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June 2010


World Show Fashion Get Enthused for World with a preview of this year’s styles

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June 2010


Brandy Brooks



Dear Youths,

Cover by: Fred D. Lock

You Can Meet Blue Jeans! 2010 World Show Schedule World Show Fashion




Letter from an Officer


How To: Photograph a Horse


Safety Corner


Tracy Mill’s Hot Obession


June 2010 AJPHJ

Obession she simply walks into the tack stall and gets them herself. She has given many a laugh to those I show with who’ve been able to see the back half of her hanging out of the tack stall. The funniest thing, though, is that if she’s given me a less than stellar performance, she won’t even look for treats because she knows she doesn’t deserve them.”

minster, Alberta, enjoys showing in all-around events and wanted to get an AQHA championship title with Hot Obsession, aka “Suzy.” On July 10, 2005, she earned the last halter point required for the title.

Paint Horse Journal


Tracy Mills of Lloyd-



Tracy Mill’s

In the May issue of America’s Horse magazine, you’ll find a story with tips on how to train your horse on the trails. It’s based on a class taught by AQHA Professional Horseman Brent Graef on the trails of the Texas Panhandle. There’s just one problem: These canyon trails provided so much great scenery and the class so much quality interaction between horses and their riders … we couldn’t pick just one photo to put on the cover. So we’re calling in help — from you! I personally would like to wish all of the youths going to the wrold show good luck. Have a fun two weeks at the show. Enjoy your ride and make the most of your time at the youth world. You are only here for a little while before you move up to the real world. Good luck once more. Truly Your President, Brandy Brooks

Her next goal was to earn an amateur Supreme champion title. When she called AQHA to find out what she needed to do to complete the Supreme award, she found out she had actually earned the award the same day she earned the AQHA champion title. “Suzy is a very pretty mare, but getting those halter points was the hardest,” Tracy says. “She had tons of performance points but is a true performance horse and not a halter mare. We were always first behind the real halter mares.” Tracy and Suzy earned 296 amateur points: 108 showmanship, 51.5 trail, 42 hunter under saddle, 33.5 horsemanship, 24.5 hunt seat equitation, 21 western pleasure, 18 halter and 15.5 western rid-

ing. Their AQHA record includes 43 all-around championships, one grand championship, four reserve championships, Superiors in showmanship and trail, and Registers of Merit in performance and halter. In 2004, Tracy and Suzy placed fifth in the yearend amateur limited rider horsemanship, sixth in amateur limited rider hunt seat equitation and seventh in amateur limited rider western pleasure. In 2005, they finished the all-around amateur year-end standings in 10th place. They were the Alberta Quarter Horse Association high-point all-around

novice amateur in 2002, high-point junior allaround and amateur horse in 2003, high-point senior all-around and amateur allaround in 2004, and amateur high-point all-around and reserve open senior horse in 2005. Suzy was the association’s high-point Alberta-bred horse every year from 2002 to 2005. Suzy loves showing and knows when she has given a good performance. “She barely lets you get back to the stall before she is searching for her carrot or horse cookie treats,” Tracy says. “On any occasion when I am a little slow getting the treats out,

Tracy is a high school teacher. Her husband, Kevin, enjoys recreational riding, and their 5-yearold son, Ben, rides Suzy when Mom’s not showing. If Tracy has non-horsey friends come to visit, she can count on Suzy to give them a safe ride. “She never takes advantage of the situation, except to be a little lazy,” Tracy says. “For me, Suzy has proven herself in the show ring, and the only place left to explore is in the mommyhood category,” Tracy says. “My hope is that in the future, she will raise some babies that are just like her.”

AJPHJ June 2010


2010 World Show Fashions

How To: Photograph a Horse By: Chris Kitchen

This years Youth World Show will be filled with the latest styles and most up to date creations. black and blue and blue and black and a whole lot of bling and shine, that’s what you’ll find. Here is a preview of what will be the most common colors and brands at the 2010 World Show.

When you position your

horse for his portrait you want to make sure that you are able to get the best shot of your American Quarter Horse possible. These rules apply whether a horse is photographed with a rider or not: All four legs should be visible. In a profile shot, the two legs nearest the camera should be farther apart than the other two. Both ears should show and should be pricked. The tail should hang

Black and blue shirts. shiney shiney shiney. Bling bling bling. Price $1,200

Costom made black chaps. shine shine shine. black black black. Price $ 250

Boots boots boots. one boot, two boot. Black boots. Brand brand brand. Price $ 400


June 2010 AJPHJ

Blue ribble saddle. Saddle saddle saddle. blue blue blue. Price $ 3,500

If there’s a slight slope, face your horse uphill. Face him out of the wind, which may make him put his ears back. If there’s somethings interesting going on, face him toward that; it’ll help get a pretty expression, and keep him from craning his neck to look the other way. Burn a lot of film. Take a lot pf pictures, more than you think you need, from different positions and angles. When photographing the head, you should still follow the rule to “show all parts.”

Safety Corner Tips for Beginers * If you’re going to wear a safety helmet for maximum protection, make sure you have an ASTM-SEIapproved riding helmet, not a bike or ski helmet.

Hat hat hat hat hat hat hat hat hath hat hat hat hat hat hat. Brand. Price $ 150.

straight or drape slightly over the hock nearest the camera.

* Wear pants! Wearing shorts can develop sores when their legs rub.

* Wear your boots when you groom, tack and ride your horse to keep your toes safe and your foot from going through the stir- * Don’t duck under the rup when you ride. lead rope or in front of your horse. You can get hurt if the horse comes forward on top of you.

* Put up the irons on an English saddle when your horse is not being ridden so he cannot get a hind leg caught in them or so the stirrups do not get stuck on a fence as you and your horse pass by. * Feed your horse treats out of a bucket. Feeding by hand can get you nipped and also teaches your horse to disrespect you.

Blue Steel Man, a gray American Quarter Horse stallion, more commonly known as “Blue Jeans,” found himself on the road to fame last year as he costarred with Miley Cyrus in “Hannah Montana: The Movie.” He was discovered by movie scouts at a U.S. Team Roping Championships event in Franklin, Tennessee, close to Nashville, where the movie was filmed. “They approached me about him and asked if I’d be interested in selling him,” says Bobby Brooks, his owner. “I wasn’t, but we did work it out to where they could use him in the movie.” Since the completion of the movie, the Brooks family, which includes Bobby, his wife, Lori, and two daughters, Elle, 7 and Libby, 5, have had the opportunity to travel with Blue Jeans to equestrian events across the country where many people have. AJPHJ June 2010


Thursday, June 24

7:30 a.m. - John Justin Novice Youth Showmanship 18&U
 Showmanship 13&U Showmanship 14-18
 Youth Solid Paint-Bred Showmanship 18&U

Friday, June 25

7:30 a.m. - John Justin Youth Yearling Mares
 Youth Yearling Geldings
 Youth Solid Paint-Bred Mares 
 Novice Youth Hunter Under Saddle 18&U
 Hunter Under Saddle 13&U Hunter Under Saddle 14-18
 Youth Solid Paint-Bred Hunter Under Saddle 18&U Hunter Under Saddle 13&U Hunter Under Saddle 14-18
 Novice Youth Hunter Hack 18&U
 Hunter Hack 13&U
Hunter Hack 14-18

Saturday, June 26

7:30 a.m. - John Justin Novice Youth Working Hunter 18&U
 Working Hunter 13&U
 Working Hunter 14-18 Working Hunter 14-18
 Novice Youth Hunt SeatEquitation 18&U
 Hunt Seat Equitation 13&U Hunt Seat Equitation 14-18 
 Youth Solid Paint-Bred Hunt Seat Equitation 18&U


June 2010 AJPHJ

Sunday, June 27

8 a.m. - West Sale Arena Church Service

 8 a.m. - Round Up Inn
 Youth Judging Contest Awards Breakfast

 7:30 a.m. - John Justin Novice Youth Trail 18&U
 Trail 14-18
 Novice Youth Western Pleasure 18&U
 Walk-Trot Western Pleasure Western Pleasure 13&U Western Pleasure 14-18
 Youth Solid Paint-Bred
Western Pleasure 18&U 9 p.m. - Centennial Room
 AjPHA Dance

Monday, June 28

7:30 a.m. - John Justin
 Trail 14-18
 Trail 13&U
 Youth Horsemanship 18&U Horsemanship 13&U Horsemanship 14-18 Horsemanship 13&U Horsemanship 14-18
 Novice Youth Reining 18&U

 10 a.m. - Will Rogers Novice Youth Barrel Racing 18&U
 Youth Barrel Racing 13&U
 Youth Barrel Racing 14-18
 Novice Youth Pole Bending 18&U
 Youth Pole Bending 13&U
 Youth Pole Bending 14-18

AJPHJ June 2010


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