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executive summary.


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executive summary Shots short history of service and entertainment to the local community gave our team an exciting challenge for the brand. We conducted extensive primary and secondary research to discover who needed to be a target market to expand the brand’s name and meet Shots’ objectives. The campaign must increase awareness among the community in which it serves. The company must also attract new customers and retain them in order to create a loyal fan base. These goals must be achieved by the beginning of June 2014. To meet these objectives, we recommend a rebranding campaign. By tweaking and rediscovering the key attributes to the brand, customers and employees will be better able to understand the brand they interact with. A refreshed identity will allow people to become curious about the brand, or seek out more information if they have never heard of it. This campaign will place an emphasis on a unique entertainment experience and the value of the Bowling Green downtown community. We also want a campaign that places the brand in front of the consumer. Our research indicates that college students and young adults within the region dominate the marketplace. In fact,

the top expenses that students reported they had responsibility for were spending/entertainment money and clothes. Nationwide, students have a combined $417 billion that they spend each year. These students hold the buying power for entertainment near their them. A social media based campaign will be launched that will focus on the unique aspects of Shots. As students look for new and fresh information about new bars and consumer reviews. By leveraging will see the value and originality behind the brand name. Shots will also employ guerilla marketing tactics to attract the attention analytics will be used for social media and digital aspects, while the brand can keep track of sales increases and revenue. Our campaign taps into both the rational and emotional side of the target market. Shots is a place for college students and young out. Shots is the place for every taste. What’s yours?

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situation analysis.

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situation analysis. company analysis: about.

vision. Shots is committed to:

to its customers as well as a link to Bowling Green downtown and friendly and experiences that surpass the expectations of our customers. a glimpse into the nightly specials and events of the partner establishments downtown. Shots currently partners with 440 Main, On the Bone, Vino’s, Entourage Tapas Bar & Lounge, Tidball’s, Ingen Art Gallery, and Dublin’s Irish Pub. They are passionate about bringing the people on the hill to the square and cultivating a nighttime scene that services all people. Shots serves the Bowling Green area. Customers are made up of those who live in and visit Bowling Green. Shots is committed to unifying the downtown BG area.

downtown where we are motivated, supportive of one another, engaged, challenged, have opportunities for professional growth, and are individually and collectively accountable for our performance. 3. Making a positive impact in the community we serve.

values. needs of our partners, customers and community. excellence.

history. The history of Shots begins on August 1, 2013. The bar establishment began as an experiment formed by Chris Abend and Andrew Cole. The owner’s idea was for the establishment to bridge our interactions with customers. the divide between the hill and the downtown area. Shots partners with establishments within the downtown area to advertise their specials or events.


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consumer analysis secondary research. According to First Research, the average target customer looking

While students are often labeled as low income, when the numbers add up they actually possess a large buying power in a college

34 who spend 66% (83.25) above the national average household while in school, most often waitressing, assisting in residence halls, expenditure. Householders under 25 spend 30% more than the average, and householders ages 45 to 54 spend 11% above the from a parent or guardian, makes the average student income $1,200 per month. While this is only $14,400 per year, nationwide and nightclub business revenues are considered luxury spending by students have a combined $417 billion. College students also own on average six digital devices. These many consumers. The Great Recession and higher unemployment rates brought lower consumer spending down 1.9% in 2009, which devices have become engrained in their everyday lives because the lead many consumers to reduce their luxury spending. Despite traditional age college student has grown up in a world where they these bar and nightclub business trends, revenues are expected to are easily accessible. According to research done by Nationwide grow as the economy improves and consumers spending increases. on college behavior and spending habits, 97 percent of students shots. is located in a college town and serves Western own a personal computer and 94 percent own a mobile phone. Kentucky University. WKU reports that there are currently 18,101 The typical student also uses their phone at least 11 times a day undergraduates attending the university, of which 79 percent are during class. Students also need to be met where they are in terms under age 25. The top expenses that students reported they had of advertising, so SHOTS must be visible in places where students responsibility for were spending/entertainment money and clothes. are spending the majority of their time.

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consumer analysis primary research. Secondary research provided general consumer insight, but primary research allowed us to really get to know these potential customers, and current customers of shots.

to conclude that people generally know very little about shots. Shots. is about quick and fast quality service, and each demographic has a

Our team discovered several insights about the target market Our team developed and conducted a focus group of current through these focus groups. The most important factor we learned customers, potential customers, of WKU students and older adults is that we cannot market to all of the target markets in the same from the Bowling Green community in November 2013. A total of way. Tighter and individualized target age segments will allow us to two focus groups were completed: 4 current customers, 2 potential better reach certain groups. Our research indicates that all people customers, 4 students and 4 older adults. Each focus group had at least four participants and answers were recorded anonymously. services, incentives, and promotions. A slightly older age group is about their nighttime entertainment and overall perception of focused on the atmosphere, seating, age group concerns, and a SHOTS. We asked them questions about the characteristics they variety of drinks. The older demographic are not concerned about

research methodology.

making decisions. The second part of the focus group consisted of questions about advertising and what the participants listened to most or found most memorable about particular ads. The variety of focus group participants and answers led our team


there perception of what they want their nightlife to be like. Primary research supports secondary agency research showing that each mobile, and television.

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target market profile.

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target market The research indicates the target market for this campaign should be college students, consumers still have just graduated college and are still trying to live up living up the young nightlife, willing to only order shots and the young days of visiting bars in the downtown Bowling having an environment where service is fast and friendly. Green. Based on the research and the needs of SHOTS, we they have in their decisions of choosing which nightlife to capture an audience that will build a relationship with beginning their college life and need a place to start the name “SHOTS� around Western Kentucky University established the nightlife they want to be a part of, but they campus and also to the young adults of Bowling Green. still feel the need to try the newest and hip thing. Based old because they are more likely to seek out a bar with importance in regards to marketing. this type of service. A secondary emphasis will be placed


ali apple

Age: 21 Occupation: Student at WKU Major: Dental Hygiene trying new local events organization and dues Attitude: Wants the most for the least amount Type of Persona: The follower Goals: Graduate college in four years, have fun, remain independent Pain/fears/problem points: cost of entertainment, missing out Key drivers/motivators: staying in the loop with lifestyle, peer pressure and promotions Organizations: Greek organization, Honors college, Social Networks: All What might prevent this person from choosing your business? platforms, location, limited drink options

jeanne hook

Name: Jeanne Hook Gender: Female Age: 29 Occupation: Financial Planner at ARGI Financial Group Hobbies: Reading, Snow Skiing, DIY Projects Attitude: Wants to live comfortably


Name: Dylan Age: 24 Occupation: RN at Bowling Green Medical Center Major: Nursing organization and dues Attitude: wants to keep up with trends education

Goals: Raise a happy and healthy family. Be a of the community. Pain/Fears/Problem Points: Spending time away from her daughter. Key drivers/Motivators: Enjoying time with friends/ family. Meeting new people. and promotions Organizations: Professional Groups, Church, Greek Alumni Social Networks: Twitter and Facebook What might prevent this person from choosing your business? Uncomfortable atmosphere. Limited menu options. Dirty/not clean space.

Goals: experience as much as possible while he has little responsibilities Pain/fears/problem points: commitment, money issues, Key drivers/motivators: meeting new people, trying new things, bang for his buck and promotions Organizations: WKU student alumnae Social Networks: All What might prevent this person from choosing your business? platforms, location, limited drink options, uncomfortable atmosphere 12

market analysis.

market analysis Bowling Green is the third largest city in Kentucky. As the biggest city in the South Central region, many people travel to work and play here from surrounding counties and cities. As more and more people began to use Bowling Green as a metropolitan center of activity, the city saw a need for expansion. Downtown Bowling Green recently underwent a redevelopment process to modernize and provide more opportunities for people looking to live, work and visit the area. In 2009, the Bowling Green Ballpark opened as

residents and visitors. This historic area has always been a center for entertainment, even as popularity for the region has ebbed and

away from the average number of visitors to this area. Shots is located just two blocks away from the redevelopment and Fountain Square Park. This creates an opportunity for visitors and residents to utilize the business as a starting place for their entertainment needs. Nationally, about 45,000 establishments make up the US Tampa Bay Devil Rays. The baseball stadium seats 4,500 people, bar and nightclub industry. The combined annual revenue of includes a kids’ play area, VIP suites, and several beverage and food these establishments is about $20 billion. The industry is largely areas. The Southern Kentucky Performing Arts Center opened in fragmented with 50 companies making up for 5 percent of the March 2012 as a place for Broadway productions, musical artists revenue. According to the IBISWorld Bar Business & Nightclub and comedy shows to be performed. The Bowling Green Area Business Industry Report, the major factors that drive demand Chamber of Commerce building, named Houchens Center for are personal income and entertainment needs. And successful Business, was built as a meeting and events place for businesses. Free concerts are put on in Circus Square Park during the summer. consumers consider spending money on bars and nightclubs The Downtown Parking Garage was constructed that also includes as luxury spending. Therefore, these businesses must provide a the headquarters for Western Kentucky University unique and entertaining aspect. An important factor to consider, built the new Augenstein Alumni Center and a new WKU School of according to the IBISWorld report, is that an increasing number of Nursing was built on the campus of the Medical Center. In half a people are choosing packaged beverages to drink at home, rather century, the downtown Bowling Green area has grown to serve the than going out to these establishments. While bar business and surge of visitors in residents and meet their needs and desires. nightclub revenues grew by 3.2 percent in 2012, the number of Located just one or two blocks away from this new hub of business these establishments and employment levels declined due to more and development is Fountain Square Park, where many of the home consumption and people’s desire to live healthier. restaurants and entertainment spots are located for Bowling Green


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product analysis. Since Shots is building themselves from the ground up, they have holds a very prominent social media presence. They are not only to work twice as hard to make their brand stand out among the active with posting drink promotions and specials, but they are established bars in the downtown Bowling Green area. Bars with a also constantly posting photos of all their customers enjoying themselves and having a good time. bar exciting and fun. For example, a bar located in Miami, Fl called SHOTS Miami great music selection, an outside area, a competitively priced beer focuses on bringing shots, props, and fun to their customers for selection, and was a good location. Cons consisted of limited an exclusive experience. Their delicious Shots are combined with space, and the shots were expensive. We suggest using some of these positive ideas in a way that will Facebook page likes and 3,500 Instagram followers, SHOTS Miami

competitive analysis Shots has to work hard in order to distinguish themselves from competitors in the Bowling Green Community. We have determined that their biggest direct competitors are Hilligans, Entourage Tapas Bar and Lounge, Micki’s on Main, and Legends. We found that these establishments posed as their direct competitors because they are working to attract customers in the same time frame as Shots; their locations are all within the same few blocks, this too poses competition. Hilligans promises its customers, community with a great environment where you can enjoy great food, watch football, and play your favorite games. They have a full menu, and serve lunch

Entourage is also located relatively close to Shots. Micki’s on Main slogan is “where Bourbon St. and locals meet”. It is drink specials, patio seating, live music and Cajun Menu favorites. Legends is a bar that is connected through Mariah’s. Which is also down town Bowling Green. The bar has been expanded with a “sports” theme and is known as Legends Sports Bar. A television video wall will use the latest technology to bring our customers all of the big games.

to be the bar of WKU. Hilligans draws in a large number of college Wings, and Overtime. These bars are located on the other side of students through out the busy school year. They make the goal of the town away from Shots and the other down town area bars. There for they are not necessarily Shots biggest competitor, however they do still can draw the crowd away from the down town area. Since Shots has a short time frame of only being open they have to share of hot and cold tapas, made for a unique way of eating. Their their customers with all of the other bars around the area.


s. w. o. t. strengths



threats campus

options (only shots)

interactive entertainment options

local bar promotions downtown area but still relatively close to campus

of relying on partnerships

partnerships operation (8:30pm to 12:00am Thursday thru Saturday)


entertainment options


shots. shots. shots. shots. shots. sh



shots. shots. shots. shots. shots. sh

creative strategy. marketing communication strategy advertising strategy.

Tactic 3: Launch the new Shots campaign across all platforms

media strategy. better understand customer needs.

marketing strategy.

Deliver high quality content and information across all platforms. Tactic 1: Social Media Campaign Tactic 2: Guerrilla Marketing strategy Tactic 3: Herald Advertisements

sales promotion.



Green Downtown redevelopment.

public relations.

message strategy. marketing and messaging. Tactic 1: Update all Marketing, Advertising & Print collateral


Further develop strong strategic alliances and partnerships with the community and partners. Tactic 1: Community event sponsorship and involvement Tactic 2: Cultivate downtown partnerships Tactic 4: Select Employer Groups (Pub Crawls)

shots. shots. shots. shots. shots. sh

updated brand identity.


shots. shots. shots. shots. shots. sh

establish web presence.


shots. shots. shots. shots. shots. sh 20

what’s yours?


shots. shots. shots. shots. shots. sh




updated menu board


in new brands or try new products. Social media is also where they look to research if a brand is established or not. Consistent messaging focused on the brand’s unconventional and bring them to the downtown scene. We learned that consumers aspects of nighttime entertainment is essential to the success of the campaign. We recommend that Shots reaches out to fans for they are just beginning to seek out new and exciting entertainment feedback to incorporate in the program. The brand can use these opportunities. In order to reach this demographic, we recommend fans as ambassadors to include in their advertising campaign and rebranding Our campaign is strategically sound, innovative and engaging. It

nighttime entertainment.

phase one: january 1, 2014; 2 weeks

phase. The social media campaign is based on our tagline “What’s yours?” Our team recognizes the value that Shots uniqueness has

brand. The new messaging for Shots was created through analysis of the ethnographic research and brainstorming with the brand itself. The rebrand will place emphasis on the unique experience also invites people to share their taste with the brand, which will ignite a conversation through social media. Shots will bring to Bowling Green. The tagline “First Call and Pub Crawl” will be removed from the business name to create a short and sweet name for the Following customer buzz and conversation is crucial for Shots during the last phase. Shots will monitor social media conversation established to create consistent messaging on all platforms. By through social media management systems and also track website

phase three: mid june: 4 weeks

changing the look and messaging on all platforms, buzz will be created throughout the community about the brand. Phase two will talk more about the launching of the “What’s Yours?” campaign.

phase two: mid january;18 weeks

As the buzz builds around the new brand relaunch, a social media campaign will be launched focused on the unique aspects of Shots. At the same time, Shots will implement a guerilla marketing campaign to place the brand in front of our target audience. Our primary target

should all have a common focus of spreading the uniqueness of Shots. Shots will also implement an editorial calendar for consistent communication. This calendar will plan out upcoming events and nights.

shots. shots. shots. shots. shots. sho 26

communication assessment measures


shots. shots. shots. shots. shots. sh

communication assessment measures. The biggest aspect of this campaign is digital and social. Both of these components have easy tracking mechanisms that will The results from the campaign will prove that our team created a be employed to measure success rates of the campaign. By plan for growth and retention for Shots.

shots. shots. shots. shots. shots. sho 28



shots. shots. shots. shots. shots. sh

explore (brand discovery): 4,500 dollars evaluate (brand strategy & message): 2,200 dollars expression (creative development): 5,500 dollars evangelize (brand action plan): 4, 500 dollars execution (brand management): 8,525 dollars facebook ad: 25 dollars printing: 8,000 dollars guerilla marketing, posters, fliers, etc...

herald ads: 500 dollars

shots. shots. shots. shots. shots. sho 30


summary Our team has given Shots the tools to succeed. We have used on bringing the target market a fresh new place for entertainment. through our campaign. By implementing both social and digital media techniques, we will be able to place the brand in front of the consumer and more people will become aware of Shots and its entertainment. services. The research has proven that college students and young adults Shots is the place for every taste. within the region dominate the marketplace. Shots’ rebrand will focus What’s yours? informative campaign will attract the consumer. We have developed



a form creative marketing communications plan: lauren cherry, kara drury, whitney johnson, deron millay

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shots. shots. shots. shots. shots. sho

SHOTS Campaign  

SHOTS is a fast bar service located in the heart of downtown Bowling Green, Kentucky. This campaign was designed in the Fall 2013 semester b...

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