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F o r m e r s tu dent gets t wo profe s sors on A ni mal Planet show Teaching and grading papers by day but acting by night, BYU-Hawaii professors Sanoma Goodwill and Kevin Kimball have experienced the life of a television star. They were recently chosen as actors for Animal Planet’s show, “I’m Alive.” “I thought it was just funny that they were having an accountant trying to act and show certain expressions that aren’t part of my normal repertoire of expressions,” said Kimball. “I’m Alive” is a show that reenacts real-life experiences. A former student of Goodwill and Kimball was previously on the show and although he was too busy to act himself, suggested that Goodwill and Kimball take the parts of the mother and best friend, as they looked similar to the real people. Goodwill and Kimball were both contacted by phone to play their respective roles. “Why I said yes, I don’t know, but it was kind of exciting and [the lady on the phone] was this really enthusiastic person,” said Goodwill. Goodwill and Kimball did not have to learn lines because they were voiced over by the real people, but they had to act out the story line. Kimball plays the friend of a young father of three living in Cape Town, South Africa. The father and his family invite his parents (mother played by Goodwill) over for Christmas dinner. To prepare for the dinner, the father invites his friend (Kimball) down

to the beach to scuba dive and catch lobster. On his way back to the surface, the father is attacked by a shark. Both of his arms were in the mouth of the shark. His friend (Kimball) calls for help and the father is transported to the hospital. He survives and the doctors are able to reattach his hands. “There was one scene when we come rushing in after we’ve gotten to the hospital and we were trying to find where our son is; and I go up to the desk and I’m very quiet and say, ‘We want to know where our son is. He was attacked by a shark.’ And the director’s going, ‘No no, you are concerned. You are upset. More emotion!’ So I’m trying and she goes, ‘No! You’re really upset!’” laughed Goodwill. “It was just fun.” “What I was amazed at was how hard these people work. You think of film industry as the life of the movie star but they work hard and long days. It’s not an easy job,” said Kimball. Both Kimball and Goodwill enjoyed their experiences in front of the camera and being able to try something new. “I enjoyed getting to know the lead character and talking to him. We are supposed to be best friends and I can see how we can really get along,” said Kimball, when asked about his favorite part of his experience. “I would do it again but I’m not going to give up my day job. I decided that when it airs I’ll be prepared to give autographs,” joked Goodwill. The show will air sometime in January.

Top: English Professor Sanoma Goodwill and Above: Accounting Professor Kevin Kimball are both acting in an Animal Planet show that will air sometime in January. Photo by Sam Sukimawa and Monique Saenz


September 30, 2010


Sep 30, 2010  
Sep 30, 2010  

September 30, 2010 Kite Festival Issue