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What Can Prialto Do For You? Many sales professionals spend 30% to 60% of their valuable time on administrative work. DREW SANDERS, ISU of San Francisco

That could include organizing customer relationship management database, filing expense reports, researching prospects or getting through a barrage of emails every morning. None of

“Prialto gets the

that capitalizes on what they do best.

administration off my

Prialto gives your sales team dedicated productivity

back so I can focus on

assistants who can take these administrative tasks

relationships and sales.

off of their hands. Because the assistant has context

Every executive should

on your industry, he can get these things done fast

have a Prialto PA.”

and done right. Prialto leverages this talent to

Member since 2012

streamline your processes and integrates them right




into your core technology systems so that we can find a solution tailored just for your company.


“I was initially only interested in having

Prialto Members save more than 10 hours a week by offloading key processes to Prialto. What could an extra 10 hours of selling mean for your business?

Prialto help me with invoicing some of my accounts, but their


scheduling support


proved highly

CRM Management

professional and

Power Scheduling

valuable. I now save

Expense Reports

over 10 hours a week by

CRM Training

delegating my

Lead Nurturing Prospect Research

scheduling ping-pong to

Invoice Follow-up


And Much More…

Member since 2012

For simple tips to get started, take a look at these Prialto best practices • Avoiding the Top Sales Mistake • Power Scheduling

• Improving Business Relationships • CRM Adoption

• Setting Strong Passwords

Prialto’s Path to Productivity KELLY PERDEW, TargetClose

"My Prialto PA, Maru, works part-time for me, but she is available all day to initiate requests and manage responses. This keeps things moving as quickly as

Time to Completion: 1.5 – 2 weeks

they might with a full time assistant, but at a fraction of the cost. She

All new Prialto members are brought through a careful onboarding process that lets us evaluate how

plays the critical role of

you do your work and identify where we can help. Here’s what you’ll go through in the first 2 weeks:

ensuring my schedule is

An online needs analysis survey to explain your processes

filled with high priority

An implementation plan that describes how we’ll offload 2-3 of your core processes to your PA

items without myself

An onboarding survey to help us set up your systems and understand your preferences

being distracted by

Once we’ve become experts at your workflow, we’ll save you an average of 10 hours a week. That’s

heavy scheduling tasks.

what we call your “sweet spot.”

Maru even has a backup team to look out for me when she needs to be away from her desk!

YOUR PRIALTO PRODUCTIVITY TEAM Engagement Manager: Your EM sits in California and helps to set up your key processes early on in our relationship with you.

Prialto is the solution for

Prialto Productivity Assistant: Your PA sits in Guatemala and is the core of your

outsourced executive

team. This is the person who interfaces with you and your contacts every day.


PA Team Lead: The TL is responsible for preparing and mentoring your team on

Member since 2010

the ground in Guatemala. PA Cohort: This is a group of 4 PAs, of which your PA is one. Each cohort member shares learning and backs up each other’s accounts from time to time. These 4 people are each focused on finding ways to boost your team’s productivity.

Want to be more productive? Email to take your free needs analysis

Prialto Info sheet  

Two-pager highlighting our Productivity Assistant service

Prialto Info sheet  

Two-pager highlighting our Productivity Assistant service