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NJ Learning Standards

Changes that will be made ● A more challenging and effective academic standard ● Extracurricular activities that challenge our students academically ● A complete shift in the culture of our community

Academic standard ● ● ● ●

Students will be required to come in for extra help sessions for whatever course they are struggling with Extra help sessions will take place before school, after school and on weekends Students data will be tracked more intricately than it has in the past We will implement Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports

Extracurricular activities ● ● ●

A student government will be created that will manage school activities There will also be a debate team started that will train students in rain students in public speaking, grace under pressure, and critical thinking Our students will be required to register a certain number of community service hours which is helpful to the community and the students when it’s time to apply to colleges

School culture ● ● ● ●

Have a open house/ game night once a month which will be designed by teachers for the parents and students More collaborative work amongst students and classrooms altogether Establish learning communities for students and teachers There should be teacher and student of the month awards granted

Summary The NJ Learning Standards is not ineffective, I just feel as though the bar can and should be raised even higher. The benchmarks that have been set in New Jersey education as of 2016 has definitely had a positive impact on our students but I’m not sure about just how positive of an impact these benchmarks have on preparing our students for life after high school. Reaching the standards is good but exceeding them is even better. I understand this means our students will be asked to work a little harder but I’m confident that they’re capable of doing so or else I would not have made the proposals that I did. I’d rather our students be more prepared for life after high school than being forced to say our staff most certainly did not prepare them enough for what they’re going to encounter.

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NJ Learning Standard  

NJ Learning Standard  

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