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Better with CAF – Get into innovation mode now! What is CAF? The CAF (Common Assessment Framework) is the European quality management system for the public sector. CAF supports sustainable change processes and provides concrete answers to current challenges of public organisations. With the new CAF2020, there is now a recognised standard for excellent administrative management that can be used for the overall organisation as well as at departmental level. CAF is specifically tailored to the requirements of the public sector and is suitable for use in federal, regional and local public administrations and their companies. The objective of the CAF implementation is to carry out an overall evaluation of the organisational structures, processes and key results in order to improve the efficiency and quality of the services provided.

CAF supports public organisations in: •

• •

conduct a self-assessment in order to achieve a comprehensive evaluation of the organisation, in the diagnosis of potential for improvement and in the definition of improvement measures, Initiate and implement change processes in the organization to anchor a culture of excellence in the organisation.

What's the point of CAF? CAF, together with the executives and employees, initiates a continuous improvement process. The central objective is to ensure efficient organisational structures and processes, to promote innovative administrative action and to achieve better services for citizens. Based on a self-assessment, the potentials and improvement measures of the organization are analysed, evaluated and implemented. Agile thinking and acting doest not remain a buzzword, but is applied by the organization.

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How we can support you in CAF implementation The CAF-Centre-Team will be happy to help you find the right option for the implementation of the CAF in your organisation.

For detailed information on the different CAF variants, please contact the CAF-Centre-Team.

The CAF-Centre-Team looks forward to hearing from you! Thomas Prorok

Bernadette Tropper-Malz

Philip Parzer

+43 1 8923492 18 prorok@kdz.or.at

+43 1 8923492 12 tropper-malz@kdz.or.at

+43 1 8923492 10 parzer@kdz.or.at

The CAF-Centre was established in 2000 by the Federal Chancellery and is the contact point for all questions concerning the CAF. Today the Federal Ministry of Public Service and Sport is responsible for the Austrian CAF strategy. The CAFCentre is located in the KDZ - Centre for Research in Public Administration. Further information can be found at www.caf-centre.eu. 2 07.12.20

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CAF - Services of KDZ - Leaflet  

CAF - Services of KDZ - Leaflet