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November 2012



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S2 insight FRIDAY, OCTOBER 26, 2012

¡™Ž›’Ž—ŒŽȱ˜–˜›ȱŠȱ˜Šœȱ ˜Ž•œȱ ȱȱȱȱȱȱȱȱȱȱȱȱȱȱȱȱȱȱȱ›ŽŠ•ȱ™Ž˜™•Žǯȱ ŗŘśŖȱ˜Ž›œȱŠ¢ǰȱ Š–•˜˜™œǰȱǯǯȱȱŗȱŗśȱȱȱ‘ǯȱŘśŖȬŞŘŞȬŜŜŜŖȱȱȱȱŠ¡DZȱŘśŖȬŞŘŞȬŜŜşŞȱȱȱȱ   ǯŒ˜Šœ”Š–•˜˜™œ‘˜Ž•ǯŒ˜–ȱ

Ž•Œ˜–Žȱ˜ȱ Š–•˜˜™œȂȱ›Ž–’Ž›ȱžœ’—ŽœœȱǭȱŽ’œž›Žȱ ˜Ž•ȱ ›Žœ‘•¢ȱ›Ž—˜ŸŠŽȱ’—ȱŘŖŗŘȱ :HGGLQJV&RQIHUHQFHVRU*DOD(YHQWV :HGGLQJV&RQIHUHQFHVRU*DOD(YHQWV )XOO6HUYLFH+RWHOȱ ›Žœ˜—œȱȬȱ’—Ȭ‘˜žœŽȱ’—’—ȱ ȱȱȱȬȱ›ŽŠȱŸŽŽŠ›’Š—ȱ˜™’˜—œȱ

˜•ȱ¢˜ž›ȱ—Ž¡ȱœ™ŽŒ’Š•ȱŽŸŽ—ȱ’—ȱ˜—Žȱ˜ȱ˜ž›ȱŸŽ›œŠ’•Žȱ –ŽŽ’—ȱœ™ŠŒŽœȱŠ—ȱ‹Š••›˜˜–ǯȱ

˜–™•’–Ž—Š›¢ȱ’Ȭ’ǰȱ™Š›”’—ȱȱȱȱȱȱȱȱȱȱȱȱȱ ǭȱ‹žœ’—ŽœœȱŒŽ—›Žȱ —˜˜›ȱ™˜˜•ǰȱœŠž—Šȱǭȱ‘˜ȱž‹ȱ d›˜™’ŒŠ•ȱŒ˜ž›¢Š›ȱ ‹Ž›ŽŽ—ȱ›’ŸŠŽȱ’šž˜›ȱ˜›Žȱ ȱ


›Žœ‘•¢ȱ›Ž—˜ŸŠŽȱ’—ȱŘŖŗŖȱ ŸŽ›ȱŗŚǰŖŖŖȱœšǯȱŽŽȱ˜ȱ–ŽŽ’—ȱǭȱŽŸŽ—ȱœ™ŠŒŽȱȬȱȱ’—Œ•ž’—ȱŠȱȱ şǰŖŖŖȱœšǯȱ˜˜ȱ›Š—ȱ‹Š••›˜˜–ȱȬȱ™Ž›ŽŒȱ˜›ȱ Ž’—œȱǭȱŒ˜—Ž›Ž—ŒŽœȱ ’›Žœ˜—ŽȱŽœŠž›Š—ȱǭȱŠ›ȱ —˜˜›ȱ™˜˜•ȱǭȱ‘˜ȱž‹ȱ ˜–™•’–Ž—Š›¢ȱ’Ȭ’ǰȱ™Š›”’—ȱǭȱ‹žœ’—ŽœœȱŒŽ—›Žȱ

ȱȱȱȱȱ˜ŠœȱŽ‘‹›’Žȱ ˜Ž•ȱ ȱȱȱȱȱśŘŜȱŠ¢˜›ȱŠ›Š‘ȱ›’ŸŽȱǯǰȱŽ‘‹›’Žǰȱǯǯȱȱŗ ȱřŘȱ ȱȱȱȱȱ   ǯŒ˜Šœ•Ž‘‹›’Ž‘˜Ž•ǯŒ˜–ȱȱ



Our Community

FRIDAY, OCTOBER 26, 2012 insight S3

Feature Story ~ Events ~ Viewpoint ~ News

Rangoli, Diyas, Mithai

The Festivities Begin.... By Rajeshwari Rajimwale


iwali; that one word evokes a range of emotions for all us Indians. That time of the year that engulfs us in warmth, love and family ties. Diwali means so many different things to each of us, an overwhelming tide of sentiments for some, religious attributions for some others and plain good reason to spend quality time with loved ones for most. The history of Diwali is replete with legends and these legends are moored to stories of Hindu religious scriptures, mostly the Puranas. The central theme of every legend, all point to the classic truth of the victory of the good over the evils. Lord Rama the great warrior King who was exiled by his father Dashratha, the King of Ayodhya, along with his wife Sita and his younger brother Lakshman returned home after 14 years. He put an end to the demon Ravana of Lanka, who was a great Pundit, highly learned and bestowed with innumerable vardaans but with evil dominating his mind. The lighting of lamps in honor of this victory of Good over Evil, for welcoming Lord Rama back home is Diwali’s prominent significance.


Diwali is time for that yearly scrubbing; of your home! Daily struggle leaves our home unattended all year round. But in anticipation of a visit by Goddess Laxmi, use the free time leading up to the main day to put the house back in order and bring out your finest ornaments for decorations. You must light your house up like a bride; use diyas instead of electric wiring to save power in the process. “We are settled in Canada for over a decade,” said Manit Shah, who moved

Manit and Anjali have always emphasized on teaching them all about various festivals to their children. Mostly they make an attempt to travel to India during this time. But whenever it is not possible they create the whole atmosphere here. Whether it’s your antique fancy silver wear or the gorgeous clay ones, place them in every corner of the house. Rangoli is another Diwali-specific ornament; and if you’re the totally non-creative ones, request your mom, friends or even your neighbor to etch something simple out for you. Another fun family thing can be to make that Kandil (lanterns). Well in today’s rush that might not be an option but you could go out and buy one. It would be a good idea to stock some fancy ones during Halloween. Try eco-friendly stores that make Kandils (lanterns) from recycled paper. Flowers for decorations would be a good option also. Buy flowers from your nearby store petals immersed in water in a fancy glass/ copper bowl; makes for a pretty sight.


Diwali is also the only annual binge that most of us allow ourselves; all those diet plans that we strictly stick to all year round are bidden adieu to. The culinary Dawat becomes the centre of everyone’s attention this time around. So the sweets are doled out by the minute and force feeding each one becomes a compulsion. continued on next page

WomAn dressed in traditional attire celebrating Diwali



from Gujarat, India with his family. “My wife, Anjali, is very close to our culture. She made it a point she would in a subtle way teach our kids also about our festivals and celebrations.” During Diwali, generally on a weekend, the family gather and clean the whole house and decorate for welcoming the festive season.

Serving the Interior

S4 insight FRIDAY, OCTOBER 26, 2012

Our Community continued from page one

Insight: Celebrating Indo-Canadian Life is created by the Special Publications Division of Glacier Media Inc. Program Director: Keshav Sharma advertising sales: Keshav Sharma Aj Nijjer Managing Editor: Rajeshwari Rajimwale CONTRIBUTING WRITERS: Guneet Singh Ankur Sud Larkin Schmiedl Rajeshwari Rajimwale Megha Sequeira Gauri Shah

Seven course meals are elaborately prepared and feasted upon; but it’s the one occasion in the entire year when you’re together with your entire family, so stop complaining about those calories or the ghee lingering and give your taste buds that rare treat. Simply relish it while it lasts. “When we were kids, our mom and aunties would make this elaborate meal for Diwali,” Ansha Sandhu, who moved here as a student. “This time makes me really nostalgic. I make it a point to cook my traditional food. My university friends really dig in the dinner I cook for them during Diwali.”

Director of Creative Services: Jacqueline Davidson

For the extreme weight-watchers; try and eat everything in tiny portions more often, like that seven course meal can be cut into four parts, so try and have smaller meals every couple of hours. Please don’t let food left over after the festivities see the bin; pack it all up for your help (and gain their blessings) or better yet send it over to an orphanage and bring some joy to their Diwali too.

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Diwali remains synonymous with family; it’s the annual family gettogether by default. The time when all things in life take a back seat and it’s time for some family re-bonding. Preferably invite your siblings, cousins, aunts, uncles to pack their bags and move in with you temporarily – after all what better time to round up everyone; travel

back when Diwali meant staying up and preparing mithai together, playing antakshari, drawing up that all-nighter teen patti baithak and basic cheerful banter echoing through the rooms. “We celebrate all the days of Diwali here,” said Samardeep Kapoor. “Right from pujas to making fancy festive food, to inviting family and friends at home for dinner. We want the whole feel of festival.” At the Kapoor residence during Diwali night it is a totally different feel. They host a preDiwali night party just for family and friends. “We have been following this tradition for almost seven years now,” said Kapoor. “For us it is important that the next generation knows about family and don’t become isolated.”


For the ones who are born in and have seen Diwali in India know the real importance of the festival. But as responsible parents it depends on how we pass on our culture to the next generation. It is really easy to blend into the new atmosphere and slowly lose touch with our roots. “I wasn’t aware of what the festival was until my parents took me last year for a celebration in Surrey,” said Aarthi Srinivasan. “But the celebrations we had in the party were entirely different. One of the days I was invited at a friend’s place for Diwali dinner. That felt more like our culture, though I have never been to India for

Indian dessert for the festive season. celebrating the festival.” Aditya Ahluwalia and his friends are members of various temples and oraganisations. “We have various paaths and pujas each year for Diwali. We make attempts and introducing

the philosophy not only to IndoCanadians but to all nationalities. After all we are inspired by the hearttouching speech by Prime Minister Stephen Harper last year. It makes us proud Indians.”

Terry Lake, MLA Kamloops - North Thompson

Office: 618B Tranquille Road, Kamloops, BC Phone: 250-554-5413 Email:


"On the auspicious occasion of Diwali & Gurpurab I wish peace and success, happiness and eternal bliss to the entire Indo-Canadian Community in the Thompson Valley"


FRIDAY, OCTOBER 26, 2012 insight S5

S6 insight FRIDAY, OCTOBER 26, 2012

Our Community

Summerland Temple By Mohini Singh


t was the summer of 1992 when a group of people of the Hindu faith living in the South Okanagan discussed the need to have a temple to meet their spiritual needs. It didn’t take long and the group led by Summerland resident Ashok Mohan put their words into action. In 1993 the Okanagan Hindu Temple and Cultural Society open a new temple on Johnson Road in Summerland. Idols of various Hindu gods were brought to

Summerland from India. They were placed on a large alter following vedic rituals. Swami Vidyanand Saraswati performed the puja as worshippers placed the idols. In the beginning there were just a handful of worshippers. Today the society has over a 100 members from Kamloops to Grand forks. It is the only Hindu temple in the BC interior. The president Ashok Mohan says,” It gives me a lot of peace and inner joy when we all get together to pray. “ The

temple worshippers may be small in numbers but their hearts are large. Each year they donate money to the food bank and sponsor a bursary at Summerland Secondary School. The money usually goes to a child of a single parent who is pursuing higher education . When there are huge disasters around the world, temple worshippers raise money to help people in need. Mohan says the temple also gives people of the Hindu faith the opportunity to teach their children about the religion. The young ones get involved with the weekly aarti and are

Kamloops immigrant Services visible minorities, first generation Canadians and their families in becoming full and equal members of Canadian society.

By Paul M. Lagace


n January 1982, Kamloops Cariboo Regional Immigrants Society was incorporated as a not-for-profit society and became a registered charity the following year. Accreditation by the Private Post Secondary Education Commission was achieved in July 2000. Programs and services are delivered through Kamloops Immigrant Services. The mandate of the Society is intended: • To deliver a broad range of services which are sensitive to the needs of the culturally diverse community. • To deliver programs and activities designed to facilitate immigrants,

• To inform and sensitize the region on immigration, settlement, integration and multicultural issues. • To promote the elimination of racism and to facilitate organizational and institutional change. After almost 30 years of providing services from rented locations, in 2011 the board of directors initiated an information gathering process in order to develop a plan to acquire a building to house the agency. By

December 2011, a number of properties had been studied with the most suitable location at 448 Tranquille Road. Parking and office space on the main floor were priorities. On March 1st, 2012, the Society took possession of the previously known ANAVETS site. Renovations created the environment and on July 30th, staff and volunteers brought the welcoming atmosphere to our new home. During the 2011 - 2012 fiscal year, at our downtown location, the agency received 11,309 client visits. That number is expected to increase as we develop capacity to house community groups and cultural events. We also expect to foster community

responsible to give the prasad to everyone at the prayer ceremony. Each year they get involved in performing skits during the Dusherra celebration. Ashok Mohan says the children look forward to acting and it gives them a good understanding about stories and the history of Hinduism. The Hindu temple opens its doors each Sunday to people of all faiths.

Worshippers say their doors and hearts are always open to people who want to join them in their weekly prayer everyone is invited to stay for lunch.

Indian temple at Summerland.

involvement as our agency evolves into more of a community centre. We provide wide ranging services to facilitate Settlement & Integration for immigrants, visible minorities, and first generation Canadians to become full and equal members of Canadian society. Additionally our ELSA (English Language Services for Adults) program provides free practical English classes. We are at the intersection of race, class, and gender and provide support for our clients through the English classes, workshops, conversation groups, pot lucks, and conferences with guest speakers. We celebrate the presence of different cultures in Kamloops and provide a forum to share information and raise awareness to promote

harmony and diversity in our society. Other services provided are: banking and budgeting; housing; health; assistance with a wide range of documents and forms; community support; networking with different community agencies; interpretation; guidance through the education system; permanent resident card renewal and preparation for Canadian citizenship; adjustment to life in Canada; and cross-cultural and mental health counselling. This agency was formed out of the efforts of dedicated volunteers in this community. It is important to acknowledge the ongoing tradition of benevolence which has contributed to the bridge between residents and newcomers.


Together we’re better. Settlement and Integration

Y our journey has brought you here and we welcome you!

Providing immigrants, refugees, new Canadians and visible minorities with the following information: • Banking and Budgets • Housing • Health (Physical and Mental) • Community Supports Example: Family Resource Center, YMCA, Recreation Centers • Connections to Federal and Provincial Programs and Services such as: Child Tax Benefits, s, Medical Service Plan and Income Assistance • Adjustment to life in Canada; Rights and Responsibilities • Guide through the Education System • Stress Support (Ie: Culture shock) • Permanent residency renewal and citizenship preparation Community Connections • Connecting volunteer community members with English Language Services for Adults ELSA immigrants for mentorship, organized community Providing free English classes for eligible adult Canadians; activities and events focusing on speaking, reading, writing and listening skills. • Beginner to Intermediate classes Child-minding • Helpful class themes address: housing, banking, work, • Complimentary child care for pre-registered children of health, education, transportation, Canadian Culture and parents enrolled in our programs. much more • Computer assistance and training • Make new friends, contacts and connect with the community y

• One to one English tutoring by volunteer community members.


Please visit websites: and for more information

These programs are made possible through funding from the Government of Canada and the Province of British Columbia.

The ability to communicate is one of the most valuable skills a person needs to maneuver through a new country. You are not alone. Some of the languages that our staff speaks are: French, Punjabi, Mandarin, Taiwanese, Japanese, Spanish, Afrikaans, Sinhala, Tamil, Hindi, Tagalog, and English.

448 Tranquille Rd • 778.470.6101 • •


ESLSAP Tutoring

FRIDAY, OCTOBER 26, 2012 insight S7

Our Community

Letters of congratulations Terry Lake

Arjun Singh



MLA, Kamloops-Thompson-Cariboo

t is a real honour and privilege to write a column in the premiere edition of “Insight” serving one of the largest and fastest growing ethnic communities in BC. A community that has contributed so much to the culture, economic activity and volunteer efforts of BC’s Interior. During my ten years of public service I have always appreciated the support and input from the Indo Canadian community and in turn have tried to ensure services that government at the local and provincial level provide are relevant to the needs of the community.

Kamloops City Councillor

would like to extend my heartfelt congratulations to the Kamloops News on the launch of this new publication. Not only is it wonderful for the South Asian community in our region to have another venue for information sharing, I also know so many people from other ethnic communities who value learning and keeping up to date with South Asian news, issues, and events. Kamloops has such a rich history of cross cultural relationships and of celebrating our cultural mosaic. I am always struck by Kamloops multicultural history.

Mohini Singh

Kelowna City Councillor


ongratulations to the “Insight team”. The publication of such a magazine is long overdue here in the ThompsonOkanagan region. The IndoCanadian community in the BC Interior is growing. There is a strong appetite to read about people who are achieving their goals and about those who are making a difference to their community. As a representative of the people, I look forward to celebrating the successes of such people especially those who often go unrecognized. Well done, Glacier media. The magazine will give us a good ”Insight” into the stories of people who are shaping the future of Canada.

I look specifically at different leaders of our community over the years who have acted as firsts. In 1902, Kamloops elected John Fremont-Smith to city council. Mr Fremont-Smith was likely the first black man elected to a council in a small MP, Kamloops-Thompson-Cariboo Canadian city. The building he built and owned on Victoria Street, the Fremont block, is still standing. As a Canadian I am extremely proud of the tradition of s the Member of respecting and celebrating the culture of all who choose to call Parliament for In 1966, Kamloops elected the first mayor of Chinese descent anywhere in North this great country their home. Diwali, one of the most exciting Kamloops – America, Peter Wing. Mayor Wing served three terms and, during this time, was cultural celebrations is just around the corner, and I am Thompson – Cariboo , also elected President of the Union of BC Municipalities. looking forward to great food, great company, great music and it is my great pleasure once again some lessons on how to “change the lightbulbs”. to welcome the In 1968, Kamloops elected Len Marchand to represent us in Ottawa. Senator Marchand was the first aboriginal person ever elected to the House of Commons. publication ‘Insight’ to The South Asian people have a rich history in British He has made and continues to make a huge contribution to Kamloops, to British our community. Columbia which is home to over two hundred thousand Columbia, and to the whole country. members. While the Lower Mainland has always been a Canada is a great popular location, cities like Kamloops have growing South country. Whether you When I was going to elementary school, virtually every week day morning, I Asian communities that contribute to the professional, were born here or are a would pass by Singh Street in North Kamloops. Even at that young age, I was business, and cultural fabric. newcomer, Canada surprised that Kamloops would have a street named after an Indo-Canadian. I was also very proud to see that name on the street sign. I later found out that the opens its arms to those Many Kamloopsians look forward to Canada Day in land for that street was donated by a pioneer Sikh family that farmed that area of that strive to make our country and our world even better Riverside Park where many ethnic organizations provide a for those around us. I know first-hand that this riding is a North Kamloops before I was born. sampling of their traditional dishes. The Indo-Can Golf great example of this ideal. Tournament has become one of the most popular fund These are just a few examples of this amazing facet of the history of our region. raisers in the city with a pledge to raise $100,000 for Royal This history offers a legacy that I feel is very important to honour. We all stand on To this end, I want to assure you that if you require any Inland Hospital and of course the Diwali Celebrations are assistance with a Federal Government matter, my staff and I the wide shoulders of the people who came before us. These people ultimately enjoyed by many. would be more than pleased to assist you. Please feel free to looked at our community diversity as a real strength, as opposed to some sort of drop by either of my offices in Kamloops or 100 Mile House. deficiency. I would like to wish good luck to the Insight publication and look forward to reading about the many tremendous I look very much forward to adding my energy and voice to this new publication. On behalf of the Canadian Government, the constituents of contributions the Indo Canadian community provides Kamloops -Thompson - Cariboo and the McLeod Family, May it work in this incredible tradition of celebrating and utilizing our diversity to our region. please accept my very best wishes for the years to come. to build communities that are inclusive, vibrant, and healthy!

Cathy McLeod


A Few Good Men: Profile of Dr. Gur Singh By Guneet Singh

We have always heard stories of “giving back to the community” inspiring people. One unheard life story is about Dr. Gur Singh, a retired neosurgeon here in Kamloops. Dr. Gur Singh, born in his ancestral home Jalandhar, India and went to medical school in Amritsar, India. In the year 1961 he came to North America and started practising his medical profession. Six years later, Dr. Singh came to Kamloops implementing his academic knowledge in treatment of the patients. In the year 1993 he took a full time responsibility of being a full-time practitioner at the Royal Inland Hospital here in Kamloops. From then it was no looking back. “I was working on a 24-hours call,” said Dr. Singh. “Initially, I was the only one who was responsible with the neo-surgical care of the hospital. Working day and nights was a demanding but, I was happy as my clinical decisions helped curing the patients.” Dr. Singh after working for over two decades as full-time practitioner retired as Chief of Staff at the Royal Inland Hospital. He held this responsibility for 19 months directing the neosurgical team and supervising various critical surgeries. On asking what drives him to go forward, Dr. Singh said, “It’s always been ‘giving back to the community.'” Dr. Singh has been a torch bearer of the Indo Canadian community here in Kamloops. Giving us an insight of the Indo-Canadian history Dr. Singh tells, it all started when the Sikh Temple was built at the Cambridge Street by the Sikh Cultural Society. “This temple had become a central meeting point for us,” said Dr. Singh. “As of now we have two temples in the city and I am happy that they are serving their cause diligently.”

The Indo-Canadian community is known for sticking to its root. At the beginning immigrants from India practiced traditional business of fruit picking and working in the mills. But, things have changed now and Dr. Singh has been a witness to this change. “Now with the generation passes, I see a lot of Indo-Canadians taking up elite jobs in medical, banking and computer sciences.”

He dedicates this achievement to the Canadian at large. “Benefit is mutual,” said Dr. Singh. “There has been a lot of acceptance over the years and I am happy to see everybody is growing in a healthy environment.” Year 2003 was a life-changing moment for Dr. Singh. While being a full time neosurgeon working hard day and nights Dr. Singh felt the need of lack of financials for the brain injury patients. That is when Dr. Singh started a golf tournament to raise money for patients suffering from this acute illness. “It all began with a conversation with one of my friend,” said Dr. Singh. “We are now into ninth year of this fundraising tournament.” Also, Dr. Singh and his team host “Celebrating Surviving Dinner” which is also a yearly event and into its sixth year. “Last year both these event collectively raised $150,000 where all the proceeds go to the treatment of brain injury patients.” Dr. Gur Singh holds a fatherly figure in the Indo-Canadian community. For all he has done for the community, he still thinks there is a lot to be done. “I feel happy and will strive to do more and more for everybody,” said Dr. Singh. His message to new immigrants to Canada is “Don’t get isolated and set good examples,” said Dr. Singh. “Live life with good ethics, pursue good behaviour and participate into mainstream. Hard work and honesty shall bring countless fruits of labour and prosperity.”

Dr. Gur Singh

Enterprise S8 insight FRIDAY, OCTOBER 26, 2012

Business ~ Profiles ~ Columns

The Midas Touch Ron Mundi on business and education.


eal life stories that inspire and encourage are rare. There are some people who always motivate to step out of the comfort zone and leap for greater achievements. The journey is not easy. But reaching the destination is the aim.

Ron Mundi is one such rare personality who persuades to dream bigger. A name synonymous with hospitality industry in Kamloops, Mundi born in Ludhiana, India. When he came to Vancouver in 1994, he had couple of dollars in his pocket but a heart full of hope. “The first five years I worked at construction sites and gas stations to support myself,” said Mundi. “My goal was to do something in this country and start my own business.” Mundi comes from a farmer family background from his motherland. “My interest was never farming,” said

Mundi. “I could never help my father. Instead I decided to come to Canada and do something that was out of the box at that time.”

since then the hotel is running successfully.” Ask him what he would like to advice new immigrants to Canada? “My advice to new comers they make attempts at starting their own business

here,” said Mundi. “It’s not easy to do this in the beginning. If you have potential you can surely reach the skies. Don’t jump too many jobs. Just focus on one job and grow there. Take tough time with a pinch of salt. It develops character.”

In 2000, a friend mentioned to him about someone selling a motel in Kamloops. The hospitality sector was blooming and this looked like a lucrative offer. “The first property I bought was Econo Lodge,” said Mundi. “This was my first encounter with the hotel industry. My primary duty here was to open the door for customers in the morning and close at 11 pm.” Since then Mundi has not looked back. He has a decade long track of investing in run down properties, renovating them and selling at a profit. “I have so far invested in nine hotels and successful sold them or run,” said Mundi. Currently, Mundi has hotels in Kamloops, Lethbridge Alberta and Langley (lower mainland). With an empire of $ 65 million and 500 employees across all the properties, Mundi seems to have a Midas touch.

th of your rviewed bo te in facility ve a h I Kamloops r u o r fo s nd I have candidate rsonnel, a ith e P l e xc E through ressed w s very imp e and a w I y a s to rvic . Excel’s se r needs, as them both ou to n o ttenti personal a bility to quickly ur a s on short well as yo candidate nd t fi t h g ri identify sistent a lways con notice, is a iated. rec hugely app rincipal, hreiner, P - Mike Sc illac vrolet Cad Smith Che

Ron Mundi at the newly renovated Coast Hotel

Celebrating 20 Years… • Finalist in the Kamloops Chamber of Commerce 'Business Excellence Awards for Service Provider over 11 Staff' • Full service recruitment agency in Western Canaa since 1992 • Temporary and contract staffing, payroll services, permanent and executive personnel services • Member of Kamloops, Kelowna & Prince George Chamber of Commerce – supporting each community with local staffing • We can test on 800 different applications from administration to finance to industrial testing applications

HEAD OFFICE Suite #600, 235–1st Avenue, Kamloops Ph. 1-877-374-3853

We are your Full Service Recruitment Firm with recruiters standing by to work with you.

“I just wa nte Excel Pers d you to know tha t wh onn more live el and you do tou at s than yo c u imagine hes been loo . I had king for e mp months a nd was fe loyment for 7 by the tim eling fairly down e I lande doorstep d on yo an me emplo d Excel Personne ur l had y e d right aw have don ay. I could e it witho n’t ut Excel’s I will alwa help and ys fondly rem now work in the Job ember you. I helping o Wave Pro thers, like Excel help gram ed me.” - Shawny M Vancouve r

Branch offices in Kelowna and Prince George


By Rajeshwari Rajimwale

“When I invested in the Lethbridge property, I was being told about the downside of putting my money there,” said Mundi. “But during one of my visits I saw a family selling some food items there. I took it as a challenge that if they can do it, even I can. And

FRIDAY, OCTOBER 26, 2012 insight S9


Optimum Group is your one stop shop for all your immigration needs. Optimum Group is your one stop shop for all your immigration needs. Optimum Group is a prestigious Canada based group of companies, known and trusted to provide prompt, expert, and cost effective service in all aspects of Canadian immigration. It is a privately owned corporation and each company under the corporate umbrella aims in solving immigration needs of people all over the world. Within a very short span, Optimum Group has accomplished a high success rate in Canadian immigration. Optimum Group has its offices in Edmonton, AB and Surrey, BC and affiliated offices all over the world. Since inception, Optimum Group has been governed by its core values, which has defined its character. Accountability, integrity, and ethical practices are the values instilled upon each member of the Optimum team. These serve as a standard against which we weigh our actions and decisions.

the first step to study in Canada. Optimum Education can assist students every step of the way to successfully come to Canada to further their education. Optimum Security Services provides a range of screening services designed to assist employers and other agencies who need to know the background of individuals. Federal government agencies, volunteer organizations, corporations, lawyers and consultants assisting in immigration and pardon applications use our services. Optimum Commissionaires is the only agency providing finger printing services under the roof of Optimum Immigration in Western Canada. It is an affiliate of Reliability Screening Solutions Inc., accredited and certified by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP).

Optimum Group follows a straight forward philosophy of total immigration solutions. We look at a long term relation with the client, and customize solutions for clients according to their needs. Optimum Group assesses your eligibilities across all possibilities.

Optimum Group aims to be the client’s integrated immigration services provider, wherein they can implement a plan that includes their pre and post immigration services. We guide our clients through all the channels of getting immigration to Canada; studying, working or settling in Canada; applying for Citizenship; or sponsoring your loved ones.

Optimum Immigration specializes in offering fast, professional, reliable and affordable services for all immigration needs. The client may fail to get a positive decision with a minor technical mistake in the application that may be impossible for the client to rectify afterwards. It may cost the client dearly in terms of time, money, denial of immigration. Optimum Immigration has a reputation to provide efficient service for immigration to the Canadians and prospective immigrants with our offices in Canada and overseas.

The Optimum Group success has been driven by a strong vision, loyal clients, and excellence in execution. We have been getting a very positive feedback and response from our clients. About 80% of our clients are through referral or word of mouth. We must be doing something good to get so many referrals. Optimum caters to clients all over, there is not one specific region that we get our clients from. We are getting referrals from all over India, Middle East, Singapore, China, Europe, and Australia.

Optimum Jobbank specializes in sourcing suitable workers for Canadian employers. We provide labour staffing and LMO preparation for small to large corporations who are looking to hire in BC, Alberta, and Saskatchewan. We prepare, submit, track and follow Labour Market Opinion applications on behalf of employers and prepare work permits for selected workers. Optimum Jobbank ‘s experience and expertise in this area saves employers time and money. We also provide settlement services to the foreign workers and immigrants.

Anuradha (Anoo) Bhushan is an ICCRC member, and manages the BC division. Anoo stays up to date with rapidly changing immigration laws, policies and procedures. She started her career as an Immigration Practitioner in 2007. Anoo focuses in matters of temporary entry and permanent status, including HRSDC LMO, PNP processes. Anoo is conversant and proficient in transitioning of temporary workers and students to permanent resident status through PNP, FSW and CEC programs. She has a very good understanding of the South Asian culture and sensitivity to the issues and concerns of Asian immigrants. Anoo is fluent in English, Hindi, and Punjabi and is a licensed member in good standing with ICCRC.

Optimum Investments is a subsidiary of Optimum Group for business persons. Because of the stable economy, and a strong banking system, many investors are looking into investing and immigrating to Canada. The team of experts at Optimum Investments can assist you in making that transition with the least amount of disruption.

ANURADHA (ANOO) BHUSHAN UNIT 201, 8356-120 ST. SURREY, BC, V3W 3N4 PH: 778.593.7535 CELL: 604.765.8102 FAX: 778.593.7538



Optimum Education assists international students with choosing the program that may work best for them. Choosing the right program is

S10 insight FRIDAY, OCTOBER 26, 2012


careers in

respiratory therapy By Guneet Singh


areer in health care industry has always been a safe bet. The niche healthcare system is ranked 30th in the world devoted to the best interest of the Canadians. As a Respiratory Therapist your work is an important element of the healthcare team which is in charge for the treatment and care of patients who suffering from multiple illnesses. Respiratory Therapists are in control of the cardio-respiratory care of patients which is a pre-requisite of both acute and chronic involvement in their disease. Being a Respiratory Therapist you will work in a team, feed yourself with inputs from other experienced team members.


Studying respiratory therapy involves student to take up various theoretical subjects alongside an internship in a medical setting. “The real focus is on sciences and human anatomy,” said Linda Mueller, lecturer and academic coordinator at Thompson Rivers University. The length of the program is generally three years and the credential awarded

is a Diploma in Respiratory Therapy. However, few universities and colleges offer a degree option alongside a bachelor degree in sciences. After the completion of the program student are eligible to write National Certification Examination. Successful aspirants receive the Registered Respiratory Therapist credential. However, few provinces require various other credentials according to their provincial laws.


A respiratory therapist is a vital participant of clinical team as they help in diagnosis, treatment, management and care of patients with cardiopulmonary and associated disorders. Being a Respiratory Therapist you will find yourself working in areas of ICUs, Operating Room, Diagnostics, Emergency, Neonatal Units, Homecare, Hospital Administration, Pulmonary Rehabilitation, Chronic Ventilation, Patient Education and Sleep Labs. Students can also take research to contribute to the field of healthcare. “The scope of practise is wide and it’s wonderful to choose your field,” said Rhonda Eckerman, registered respiratory therapist working for Respiratory Home Care Solution here in Kamloops.

Work Environment

You will have a chance to implement your academic knowledge and medical resolutions to improve the quality and span of life of the patients. This profession is challenging right from the beginning as well as gratifying.


According to Statistics Canada, any health care and social assistance professional may earn an hourly wages of $25.93 (2011). However, few variables may apply. Source-

Institute Watch

Northern Alberta Institute of Technology (NAIT) Email: Southern Alberta Institute of Technology (SAIT) Email: Thompson Rivers University Email: University of Manitoba - School of Medical Rehabilitation Email: The Michener Institute for Applied Health Sciences Email:

Professional | Reliable | Prompt

We Provide:

• 24/7 Service • Delivery Services • Roadside Assistance & Jump Start • Airport Services • Train & Bus Depot Taxi Transportation • Out Of Town Trips

Call Kami Cabs 250.374.9999 Toll Free

1-888-526-9663 Online Booking also available.

Wheelchair Cabs Available


Proud to serve this great community since 1973

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Job Interview Preparation By Karen A. Watt


f you have an IMPORTANT meeting, interview, phone call, discussion, planning session or speech to give … you have to prepare. You have to have your facts straight, your content clear and if you are “on stage” you had better know your material.

“By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.” - Benjamin Franklin As a recruiter and in the recruitment industry, I am always surprised by the people who do NOT prepare for job interviews! If you don’t really want the job then don’t waste the interviewer’s time … but if you DO want the job then preparation is crucial. Ask your recruiter how you can best present yourself for success with the company your are interviewing with. Prepare your resume to match the job description, and do not send a blank email with just a resume attached without at least a paragraph showing your interest for

that specific position and where your skills match their requirements or you will not be called. Never go for a job interview without some basic understanding of the company you are interviewing with. Drive by the company, do a Google search that will reveal everything you need to know. What do they do? Where are they located? Are they publicly traded … and if so how is their stock doing? Have they been in the news lately? Who are the executive? What are their vision, mission and core values? Try to get some “inside information” … do you know anyone that is employed there? Ask the recruiter, or whoever calls to set up an interview, some basic questions about the place you might work. What is the culture like? What is the common dress code for staff and management? What personalities are in play – quite to over achievers etc? Are there amenities on site … café, lunch room, vending machines etc? What do people like about working there? You need to find out as much as you can about the job position before going to meet the employer. You have seen the basic job description, but what else can you find out? Who would this position be reporting

Ask an Expert Canadian Immigration

initiatives, CIC is proposing to reduce the number of months of Canadian work experience from 24 months to 12 months for students and temporary foreign workers. Work experience must be gained within the 36 months preceding the application. Applications may be made from inside Canada or outside of Canada.

By Rhonda Williams B.A. (Hons.), M.A., RCIC

Canadian Experience Class (CEC)


itizenship and Immigration Canada is proposing changes to the CEC to make it easier for international students and temporary workers to utilize this path to Canadian immigration. The program was implemented in 2008 and the 20,000th permanent resident, Gaurav Gore, originally from India, was admitted under this program in September 2012. The hallmark of the program is fast processing of applications – around eight months.

The program is a Pass/Fail model which reduces processing times for applications. The generalrequirements are: • Applicants must have had valid temporary status (such as a work or study permit) during their stay in Canada.

In line with other risk management

to and what is that person like? How big is the company? Why is the position available, sick leave, medical leave, new position, or staff relocation? What are the plans for the companies growth? You should have some questions ready to ask the interviewer. They should be well thought out questions … perhaps some of the questions here that you could not find answers to. Perhaps questions about the strategic direction of the company? Questions about turnover at the company? Questions about opportunities to move to other positions or locations in the future etc. Employers do not like “no I don’t have any questions … you have been very thorough!” they want to know you have a brain and have thought this position through

“There are no secrets to success. It is the result of preparation, hard work, and learning from failure.” - Colin Powell

• The occupation must be included in the National Occupation Classification skill level 0 or A or B. • Applicants must achieve a minimum score of 7 or 5 bands in the IELTS test depending on their occupation. • For those applying in the Temporary Worker Stream: • Applicants must have worked in Canada for a period of at least 24 months in the last 36 months (this may change to 12 months in the last 36 months). • For those applying in the Post Graduation Stream: • Applicants must have obtained an educational credential at the post secondary level and have finished a course of study of at least 2 years duration in Canada.

and how you can be the successful candidate to join their team. You should be prepared logistically before you head out for the interview. Have your clothes ready … dressing appropriately and looking smart, if management are in suits, then you need to mirror them. You should know the route and how long it will take to get there. You should take a notebook and be ready to take notes (ask for permission to TAKE NOTES during your interview, but understand your listening skills are imperative). Get there a few minutes early and

Nav Mander, BA, Pbd TD Canada Trust 8 - 2121 East Trans Canada Hwy. Kamloops, BC V2C 4A6


250-314-5100 ext. 222

Preparation sets you up for success, it tells your interviewer that you are serious and will set you apart from those who decide to “wing it”!

• Applicants must have worked in Canada for at least 12 months in the last 24 months (this may change to 36 months). Co-op and off campus work experience do not count for this program. Rhonda Williams is a Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant. She has worked as an immigration consultant since 1996. Prior to that time, Rhonda worked as a Canadian Visa Officer in India and Thailand for several years. Rhonda also teaches in the UBC Certificate in Immigration program and is on the Board of Directors of the Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory

Rhonda Williams Council. She is a frequent guest speaker on immigration across the country.



Come see me at the Valleyview TD for all your banking needs. Services available in Punjabi. Specializing in new accounts, mortgages, loans and investing products including mutual funds, GIC's and RESP's.

Financial Services Representative

Ask after the interview is finished: “When do you expect to make your hiring decision?” Follow up a few days after your interview with a thank-you email or note of your continued interest going forward.

• Applicants must have been physically present in Canada at the time of their studies. Distance education programs do not count for this program.


I am at your service!

review your research before going in. Turn OFF your cell phone before going in and do not sit waiting in reception playing games on your PDA or texting, be focused.

Life & Culture S12 insight FRIDAY, OCTOBER 26, 2012

Entertainment ~ Food ~ Fashion ~ Celebrations ~ Health & Wellness


You’re the one

Oprah Winfrey re-instated the whole ‘Inner Goddess’ phenomenon when she brought the essence of a woman’s spirit back to the surface urging women of all ages, races, occupations and mental states to go re-discover that lost piece of their soul. Mother Teresa without hollering it on television was quietly doing that way before. Sonia Gandhi, Shabana Azmi Sushmita Sen and many others in their respective fields continue to fight for women’s emotional development everyday. However the process had begun long before that in ancient times when every woman was without prejudice considered and in fact treated like a ‘Goddess’. The ‘laxmi’ of the house as she was referred to underwent constant change with each passing decade with her sometimes being treated as an inferior or she herself fighting to be accepted as an equal. Today in a time when every woman is struggling to find her own identity we have

forgotten that ‘Inner Goddess’ that resides in each one of us. Whether a scratch just below the surface or buried deep down within layers of time its time to knock down those barriers to unleash our true selves.

Dig deep

‘The world has gotten closer together but people have grown apart.’ In today’s rat race where people have no time for one another it has become very important to find some quality time with yourself; you have to learn to be able to enjoy your company. It funny to observe how boisterous people are in a group dynamics but ask them to go for a meal or even a movie alone and they won’t be able to. What insecurities do we have buried within us that make us so edgy in our own solitary company? These complexities today are pushing us to find that Inner Goddess that each of us possess but are too tired or busy to discover. Take out that one hour a week or that Sunday afternoon to rejuvenate that special part of you. Pamper yourself at a local spa if you

don’t have the luxury of time to go elsewhere. Take up that belly dancing/ yoga/ pottery class that you have been yearning for but have not yet pursued. If nothing pick up that book that you have been longing to read and enjoy a steaming cup of ‘masala chai’ by the window. Nothing helps you reconnect with yourself better than meditation – the key not being devoid of thoughts but rather letting your mind go and welcoming thoughts you have so carefully suppressed.

Unleash your emotions

Take yourself for a walk in the rain (or at night for the other eight months) even if all you do is listen to the pitter-patter of the raindrops (or gaze at the moon). Just sitting in a

By Megha Sequeira


hird Culture Kids or “TCKs”, as they are informally referred to are people who have spent a significant amount of their developmental years outside their culture of heritage.The term was first coined in the 1960s by sociologist Ruth Useem after spending two non-consecutive years in India with her three children. The term ‘third culture’ has a very literal meaning behind it; it refers to individuals integrating the aspects of their culture of heritage (the ‘first culture’) with the culture of their surroundings, and the atmosphere in which they reside (the so-called ‘second culture’). The unique brew of these two creates a new hybrid ‘third culture’.

If you have a social gathering, festival celebration or an event that can interest the community members, then email us at:

You may be wondering what it means to be a “TCK”. For all you know it may just be another modern label that ‘kids these days’ use. Let me, a TCK myself, assure you that it most definitely is not. Sociologists and Psychologists have been studying TCKs right from the time the very notion was conceived. But somehow, they’ve never quite found a sociological/psychological division to place TCKs in, because when it comes down to the facts – TCKs are their own division. Studies have proven that no other classification of people in the world come close to the complexity that builds up a Third Culture Kid. And we will write about it in our special events section.


The TCK builds relationships with all cultures, while not fully belonging to any. Although aspects of each culture are blended into the TCK's life, a sense of belonging is absent. Despite ethnicity, religion etc, for TCKs the only real sense of belonging is found in other TCKs. TCKs were found to be the sole most culturally understanding and accepting society of people.

Dr. Bob Rishiraj


204 - 474 Columbia Street • 250-434-8350


Certified Specialist In Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery


Bring out that special companion to meet with you every once in a while and see the difference that it makes to your life and how you view the world!




pious place for those 10 minutes and observing the grandeur of God can soothe you soul more than you can imagine. Go to that nearby orphanage with some goodies; watching the little faces light up is the world’s sweetest feeling- the joy that you get by giving is way more than you will ever feel while receiving. Karma is the only true proof of God - good deeds come back to you and your loved ones with interest at times when you need them the most. Such is God’s justice. Help your old neighbour with her grocery bags, give some school kids a lift to school even if it is out of your way, prepare something for that ailing aunt that you know she likes – the selfless act of doing something with no expectations is the sure shot way to connect with that Inner Goddess.

Curious, I dug a little deeper. I interviewed ten TCKs and asked them if they would rather have grown up in their own culture than in a multicultural environment that the Middle East is blessed with. Only one of the ten said yes. Then too reasoning only that the heat in this part of the world bothered him. However, all my interviewees proudly admitted that they would never have been the same people, with the same knowledge, love and understanding of global culture if they had grown up in their homeland.

The recipe for a TCK is quite simply actually. A TCK is created by merely accompanying one’s parents into a foreign country in one’s childhood. However, moving to another country sans one’s parents i.e.: as a foreign exchange student does not make a TCK. There are five main categories of TCKs; Military, Government, Religious, Business and the so-called ‘Other’ category. ‘Military brats’ of the first category are the least likely of all TCK categories to develop key relationships with locals. This is because they spend an average of less than 5 years abroad. And because military bases aim for self-sufficiency, military brats tend to be exposed the least to the local culture. It is statistically shown that Government kids will spend at least 10 years outside their home countries. Interaction with the local culture in this category is also at a minimum because most will either be in a constant nomadic state – moving from place to place or live near military/ government housing unexposed to their surroundings. The most interactive of all 5 seats are TCKs who have parents involved in religious activities. Missionary kids were found to be the most likely to integrate themselves into the local culture. TCKs that have grown up in foreign countries due to business opportunities were found to have an average amount of interaction with locals and local culture. To which I strongly disagree of course, being one I can say from experience and observation that TCKs of my nature interact and embrace the locals and their culture almost as much as religious TCKs. And last but not least, there are the ‘other’ kids. The ‘other’ kids are youngsters that have been moved to a foreign country due to the lack of educators, journalists, or more popular vocations like athletes. ‘Other’ TCKs are a major minority however. Well, now you know – most of the people you see at work, at school or just on the street every day have an interesting, unique back-story to them. A story that takes entire teams of psychologists to study. But no matter whom they are or where they come from, if he or she is a TCK, no doubt they’ll declare that they never would have like to grow up any other way.

FRIDAY, OCTOBER 26, 2012 insight S13

Gum disease, affects more than 50% of Canadians has been linked to stroke, diabetes and other ailments. In the past, heart researchers have speculated that poor gum health leads to chronic inflammation that promotes long term inflammation of the cells in the lining of the heart tissue. November is National Diabetes and Pancreatic A recent article in the New York Times Cancer Awareness months. quoted that “pancreatic cancer is a leader in cancer deaths. It has very Periodontal disease “Gum disease” undefined symptoms and thus leads can also be a complication of diabetes. to a delayed diagnosis vs other Researchers have found that people cancers. Researchers are seeking with poorly controlled Type 2 diabetes methods to detect markers of are more likely to develop periodontal pancreatic cancer so that early staged disease. However, the risk isn’t just detection is facilitated. A recent article unidirectional; people with periodontal in the prestigious journal Gut has led disease may find it more difficult to scientists at Brown University, to control their blood sugar levels, which can increase the risk for diabetic complications. If you Dr. Preety Desai are living with diabetes, it is crucial that you pay close attention to your dental health - but especially your gums.

surmise that gum disease may one day help identify people at greater risk. This paper compared 405 people with pancreatic cancer and 416 who did not have the disease. The scientists found an association between higher levels of antibodies to P. gingivalis, a bacterium that plays a MAJOR role in gum disease, were twice as common in people with periodontitis. Another Harvard study found that men with gum disease also had a 63% elevated chance of developing pancreatic cancer than men who did not have gum disease. THE BOTTOM LINE Make sure you go for regular dental cleanings at least twice a year and if you have any “periodontal pockets”, more than 5 mm, you need to be seen by a periodontist - no referral necessary. Treatment is easier the shallower the periodontal pockets.

Dr. Preety Desai

Suite #101 - 775 McGill Road



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Life & Culture

Guru Nanak Dev Ji by Guneet Singh


uru Nanak Dev Ji is the founder of Sikhism and the first of ten Sikh Gurus. He was born on 15 April 1469, in the Bedi Kshatriya family (a prominent Hindu family of Punjab) in the village of Rai Bhoi di Talwandi, now called Nankana Sahib, in Pakistan. In the year 1496 was believed to be the year of enlightenment. Thus, he started his duty of conveying the message of abolition of caste discriminations, idol worship and the pseudo religious beliefs that had no spiritual content and rendering help to the weak. During these times, he travelled thousands miles, delivering knowledge and truth by enlightening the world with his words of wisdom. He began his missionary tours with his first companion, Bhai Mardana. Together they preached the message of love and understanding and criticized the blind rituals, which were practiced by different sections of the society at that time. He chose to mix with all. He dined and lived with men of the lowest castes and classes. Sikhism today is believed to have more than thirty million followers all around the world. This day of Prakash (or enlightenment) Diwas (day) is celebrated as a remembrance to the Guru and his preaching. The birthday of Guru Nanak usually comes in the month of November, but the date

TRU is

varies from year to year according to the lunar Indian calendar. "Celeberating Guru Nanak’s birthday is a brilliant way for my little daughter to stick to our roots,” said Sunny Waraich, a regular visitor of the Sikh temple here in Kamloops. “We offer prayers and follow his preaching through which we pray tribute for everything he has given us.” Through his teachings he brought many eye-openers for the human race.

Ceremony of Sacred Thread

where he was required to invest himself with the sacred thread called JANAEU. He in turn refused to do the same as he was in favor of equal caste.

Guru Nanak DEV JI, First guru of the sikhs

True Bargain:

This was the time when Guruji’s father realized that his son was wasting time in profitless commitments. Therefore to put him into trade, he was given Rs 20 to buy goods of common use and sell them at a profit. On his way the Guru met a group of faqirs (ascetics) who were hungry for several days. The Guru spent all the money in feeding the faqirs and called it "a true bargain”. This also led to the most applauded tradition attached to Sikhism called LANGAR. Langar is generally free meals offered to every visitor at a Gurudara/Sikh Temple all around the world. The Golden Temple in India offers this free meal 24/7.

The birthday celebrations last three days. Generally two days before the birthday, Akhand Path that is a 48-hour continuous reading of Sikh scripture ‘Guru Granth Sahib’ is performed in Gurudwaras.

“There is always a question among followers of what to do on the given day,” said Dr Sarabjeet Singh, a scholar of Janamsakhi (biography) of Guruji’s. “One needs to know that his three prime teachings inscribed in the religious books were.”


Guru Nanak’s hymns or even the name of God can be said while performing meditation.


Community service of any kind on On the anniversary day, the program behalf of the congregation. One can begins early in the morning at about 4 or Business: give old clothes, food or some aid to a 5 am with the singing of Asa-di-Var One must continue doing his daily "demanding human”. (morning hymns) and hymns from the work schedule and pay tributes Sikh scriptures followed by Katha through his work commitments. (exposition of the scripture) and lectures and recitation of poems in praise of the On Guru Nanak’s birthday, it is important to remember his vision, which was Guru. After Ardas and distribution of nothing less than that of transforming an irrational and gutless society, into Karah Parsad (sweet pudding), the an respectable community of people with dignity, and social imperatives. Langar is served for all the visitors.


to 1640 international students.

Come here to study and create your own experience!










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Life & Culture

THE BAGGY LOOK By Rajeshwari Rajimwale

“It's raining bags!” is a glam doll's latest mantra. The style quotient around the globe has gotten a makeover; clothes are no longer the centre of attraction. The new look emphasis is what you wear with them; accessories are under the arc lights today! The hottest of them, without a doubt, comes with baggage! Your most cherished accessory has become the mainstay of the red carpet and the focus of the flash. The fashion world appears to be splashed by bags from every direction. The bag, as every woman's faithful companion, has made a bold comeback. They're no longer just another item to be carried along to stuff all your essentials; bags are the brand new style statement. And they're not restricted to the age-old floor length strapped ‘kitty purses’. In fact, we are spoiled for choice with a large variety that designers are ushering in. All of a sudden every hot designer is discarding their scissors for leather.

occasionally; hence you can repeat them for years without having to change.

The wallet

The sling back

Initially created just to carry money as a small pouch inside your bag, the wallet has now been re-invented by the biggest brands in the trendiest designs. Wallets, as a designer statement, are to be carried just by themselves mostly for social dos, especially when you have your spouse along to carry anything else that you might need. Just squeeze in some credit cards, change, your mobile phone and you’re set to go! You’re allowed to go wild with wallets, so don’t hesitate to go for that funky orange or a leopard print one.

The clutch

A small tiny bag minus a handle that you hold in your palm, a clutch is the best accessory for an evening cocktail or a family get-together. Just enough room to hold your mobile phone, some cash, gloss and a tiny bottle of perfume, it's not too heavy and ideal for what you know are going to be one of those long evenings.

Most women, however, aren't even aware of what's available on the rack. So here's how you make sure that you have one of every kind to add to your glam appeal.

Embroidered clutches are totally in at the moment, and those with a deeper pocket, Swarovski or rhinestonestudded clutches are scorching! Score a cool designer one or a spunky street side one; either way, get one right away.

Oversized handbag

An essential addition to every woman’s wardrobe, a big-sized bag slung comfortably over your shoulder is perfect for any occasion. Carry it to office to stuff in all those files, palmtops, planners; to a brunch for those glares, SPF, scarf or a wrap (in case of a chill); or for retail therapy to dump all your errands in. Having innumerable compartments for cash, mobile phone, pens, card holders etc makes it that much more convenient. The big bag gives you

easy access to everything without having to rummage through all your stuff. This will usually be the ‘main’ bag that you carry through the day; so keep in mind your colour preferences before you purchase it. Pick up that startling purple only if you think you can carry it off; otherwise a basic black/beige/ brown never goes wrong.

The batwa

The Indian version of the wallet, a batwa serves the same purpose; only it's meant mostly for an Indian function or best paired with a saree or salwar-kameez. Usually studded with beads, stones or zardosi and tied together with strings, it is like a part of that jewellery set you adorn and perfect for that big set of keys while stepping out. Splurge on an exquisite one since these are sturdy, never go out of style and are needed very

For the more casual, laid-back look, especially for collegians and university goers, sling backs are the biggest rage. Big enough for a dozen books and stationery and easy to carry (just throw it around your shoulders), this uber-cool acquisition will put you on page one on campus. It is also a great alternative for that day picnic or a hike, where you need your hands free but still need to throw in a change of clothes. Try and get one in the biggest size and preferably a dark colour-cumeasy to wash material since you know you're gonna be roughing this one out.

The tote bag

A spacious and trendier (so-to-say) shopping bag is a coarse definition for a tote. Being a slightly smaller version of your oversized bag, this has no compartments (unlike the big bag); meaning it is usually a long rectangular bag where everything goes in together. Ideal for regular shopping, keep one in your car for an emergency, always. Totes are generally easy wear and throw, so not very expensive. Get an assortment in multiple colours and patterns to match your various outfits. With just one of each on your arm, you're ready to face the world!

Treat Yourself and Your Family.. WITH BRAND NAME AND QUALITY

Use your smile to change the world. Don't let the world change your smile. • Preventive Care/Oral Hygiene • Crowns/Bridges/Veneers • Root Canal Therapy • Dentures/Extractions • Sports Mouth Guards/TMJ Night Guards • Teeth Whitening • Emergency Appointments available


Office Hours Monday - Thursday 8:00am to 5:00pm Some Friday restorative appointments available upon request. Friendly Caring Staff - we do our best to make your visit a positive experience. New Patients and Families Always Welcome. Dr. Dhaliwal is fluent in English, Punjabi and Hindi.

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• Sports Jackets • Jeans • Stylish Shirts • Sweaters • Luxurious Pants • Winter Jackets • And Much More

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Life & Culture

Bollywood hit by

sequel mania By Rajeshwari Rajimwale


t's pouring sequels this year in Bollywood. The year seems to be dominated by sequels as several big banners opt to bank on the popularity of past Bollywood box office hit movies.

Dabangg 2

Director Abhinav Kashyap walked out and so has villain Sonu Sood. But this does not discourage producer-actor Arbaaz Khan to go ahead with the sequel and even take up the directorial reins. After all he has the main strength of pillar – Salman Khan. With the first movie being a super success, banking too much on the second will hopefully reap the same results.

“Most of the banners are inclining more on making a brand name,” said Ajay D’souza, film critic from India. “After the success of Don 2 the trend is to make more sequels.”

A little down the line director Mahesh Majrekar created history with box office hit Vaastav with Sanjay Dutt in the lead. In 2000 he made the sequel Hathyar with Dutt again and the movie turned to be a big blooper. The question here is how will the year 2012 be for Bollywood sequels.

Director: Sanjay Khanduri Cast: Vivek Oberoi

Arbaaz Khan, Prakash Raj

But it is time to ponder upon, if this latest trend shows the lowest point in creativity among movie makers or are we treading on a path that Hollywood has set up.

For movie lovers who feel that the sequel phenomenon is a new trend. Let’s flashback in the 80s. Rishi Kapoor and Sridevi starrer Nagina in 1986, had a sequel Nigahen in 1989. The latter, however, failed to make a lasting effect on the audiences.

Gyarah Chalis Ki Last Metro

Director: Arbaaz Khan Cast: Salman Khan, Sonakshi Sinha,

Race 2

Sequels in 2012:

Director: Abbas-Mustan Cast: Saif Ali Khan, John Abraham, Bipasha Basu, Deepika

Padukone, Ameesha Patel, Anil Kapoor

Housefull 2

Director: Sajid Khan Cast: Akshay Kumar, Riteish Deshmukh, John Abraham,

Asin, Zarine Khan, Jacqueline Fernandez, Shahzahn Padamsee, Rishi Kapoor, Randhir Kapoor, Mithun Chakravarthy, Boman Irani, Shreyas Talapde

John Abraham will add suspense to the sequel. Ex-flame Bipasha will not be paired opposite John will do a small appearance. Deepika Padukone Ameesha Patel and Anil Kapoor are part of the cast. Abbas-Mustan plan to make the part two more edgier.

Comedy sequels is a common trend followed by directors. The Golmaal Triology has proved the success of this. However, after the Housefull, the Raaz 3 sequel did not manage to tickle the funny bone of Director: Vikram Bhatt Cast: Emraan Hashmi, Jacqueline Fernandez, Bipasha Basu the audiences as desired.

Vikram Bhatt seems to have mastered the art of scaring the Indian movie buffs. With his success in the horror genre 1920, Shaapit, Haunted, Vikram Bhatt is all set for Raaz 3. The film will see the lead pair of Murder 2 - Emraan Hashmi and Jacqueline Fernandez.

Once Upon a Time in Mumbaai 2

Director: Milan Luthria Cast: Akshay Kumar

With the sequel Milan Luthria takes the forward his Mumbai underworld story, with Akshay Kumar replacing Emraan Hashmi’s character of don. The film will explore the romantic side of Dawood Ibrahims story.

Sanjay Khanduri's Ek Chaalis Ki Last Local makes a comeback after half a decade with a thematic sequel with a changed cast. Abhay Deol is replaced by Vivek Oberoi and the setting is taken to Delhi with the protagonist missing the last metro train instead of Mumbai local.

Rock On 2

Director: Abhishek Kapoor Cast: Farhan Akhtar, Arjun Rampal,

Sharman Joshi, Purab Kohli

The much-awaited Rock On2 will be seen with the same cast Farhan Akhtar, Arjun Rampal and Purab Kohli. The story will revolve around their search for the fourth band member played by Sharman Joshi from 3 Idiots fame.

Jannat 2

Director: Kunal Deshmukh Cast: Emraan Hashmi, Esha Gupta, Randeep Hooda After match-fixing, director Kunal Deshmukh will handle dealings illegal arms with a Delhi setting in the sequel. Ex Miss India Esha Gupta is paired opposite Emraan Randeep Hooda and Imran Zahid have been added to the cast.

Dedh Ishqiya

Director: Abhishek Chaubey Cast: Naseeruddin Shah, Arshad Warsi, Madhuri Dixit, Kangana Ranaut

Naseeruddin Shah and Arshad Warsi duo will once again bring together their conman chemistry. Lead actress Vidya Balan will be replaced by- Madhuri Dixit and Kangana Ranaut.

Ghayal Returns Director: Rahul Rawail Cast: Sunny Deol

Most of the sequels made this year are after a gap of 2-3 years from the original. But Ghayal Returns will hit the screen after 22 years of the original. Rahul Rawail will direct the project.

Sequels to look forward in 2013

• Once Upon A Time In Mumbai 2

• Dedh Ishqiya • Krishh 2 • Race 2

• Judwaa 2 • Murder 3 • Dhoom 3

Sequels which were never made No Entry Mein Entry

Director: Anees Bazmee Cast: Anil Kapoor, Fardeen Khan, Salman Khan


Mr India 2

250.554.3900 250.554.3903

#14-750 Fortune Dr. (Fortune Shopping Centre)

Walk-Ins Welcome

Gift Certificates Available

Partner 2

Director: David Dhawan Cast: Salman Khan, Govinda

Bluffmaster 2

Director: Anees Bazmee Cast: Anil Kapoor, Sridevi, Salman Khan

Director: Rohan Sippy Cast: Abhishek Bachchan,

Hera Pheri 4 / International Hera Pheri

Riteish Deshmukh

Director: Anees Bazmee / Neeraj Vora Cast: Akshay Kumar, Suniel Shetty, Paresh Rawal / Abhishek Bachchan, Sanjay Dutt, Nana Patekar

Munnabhai 3 / Munnabhai Chale Amrika

Director: Rajkumar Hirani Cast: Sanjay Dutt, Arshad Warsi, Boman Irani

Dostana 2

Director: Tarun Mansukhani Cast: Abhishek Bachchan, John Abraham,

Wanted 2

Director: Prabhu Dheva Cast: Salman Khan

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Life & Culture

Bollywood SNIPPITS

Winfrey's tryst with motherhood Yash Chopra Passed away (IANS) Chat show queen Oprah Winfrey, who doesn't have children, says the first graduates of the Oprah Winfrey Leadership Academy for Girls gave her an opportunity to play a mom.

(IANS) Veteran film-maker, Yash Chopra, died from dengue fever in Mumbai. He was 80.

After handpicking 72 underprivileged girls from South African shantytowns five years ago and helping them get higher education, the 58-year-old said she has been able to experience all the ups and downs of motherhood.

His film studios Yash Raj Films helped in creating careers for Bollywood biggies, including Amitabh Bachchan and Shah Rukh Khan.

"What is the single, life-changing, trajectory-changing moment for me was being exposed to a world of education that offered me insight into how I saw the world, and I just wanted to do that for somebody else. That's all," said the 58-year-old, named the richest woman in Hollywood.

Big B invited for Italy film fest

According to Forbes, Winfrey has devoted $400 million to the girls' education in the US and abroad, building a school in Meyerton, South Africa. Her journey is chronicled in a twohour documentary titled, "The First Graduating Class: Oprah Winfrey Leadership Academy for Girls", which will air on the OWN, Sunday.

Bollywood celebs wish just married Saifeena

The newly wed saif ali kahn and Kareena

(IANS) Shah Rukh Khan, Anil Kapoor and Preity Zinta - a bevy of Bollywood stars came to wish newly married couple Saif Ali Khan and Kareena Kapoor at a spectacular post-wedding party at the The Taj Mahal Palace in Colaba here. After a registered wedding at Saif 's Bandra residence Tuesday afternoon, both the screen stars, who had a courtship of five years, decked up for the night party, thrown by the Kapoor family.

Chopra died in Mumbai’s Lilavati Hospital on Sunday and was also suffering kidney ailments, according to Dr Prakash Jiyavani. (IANS) Megastar Amitabh Bachchan has reportedly been invited to attend the 12th edition of River to River Florence Indian Film Festival in Italy as the guest of honour. The 70-year-old has been invited as an official guest for the first time at a festival in Italy, and he will be there to present some of his films including "Deewaar", "Sholay", "Black" and a documentary on his life, said a statement adding that Selvaggia Velo, director of the festival, is excited to have Big B in Florence. The River to River Florence Indian Film Festival is the only festival in Italy that is entirely devoted to Indian cinema. The festival will take place at Cinema Odeon, in Florence, Dec 7-13, under the Patronage of the Embassy of India and the Italy-India association.

While shuttling between US and South Africa, she developed meaningful relationships with the girls, and was now facing something akin to Empty Nest syndrome while watching them getting ready for college life.

Join us for the Best E East Indian Lunch Buffet and Fine Dining

There were speculations that the nikaah would take place during the party. From her uncle Rishi Kapoor and aunt Neetu Kapoor and cousin Ranbir to celebrities like Sonam Kapoor, Gauri Khan, Dia Mirza, Gauri Shinde, R. Balki, Fardeen Khan, Alvira Khan, Atul Agnihotri and Amrita Arora, flocked to the gala to bless the newly weds.

Over five decades, Chopra, popularly known as the King of Romance, gave Bollywood fans romantic stories drool on.

karishma and randhir Kapoor

Three years ago, before the doors of Spice a Taste of Indian Cuisine was opened, Bhagwant Sawa was an inexperienced entrepreneur with a drive to serve others. Today, Bhagwant has fo found passion in the kitchen and he shares it through the flavour-full menu foun found at Spice. Being immersed in a new world brings opportunity to learn and grow, but one thing that has remained the same and is always most important at Spice is the quality of food. The loyal patrons can taste the quality and care in each dish and for this reason, the owners of Spice are proud to have been awarded Reader's Choice Number One Indian Restaurant in Kamloops. They have set themselves apart from other restaurants and are grateful for the positive feedback they have been receiving from customers, who rave about their distinctive tastes and variety in the popular lunch buffet. Living in the community for the past 30 years, the owners of Spice are happy to give back to the community by igniting their taste buds with exotic Indian flavours. They would like to thank the community for supporting their family owned and operated business, and with their growing success will continue to introduce great tasting authentic Indian cuisine to the community.


Special arrangements for parties & get-togethers


Rahul Gandhi

700 Tranquille Rd, Kamloops (Across from rom Liquor quor Store) e) Take Out & Delivery Available •


Lunch Buffet from Mon. to Sat.

Kapil Dev

Neetu Singh

Sharmila TagoRe

MON. TO SAT. 11:00AM – 2PM; 4:30 - 9:30PM • SUN. 4 – 9PM



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Life & Culture


India Photos and Story By Ankur Sud


adakh, wind-swept and rugged, the highest colddesert of the planet kissing the roof of the world awash with serenity of Buddhist hymns flowing from ancient Buddhist monasteries dotted on hilltops all across this piece of heaven on earth evokes memories of one of the most ancient self-reliant societies that leaves no footprints along the sands of Indus river. Nestled in the Indian Himalayas between the Karakoram and The Great Himalayan range, Ladakh once a trade post on the silk route is now a famous destination for tourists and explorers. With my experience of hosting travelers in this region on several treks and jeep safari tours, it gives immense pleasure to expose its wonders to the Canadian society. A full time tourism student at Thompson River University, arrived in the September session, the most astounding surprise was to see the landscape of Kamloops very similar to that of Leh town (11500ft); capital headquarters for Ladakh. The best suitable season is the summer (MaySeptember), as the Indian plains receive monsoons and Ladakh being on the rain shadow region beyond the Himalayan range remains dry. For the adventure lovers, which Ladakh is more popular with, there are moderate treks starting at 12000 ft to serious climbing at 21,500 ft and more. The most sought after is the 6 day trek in the Hemis National Park, more popularly known as the Markha Valley Trek which encompasses high mountain passes and lets you experience landscape just like Tibet, Buddhist culture as you get to do a homestay with a local family, wildlife like antelopes and the beautiful cat family species of the endangered Snow Leopard. Most of the travelers dare the

Scenic View of Ladakhi

“What better place to meditate amidst the monks and discover your inner self and experience the ladakhi culture.” harsh winters when temperature drops 40 degrees below normal which is the favourable time to spot the Snow Leopard. This lures the photographers and wildlife enthusiast even to come during the winter season from November to March. For the people who enjoy testing their machines on rough terrain, the “Manali-Leh drive” offers challenges with motor able passes as high as 17,500 ft. This 475 kms stretch is generally done in 2-3 days with people driving their jeeps and caravans and in 7-8 days for riders who want to bike up. This is the best approach to reach Ladakh as one crosses green Pine Mountains of Himachal to stark barren landscape of the Changthang and western Tibetan plateau and finally in the Indus valley at Ladakh. Land of high passes and home to several beautiful lakes, it would be injustice done to not mention a visit to Pangong Tso lake, which is 150 kms long water body shared jointly by India and China. One-third of it is in Indian territory and tourists are allowed to experience driving and stay in camps along the first few kilometres. Look out for the

several bird species including the endangered Black necked crane, which are believed to remain less than a dozen around the marshy patches of lakes like Tso-Kar and Tso Moriri. For the dare devils, the “Chadder trek”, means walking on the white sheet of ice, testing your endurance with trekking for several days on the frozen Zanskar river, which the local tribes consider a regular daily walk. And it is not just the adventure that Ladakh invites you for, it is a Buddhist dominated region and home to ancient Buddhist monasteries dating back to 11th century like the monastery at Alchi. After Tibet, it is Ladakh where Buddhism still flourishes with locals being highly spiritual to have been living under the Buddha`s blessings in the extreme cold conditions. What better place to meditate amidst the monks and discover your inner self and experience the ladakhi culture. Foreign travels have influenced people with interests in community work and social service to run NGO`s all over this region, just like Cynthia Hunt`s

Dadakh landscape

organisation called Health INC. A photographer’s paradise, it invites photographers and film makers from around the world just like Kristian Bogner, Alberta based award winning photographer or the Marrow brothers who made a documentary called, “The Magic mountain” on Ladakh which won the People choice award in the 2005 Banff mountain film festival. A reminiscent of the silk route trade time, Nubra Valley still is home to the double hump Bactrian camels which were used for transportation of goods across the Karakoram to Central Asia. How about, riding on the few hundred left in the valley! Challenge your instincts to drive/hike/ride across the highest motor able pass in the world at 18,380 ft (Khardung La pass) to reach Nubra valley at 10000 ft.

Bowing in reverence

Leh is easily accessible by a one hour flight from New Delhi with connections to destinations all over the world. Best time to visit is from June- September where temperature varies from 30 degrees during the day to 10 degrees in the night. And for all the ice hockey lovers, this sport is been taken into consideration by the Canadian embassy in India and they have started to promote it in the highest ice hockey rink in the world with the onset of Indo-Canada Hockey tournament, started in 2009.

City Architecture

FRIDAY, OCTOBER 26, 2012 insight S19

Life & Culture


Victoria, B.C. Quaint beauty, outdoor adventure and cultural opportunities By Larkin Schmiedl


ritish Columbia’s capital city is a place of wonder, beauty and natural spectacle. It’s also home to an active chapter of the India Canada Cultural Association, a few temples and many Indian restaurants. The Victoria Hindu Temple plays a big role in educating about Indian cultural stories and myths. About 150 families meet to pray and to socialize at the temple, but it’s open to anyone, whether they are familiar with Indian traditions or not. Throughout the year it’s active in hosting events, with an average of three to four holiday celebrations, Pujas and more.

The ICCA, “is the face of Indian community and participates in all major festivals and celebrations in and around the city of Victoria,” says its website. At its India Mela festival mid-August, the ICCA hosts dinners, dances picnics and more. “It’s a two-day event, full of programming, kiosks, mehndi, henna, palmistry, all kinds of Indian stuff. We try to create a scene of an Indian village,” said Bhatia. It’s continuous 16-hour programming for two days in Spirit Square downtown. The ICCA also holds a Diwali dinner and dance.

During the Canada Day weekend, the Hindu Temple holds a Cultural and Arts Festival of India, featuring vegetarian food, Indian classical music, Bollywood dance, henna, and popular Indian fashions, including last year’s workshop on “how to drape a sari.” To see more, visit www.

The India Canada Cultural Association (ICCA) of Victoria has been around “for close to 30 years,” said Sunil Bhatia, its former president. “The idea was to bring the cultural activities and our heritage to our children who are born and raised here, and to educate the mainstream community.”

For more information visit The Society for Indian Classical Arts (SICA) runs through the University of Victoria, and organizes four to five classical Indian musical events per year. You can find SICA’s schedule of events at In Victoria as a whole there is much to do. Sightseeing is beautiful in the city, and just strolling around Victoria is a satisfying experience.

Downtown, the inner harbour is full of sailboats and vendors, sitting right in front of the provincial legislature building, the seat of the British Columbian government. Beacon Hill Park is only a five-minute walk from the legislature; a large park where you can wander, visit gardens, picnic, see the petting zoo, and relax on grassy hillsides overlooking the ocean. If you walk (or drive) down the hill to the ocean you’ll arrive at Dallas Road, a long slow winding path following the edge of the water. You’ll be looking across the ocean to mountains in the Olympic peninsula of Washington State. You can follow the water’s edge, or relax on the driftwood-covered beach.

There is even a wild seal that hangs around because it likes to be fed.

No matter where you go in Victoria, there is beauty. The city is surrounded by shoreline, and there are many beaches, trails and charming driving routes.

If you venture out of the city, worldfamous Butchart Gardens are just a half-hour bus ride or drive away.

Victoria neighbourhoods are colourful and gardens abound. Known as the garden city, the temperate climate means there are flowers year-round. Spring comes early and winter temperatures don’t often drop below freezing. There is lots of shopping downtown and many delicious places to eat. At Fisherman’s Wharf in James Bay you can eat at a floating restaurant and visit floating homes in the harbour.

Thetis Lake Park is a popular swimming spot a half hour from the city, and in Goldstream Provincial Park, you’ll find majestic old-growth forest and mountain trails. If you visit in autumn, you might even get lucky enough to see the salmon run. For a smaller mountain adventure in the city, visit Mount Douglas Park. A smaller climb (or drive) will get you to the top of the mountain where you’ll have an eagles-eye view of the whole city and the surrounding ocean and mountains.

For those who like to be more active, the Galloping Goose and Lochside bicycle trails cover more than 100 km of the area, with lots to see, and there are plenty of opportunities for ocean kayaking or canoeing. Many tourists also enjoy whalewatching adventures. Victoria’s South Asian population is more than 7,000 people – only two per cent of the city as a whole but enough to create a distinct cultural presence. “There is a large concentration of people from Northern India here,” said Sunil Bhatia of the India Canada Cultural Association.

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job surprising everybody and providing a little bit more of an entertainment value. They provide actors to be ghosts and historical figures. Last year for example we had Mr. John Usher out in the cemetery.

Haunted Kamloops A tour you may want to forget… but won’t

Q: Are all of the ghost stories based on actual events?

Q: Have you been doing the tour for a while?

By Larkin Schmiedl

Museum educator Melissa Baker is one of the developers and guides of the Haunted Kamloops tour, run by the Museum & Archives. Some fact and some fiction, the tour is for adults only... it’s that scary.

A: The previous museum educator started it. When I took over, I revamped the program. The first year, it was a guided tour with just the museum, then last year and this year we are very excited to have the Laughing Stock Theatre Society on board. Last year they did a fantastic

A: Most of it is done on research. But some of that research, I found when I was reviewing the information, is based on stories that were passed down generation to generation. We’ve gone through all the old newspapers and historical articles, so some of it is what people have come to the museum and provided us, and some of it is what research has indicated.

rehearsal, we were at the Pleasant Street Cemetery, and it was really freaky because we were standing there – I could not have paid for this – we were talking and the wind was blowing, and then the lights went out. Notoriously something happens every tour. It’s definitely educational. We don’t go into any homes; it’s not a haunted house tour.

Q: Did you do a lot of the research into it yourself? A: Yes. It was a very big project. We’re pretty happy that all of the tour guides and actors are very informed on their roles, so all the actors know their character inside and out. It was a fun project. Every year we tweak it, so this year we added some new characters that we didn’t have last year, so we had to go back and get all the research and the information on those.

Q: Were you interested in haunted stuff before you started doing this?

Q: How long does the tour last? A: It is walking and driving… We wanted to expand the horizons and go to different places that people hadn’t seen before. (So participants should bring their cars.)... It’s two hours start to finish, and it’s only $15. Q: How young is too young to go on the tour? A: Some of the information can be quite scary, so we leave it up to the discretion of parents. I would say anything under 12 and the information might be too scary for them. Q: Would you say the tour is more educational or more spooky? A: I know last year a lot of people got a little bit more jump than they had first anticipated. The guides, we’ve done all the drafts and rehearsals, and we still all jumped. We knew they were coming, we knew where people were hiding, but yet we still all jumped. It can be a little bit spooky, especially as it’s at night and (partly) in a cemetery – that alone provides the freak factor. The first year that I did this and we were doing a

The Provincial Home for Old Men, pictured here around 1900, has long since disappeared. Many of its residents are buried at the 6th Avenue Cemetery next to the home’s old site. The majority of them were prospectors who no longer had family or couldn’t go home.

A: I’ve always liked Halloween. I wouldn’t say that I was necessarily a believer in ghosts, but then you can’t help but kind of buy into it after you do the research and you look at all the evidence that people over years and years and years – there’s one spot in Kamloops where everybody was so freaked out, they actually cut down the tree. The community got together and cut this tree down that they believed this ghost was hanging around. It was downtown. That was in the early 1900s. It’s those little details and facts that I just think are fascinating about our history. Once you start looking at all this information, it’s amazing how many ghost stories there actually are out there. So we do encourage the public to bring stories and share their stories. We love it when the public comes in and gives us those little details that perhaps aren’t in the history books. Dates for the tour are Tuesday Oct. 23 to Friday Oct. 26, with two tours running each evening. See: for more information then call 250-828-3500 to register. It sells out, so people need to register early.

Photo courtesy of Kamloops Museum & Archives.

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DHALIWAL FARMS located in Heffley Creek requires 12 F/T farm workers. Duties include: harvesting, washing, grading and packing of vegetables. Must be in THOMPSON VALLEY good physical condition. DISPOSAL LTD. Wage $10.50/hr. Fax re- 12 yard mini bins, up to sume to: 250-578-7160. 40 yard big bins, no job too big or small. Locally DRIVER REQUIRED owned and operated. long-term, for local escort 250-376-5865, 250-320agency. Must be reliable 5865. for all hours. 0011. HELP WANTED !!! Make up to $1000 a week mailing brochures from home! FREE Supplies! Helping Home-Workers since 2001! Genuine Opportunity! No experience required. Start Immediately!


General Employment

HAYDN AUCTION SERVICES LTD. “Sales every Saturday at 10:00am” “We get it sold” Bruce Williams, 6761 Gilbert Drive, Barriere, B.C. V0E 1E0. Office 250-6729809, Cell: 250-319-5230. Email: haydnauction “I FOUND super gift ideas www.haydnauction in the Classifieds.” There’s something for everyone in The Daily News Classifieds. 250-372-1010.

employmenT employmenT


Funeral Services KAMLOOPS FUNERAL HOME The Only Family Owned Funeral Home Serving Kamloops and Area. 285 Fortune Drive Kamloops, BC V2B 2H7 250-554-2577 Toll Free: 1-866-420-7758 Email:

EZZZY CLEANING Residential / Commercial Cleaning & Maid Services. Perfect for moving in/out or for general cleaning needs. Call Jason or Kim 250-851-1539 or 778470-3999.

Drywall ALL DRYWALL CONTRACTING 25/yrs. quality service. Tape, board, texture. Renovations from ground up. Framing, plumbing, electrical, painting. City of Kamloops licensed. 250371-0992.

Driving Services AIRPORT SHUTTLE SERVICE. Serving residential, commercial & hotel transportation to & from the Airport. Call Jack at 250-314-4803 for reservations.

Moving EZZZY MOVING For all your residential/commercial moving needs. FREE Estimates. Lowest rates in town! Contact Jason or Aj (250)851-1539. “WE LIKE TO MOVE IT, MOVE IT”.

Paint/Wallpaper DUTCH MASTERS PAINTING SERVICES Interior & Exterior. 3 Room Deal $299 Includes Paint over 2000 colours to choose from. Call Jeff 250-320-9935.

Renos & Home Repairs ALL DRYWALL CONTRACTING All - projects from beginning to end. All - guaranteed. All - protected: City licence, WCB, Experience. Call 250-371-0992.

agriculTure agriculTure


merchandiSe merchandiSe

merchandiSe Appliances

Bargains COMPLETE SET of Hardy Boy Books. Includes Detective Handbook. 59 copies. $200/obo. 250572-6051.

Crafts/Gifts ATTENTION CRAFTERS: gel candles creations. Selling all stock, equipment, supplies. 170 candles pre-done. $500/all. 250-319-3763.

Firewood ALL SEASON Firewood. Birch, fir and pine for delivery. 250-377-3457.

For Sale - Misc 14” CONCRETE Saw. Stand on wheels good. Blade, water hook-up. $500. 250-376-8150. #1A STEEL BUILDING SALE! Save up to 60% on your new garage, shop or warehouse 25x30 $8,700, 42x60 $15,250! Other sizes available! 6 different colors available! 40 year warranty! FREE shipping for the first 20 callers! 1-800-457-2206.

24FT. ROUND above ground pool. $1,000. 250579-8712. 5.1 CHANNEL Home Theatre package includes digital projector, L74 self lock screen. $850. 250372-3049. 9PC. DINING Room Set. $1,000. Diecast car collection. 1.18 + 1.24. $15$30/each. 1962 Seeburg Jutebox. $500. 250-3749116. BEER FRIDGE. Registered Pepsi Fridge, single glass door, w/light. Recently serviced. Excellent condition. $995. (250)828-0099. DEWALT CORDLESS vacuum w/battery and charger (new) $150. (250)320-5760. ELECTRIC SCOOTER. Large, 4/wheel. Battery charger, swivel seat. Moveable arm for easy access. $3,500. (250)571-1734.

GARLAND COMMERCIAL gas restaurant Tractors range. Excellent condition. 2/open burners, therUNIVERSAL TRACTOR mostat controlled grid4WD. 50HP. Very good dles, oven. $1,600. 250shape. $6,500. 3 Bottom 372-3965. Plow made by David TRIO STROLLER, playBrown. $300. 250-578- pen, baby equipment. 7887. 250-554-2718.

Furniture 1940’S-50’S DUNCAN Fife Table, 6 Chairs, 3 Leaves, Side Board. Very good condition. $1,250. (250)554-1594. BRAND NEW Microfibre SECTIONAL. Still in boxes. Sofa, Chaise and Ottoman. Worth $1299. Must sell $599! Delivery included. 250-434-2337, 250-314-7022. OAK TABLE 6 chairs, 3 Leafs, New Condition, $900, 250-554-3890. OAK TABLE, hutch and 6/chairs. Kitchen table w/chairs. Patio furniture. 250-554-2718. QUEEN PILLOW Top. Brand New mattress and box. Still in plastic. Worth $999. Sell $399. Phone 250-434-2337 or 250314-7022. TABLE, CHAIRS, 2 leaves, china cabinet. Med to Dark Brown. Beautiful condition. $1,000. 250-320-2122.

Jewellery NEW CANADIAN Diamond Engagement Ring. Solitaire .50 carat in 18 carat white gold. Appraised at $3,300. Asking $1,600. 250-371-2978.

Musical Instruments 1906 HEINTZMAN Piano. Good condition. $450/obo. 250-372-3244. 1950 UPRIGHT Heintzman Piano. Excellent condition. Includes bench. $1200. (250)828-1849.

2002 LANDROVERFREELANDER S. Rare model. 107,000kms. 2.5L, Sports Equipment 1986 LINCOLN Mark 7 V-6, PG, alloy wheels. 147,000kms. Heated seats. AFG ELLIPTICAL Ma- LSC. (250)579- $12,000/obo. 250-554chine. New $2,000. Sell- $3,000/obo. 9470. ing for $850. Like new. 1919. Has users guide. 250- 1970 MUSTANG Con- 2001 NISSAN Pathfinder. 679-3565. condition. vertible. 302 V8. Auto, Immaculate power top, power steer- Fully loaded. Completely Heavy Equipment ing. 116,000/miles. Excel- serviced. New Nokian 145,000kms. lent condition. $15,000. tires. $10,500. (250)372-2714. 1993 TD12C Crawler 250-371-1430. Tractor. New finals. Ex2001 FORD Escape XLT, cellent condition. Call for Cars Automatic, AWD, PW, Air, more info. $38,000. 250Cruise, Tilt, Sunroof. New 672-9344. 2011 SUBARU Outback Brakes. 198,000km. Lots Ltd. Fully loaded w/3.6 of work done. Runs and boxer engine. Leather. Drives Pets Great. $4,500. 30,000kms. Excellent 250-571-0814 condition. $29,500/obo. 1999 GMC TAHOE. Ma250-675-5561. roon colour, fully loaded. 66,000kms. Like 2009 PASSAT Wagon Only 2.0T. Black, FWD, load- new. New tires. $13,000. ed. Bose, bluetooth, roof- 250-578-7887. rails, monster mats, 1998 DURANGO SLT, 11,200/miles. $24,500. 4x4. White. Fully loaded. 250-374-4965. Incl/winters on rims. Good $5,700/obo. 2009 DODGE Avenger. condition. 2.4. Auto. 30,000kms. (250)578-8245. Remote doors & starter. 1996 FORD Explorer XLT $13,000/obo. 250-579- 4WD. Fully loaded, 1 ADOPT A PET owner. Good condition. Thumper is a short 8805. $4,500. 250-372-3049. haired, spayed female, 2007 AUDI A4. cat, with a black & white 84,000kms. Full load. Tuxedo coat, approx. 7 Trucks & Vans Good condition. Heated years old. She is friendseats, silver. MOBILE COMMERCIAL ly and loves to be snug$16,500/obo. 250-682- Steam Cleaning 5-Ton gled. She is looking for 5269. Van Truck with broiler an ‘indoor only’ home & pumps. with an owner willing to 2006 VW Jetta TDI. 4dr. generator give her lots of love, at- auto, loaded. Sunroof. $30,000. (778)470-3324. tention & good care to Excellent condition. 2008 HONDA Ridgeline help make her flourish. 116,000kms. Sacrifice XL. Black, 3.5L, V-6, au$15,500. 778-470-1901, to, 5spd. Hwy driven. FulFor more information 250-299-1778. ly loaded. $20,400. 250please call the SPCA 372-2880. 2006 HYUNDAI Sonata. 250-376-7722 FORD Ranger 4dr, white. Excellent con- 2008 dition. 89,000kms. 1-own- Sports. 4x2, 4dr, 6cyl, auer. $9,900. 778-471- to. 22,500kms. Excellent condition. $14,500/obo. 2468/250-572-1124. 250-679-3146. 2005 SMART Car. Loaded. 80,000kms. New con- 2007 MONTANA. V6, Audition. Blue/silver. New to. Mint. Loaded. Low Auto Misc brakes/near new tires. kms. DVD/TV, leather, 4 captain’s chairs. $10,900. $6,500. 250-573-4819. (250)374-3492. CRUISER 6.5’ Canopy w/locks $600. 2005 FORD Taurus. 3L 2007 HONDA Ridgeline 245/70R-17” Arctic Claw V6. Auto. Fully loaded. XL. 58,000kms. 3.5L, V-6, studded winters $125/pr. 51,000kms. Very clean. auto, 5/spd. Like new, fulsale. $7,995. ly loaded. $25,000. 250205/70R-14” Blizzak, Estate M&S winters. $100/pr. (250)395-8817. 554-5177. (250)320-9277. 2004 HONDA Civic Si. 2007 CHEV 2500 Cargo 4-KUMO TIRES. Auto, power windows, Van. Ladder rack, A/C, 30/950/R15. $300. 4-Han- locks, cruise, A/C, sun- 55,000kms. 4.8L. Mint Reduced kook winters like new roof. Excellent condition. condition. 250-554- $15,500. 250-374-5556. 195/70R14. $300. 250- $15,500/obo. 3074. 578-7887. 2001 NISSAN Quest SE Tinted windows. 2003 MERCEDES C240. Van. ATV/Dirt Bikes 4matic, low kms, blue, 110,000kms. All power, sunroof, CD, fully loaded, alarm system. $5,500.00. 2008 KLX 450R with new no declarations. $24,698. (250)574-3668. rehluse clutch. Mint con- 250-319-1598. 2001 F150 Lariat 4x4 Exdition. $5,500. 250-3192002 FORD Focus. tend/cab. Leather, 5.4Au6359. Shortbox liner. 88,000kms. 4dr. Auto. to. 145,000kms. BFG AllGood condition. Motorcycles $7,000/obo. 250-573- Terrain tires (under 30K). $8,500/obo. (250)8285299. CBR600RR 2006 Roth1542. mans. Unique style, im- 1998 ACURA 3.0 CL. maculate condition. Good clean condition. 2000 DODGE Laramie 14,000kms. View photos Power everything. Separ- 3500 Dually. 24 Valve. Diesel. Loaded, new ate winter radials. $5,500/obo. (250)574- 226,000kms. $3,500/obo. tires. Comes w/10ft. Jayco camper. $28,000/both. 4632. 250-376-7378. 250-578-7887. 2010 YAMAHA FZ6R. 1993 MUSTANG 5.0/L 1998 CHEV 4x4. Diesel. 600cc. White. Gear and H.0. 5/spd. new paint. Co- Loaded. Good condition. accessories included. bra rims, B&M Shifter, Low mileage. Blue. With 3,247kms. 2/yr warranty. C/D. $7,000. 250-319- hitch. $4,500. (250)554$5,500. (250)442-5513. 6390. 1940.

Collector & Classic Cars

auToS & rvS auToS & rvS

auToS & rvS

2009 SUZUKI Boulevard S50 Cruiser, 800cc, blue, saddlebags, 4,383kms, mint condition. $5,299. 250-682-4699.

1988 MERCEDES 300 SE, fully loaded, 169,000kms, Asking $8,000 brand new tires. 250-372-3338.

1995 FORD F-250. 4x4. 5/spd, manual transmission. 190,000kms. $4,100. Great shape. (250)554-1414.

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BUSINESS Business Management Accounting & Payroll Administrative Assistant Business Administration International Trade Legal Assistant Marketing & Sales Medical Office Assistant Sales Professional

HEALTH AND DEVELOPMENT Practical Nursing Community Support Social Services Assisted Living Health Care Assistant Health Unit Clerk Live-In Caregiver Pharmacy Assistant Spa Body Therapy

TOURISM AND HOSPITALITY MANAGEMENT International Hospitality Tourism & Hospitality Food & Beverage Hotel Management Conference Management

EDUCATION Early Childhood Education Basic & Post Basic

TRADES Construction Electrician Levels 1, 2 & 3

FIND YOUR BEST FIT Before embarking on a sucessful career, you need to know what industry and general position you are interested in. Speaking with one of our career advisors will help you outline your career goals and what fields are best suited to you. You can even tour the campus, speak with current students, and find out where our graduates are now. A new career and life path is only a meeting away.

SPROTTSHAW.COM *Not all programs available in all campuses.



S24 insight FRIDAY, OCTOBER 26, 2012







SERVING YOU SINCE 1976        (! $&%!""(!!")$'') SALE STARTS 12 NOON! KitchenAid VISIT OUR WEBSITE



KitchenAid APPLIANCES FuRNITuRE (! $&%!""(!!")$'') SALE STARTS 12 NOON! MATTRESSES For the way it's made


For the way it's made



The Essence of Comfort

Member since 2005 Central Interior

Member since 2005

visit our we webs website bssitite e

www.cityfurniturecanada urec canada

visit our we webs website bssitite e

ELECTRONICS urec canada.c com







For the way it's made


For the way it's made




250.372.7999 1350 Hillside Dr.


5401 Anderson Way





1793 Ross Rd.

1160 10 Ave. SW



D001173055 D001169936 36 6




2025 Coutlee Ave.


Celebrating Indo-Canadian Life

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