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August 2013

Celebrate Indian Independence Day

SURRENDER a little slice of utopia in the B.C. forest By Larkin Schmiedl


t’s called Saranagati Village, and it’s 3,500 acres of a very different kind of life. On any given day a visitor might see some of the 80-some residents of this miniature utopia hiking, planting food, dancing Bharata Natyam, swimming, biking, giving or receiving natural healing, doing kirtan, playing, or taking part in a festival on the land. It’s not these activities themselves that make it different – it’s that these make up the whole of daily life. Saranagati, meaning surrender in Sanskrit, is located just outside Ashcroft, B.C. in the Venables Valley. Simplicity, sustainability and spirituality are the key values life centres around. “It’s a Vaisnava community – it’s faith-based, meaning people who have similar religious convictions would be interested in living here because that’s kind of the focus of the community really, other than sustainability and responsible land management,” says Yoginath, a 20-year resident who has raised three children on the land. Vaisnava is one of the major branches of Hinduism. The four seasons at Sarangati Village.

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Our Community

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Yoginath owns the Venables Valley Soap Co., which he runs from his home on the land. His house is part log cabin and part straw-bale construction, a natural building method that’s low-cost and provides great insulation. Most of the homes of the 50 or so families on the land have been ownerbuilt. “They’re a little unconventional and creative for the most part, but they’re all approved homes,” says Yoginath. “For example there’s a stone house, and one person did a tire house. And (they) may be unconventional shapes, like round.” The community is in process of becoming an ecovillage, which according to Yoginath means using traditional methods rather than highly mechanized ones. In Saranagati’s case,

he said, “Ultimately it’s based on the cow, because the cow provides food, provides manure which provides nourishment for the soil and also provides fuel for heating... Food and shelter are the real necessities.” Another aspect of this is the community providing all its own energy off-grid. “It’s actually just more economical to create your own energy,” he said. “There’s some solar, and of course for heating there’s wood. And different homes have different arrangements.... There’s also some micro hydro power, and then some backup generators for emergencies or big jobs.” The community is made up of devotees to Srila A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada, the founder of the International Society for Krishna Consciousness, what is more

“In Saranagati we find time to ask the basic questions: Who am I? Why am I here? What is my aim in life and how can I achieve it? commonly known as the Hare Krishna movement. Saranagati’s known on an international level within that movement, and people come from all over the world to visit. “If they like what they see happening, then they may get involved,” said Yoginath. The project is unique in Canada save for a smaller project outside of Montréal, and there are about a half-dozen similar projects in the U.S., he said. continued on page 4







1: Girls planting potatoes 2: Cows are part of the foundation of the community’s ecosystem 3: A rainbow over the valley 4: The entrance to the village 5: The humble dwelling where Yoginath and his family sleep and have breakfast 6: Spring on the community’s farm

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Saranagati’s land was acquired in the early ‘80s when a group of young women and men left their homes in the cities for a “spiritual frontier” in the country. Pooling their money, they made a down payment on the land. It’s now split into 50 shares. Open fields, forest, three lakes, a creek and foothills make up the land Saranagati calls home. The valley used to be a summer hunting ground for some of the Nlaka’pamux First Nations people. Summers now see festivals on the land. Coming up, Yoginath said there’s the Janmastami festival midAugust, followed by Radastami. “Shortly after that there’s Go puja.” The festivals are designed to capture the heart, mind, soul and body, says the group’s Facebook page.

Community members prepare the beds in spring

“Winters are spent absorbing in the holy name and taking Vaisnava association to a deeper level. And shovelling snow and stoking the fire box, of course.”

b n Pu u R ily ore Fam quor St i LIWAL & L N DH A S AWA R Y

Yoginath says the real success of the community is that it has built a secure, wholesome environment to raise children in. “You see the result – children with values,” he said. The village strives to create a working sustainable community with sound solutions for housing, education, food, technology, social interactions and economy, according to the village website. Doing this provides space and time for co-operative creativity, spiritual growth and healing. “In Saranagati we find time to ask the basic questions: Who am I? Why am I here? What is my aim in life and how can I achieve it? Although all the answers may not always be as clear as we would like, individually and as a community we are dedicated to searching for those answers.”


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Our Community


I could be thinking about these things as a bit of justification for how much weight I have put on over the years. I really like my food but I also like working at my computer and usually use a car to transport myself.

By Arjun Singh

For years, I sort of got away with this. I was definitely overweight but I didn’t feel all that bad. Then, I turned 40 years old and, for some reason, things began to change. Maybe, I just became too overweight. I started to get headaches and had bouts of shortness of breath.


I Arjun SiNGH

sometimes think about the physical activity of my ancestors. Working away in the fields of Punjab and walking or cycling as their main mode of transport. I imagine my ancestors ate quite a bit to fuel such physical activity.

In early 2012, I was asked to help raise money for the YMCA. The catch was I had to pledge to spend time exercising and ask people to financially (and

morally) support my activities. I was quite daunted by this, not really having been to the Y since I was a teenager. But, I said yes, and this started me a really good path. A few months later, I was asked to write a column about training for the annual Boogie the Bridge walk / run in Kamloops. The catch again was I had to train! I hadn’t run for twenty years and was sceptical I would ever run again. But I said yes and, with the foundation of starting to exercice gently at the Y, I kept on down a much better path of physical fitness. For the past 18 months, I have been increasing my physical activity and also watching what I eat. It has been a slow,

gradual progression. First, my goal was to walk 30 minutes on a treadmill, then I trained for a 5K walk / run, then a 5k run, and now I am training for 10K of mostly running. I’ve lost 30 pounds in the last year and I hope I can keep that weight off and still lose more weight. I’ve been helped by many people and many factors. First, I owe a debt of gratitude to Darcy Harris at the Kamloops Y and Jo Berry from Boogie the Bridge for helping me get started again. I’ve also found tracking my fitness and activity helpful. I weigh myself every week and track how many kilometres in my running workouts. If I can do this, given where I was 18 months ago, I think anyone can. Happy fitness!

Insight is a proud sponsor of THE IndoCanLinks invitational Golf Tournament INDOCANLINKS

GOLF TOURNAMENT By Rajeshwari Rajimwale


he 16th annual Indo-Can Links Invitational Golf Tournament was held on July 27 at Eaglepoint Golf Resort. IndCo-Ccan Links is a golf tournament dedicated to fostering multi-cultural relationships and raising money for worthy causes.

Left: Ken Olynyk and Ben Reed

Right: Aj Nijjer and jason hooper representing insight at the tournament

“IndoCanLinks looks at supporting pillars of the society” - Sukh Gill

“The tournament was aimed at multicultural exchange of ideas, a meeting of friends and to serve as a platform for communication between different ethnic communities,” said Sukh Gill one of the organizers. “The event wasn’t initially setup to do fundraising. A couple of us got together and changed the whole focus behind the event,” Gill explained. The IndoCan committee is a volunteer group committed to

TOP: Krishna Lakkineni Above: (standing) Kenny Dhaliwal, Sukhi Chouhan, Paul Manhas, ranby Dhaliwal, nandi spoila, surinder gill (Kneeling) Larry Phillip, Sukh Gill, ravinder Dhaliwal, Mike FORBES, Krishna Lakkineni

increasing community awareness of varied cultural and ethnic backgrounds. The committee’s main focus is to raise funds to make significant donations to worthy causes that transcend all cultures. “Our focus in on the pillars of the society,” said Gill. “Health and education being pivotal, we donated $15,000 to the Royal Inland Hospital Foundation. This was the first installment to fundraise $100,000 (and) to be the leading sponsor on the Cardiac Care Unit at Royal Inland Hospital.” The tournament has also raised $150,000 for the Thompson Rivers University (TRU) House of Learning. Funds raised during the most recent tournament were donated to TRU to establish a scholarship for an athletic candidate with a GPA of 3.5 or greater.

Above: Winner of the tournament

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Our Community

Lakhvinder Jhaj

“Volunteering is the motivation of my life” By Rajeshwari Rajimwale

“In politics if you want anything said, ask a man. If you want anything done, ask a woman.” Margaret Thatcher, British Politician


akhvinder Jhaj wears many a hats. She’s a daughter, wife, mother, a working professional, and a politician.

Jhaj immigrated to Mission, B.C. in 1976 with her parents and five siblings. For the young girl and her family the transition was not an easy process. “Immigrating from India to Canada was full of challenges,” said Jhaj. “Mission was a small place and at that time we faced a lot of racism.” Against all odds, Jhaj completed her schooling in Mission and later married Amarjit Jhaj.

After marriage, Jhaj moved to Penticton with her husband in 1986. The couple quickly adapted to the community as orchardists and started a convenience store. But for this multitasking contemporary woman, family and work was not enough to challenge her. “I have always been passionate about community,” said Jhaj. “I started volunteering in the community. I took up projects of translation for the community and worked for lawyers for free.” Jhaj volunteered for different city committees and community organizations like the Recreation and Wellness Centre, Crime Stoppers, the Multicultural Society, and the Penticton and Area Women’s Centre. “Volunteering provides me the vigor to get going. I feel it’s important for me to serve the community and make a difference in a person’s life.” Jhaj spent approximately 23 years of her life in Okanagan region. The community here is the closest to her. “I always wanted to bridge the gap

Kamloops Immigrant Services


between communities,”said Jhaj. “People at CHBC Kelowna probably saw the passion and offered me air space on their radio. For about two years I got the opportunity to air a show “Okanagan Now”. The show focused on immigrant businesses that made a difference to the community.” For her exceptional contribution towards the community, Jhaj has received various recognitions. While president of the Multicultural Society she was awarded a recognition for citizenship from Citizen and Immigration Canada. She was named Woman of the Year in 2003 by the Penticton Chamber of Commerce. In 2006 the Okanagan Life Program named her one of 50 most influential people in the Okanagan.

Lakhvinder Jhaj

crew and we tried our best.” Being a woman it was difficult for her to pave way into a man’s world.

Her desire to help people motivated Jhaj to run for Penticton City Council. In 2009 she ran for election as the NDP candidate in the new provincial riding of Similkameen-Boundary.

“It was tough at the beginning,” said Jhaj. “I am (a) traditional woman and grew up with traditional values. People came upto me and told me quit. But I was all determined. I wanted to pave a path for other IndoCanadian women.”

“Many people told me to run for elections,” said Jhaj. “After the 2009 election I ran second time this year. It was from Aldergrove. I had the best

Throughout her journey, her strongest support has been her husband Amarjit and her children Paul, Livelan, Jeevan and Armaan.

By Paul M. Legace


amloops Immigrant Services is a non-profit society and registered charity that since 1982 has provided a wide range of services to help eligible people become fully integrated into Canadian and B.C. communities on economic, social and cultural levels. As mentioned in a recent article, the three main countries of origin for immigrants coming to Kamloops are India, China and the Philippines, with a growing number of Europeans and Latin Americans coming as well.

It’s important to share that among the many ethnic groups engaging our services, the Indo-Canadian community has always had an integral role as both clients as well as supportive employees and volunteers. This rich cultural legacy enhances the mosaic of cultural activities in the Kamloops area. English Language Services for Adults (ELSA) has been one of the initial programs offered from the outset at KIS. Our ELSA Program provides a different kind of English class four days a week. Our instructors hold undergraduate degrees as well as TESL certifications to teach English as a specialized service to immigrants. We make everyday English interesting, labour market focused,

and relevant to the daily lives of learners. Kamloops Immigrant Services ELSA program provides four levels of student-centered classes focusing on reading, writing, listening and speaking skills. Our advanced group uses these foundational skills to practice more detailed communication such as negotiating, persuasion and conversational diplomacy. Continuous intake means students can join classes after completing a Canadian Language Benchmarks aligned placement test. Though we encourage attending every class, learners are not penalized for shifting schedules or occasional work-related absences. We do our best to keep participants aware of class activities and assignments. For clients who require and are available for additional instruction and practice, we strive to match them with tutors and mentors who generously share their time and knowledge. Kamloops Immigrant Services ELSA program fosters a learning environment that:

• Delivers quality English as a Second Language instruction in a welcoming and supportive learning environment • Improves client knowledge of Canada, Canadian

“My husband has been my greatest support in this journey,” said Jhaj. “I am not an easy wife. I always challenged him. But he always stood by me to support me.” What advise does Jhaj give to other aspiring female politicians? “Don’t be afraid to take a risk,” said Jhaj. “But always bear in mind never make the decisions on the bases of your needs. Always keep your family into consideration. And before making any decisions always think of the consequences first.”

institutions and civil society • Builds self-esteem and confidence in the daily life of newcomers • Contributes to an overall sense of belonging and well-being in Canada • Provides opportunities for new Canadians to develop social ties, contacts and wider involvement within the local community • Encourages active selfassured participation in the local labour market • Serves as a transitional link for new Canadians considering academic studies Our services are free to eligible clients (citizens, refugees and permanent residents). Although space is understandably limited, we’re also very proud to offer eligible students free on-site child care under the care of qualified early childhood educators at our licensed childminding service for registered children. If you have any questions regarding our English language services, please contact our ELSA staff, Christopher or Lucia, at our office located at 448 Tranquille Rd., anytime between 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday to Friday at (778) 470-6101 or toll free at 1-800-672-0855.

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Our Community

Celebrating 66th

Indian Independence Day "At the stroke of the midnight hour, when the world sleeps, India will awake to life and freedom. A moment comes, which comes but rarely in history, when we step out from the old to the new...India discovers herself again." - Jawaharlal Nehru By Rajeshwari Rajimwale



fter more than 200 years of British rule, India was finally independent on 15th August 1947. The British entered India in 1608 with the aim of trading on new land. After the Mughal Empire weakened in 1707, the East India Company took over India after the Battle of Buxar. The Biritsh started exercising their rule over India immediately after that and took charge of the Indian Military Forces.

After the World War II, Britain realized that it was difficult to hold its power over India. On one hand, Indian freedom fighters were in no mood to give up and on another, Britain realized that the international support they enjoyed all this while was stopped after the war. Britain decided to step down but not before June 1948. However, the looming independence more so led to violence between Hindus and Muslims in the provinces of Punjab and Bengal. The communal violence was so much out of proportion that the then viceroy Lord Mountbatten could not

control the constant outbreaks. He decided to change the plan for transfer of power, barely allowing six months to agree on a mutual plan for independence. As a result, India won its independence struggle on August 15, 1947. Partition was done and a separate state for the Muslims came into existence, with Muhammad Ali Jinnah being Pakistan's first Governor General in Karachi. On the midnight of August 15, 1947 India was sworn in as an independent country with Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru as the prime minister.

List of

freedom fighters • Bhagat Singh

• Ram Prasad Bismil

• Shivaram Rajguru

• Ashfaqulla Khan

• Chandra Shekhar Azad

• Vallabhbhai Patel

• Udham Singh

• Dr. Rajendra Prasad

• Sbhash Chandra Bose

• Lal Bahadur Shastri

• Lala Lajpat Rai

• Bal Gangadhar Tilak

• Jhasi Ki Rani

• Vinayak Damodar Savarkar

• Tatya Tope

• Sukhdev

• Mangal Pande

• Kartar Singh Sarabha

Top Bollywood films on Indian Freedom Movement The Legend of Bhagat Singh (2002) Director: Rajkumar Santoshi Producer: Kumar Taurani, Ramesh S. Taurani Starring: Ajay Devgan, Sushant Singh, Ian Davies Gandhi (1982) Director: Richard Attenboroug Producer: Richard Attenboroug Starring: Ben Kingsley, Rohini Hattangadi, Roshan Seth Lagaan (2001)

Director: Ashutosh Gowariker Producer: Aamir Khan, Jhamu Sughand Starring: Aamir Khan, Gracy Singh, Rachel Shelley, Paul Blackthorne

Shaheed (1965) Director: S Ram Sharma Producer: Kewal Kashyap Starring: Manoj Kumar, Prem Chopra, Pran Kranti (1981) Director: Manoj Kumar Producer: Manoj Kumar Starring: Dilip Kumar, Manoj Kumar, Shashi Kapoor, Hema Malini, Shatrughan Sinha Rang De Basanti (2006)

Director: Rakeysh Omprakash Mehra Producer: Rakeysh Omprakash Mehra, Ronnie Screwvala Starring: Aamir Khan, R. Madhavan, Alice Patten, Soha Ali Khan Waheeda Rehman, Siddharth Narayan, Kunal Kapoor, Atul Kulkarni, Sharman Joshi

Facts about Independence Day • Other countries that celebrate with India: South Korea 1945, Bahrain in 1971 and Republic of the Congo in 1960. • USA is an independent nation for 225 years and India for 66 years. • The then newly-appointed viceroy, Lord Louis Mountbatten, supervised the birth of the modern states of India and Pakistan. They came into being at midnight on August 15 1947, as astrologers could not decide on an auspicious date. Mountbatten attended the ceremony in Karachi on the morning of the 14th, and another at 11 pm in Delhi. Pakistan's

Independence Day is August 14, India's is August 15. • The border was drawn by a London lawyer, Sir Cyril Radcliffe. He was appointed head of the Boundary Commission on June 3 1947. Pakistan was split into two separate areas, East Pakistan (today's Bangladesh,) and West Pakistan, with India in between. • After the August 1947’s Indian Independence Act approximately 14.5 million people found themselves on the ‘wrong side’ of the border. Sources: Government of India.

23rd March 1931 - Shaheed (2002) Director: Guddu Dhanoa Producer: Dharmendra, Sunny Super Sound, Vijeta Films Starring: Bobby Deol, Sunny Deo, Amrita Singh, Rahul Dev, Vicky Ahuja Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose: The Forgotten Hero

(2005) Director: Shyam Benegal Producer: Raj Pius, Barbara von Wrangell Starring: Ila Arun, Pankaj Berry, Nicolas Chagrin, Nalini Chatterjee

Sardar (1993) Director: Ketan Mehta Producer: Mivar H. Patel Starring: Paresh Rawal, Annu Kapoor, Benjamin Gilani, Sri Vallabh Vyas, Tom Alter, H.M. Patel Swadesh (2004) Director: Ashutosh Gowariker Producer: Starring: Shah Rukh Khan and Gayatri Joshi

Enterprise S8 insight AUGUST 2013

Business ~ Profiles ~ Columns

Business Profile: SurandER SINGH RAI By Rajeshwari Rajimwale


hallenges are always a part of life, and people are not always equipped to face them. But carrying on when confronted by dark twists and turns is what Surander Singh learned from his experiences. Born and brought up in the U.K., Surander Singh moved to Victoria, B.C. with dreams in his eyes and determination in his heart.

“My first job in Canada was in a retail store - selling shoes,” said Singh. “In no time, I was promoted to the position of an assistant manager and transferred to Kamloops. This is where I met my wife Jas Rai.” The couple married in 1991 and shortly after, he was transferred back to Victoria. Shortly after transferring, the store where he was working closed, and Singh decided to relocate his wife and two sons back to Kamloops. After being out of school for 17 years, Singh decided to go back to upgrade his professional qualifications. He pursued a

correspondence course to become qualified as a certified financial planner.

have such supportive and understanding clients. This made the transition easy.

“After I completed my high school I went to college for a year and immediately decided to move to Canada,” said Singh. “Going back to (school) was the toughest challenge, especially since I had to juggle work and studies. I always kept my goals in front of me. I knew this was imperative to procure enhanced knowledge in my field of expertise.”

“The only difference between me and another advisor is that I have visual impairment,” expressed Singh. “But other than that I have all the enhanced tools to help me succeed in my career.” Over the years Singh’s vision has gradually deteriorated, but he has taken one day at a time. After the initial stages of denial, he learned to accept his condition.

After completing his program in 1999 Singh got a job with Investor’s Group. Since then he has worked at the company as a certified financial planner and provided various asset management services.

“For the first few years I kept telling myself that my situation (was) going to get better,” said Singh. “But eventually I had to accept the fact and move onto the next stage.” Singh became a part of the Canadian National Institute for the Blind (CNIB). He thought of this as the best platform to connect with other people with similar diagnosis. “I bought a special monitor that assisted me in reading my computer screen better,” he said. “More recently, I have started using another program called ‘text-to-speak’. This converts text to voice and is a useful to maneuver through my work.”

Challenges in life come unannounced, however, and just when Singh felt settled he was faced with another unexpected twist in life — he was diagnosed with glaucoma. “I was confronting the possibility of losing my vision entirely,” said Singh. “If I wanted I could have gone on disability, got paid and sat at home. But then that was not the kind of example I wanted to set for my children.” He decided to continue his work, and feels fortunate to

Even when he was going through a lot of stress, he knew there was one person who was relentlessly supporting him –

his wife. “Without the help of my wife it would have been difficult to sail through,” he said. “She’s a trooper. She stuck by my side from day one.” Singh is family-oriented, and grew up with seven siblings. His family is spread throughout Canada and the United Kingdom. “Family has always been very important,” he said. “My parents always taught me to respect people around me.”

Singh recommends others prioritize their goals and plan the course of life simply: “If you have any goal - whatever it is - first thing decide how are you going to achieve it,” he said. “If your first goal is to save up and buy a house, you need to work on that. And that’s what my job is. I sit down with people. I identify their most important goals and help in planning for a better future.”

Surander Singh

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Financial Consultant

Talk to us today to determine how the TFSA could fit into your overall plan. Save for your goals faster and tax free.

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I would like to introduce myself. My name is Jerry Virdee and have recently joined the sales team at Smith Chevrolet Cadillac. I would like to invite you all to the dealership for a coffee and chat about the right vehicle for you!



Surander Singh and family

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Purchasing a

Pre-owned luxury vehicle


ou’ve decided that you’re ready to spoil yourself and purchase a luxury vehicle. The choices may seem overwhelming and you may not know where to start but there are several options, and best yet, they’re available locally. It’s possible to take this step toward purchasing a luxury vehicle and make it a convenient and enjoyable experience.

sale service. Whether your vehicle requires its regularly scheduled maintenance or something greater, you want to have peace of mind that you are getting the absolute best in customer service. Find a dealership that has qualified technicians, and professional, knowledgeable sales, finance and service staff to ensure your new or preowned luxury vehicle continues performing great for years to come. If you have any questions about the new or preowned luxury car-buying experience, Norm and Terri Langlois at Zimmer Autosport would be happy to assist you.

Before beginning your search for a vehicle, set a budget. Even when purchasing a luxury vehicle it’s important to have a budget in mind.


If the budget you have set does not allow you to buy a new car or you prefer to purchase a preowned vehicle, a Certified Pre-owned is an excellent option. A Certified pre-owned vehicle provides the buyer with attractive pricing, a fully reconditioned product and a choice of warranty options. The comprehensive inspection and certification ensures the buyer that the vehicle is safe, reliable and an outstanding value. Another benefit of purchasing a Certified Pre-owned vehicle from a dealership is the great financing options available for many makes and models. Believe it or not, with this program, it’s possible to make owning a luxury vehicle affordable. Another key point to note when purchasing a pre-owned luxury vehicle is the level of after-

Serving the Interior Norm Langlois


By Norm Langlois


S10 insight AUGUST 2013





lato said “The measure of a man is what he does with power.” Power has always played a central role in so many areas of business, sometimes for good reasons, sometimes not. But when it comes to the power that comes with employing and managing people, to me, the measure of a boss is how little he or she “bosses.”

People who work with me know that one way to really get under my skin (in good fun) is to call me “the Boss.” It always conjures up images of some oldschool, heavy-handed, central casting corporate overlord, forcing his will on his minions. That’s the last thing in the world I ever want to be -- in fact, I have no desire to be anyone’s boss at all, it just happens to come with the territory of owning a business. One of my company’s core values is humility, both in our dealings outside the company and within, so if the word “boss” (or any of its iterations) is to be used at all, I prefer it used as a noun, not a verb. I think and hope that anyone who works at Excel Personnel would tell you that -- other than my signing the checks -- we are about as close to a company of equals as you’ll find. We don’t use titles anywhere but on business cards, we fight for our beliefs and opinions passionately, without risk or penalty

(and I lose at least as many of those arguments as I win), and everyone is given all the freedom and authority they can handle to make decisions. It starts with having great people, trusting them, ensuring they trust you, and letting them breathe. If you do, your role as the Big Cheese should mostly be limited to: Overall vision/direction: When a business has great employees, having the time for “big picture” thinking and planning is usually a top priority for any owner. If you have people who can participate in the top level vision and direction-setting, by all means involve them. But generally speaking, your “bossiest” responsibility is to set the course and keep the business focused on staying on it. Non-negotiables: There are always things that the founder or owner of a business feels so strongly about that there’s no point in discussing them. They might be related to the image of the company or representation of a brand, customer interactions, or even the office decor. If you feel so strongly about something that it is truly written in stone, that’s your prerogative. Just make sure it’s really something worth throwing your weight around. Stalemates: There are times when democracy and consensus simply don’t work in business. Sometimes people or groups can’t agree on something important, a project has gone as far as it can go, a discussion is deteriorating.

When there’s no other choice but to make an executive decision (as my father used to say, “weighing the votes instead of counting them”), make the call. But always encourage people to solve their own problems so you don’t have to. Discipline: The worst part of being the boss. Obviously the larger a company is, the more likely it is to have a human resources manager, or even an entire department. But for many small businesses, the owner is that department. And that means having to correct, warn, and at times, fire people.

It often can’t (and shouldn’t) be delegated, and it sucks. Money: In a company with even a small number of people, day-to-day transactions are usually handled by employees, whether in sales, accounts payable/receivable or purchasing. But the overall finances of the business are, of course, the responsibility -- as critical as any -- of the boss. Cash, debt, investors, major expenses, real estate, profit and loss, inventory... even with a supporting staff, in a small business, these are almost always the boss’ burden.

Of course, every business is different. But for the most part, if it doesn’t fall into one of these five categories, a good, effective boss should stay out of it as much as possible, unless and until he or she has a real reason to get involved. Set the scene of your business, and let your people do their thing. Great people will still make mistakes, and so will owners and managers, probably just as often. So the whole thing really comes down to choosing your battles. Don’t wield your authority unless you absolutely must, and never be bossy just to prove you’re the boss.

Canadian Immigration

Improving passport services for Canadians Family reunification a cornerstone of Canada’s immigration program


s of this month, the primary responsibility for Canadian passport services has moved from the Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade (DFAIT) to Citizenship and Immigration (CIC). The move is viewed as a sensible one as CIC already has the duty of determining Canadian citizenship. At the same time, Canada has launched the new 10 year ePassport which has an embedded chip that stores personal information, a photo and a digital security feature to prevent fraud. Canadians will have the option to get the traditional 5 year passport or the 10 year ePassport. Service Canada will assume responsibility for passport operations and the public can still access passport

services through all of the same service location currently available in Canada. There are plans to expand the service and to allow Canadians to apply for passports online in the future. Canadians travelling abroad who lose their passports will continue to be able to obtain consular support for passport replacement at Canadian diplomatic missions overseas. There will, however, be a cost of $45 to replace a lost or stolen passport. With approximately 55,000 Canadian passports lost or stolen each year, it is not surprising that this previously free service will now have a minimal cost. The new 10 year ePassport will cost $160 for adults and $57 for children up to 15 years of age. The five year passport will cost $120 for adults. Passports applied for outside of Canada will cost $260 for the 10 year version for adults and $100 for children. Since passport fees have not

increased in nearly a decade Passport Canada has been operating by using previously accumulated surpluses that are nearly exhausted. The program is funded entirely by passport applications. Technological changes are included to align with dozens of other countries and allow border authorities to confirm the validity of passports. Strengthening identity checks through technological changes included in ePassports reduces the risk of other countries imposing visa requirements on travellers as they have added confidence that the passport is valid and belongs to the bearer. Canadian passports are highly sought after in the black market due to the fact that Canadians face relatively few travel restrictions from other countries, so the technological changes in the ePassport will help to reduce the risk of tampering and identity fraud.

ePassports will look the same as old passports, and ports of entry without the equipment to read the embedded chip will still examine passports manually. Canadians will be able to use their old passport until it expires. If a Canadian wishes to apply for the ePassport before their old passport expires, they must provide a written explanation as to why they want the ePassport. To celebrate Canada, many of the pages inside new Canadian passports showcase artwork that makes Canadian passports both more attractive and more secure. If you have a black light have a look at your passport under the light to see some more obscure security features of your Canadian passport. I believe you will be very pleasantly surprised!

Rhonda Williams

Rhonda Williams is a Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant. She has worked as an immigration consultant since 1996. Prior to that time, Rhonda worked as a Canadian Visa Officer in India and Thailand for several years. Rhonda also teaches in the UBC Certificate in Immigration program and is on the Board of Directors of the Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council. She is a frequent guest speaker on immigration across the country.

AUGUST 2013 insight S11


jobs for students:

Okanagan fruit picking By Larkin Schmiedl


or a student who needs a job mid-summer, things may look dire. All the jobs might seem to be taken, and students are often feeling desperate for money. There are jobs suited to those who are adventurous and willing to work hard. Fruit picking in the B.C. Interior has long been a standby for those willing to travel for seasonal work, moving with the tapestry of ripening orchards throughout Southern B.C.. “The people you meet, their stories, the shenanigans... and camping on the property was a welcome break from paying rent,” says Jeanette Armstrong, a mechanical engineering student who's picking fruit for her fifth summer now.

“A trend has emerged for Australians for whom fruit picking here is a cultural experience,” says the Gatzke's Orchards' blog about fruit pickers in Kelowna area. A fruit picker has to be willing to camp outdoors, although some orchards provide temporary housing. The work is physical, and takes being outside during the hottest part of the year. It requires hand-eye co-ordination and the willingness to live closely with others. “We would all eat together and ride bikes down to the river and swim and drink beer after work,” said Laurence Pagdin. “There was always really good conversation, and everyone had such good attitudes.”

“Working on the conventional orchard was kind of gross... I was constantly washing my hands. They would be white with chemicals after an hour of picking,” said Pagdin.

Armstrong says fruit-picking suits her student lifestyle perfectly. “The farm experience has allowed me to pick up a part-time landscaping job during the off-season (as well),” she said.

The association's website says workers can find jobs by calling local Okanagan farms, or visiting employment websites such as Job Bank. An online search for fruit picking jobs is an easy way to find application forms, and it's worth it to talk to others who have done it before about where the good jobs are.

“Organic farms are highly recommendable as unless you have good gloves, your hands are going to be covered in pesticides,” said Armstrong.

There are also jobs for cherry sorters, with workers needed in packing plants

Pagdin and Armstrong both advise finding an organic orchard if possible.

Pagdin picked both cherries and apples.

“That's what I like about the work – you meet so many amazing people and have so much time to yourself.”

“The whole stretch of working on the cherry orchard is actually one of my favourite memories.”

She's worked picking peaches, plums, cherries, apples and grapes.

Pagdin made about $1,000 in a month picking. “You get paid by the pound.... It really varied. Of course some people didn't care too much about trying to pick fast and make money. If you were a real slacker, they would let you go.” Pagdin says to make good money pickers need to be prepared to work hard.

“A typical day starts around 6 to 8 a.m. and ends around 12 to 2 p.m.,” she said, “leaving a lot of time for hiking, swimming, self-study, being a hermit or jamming.

and at co-operatives in Oliver and Kelowna. Many high school students find summer employment doing this, according to the B.C. Fruit Growers' Association.

late June to mid-August depending on the region. Peaches begin in mid-July and run until mid-September. Apricots begin in mid July and run until early August, and plums begin mid-August and are ripe until September. Grapes and apples mainly begin in September and October.

If you are ready to sleep and eat with people from diverse backgrounds, “it can be a really fun and rewarding time,” said Pagdin. “Be prepared to work hard and have a good attitude and an adventurous open mind.”

“Everybody plays music.” Fruit picking has its own culture, with many pickers travelling out from Québec for the summer. According to CBC, hundreds of young people from Québec migrate for this.

According to the B.C. Ministry of Agriculture, cherry season runs from


Workers from New Zealand, Australia, France, Scotland and other places sometimes also pick fruit as part of their stay in Canada.

Armstrong said cherries and grapes are the most lucrative crops. She can make $160 a day picking cherries, she said, and it's easy work. She learned over the years to find good farms, after a first experience making just enough to eat. Due to the minimal living expenses, however Armstrong said she typically now makes $3,000 a month.

For All Your Real Estate Needs Call 250-809-0968 www. a m a r k a h l o n .com

484 Main Street, PENTICTON, BC


Life & Culture S12 insight AUGUST 2013

Entertainment ~ Food ~ Fashion ~ Celebrations ~ Health & Wellness

ASTROLOGY CORNER: What the planets are doing this month By Larkin Schmiedl


t's an interesting month coming up, with many powerful influences at work. This month's keywords are restructuring and authenticity.

Over the past few months energies have been building as Uranus forms a square aspect with Pluto. The tension between these planets leads us collectively and individually toward a forced restructuring in life and society that occurs when things can no longer be ignored. On Aug. 7, Jupiter in Cancer comes into the mix forming an opposition with Pluto in Capricorn, and on Aug. 21 forming a square with Uranus in Aries. What does this mean? Jupiter's role is to bring optimism and expansion wherever it goes. Sitting in challenging aspects to these planets means the restructuring process is going to get more intense. Unexpected changes and even crises could occur.

“Ask yourself: What can I give back to the world? How do I pace myself and make myself strong? How do I acquire needed skills and make wise use of resources?” The good news is Jupiter will be in positive aspects with Saturn in Scorpio and Neptune in Pisces, so even though a radical restructuring process is occurring, helpful energy will also be available. Openings, opportunities and sudden awakenings can occur this month.

This positive influence is strongest in July. Try to tap into it when making some of the needed changes you may be forced to make. August is likely to be tougher, when the challenging energies move to the forefront. Summer 2013 could be an intense period overall. The other major occurrence this month surrounds the full moon in late Capricorn July 22, exact at 10:16 a.m. Capricorn is all about finding what's authentic to you in terms of your values. How do you dedicate yourself to your values on a practical level? On this full moon we're asked to take stock of what we have and what we need. We can draw on deep wisdom with Capricorn, looking at tried-andtrue traditions that have stood the test of time. This is a time to act on what is solid, and dedicate yourself to your true calling. Who do you want to be in the world? Which dreams do you need to make real in order to be true to yourself? Find what has depth that goes right down to your bones. What will serve the world?

With Capricorn, no means no and yes is binding. The full moon always occurs across from the sun in the opposite sign, so this full moon sees the sun in Cancer. Both signs are focused on building things that last. Ask yourself: What can I give back to the world? How do I pace myself and make myself strong? How do I acquire needed skills and make wise use of resources? How do I increase my selfsufficiency? Look for ways that you can base your life and invest your energy into what is substantial. Work on structuring your life so that you put your energy into what's really important. What are you dedicated to? Are you demonstrating your values to the world in the way you live? What do you want your life to mean on this Earth? Capricorn is a serious sign. It's about taking responsibility and knowing when to say yes and no. It's about boundaries and limitations. Look at areas where you serve others before yourself, and take responsibility for making practical changes where that exhausts you.

Amidst this serious focus, the sun is in Leo all month. A sign of a different flavour, Leo is fiery and focused on creativity, generosity, hospitality, risktaking and personal recognition. Leo time in general every summer is a time to turn up your own radiance, claim your place at the centre of things and be visible. The new moon in Leo Aug. 6 is a good time to begin things in areas that involve children or creativity. Watch for power issues that could surface July 27 when Mars opposes Pluto. Watch for tensions and the potential for sudden accidents or violence on July 31 when Mars squares Uranus. July 26 should be a very pleasant day, with Venus conjunct Neptune and in sextile aspect to Saturn. On Aug. 22 the sun enters Virgo, and we all shift our energy to prepare for the time of school and fall harvest!

Kelowna Empire E pi Auto Sales






3410 Highway 97N, Kelowna, BC V1X 5C2 P: 778-753-4972 C: 250-808-4972 •


Kelowna Empire i Auto Sales

30 Years as a Penticton Landmark! There's Always A Reason... • Cold Hand Crafted Ales • Refreshing Patio Misters • Great Looking Service • Sports Museum & Family Bistro Upstairs

Since 1992, Personal Alternative has significantly changed the face of the funeral business locally and has made making final arrangements easier... both emotionally and financially. Experience with Dealing with the Indo-Canadian Community Vernon's only Cremation provider with our own Crematorium Complete simple cremation at significantly lower cost Funeral and Cremation arrangements can be made in the comfort and security of your home • Dedicated, caring staff that can be reached 24 hours a day to serve you • Locally owned and operated • Serving North Okanagan families from Salmon Arm to Lake Country

Scan here for directions

Vernon 250-558-0866 1-4417-29th St. Armstrong 250-546-7237 2980 Smith Drive


• • • •

2460 Skaha Lake Rd. Penticton, BC 250-493-8000

Home of the



Hand Crafted Lager! + tax

S13 insight JULY 2013

AUGUST 2013 insight S13

Life & Culture


Mystic Goa By Rajeshwari Rajimwale Photo credit: Nupur Nanal and Shrirang Godbole


nown as the ‘Pearl of the Orient’ or ‘Tourist Paradise’ – Goa is located on the Western coast of India. Travelers from all over the world are attracted to its splendid scenic beauty, architectural grandeur of churches and temples and breathe taking virgin beaches.

Beach tourism: Some of the major tourist attractions for both domestic and international travelers are the beaches in Goa. The 125 km coast line is has a spread out of various beaches. The beaches are predominantly divided into north and south Goa beaches. Two of the most popular beaches are Baga and Anjuna. Highlight of these beaches are shacks that serve fresh seafood. Baga beach, known as an extension of Calangute beach, is located 10 km west of Mapusa. Baga beach is located between Colva and Calangute. Similar to the popular flea market of Anjuna beach, Baga has initiated a Saturday night market. Nightlife at Baga makes it the most popular. If you are looking for live bands Baga beach is your destination. If you are looking for some solitary time thevillages of Majorda and Betelbatim are your destination. Beaches in these areas provide excellent services in luxury stay. Apart from this there is good chance to enjoy empty beaches, fresh water seafood served at the shacks coupled with a cool lime soda or a glass of chai. Palolem is the southernmost beach in Goa. Earlier an undiscovered beach, it is flooded with tourists to discover the virgin beauty of the beach. The beach has a combination of eateries – western style bars and restaurants owned by expats and shacks at the beach side that provide local food. This beach is termed as a best getaway

destination for some solitary time and for private parties. If you head further south, you will encounter another virgin beach Patnem. This beach is appropriate if you are looking for some quality time alone and for backpackers. Agonda is a virgin beach 12 km from Palolem. The water here is so crystal that you can easily see underneath the shore while swimming. The waters are crystal clear and it`s easy to see the underneath the shore while swimming. Among the other popular beaches in Goa are the Colva beach. Colva located in the south of Goa is known as ‘white sand beach’.

Spiritual tourism: Goa is a major attraction for tourists from all over the world. A huge segment of the population in Goa are Christians, the Church is an imperative part of the spiritual life here. Se Cathedral of Goa is one of the largest in Asia. The Cross of Miracles located in the cathedral has the highest number of spiritual tourists. St .Anne is another church that sees travelers from all over the world come for worship. The Basilica of Bom Jesus is known as a world heritage monument. The church is known for the preserved mortal remains of St. Francis Xavier. He was the member of Society of Jesus and came to India to spread Christianity with the Portuguese. Apart from Churches, Goa houses Hindu temples and Muslim mosques. Sri Mangueshi temple at Ponda in Goa is the most visited and popular temple amongst Hindus. Shri Mahalakshmi temple at Bandora is known for worship of Goddess of the Shakti. It is important because history has it that this was the first Hindu temple to built in Goa. The muslim population in Goa is very small. Goa hosts about 26 mosques the Jama Masjid and the Safa Shahouri Masjid are two of the most famous

mosques in Goa.

Museums: Goa has two museums that have been mostly attracting tourists- Goa State Museum and Naval Aviation Museum and are located in Panjim and Vasco respectively. Another must visit place is the Goa Science Center, Panjim.

Food in Goa: Goa serves a cosmopolitan cuisine. Food served in here ranges from a mix of traditional, continental to seafood delicacies. The price range has been made to suit all wallet sizes. Tourists can never complain of the variety and availability of food choices in Goa. Start your day with banana pancake for breakfast or French toast. For lunch make an appetite for the very traditional tandoori chicken or butter chicken or experiment with the Indian Chinese noodles and Manchurian. You cannot leave Goa without trying local Goan cuisine. Don’t miss out on the chicken cafreal and vindaloo. A must-try is the seafood at the various shacks. Also not to miss are the lip-smacking pakoras served at the beach side with a hot sipping tea.

Goa Weather and climate: The state is located in the tropical zone and close to the Arabian sea. Most of the year Goa experiences hot and humid climate. It is advisable to visit Goa during the short winter between mid-December to February. Handy information for tourists: Directorate of Tourism Rua de Ourem Patto, Panjm. 0832-222-6515. Open 9.30am-1.15pm, 2-5.45 pm

Visa requirement: Foreign nationals who plan to visit India need a visa. Visa application must be done at the Indian embassy or high commission in your respective countries. Travelers planning a longer stay need to register at the Foreigners’ Regional Registration Office with the 14 days of their arrival.

S14 insight AUGUST 2013







84 UP TO



Rondo EX Luxury shownU

Forte SX shownU




HWY (M/T): 6.2L/100KM CITY (M/T): 9.4L/100KM


129 0 0















THE NEW 2014

HWY (A/T): 7.1L/100KM CITY (A/T): 10.4L/100KM




156 0 0














HWY (M/T): 5.3L/100KM CITY (M/T): 8.0L/100KM





96 0 0





























Ů‘4UFFSJOH8IFFM.PVOUFE"VEJP$POUSPMT Bi-weekly for 84 months with $0 DOWN PAYMENT. Offer includes delivery, destination and fees. Offer based on 2014 Rondo LX MT with a purchase price of $23,482.


Ů‘4QFFE"VUPNBUJD5SBOTNJTTJPO Bi-weekly for 60 months, amortized over 84 months with $0 DOWN PAYMENT. Offer includes delivery, destination and fees. Offer based on 2014 Sorento 2.4L LX AT FWD with a purchase price of $28,482.

Ů‘4UFFSJOH8IFFM.PVOUFE"VEJP$POUSPMT Bi-weekly for 84 months with $0 DOWN PAYMENT. Offer includes delivery, destination and fees. Offer based on 2014 Forte Sedan LX MT with a purchase price of $17,502.

OFFER ENDS SEPTEMBER 3RD WE’VE GOT YOU COVERED *5-year/100,000 km worry-free comprehensive warranty.

Visit to learn how you can help on August 21st, Drive Change Day.

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Offer(s) available on select new 2014 models through participating dealers to qualiďŹ ed customers who take delivery by September 3, 2013. Dealers may sell or lease for less. Some conditions apply. See dealer for complete details. All offers are subject to change without notice. Vehicles shown may include optional accessories and upgrades available at extra cost. All pricing includes delivery and destination fees up to $1,665, other fees and certain levies (including tire levies) and $100 A/C charge (where applicable) and excludes licensing, registration, insurance, other taxes and variable dealer administration fees (up to $699). Other dealer charges may be required at the time of purchase. Other lease and ďŹ nancing options also available. **0% purchase ďŹ nancing is available on select new 2014 Kia models O.A.C. Terms vary by model and trim, see dealer for complete details. &Bi-weekly ďŹ nance payment O.A.C. for new 2014 Forte LX MT (FO541E)/2014 Rondo LX MT (RN551E) based on a selling price of $17,502/$23,482 is $96/$129 with an APR of 0% for 84 months, with a remaining balance of $0. Bi-weekly ďŹ nance payment O.A.C. for new 2014 Sorento 2.4L LX AT FWD (SR75BE) based on a selling price of $28,482 is $156 with an APR of 0% for 60 months, amortized over an 84-month period. Estimated remaining principal balance of $8,138 plus applicable taxes due at end of 60-month period. Retailer may sell for less. See dealer for full details. ‥$2,500/$1,250/$1,750 cash savings on the cash purchase of an eligible new 2014 Sorento 2.4L LX AT FWD (SR75BE)/2014 Forte LX MT (FO541E)/2014 Rondo LX MT (RN551E) from a participating dealer between August 1-September 3, 2013, is deducted from the selling price before taxes and cannot be combined with special lease and ďŹ nance offers. Some conditions apply. 6Model shown Manufacturer Suggested Retail Price for 2014 Sorento 3.3L EX AT AWD (SR75HE)/2014 Forte SX AT (FO748E)/2014 Rondo EX Luxury (RN756E) is $34,195/$26,195/$32,195. ĂˆHighway/city fuel consumption is based on the 2014 Sorento LX 2.4L GDI 4-cyl (A/T)/2014 Forte 1.8L MPI 4-cyl (M/T)/2014 Rondo 2.0L GDI 4-cyl (M/T). These updated estimates are based on the Government of Canada’s approved criteria and testing methods. Refer to the EnerGuide Fuel Consumption Guide. Your actual fuel consumption will vary based on driving habits and other factors. °The BluetoothÂŽ wordmark and logo are registered trademarks and are owned by Bluetooth SIG, Inc. Information in this advertisement is believed to be accurate at the time of printing. For more information on our 5-year warranty coverage, visit or call us at 1-877-542-2886. Kia is a trademark of Kia Motors Corporation.

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WRECKING 1998 32ft. APARTMENTS Wilderness Trailer. PartIN KAMLOOPS ing out all windows, F/S, furnace, hotwater, awning Clean, Updated & Spa++. 250-374-4437. cious. 1 + 2 Bedroom suites or 2 + 3 Bedroom SHUSWAP TRAILERS Townhouses. High Quality Trailers Aberdeen Equipment/Car Haulers. Ernie 250-828-6266 Enclosed Cargo, Industri- Sahali/College Heights al HD Flatbeds, Dump- Rose 250-374-7907 box/Utility. Sahali/Arrowstone Dr. 1-855-832-8414 Shawn 250-819-3691 Valleyview Rob 250-851-2826 INSTANT COTTAGE, North Kamloops & easily towed. 2006 Mon- Downtown tana 5th Wheel. 34’RL. Dave 250-299-8740 4-slides. Many extras. North Kamloops & Sahali $35,000/obo. 250-392- Val 250-554-4590 5796. Pictures. North Kamloops Carl 250-377-5877 DIESEL MOTORHOME. 28’ 1986 Ford. Sleeps 6. Commercial Rear twins. 2door fridge. Many extras. $14,500. COMMERCIAL 250-376-4880. BUILDINGS 2011 19’ LITE Travel For Sale. 4/Unit complex, Trailer. Sleeps 4. Excel- Kamloops North Shore, lent condition. $15,500. fully leased. 2/Unit building, downtown Vernon, (250)374-0507. fully leased. Make your 2010 8FT. Travel-Lite liquid flow with these acCamper and 2008 Dodge tual money-makers. 2503500 diesel truck. 851-6240.

2009 CHEVY Uplander. High mileage reason for low price. Loaded. Good condition. $7,200/obo. 250-554-0580. 2002 DODGE 3500. Diesel. 8’ deck, tank, electric pump. Many extras. (250)573-3872. 2000 CHEV Silverado. Reg/cab, 3/4T. 2WD. 5.3V-8, Air, Auto. 234,000kms. $2,800. 778-220-6815. 1999 CHEV LS 1500, 55,000kms. Like New. 4.8L, RWD, ext/cab. $53,500. 250-554-0995. 152,000kms. Good condition. Canopy, new tires. $7,000. 250-571-0316.

Boats THURSTON Fiberglass 17ft. Boat, double hull. 80Hp Mercury. New paint, upholstery, canvas top. $3,200/obo. 250-5730047. LUND 12FT. Aluminum. Excellent shape with aluminum rubber tire kit. New oars’s. $1,450. 250372-3972. BRAND NEW 9FT Flat Bottom Aluminum Boat w/wheels, anchor plates, seat plates. Includes 2HP 4-stroke Honda motor. $2,200/obo. 250-3721702.

call: 250.372.1010

2010 16’ Tamarack Trail travel trailer, light-weight, loaded, immaculate, c/w equalizer hitch $12,500 Ph: 250-828-7857

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A CHILD’S WISH IS WAITING. YOU CAN HELP MAKE IT COME TRUE. Ever y 4 0 minutes, the Make-A-Wish Foundation® grants the wish of a child with a lifethreatening medical condition — being a veterinarian for a day, having a computer to stay connec ted or going any where their imagination takes them. Join in our mission to create lasting hope, strength and joy.

V i s i t w w w. m a ke a w i s h .c a to d ay.

2001 TOPAZ 24ft. Travel Trailer. Good condition. F/S, M/W. $10,500/obo. 250-376-7951. 1991 FLEETWOOD Bounder 28’ A-Class. Ford 460. Excellent condition. Many quality extras. $18,500/obo. (250)573-1736.

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S16 insight AUGUST 2013


! y u b u o y p l e h e W . l l e We donโ€™t s 12 MONTHS ./).4%2%34s./0!9-%.43 ON FURNITURE & MATTRESSES. SAME AS CASH *See page 8 for details





KING SIZE 3!6).'3





See your local store for details











28.5 cu. ft. French Door Bottom ttom Mount Refrigerator s4WINCOOLINGSYS-



30โ€ Convection ction cti on S Self SelfSelf-Clean lf Clean Clean Range 5.9 cu. ft. sELEMENT




Storage drawers optional

Steam Washer 4.1 cu. Steam Dryer 7.3 cu. ft. ft. s)NTERNALWATERHEATERs sCYCLESTEMPLEVELSs

Stainless ess es s Steel St l TallTalllTub Built-in Dishwasher






3pc. Reclining Sofa Set






3pc. Leather Sofa Set


$699 Storage drawers optional sWASHCYCLESTEMPSs 20-sTRAYDISPENSER


Dryer 6.7 cu. ft.

s$RYINGCYCLESTEMPSs Electronic controls with cycle indicator

2pc. SECTIONAL WITH CHAISE Also available - Left Hand Chaise




FREE ROSALIE II Firm and/or Plush


60โ€ $1699




$799 30โ€ Self-Clean n Range 5 5.3 3 cu cu. ft ft. t s!CCU"AKEยง&ANCONVECTIONs 3TEAM#LEANOPTIONs%XTRALARGE window




50โ€ & 58โ€ Full HD LED TV 120Hz

sP8 s'AME-ODE s($-))NPUTS 2EAR 3IDE s0#6'! 53" )NPUTS s-ODEL,



22 cu. ft. French ch h Door D Refrigerator sADJUSTABLESPILLGUARD



550โ€ $699

250.372.7999 "WE DON'T SELL - WE HELP YOU BUY!"

558โ€ $1099



1350 Hillside Dr.




Tall Tub ub Stainless Stee Steel eell Dishwasher sPLACESET-



See your local store for details


*Sold as sets








BROOKWOOD Great ๏ฌrm feel, featuring Droptop pillowtop, reinforced heavy duty coil support system and High density foams. 10 year warranty, BC made



Washer 4.0 cu. ft.





5401 Anderson Way

1160 10 Ave. SW

1303 - 3rd. Ave.




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I sometimes think about the physical activity of my ancestors. Working away in the fields of Punjab and walking or cycling as their main mod...