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Student Samples derived from Raised By Mentor Text Selections from Teaching for Joy & Justice by Linda Christensen

I Am Raised By Football By R.T. I am raised by football. Some neck breakin’, might runnin’ Scream til your ears pop kinda coaches. The you better still come to the game even if your leg is broken kinda coaches. The restless times, runnin’ play after play Don’t let em’ get ya down even if they score on ya kinda of coaches. Raised by TV By R.T. I was raised by TV. The sit down when your bored Don’t know what to do Turn it on and sit on the couch Kind of TV. The eatin’ chips, sippin’ soda The next thing you know Fall asleep and don’t know what is going on kinda couch potato TV. And when your mom yells “Get off your behind and feed Buddy cause you guys wanted the dog” you can pretend to still be asleep TV.

Raised by Football By S.P. I was raised by football Scoring touchdowns Popin’ people Watching the referee put up his hands in the air when I score kinda football. Going under the tent And making long runs Sitting on the sidelines Cheering on our defense Screaming, “Come on Don’t let them score” Kind of football. The pushing me coaches To move on even when I don’t score our team a Touchdown kind of footballEven if it’s hard for me to get over it. Raised by Basketball. By K.J. I was raised by those dunk slammin’ Hard core, roughest stompin basketballs. By three-pointers and free throw shots And hoping to dunk basketballs. Raised by dribbling, shooting, skittering Shaking basketball players. A winning or losing, Just glad to be at the game Kind of crowd for basketball.

Raised by Wrestling By D.M. I was raised by wrestling. The WWE pop, head butt and rock Pick up, slammin’ hard, Fightin’ and jamming WWE. The special moves when all you can think about when you see them is “Wow!” That ridden off the top of the ropes Kind of wrestling. The moves that blow your mind And your mom says that she must Be seeing things and when she turns It off you think, “You must be kidding me!” Kind of wrestling.

Raised by Tetherball By M.H. I was raised by ball hittin’, ball swingin’, don’t hit your face tetherball. I was raised by swing that thing Around the pole. By that don’t lose of you’ll Cry cause your frustrated Kind of tetherball. By the ball swishing through the air, want to climb the poll to grab it but you can’t kind of tetherball.

Raised by Soccer By R.W. I was raised to be a foot kickin’ and trippin’ Blister poppin’ making goals kind of kid. Bone snappin’, power pumpin’, strong crackin’, Stone gold master nasty dinted ball And rusty goal poles kind of kid. Playing with dirty rottin’, punk looking, Ugly nose booger eatin’ and rabbit feet Roastin’ scary kinda of playing soccer kids.

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Mentor Text: Raised By Book: Teaching for Joy & Justice Author: Linda Christensen

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