbert Fox, photographer 8 Conant Road (603)643-0033

Lynn Wiley, Watercolor Artist (603)863-7784

League of NH Craftsmen 13 Lebanon Street (603)643-5050 – gallery (603)643-5384 – classes

GUILD Dorr Mill Store 22 Hale Street (800)846-3677

Gilded Edge Frame Shop & Gallery 69 Hanover Street (603)643-2884

HOPKINTON Designer Gold 3 Lebanon Street (603)643-3864

Both a retail gallery of fine handcrafted jewelry created by independent artists and a studio of goldsmiths making and repairing fine jewelry.

Nancy Kipperman Fine Art (603)863-8776

Robin Nuse Pastels and Oils

Ledyard Gallery at the Howe Library 13 South Street (603)640-3260 Olivia Janna (603)667-1652

#HashtagArtStudio 905 Main Street (603)746-1250

Lebanon Art & Crafts Association P.O. Box 188

Brian Rossignol

Paulette Werger Jewelry and Objects 11 Bank Street (603)748-1484

Kast Hill Studio 195 Kast Hill Road (603)746-6745 Weeping Willow Fine Arts 1635 Hopkinton Road (603)496-9121 weepingwillowfinearts. com

LEBANON AVA Gallery and Art Center 11 Bank Street (603)448-3117 Carrie Fradkin Fine Art 11 Bank Street, Studio 302 (802)522-3574

Sarah Heimann Pottery Upper Valley Arts Alliance

LYME Brian DiGeorge (603)795-2545 Gregg Gorman (603)795-4673

Continued >>> Large paintings for unique interior or exterior spaces.

“Chrysopoeia” is located at the Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center A R T & G A L L E R Y G U I D E 2016 - 2017


Long River Gallery & Gifts 1 Main Street (603)795-4909

New owners Dave and Lisa Celone. Where fine art meets craft, locally. Jewelry, fine furniture, sculpture, lighting, pottery, prints, paintings, scarves, socks, skincare, books, baskets, toys. Over 150 local artists! Unique. Distinctive. Affordable. Lynn Adams

Ken Schuster, photography

Center for the Arts (603)526-4444

Loa Winter (603)763-9743

Friends of New London Hospital Art Program 273 County Road (603)526-2911

Rugs Finally Finished 63 Andover Road (603)526-9265

Grace G. Cooper, oil paintings (603)491-5924

Sue Anne Bottomley sueannebottomley.blogspot. com

Drawings, paintings, blog, commissions, My new book is Colorful Journey, An Artist’s Adventure Drawing Every Town In New Hampshire, at local bookstores.

Russell Pottery at Chalk Pond 372 Chalk Pond Road (603)763-0181 russellpotteryatchalkpond. com Stuart Allen Pottery 12 Orchard Street (603)763-3033


Great Island Photography LLC (603)526-4342

Alan H. Gepfert, stone sculptor (603)526-2659

Jean Cronin Connolly Fine Art & Photogrpahy

NEWBURY Center Meeting House Gift Shop and Art Gallery 945 Route 103

Alan Zola Shulman 191 Barrett Road (603)748-2127 Alison Vernon (603)340-7465

David Ernster Ceramics 249 Newell Road (603)938-2906

Annie Ballin & Co. 244 Blueberry Lane (603)526-8977

Debbie Campbell Art (603)938-5800

Bloch of Wood 26 Otterville Road (603)526-6152

DMGrant Photography


Bruce Parsons (603)526-4745

Matt Brown Woodblock Prints 23 Washburn Hill Road (603)795-4619

Sara Goodman Fiber Studio 144 Goose Pond Road (603)795-4339

A R T & G A L L E R Y G U I D E 2016 - 2017

Pottery by Anne Boisvert 70 Parkside Drive (603)496-1900

Fells Cove Design (603)763-3448

Joan Eaton Photography Marian Mugar Graves Art Gallery Colby-Sawyer College 541 Main Street (603)526-3661 html New London Gallery 209 Main Street (603)526-7247 New London Photography Group

Rob Bossi Photography (603)748-9379

Tatewell Gallery 255 Newport Road (603)526-2910

An art gallery and custom picture framing shop conveniently located in the New London Shopping Center. Featuring local and national artists. Tomie dePaola Vicki V. Koron Camp Sunapee Road (603)526-8018 Watercolors by David B. Tibbetts 94 Squires Lane (603)632-7575

NEWPORT Alan Carruth, Luthier 51 Camel Hump Road (603)863-7064 Beth Rexford Photography (603)477-8968 Edge of the Woods Art 4 Fletcher Road (603)863-0963 Library Arts Center Gallery & Studio 58 North Main Street (603)863-3040

Ludmila Gayvoronsky 26 Church Street (603)863-9919


Mary Jane Q Cross


Gary Summerton Photography 8 Elm Street (603)763-4397 garysummertonphotography. com

Elizabeth D’Amico 2279 Route 4A (603)763-9646

Harbor Gallery 51 Main Street (603)763-7364

MJ Harrington & Co. Jewelers 35 Main Street (603)863-1662 Tin Hearts custom dolls 102 Bascom Road (603)381-1519

ORFORD Sally Tomlinson Woodcut Prints (603)353-4592

Louise Glass Pandemonium Arts 165 Route 25

SUNAPEE Cherie DeAugustinis 139 Lake Avenue (603)763-9197 Deborah Ann Bacon (603)863-1126 Deck Dock 81 Edgemont Road (603)763-3266

Just Shawls by Ellie (603)763-3111 Paul Howe Photography 93 Ryder Corner Road (603)763-4014 Sunapee Graniteworks 155 Edgemont Road (603)763-2233 Continued >>>

L I B R A R Y A R T Sgallery C E&Nstudio TER

We H Community Arts!

EXHIBITS ▪ CLASSES ▪ PERFORMANCES 58 N. Main Street, Newport NH 603.863.3040 Gallery Hours: Tues.-Fri. 11am-4pm Sat. 10am-2pm

See what’s new at A R T & G A L L E R Y G U I D E 2016 - 2017


New London Gallery Custom Picture Framing

Grace Cooper

Fine Art & Crafts oils ∙ prints ∙ fiber ∙ pottery

Conservation Framing Custom Design Work Production Services 209 Main Street, New London 603-526-7247

Sunapee Landing Trading Company 356 Route 103 (603)863-2275

Little Bear Pottery/ A.R.T.S. 204 Baker Road, North Sutton (603)927-4050

Susan Parmenter, fine art 20 Ridgewood Road (603)763-8701

Clay, wood and sewing classes; camps and parties — all ages and abilities. Custom tiles and gift plates.

Tatiana YanovskayaSink The Attic Escape Sharon Parsons 511 North Road (603)477-6288

SUTTON Dana Flewelling Graphic Design & Photography 371 Newbury Road (603)927-4112 South Sutton (603)927-4085 Walker Silverworks North Sutton

WARNER Between Sun & Moon Carroll Studio Gallery 237 East Main Street (603)456-2702

Haven for Rug Hooking 149 Baker Road, North Sutton (603)927-4448

Charlie Goodwin 100 North Village Road (603)456-3885

Kezar Garage Studio North Sutton (603)731-0316

Cindy House 145 Birch Hill Road (603)456-3005

Laurie Hayward 26 Grist Mill Street, Sutton Mills (603)345-6340

Denise Green, watercolors and pastels 109 Gore Road (603)456-3856 Joppa Glassworks (603)456-3569


A R T & G A L L E R Y G U I D E 2016 - 2017

Main Street Bookends and MainStreet MarketPlace & Gallery 16 East Main Street (603)456-2700

Located in the attached barn of MainStreet BookEnds, representing over 40 local artists in all mediums: from wood to tile, fibers, glass engraving to watercolors. Mary Mead Meadow Pond Photography 355 Burnt Hill Road (603)456-2086 meadowpondphotography. com Mimi Wiggin Fine Art PS Pipere Sailer Photographer (603)848-5074 Susan Beere Ceramic Tile Art & Design 17 Geneva Street (603)513-1809 Susan Bliss Tiles 114 East Joppa Road (603)456-3276 Ted Blachly Furniture (603)456-2385 True Kelly, author and illustrator

WEST LEBANON All Around Towne Photography 5 Airport Road, Colonial Plaza (603)676-8653 Pearce Jewelers 41 Glen Road (603)298-8833

WILMOT Ann Feeley, sculptor 277 NH Route 4A (603)526-4068 Big Tree Turnings 258 Breezy Hill Road (603)768-5882 Leave It To Leslie Leslie Ward (603)491-4007 Mary Jane Peabody Phil Morse Terry Moore Fine Furniture 438 NH Route 11 (603)526-7770 Wild Pottery 8 Watershed Lane (603)529-2322


Amy Morel, Sculpture Linda Treash Photography (802)234-6980 Seth Butler (802)234-1984

BETHEL DavArtists 2190 Route 107 (802)234-5001 Naught Hill Pottery Two Potters 123 Scammel Lane (802)234-1320

BRADFORD Bruce Murray 3458 South Road (802)222-5768 Copeland Furniture 156 Industrial Drive (802)222-9282

Vermont North by Hand 3458 South Road

BRIDGEWATER David Crandall Goldsmith Bridgewater Mill (seasonal) (802)672-5475 ShackletonThomas 102 Mill Road (802)672-5175 White Raven Drum Works Intersection of Routes 100A and 4 (802)672-3055

BROWNSVILLE Allen Olmsted Fine Furniture 123 Olmsted Drive (802)291-2319

FAIRLEE Kingdom Moon Rugs 3428 Middlebrook Road (802)333-9717

North of the Falls 148 Main Street (802)222-3500

Mountain Graphics Photography 2260 US Route 5 North (802)333-9010

Ricker Winsor

Portraits by Marina

Continued >>> A R T & G A L L E R Y G U I D E 2016 - 2017


HARTLAND Deborah Falls Design Studio 27 Grout Road (802)236-1427 Earthstar Pottery 619 US Route 5, North Hartland (802)295-2922 Earth_Star_Studio.html K. William Kautz American Folkart 300 Clay Hill Road (802)299-2448 Sandra WilliamsCrossley (802)436-3044 Tom McNeill Photography (802)299-9445 Vermont Stone Design 24 Hamblin Road (802)436-2526

Luciana Frigerio Paper Art (802)457-5168



Hall Art Foundation 551 VT Route 106

Phil Thorne 18 Melview Ridge (802)649-3507

The Hall Art Foundation presents exhibitions of postwar and contemporary art. Open seasonally, May through November on weekends and Wednesdays, by appointment.

David Hurwitz Originals 23 Randolph Avenue (802)728-9399

Ria Blaas (802)649-2205 Rosamund Orford Photography 1485 Union Village Road (802)649-1490 Stave Puzzles (802)295-5200

POMFRET ArtisTree Community Arts Center & Gallery 2095 Pomfret Road, South Pomfret (802)457-3500

ArtisTree is a nonprofit arts organization with the mission to promote the creation, exhibition and appreciation of art in New England.

NORWICH Jon Olsen Photography Karin Rothwell Pottery 1011 Route 5 North (802)649-5136 Kestrel Illustration Studio, LLC (802)765-0200


A R T & G A L L E R Y G U I D E 2016 - 2017

Emerlye Arts 4496 Pomfret Road, South Pomfret (802)457-4914 Galaxy Hill Wooden Bowls 216 Galaxy Hill Road, North Pomfret (603)457-3690

QUECHEE Charles A. Parker Photography 243 Hathaway Road (802)295-1115 Deirdre Donnelly Jewelry Art (802)432-1700 Helen Shulman (802)369-0660 Judy Laliberte, painting 206 Hiram Atkins ByWay (802)295-8987 Mark Lackley Furniture Maker #85, Route 4 (802)457-9286 Sheryl Trainor 3479 Woodstock Road (802)296-6617 Simon Pearce 1760 Quechee Main Street (802)295-2711

First Light Studios 34A Pleasant Street (802)728-3232 Korongo Gallery 18 Merchants Row (802)236-9854 Marcia Hammond 3 Montgomery Road, East Randolph (802)276-3539 Vermont Weavers Guild White River Craft Center 50 Randolph Ave (802)728-8912

THETFORD Folk Floors 171 Burnham Road (802)785-4248 Garrett Hack Handcrafted Wood Furniture Jackson Brook Road, Thetford Center (802)785-4329

Jean Gerber, oil painter 6072 Route 113, Thetford Center (802)222-1275 Snowy Mountain Designs East Thetford (802)291-1445 snowymountaindesigns.

WEATHERSFIELD Rockledge Farm Woodworks 58 Ascutney Basin Road (800)653-2700

WHITE RIVER JUNCTION Aline Ordman (802)698-8695

Apostrophe Press Illustration & Graphic Design 178 Gates Street #2 (802)299-9878 Gabriel Q 85 North Main Street, Suite 270 (802)356-3254 Georgina Forbes Art 85 North Main Street, Suite 223 (802)649-9040 (802)356-5351 Golden Acres Photography 301 Reservoir Road (802)295-5812

Northlight Editions 85 North Main Street, Suite 146 (802)280-1888

The Center for Cartoon Studies 94 South Main Street (802)295-3319

Northlight Editions offers fine art printing on select archival media to artists and photographers. Hours by appointment. Please contact us at

Tip Top Pottery 85 North Main Street, Suite 110 (802)280-1700

Oh, Art 63 Gates Street Oodles 85 North Main Street, Suite 150 (802)296-6636 Scavenger Gallery 41 South Main Street (802)295-0808

Two Rivers Printmaking Studio 85 North Main Street, Suite 160 (802)295-5901 Vermont Bead Studio 83 Gates Street (802)359-4069 Continued >>>

Olivia Janna Landscape Stories Oil on Canvas Studio Appointments


A R T & G A L L E R Y G U I D E 2016 - 2017


CIDER HILL ART GALLERY featuring paintings by


William E. Nutt 85 North Main Street, Suite 190 (802)295-8929

Dan Gottsegen, artist 81 Garvin Hill Road (802)436-2399

Farmhouse Pottery 1837 West Woodstock Road Sargent Photography (802)774-8373 109 Passumpsic Open: 10 a.m.Avenue to 5 p.m. (603)252-3794 May - June, Wed - Sun July - Sept, Thurs - Sun Fox Gallery Oct - Nov, Fri - Sun Five The Green WINDSOR (802)457-3944 Cider Hill Gardens & Art Gallery 1747 Hunt Road Fox Gallery is in the heart of one (802)674-6825 of Vermont’s loveliest villages. We offer museum quality


The gallery is surrounded by beautiful gardens and large collections of potted daylilies, hostas and peonies

Open: May - June, Wed - Sun: 10am - 5pm July - Sept, Thurs - Sun: 10am - 5pm Oct - Nov, Fri - Sun: 10am - 5pm

gio n

r the r fo


Cent e

Directions at: Like us on Facebook!


e Sunap


1747 Hunt Road Windsor, VT 05089 802-674-6825

Supporting and Celebrating the Arts in the Lake Sunapee Region

Route 4 Glassblowing Studio Maxwell Perkins Lane (802)674-5485 Wilson Woodworking 28 River Street (802)674-5580

paintings, bronzes and decoys for discriminating collectors. Gallery on the Green One The Green (802)457-4956 Kathleen Fiske, artist 36 South Brook Way (802)457-7185

WOODSTOCK Artemis Global Art 23 Central Street (802)457-7199

ART MUSIC DANCE THEATER LITERATURE Find out what we’re all about! 14

A R T & G A L L E R Y G U I D E 2016 - 2017

Barbara Bartlett Art 1106 Church Hill Road (802)457-1880 Collective-the art of craft 47 Central Street (802)457-1298

Marceau Designs (802)457-2196 Margaret Lampe Kannenstine The Woodstock Gallery 6 Elm Street (802)457-2012 Tocco Terra Pottery 5750 Quechee Main Street (802)457-2253

frameworks studio of woodstock

63 pleasant street barn, woodstock · photos · · paintings ·

“Red Barn Pond” 30 x 40, oil on canvas by Chip Evans

· posters · · textiles & objects · or freshen up some well-loved pieces

Craftsmanship and Design custom framing open tuesday — saturday



northern star chart art by wild apple. order it from frameworks!

experience a great selection of quality New England art

6 Elm Street / 802.457.2012 A R T & G A L L E R Y G U I D E 2016 - 2017


Blues, Dixieland, Swing and Ragtime Hartland, Vermont’s annual festival isn’t just for jazz fans. BY KIM J. GIFFORD

Peter Concilio may be the artistic director and Shelley Jerman the production manager of Hartland’s annual JazzFest, but one thing is for sure: the two are also fans. This passion and energy is what transforms Library Field into a one-day professional sampler of all things jazz. “It is a joy for us. I hope the community — and I think it does — looks forward to it as much as we do,” says Concilio. The event started when Jerman — Concilio’s neighbor and member of Hartland Community Arts (HCA), a local organization dedicated to raising funds to help community members develop their skills and appreciation for music — contacted Concilio, a jazz bassist and longtime lover of jazz, to attract more jazz artists for Hartland performances. Concilio had bigger plans in mind. He foresaw the possibility of an annual jazz festival that would not only help the HCA raise money, but also expose the community to a variety of jazz. “I took my love for classical 16

A R T & G A L L E R Y G U I D E 2016 - 2017

music and opera to Hartland’s first JazzFest and left with an added love for jazz,” says Upper Valley resident Marie Kirn. “Peter Concilio, with his extraordinary colleagues, has given me the perfect introduction to a grand new world!” Hartland JazzFest attracts local players, and reaches farther afield. In addition to local musicians — such as recording artist Michael Zsoldos, Frydaddy and Don Glasgo, who directs Dartmouth College’s Barbary Coast Jazz Ensemble — JazzFest has hosted

Chilean vocalist Natalie Bernal; Arthur Lipner, a premier vibraphonist; and pianist Miro Sprague, one of the up-and-coming jazz musicians in the country. JazzFest has expanded its repertoire to include other types of music, such as Bob Merrill’s Tango Norte and blues singer Samirah Evans. For the past two years, the Vermont Jazz Ensemble has played a slightly longer set composed of big band standards, beloved by the crowd. “We have Dixie. We have Latin jazz, which a lot of people love because it is very melodic. We have bebop. We have some cutting-edge, progressive, avantgarde jazz. It’s a mix,” says Concilio. “Often when someone says ‘jazz’ people think only bebop or believe that it will be inaccessible. We respect the jazz tradition, but we try to have a variety,” says Jerman. “Part of what we’re hoping is that someone may come for blues or New Orleans jazz, stay, and discover something else.” Visitors, which average 600 over the course of the day, are pleasantly surprised by the professionalism of the production. JazzFest is fortunate to employ the skills of a professional soundman, Upper Valley resident Doug

Hartland JazzFest 1 Quechee Road, Hartland, Vt.

Linnell, who has worked with the likes of Steely Dan. Linnell has trained a steady pool of volunteers, who have become quite proficient at their jobs. Jerman’s husband, Dan, serves as stage manager. “To him he’s living out a fantasy,” says Jerman, who adds that her husband takes the planning “quite seriously.” JazzFest is made possible through the donations of individual benefactors as well as businesses such as Ledyard and Mascoma banks and the Byrne Foundation. Proceeds from the $15 attendance donation go to HCA. This year, JazzFest will take place on Saturday, June 18 from 12 to 8 p.m. “The last hour is always a dance party,” says Concilio. “We dance until everyone collapses.”


Kim J. Gifford is a writer, artist, teacher and photographer. She lives in Bethel, Vt., with her grumble of pugs: Alfie, Waffles and Amore. Their stories and her work may be viewed at

A R T & G A L L E R Y G U I D E 2016 - 2017


From performances to classes to discussions, the Hopkins Center for the Arts engages and delights the Upper Valley community. BY JAIMIE SEATON

The ‘Hop’, as the Hopkins Center for the Arts is known, “is a multidisciplinary academic, visual and performing arts center dedicated to uncovering insights, igniting

passions, and nurturing talents to help Dartmouth, and the surrounding Upper Valley community, engage imaginatively and contribute creatively to our world.” That’s setting the bar pretty high, but the Hop delivers on all counts, and then some. Designed by architect Wallace Harrison, who designed Lincoln Center (there is more than a slight resemblance 18

A R T & G A L L E R Y G U I D E 2016 - 2017

between the two) and the United Nations Building, the Hop opened in 1962. It was named one of the nation’s exemplary performing arts centers by the National Endowment for the Arts in 1988. The Hop’s offerings can be divided into four categories: Visiting Performing Artists; Hop Ensembles & Department of Theater Mainstage Productions; Film and HD Video; and Outreach & Arts Education. Past visiting artists include the renowned opera soprano Renée Flemming, ukulele virtuoso Jake Shimabukuro, and the Aspen Santa Fe Ballet. There are nine Hop Ensembles performing throughout the year, including the incomparable Dartmouth Gospel Choir, led by Walt Cunningham. (Warning: Do not attend unless you are prepared to be swept up in the emotionally charged music). The Dartmouth Film Society offers a selection of films on a theme each

semester, some followed by Q&A sessions with the filmmaker. Opera fans who can’t make it to New York are able to enjoy the full spectacle of the Metropolitan Opera via The Met: Live in HD. The award-winning series of live high-definition video transmissions include interviews with cast and crew and behind-the-scenes features for the bargain price of $29. Likewise, the Hop offers simulcasts of productions from London’s National Theatre, shot in HD and surround sound for only $23 — far cheaper than flying to London. Most community members know that the Hop is owned by Dartmouth College, and indeed is an integral part of the arts curriculum. What many may not know is that the Hop envisions itself as a community institution, and in recent years has expanded its repertoire and launched programs to realize that vision. “We want to attain a high level of cross-community involvement,” explains Rebecca Bailey, publicity coordinator. “We’re not truly fulfilling our mission if the people out there — in the concert audiences, workshops, discussions and other related activities — don’t resemble the Upper Valley as a whole, in age, wealth, educational level and other demographic descriptors. As one of the Upper Valley’s major cultural institutions, it’s our responsibility to see that everyone — not just the 1 percent — has access to expressive opportunities.” That’s where Outreach comes in. “We’re trying to hit different communities in the Upper Valley,” says Bailey. “HopStop is a free program aimed at preschoolers up to primary age students, and it’s been going for a

couple of decades in Hanover. We offer a diverse selection of live performances one Saturday a month during the school year. The children are not expected to sit there. They can wiggle and participate; they can go up and touch the instruments. In the last couple of years we’ve started offering them at the Claremont Savings Bank Recreation Building.” (Shows in Hanover are at 11 a.m., and in Claremont at 3 p.m., and they’re all free.) In today’s world, where so much of our entertainment and information arrives unfiltered through the Internet, the Hop provides an invisible but invaluable service: it curates the arts it offers. The choices are not random, and they are not dictated by fads or popularity. “Trust us,” says Bailey. “We’re thinking of you; what might interest, delight, surprise and enlighten you.” V Hanover, N.H., native Jaimie Seaton has been a journalist for 20 years. She has contributed to and edited numerous publications in the United States, South Africa, the Netherlands, Singapore and Thailand. For more information, visit Hopkins Center for the Arts 4 East Wheelock Street, Hanover, N.H. Box office: (603) 646-2422 A R T & G A L L E R Y G U I D E 2016 - 2017


Celebrate the Arts in Lebanon



Where Musical Theatre Sings!






HOUSE For tickets and info, visit or call 603.448.0400.

July 9 – August 13 Join Opera North for a season of Passion, Power & Pride! Tickets ON Sale at

—Alliance for the Visual Arts— is proud to be part of Lebanon’s vibrant arts community







A R T & G A L L E R Y G U I D E 2016 - 2017

Lebanon, NH

DEBORAH ANN BACON FINE ART Deborah is pleased to announce her exclusive agreement with renowned Hollywood Photographer and former child star, Scott Morrow. Scott Morrow is a well-known childhood actor from the 50’s and 60’s who was featured in over seven TV shows and classics including Payton Place, Leave It To Beaver, Wagon Train and starred in many movies with Marilyn Monroe, George Montgomery and other famous actors. Today he is known as a premier Hollywood photographer and has given Deborah exclusive permission to create one of a kind Fine Art Oil Paintings from some of his select stunning landscapes and unique photographs. Dawn’s Splendor shown here is one of the finished paintings.

Dawn’s Splendor - 24” x 36” Oil

Deborah also specializes in PleinAir Paintings of the Lake Sunapee area and Fine Art Studio Paintings

Sailing Lake Sunapee - 12” x 24” Oil

Visit her web site - or Sunapee Landing Trading Co. and Gallery, Rte 103 Sunapee, NH Stop by & visit Deborah at the 5th Annual Fine Arts Exhibition Aug. 6 - 14 See her web site for this & other scheduled events - Commissions Welcome A R T & G A L L E R Y G U I D E 2016 - 2017


Theaters & Performers NEW HAMPSHIRE ANDOVER Lauretta Phillips, storyteller Lindsey Schust and The Ragged Mt. Band New Hampshire Storytelling Alliance Norris Family Theater 204 Main Street (603)735-6000

Jenkins Dance & Gymnastic Center 8 Tremont Street (603)542-9413


West Claremont Center for Music and the Arts 133 Old Church Road (802)738-0022




Capitol Center for the Arts 44 South Main Street (603)225-1111

Shaker Bridge Theatre Whitney Hall Auditorium 23 Main Street (603)448-3750

BRADFORD Absolutely Magic (603)938-5158 Bradford Bog People Odds Bodkin (603)938-5120

CLAREMONT Amplified Arts (603)856-5424 Claremont Opera House 58 Opera House Square (603)542-4433


A R T & G A L L E R Y G U I D E 2016 - 2017

Community Players of Concord 435 Josiah Bartlett Road communityplayersofconcord. org

Page Farm 46 Sand Hill Road (603)863-5416

The Granite State Stompers (603)526-4570

Slattery & Stewart 100 Goss Road (603)632-75

FRANKLIN Concord City Auditorium 14 Canterbury Street (603)225-8690

Franklin Opera House 316 Central Street (603)934-1901

Concord Community Music School 23 Wall Street (603)228-1196


Red River Theatres, Inc. 11 S. Main Street, Suite L1-1 (603)224-4697

CLASSICOPIA (603)643-3337

Bel Canto Chamber Singers (603)448-1889

Hopkins Center for the Arts 4 East Wheelock Street (603)646-2422 (box office) Revels North (866)556-3083

HAVERHILL Court Street Arts at Alumni Hall 75 Court Street (603)989-5500

LEBANON City Center Ballet (603)448-0400 Lebanon Opera House 51 North Park Street (603)448-0400 North Country Community Theatre PO Box 462 Opera North 20 West Park Street (603)448-4141 Upper Valley Music Center 63 Hanover Street (603)448-1642

NEW LONDON Folk Fusion (603)848-8898 Kathy Lowe 26 Otterville Road (603)526-6152 New London Barn Playhouse 84 Main Street (603)526-6710

One of the oldest and most beloved summer theaters in the country. Featuring awardwinning professional productions presented in an historic, air-conditioned converted barn. Northern New England Repertory Theatre Company PO Box 1559

New London’s own classical theatre company staging D. L. Coburn’s comedy “The Gin Game” at Whipple Memorial Town Hall in October 2016. Sferes & White (603)290-0689 Simon Brooks (603)877-0033 Summer Music Associates (603)526-8234 SummerMusicAssociates. com

William Ogmundson (603)848-2853

NEWPORT Newport Ballroom & Dance Studio 35 Main Street, 3rd floor (603)863-2222 Newport Opera House Association 20 Main Street (603)863-2412 The Performers Playground 794 John Stark Highway (603)863-0022


BarnArts Center for the Arts 6211 Route 12 (802)234-1645

BRADFORD Old Church Theater 137 North Main Street (802)222-3322

HARTLAND Hartland JazzFest 1 Quechee Road jazz-festival Interplay Jazz



Sunapee Community Coffee House 17 Lower Main Street Sunapee Methodist Church

Springfield Community Players, Inc. PO Box 113 (802)885-4098

Tammy Jackson Band PO Box 175


Wightsteeple Productions 25 Main Street (603)763-8732

WEST LEBANON The Dance Collective 1 Glen Road Plaza (603)998-9045

Parish Players PO Box 136 (802)785-4344

Freight House Hall 188 South Main Street (802)448-0400 (box office) Northern Stage 5 South Main Street (802)296-7000 Raq-on Dance 5 Bridge Street, Suite 5 (603)304-8676 White River Ballet Academy 85 North Main Street (802)598-5870 White River Indie Films

WOODSTOCK Pentangle Arts Council 31 The Green (802)457-3981 Woodstock Town Hall Theatre 31 The Green (802)457-2620

WHITE RIVER JUNCTION Dancers’ Corner 93 Pine Street (802)296-2526

A R T & G A L L E R Y G U I D E 2016 - 2017


The Art of Complementing Art The Covered Bridge Frame Shop & Gallery will frame just about anything: paintings, prints, photographs, sports jerseys, needlework — even antique buttons. BY LAURIE D. MORRISSEY PHOTOS BY PAUL HOWE

The French painter Henri Matisse is said to have considered the four sides of a frame the most important parts of a picture. Even if you do not own a Matisse, the right mat and frame can make a big difference in how your artwork is protected and presented. Peter and Jan Hale help customers make these decisions at the Covered Bridge Frame Shop & Gallery in Contoocook, N.H. “The frame should feature and complement the art, not distract from it,” says Jan. “The picture is going to be in your home for a long time, and maybe in your children’s homes one day.” Longtime residents of Henniker, the couple formerly owned Corn Crib Antiques. Peter’s love of antiques came from his parents, who were dealers in western Massachusetts. He also became an expert furniture maker. The Hales had been customers of the former frame shop owner, and buying the business in 2000 allowed them to combine their interests in woodworking, art and antiques. They went to “frame school” and hired the former owner to work with them for three months. Peter’s woodworking background allows him to craft any type and size of frame. Every job is a unique challenge: there are 2,000 wood and metal frames and 12 types of glass and plexiglass to choose from, and styles may be simple or ornate, traditional or contemporary. About half 24

A R T & G A L L E R Y G U I D E 2016 - 2017

Covered Bridge Frame Shop & Gallery 916 Main Street, Contoocook, N.H. (603) 746-4996

of the customers know what they want, but guidance is usually appreciated. “We ask the customer where they plan to hang the piece, what else is in the room, and what their décor is. Then we put out options for them to look at,” Jan says. In addition to paintings, prints, photographs, posters and even sports jerseys, the Hales frame maps, documents, samplers and other needlework. The largest item Peter has framed is a 7-by-3 foot etched glass window from an old mill building. On a recent afternoon, he worked on a print of the main house at The Fells Historic Estate in Newbury, N.H., with an Arabian proverb beneath it in a separate cut-out. The craftsman also creates shadowboxes to display threedimensional items, such as military and sports memorabilia, or a collection of

objects, such as antique buttons. The frame shop’s customers include municipal offices and the State of New Hampshire, which Jan notes has “an amazing art collection that people do not tend to know about.” The Hales frequently are hired to move valuable art from one government building to another. While framing makes up the majority of the Hales’ business, the Covered Bridge is also an antique store and an art gallery, where their laid-back golden retriever, Jaxson, is right at home. The walls feature local artists such as Byron Carr, Charlotte Thibault, Ellen Davis and photographer Peter Lemiska. Also on display are pottery, blown glass, prints and cards. Aptly named, the frame shop is so close to the historic covered railroad bridge that one end of it actually A R T & G A L L E R Y G U I D E 2016 - 2017


touches the back deck. The most beautiful view in the store may be the one bordered by an actual window frame in the antiques section. Fifty feet from the window is one side of the 126-year-old structure spanning the Contoocook River, the oldest existing covered railroad bridge in the country. Every completed framing job is satisfying for the Hales, especially when the customer is pleasantly surprised by the results. “We usually put a finished piece on our easel in front of the counter when it’s ready to be picked up,” Jan says. “Sometimes, when the customer comes in they don’t even recognize it at first. But they love it.” V

Laurie D. Morrissey is a writer who lives in Hopkinton, N.H. Paul Howe, a freelance photographer based in Sunapee, has been photographing for local publications in the area for more than 40 years. See more on his website:

... Art and Nature 2016: Outdoor Sculpture May 28 – October 10 A contemporary sculpture exhibit set amid the beauty of The Fells landscape.

603.763.4789 x3 26

A R T & G A L L E R Y G U I D E 2016 - 2017


Original - Local - Affordable

Where Fine Art meets Fine Craft ....fine art, fine furniture, craft, pottery, prints and paintings, jewelry, scarves and socks, glassware, hats and handiwork, fiber arts, books and baskets,photography, toys and more.... Be local, shop locally, support local art and craft by acclaimed regional artists celebrated globally… 10am - 6pm, Mon - Sat, Sun by appointment

1 Main St., On the Common Lyme, NH 03768 603-795-4909

The New London Hospital Art Program Features: • Local and Regional Artists


Sept. 28 - Oct. 23

a chRistMas caRoL Nov. 18 - Dec. 24

tRick oR tReat Jan. 18 - Feb. 5

Last of the Red hot LoveRs Feb. 15 - March 5


March 15 - April 2

• 16-week Rotating Art Exhibits in Five Distinct Exhibit Areas • Community-wide Public Art Receptions • Artwork Focused on Patient and Family Centered Care

MaMMa Mia April 19 - May 21

Titles Subject to Change.

2 016 s e a s o n 2 017 802.296.7000 | white river Junction, vt

To learn more about our program or to be considered as a future exhibitor, please visit: or call 603.526.5322. A R T & G A L L E R Y G U I D E 2016 - 2017


Museums & Historical Societies NEW HAMPSHIRE ANDOVER



Andover Historical Society 105 Depot Street (603)735-5628

Saint-Gaudens National Historic Site 139 Saint Gaudens Road (603)675-2175

Hopkinton Historical Society 300 Main Street (603)746-3825

New London Historical Society 179 Little Sunapee Road (603)526-6564 newlondonhistoricalsociety. org





Bradford Center Meetinghouse Rowe Mountain Road

Croydon Historical Society 879 NH Route 10 (603)863-5353

The Fells Historic Estate and Gardens 456 Route 103A (603)763-4789

Newport Historical Society Museum 20 Central Street (603)863-1294


Newbury Historical Society Sherman Hall, South Newbury


Bradford Historical Society 160 East Main Street

CONCORD Concord Historical Society 29 School Street (603)867-5309 McAuliffe-Shepard Discovery Center 2 Institute Drive (603)271-7827 Mary Baker Eddy Historic House 62 North State Street (603)225-3444 Museum of New Hampshire History 6 Eagle Square (603)228-6688


A R T & G A L L E R Y G U I D E 2016 - 2017

Danbury Historical Society Schoolhouse Museum 440 North Road (603)768-3603

ENFIELD Enfield Shaker Museum 447 NH Route 4A (603)632-4346

GRANTHAM Grantham Historical Society 34 Dunbar Hill Road (603)863-9701 granthamhistoricalsociety. org

HANOVER Hood Museum of Art 6 East Wheelock Street (603)646-2808

LEBANON Lebanon Historical Society Marion J. Carter House, East Park Street Soldiers Memorial Building, North Park Street

MERIDEN Aidron Duckworth Art Museum 21 Bean Road (603)469-3444 aidronduckworthmuseum. org

NEW LONDON The Ice House Foundation 91 Pleasant Street (603)526-9394

Muster Field Farm Museum Harvey Road (603)927-4276

SOUTH SUTTON Sutton Historical Society 655 Route 114 (603)848-8898

SUNAPEE Sunapee Historical Society Museum 74 Main Street (603)763-9872

WARNER Little Nature Museum 18 Highlawn Road (603)746-6121

Schulz Library at The Center for Cartoon Studies 46 South Main Street (802)295-3319


Randolph Historical Society Museum Salisbury Street (802)728-9308 randolphvthistoricalsociety.


Woodstock History Center 26 Elm Street (802)457-1822


Old Constitution House State Historic Site 16 North Main Street (802)672-3773 directory/old_constitution

New Hampshire Telephone Museum 22 East Main Street (603)456-2234

Norwich Historical Society Museum 277 Main Street (802)649-0124

Mt. Kearsarge Indian Museum 18 Highlawn Road (603)456-2600


Warner Historical Society 15 West Main Street (603)456-2437


Fairlee Historical Society Town Hall, 75 Town Common Road (802)333-4363

HARTLAND Hartland Historical Society 14 Route 12

HARTFORD Hartford Historical Society Garipay House Museum 1461 Maple Street (802)296-3132 or (802)295-3077

NORWICH Montshire Museum of Science 1 Montshire Road (802) 649-2200

American Precision Museum 196 Main Street (802)674-5781

Springfield Art & Historical Society 65 Route 106

STRAFFORD Justin Smith Morrill Homestead 214 Justin Morrill Memorial Highway (802)828-3051 winter (802)765-4288 summer

Billings Farm & Museum 5302 River Road (802)457-2355

Art & History

Justin Morrill State Historic Site

Strafford, Vermont

Tours of 19th-Century Artworks Paintings by Constantino Brumidi “America’s Michelangelo”

Memorial Day to Columbus Day


Wednesday–Sunday 11:00am–5:00pm

Thetford Historical Society 16 Library Road (802)785-2068

VT Division for Historic Preservation


Gallery in the Garden

Friday, July 1 4:00-7:00pm


! Silent Auction of Morrill Minis

Main Street Museum 58 Bridge Street, #6 (802)356-2776

! Art Show “A Moment in Time”

! Guided Historic Art Tours

(July 1-17, Wednesday to Sunday, 11:00am-5:00pm)

Friends of the Morrill Homestead

A R T & G A L L E R Y G U I D E 2016 - 2017


New Hampshire to Nepal


Many people turn their hobby into a profession, and photographer Jim Block is no exception. He was an engineer at Creare, Inc. in Hanover, N.H., for 30 years, and served as president for the last 20 years. The soft-spoken Block was always taking pictures though, and when he retired in 2000, he started to pursue his passion full time. His foray into professional photography began with a popular series of gardening books. “I sent some pictures to a photo editor and he liked them, and wanted some more. I didn’t know anything about flowers,” Block says with a laugh. “I’d go out and take pictures of flowers before work, and then I’d try to figure out what flowers I shot. I had to identify them; you can’t just send in pretty pictures.” Block’s pictures resonated with the photo editor, and his work was featured in 15 books. Despite this, Block doesn’t consider himself a landscape photographer, or any type of photographer. 30

A R T & G A L L E R Y G U I D E 2016 - 2017

“I like to take pictures of everything,” he says. “I shoot sports, people, and I’ve shot a few weddings. I love shooting people, meeting people, and trying to capture what they’re really like in a short period of time. I take a lot of pictures, and hopefully I get a good one,” Block says. Block works out of his home studio in Etna, N.H. It is a large room alive with images from Nepal — a place he loves and has visited often — and strings of colorful Nepalese prayer flags hang from the ceiling in a crisscross pattern.

“One thing I like about going to Nepal is that people are so friendly and they love having their picture taken,” Block says. He points to the numerous vibrant portraits that adorn the walls to his studio. “When I went the first time I didn’t know what to expect, but I went with the goal of getting a lot of pictures

of people, and it turned out it was easy. In Nepal you just hold up the camera and smile and they smile back.” That first trip was back in 2008, when Block joined a local woman on her trip to distribute fleece jackets to school children in the mountains of Nepal. Since then, Block has returned three more times. His photography work in Nepal is a labor of love. “I don’t actively sell them,” Block says, “But I did hang an exhibit of photos from my first trip to Nepal at Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center a number of years ago and some sold. Last fall I donated two dozen images for a fundraising auction for earthquake relief.” Locally, Block is busy taking photographs for magazines, corporate and private clients. He also teaches

A R T & G A L L E R Y G U I D E 2016 - 2017


adult photography classes, and says some of his best friends are former students. Bethel, Vt., resident Kim Gifford is one such friend. As a freelance writer, she is often asked to shoot a picture to accompany an article, and she signed up for a class to improve her shutter skills. “I lacked confidence in my photography so I sought out a class with Jim,” Gifford says. “It was Jim Block Photography the right Sunapee and Etna, N.H. decision. Jim’s classes opened up a whole


A R T & G A L L E R Y G U I D E 2016 - 2017

new world and a new artistic endeavor to me. I have taken numerous classes with Jim, and it is one of the best investments I have ever made.” Block says he likes sharing what he knows with others. “I’m partial to enthusiastic photographers,” he says. V

Dorr Mill Store


Located on Routes 11 & 103, halfway between Newport and Sunapee, NH 603-863-1197 800-846-DORR Open Mon-Sat 9-5


LEAGUE OF NH CRAFTSMEN’S FAIR Mount Sunapee • August 6 -14 TENT 8 • BOOTH 812

SHOWROOM OPEN BY APPOINTMENT • Newbury, NH A R T & G A L L E R Y G U I D E 2016 - 2017


Ceramic Tile Art Clients are drawn to Susan Beere’s tilework for its texture and bright colors. BY DEB GERMAN


A R T & G A L L E R Y G U I D E 2016 - 2017

Think of Susan Beere’s artwork as the zenith of an inspired journey from Iraq to America, by way of an art history professor. An intricate bas relief on the spectacular Ishtar Gate of Babylon captured her imagination as a young student and set her on a course to creating the ceramic relief work she is known for now. “I began working professionally from that point on, now more than 30 years,” she says. A juried member of the League of New Hampshire Craftsmen, Beere’s focus is larger commissioned works for homes and businesses; a recently completed frieze-mural can be seen at Schoodacs Coffee & Tea Shop in Warner, N.H. But she is also known for smaller accent pieces with a broad range of themes: “I came from an artistic family and my influences are varied and eclectic. My subject range includes landscapes, birds and wildlife, bold and bright floral studies, distinctive architecture, and sometimes pure abstract.”

To create her tiles Beere rolls clay slabs and incises designs from full-sized sketches, adding high relief where appropriate. She then glazes the edges and mounts the tile on wood for hanging, painting the edges of the wood to match the colors in the tile. Larger works can be mounted permanently using standard tile setting methods, she says. Clients are drawn to Beere’s tilework for its texture, bright colors, and especially the high relief. “The design and color that wraps around the edges make the work pop,” she says.

Susan Beere Warner, N.H.




It is fun and ea sy. Anyone can do it!

Join us for Canvas Painting on The Premier Sip & Paint in the Upper Valley Wednesday evenings. Cost is only $38.00 all supplies andclass instruction. Enjoy afor guided painting with instruction in brush strokes,

use of color, and a focus on fun. Bring your favorite beverage (we supply the wine glasses) and dinner and join us from 5:30pm - 8:30pm.

Drink, Paint, Have Fun!

Check the website for regular class schedule We also host private groups and corporate outings! For more details & photos of projects:

85 N. Main Street | White River Junction, Vermont | 802-280-1700

A R T & G A L L E R Y G U I D E 2016 - 2017




Railroad Museum & Country Store FREE! Open Mid-May to Mid-Oct Sat 10-3 • Sun 1-3 Potter Place in Andover, NH Jct. Rtes. 4 & 11

On the Northern Rail Trail

Gateway to the Upper Valley Arts Gateway to the Upper Valley Arts

Custom JewelryDesigns

Original Landscape Oil Paintings

Recreate family heirlooms

Debbie Campbell

into new wearable art

Tom Armstrong

Work with our craftsmen to bring your designs to life Restore treasured pieces and enjoy them for years to come

Kenney Bergeron


35 Main St. Newport, NH 603.863.1662

Detailed Stained Stained Glass Detailed GlassContact:

Joanne Wise

603-865-5568 Large selection of Glass, Tools, Books • Classes • Custom Work and Supplies Photos, prints, cards, charcoal-pastel drawings and more • Classes • Custom • Handcrafted glasswork gifts - Made in the USA • Handcrafted glass gifts - Made in the USA Large selection of Glass, Tools, Books and Supplies


Your Ultimate Glass Gift Store

24 Pleasant Street, Concord, NH 03301 (603) 224-7100 (603) 224-7100 Hours: Mon.-Fri. 10-5:30,10-5:30, Tues. 10-7, 10-4 Hours: Mon.-Fri. Sat.Sat. 10-4

Ad size 3.75 x 1.875

24 Pleasant Street, Concord, NH 03301

Artist, Author, Editor, Photographer 603 464-0264

Hodgepodge Yarns & Fibers Yankee Magazine’s “Editor’s Pick - Must See” Book Store in New England


Solar d Powere

New Hampshire Magazine’s A “Best Community Book Store in New Hampshire”

Community Book Store - Toys & Games 16 East Main Street | Warner, NH 03278 603.456.2700 |


A R T & G A L L E R Y G U I D E 2016 - 2017

LIKE TO KNIT? Come in and Browse! 59 Belknap Avenue, Newport, NH


Monday–Friday 9–5 Saturday 9:30–4pm

Kendall Studio & Gallery Destination Location for High Quality Art, Crafts, & Original Music in the Lake Sunapee Region!

1036 Main Street, Georges Mills, NH At the foot of Prospect Hill


Open July through October Wed. – Sat. 11am-7pm and by appointment

John A. Kendall, Local artist and gallery owner

“Timeless Sepia Pen & Ink Wash Drawings” from around the world. Signed giclée prints. Nautical themed art includes: Tall Ships and Maine Windjammers & Lighthouses.

Richard Alfred Johnson, Owner of Camden Pottery & Johnson Gallery in Rockland, ME. | Featuring incredible themed Wizards, Pirates, and Mermaids, other ceramics, and fine sculptures in clay & bronze. Molly Ellison, local New London artist

Bright and colorful art. Signed giclée prints and original fabric designs available as scarves and custom garments.

Stan Makara, 94 year old woodworking extraordinaire for over 60 years! Featuring hand-crafted wooden bowls etc...

SAVE THE DATE: Meet The Featured Artists Weekend July 9th & 10th, 2016 - 10am-6pm.Hope to see you there!




8 4 T H



BRIGADOON � June 15-26 HOW TO SUCCEED IN BUSINESS WITHOUT REALLY TRYING June 29-July 17 SHREK THE MUSICAL � July 20-31 THE 39 STEPS � August 3-7 CRAZY FOR YOU � August 10-21 DON’T DRESS FOR DINNER � August 24-September 4



WINNER! Best Professional Musical, NH Theatre Awards 2015


Opening Night • Humpty Dumpty is Missing! The Tempest • Sleeping Beauty • The Wizard of Oz • 603.526.6710 • New London, NH A R T & G A L L E R Y G U I D E 2016 - 2017


William A. Smith Inc.

AUCTIONEERS & APPRAISERS SPECIALIZING IN THE SALE OF FINE ART & ANTIQUES SINCE 1961 Nationally recognized – Top prices realized – Trusted & Confidential

Located at 1064 Route 12-A Plainfield, New Hampshire 03781 | 603.675.2549

Check our website often • 45 Exciting New England Auctions per year • Major annual auctions: Labor Day, Memorial Day, Thanksgiving Holiday Sale, New Year’s Holiday Sale, Mid-Winter Sale

Currently accepting select consignments of • Fine Art • 18th & 19th Century furnishings and accessories

• • • •

Jewelry Silver Automobiles Modern Design

Please feel free to inquire about our services by e-mail: or tel. 603.675.2549

Art & Gallery Guide of NH/VT  
Art & Gallery Guide of NH/VT  

The annual Art & Gallery Guide covers the Lake Sunapee/Kearsarge area of NH and the Upper Valley area of NH and VT. The guide includes direc...