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Welcome to the first edition of the Scene kamloops. this magazine has been in the making for so long some of us didn’t know if it would ever hit the press, so this issue marks a momentous occasion.

the goal of the magazine is to provide exposure for local artists, musicians and athletes — both professional and those just in the midst of launching their careers. to do this involves connecting with a broader audience — you — and to let you know about what’s happening in your community and the raw talent Kamloops has to offer.

the scene was so much fun to create, but it can only get better. We envision the magazine — which publishes four times annually — will become that must-read, but to get there, we need you. Connect with us on facebook, check out our website,, send us messages and emails. let us know about you, what you’re doing and what you want to read about. if you’re in band, hook up with us. an artist? tell us your story. We’re here to spread the word, and we can’t wait to get started. - Danna Bach

Editor, the scene

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ON THE COVER: Graham agassiz. Photo by sterling lorence nOvemBeR - DecemBeR 2013





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AGGY ON A RAMPAGE By Adam Williams


lot of people called Graham Agassiz’s goal of becoming a professional mountain biker a pipe dream, but in a way that’s always what has fueled him.

The 23-year-old Kamloops mountain biker got his start racing BMX bikes but was turned on to mountain biking just a few years before his 18th birthday. He’s been hooked ever since and is now one of the top bikers in the world. What drew him to the sport over BMX? “The freedom and exploring aspects of it,” he says. “You can pretty much go anywhere, there’s so much terrain you can cover in a short amount of time.” Agassiz moved up the ranks quickly. He was a part of a grassroots development program with Kona Bikes before signing with its pro team just after

he turned 18. Kamloops has always been the ideal place for him; living in Juniper he’s just minutes away from the Kamloops Bike Ranch — a personal training facility of sorts — and he has access to some of the best and most popular terrain in the world. “The mountain bike scene here is pretty huge,” he says. “All the movies, there’s always been scenes coming out of here . . . I’ve traveled all the way around the world riding my bike and I still am always drawn back home. “I meet people from all over the world that come here just to ride — Japan, New Zealand, everywhere.”




nOvemBeR - DecemBeR 2013


You can pretty much go anywhere, there’s so much terrain you can cover in a short amount of time.”

PHOTO CREDIT: Sterling Lorence

nOvemBeR - DecemBeR 2013




Agassiz spends more of his time doing movies than riding in competitions nowadays, though there are certain events he will always have time for. His ultimate career goal is to win Red Bull Rampage — a stop on the Freeride Mountain Bike world tour in which riders take runs down near-vertical sandstone ridges in Utah. He’s come close to winning the last two seasons but fell on his final jump this year and broke his ankle just before the event the year before.

He plans to be back again next year however, with even more drive and determination. Riding at the Bike Ranch he has the opportunity to interact with local kids, he also teams up with the Bicycle Café to offer bike camps to Kamloops youth in the summers. He looked up to local mountain bikers like Matt Hunter when he was a kid and he’s happy to be able to be act as a role model for the sport’s next generation. “It seems like yesterday that I was one of those kids so I can relate to that,” he says.


The next few months will be a bit different for Agassiz; he recently broke his neck while filming for a video and will be off his bike for the next three months. After that, he’ll be back in the gym, training and going through physical therapy, trying to get himself back in shape for another season.

His story shows that anything is possible with enough hard work and dedication. He was often told to be more realistic — that the odds of becoming a professional mountain biker were one in a million. He says his response was always: “Why can’t I be that one?” “No one can tell you that you can’t do something, I always say follow your dreams,” he says. “If there’s something in life you want to do, no matter how far away it seems, how impossible it seems, if you just put the time and effort and hard work in, anything is possible, as cliché as that sounds. It’s true and I feel like I’m a prime example of that.”

The injuries, especially the severe ones, don’t make him think twice about his career, instead they make more grateful and respectful of the career he has built. “It’s crazy to have a dream like that and to make it a reality,” Agassiz says. “Just putting in that hard work and it paying off and now doing it, it’s definitely a cool feeling.”

He was often told to be more realistic — that the odds of becoming a professional mountain biker were one in a million. He says his response was always:


Snowboard, ride sleds, fly fish

“Why can’t I be that one?”

Favourite place to snowboard: Revelstoke

Favourite mountain biking location:

Whistler or Châtel, France. (A small ski village in the French Alps).

Hero growing up: Matt Hunter

Favourite sport to watch: Surfing

Favourite surfer: Highest ranking as a BMX racer: 2nd in B.C.

Highlight of his career: Racing in the Baja 1,000 in Mexico.

al: Ultimate career gopa ge. To win Red Bull Ram

Scan with Layar to Watch Graham’s 2013 Red Bull Rampage Runs. 6




Rob Machado

nOvemBeR - DecemBeR 2013

BBM's neW cross-platform app 3:3 8PM

Jim Beam

BBM’s gone cross- pla

tform. GET A PIN !

Jim Beam

Lol! BlackBerry Messenger, dum


Jack Daniels

What’s a BBM? Big Bowel Movement?

By Larkin Schmiedl With bad news galore for Blackberry, the insane success of the release of its BBM cross-platform app shocked the tech world. Once tied to BlackBerry devices, the real-time texting and group chat service became available to anyone with an iPhone or Android at the end of October. In the 24 hours following its release, the app saw 10 million downloads. To date 80-something million users

3:4 0PM

are on BBM, with 20 million of those being cross-platform app users. BBM was the first IM service used exclusively on mobile devices and became hugely popular in the 2000's for allowing real-time texting on a secure server, free from the need for a cellular provider. With the BlackBerry company in a crunch of diminishing revenues, having lost its former glory in the very same smartphone market it's sometimes credited for creating, the launch of the cross-


Jack Daniels


On it. TTYL ;P platform app is a big moment for the Waterloo, Ont.-based company. Its vice-president Andrew Bocking has told CBC the company wants to work on making the app profitable through advertising. A social networking feature called BBM Channels is currently in beta testing, and video and voice chatting services, now available only to BlackBerry users, will come to the cross-platform app “within months,” he said. But what makes BBM any better than any other instant messaging

app? It lets groups plan events and users chat with up to 30 contacts at once. Similar to popular WhatsApp, which boasts 200 million users, the BBM app uses Wi-Fi to allow free texting and photo sharing. Users invite contacts using a PIN, which creates control over who is added. Messages are marked as delivered and read when seen. Time will tell how much longevity the app will have in the market and whether BlackBerry's once-popular service will remain relevant.



Wireless technology | Electronic stability control | Free 6 year warranty


915 - 7th Street, North Shore (Behind Safeway) 1.877.464.1064 •

nOvemBeR - DecemBeR 2013




Ask us about

Searching for By Danna Bach, Editor

ar ts om TRU ’s fine t graduated fr tis e ar sh d at se th ba s sas sculpt ure cl The Kamloop y was during a or It st . a 12 g 20 tin in ea program object and cr ith mak ing an s shoe once was tasked w d seeing a dres re be em m re e man. Sh al it. a 10 -foot-t l to go w ith was made to fit at th e tim a upon her thinking. That shoe got en, t just any mitt mitten, but no a t. e an ak gi m a e’d fit Sh ade to itten — one m . en itt m a really big m ed iz Paul Bunyan-s She’d make a the stor y e researched this mitten, sh g in based on is ak , m nd in , ge A nd according to le ho w njean , an r. ny njean. M Bo of Paul Bu named Paul Bo an said di is na d Ca an ch — a Fren ll lumberjack ta a — k , ac er rj time, howev was a lumbe eet-tall. With t-f n gh ea ei d nj oo Bo st y to have alt Disne d thanks to W . an an ew ny gr Bu y ul or st Pa his ll lumberjack ta ot -fo 30 e aller became th man, and a sm a 30 -foot-tall fit e to m t en go itt at m “I made a l man, and th t.” eight-foot-tal oo an gf Bi fit d to an n io h, vers squatc t giants, and Sa thinking abou e discovered th search, Hope ut ho ug ro th Within that re d te otif that ’s ex is m a is an M Wild her. e form or anot the world in on




nOvemBeR - DecemBeR 2013

“If we keep telling the same stor y across cult ures and across countries, then the creature does exist — or we need him for something.”

“We’ve been talk ing about him for about as long as we’ve been telling stories.” Hope developed a Wild Man exhibit for The Cube at the Kamloops Art Gallery and continued her research into the legend after graduation. She launched the Wild Man Appreciation Society, where people are welcome to visit the site, purchase society memberships as well as Wild Man trading cards.

In B.C. one doesn’t have to look far for the Wild Man —the Kokanee beer sasquatch is just one modern example, as is Quatchi, the sasquatch mascot for the 2010 Vancouver Olympics.

In December, Hope travels to Romania where she’ll complete a month-long artist residency in Bucharest and take a train adventure through Nort hern Romania to attend and photograph Wild Man festivals.

But are there Wild Men roaming through the forests of B.C. as so many have suggested through the years? “As I stare into the forest I really hope I see one, but I really hope I don’t. I like the mystery — I like not know ing.”

The idea of Wild Men fascinates Hope, more because of their cult ural connectiv ity — these creatures exist in so many forms throughout the world, which tells her something about humanit y. nOvemBeR sEPtEMBER2013 sEPtEMBER - DecemBeR | 2013

|| 9

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in the Walmart Plaza • 250.372.7777 Find us on

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Wear What When StyLE up that LBD (little black dress) By Alyse Soukeroff It’s that time of year again when you start making holiday party plans, so what are you going to wear? Whether attending a few parties or many, you will want to show off your holiday sparkle in satiny fabrics, sequins, and metallic’s with rich textured finishes. Lace continues to be a trending fabric adding a sexy look by exposing subtle hints of skin. Try not to reveal too much skin to keep things from getting too risqué. Looking to stand out in the crowd? Opt for Cobalt, a rich and saturated shade that is icy cool but not too cold. Also, if you are really looking to shine, try something new in metallic. You will feel like a star. Accessorize with jeweled, diamond, or metallic necklaces and bracelets. Try not to over-do-it with your accessories especially if you are wearing a printed multicolored dress. You want you dress to stand out right? Keep it simple with diamonds, or

wear it with a pair of sparkling earrings, a bedazzled necklace, or a large metallic bracelet (but not all at the same time). There is nothing more classic this year than an LBD. Be sure to at least wear one out this holiday season even if you borrow it from a friend. A little black dress is timeless, and this year, wear it short with long sleeves. If your neckline is plunging, look for a midthigh hemline. A trendy LBD this season can be found with sheer accents, off the shoulder necks, or dramatic drapery. Too many parties too attend, on a budget and don’t want to wear the same thing to each party? Try for a more minimalist look, such as a solid purple, red, or blue frock and dress it up with accessories such as a heavy duty necklace with crystals, and beads, paired with a glamorous box-like clutch. Regardless of what you are wearing this holiday season, wear it with confidence, because confidence is the sexiest thing you can wear.

A lyse souk eroff Alyse Soukeroff received a D.E.C. in Fashion Design from College LaSalle in Montreal, Quebec in 2008. Following graduation, Alyse worked as an assistant fashion designer for a leading women’s clothing brand along with working backstage at various high-end fashion shows such as Escada and Holt Renfrew. Currently, Alyse is designing handbags and jewelry and working on her B.B.A. at Thompson River’s University.

F E E T | H A N D S | FAC E | H A I R | E V E RY B O DY

Gift Certificates available in all denominations


isn’t just a memorable experience. It’s an addictive lifestyle.

RADIANT | INSPIRED | ADDICTIVE 250-372-8746 • • 1300 Summit Drive, Kamloops, BC V2C1T8 10



nOvemBeR - DecemBeR 2013

STYLe STYL e Scene JeWeLrY r rY coLLecTion Fifth Avenue Jewellers

Sequin cockTaiL dreSS Retail Therapy Sue Elaine, $59.99

BLack & Lace cockTaiL dreSS Ruby Room Mystic, $79.99

nOvemBeR sEPtEMBER2013 - DecemBeR | 2013

| | 11



S cene sT y l e Hair & Makeup RA Salon & Spa

Models: Alanna Bekkering and Jordy Hamer-Jackson of the TRU Wolfpack women’s soccer team.

PHOTOGRAPHER: Hugo Yuen | AGENT & DIRECTOR OF SHOOT: Danna Bach | LOCATION: Coast Hotel / Prestons




nOvemBeR - DecemBeR 2013

Navy & Beaded dress Ruby Room Verti, $69.99

Royal blue Booties Ruby Room Geox, $54.99





K C A P F L O W U TR men’s soccer Team Wo

as the finaL year this Was of the Thompson Rivers University WolfPack women's soccer program in the Canadian Collegiate Athletic Association and the PACWEST league, and the team made it a year to remember. The WolfPack not only won the PACWEST league title going unbeaten with 12 wins and two ties, but it also captured its third straight title. TRU advanced to the CCAA

Championships in November in Surrey, and after dropping its first match, the WolfPack went onto capture the bronze medal. Alanna Bekkering and Jordy HamerJackson represent both ends of the spectrum of the program. Hamer-Jackson, a NorKam graduate, is in her first year with TRU while Bekkering was the team's lone fifth-year player. Both are graduates of Kamloops Youth Soccer.

Bekkering is a two-time CCAA AllCanadian, two-time PACWEST MVP and two-time PACWEST Playoff MVP. She is also the 2012 Kamloops Sports Council Female Athlete of the Year, and a graduate of South Kamloops Secondary. The WolfPack soccer program joins TRU basketball and volleyball, cross-country and swimming in the CIS starting in 2014. CIS is the top level of University athletics.

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nOvemBeR - DecemBeR 2013

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U A E V U O N kin By Lar

When Totally Boss electronic dance music night hit the scene in Kamloops in 2007 there was no turning back.

“It was held every Friday in a small downtown loft. Everywhere else in town was playing strictly Top 40 so when we brought this new electronic sound to Kamloops it was something entirely different,” says Mikael Finley, who makes up half of Kamloops DJ duo NOUVEAU.

It took a mere three weeks for Totally Boss to go from entertaining crowds of 100 people to more than 600 clamouring to get into the party. “Our party definitely fuelled the electronic scene in Kamloops and now every club in town plays mostly electronic genres of music.”

Living in Vancouver for six years, Finley would go to DJ parties and was inspired by the music and atmosphere. “When I moved back to Kamloops to finish school I missed that whole vibe so that’s when I started up Totally Boss and began DJing.”

Partnering with a buddy who'd grown up in the Kamloops punk hardcore scene, Finley and Andrew Klymchuk joined together in late 2011 to form NOUVEAU. The pair have since played with some big names: Steve Aoki, UZ, Felix Cartal, Ryan Hemsworth, Dragonette, and their favourite show of all time, Torro Torro out of Toronto. In the past year-and-a-half alone they've opened for more than 50 live acts, and act as resident DJs at Cactus Jacks, where they play about two shows a week. Finley said his favourite part about it all is, meeting all the different people who share the same musical passion as they do.



In December watch out for Kamloops' #NIGHTTIMING party. You can find more information and keep up to date on the duo's Facebook or Twitter under NouveauCanada.

“There's a really cool music scene in Kamloops — lots of different DJ crews out here,” says Finley. “At any given night you can head to a venue in Kamloops and see a lot of the talented DJs doing their thing. Everyone here gets along and we all support each other so it's a really cool time for electronic music in Kamloops.” NOUVEAU recently joined a DJ collective out of Vancouver and is working on doing a Western Canada tour.

“(We) get to travel around and share our love of music in different places.” “It's so gratifying to see a crowd react to a song you wrote or to a song you enjoy.”




nOvemBeR - DecemBeR 2013






130 30 5th 5th Ave. Ave e Kamloops, Kamlo Ka mloops l ops BC BC | P: P: 250-374-7289 250 374 250 25 374 728 7289 289 | F: F: 250-374-7269 250 374 250 25 374 726 7269 2 9

Nando's Kamloops A101 - 1180 Columbia St. West @ Summit Shopping Centre Kamloops, BC (250) 434-6214 SCAN WITH LAYAR nOvemBeR - DecemBeR 2013




it’s the place to be... 1797 PACIFIC WAY • 250.372.5453

Moustache ThE


CA LENDAR And it doesn't hurt that each of the 28-year-old contributors is handsome.

he Movember movement launched 10 years ago with a firm grasp of the funny bone. As the brainchild of two Australian guys, a tongue in cheek approach to a deadly serious topic was probably inevitable.

This year's theme, Tales of the Moustache, depicts the men on a different book cover each month — including the must-have Harlequin Romance novel with the male model sporting a wide open frilly shirt, windblown hair and a clingy bombshell blond. The dedication towards the project can be seen in its quality and attention to detail — the 2014 calendar includes obscure celebrated days of the year such as "Compliment Day" (Jan. 24)"Talk in an Elevator Day" (July 25), ect.

The annual movement has led to endless creative endeavours for prostate cancer research. And perhaps none is funnier than the Men of Movember calendar, created by a group of friends living in Kamloops and Vancouver.

But never far behind the jokes is the campaign to find a cure for prostate cancer. It's no coincidence that Coulter's grandfather was diagnosed with the disease the same year the group of friends came up with the calendar idea.

Mike Coulter, The Scene graphic designer, along with Vancouver's Matt Skinner, Tyler Robinson and Paul Jones came up with the fundraising idea over a few beers four years ago.

While "Opa" continues to defy the odds, the friends' project continues to grow.

The "Team Moustache Gravy" production — so called as "a cheeky reference to our efforts to make gravy (raise money) using our moustaches," said Coulter — was born.

"Movember has a platform that brings men together to engage . . . in ways that we don't always get to," said Coulter. "This is hugely important to us." For a minimum donation of $20 per calendar, they raised $5,000 from the first calendar and hope to double that this year. All proceeds go to Movember Canada, which funds prostate cancer research and men's health initiatives.

Filled with images of its creators striking pseudo-serious poses, the calendar's slick photography and design is delivered in perfect deadpan.

This year's calendar is ready for distribution. To place an order or for more information, go to

ORDeR yOuR OWn OnLIne aT:

SCan WITH LayaR www. 18



nOvemBeR - DecemBeR 2013


Kris Hall shows off his moustache as he enjoys dinner at the Commodore Grand Cafe and Lounge.

KAMLOOPs Cancer Fundraiser’s Popularity Keeps on Growing

Kathryn Easton, left, shaves a beard off of Zak Cox, a TRU Tourism Management student. Professional Convention Management Association members are helping to promote Movember, including a clean shave before starting moustaches.

Kamloops Harley-Davidson general manager Pete Murie, rental manager Teneille McGill, and Commodore owner Dino Bernardo show off merchandise up for grabs at the Team Harley-Davidson fundraising dinner.

Insurance? Now? Yes!

As you move towards your prime earning years, you are starting to accumulate wealth. It might be time to think about protecting that wealth. Call one of our professional Insurance Associates to learn how our personal solutions can meet your insurance needs.

WHEN YOUR READY... WE'LL BE HERE! HOURS : Mon - Fri 8am - 6 pm Sat 9am - 3 : 3 0 pm

103-310 Nicola St. Kamloops, BC tel: 250.374.2139 • fax: 250.374.8296 nOvemBeR - DecemBeR 2013




w w w.u n d er wr iter s.c a

On The

At Sun PeAkS By Danna Bach, Editor


cquired any mad skills since last season? Ready to show them off? And as for showing off, there are plenty of opportunities. On Dec. 8 sign up for the Resurgence Rail Jam presented by Oronge Boardshop. Oronge also presents The Garden Rail Jam scheduled for Jan. 26.

Every year terrain park events at Sun Peaks get bigger, better and ballsier, and this year will be no different, says Devon Knopf, events co-ordinator for the resort. The Rockstar Energy Terrain Park used for freestyle ski and snowboarding has seen some upgrades over last season, and will see more through the season ahead, Knopf says. Every year the park is made more interesting than the year before, allowing riders the opportunity to practice different skills.

Last year, 5Forty True Urban Assault was a massive success with plenty of riders signed up and spectators galore watching the action that took place in the Village using urban features including an old car and a picnic table. The True Urban Assault will be back again this season on Dec. 14 and promises to be a crowd-pleaser.

“If you have the same jumps and rails for the whole season it’d get boring, so it’s changed almost weekly or monthly for the season, and we’ve got a huge variety,” he says, including everything from the traditional jumps to street-influenced rails.


“There have been contests going on up here since we’ve had the terrain park. They’re a huge part of the culture — it’s more of a coming together of everyone who rides it,” Knopf says,



nOvemBeR - DecemBeR 2013

There have been contests going on up here since we’ve had the terrain park. They’re a huge part of the culture...

If you’re looking for a great party on New Years, look no farther than Sun Peaks. The resort hosts First Flight Big Air Invitational on Dec. 31 at the Black Diamond Terrain Park. This is the seventh year for First Flight — an hour-long demonstration,

featuring some amazing athletes. Cash prizes are handed out to the best tricks of the night. Helmets are mandatory and all entrants must be able to ride the intermediate terrain park with confidence. First Flight is free for spectators.

Retail Therapy

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Brand New Location! 263 Victoria St. • 250-377-8080 nOvemBeR - DecemBeR 2013




Get Into The

Hooollliiidddaaayy SSpppiiri H ritttss


Peppermint Cookie: If baking isn’t your thing, maybe try a little mixing.

InGredIenTs: 3/4 oz. Tequila 1 oz. Peppermint Schnapps 3/4 oz. Godiva Liqueur 1-1/2 oz. Cream

Cuppa Good Cheer

dIrecTIons: Rim martini glass with chocolate syrup and crushed candy canes. Shake ingredients in a shaker with ice and strain into martini glass.

Thick, frothy an d decadent, th is is adds a grown up sp in to a hot cup of cocoa. Perfect af ter a day on the ski hill.

InGr edIen Ts 1.5 oz. 0.5 oz. 4 oz. 1 oz.

SK YY Infusi

White Crem e de Cacao Hot Co coa Half 'n Half

Whipped Cr


Maras chino


Orange Cranberry Gin and Tonic:

ons Cherry


dIr ecT Ions

Combine all in gredient s into a holiday mug and top w ith whipped cr eam, red sprinkles and a Maraschino Cher ry.

Candy Cane Cocktail InGredIenTs: 1 candy cane, crushed for garnish 2 ounces strawberry vodka 4 dashes white crème de menthe 2 ½ ounces cranberry juice Ice cubes

dIrecTIons: Place crushed candy canes on a small plate or saucer. Wet the outside rim of a chilled martini glass with water. Holding the glass by the stem, rotate the rim to coat with candy. In a cocktail shaker, combine vodka, crème de menthe, cranberry juice and ice; shake until well combined. Strain into prepared glass, serve immediately.

Jingle Juice:

Holiday spin on a classic

This makes enough for all your friends.

1 tablespoon fresh cranberries*

InGredIenTs: InGred red

1 cup ice cubes

5 cups orange juice 1 cup vodka

1 (2-inch) orange rind strip 1 teaspoon sugar 3 tablespoons gin 1 tablespoon fresh orange juice

1/3 cup orange liqueur (such as Triple Sec)

1/4 cup tonic water

1/4 cup fresh lemon juice

cranberries, and sugar in a cocktail shaker. Add ice cubes, gin, and fresh orange juice. Cover with lid, and shake vigorously until thoroughly chilled (about 30 seconds). Pour into an 8-oz. glass; top with tonic water. Serve immediately.

1/2 cup maraschino cherry juice

GArnIshes: fruitG flavored candy cane sticks, cherries with stems, orange and lemon slices

dIrecTIons: Muddle orange rind strip, fresh

*Frozen cranberries, thawed, may be substituted.

dIrecTIon: dI 1. Stir together orange juice and next 4 ingredients; serve over ice. Garnish, if desired. **Rudolph's Spritzer (non alcoholic): Omit vodka and orange liqueur. Add 2 cups chilled lemon-lime soft drink. Proceed as directed.

If you have a great recipe to share, post it on our Facebook page.




nOvemBeR - DecemBeR 2013

Have You Considere d The Conse q u ence s? • Shift into Winter • Slow down, speed kills • Respect highway maintenance vehicles & workers • Be aware, drive defensively • Drive to highway conditions • Plan ahead, avoid distractions • Speed kills, SLOW DOWN







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