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February 2013

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People took part in a candlelight vigil against the recent gang rape in new delhi. Photo Credit: IANS See Page 3

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Our Community

FEBRUARY, 2013 insight S3

Feature Story ~ Events ~ Viewpoint ~ News

Towards a new awakening By Rajeshwari Rajimwale

India on rape:


eople of all ages and origins walked the dusty roads with lit candles and signs in their hands in the Indian capital city of Delhi. The protests were not only about a single case, but instead a sign of a national awakening.

On December 16 2012, a 23-year-old young woman was raped brutally by six men for an hour in a moving bus in New Dehli. Afterward, to silence her voice she was cruelly injured and thrown on the cold streets naked to die. “Rape is a disgracefully underreported crime,” said Lalitha Chavan, who runs a shelter for women in Mumbai, India. “Families of rape victims are scared to come forward and register a case because of the stigma attached. Victims are looked down upon and treated like outcasts.” According to the Indian Police raperelated crimes are on the rise. Delhi itself has 700 reported rape cases in the last year. But most cases go unreported as the culprits are known to the victims and their families.

“Lack of proper education and respect for women is the major cause for violence being on the rise,” This seems like a common scene in the cities of India, where women have a feeling of being intimidated all the time. Their lives seem to revolve around protecting themselves from their predators. Leaving home without company seems scary and they prefer to carry sharp objects in their purses. “Lack of proper education and respect for women is the major cause for violence being on the rise,” said Chavan. “It must be made mandatory to have a respectful environment for women. With the recent incidents it seems it is (that much) more the need of the hour.” Protesters' anger seems focused on the outdated sexual violence laws and leniency toward the culprits. Over a million letters were sent to lawmakers addressing various issues concerning the outdated laws and demanding a stop to vaginal examinations of rape victims and no tolerance of political interference.

“If there is an incident we don’t feel safe going and talking to the cops,” said Aditi Nair, a working professional from Delhi, India. “The cops mistreat the victims and their families. If the law turns against us where are we to go for protection?” Lack of well-performing governance is the root cause of the existing unsafe environment. “The need of the hour is the call for a social change,” said Chavan. “As a nation that is developing at a very fast pace, we need our legal system to be upgraded and supportive.”

Developed nations on rape:

As we sit and talk about incidents happening in other parts of the world, our security is at stake at home turf. “I go partying most weekends,” said Ashleigh McDonald from Kelowna, a student of 20 years old. “But the number of rape cases I have heard (of) makes me scared to walk out alone. My predator could be waiting for me around the corner.” continued on next page

“Looking forward to Spring in the Thompson Valleys and serving our communities”

Terry L T Lake, k MLA Kamloops - North Thompson Email:


Office: 618B Tranquille Road Kamloops, BC Phone: 250-554-5413

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Our Community continued from page one

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McDonald does not like going out alone late at night. She's generally accompanied by friends. She makes it a point to check her drink before drinking. One of every 17 Canadian women is raped at some point in her life. Statistics Canada has found that one in four girls and one in eight boys have been sexually abused by the time they are 18.

Every province has set aside money for counselling and interventions centres. “Kamloops does not have a crisis line,” said Cynthia Davis, Agency Co-ordinator, Kamloops Sexual Assault Counseling Centre (KSACC). “Kelowna has four. But the numbers are not enough.” According to Davis, the major lacuna in the system is that nobody is bothered about the prevention of violence.

As per the RCMP statistics, for the last 30 years only one out of 10 rape cases are reported. “The legal bodies are not really supported in the United Kingdom also,” said Ruth Jacob from Hertfordshire, United Kingdom (UK). Jacobs was raped twice and also ganged raped a year ago. But instead of giving into her situation, she decided to stand against it and fight it as a strong woman.

“It’s never your fault. It’s really important to remember that,” said Jacob. “I blamed myself and I regret doing that. Be your own best friend. Get support from local organizations. Try and get some support from the community, family members or women’s group.”

Statistics in USA

Statistics in Canada

Statistics in India

• One out of every six American women has been the victim of an attempted or completed rape in her lifetime (14.8 per cent completed rape; 2.8 per cent attempted rape).

• One of every 17 Canadian women is raped at some point in her life.

• India stands third in rape incidents. Ahead are the USA and South Africa.

• A woman is sexually assaulted by forced intercourse every 17 minutes in Canada.

• 17.7 million American women have been victims of attempted or completed rape.

• Girls and young women between the ages of 15-24 are the most likely victims.

• Rape cases in India more than doubled between 1990 and 2008, and national crime records show that 228,650 of the 256,329 violent crimes recorded last year had women as victims. The conviction rate for rape cases is 26 per cent.

• 15 per cent of sexual assault and rape victims are under age 12.

• 70 per cent of rapes are committed by a perpetrator who knows the victim (relative, friend, neighbour, colleague, or other acquaintance).

• 93 per cent of juvenile sexual assault victims know their attacker. • 54 per cent of rapes/sexual assaults are not reported to the police, according to a statistical average of the past five years. Those rapists, of course, never spend a day in prison. Factoring in unreported rapes, only about three per cent of rapists ever serve a day in jail.

• 80 per cent of assaults happen in the victim's home.

• Approximately one half of all rapes occur on dates. • 62 per cent of victims are physically injured in the attack; nine per cent are beaten severely or disfigured. • Statistics Canada has found that one in four girls and one in eight boys have been sexually abused by the time they are 18. Source:

• A National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB) report puts Indian capital city Delhi on the top list of rape cities closely followed by Mumbai, Bhopal, Pune and Jaipur. • A woman is raped every 20 minutes in India. • 10 per cent of the rapes are reported. • Registered cases in Delhi: 568 as opposed to Mumbai: 218 in 2011. • Over 700 rape incidents in Delhi in 2012. • Delhi Police statistics report that about 96 per cent of those accused of rape are known to victims while only 3.68 per cent of them are complete strangers.


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FEBRUARY, 2013 insight S5

Kamloops Immigrant Services ENGLISH LANGUAGE SERVICES for ADULTS By Paul M. Legace


amloops Immigrant Services is a non-profit society and registered charity that since 1982 has provided a wide range of services to help eligible people become fully integrated into Canadian and B.C. communities on economic, social and cultural levels. As mentioned in a recent article, the three main countries of origin for immigrants coming to Kamloops are India, China and the Philippines, with a growing number of Europeans and Latin Americans coming as well. It’s important to share that among the many ethnic groups engaging our services, the Indo-Canadian community has always had an integral role as both clients as well as supportive employees and volunteers. This rich cultural legacy enhances the mosaic of cultural activities in the Kamloops area. English Language Services for Adults (ELSA) has been one of the initial programs offered from the outset at KIS. Our ELSA Program provides a different kind of English class four days a week. Our instructors hold undergraduate degrees as well as TESL certifications to teach English as a specialized service to immigrants. We make everyday English interesting, labour market focused, and relevant to the daily lives of learners.

Kamloops Immigrant Services ELSA program provides four levels of student-centered classes focusing on reading, writing, listening and speaking skills. Our advanced group uses these foundational skills to practice more detailed communication such as negotiating, persuasion and conversational diplomacy. Continuous intake means students can join classes after completing a Canadian Language Benchmarks aligned placement test. Though we encourage attending every class, learners are not penalized for shifting schedules or occasional work-related absences. We do our best to keep participants aware of class activities and assignments. For clients who require and are available for additional instruction and practice, we strive to match them with tutors and mentors who generously share their time and knowledge. Kamloops Immigrant Services ELSA program fosters a learning environment that:

• Delivers quality English as a Second Language instruction in a welcoming and supportive learning environment • Improves client knowledge of Canada, Canadian institutions and civil society

• Builds self-esteem and confidence in the daily life of newcomers • Contributes to an overall sense of belonging and well-being in Canada • Provides opportunities for new Canadians to develop social ties, contacts and wider involvement within the local community • Encourages active selfassured participation in the local labour market • Serves as a transitional link for new Canadians considering academic studies Our services are free to eligible clients (citizens, refugees and permanent residents). Although space is understandably limited, we’re also very proud to offer eligible students free on-site child care under the care of qualified early childhood educators at our licensed childminding service for registered children. If you have any questions regarding our English language services, please contact our ELSA staff, Christopher or Lucia, at our office located at 448 Tranquille Rd., anytime between 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday to Friday at (778) 470-6101 or toll free at 1-800-672-0855.


Together we’re better. Settlement and Integration

Y our journey has brought you here and we welcome you!

Providing immigrants, refugees, new Canadians and visible minorities with the following information: • Banking and Budgets • Housing • Health (Physical and Mental) • Community Supports Example: Family Resource Center, YMCA, Recreation Centers s, • Connections to Federal and Provincial Programs and Services such as: Child Tax Benefits, Medical Service Plan and Income Assistance • Adjustment to life in Canada; Rights and Responsibilities • Guide through the Education System • Stress Support (Ie: Culture shock) • Permanent residency renewal and citizenship preparation Community Connections • Connecting volunteer community members with English Language Services for Adults ELSA immigrants for mentorship, organized community Providing free English classes for eligible adult Canadians; activities and events focusing on speaking, reading, writing and listening skills. • Beginner to Intermediate classes Child-minding • Helpful class themes address: housing, banking, work, • Complimentary child care for pre-registered children of health, education, transportation, Canadian Culture and parents enrolled in our programs. much more • Computer assistance and training y • Make new friends, contacts and connect with the community

• One to one English tutoring by volunteer community members.


Please visit websites: and for more information

These programs are made possible through funding from the Government of Canada and the Province of British Columbia.

The ability to communicate is one of the most valuable skills a person needs to maneuver through a new country. You are not alone. Some of the languages that our staff speaks are: French, Punjabi, Mandarin, Taiwanese, Japanese, Spanish, Afrikaans, Sinhala, Tamil, Hindi, Tagalog, and English.

448 Tranquille Rd • 778.470.6101 • •


ESLSAP Tutoring

S6 insight FEBRUARY, 2013

Our Community



n January 2 this year, Citizenship and Immigration Canada began to accept applications for permanent residence under the brand new Federal Skilled Trades Program. The program is intended to address critical labour shortages faced in some regions of Canada. It was created in

consultation with employers, the provinces and other groups and has been met with praise from many groups including the Canadian Chamber of Commerce and the Canadian Federation of Independent Businesses. Immigration Minister Kenney stated on CTV’s Power Play in December that Canada’s high schools and community colleges have not been producing enough tradespeople for

The program will accept applications up to a limit of 3,000 people in 43 very specific trades including sectors such as construction, oil and gas, mining, agriculture and forestry. Seventeen of the occupations will have a limit of 100 applications and twenty six occupations will have no limit up to the overall limit. Applicants will need to show their meet a basic language proficiency level. Language proficiency has been shown to be a significant indicator of success for immigrants as well as being important in terms of health, safety for workers. In addition, language proficiency helps workers to help themselves in terms of understanding their rights and obligations. The language proficiency level is basic enough to attract those who were ineligible for the Federal Skilled Worker program that is currently under suspension whilst undergoing some dramatic renovations. One of the most challenging aspects of the program is that applicants must


Finally, applicants must have at least two years of work experience in the occupation within the past five years and meet other employment requirements.

Rhonda Williams

Rhonda Williams is a Regulated Canadian Immigration This is a great opportunity for some Consultant. She has worked as an workers to obtain permanent immigration consultant since residence and who have not previously 1996. Prior to that time, Rhonda qualified under the Federal Skilled worked as a Canadian Visa Worker program. Applications will be Officer in India and Thailand for processed on a first come, first served several years. Rhonda also teaches basis, and it is anticipated that the in the UBC Certificate in program will quickly reach the 3,000 Immigration program and is on application limit. Those who are the Board of Directors of the eligible and interested should act Immigration Consultants of quickly if they plan to apply. Canada Regulatory Council. She is a frequent guest speaker on immigration across the country.


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Glacier Media Group, one of the largest media organizations in

organizations in Western Canada, is looking for freelance writers/interns in the Interior of BC, for its regional Indo-Canadian publication Insight. Insight serves one of the largest & fastest growing ethnic communities in B.C., as well as all readers who have an interest in India’s vibrant culture & lifestyle. The writing component will entail stories on businesses, profiles, events, health & wellness, food & human interest features. The successful candidate will also be expected to cover the major Indo-Canadian events in the region representing the publication.

Western Canada, is looking for Sales and Distribution Professional (project basis) in Kelowna/Vernon for its regional Indo-Canadian publication Insight. Insight will serve one of the largest & fastest growing ethnic communities in B.C., as well as all readers who have an interest in India’s vibrant culture & lifestyle. Want to work smart, meet interesting people, contribute to the success of their businesses and be well paid to do it? We’re looking for dynamic, entrepreneurial sales professionals to add to the top-performing media sales team in the BC Interior.



adian Life


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Celebrating Indo-Canadian Life



Third Culture Kids Handbag Fashion Ladakh: Adventur December 2012 es in Thompson Okanagan Edition God’s Own Land


Sequel Mania Bollywood Gossi p


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You hold a journalism degree, or can demonstrate an equivalent combination of education and experience. Your knowledge of journalism issues is excellent, and you have strong interviewing, writing and reporting skills. You have some knowledge about the Indo-Canadian culture and lifestyle. You are organized and have a proven track record of meeting deadlines, and breaking your own stories. You can work independently or as part of a team. Experience in digital photography and web-based content management systems are definite assets. Experience in blogging and the use of social networks like Twitter and Facebook are also assets. Royal Lepage Westwin Realty

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By Rhonda Williams B.A. (Hons.), M.A., RCIC

have a valid offer of full time employment in Canada for one year or more, or a certificate of qualification from a province or territory in one of the skilled trades on the occupation list. Putting employers who need skilled tradespeople together with qualified workers wishing to move to Canada is not an easy or organized process. For workers already in Canada, this will prove to be an easier process, but if the workers are already here there is something of a question as to whether this program will assist in bringing in new workers. In addition, for those workers outside of Canada it will be very challenging to obtain a certificate of qualification from a province or territory.

VOL. 1 NO. 1

All New Federal Skilled Trades Program

the tens of thousands of trade related jobs that are unfilled. It is estimated that Alberta will need an additional 115,000 skilled tradespeople over the next 10 years. The Canadian construction Association says that by 2020, Canada will need an additional 320,000 construction workers and only about half are likely to be available from within Canada.

VOL. 1 NO. 2

Canadian Immigration

FEBRUARY, 2013 insight S7

Our Community

Jason Kenney:



Arjun SiNGH

I Don’t Speak

the Language Arjun Singh, Kamloops City Councillor


o me, there are many quite reasonable explanations for my current lack of Punjabi speaking skills. My Grandfathers both served in the public service in India and our families lived all over the country. India has so many different languages and, as many know, the common language is often English. Close to half of my Grandfathers’ careers, they worked under British rule.

anada is one of the countries favoured by Indian communities when it comes to immigration. A friendly atmosphere and the celebration of multiculturalism have always been Canada’s best traits when it comes to migration. It comes as no surprise that the Minister of Citizenship, Immigration and Multiculturalism, Jason Kenney, has always been vocally supportive of the Indian community in Canada. During his recent visit to India he made a point of visiting different communities across the country to establish an amicable relationship with them. As a part of new policies adapted by the Canadian Government, he made some key announcements about visa procedures for immigration.

“Under the new system, potential skilled immigrants will be linked to jobs through a portal under an When my sister and I were children, my 'expression of interest' format,” said grandparents had already retired back Kenney. The system will empower to Punjab. When my parents were employers in Canada, as well as children, they lived in places like Guntur, Kanpur, Varansi, and Bangkok. applicants for permanent residence, My parents are certainly Punjabi speaking, but they are probably more conversant in English. When they got married, starting their life together in Canada, many of their new colleagues By Arun Kumar and friends spoke only English.

since immigrants will reach Canada with pre-arranged jobs. A new measure for a ‘start-up’ visa has also been taken into consideration. This new program is expected to better align the immigration system with Canada's economic goals. Last year, the government revamped the skilled worker program to try to make it meet employers' needs more quickly. In a statement, Kenney said, “Our new start-up visa will help make Canada the destination of choice for the world's best and brightest to launch their companies." From time to time Kenney has mentioned the importance of Indian community in the development of Canada. He visited the Holy Golden Temple during his recent visit and also became the first Canadian minister to officially visit the state of Goa. Talking about his interaction with Indian ministers, he said, “This official visit to India was a great opportunity to promote Canada internationally. Our two Commonwealth democracies share a deep and growing bond as many Indians come to visit friends and relatives or study in Canada, while others come to Canada to start new lives, through our new fast and flexible immigration programs.”

Jason Kenney: CANADA’S Minister of Citizenship, Immigration and Multiculturalism

Minister Kenney holds a strong optimistic view that immigration has been Canada’s engine of growth and progress. His wise policy decisions and ability to connect with natives and immigrants make him a lovable minister. Kenney’s measures, which include major restructuring efforts

and an overhaul of the immigration system, have been hailed as positive by the general public. Kenney is noted for his around-the-clock work system and has earned a reputation as one of the Harper cabinet’s most effective performers.

Envoy sees limitless horizon for India-US ties

I want to be clear. I understand some Punjabi and Hindi, and if push came to shove, I can say a few broken sentences, some might say more. Indeed, when I travel to India, it does not take long for more to come back to me.

Washington, Feb 7 (IANS)


oting an "increasing convergence" of Indian and US interests across major global issues, Indian ambassador to the US Nirupama Rao says she sees a "virtually limitless horizon" for the two countries to achieve together.

So, I could never fault my parents for my not speaking Punjabi. I don’t think that would be fair to them at all. At this stage in my life, I have to make a decision if I want to spend the time to really master this vibrant language. It "Just as we share values of democracy, always makes me feel a bit sheepish that freedom, tolerance and diversity, there I don’t speak more fluently. is an increasing convergence of our I wonder how I might be able to interests across major global issues," embark on learning Punjabi. I’ve got a she said in a congratulatory letter to very active personal, work, and Republican House member Peter community life. It would be near impossible to travel to Punjab and immerse myself for longer than a few weeks. I have tried some online and smartphone based courses and study guides but I can’t seem to keep any momentum going with these. Truth is, I will probably never improve my Punjabi skills if I don’t carve out small regular times in my schedule for study and practice. Small step by step, I might see some improvement. I would like to learn Hindi as well. I’ve been most successful as a learner when I am learning with a group of people. I imagine there must be some of you, or people who you know, who might be interested in learning Punjabi. I am even hoping I might find some people who might be interested in teaching or tutoring Punjabi. Please be in touch - 250 377 1797 or

Roskam, the new co-chair of the Congressional Caucus of India and Indian Americans. "Today, it is an exciting time for IndiaUS relations when we have a virtually limitless horizon of what we can achieve together, with our futures linked in so many ways," Rao wrote. The Republican party selected Roskam as co-chair to join Democrat co-chair Joe Crowley to head the largest caucus dedicated to one country in the House charged with advancement of US-India relations. He takes over from Ed Royce, who has become chairman of the House Foreign Affairs Committee and on the panel.

As India's ambassador to the US, Rao said she had closely witnessed a sustained strengthening and diversification of the global strategic partnership between the two countries, which now encompasses a vast array of collaborative pursuits and touches the lives of millions of people, globally. "Indeed, one of the mainstays of the India-US strategic partnership is the spirited bipartisan support for this relationship in the US Congress embodied by the Congressional Caucus on India and Indian Americans, just as there is a strong consensus for thriving India-US relations across the political spectrum in India," she said.

A vibrant and dynamic Indian American community in the US also acts as a bridge personifying the friendship between the two great nations and is an increasingly important player in shaping the future of India-US partnership, Rao said. The envoy expressed confidence that under Roskam's leadership, the India caucus will "grow further in strength and dynamism, add greater momentum to the vital strategic ties between our two countries, and substantively energize our historic mission to promote prosperity in both India and the United States".

Enterprise S8 insight FEBRUARY, 2013

Business ~ Profiles ~ Columns




hen three friends from India opened a lowly furniture store in Prince George in the '70s, they couldn't have known it would grow to become a chain that would cross both B.C. and Alberta, and come to boast 22 stores in total.

Ruby Sharma, one of the founders of the now-City Furniture chain, finds himself in Vernon these days. “City Furniture was founded by three friends from back home in India. We got together here – one of my partners Ray Kandola was here just a while before us. Ted Sandhu and I went to university together in India. Kandola was here a couple of years before we came, and he was in the furniture field already.”

After opening the first store in Prince George in '76, Sharma said, “we opened the second store in Dawson Creek, and then my partner Ted Sandhu went there. And the third store we opened was in Vernon, that's when I came here. We were three equal partners.” City Furniture & Appliances Ltd. is designed to be a one-stop home shop. Selling furniture, electronics, mattresses, appliances, and home décor such as rugs, lighting and mirrors, the stores also offer customers help with things like interior design and space planning, choosing artwork,

colours and accessories, and custom furniture design. The chain's well-touted motto is: “We don't sell – we help you buy.” Sharma said, “Our philosophy has been that we are here to serve the people, customers, community... That really means we have lived this... At City Furniture we don't force people, we suggest them and recommend them.” He says the chain is unique in that it offers customers the best of both worlds: competitive pricing and bigstore buying power, alongside the type of service you'd expect at a 'ma and pa' store. “The disadvantages (big companies) have, we don't,” says Sharma, “because we are not like a big head office operating from somewhere. We are locally everywhere, because we are all spread out.” “Our owner-operators are involved in the stores.” In Kamloops, owner-operator Sid Kandola has been very involved in his local community.


City Furniture Kamloops has taken part, according to the company's website, in raising money for the Royal Inland Hospital and giving


Paul Manhas By Megha Sequeira


aul Manhas is a true Indian. He likes chicken curry, sports, and his mother’s cooking; things he shares with countless other Indian and Indo-Canadian men.

Having moved to Canada when he was five, Manhas admits what others are somewhat afraid to: that he cannot fully grasp cricket. Forty-eight years in this country, however, has given him an appreciation for great sports like Ice Hockey and North American football. Despite living here since he was five years old, often in towns where the Indian population was much smaller than Kamloops’ Manhas retains his grasp of the Punjabi language.

PAUL MANHAS advises students to give kamloops community a chance

As associate vice-president of finance, Manhas oversees most of the financial operations within TRU. “So all the traditional accounting aspects… plus procurement and budgeting, financial analytics, accounts payable (and) payroll.” Manhas is also involved with the Indian community within Kamloops.

He is a part of the Indo-Can Golf Links group that holds tournaments as fundraisers for various causes. The group has raised $300,000 in funds for healthcare at the Royal Inland Hospital, $150,000 for development of the Brown Family House of Learning, and is currently in the process of raising money for scholarships for TRU before it decides on its next charitable project. Kamloops, being a smaller community in and of itself, can often be challenging for Indians who are used to the grandeur and ever-presence of Indian culture in India and in cities like Delta and Surrey. Manhas offered his views on the continually changing meaning of ‘culture’ within Kamloops, and Canada. “I think culture is constantly changing, regardless of where you live whether it’s Delta, Surrey or Kamloops. In Kamloops, the Indian population is smaller and more spread out and the Indian culture changes faster in some aspects and slower in others. In Delta and Surrey you have a higher concentration (of Indians and) the traditional ways tend to be more prominent.”

donations to a brain injury charity and Big Brothers and Sisters, among others. Kandola has also donated appliances and money to the Kamloops Sikh temple. The owner of the Merritt store, along with Sharma, were both awarded Queen's Diamond Jubilee medals in January 2013 for contributions to Canada through business. “We have a hands-on approach to personal service,” says Sharma. With price guarantees on all City Furniture goods, and the type of deals and selection found in any large store, Sharma says the City Furniture team has found a formula that works. “We have wonderful facilities with brand names in everything, because we have been in business for 37 years.” “Because of our buying power, we can get better deals. We go offshore, we bring product from the Far East in container loads, and naturally when you buy better, you can give better deals. We work with low margins so that we keep our expenses low.” Kandola says the company has plans to keep expanding.

Manhas offers a few words of advice to Indian students coming to Kamloops and TRU for the first time. He asks that they “give the community a chance. It’s a wonderful community to live in. Once you spend time here, you really learn to appreciate the fact that it is much smaller, you make friends easier.” Touching on what is happening in India currently, regarding violence against women and political unrest, Manhas had this to say: “I think India is struggling with a move to internationalization. And as every culture, country or group is being held to a higher level of accountability, everybody’s values are changing because of that higher level of accountability and the way that communication now is so quick (that) you can instantly find out what’s going on in the rest of the world... We all expect that we will have higher standards of behavior and I think India is just starting to mature in that respect.” We all have to acknowledge that Canadian and Indian cultures differ greatly, but ultimately the products are Indo-Canadians, who bring a beautifully unique mix of both cultures to this country. In the end though, the old adage remains true; you can take an Indian out of India, but you can’t take the love an Indian man has for his mother’s cooking out of him.

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f you’ve got a passion for the law but don’t want to become a lawyer, paralegal work may be for you. Paralegals assist lawyers in their work – preparing documents, maintaining records and files, and doing research. And the ThompsonOkanagan is going to be short on them in coming years.

It’s a growing occupation, and one that Jill Barrett, paralegal at Kamloops Morelli Chertkow lawyers, is glad she chose. “I’ve been working in the legal field for 17 or 18 years, and I love the research, some of it’s really interesting. It’s not all fun and games; some is not as exciting as others. But sometimes you get to really feel like you help people. Sometimes you feel like you’ve figured out a legal problem. I feel like I make a difference,” she said.

make from $12.69 to $35 per hour, with the median wage at $25 an hour. Barrett started out as a legal secretary at age 19, and worked her way up. “Paralegals do more in-depth work, whereas the legal assistant (or secretary) will generally type your documents, do your pleadings; the paralegal will dictate it or actually prepare the document or do the research necessary. They’re sort of an in-between the legal assistant and the lawyer.” Barrett trained through Capilano University’s two-year distance program. “The requirement at the time, I think you had to have two years’ experience and a recommendation from your employer. You had to be working full-time to do this distance education. It was quite a rigorous endeavour but well worth it. I would definitely recommend that program.”

diploma offered at Capilano to the certificate and diploma at VCC. The BC Paralegal Association recommends on its website the best way for aspiring paralegals to set themselves apart is to get training and distinguish themselves through the quality of their work. There is no professional certification for paralegals in B.C. Barrett said, “I would recommend taking a legal assistant position and get some experience. And then look at doing the paralegal bit.”

“It can be stressful. It can wake you up in the night (thinking), ‘Oh my God, did I finish that, or did I do this?’ Because in some situations you’re dealing with people’s lives.” WorkBC says the occupation has above-average growth and job stability. It’s possible to work both on staff at a law firm, or doing contract work. Each has its benefits. Some of the duties involved in paralegal work can include interviewing clients and witnesses,

assembling documentary evidence, preparing trial briefs and arranging for trials, preparing wills, court reports and other legal documents, researching records and court files, drafting legal correspondence and general office duties. “You definitely have to like the law and accept that there are confines there – you have to work within the box of the law,” Barrett said. She said she thinks it just depends on the person as to whether someone will enjoy the work.

Occupations with the Highest Expected Shortages in Thompson Okanagan 2010-2020

Cumulative Shortage 2010 - 2020

NOC 642 Retail Salespersons and Sales Clerks


NOC 666 Cleaners


NOC 341 Assisting Occupations in Support of Health Services


NOC 421 Paralegals, Social Services Workers and Occupations in Education and Religion, n.e.c.


NOC 825 Contractors, Operators and Supervisors in Agriculture, Horticulture and Aquaculture


NOC 315 Nurse Supervisors and Registered Nurses


NOC 141 Clerical Occupations, General Office Skills


“I’ve been doing it a long time and I don’t plan on stopping anytime soon.”

There’s also distance training available from Vancouver Community College.

NOC 727 Carpenters and Cabinetmakers


NOC 664 Food Counter Attendants, Kitchen Helpers and Related Occupations


According to the government of Canada’s Working in Canada website, paralegals in the Thompson-Okanagan can expect to

Students can also study on site, and the programs offered range from the degree, citation, certificate and

NOC 647 Childcare and Home Support Workers


Source: WorkBC's Regional Labour Market Outlook for Thompson-Okanagan

Apply Now!

to study here! Thompson Rivers University is one of Canada’s most comprehensive universities, offering Master and Bachelor degrees as well as college, technology, open learning, and English language programs. International projects extend to more than 80 countries with students from over 85 nations enrolled at TRU’s campus in Kamloops, British Columbia.

Inquiries: D001413868


eBrochure & Online Application Form:

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Why use an

Employment Agency e hear this a lot. “I am an administrative assistant looking for full-time employment. My friend found permanent employment through a local staffing agency, Excel Personnel Inc. She started out working as a temporary worker on different assignments each week in administration. I am hesitant to register with these types of placement companies. I am looking for permanent employment.”

Hear is why you should register with a Placement Agency/Employment Agency. Let me share my own story; you might be inspired to register with as many staffing agencies that specialize in your field as possible. Before I started working as a recruiter/ job developer, I was working as an executive assistant and registered with numerous temporary staffing agencies in Calgary, Alberta. I registered on the website, applied for several relevant administrative assistant positions and was invited in for a skills testing and an interview. I was sent on various temporary assignments. I was open to permanent or temporary placements. The bottomline is that my last temporary assignment with a large accounting firm led to full-time permanent employment as an executive assistant for one of the partners of the firm. So I am a big advocate of never saying no to a job opportunity in one’s field, even if it’s a one-week assignment. You never know where it could lead. Our industry is described in these terms. Recruiting firms may be known as placement/outplacement, search firms, ‘temp’ agencies (for temporary work), or recruiting/consulting firms, or employment agencies. The staff are usually called recruiters or ‘headhunters, Talent Acquisition Specialists.’ They commonly work with multiple job orders for many occupations, including office work, architecture, financial services,

Recruiting firms work quickly. The rise of online job sites has changed the way many staffing professionals work over the last 5 years. Company websites now have data bases and use computer programs to scan applications for particular keywords and now, so do recruiters and recruitment firms. Even if you submit your resume on fancy stationery, it gets scanned by the recruiter or staffing agency. Most firms are trying to be somewhat paperless and ask that you upload your resume to our specific job on our site, we try not to accept paper resumes though. Especially for entry- or mid-level jobs, cover letters don’t get read. To get through the computer gatekeeper, applicants need to make sure the relevant, searchable words are on their resumes. If the recruiter feels your resume meets the qualification of their ‘client’ (employer), you will be invited in to be tested for work that is technical or office related. This is usually done before the interview and can now be done online from your home computer by simply giving you access codes to partake in your evaluation process. This gives the recruiter an idea of whether your skills are basic, intermediate or advanced and there is no pass or fail rate. The recruiter is paid by the employer on a percentage basis, based on the first years gross income of the candidate salary. It is illegal in Canada to charge a candidate to assist them in finding employment. If they do, find another recruiter or you can report them to our Association – Association of Canadian Search, Employment or Staffing Services and to Employment Standards in your Province. Remember that the recruiter is working for the employer and paid by the employer. Therefore, it is important for you, as the job seeker/ candidate, to be sure that you are satisfied with the fit for you, the company and the position.


Typically, a recruiter specializes in a skill set. For the best odds of success, experts recommend that job-seekers should identify companies and positions they’re specifically interested in and seek recruiters who work with them. (This is particularly true for anyone seeking an upper management job, for which companies typically rely on an established relationship with a recruiter or recruiting firm.) You have the right to register with more than one search firm. You will be required to provide two pieces of photo identification and a list of references along with your CV or Resume. Try to develop a relationship with the person who is responsible for your file. Working with a few recruiters, following up and becoming known to them is probably more beneficial than sending your resume anonymously to many firms as the recruiter will most likely already have built that working relationship in order to present you as a candidate of interest. Be flexible to both permanent, part-time, contract and/or temporary assignments. After you apply for positions on the staffing agency’s site, follow up with the recruiter assigned to the position with a phone call to make sure he or she received your resume and application of interest. Recruiters vary in the amount of advice they give to their clients. Ask for opinions, feedback and suggestions on your resume, work search, skills and presentation. This is particularly true when going to an interview. Working with a recruiter at Excel Personnel Inc. you sign up with a recruiter at their search firm, we then have standard policies and procedures our clients wish us to follow, this means we check your references, your skill sets, do drug and alcohol tests as requested, credit history and even sometimes legal records depending on the client That is why they have our

candidates sign our documents giving us permission to check. If you want to work with Excel Personnel, you have to submit the completed forms. That is standard in the job market these days, whether you work with a recruiter or not. Even prospective employers will check your references and credit history and ask for drug tests prior to making the candidate an offer, so its not very different in what we ask, as to what the employer will request. Be honest with your recruiter at Excel Personnel, they know the market, they know the local businesses in your area, they can protect your personal


information and advise you of the conditions and salary you are striving for. Stating your requirements up front will save everyone time and trouble and give your recruiter a mirror image of what you seek. One last tip is that the Association of Canadian Search, Employment, and Staffing Services ( ) provides lists and information on recruiting firms, industry information, health and safety issues and events across the country that Excel Personnel has been on the BC Board and the National Board in Ontario and a member in high standing since 1993.


Certified Specialist In Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery



204 - 474 Columbia Street • 250-434-8350



accounting, nursing, child care, information technology, engineering, mining, maintenance and executive positions.


By Karen A. Watt, CPC, CEO

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Optimum Group is your one stop shop for all your immigration needs. Optimum Group is your one stop shop for all your immigration needs. Optimum Group is a prestigious Canada based group of companies, known and trusted to provide prompt, expert, and cost effective service in all aspects of Canadian immigration. It is a privately owned corporation and each company under the corporate umbrella aims in solving immigration needs of people all over the world. Within a very short span, Optimum Group has accomplished a high success rate in Canadian immigration. Optimum Group has its offices in Edmonton, AB and Surrey, BC and affiliated offices all over the world. Since inception, Optimum Group has been governed by its core values, which has defined its character. Accountability, integrity, and ethical practices are the values instilled upon each member of the Optimum team. These serve as a standard against which we weigh our actions and decisions.

the first step to study in Canada. Optimum Education can assist students every step of the way to successfully come to Canada to further their education. Optimum Security Services provides a range of screening services designed to assist employers and other agencies who need to know the background of individuals. Federal government agencies, volunteer organizations, corporations, lawyers and consultants assisting in immigration and pardon applications use our services. Optimum Commissionaires is the only agency providing finger printing services under the roof of Optimum Immigration in Western Canada. It is an affiliate of Reliability Screening Solutions Inc., accredited and certified by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP).

Optimum Group follows a straight forward philosophy of total immigration solutions. We look at a long term relation with the client, and customize solutions for clients according to their needs. Optimum Group assesses your eligibilities across all possibilities.

Optimum Group aims to be the client’s integrated immigration services provider, wherein they can implement a plan that includes their pre and post immigration services. We guide our clients through all the channels of getting immigration to Canada; studying, working or settling in Canada; applying for Citizenship; or sponsoring your loved ones.

Optimum Immigration specializes in offering fast, professional, reliable and affordable services for all immigration needs. The client may fail to get a positive decision with a minor technical mistake in the application that may be impossible for the client to rectify afterwards. It may cost the client dearly in terms of time, money, denial of immigration. Optimum Immigration has a reputation to provide efficient service for immigration to the Canadians and prospective immigrants with our offices in Canada and overseas.

The Optimum Group success has been driven by a strong vision, loyal clients, and excellence in execution. We have been getting a very positive feedback and response from our clients. About 80% of our clients are through referral or word of mouth. We must be doing something good to get so many referrals. Optimum caters to clients all over, there is not one specific region that we get our clients from. We are getting referrals from all over India, Middle East, Singapore, China, Europe, and Australia.

Optimum Jobbank specializes in sourcing suitable workers for Canadian employers. We provide labour staffing and LMO preparation for small to large corporations who are looking to hire in BC, Alberta, and Saskatchewan. We prepare, submit, track and follow Labour Market Opinion applications on behalf of employers and prepare work permits for selected workers. Optimum Jobbank ‘s experience and expertise in this area saves employers time and money. We also provide settlement services to the foreign workers and immigrants.

Anuradha (Anoo) Bhushan is an ICCRC member, and manages the BC division. Anoo stays up to date with rapidly changing immigration laws, policies and procedures. She started her career as an Immigration Practitioner in 2007. Anoo focuses in matters of temporary entry and permanent status, including HRSDC LMO, PNP processes. Anoo is conversant and proficient in transitioning of temporary workers and students to permanent resident status through PNP, FSW and CEC programs. She has a very good understanding of the South Asian culture and sensitivity to the issues and concerns of Asian immigrants. Anoo is fluent in English, Hindi, and Punjabi and is a licensed member in good standing with ICCRC.

Optimum Investments is a subsidiary of Optimum Group for business persons. Because of the stable economy, and a strong banking system, many investors are looking into investing and immigrating to Canada. The team of experts at Optimum Investments can assist you in making that transition with the least amount of disruption.

ANURADHA (ANOO) BHUSHAN UNIT 201, 8356-120 ST. SURREY, BC, V3W 3N4 PH: 778.593.7535 CELL: 604.765.8102 FAX: 778.593.7538



Optimum Education assists international students with choosing the program that may work best for them. Choosing the right program is

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Entertainment ~ Food ~ Fashion ~ Celebrations ~ Health & Wellness


Hit the road to cut D-Day stress By Rajeshwari Rajimwale


hen it is the most important day in one’s life - just like hunting for the most comfy home location matters. Destination weddings, or as happy couples would like to call them - eloping with your loved one, with the only exception being that family and friends join your entourage - have gained a lot of popularity amongst Indo-Canadians. Think about it: it sounds exotic and convenient to have your wedding and honeymoon at your dream destination, accompanied by the people who care most about you. It’s the perfect wedding every bride has imagined. Akansha Chopra couldn’t agree more. Chopra married her high school friend and classmate Matthew Hagen last year in Mexico. At first her family was not sure about the decision. But after Chopra convinced her parents, there was nothing stopping her.

“For me traveling has always been a fascination. My family was always spread out in different parts of the world.” “Most of the brides stress out over various decisions – colour of flowers, menu, decorations and so on. The list is never-ending,” said Chopra. “But for me and my would–behusband there were different stresses. We were busy with travel itineraries, guests' passport information, and helping them pack the right clothes for the destination they were headed to. On the day of the wedding, 'til noon we were all relaxed and playing cards. At the right time we all got ready, changed into the wedding clothes and headed straight to the ceremony.” Over the last decade there has been a high demand for destination weddings. Pooja Gupta attributes this to the changes in Indo-Canadian society. Gupta is planning her wedding for the end of 2013. Her ideal location is Cuba. Currently she is in planning mode. “A destination wedding is the next big thing,” said Gupta. “For me traveling

has always been a fascination. My family was always spread out in different parts of the world. It was always a dream for me to get married in a unique style. It was easy for us to research with the fast connectivity due to modern technology.” Gupta has hired a wedding consultant in Vancouver who is working in collaboration with a company in Cuba. Along with this team Gupta's planning her perfect wedding in Prince George, B.C. Wedding planners, travel agents and consultants play a key role in this.


“The choice of location and the planning differs for each wedding,” said Dori Giffin, destination wedding specialist of Blue Petal Wedding. “The recent wedding we helped organize was at the Moon Palace resort, Cancun. Approximately 250 people attended this wedding. The whole idea behind these weddings is to make them more personalized. The elders in the family are also not burdened with wedding-related responsibilities. They can enjoy all the functions and participate enthusiastically.” According to Giffin, some families like their Indian cuisine to be an important part of all their ceremonies. At such times families take care to carry their special spices along with them, as it's difficult to get them in a different location. Most of the resorts are pretty flexible and adjust to the requirements of the wedding couple. “Most of the resorts provide the guests with credits to be used within the resorts. This makes the experience even more memorable,” said Giffin. As per Giffin, so far the top three destinations of this year are the Mayan Riviera, Cabo San Lucas and the Dominican Republic. Newer wedding destinations reflect the multiculturalism we have adapted in our society. Jas Rai from Kamloops has witnessed this phenomenon at one of her nieces' weddings. “One of my nieces got married in Mexico, and I helped her in planning and decorating for the wedding,” said Rai. “The most unique feature of this wedding was we were in a totally different location dressed in our traditional outfits, attending a very Indo-Canadian wedding. We had also flown the Gyani (from the Gurudwara) to proceed over the wedding ceremony. It was a very close family and friends event.”

Am and Sukhi’s wedding at Mayan Riviera. Photo Credit: Travel by Design

Tips for planning your perfect destination wedding Make your choice wisely: Don’t worry about your budget, there is a destination for every couple. Irrespective of your location, it's advisable to first do the head count. This has to be done even before the payment to the venue or resort. If your guest lists exceeds the expectation, have an alternative venue in the same city already planned.

Planning is advance is the key:

The important thing to remember while planning your destination wedding to plan all things well in advance. Keep in mind early birds get the best deals in prices. Do all your reservations way ahead of time. Most resorts and hotels allow bulk guest room bookings. Keep a check on how fast the rooms are filled. That way you can make alternative arrangements in another hotel. Weddings outside your own country come with their own price. Make sure you've got your passports renewed and tickets booked well in advance, holidays from work booked off, that all programs/events are planned and the guests are well informed. Remind your guests to check their passports.

Law of the land:

If you thought understanding marriage laws in your country was difficult, wait until you face this dilemma in another land. Each country has its own requirements witnesses, license applications, residency requirements and so on. Before finalizing your location be totally sure to do your required research and have all the necessary documents ready. Don’t leave this to the last minute, as sometimes documentation takes time.

Choose your vendors wisely:

Most of the booking and menu planning has to be done beforehand. It cannot be done last minute after reaching the location. If you do it that way, there's a high chance of bumping into scam vendors. Before finalizing your vendor, talk at least a couple of times to ensure you're being provided the right choice. Talk about menu, DJs, and various functions in depth, and then make your decision.

Make your guest list a priority:

The hottest trend this season is to have the ceremony and a post-party on a cruise. According to the New York Times' latest research, 60 per cent of couples prefer cruise weddings. This trend is due to couples looking for more affordable and close-knit family events. Research on the cruise line is mandatory. Some cruise lines don’t allow ceremonies when sailing, and prefer it done at the port. Make sure all things are discussed.

Family members and friends are traveling a long way, and they will be spending approximately $1,000 per person. They are taking time out for your special day, so make sure all arrangements are done way in advance. Make sure guests know how to reach the venue from the airport, the itinerary of events and the dress code. If there are flights arriving at the same time for multiple guests, arrange for cabs. If some of your guests want to arrive and then book their hotel rooms, provide a list of hotels with price comparisons.

Weather playing foul:

Handling crisis situations:

Sail into your new life smoothly:

There is nothing worse than bad weather spoiling the best day of your life. Do your weather research and ensure all your guests have updated travel insurance. Weather predictions can be unreliable, so make alternate arrangements for the ceremony in case of rain.

Bear in mind that things can go wrong even if they are well planned and researched. Some of the issues can be the exchange rate, luggage being misplaced and more. To avoid these situations arrive a couple of days before the wedding day. It’s your big day, so be calm and don't let smaller issues bother you.

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Love is in the air By Becky Mann


ne can clearly feel Valentine’s Day fever with boxes of heart-shaped chocolates, flowers and greeting cards filled with poetry are flying off the shelves at local stores — but does everyone around the world celebrate the day of love?



irls selecting red rose on the Rose Day in Jaipur. Valentine week starts with Rose Day, local shop owners prepared for Valentine’s Day. Rose Day is celebrated across the world by millions of people, which is a perfect day to admire one’s friends, family members, lovers or special ones with a great bunch of flowers. (IANS) Photo credit: Pankaj Sharma

Evegeniya Petrova, a Tourism student living in the Thompson-Okanagan will be partaking in a Canadian Valentine’s Day, after arriving from Russia six months ago. “All the traditions are pretty much the same,” said Petrova, noting that Valentine’s Day isn’t as widely recognized in Russia. Still, since the collapse of the Soviet Union in the early 90s, Petrova said Valentine’s Day has become more popular. A lot of the American traditions have been adopted. Giving cards is very common and buying flowers. Petrova noted Valentine’s Day continues to be prominent among the younger generations, viewed as a young person’s holiday. In Japan, the focus of Valentine’s Day is mostly on men. “Valentine’s Day is for women to give

gifts only,” said Cheyanne Bardsley in an email interview. Bardsley, president of the Thompson Rivers University (TRU) Japanese club, has spent time in Japan and immerses herself in the study of Japanese culture. According to Bardsley, there are three different types of gifts for women to give on Valentine’s Day. For the male co-worker or casual male acquaintance, women will give Girichoco, an obligatory chocolate. Women are expected to buy Girichoco for any man that they may work with or be friends with. To a love-interest, a woman will give the man chocolates from the heart or Honmei-choco, which signifies something more profound than friendship. And for their girlfriends, a woman will gift Tomo-choco. “On White Day (March 14) men return the favour to any woman who gave them a gift on Valentine’s Day,” said Bardsley. When they do return the favour, it is “…a usually more expensive gift.” No matter your martial status or view towards love, Valentine’s Day will be here before you know it, and if you aren’t wearing your protective vest, you might just be hit by one of Cupid’s arrows.

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Organic food: what's all the hype about? By Larkin Schmiedl


ike many people, you may be confused about exactly what organic means, how organic food is different, and whether it's worth the price. From a former organic farmer, here's the basic idea. For a definition of organic food, Organic Alberta, a non-profit association that represents organics, says on its website: “The term organic refers to an ecological method of agricultural production that respects the natural environment. Organics focuses on enhancing the health and vitality of the soil, preserving biodiversity, promoting animal welfare and preserving the ecological integrity of our environment. No synthetic fertilizers, synthetic pesticides or genetically modified organisms are permitted in organics.” Organic growing is adapted to local conditions, and combines tradition, innovation and science, says the International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movements on its site. But does organic food live up to the hype? Erin Prosser, a nutritional neuroscientist in the U.S., says after reviewing the scientific literature that compares organic and non-organic foods, “As of now, there is no clear-cut answer as to whether organic foods are nutritionally advanced as compared to conventionally grown foods.” Scientific studies have been inconclusive on the matter. There are many variables at play, including how fresh food is (nutrient rates decline quickly after food is picked), how much nutrition is available in the soil where it's grown (or, in the case of meat, where the animal's food is grown), the type of food grown (for example, different varieties of the same type of fruit will have different nutritional profiles) and the distance the food has had to travel and in what conditions. What is known, is that organic food has lower levels of pesticides, antibiotics and hormones, and contains no genetically-modified organisms. Eaters have different reasons for buying organic, ranging from health concerns for themselves and farm workers, to environmental concerns and the treatment of animals.

How can you tell something is really organic?

Certification works through a government process that's been developed in Canada and other places. In the grocery store, shoppers can see organic certification symbols that indicate an item is definitely organic. (See images to the right.)

Products are certified by an independent body which does regular inspections and requires farmers to keep detailed records of farm inputs and practices. At farmer's markets in the ThompsonOkanagan, one may find certifications listed from organizations STOPA (Shuswap Thompson Organic Producers Association), NOOA (North Okanagan Organic Association) and PACS (Pacific Agricultural Certification Society). All of these report to centralized organizations holding organic standards. To complicate things, some farms may use organic practices but not be certified. These farms may be transitional to certified organic status (the process takes a number of years), or a farm may choose not to certify. Some reasons not to certify include the cost of the process, or the amount of paperwork involved. In these cases, the best way to know if a product is organic is to shop at the local farmer's market and ask the farmers themselves about their practices and what pesticides they use, if any. In the grocery store, a shopper may find food labelled 'organic' but without a certified label – and in these cases it's hard to know the specifics of how the food was grown without some additional research. Some products will call themselves 'natural', which Organic Alberta says, “generally refers to a product being grown or raised in a more environmentally sensitive way (without harsh or synthetic chemicals for example). However, the term is not regulated and has come to be used for a wide variety of products that vary greatly in their ecological integrity.” (See the accompanying chart for reference.) Organic food often, but not always, costs more because many organic farms operate on a small scale and do not have the economies of scale larger farms do. Keep in mind this relates to sustainability, as monocultures (planting a large field of the same thing in one place) are more vulnerable and require more chemical inputs to care for. Larger tracts of land require machinery to work on, and will not receive the same quality of care for their soil as small farms do. Because more human labour is needed on organic farms, this also increases the cost of some organic food.

ORGANIC No question about it Organic claims are the only ones regulated by the Canadian government to meet all the requirements below

How is your food grown? Organic Products



Grown without toxic and persistent synthetic pesticides, herbicides, fungicides or fertilizers Grown without synthetic growth hormones or antibiotics1 Grown under humane animal standards, including outdoor access Grown without fossil fuel fertilizers (nitrogen) or sewage sludge Grown without GMOs (genetically modified organisms) or nanotechnology 1- Antibiotics are only allowed as a last resort when an animal's life is in danger; milk is discarded for a minimum of 30 days; meat can never be sold as organic

How is your food prepared? Organic Products



Made without irradiated products or ingredients Made without artificial preservatives, colours, flavours or chemical additives Made without monosodium glutamate (MSG), aspartame, sodium nitrates or nitrites, etc. Made without genetically modified organisms

Brought to you by the Canada Organic Trade Association

Comparing non-organic with organic methods:

This logo on an item means it's definitely Canadian and organic

When faced with the choices in a grocery store, without the knowledge of what it all means the selection can be dizzying. By knowing what labels mean what and the science and reasons behind it, you can choose what you feel is best for yourself and the world.

This logo means an item is certified organic and from the U.S



Apply chemical fertilizers to promote plant growth.

Apply natural fertilizers, such as manure or compost, to feed soil and plants.

Spray synthetic insecticides to reduce pests and disease.

Spray pesticides from natural sources; use beneficial insects and birds, mating disruption or traps to reduce pests and disease.

Use synthetic herbicides to manage weeds.

Use environmentally-generated plant-killing compounds; rotate crops, till, hand weed or mulch to manage weeds.

Give animals antibiotics, growth hormones and medications to prevent disease and spur growth.

Give animals organic feed and allow them access to the outdoors. Use preventive measures — such as rotational grazing, a balanced diet and clean housing — to help minimize disease.

Source: Mayo Clinic (

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A typical houseboat in the Vembanad lake



Kerala, God`s Own Country By Ankur Sud


erene sandy Beaches, emerald backwaters, lush green hills of tea estates, sprawling plantations and paddy fields, tiger reserves and national parks, magical festivals and vibrant culture, and much more justifies its tag of one of the “ten paradises of the world” given by National Geographic`s traveler magazine. Nearly twice the size of Okanagan Valley, its diverse landscape and culture can be experienced by driving in less than two hours between the close proximity enriched in the diverse tourist attractions. I understood this as part of my all India Motor biking trip where I ended up spending the maximum time of the total trip that too in one of the smallest states of India. Enjoying unique geographical features, wedged between Arabian Sea on the west and the Western Ghats in the east, the state of Kerala is located on the extreme southern tip of the Indian sub-continent making it a tropical paradise. Well connected with airports around the globe, Kochi serves as base for the state`s tourism with an international airport. Kerala`s diversity attracts tourists with all tastes and flavours ranging from sporting options to eco-tourism initiatives to Ayurveda spas and treatments. A comfortable 3 hour drive from Kochi will take you to Munnar, a hill town popular for tea plantations

journey between Alapuzha and Kottayam on the Vembanad lake stretch. Experience luxury stay in the houseboat with stops on rice paddy islands and savour the fish cuisine prepared in coconut oil, in the evening at the houseboat deck. The cook and his staff make sure you catch enough fish in the lake while you cruise in the beautiful Vembanad waters. Ending your cruise journey at Alapuzha, you should continue with a two hour drive to the beautiful beaches of Kovalam and Varkala. More laid back beaches than the ones in Goa, Kovalam has 3 major beaches.

originally settled by the Britishers. The country side of Munnar will leave you awestruck with never ending views of green tea hills. These hills are favourite of the Nilgiri tahr, an ungulate which wanders in the Eravikulam National Park. This park also hosts the blooming of “Kerala`s diversity attracts tourists strobilanthus, a with all tastes and flavours blue flower which blooms only once ranging from sporting options to every 12 years, last eco-tourism initiatives to seen in 2006. For the bird lovers, a Ayurveda spas and treatments.” short drive to Thattekkad will Lighthouse beach has been the take you to Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary favourite of westerners offering a which is home to bird species like relaxed atmosphere accompanied with woodpeckers, hornbills, frogmouths activities like board surfing, traditional and rollers. For the wildlife wooden boat and motor boat rides. enthusiasts, drive to the Periyar Tiger Beaches are abundant on the west coast Reserve, located in the mountainous of India, but none of them offers the region of Cardamom hills to spend charm of the one at Varkala. some secret moments with tigers and Overlooking the Arabian Sea, cliffs are elephants while you trace the nature adjacent to the seawaters and these trails in the cardamom plantations. cliffs throng with tourists, enjoying Watch your steps as you encounter food and drinks while listening to the marks on the ground of the Indian melodies and guitarists during the king cobra and python. beautiful dusk hours. I would highly recommend booking your stay well in Kerala`s most popular attraction advance to avail the room closest to the which brought it up on the cliff edges and take a 2 minute walk international tourist map are its down for sun bathing and swimming. backwaters. Criss –crossed network of A visit to Kozhikode beach might take brackish canals, lakes, lagoons and you back in time, as it is here that Vasco rivers both manmade and natural, Da Gama first landed in India making backwaters run for 1500 kilometres the start of European colonization. with the most scenic houseboat



Chinese fishing nets at Kochi

The cliff walk in Varkala beach area

Kochi, a major port and cosmopolitan city offers the city`s heritage in Fort Kochi area. Get on a local ferry from the Kochi city to reach Fort Kochi, a small town in itself which offers culture, heritage and religion of various ethnicities. Walk around to visit the Santa Cruz Basilica, Indo Portuguese museum, Jewish Synagogue, Mattancherry Palace, and St. Francis Church. It was in St. Francis church where body of Vasco Da Gama was originally buried before his remains were removed to Lisbon after fourteen years in 1538. You are sure to witness the huge Chinese fishing nets known as Cheena vala. A

total of six fishermen are required to operate this 20 m high net to catch fish and crustaceans, which are taken to a street restaurant nearby to cook. Best season to visit is during the mild winter months from mid-October to late February. Make sure you pack some coffee, tea, home-made chocolates, authentic spices like cardamom, black pepper, cloves, turmeric from the major spice exporter since 3000 BCE. There is immense opportunity to experience in this least corrupted, highest literacy rate, highest life expectancy, and highest human developed index state in India.

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Psychic Georgia Spiritual Healing

What the planets are doing this month Covers period from Feb. 16 to March 16 By Larkin Schmiedl


e're coming to the time of year where we get our last chances for winter contemplation and creativity. The sun's cycle is wrapping up. As it moves from Aquarius into Pisces on Feb. 18, the sun enters the final sign of the zodiac, lending us all a more dreamy, intuitive energy. In Pisces, the sun tells us to make sure we have a way to escape when we need to, to get protection from a harsh world. Our hearts will be more open and compassionate. Creative activities are supported at this time, and psychic and intuitive powers will be easier to tune into. With Mars and Venus in Pisces as well for much of this period, these watery energies are strengthened.

Know your past, present and future Friends and enemies Whether the one you love is true or false with full explanation A God gifted healer – heals & releases any negative obstacles in the way of your true future

On Feb. 23, Mercury will go retrograde until March 17. What this means is communications, travel and appliances may face malfunctions, mishaps or stalling. During this time it appears from Earth as if Mercury is actually moving backwards, although that is an illusion. Be ready for unclear communication and misunderstandings to occur. Make sure to doublecheck when you make plans with someone. Armed with this knowledge, you can experience fewer frustrations during this cycle. It's actually a necessary cycle that points out what needs to be fixed. If you're travelling during this period, leave extra time and make backup plans, because things are likely to go wrong. With Mercury in Pisces, this retrograde can be a time of confusion and illusions. It could also be a time for addictions. On the positive side, this period will stimulate our imaginations, and will be very useful for going back to old projects. If you have creative projects you want to accomplish, plan them for this time. It's common to get in touch with people from our

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pasts during Mercury retrogrades, since Mercury rules communication. Cleaning out old files, or taking stock of one's life is supported during this time as well. The full moon in Virgo comes Feb. 25 just after noon. With the full moon in a sign, the sun is always opposite, so this full moon occurs along the Pisces-Virgo axis. A Virgo full moon tells us to look analytically at our emotions. The two days that lead up to the full moon will be good for seeking the purity that comes from consulting only oneself about matters. Take the time to organize your space and the details of your life, with the goal of making things more efficient. It will be very satisfying during this full moon. Just be aware of not getting off track by getting bogged down in the details. On Feb. 26, Mercury comes together with Mars and we get a kick of energy to start new projects or re-start old ones. On March 9, when Mercury forms a square aspect with Jupiter, short set-backs will be common. Knowledge is power, so take heart. Two days later on March 11 just before noon, the new moon comes in Pisces. This represents one of our last chances energetically to pull into hibernation and plan what is coming ahead for Spring. The astrological new year is just around the corner on March 20 when the Sun will enter Aries and mark the start of a vigorous new cycle. With the new moon in Pisces, it's a time for deep meditation, cosmic oneness and blissing out. It's easy during this new moon to tune into subtle feelings and other dimensions of existence. The two days leading up to the new moon are the perfect time for contemplation before the burst of spring energy hits.

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Life & Culture


Year’s Eve. And what about the certain Mr. Ranveer Singh, who has of late taken a shine to Deepika Padukone, his co-actress in Ram Leela? Ranveer even threw a surprise birthday party for Deeps on the sets of the film.

Vancouver to host Times of India film award in April Vancouver will soon host Times of India Film Awards in April. This information was given by B.C. Premier Christy Clark.

Ranveer, Ranbir, Deepika, Katrina -it’s all a muddle of crisscrossed relationships.

The province will invest in approximately $ 9.5 million on the Bollywood event. The event will be held from April 4-6 2013.

Interesting news is that there could be a possibility of Salman Bhai’s painting exhibition soon. Shahrukh is rumoured to be planning for the third installment of Don along with Farhan Akhtar. The speculations started when Farhan Akhtar and his business partner Ritesh Sidhwani were spotted at Mannat visiting Shah Rukh’s several times over the last two weeks.

Ranbir Kapoor and Deepika Padukone seen together late night

Now, the latest rumour about the two that has gripped the tinsel town is that

People may wonder what does he actually paint, sources say that his paintings depend on what kind of mood he is in but most likely he sketches the pictures of people he likes the most.

SRK busy on a new project

The last Bollywood awards held in Canada were in Toronto. International Indian Film Academy Awards (IIFA) were hosted in Toronto in 2011 and cost $12 million.

It seems good times are back for the ex flames Ranbir Kapoor and Deepika Padukone, who are not only shooting for a romantic film together, but whenever possible squeeze a little time out for each other.

shooting, during breaks, he would start sketching on bits of paper with charcoal. He likes to doodle and experiment a lot.”

Salman Khan back to canvas work

both Deepika and Ranbir were out on a late night drive. The former lovers were spotted near Ayesha Takia and Farhan Azmi's restaurant at Seven Bungalows, reports a tabloid.

Salman Khan, who is in the form of his life in delivering blockbusters consistently since last 4 years told that he took a break from painting few months ago which has been his clandestine passion.

It’s learnt that the two were apparently sitting in a parked car for quite some time in that area, and the onlookers wondered what they were up to, and this was before the two moved on to Kashmir to shoot for Ayan Mukerji’s film Yeh Jawani Hai Deewani.

However recently, he has resumed picking up brush again and use his adroitness, but he has also become a bit cautious about people from his neighbourhood noticing him working with the colours and doing some acrobatic stuff while painting.

The news has come as a surprise. Not too long ago we heard that everything was going well between Ranbir and Katrina Kaif. The two were reportedly even spotted in the US celebrating the New

A good friend of his said “It’s not as if he had completely stopped painting. While

Inside sources tell us “there is definitely something brewing between the three. They have been together for long hours. Given that Farhan’s biopic will release in May and his next film with Vidya is yet to take off, he has time on hand. And even SRK has been looking for a new project.” Well, if that’s true, we would love to watch Shahrukh Khan in Don 3 kick some ass. Apart from this, Shahrukh is busy with Chennai Express which also stars Deepika Padukone. Spotted on the sets of the same movie, Shahrukh is apparently being very friendly, down-toearth and not so super star-ish! mingling with everyone and being involved in everything from background to sets to analysis we think that Shahrukh is keen on making Chennai Express a hit!

Arjun Kapoor in Okkadu remake If lineage be the criteria for a career then Arjun Kapoor should have been launched by his father Boney Kapoor. However, the heir-apparent of this filmy empire took the unexpected route taken by his predecessor Ranbir Kapoor and decided to start his career with a film outside the home turf. But now having completed his 3-film contract with Yash Raj Films Arjun is all set to work with his father. The chosen project would be a remake of the 2003 Telugu blockbuster Okkadu. Boney has approached Abbas-Mustan to direct the Hindi remake. When contacted Boney admitted to the plans of bringing his son into a homeproduction. However there is a slight shift in the home-ground. Says Boney, “I have bought the rights of a Telugu film that I want Abbas-Mustan to direct with my son in the lead. However, I won’t be producing the film. My brother Sanjay Kapoor will. So the film would be made under the Sanjay Kapoor Productions banner.”

Sources: IANS, and

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Happy Heart month everyone! February is our month to bring awareness to nurturing your heart, not only romantically, but healthwise! There is an increasing amount of information in the media about the effects of an unhealthy oral cavity on the rest of your body. The trick is to decipher the plethora of information and figure out how you can apply it to your own individual case.

cause more of an inflammatory reaction and they fracture off more easily creating a higher risk of floating blood clots to another vital organ and blocking off its circulation as well.

If you have periodontal disease, your risk of a stroke, aneurysm or a heart attack increases - some researchers say up to 2X. How is it possible the mouth can have this effect on the engine of your body? Periodontal disease and cardiovascular disease are both “inflammatory conditions”. A comparison would be getting strep throat. The infection starts locally, but can cause inflammation and long term damage to other parts of your body, such as your heart if you develop rheumatic fever. Both periodontal disease and cardiovascular disease are CHRONIC inflammatory conditions. Bacteria from the “pockets,” the spaces between the teeth and gums, can enter the person’s body via the circulation and cause a systemic

“inflammatory” reaction. The bacteria can damage and thicken the walls of blood vessels in your heart and elsewhere, resulting in heart disease and strokes. The greatest damage to blood vessels is seen in people who have suffered periodontal disease the longest. Researchers have also discovered periodontal bacteria in the atheroma (plaques) on the inside of the blood vessel walls of stroke and heart attack victims. They surmise that these plaques or blockages

Dr. Preety Desai

In addition if you have any other risk factors such as high cholesterol, smoking, diabetes, no exercise routine, a family history of heart disease, or obesity - the risks increase up to 10X the average population. The combined surface area of all the “pockets” in your mouth is about the size of an ORANGE. If you have an infection anywhere else in the body that big you would deal with it immediately! But because periodontal disease is silent - it is ignored; 87% of the population has some form of periodontitis and the numbers are increasing due to lack of diagnosis and treatment. So if you have periodontal pockets that are more than 4mm then the likelihood of chronic periodontal disease should be investigated. If you have a family history of cardiovascular disease, you must speak with your health care provider and for more information, Floss for your heart!

Dr. Preety Desai

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Insight: Celebrating Indo-Canadian Life is created by the Special Publications Division of Glacier Media Inc.


Insight: Celebrating Indo-Canadian Life is created by the Special Publications Division of Glacier Media Inc.