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The IABE-2009Greece- SummerGonferenceof the IntemationalAcademyof Businessand Economhsis scfrcduledduringJune 9'7, beforefilling in/signirgthis form, { 2009in Thessalonki,Greece.Pleasereadthe regbtraiioninformationat our web$iterr* filling in or by signingthe regislrafunform, yrouagreeto the r€gistrationterms and conditions"The registrationfee, nonrefundable/ nontranEfioratile,includesan opportunilyto publishyour accepttrl paperin our joumal u Prc*edings, an oppoft.tnityto presentyour paperand attendsessions,ore pdgtec|issr.reof thejoumalor one ProceedirqsCD,the luncheon,breakfasts/cofte-teabreaks,listingof the papdr h the program,one year membershipin the IABE,and an opportunityto netv\orkwi[r lpur Intemationalpeer group.All participantsare requiredto registerard pay applicableregistrationhes. Yourregistrationis notcomple{euntilthe IABEhas receivedyour applicabletuesin tull amount.The IABEreservesthe rightto alteranypolicywithontpnbrnoiice.ff:.-t*g_lg&e**"Abg$-S:tjAf.q.i*Sjg. $q*r{ile$+cj3lr€1i*S .Slq€r_sggg&atgg!-S+"Cgp :rfie.*.L "-*qjg"E:"gapqiYoumaycompleteregisfationonlinoat gou4liabe€U.

andslg* th**torrn"] {Fl*asefili in th* Sr*y areas,$*we,prlr1tu Dr, Gamon illl $avabomboon Email{required} Telephone:{081)'132-{652 Your Position/Title:Faculfyilember Departmentllenagement IllahasarakhamUnivesiff UnivereitylOrganization: Address:Khamriang City: KantharawichaiState:illahasarakhZip Code: 4/-15oCountry:Thailand BANKSBUS MODEL:THEEFFECTSOF INTERNATIONAL Title of Your Paper:A CONCEPTUAL (Referto lette$ acceptance Acceptedfor: lJ$il No. of Pages:{2 TrackAsslgned:ilanagement| Are you willing to setve: As a Discussant?filYes, flt{o; As a $eeslonChair? flYes, [No. Please list

Name 1. Dr. ProfessorAnnette Wlkinson,Universityof the Fre 2. Dr. JindaratPeemanee

EmailAddress (Required)

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rd@ufs. wilkinac.

Universityof the Free State

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1. ReguhrRegistration Fee:€ 295.00per participant lgfogg-deadllne. per page. Numberof extrapages7 2. AdditionalPageCharge:€20 FirstFIVEpaqesare ftee withthe registrationfee. 3. Feefor eachAdditionalPaper:€175per paper(+ extrapagecharge) 4. Ertrajournalissues:0 JIBE,0IJBS,0 JAtsE,0 RBR, 0 IJBR:0 JIFE €50per issueX issue(e) = Total€. Info.BeforeClalming€75 StudentDiscount. 5. ReadRegistration I Rttacna btter of full-timestudentstatussignedby Dept.Head



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Non-US Residenf: $end Bank Draft/Cashier's Check in US$ (1€ =US$ 1.40)drawn on a US Bank. Crefit Card Paymenf XlVisa Card, flMaster Card (No...