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Lifestyle Portraiture Frequently Asked Questions

What is your style of photography? I specialize in capturing life’s real moments as they happen. Whether it be a wedding, maternity, newborn, child or family session, I approach all my subjects in an easy-going yet fun manner. I prefer to use the natural beauty of daylight when possible to illuminate my photos, which provides freedom for subjects to truly relax in front of the camera. I do not set up artificial lighting, work with silly props or rely on computer tricks. I create images that represent the simple, pure, honest, and candid times in a subject’s life. Have you ever been cuddling your child in bed or watching as they ride their bike and wished you had a camera…not just your iPhone? Or realized there are no photos of you because you are always taking them? Well think of me as your own photographic historian recording whom you and your loved ones are at that point in time.

What is your approach when photographing a family? As a Photo Editor with years of experience in the magazine world, I prefer to capture a family in an editorial style. Starting with the whole lot of you to the smallest child, I strive to create a full narrative of our day together. It is always those little unexpected moments inbetween shots (you aren’t aware I’m taking) that become the most treasured.

What is a lifestyle portrait session like? A lifestyle portrait session starts with a phone or email consultation a few weeks before the shoot. We will customize your location, time of day, personality of your family, styling, what you would like to capture, how you plan on using the images, etc.

What does “on-location” mean?

The day of your shoot will be relaxed and easy flowing. Leaving downtime for your child and other family members to become comfortable with me is key to getting lasting imagery. Most full sessions last between 1-2.5 hours including time for snacks, potty, nursing breaks and outfit changes. This also gives me time to focus not only on the family as a whole, but each of its members individually (including the furry ones.) I often suggest two different styling looks and moving around a location, to provide a variety of photos to choose from in the end.

I am not a department store or portrait studio. I enjoy shooting at locations comfortable for my subjects, because comfortable people = comfortable images. This could be your home, the park, playground, favorite street to stroll down, the local ice cream shop…the possibilities are endless. Whatever locations you choose it should represent who you all are and what you like to do.

I would like to have photos at home, but I have a tiny apartment. It’s New York, who doesn’t? Since I work with natural daylight all we need is a good-sized window and some sun, your front porch or back drive. I don't use artificial lights so there is no large equipment to plug in or take up room. You would be surprised the tiny spaces I've fit myself into. Honestly most of the smiles I get in my pictures are subjects laughing at me standing on their furniture!

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What happens after our session? I get overwhelmed with print making decisions… After the shoot I go into the equivalent of the modern day darkroom to personally “develop” and edit all the best photos from the day. Deciding on the right crop, converting to black & white, correcting color and exposure are just a few steps involved in postproduction. On average this process takes 4-6 weeks to finalize. Once the images are completed we will have a photo editing and sales consultation where I will advise on image selection, explain the print collection options, and discuss how you plan to use your images. Whether it is in a wall gallery or gift prints I am here to help guide you and put all my years of photo editing experience to good use. I will not just email you a link for you to fend for yourself while your walls stay bare and your Mother In-law continually bugs you for prints.

What are watermarked web ready images? Web ready images are for emailing, posting on social media and viewing on your cell phone/tablet. They are watermarked in the lower right hand corner of image.

Can you just give me all the images unedited? That is called a shoot and burn photographer. I am a custom photographer. (Think of a factoryproduced slice of Kraft cheese versus a handcrafted piece of artisanal cheese.) Why waste your time sifting through hundreds of slightly different photos? Believe me you don’t need or want the photo of your self mid-blink. With a custom photographer, you are presented with images that are narrowed down and edited to highlight the beauty and emotion from our session.

Why are‌ Gift prints all the same price? When you purchase a basic medium t-shirt from the Gap is it the same price as an extrasmall. Gifts prints (5x7 and smaller) are like the white t-shirt of the photographic print.

Digital files more expensive than prints? The best way to explain the price difference of prints vs. digital files is comparing it to a high-end restaurant experience. If you sit down and order a four star meal you are purchasing a product; like a print. If you loved this meal so much that is caused you to walk back into the kitchen and ask the chef to purchase the recipe that would be like a digital file. The chef doesn’t know if you will be passing off his renowned chorizo and manchengo cheese frittata using hot dogs and Velveeta. A digital file comes at a premium because the creator is handing over their artwork to be reproduced numerous times with no oversight on the final product that bears their name.

What is‌ An online gallery? After our photo editing and sales consultation is completed you will be directed to an online gallery of the edited images from your session. Clients who decide to purchase additional a la carte prints can do so directly from the site. This is not shutterfly! Similar to the prints in the collections, all products are archivally printed at a professional photo lab that specializes in digital photography. I do not believe in investing on custom photography for it to be hastily reproduced on thin flimsy paper with incorrect colors. I review all product orders before the website submits them to the lab. Print orders over 5x7 in size are naturally retouched by myself. The gallery links is valid for 14 days and is shareable to friends/family to view/order from and have directly shipped to them.

The average investment? Resembling a kids menu investments are arranged by location. All courses include a pre-session consultation, time and talent of the photographer, craft editing and color correction of images, a download of watermarked web ready images, photo editing/sales consultation, print collection credit and shareable online gallery. On average clients invest a total of $600-$2,000 including the session, print collections and a la carte products.

So what’s your deal…who are you?



Kristi Drago-Price was the top Photo Editor of BRIDES magazine for over 13 years, lectured at the International Center of Photography, has been quoted in the wedding issue of Photo District News, was a presenter and panel member at PhotoExpo Plus, judged numerous photography competitions, and is a much sought after industry expert.

I’m Kristi, a local to Astoria, Queens and mom to two small children. You will most likely find me picking up our organic CSA vegetables, having a cocktail on the porch in front of our giant fig tree, enjoying a family brunch at our favorite restaurant or having some Zen out time in yoga class.

Kristi currently produces photo shoots for freelance clients such as Glamour, Self and Brides magazine and researches photography for Destination: W, The Knot and all while continuing to advance her own photography.

After 13 years as the head of the photo department at BRIDES magazine, I left my “Devil Wears Prada” Conde Nast life behind. Providing me the opportunity to spend more time with my family and enjoy what I do most, creating memories for my clients.









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