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ShowTime News Editor: Kelsey D. Hellmann

September 2011


Weathering the Winter At the October ShowTime Youth Show on Friday the seventh we will have a small seminar on how to weather the coming winter months. Guest speaker Ted Turner will be talking about how to keep your halter and showmanship horses in top condition without spending hours outside in the cold. Turner will also be discussing ways to maintain that smooth, shiny show coat. We will also have a special guest speaker giving demonstrations on keeping those sparkly show shirts in tip top shape!

Are The Closets Full? Does your youth have more show clothes than you know what to do with? Is the trailer full, the tack

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room full and the house closets?

Youth Under 14 Hi-Point- Jane Doe Youth Under 14 Reserve Hi-Point- Dan Dee Youth 14 to 18 Hi-Point- Jill Jones Youth 14 to 18 Reserve Hi-Point- John Doe

Check out our new market place on our website. It is a great place to post those out grown chaps and never worn rail shirts!

He has galloped through young girl's dreams, added richness to grown women's lives, and served men in war and strife. ~ Toni Robinson ~

Youth World Show Where are the points? The American Quarter Horse Youth World Show point chase has begun. Are you ready for another show season? The ribbons, pain, tears, laughs and of course the points! There has been a change in point count for two World Show classes: Showmanship has moved up to 27 points from the original 25 and Western Riding has increases from eight to ten points. This applies for both under 14 and 14 to 18. Looking at the coming months show schedules we have estimated the most likely places to gather a sizable amount of points. Calley Smith and HesAGoodSon in under 14 showmanship.

. The stock shows in Texas have a large turn out each year and is a great atmosphere for the youth and their horses. There is a very large point count at both the San Antonio and Houston stock shows. Local state fairs are a good place to gain some points. Also, any of your major circuits such as SunRise in Arizona and Congress in Ohio. Good Luck Qualifying for 2012 Youth World!!!

"The color of the ribbon doesn't matter. I know we did our best. And all that matters is that we tried our best and reached our goal of working together."

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