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HIGHLIGHTS Memorial Day BBQ Disappoints

Students were upset by the lack of preparation at the Memorial Day barbeque held by BYUHSA at Hukilau Beach. On May 28 at 11 a.m., close to 100 students arrived at Hukilau for what was advertised as “Lots of games, volleyball, food and fun.” However when they got there, there was no food, no games, no volleyball, and not a lot of fun. Hailey Rasmussen, a junior majoring in business from Utah, said, “The only reason I came was to eat, but there isn’t any food so I’m not having a great time.” Eventually hamburgers and hot dogs showed up around 12:30 p.m. and student waited in line for lunch. BYUHSA apologized for the wait and said the food was late because the driver was slow. Matt Rodrigues, a junior majoring in biology from Wahiawa, tried to remember the true meaning of Memorial Day. “Today is a day to recognize people who defended our freedom and sacrificed for the country. Usually I go to a military cemetery and put flowers on graves with my family.”


Wrapping up the first half of summer classes

Food Fest: Club prep provides ono grinds This summer, Food Fest exceeded expectations, according to BYUHSA representatives. Krystelle Dimaya, a senior majoring in social work from the Philippines, is senior VP of clubs and was one of the four executive directors in charge of Food Fest. “Our team put a lot of preparation into this event,” said Dimaya. “Advertising, booking inflatables, security, contacting clubs, organizing volunteers, setting up, cleaning up, getting a permit from the department of health, president’s training, preparing a map for the Little Circle...too much to mention. It was very stressful for all of us.” Fion Lau, a senior majoring in hospitality and tourism from Hong Kong, also the Hong Kong Club president, said, “We have been preparing for so long. All month we’ve had meetings to plan for tonight. On Thursday, we went to buy everything and on Friday we cooked most of it. The lemon chicken was so popular. It ran out the fastest. Our menu included either lemon chicken or beef and broccoli with a side of rice, fried wontons, a drink, and moshi.” Fijian Club President M. Matarairavule, a junior majoring in elementary education from Fiji, said, “People are happy as long

Far left: Students eat barbecued hamburgers and hot dogs at the Memorial Day holiday event at Hukilau Beach. Left: A member of the Taiwan Club is dressed as a bubble drink at Food Fest. Photos by Bart Jolley and Mei Yin.


Ke Alaka‘i

June 7, 2012  

Political science Washington DC trip

June 7, 2012  

Political science Washington DC trip