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Why Email Marketing

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Why Email Marketing Author: Wade Marvin During today’s market you need to be automated to survive the competition and this can be accomplished by email advertising. Email advertising gives you the ability to build a relationship with your potential customers. Emails can be pre arranged so the customer receives emails weekly, daily or even a monthly news letter. Keep in mind that customer need to see your product at least seven times before they purchase. The days of marketing ads one time in the news paper are pretty much over, especially since the launch of the internet. Studies have shown that most customers purchase a product from a company or person they trust. What does this mean for the marketer? Simple, you will need to


build a reputation with your potential customer by offering them a product they can trust. Customers are very leery about products and just like you have been burned by someone in one form or another. The reasons for all the skepticism is due to all the trash on the internet these days or get rich schemes. Most customers have been taken advantage of and lost money due to that encounter. How can we as marketers break through that glass barrier to build the required trust of that customer? The way to break down that barrier is to offer a good quality product and I mean a product you would sell to your mother. The other answer to that equation is to build trust with a good email marketing campaign. The emails should be automated and full of content rich material that ensures they are learning more about your product with each encounter. When you engage in email marketing campaigns you are selling your reputation as a person. People will only buy products from a person they can trust. How do you start that email marketing campaign you ask? I began my career by using Aweber email marketing service. This system allowed me to automate my email marketing down to the time and date the email goes out. This puts my product in front of the customer and directs them back to my landing page. The email will update the customer and may even give them an opportunity to learn who I am, and what services I can offer them. Aweber captures leads through putting a sign up form on the landing page and even tracks what advertisement the lead came from. Picture yourself spending a week in your favorite vacation spot and during that week your business made several sales and sent all your customers your monthly newsletter. That is how simple email marketing is and continues to operate even when you are not there to watch it. There are other services out there besides Aweber and they all have different attributes to fit your needs. The main thing to remember is not to use email marketing to send spam, because everyone hates to get spam mail. The other thing is to sell products that you trust and will use yourself. I only offer products that I know and trust because at the end of the day I know that my company offered excellent products that my customers needed. Once you have built a reputation as an honest and upright person that offers a high end product the sales will come and as your reputation builds so will your business. Good luck and I hope this article helps you decide what type of marketing is best for your company. Learn More at Article Source: About the Author Wade Marvin is working as a workforce advisor and works partime from home as an online business entreprenuer. I have been married for five wonderful years to a women that I do not deserve. My wife of five years has given me two wonderful children and is my inspiration. I have started my online business so I could spend more time with my family instead of my co-workers. I enjoy outdoor activities and spending time with my family and friends. I enjoy


strategy games that involve detail strategy like chess. I enjoy good conversation and watching moves.

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Why Email Marketing