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TIBCO Nimbus helps Chevron become a “King of Energy” Innovating popular music, the late “King of Pop,” Michael Jackson revolutionized his performances by adding a hat and glove to his moonwalk dance. Similarly, Chevron, one of the “Kings of Energy” innovatively added TIBCO Nimbus in order to transform the way they handle business. Michael Jackson is considered one of the most successful entertainers of all time. It was because of a little flare that he innovated his performances and amazed audiences worldwide. Also a powerhouse in their own right, Chevron is the second-largest integrated energy company in the United States. The company produces crude oil, natural gas, as well as many other essential products. If you cannot imagine Michael’s iconic performances without his hat or rhinestone studded glove, Chevron cannot imagine business performance proficiency without TIBCO. Just as the moonwalk became a staple to any Michael Jackson concert, Chevron management wanted to establish Nimbus Control software as the enterprise-wide standard for business process improvement. At Chevron, about 90 percent of the processes that are done are manual and the challenge is applying Business Process Management (BPM) to them. There is much focus on automation of processes, but there is a need to manage the entire ordeal – both manual and automated. It does not matter how good the processes are either because people need to be able to understand and use them. TIBCO Nimbus Control helps with such challenges. End-users need information that they can find quickly, but also be able to understand it and act on it. Moreover, the information needed to be up-to-date and relevant for their operations. The traditional approaches to BPM neglect the need for managing change to process over time, but not with Nimbus Control. Jackson had been performing the moonwalk long before implementing the hat and glove to his show, just as Chevron had been practicing BPM for years before TIBCO. However, just as the iconic accessories became vital to MJ’s persona, before Chevron started using TIBCO, there was not a real unified strategy and approach on how to leverage their BPM efforts to maximize operational performance. The company needed an integrated methodology to ensure that as every operating company moves forward with BPM, Chevron can maximize its return – they needed innovation. They needed a hat and glove.

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