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@D8>F@E><FI>@8 The 7th Annual Conference, Atlanta, GA s October 28-30, 2010 Creating Change in the Relational Paradigm John Gottman, Ph.D., Keynote Speaker



Spring time in Atlanta boasts a great abundance of lush vegetation, including the blooming dogwoods & azaleas shown here )


lii\j\XiZ_j_fnjk_XkjdXcc#gfj`k`m\Y\_Xm`fij# ]i\hl\ekcpi\g\Xk\[#ZXedXb\XY`^[`]]\i\eZ\`e k_\cfe^$k\idjlZZ\jjf]XdXii`X^\%PflZflc[ ZfdgXi\k_`jnfibkfg`cfk`e^XgcXe\Zifjj$Zflekip%8 klief]X]\n[\^i\\jfm\iF_`fdXpj\\dc`b\XjdXcc X[aljkd\ekÆd\i\cpÔe\$kle`e^%9lk#`ek_\cfe^ile`k [\k\id`e\jn_\k_\ipfl\e[lg`eJXe=iXeZ`jZffiCfj 8e^\c\j% Jf `k `j n`k_ X cfe^$k\id i\cXk`fej_`g% N_\e Yfk_gXike\ijZfdd`kkfdXb`e^jdXccYlkZfej`jk\ekcp gfj`k`m\j_`]kj`ek_\`i`ek\iXZk`fej#k_\pZXekXb\k_\`i dXii`X^\ kf X dlZ_ _Xgg`\i gcXZ\% 8e[ `kËj \Xj`\i kf Xjj`d`cXk\jdXccZ_Xe^\jiXk_\ik_XeY`^fe\j% –John Gottman, Ph.D. N<C:FD< to the Imago Relationships Inter- discussion followed by a brief question and national 7th Annual Conference! We are pleased answer session. Later join us for a magical night at the Georgia to be returning to Atlanta, Georgia, where we last gathered in 2005. The symbol of Atlanta Aquarium. The aquarium contains the largest is the Phoenix rising from the ashes and this collection of aquatic species found anywhere in couldn’t be more fitting for a city that was burned the world. As part of an exclusive private viewing, to the ground during the Civil War and is today you’ll stroll along a path of more than 60 exhibits the fourth largest and fastest growing city in the filled with 8 million gallons of water. Afterward you’ll get to sample local flavors provided by American South. Yet despite its modern skyline of glass Wolfgang Puck Catering. Day two (Friday, October 29th) begins with and steel, Atlanta retains its rich cultural and historical heritage. Its neighborhoods are filled an update from IRI Executive Director Tim with landmarks, museums, restaurants, and Atkinson. Come and join Tim in creating a galleries that speak to the unique and important worldwide conversation about connection. Join role Atlanta has played in shaping the culture us at midday for the IRI Sponsored Lunch and and history of America. Often at the epicenter Awards Ceremony. On Friday afternoon you can of great historical change, from the dawn of the spend some time with Harville Hendrix, Ph.D. railroad to the birth of the civil rights movement, and Bruce Crapuchettes, Ph.D. as they discuss there is no more appropriate setting for a confer- how the Imago Dialogue transcends communication by transforming consciousness. No events ence about change. The conference begins Thursday, October are scheduled for Friday evening so we invite 28th with a rousing percussive performance attendees to take the night off and explore the delivered by the Atlanta Drumline. This drum- exciting city of Atlanta. After a great night out in Atlanta, Saturday line is heralded for its precision moves, custom arrangements, intense spirit and phenomenal morning (October 30th) starts off with a Clinical sound. Known throughout the nation for its tech- Update featuring Wendy Patterson, LCSW and nical artistry and excellence, its members were Rebecca Sears, M.Div, LPC. They will discuss featured in the 20th Century Fox film Drumline. creating an atmosphere of change that uses John Gottman, Ph.D., best-selling author Dialogue skills in ways that move past reactivity and co-founder of the The Gottman Institute, and into a place of vision and motivation. The Closing Ceremony and Dinner/Dance will deliver the keynote address. The work of The Gottman Institute is known the world will be held in the gorgeous Ellington Ballroom. over and highly regarded for its foundation in The evening’s entertainment will be provided research. In the afternoon, he will be joined by by the Dam Band, a dynamic eight piece partyhis wife and Gottman Institute co-founder Julie dance-show band that performs a wide variety of Schwartz Gottman, Ph.D. for a discussion of the greatest hits from soul, R&B, Motown, rock their work together. Later they will be joined by and funk. Enjoy the sights and sounds of the 7th Annual the founders of Imago, Harville Hendrix, Ph.D. and Helen LaKelly Hunt, Ph.D for a panel Conference! (

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@dX^fI\cXk`fej_`gj @ek\ieXk`feXcJ\m\ek_ 8eelXc:fe]\i\eZ\1 8kcXekX#>\fi^`X KXYc\f]:fek\ekj Welcome ………………………………………… 1 Creating Change in the Relational Paradigm ………………………… 2 Pre-Conference Schedule ………………… 4 Conference Agenda ………………………… 6 Special Guests ……………………………… 10 Pre-Conference Speakers………………… 12 Visiting Atlanta …………………………… 14 Registration ………………………………… 16 Attendees’ Map …………………………… 22

Photo of Sue Johnson courtesy Couvrette/Ottowa

:i\Xk`e^Z_Xe^\`ek_\ i\cXk`feXcgXiX[`^d

The largest in the world, the Georgia Aquarium is a half-million square foot facility housing over 100,000 animals in 8 million gallons of fresh and salt water. )

K_\Zflgc\j k_\iXg`jknfibj kfZi\Xk\\]]\Zk`m\ Xe[cXjk`e^ Z_Xe^\n`k_`e Xi\cXk`fej_`g% Clients, who come seeking that change, are often resistant to making any change in themselves. The relationship paradigm provides the couples therapist an effective approach to therapy that creates change by shifting the focus of attention from the individual partner to the relationship itself. Our featured guest speakers, John Gottman, Ph.D. and Julie Schwartz Gottman, Ph.D., base their approach to couples therapy on three decades of research with thousands of couples. Through research based interventions and exercises, the Gottman Method helps couples identify and break through barriers to positive change in their relationships. Our understanding of change as Imago practitioners is evolving as we gain new insights into how to get the greatest value from the central intervention, the Behavior Change Request. Often it is the failure of couples to follow through on an agreed upon request that provides the most effective material for a dialogue that can explore and overcome resistance to change. K?<GLIGFJ<F=K?<@I@8EEL8C :FE=<I<E:<

:FE=<I<E:<C<8IE@E>F9A<:K@M<J Conference participants will be able to:

u To provide consistent development and support for IRI Members

u Describe the foundations of Imago Theory, its precepts and the theoretical assumptions that inform the process utilized in Imago Relationship Therapy

u To host an annual event in which the community of IRI can connect

u Identify the key aspects of the Gottman Method of couples therapy and how insights gained from this approach can strengthen Imago Clinical Theory and Practice

u To provide a clinical update, Workshop Presentersâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; update, and Consultantsâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; update

u Integrate emerging new concepts about clinical interventions which create change, such as the Behavior Change Request, and become more effective in their use of this technique

u To expand and develop Imago Clinical Theory and Practice u To expand the practice, image, and resources of IRI Members.

u Incorporate new ideas and techniques into the practice of Imago Relationship Theory

u To support and host a Global Summit


Gi\$Zfe]\i\eZ\ jZ_\[lc\

The Buckhead section of Atlanta includes an array of antebellum homes, modern shopping centers, and some of the best dining in the South. +


Dfe[Xp#FZkfY\i),#)'(' Dfe[Xp#FZkfY\i),ÆKl\j[Xp#FZkfY\i)- /1''8DÆ-1''GD

8[mXeZ\[:_XiXZk\ifcf^`ZXc>ifnk_1 K_\Knf$;Xp<og\i`\eZ\@;1''( DXli\\e9i`e\#I\^%E%#@:8;: I`ZbJkfcg#G_%;%

mational shifts that couples need to make on the journey of change through Imago work. Watch 39 years of Imago experience at work demonstrating processes you will practice to help your clients make these critical shifts. (24 CEs) Dfe[Xp#FZkfY\i),ÆN\[e\j[Xp#FZkfY\i). /1''8DÆ-1''GD


This is an advanced workshop for those who GXike\ij_`g1J`e^c\j:c`e`ZXc have taken basic Characterological Growth. KiX`e`e^@;1''+ This course will continue to explore the theo- 9ilZ\:iXglZ_\kk\j#G_%;% retical dynamics of character structure from an Imago perspective. There will be time allotted This course is designed to help therapists become to process at a personal level. The intent of this more effective in preparing their single clients for course is to broaden and deepen some aspects a committed relationship and/or marriage. This presented in the basic course and delve into training is designed for relational work in a group many additional areas, such as, guilt, shame, self- setting with theory and processes to show single hatred, unexpressed grief, forgiveness, amends people how to modify their character adaptation and the impact of major life transitions. So, if in an intimate relationship. In relationship, we were wounded, and only in relationship can we you are ready to stretch even further… (16 CEs) be healed. This course is also useful for therapists Dfe[Xp#FZkfY\i),ÆKl\j[Xp#FZkfY\i)- doing character work with couples. (40 CEs) /1''8DÆ-1''GD



N\e[pGXkk\ijfe#CD?:#C:JN A\kk\J`dfe#:c`e%GjpZ_%




:\ik`Ô\[:fejlckXekjLg[Xk\@;1''. N\e[pGXkk\ijfe#CD?:#C:JN A\kk\J`dfe#:c`e%GjpZ_%

Certified Imago Consultants introduce a very important and evolving role in the Imago community. In becoming an Imago Consultant, you demonstrate years of training and growth, practice of clinical excellence, and a desire to actively contribute to the Imago community – thank you! This second annual consultants update will be your chance to meet with the other Imago consultants in an open forum to share experiences, present cases, discuss new themes, ideas and opportunities, and make suggestions for future consultant training. (3 CEs) )1''Æ,1''GD

Nfibj_fgGi\j\ek\ijËLg[Xk\@;1''/ DXli\\e9i`e\#IE#@:8;: ?\c^\Gflcjfe K`d8kb`ejfe#<o\Zlk`m\;`i\Zkfif]@I@

The Workshop Presenters’ Update is an annual event for Certified Imago Workshop Presenters to refresh and update their skills. We will take an in-depth look at how Imago Therapy and the workshop work together to make a more powerful and effective approach for couples than either of them on their own. We will examine ways to help couples, and therapists who refer them, to understand the value of this. You will be introduced to a new workshop follow-up program and shown how to use it with couples to enhance the value of the workshop. The most effective marketing strategies will also be discussed. (3 CEs)

This two-day pre-conference session will offer K_ifl^_:fddlefcf^l\@;1'', theoretical and practical ideas based on the Fic`NX_idXe#DJ: emerging knowledge base on what makes a good D\dY\ijf]k_\G\XZ\Gifa\Zk supervisor. We will talk about what makes a case Communologue is a powerful dialogical process difficult, what a supervisor listens for, what you for communication, conflict resolution and need to self supervise, the use of self in superviconnection in groups. Communologue empowers sion, the use of the relational space, integrating participants to move from entrenched conflict into what we know about the brain into supervision, compassion, deepening understanding and the free and trauma work with couples. We will make sure exchange of ideas. The purpose of this experiential there is time to practice, show video clips, and workshop is to train participants to lead Commuintroduce a recently established Imago supervi,1*'Æ-1*'GD nologue in the setting of their choice. (8 CEs) sion model that focuses on amplifying the positives. Mfclek\\iD\\k`e^ÆMfclek\\ijFecp We will integrate some of the exercises from the -1*'Æ.1''GD Characterological Growth and Single’s Trainings N\[e\j[Xp#FZkfY\i).#)'(' E\n8kk\e[\\9l[[pD\\k`e^@;1''0 into supervision. The two days may be applied to 01''8DÆ()1''GD Jfg_`\JcX[\#G_%;% the Advanced Consultation Course. (If you are 8e<k_`ZjNfibj_fg]fi@dX^f interested in applying these days to the course Whether you are new to the Imago community, K_\iXg`jkj@;1''and/or becoming a Certified Imago Consultant attending your first IRI Conference or just want E\[iX=\kk\idXe#G_%;% be sure you read the course descriptions for the to meet new people, this is the place for you. >\e\J_\ccp#D%;`m% course and certification track.) (16 CEs) First-time conference attendees will be introThis workshop will look at our ethical responsi- duced to “mentors” who will serve as a resource Dfe[Xp#FZkfY\i),ÆN\[e\j[Xp#FZkfY\i). bilities in light of Imago theory and practice. We of information and introduction throughout the /1''8DÆ-1''GD will focus on the development of a “best practices” conference. Don’t be shy, come on by! Aflie\pf]:_Xe^\@;1''* handbook by looking at many of the issues and DXpXBfccdXe#D8 dilemmas that Imago therapists face every day. .1*'Æ01*'GD Jfg_`\JcX[\#G_; Our ethical guide will continue to be the Amer- N\cZfd\I\Z\gk`fe@;1'('  If you have ever wondered why your partner (and ican Psychological Association code of ethics. We Gather on the Terrace (weather permitting) and your clients) find it so difficult to change even when will process and discuss in small groups ethical in the exhibit area to meet our exhibitors, see you’re nice about it and use the Behavior Change conflicts, issues and problems that arise within old friends and colleagues, and meet our newest Request Dialogue, then join Maya Kollman and the practice settings of Imago Relationship Ther- members. This traditional opening reception Sophie Slade on a voyage of personal and profes- apists. Then we will collect our ideas to begin to will feature plenty of food, a cash bar, and live sional discovery to identify ten essential transfor- form the “best practices” handbook. (3 CEs) entertainment. ,

:fe]\i\eZ\ X^\e[X

Less than two decades ago, Centennial Olympic Park was just a collection of lots in a run-down part of town. Now itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s a beautiful park that commemorates the Centennial Olympics and an anchor of a reinvigorated neighborhood. -


K_lij[Xp#FZkfY\i)/#)'(' -1+,Æ.1*'8D

Pf^X .1*'Æ/1+,8D

:fek`e\ekXc9i\Xb]Xjk /1''8DÆ,1*'GD

I\^`jkiXk`fe 01''Æ('1''8D



JfZ`Xc<m\ekXkk_\>\fi^`X 8hlXi`ld@;1('' Join us for a private viewing of the world’s largest aquarium. Sample a variety of local flavors provided by Wolfgang Puck Catering and stroll along a path of more than 60 exhibits filled with 8 million gallons of water. The Georgia Aquarium is a leading facility for aquatic animal conservation and research and promotes, conducts, and leads global efforts on environmental and conservation issues. Transportation, hors d’oeuvres, and admission to the aquarium are all included in the price.

The conference opens with a rousing percussive performance delivered by the Atlanta Drumline. This drumline is heralded for its precision =i`[Xp#FZkfY\i)0#)'(' moves, custom arrangements, intense spirit and phenomenal sound. Known throughout the -1+,Æ.1*'8D nation for its technical artistry and excellence, Pf^X its members were featured in the 20th Century Fox film Drumline. Our own rhythmic timing .1*'Æ/1+,8D will be on display as members representing the :fek`e\ekXc9i\Xb]Xjk 26 nations of Imago Relationships International proudly present their flags to the assembly. /1''8DÆ,1*'GD ('1*'8DÆ()1+,GD

B\pefk\8[[i\jj Af_e>fkkdXe#G_%;%

intimacy and renew an ongoing committed partnership while negotiating new monogamy agreements. Participants will learn specific Imago Therapy interventions for long term erotic recovery and connection, and how to help couples create a vision of a new relationship going forward. (2 CEs) ('1''8DÆ()1''GD

:i\Xk`e^:_Xe^\`ek_\I\cXk`feXc GXiX[`^dk_ifl^_9f[p8nXi\e\jj @;1(')


This is an experiential workshop designed to increase awareness of how we create or prevent connection through unconscious energetic and muscular contractions or flow. Participants will be paired with a partner and led through various body awareness exercises and interventions. After each exercise they will enter into dialogue to share their experiences. (2 CEs) ('1''8DÆ()1''GD


@dX^f]ifdX;\m\cfgd\ekXc G\ijg\Zk`m\1<ogcfiXk`fe@;1('*


Jfg_`\JcX[\#G_%;% J_\iipJkfcg#D8


The work of The Gottman Institute is known K`d8kb`ejfe#<o\Zlk`m\;`i\Zkfi the world over and highly regarded for its foundation in research. We are delighted to invite Join us in creating a worldwide conversation co- founder John Gottman, Ph.D. to the Imago about connection. This is just one of the subjects conference to discuss the results of that research to be covered by the Executive Director of and its use in clinical interventions. Dr. Gottman Imago, who will look at the work we can all do will discuss what three decades of research together to bring Imago to more couples. Tim shows to be effective in creating positive change will highlight the progress Imago is making on your behalf to raise its profile as the leading in relationships. (2.25 CEs) provider of couples therapy.

Understanding the wounding, unmet needs and adaptations made in response to relational experiences during each developmental stage can help therapists attune their facilitation to the needs of each couple with greater artistry. Sophie Slade and Sherry Stolp will focus the developmental lens on the Exploration stage and help therapists to fine tune their understanding of this important developmental stage. (2 CEs)



8e8]k\ieffen`k_k_\=fle[\ijf] K_\>fkkdXe@ejk`klk\Xe[@dX^f I\cXk`fej_`g@ek\ieXk`feXc Af_e>fkkdXe#G_%;% Alc`\JZ_nXikq>fkkdXe#G_%;

Join The Gottman Institute founders, John Gottman, Ph.D. and Julie Schwartz Gottman, Ph.D. for a discussion of their work together. Later, they will be joined by the founders of Imago, Harville Hendrix, Ph.D. and Helen LaKelly Hunt, Ph.D for a panel discussion followed by an extended question and answer session. (2 CEs)


D`jkXb\j1Cffb`e^XkXe[C\Xie`e^ ]ifdfliD`jjk\gj@;1('+



8]]X`iI\Zfm\ip1I\jkfi`e^ :fee\Zk`feX]k\i@eÔ[\c`kp@;1('(

To help create change in the relational paradigm, there are few things more important than creating a safe space where it’s okay to show up in our full humanity; wrinkles, mistakes and all. This workshop will help participants discuss some of the obstacles to entering that space, create an atmosphere where they can experience doing so, and help them model and transfer this experience to their clients. (2 CEs)


Infidelity is a paradigmatic shift in the relationship that can be a wake-up call for couples. It is also a therapy dilemma for therapists working with couples and sexuality. This workshop will teach therapists and counselors to work with couples when there has been an affair to create a more fluid idea of partnership, restore sexual




Fli=`ijkP\XiXjXe@dX^f:\ek\i @;1(',


This session focuses on the decision by IRI and the Pastoral Counseling and Consultation Center of Washington D.C. to have this regional group become the first “Imago Center.” You will learn the process and chart the progress of the first year of the center’s existence. The importance of the Imago Relationships Education Seminars to the success of the Center will be explained and emphasized. (2 CEs) ()1''Æ)1''GD

@I@Jgfejfi\[CleZ_1>cfYXc D\dY\ij_`gLg[Xk\@I@8nXi[j :\i\dfep@;1*''  Join your colleagues for a buffet lunch in a room with a 180 degree view of the Atlanta skyline. Take this opportunity to learn more about the activities of members all over the globe. The IRI Awards Ceremony will follow; individual members will be recognized for their outstanding contributions over the past year. )1''Æ+1''GD

?fnXe[N_Xk@dX^f;`Xcf^l\ ?\Xcj@;1(,' ?Xim`cc\?\e[i`o#G_%;% 9ilZ\:iXglZ_\kk\j#G_%;%

ties and building their referral base. This year the programs have been re-released with new names which better suit their target markets: Christian and Jewish audiences. We will briefly recap the messages from the California Healthy Marriage Initiative about how these programs can support a couples therapy practice and invite Harville Hendrix and Helen LaKelly Hunt to share with you their experiences using these programs to engage new audiences in Imago.

:flgc\_ff[XjXJg`i`klXcGXk_ Lg[Xk\ ?Xim`cc\?\e[i`o#G_%;% ?\c\eCXB\ccp?lek#G_%;% K`d8kb`ejfe#<o\Zlk`m\;`i\Zkfif]@I@

The new suite of Couplehood programs have been developed to support Imago Therapists who are creating stronger links with their local communi-


8]]\ZkI\^lcXk`feKffcj`e@dX^f I\cXk`fej_`gK_\iXgp@;1)'( :Xifcpe;X`kZ_#G_%;%


Affect regulation is a particular challenge for couples in conflict. Therapists need quick, practical, easy-to-learn tools that can mitigate highly reactive responses. This workshop will present a wide-ranging selection of interventions designed to promote affect regulation, including hypnotic mindfulness and cognitive approaches that help clients reinterpret their stress response and selfmanage inappropriate reactions. (2 CEs)

An opportunity to collectively share our grief and offer support as we remember our friends and loved ones who are no longer with us. We invite you to join us and celebrate their lives and contributions.

9\pfe[k_\9Xj`Zj1Lj\f]J\ek\eZ\ Jk\dj#;flYc`e^#Xe[=fZlj`e^`e @dX^f@;1)')


>i`\m`e^:`iZc\1I\d\dY\i`e^Cfm\[ Fe\j



JXkli[Xp#FZkfY\i*'#)'(' -1+,Æ.1*'8D

Pf^X .1*'Æ/1+,8D

:fek`e\ekXc9i\Xb]Xjk /1''8DÆ,1*'GD


While Imago Dialogue improves communication of information and energy between partners, 01''8DÆ()1''GD it transcends communication by transforming :c`e`ZXcLg[Xk\1:_Xe^\`e@dX^f consciousness. This lecture will deepen our ÆJki\e^k_\e`e^K_\fipXe[ awareness of what dialogue is, how it heals the :i\Xk`m\cpDfm`e^=finXi[ past in the present and transforms consciousness N\e[pGXkk\ijfe#C:JN#CD=K of self, other and the between. (2 CEs) I\Y\ZZXJ\Xij#D%;`m#CG: +1(,Æ+1+,GD


We will continue to focus on the oscillation between deepening our theory and the creation of new effective skills and processes that support on-going change. You will experience how to create an atmosphere of change using the Dialogue skills in ways that move past reactivity and into a place of vision and motivation. Use of video tapes will challenge and inspire the Imago community to sharpen the use of what we have and continue to think outside the box.


Sentence completion is more than a means of facilitating communication. It is a means of making explicit what had been implicit, of making conscious what had been subconscious. It is a “doorway into the self.” (Branden, 1985). In this experiential workshop, we will explore the subtleties of being creative and intentional in the use of both “standard” and “spontaneous” sentence stems. You will gain experience with “doubling” and “focusing” to help your couples embody their speech and access feelings. We will discuss when, and with which clients, each of these methods is most effective, and look at our own styles, and where our growth edges are in this work. (2 CEs) (1(,Æ*1(,GD

K_\:fek\ek\[:flgc\Xe[k_\>ff[ <efl^_I\cXk`fej_`g@;1)'* :_\ipc;fc`e^\i9ifne#C:JN Jpcm`XIfj\e]\c[#DJN#C:JN

Imago Therapists work to help couples resolve serious conflicts and heal deep childhood wounds. It is equally important to help couples who have improved their marriages or those who have good relationships to stay together with satisfaction and contentment. We will explore


the concepts of commitment, appreciation, acceptance, contentment and reclaiming the missing self. We will use dialogues and sentence stems, explore ways to find the gem in the partner’s annoying traits and will reframe settling for imperfection to acceptance of the “good enough” relationship. (2 CEs) (1(,Æ*1(,GD

K_i\\Hl\jk`fej1K_\Lj\f] >l`[\[D\[`kXk`feXe[JkilZkli\[ 8ggi\Z`Xk`fej;`Xcf^l\@;1)'+ CXliXDXij_Xcc#C:JN

Guided meditation combined with a structured appreciations dialogue is a powerful tool that can serve a multitude of purposes including assessment, consolidation of growth, bonding, development of self-soothing skills, motivation, guidance and ego-enhancement. This workshop is designed to introduce Imago Therapists to the practice of using this technique at the beginning of the Imago Therapy session to inspire healing and growth within the relational paradigm. In this highly experiential workshop, participants will learn a three-tiered meditation approach designed to explore individual strength, quality of relational connection and the essential growth challenge for any given couple. (2 CEs)

In this developmental, time-lapse, experiential course, therapists will experience a 10-session group model which weaves group dynamics and didactic information. Attendees will learn how to use Imago concepts and skills that will bring a group, focusing on relationship skills, from the first group to the last group. Therapists will have an opportunity to wear three hats: workshop participant, group participant, and group leader. (2 CEs)

available and applicable to people from diverse occupational backgrounds where personal relationships are essential; for example, in the psychosocial field and for professionals in the field of personal development. This session outlines the theory and method of the Imago Professional Facilitator Track. Using lectures, exercises and group discussions, we will procure insight into the attitudes and abilities taught throughout the training and learn for which target group this course is intended. (2 CEs)


>`m`e^k_\Cfm\K_Xk?\Xcj18e @dX^fGXi\ek`e^Gif^iXd@;1*') DXiZ`X=\ijk\e]\c[#D8 GXi\ek`e^KXjb=fiZ\d\dY\ij

This session will be an overview of the newly developed Imago Parenting Program. Members of the Imago Parenting Task Force will describe the goals and content of the program, and selected exercises will be practiced by participants. (2 CEs) *1*'Æ,1*'GD

@dX^f`ek_\Dlck`^\e\iXk`feXc :fek\ok@;1*'* C\fiX>ile_Xlj#DJN KXdXiQf_Xi?Xi\c#D8#DJN#G_%;%

This session will demonstrate that Imago is a multigenerational construct. It is transmitted N_\eDfe\p`j:\ek\iJkX^\`ek_\ from one generation to another and shaped by Gfn\iJkil^^c\@;1)', each generation through interpersonal experiJXccpGXcX`Xe#G_%;% ences and their neurobiological underpinnings. This session aims to help the Imago Therapist Attendees will leave with a basic toolbox for work more effectively with client’s financial Imago clinical practice that will facilitate clients’ issues. We will explore emotional roots to finan- conscious liberation from the control of unconcial behavior, different types of money styles scious relational patterns related to the multigenand how each style impacts a relationship, and erational Imago construct. (2 CEs) how to discern the difference between a financial power struggle and true financial addiction. *1*'Æ,1*'GD (2 CEs) @dX^fGif]\jj`feXc=XZ`c`kXkfi1


K_\<oZ`k`e^Gfk\ek`Xc]fi@dX^f <[lZXk`fe@;1*', C`e[X9XqXe#G_%;% ;feXc[>`YYfe

This participatory workshop will describe the experience of creating and implementing a daylong workshop based on Pat Love and Sunny Shulkin’s Love Lessons, as well as invite other Imago Educators to share their own experiences at reaching a more diverse audience with Imago Education programs. Attendees will learn how to structure an effective 8-hour workshop around Imago principles, how to teach the couples dialogue effectively in these brief and non-regressive situations, and how to reach out to non-traditional audiences. (2 CEs)


:feZlii\ekJ\jj`fej@@@ *1*'Æ,1*'GD

Cffb`e^XkGif]\jj`feXc I\cXk`fej_`gjn`k_;`]]\i\ek<p\j @;1*'+

<m\c`e9i\_d#DX^% BcXlj9i\_d#DX^%=?

8:flij\`eI\cXk`fej_`gj18e@dX^f >iflgDf[\c@;1*'( The Imago Professional Facilitator Track now :XifcBiXd\iJc\g`Xe#:JN

makes specially developed Imago Methods



:cfj`e^:\i\dfep;`ee\i&;XeZ\ @;1+''

Join us in the beautiful Ellington Ballroom to celebrate the closing of the 7th Annual Conference. Guests are invited to enjoy a three course meal and the comic stylings of our own Jill Fein-Baker. The evening’s musical entertainment will be provided by The Dam Band. This dynamic, polished, and entertaining eight piece party-dance-show band performs a wide variety of everyone’s favorite music (R&B, rock, funk, ballads, soul, Motown) from the 60’s through current hits. Featuring both male and female lead vocalists accompanied by an amazing band, The Dam Band will energize the party and get everyone on the dance floor!

Jg\Z`Xc ^l\jkj

Listed on the National Register of Historic Places, The Fox Theatre, a 1929 Moorish/Egyptian/ Art Deco fantasy, hosts a wide range of live performances, plus a summer movie series, and features the secondlargest theater organ in the nation. ('

B\pefk\Jg\Xb\i Af_e >fkkdXe# G_%;% is the co-founder of The Gottman Institute™ with his wife, Dr. Julie Schwartz Gottman, where he currently teaches weekend workshops for couples and training workshops for clinicians. He is world renowned for his work on marital stability and divorce prediction, involving the study of emotions, physiology, and communication. He was recently voted as one of the Top 10 Most Influential Therapists of the past quarter-century by the PsychoTherapy Networker publication. He is the author of 190 published academic articles and author or co-author of 40 books, including The Relationship Cure, A 5-Step Guide for Building Better Connections with Family, Friends, and Lovers, Why Marriages Succeed or Fail…and How You Can Make Yours Last, The Marriage Clinic, and New York Times bestseller The Seven Principles for Making Marriage Work. He is the Executive Director of the Relationship Research Institute and emeritus professor of psychology at the University of Washington where he founded what the media termed “The Love Lab” where much of his research on couples’ interactions was conducted. Dr. Gottman maintains a private practice at his home on Orcas Island, WA.

=\Xkli\[>l\jkJg\Xb\i Alc`\JZ_nXikq>fkkdXe#G_%;%is a highly respected Clinical Psychologist who was recently honored as the Washington State Psychologist of the Year. She is the co-founder and Clinical Director of The Gottman Institute™ where she teaches weekend workshops for couples and training workshops for therapists. She is also the chief architect and Clinical Director of Loving Couples Loving Children, a curriculum for couples suffering from the effects of poverty. Along with her husband, Dr. John Gottman, she designed and is serving as Clinical Director for a study of treatment for minor domestic violence being conducted by The Gottman Relationship Research Institute. Dr. Gottman specializes in working with distressed couples, abuse and trauma survivors, those with substance abuse problems and their partners, as well as cancer patients and their families. She is a widely recognized expert for her work with individuals, couples and group psychotherapy treatment. Julie’s research on children raised by lesbian parents has been a key resource for organizations and courts seeking to make determinations about gay and lesbian adoption, same-sex marriage, and other gay and lesbian family issues. She has authored and co-authored three books and has been a frequent guest on radio and TV talk shows.

=fle[\ijf]@dX^fI\cXk`fej_`gj@ek\ieXk`feXc ?Xim`cc\?\e[i`o#G_%;%is the co-founder of Imago Relationships with Helen LaKelly Hunt, Ph.D., and Chancellor of the Imago International Institute. He is the author of the popularly acclaimed books Getting the Love You Want: A Guide for Couples, Keeping the Love You Find: A Guide for Singles, Giving the Love That Heals: A Guide for Parents, and Receiving Love: Transform Your Relationship by Letting Yourself Be Loved. A former professor at Southern Methodist University, Harville holds an M.A. and a Ph.D. in Psychology and Religion from The School of Divinity at the University of Chicago and a Master of Divinity from Union Theological Seminary in New York. He is a Diplomat in the American Association of Pastoral Counselors and a clinical member of the American Group Psychotherapy Association and the International Transactional Analysis Association. ?\c\eCXB\ccp?lek#G_%;% In addition to her partnership with Harville, Helen has been active within the women’s movement for the past eighteen years. She is founder and president of The Sister Fund, a private women’s fund dedicated to the social, political, economic, and spiritual empowerment of women and girls. Helen has helped to create a number of other women’s funding institutions, including the Dallas Women’s Foundation, the New York Women’s Foundation, and the Women’s Funding Network. Helen has served on the Boards of Directors of the Ms. Foundation for Women, Women and Foundations, and the New York City Women’s Agenda. In 2004, shortly after completing a Doctoral degree at Union Theological Seminary in New York, she wrote Faith and Feminism: A Holy Alliance. For her distinguished contributions to the women’s movement, Helen has received many awards including the LEAD Award, Gloria Steinem’s Women of Vision Award, and has been inducted into the National Women’s Hall of Fame.



Gi\$Zfe]\i\eZ\ jg\Xb\ij











DXli\\e9i`e\#IE#@:8;:#is a respected Therapist, Senior Clinical Instructor, Workshop Presenter and Addiction Specialist, having completed the majority of her training with Dr. Harville Hendrix. She has been a Faculty Member since 1997, and is a former Co-Dean of Imago International Institute and Chair of Imago Relationships International. Since 1985, she has had successful private practices in Vancouver and Toronto. She has been fortunate to be able to teach Imago around the world. She is pleased to offer the “Getting the Love You Want” and “Keeping the Love You Find” workshops in Toronto and the Maritimes. Her passion for Imago is evident in all her work and in her personal life. 9ilZ\ :iXglZ_\kk\j# G_%;# is a Master Trainer and has been an Imago Relationships Institute faculty member since 1993. He served as Dean of the Imago International Institute in 2003 and 2004. He was the chief psychologist of a psychiatric hospital and director of the psychology internship training program there for 15 years. He is practicing licensed psychologist in Pasadena, CA, and a member of the American Psychological Association. He practices with his wife, Francine Beauvoir, Ph.D., who is also on the faculty. They have been married for over 38 years and have four adult children. Bruce was raised in China by missionary parents and Francine was raised in France. They met and married in Paris and have remained international ever since, putting on Imago Therapy training programs and Imago workshops in Australia, New Zealand, and France. E\[iX =\kk\idXe# G_%;% is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Psychiatry at the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine where she also serves as the Supervisor and Instructor of Psychiatric Residents. From 19982000 she served as Dean of the Institute of Imago Relationship Therapy and facilitated the professional exchange of ideas, theory-building and the creation of a professional community of therapists involved in Imago Relationship Therapy. She has maintained a private practice at The Center for Relationships since 1982 working with adults, couples, families and adolescents. Her specialties include Imago Relationship Therapy, Gestalt Therapy, Hypnotherapy, MindfulnessBased Cognitive Therapy, the treatment of anxiety disorders, adjustment disorders, mood disorders, and eating disorders. DXpXBfccdXe#D%8%, is a Psychotherapist, a former Assistant Professor of Women’s Studies at Rutgers University, and a member of AAMFT and AACD. No one is fooled by Maya’s youthful face and bountiful energy. While it is true that she

can out-run and out-work anyone on the planet, Maya is an old soul. Her wisdom is profound; she knows Imago as she knows the rich soil of the earth; it’s as if she’s walked this path before. Her huge heart is only matched by her intelligence, her wit, her compassion, and her commitment to the blossoming of all those who work with her. She is in a loving relationship with Barbara, her partner in work and love and in parenting four children. Maya is currently writing a book on gay and lesbian relationships. Recently she has done trainings and workshops in Austria, Australia, and New Zealand taking up where Bruce left off. N\e[p GXcd\i GXkk\ijfe# D%J%N%# has been working and playing with couples and families since 1971. She has worked in both the public and private sector and has been in private practice in Atlanta since 1981, specializing in couples, families, and groups. She trains marital and family therapists across the country and is a respected supervisor and consultant. Wendy has been an Imago Clinical Faculty member since 1996. She has also delivered a variety of seminars for professional, religious, and business organizations. Her experience and training includes: Structural and Strategic family therapy, Systemic therapy, Transactional Analysis, Gestalt therapy, Pesos Borden System Psychomotor therapy, sexual and physical abuse, addiction recovery and treatment, group psychotherapy, parenting, women’s empowerment, and sexuality. ?\c^\Gflcj\eis a clinical psychologist (degree from Denmark), specialist in clinical psychology and psychotherapy, senior clinical instructor and supervisor at the Institute for Psychoterapy, Norway. He has worked as a clinical psychologist with children, families, individuals and couples for more than 25 years. He is Danish, living in Norway since 1980. His long-term interest for meditation and spirituality combined with his experience in psychodynamic and bioenergetics therapy has made him known as a dynamic and compassionate therapist, supervisor and teacher. Helge and his wife Britt Eriksson were the first Certified Imago Relationship Therapist and Workshop Presenters in Norway. They are Clinical Instructor Candidates and came into the Faculty in 2006. >\e\ J_\ccp# D%;`m% is a Pastoral Counselor and an Imago Therapist in private practice. He obtained his M.Div. from New Brunswick Theological Seminary and holds a certificate in Pastoral Psychotherapy from the Blanton-Peale Graduate Institute where he was a resident in a three year psychoanalytic oriented intensive training program. From 1986 to 1999 Gene was a member of the teaching and supervising faculty of (*

the Blanton-Peale Graduate Institute. For the past 25 years, Gene has been known for his work as a Certified Imago Relationship Therapist. Gene is a fellow in the American Association of Pastoral Counselors, an affiliate member of the American Association of Marriage and Family Therapy, a clinical member, a workshop presenter and clinical instructor of Imago Relationships International. He is a member of the Board of Directors of IRI. and is the past-chair of the Board. A\kk\ J`dfe is a Clinical Psychologist (Degree from Denmark), who has been one of our “international faculty.” She has trained over 300 Imago therapists around the world, including more than 100 in Scandinavia and the rest of Europe. She trained the first 15 Imago workshop presenters in South Africa. Her work integrates her initial interest in psychodynamic approaches with her training in Systemic Family Therapy and Gestalt Therapy. She currently works with students both in the United States and Europe, helping them bring a fuller awareness of the mind/body relationship and mindfulness practices into their clinical work. Her main focus is the basic Imago Clinical Training and advanced trainings, including supervision and workshop presenter groups. Jfg_`\ JcX[\# G_%;%# is a psychologist in private practice in Montreal, Quebec, since 1986. She offers therapy, workshops, and groups for individuals and couples based on Imago work in English and French. She also offers the workshops and trainings internationally in Canada and England. Sophie completed her doctorate at Concordia University in 1992, the topic of her dissertations being (no surprise!) couple relationships. She has been closely involved with the Imago community since 1992 when she first trained with Harville Hendrix, and has worked extensively for several years with a group known as the “The Keepers” to deepen the consciousness of individual responsibility for growth and healing within the relational paradigm – we teach what we need to learn! I`Zb Jkfcg# G_%;# works as a relationship specialist and has been in private practice as a psychologist since 1985. He is known for his dynamic teaching manner, empathic therapy work, and passionate supervisory style. Rick co-authored the manual “A Model for Couple Group Therapy.” He has been presented internationally at various conferences over the last several years. His energy is directed towards helping people heal their wounds and reclaim their zest, power, and passion. Rick is licensed as a psychologist in North Carolina. He is a member of APA and AAMFT and a faculty member of the Imago Relationships International Institute.

M`j`k`e^ 8kcXekX


K_\Z`kpf]8kcXekX ZXgk`mXk\jm`j`kfij n`k_`kji`Z_ _`jkfip#Zlckli\# Xe[[`m\ij`kp% The capital of Georgia, Atlanta offers a wide variety of cultural attractions including museums, art galleries, theatres, an award winning symphony, and the country’s oldest ballet. Centennial Olympic Park, built for the 1996 Olympic Games, hosts free events such as concerts, festivals, and educational activities for children. The park features The Fountain of Rings, a dazzling display of dancing water, light, and music that is one of Georgia’s most visited attractions. From shopping malls to outlets centers, boutique stores and neighborhood shops, Atlanta is one of the top 10 retail markets in the US. An eclectic collection of shopping neighborhoods awaits any visitor and with over 12,000 restaurants in Metropolitan Atlanta, there is a wide variety of dining options as well. In addition to hosting some of the finest steakhouses in the country, Atlanta offers a taste of traditional and 21st century southern cuisine. From Cajun-Creole to “New South” recipes, this city knows that southern cooking means more than fried chicken. The Georgia Aquarium, located downtown, is the world’s largest and most engaging aquarium experience. With over 60 exhibits and eight million gallons of water, the aquarium contains the largest collection of aquatic animals under one roof. Want to know what an Asian small-clawed otter looks like? How about a guitarfish or cownose ray? At the Georgia Aquarium you are sure to see things you’ve never seen before.

?fk\c8ZZfddf[Xk`fej In the heart of the Atlanta arts scene with world-renowned cultural venues such as the Woodruff Arts Center, the High Museum of Art, and the legendary Fox Theatre, Loews Atlanta Hotel is located on Peachtree Street with easy access to the best that Atlanta has to offer. The hotel features 414 guest rooms, each spaciously designed with oversized desks, floor to ceiling windows, modern luxury, and the ultimate in technological amenities. There is a fitness center and spa as well as the signature restaurant, eleven, which serves exciting and innovative farm to table cuisine with a southern accent. At Bar eleven you can listen to live local music while enjoying creative hand mixed cocktails, local microbrews, and artisanal wines. The Loews Atlanta Market features a Starbucks Coffee and offers picnics-to-go if you want to spend some time in nearby Piedmont Park, a beautiful and serene city park that includes the Atlanta Botanical Gardens.

IffdIXk\j Superior: $145. Please specify king bed or two doubles when reserving your room.

Kfjg\XbkfXi\j\imXk`feX^\ekZXcc+'+$.+,$,''fikfcc]i\\($/--$,-*$0.0) Kfi\j\im\pfliiffdfec`e\^fkfnnn%@dX^f:fe]\i\eZ\%Zfd Photos of Atlanta throughout this brochure copyright ©2010 Kevin C. Rose/ (



This yearâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s conference will be hosted by the Loews Atlanta Hotel, which features high-end technological amenities, a fitness center and spa and its signature restaurant, eleven.

Photo by Lauren Rubinstein. Courtesy on Loews Hotel Group


@dX^fI\cXk`fej_`gj@ek\ieXk`feXc J\m\ek_8eelXc:fe]\i\eZ\ Atlanta, Georgia, October 28–30, 2010: Creating Change in the Relational Paradigm

I\^`jkiXk`fe=fid Efk\1 Lj\ fe\ i\^`jkiXk`fe ]fid G<I G<IJFE% ;F EFK ]Xo 8E; dX`c pfli ]fid% ;\X[c`e\ ]fi <Xicp$9`i[ I\^`jkiXk`fe `j Alcp *(# )'('% 8ccI\^`jkiXk`fe]fidjdljkY\i\Z\`m\[YpFZkfY\i(+#)'('%Kfi\^`jk\ifec`e\#^fkfnnn%@dX^f:fe]\i\eZ\%Zfd%

G\ijfeXc@e]fidXk`fe First Name Phone Number

Last Name


Fax Number


Address City


Zip/Postal Code


Gc\Xj\J\c\ZkFe\! IRI Member

Early Bird






Non-Therapist Partner








Non-IRI Member




*Registrants outside the US and Canada are encouraged to register online at



*Day Rates registrants must register online at

Total Fees: $


OCheck OCredit Card (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover)

OAdvanced Characterological Growth: ($500.00) OConsultation Skills: ($500.00) OJourney of Change: ($675.00) OSingles Clinical Training: ($1,000.00)

Card Number

OPromoting Change and Insight Through Communologue

Expiration Date

OAn Ethics Workshop for Imago Therapists: ($110.00) OCertified Consultants’ Update: ($110.00)

3 or 4 digit security code

OWorkshop Presenters’ Update

Signature JfZ`Xc<m\ek


OReception at the Georgia Aquarium: $75.00 (Oct. 28)


@dX^fI\cXk`fej_`gj@ek\ieXk`feXc J\m\ek_8eelXc:fe]\i\eZ\ Atlanta, Georgia, October 28–30, 2010: Creating Change in the Relational Paradigm



Please fill in the box next to the event you would like to attend.

Please put a 1, 2, and 3 next to your top 3 choices. ID: 201 – Affect Regulation Tools in Imago Relationship Therapy (Daitch)

O ID: 001 – Advanced Characterological Growth (Brine/Stolp) – $500.00 (Oct. 25-26)

ID: 202 – Beyond the Basics: Use of Sentence Stems, Doubling, and Focusing in Imago (Cohen)

O ID: 002 – Consultation Skills (Patterson/Simon) – $500.00 (Oct. 25-26) O ID: 003 – Journey of Change (Kollman/Slade) – $675.00 (Oct. 25-27)

ID: 203 – The Contented Couple and the Good Enough Relationship (Brown/Rosenfeld)

O ID: 004 – Singles Clinical Training (Crapuchettes) – $1,000.00 (Oct. 25-27)

O ID: 005 – Communologue (Wahrman) – (Oct. 26)

ID: 204 – Three Questions: The Use of Guided Meditation and Structured Appreciations Dialogue (Marshall)

O ID: 006 – Ethics Workshop (Fetterman/Shelly) – $110.00 (Oct. 27)

ID: 205 – When Money is Center Stage in the Power Struggle (Palaian)

O ID: 007 – Certified Consultants’ Update (Patterson/Simon) – $110.00 (Oct. 27)


O ID: 008 – Workshop Presenters’ Update (Brine) (Oct. 27)

Please put a 1, 2, and 3 next to your top 3 choices. ID: 301 – A Course in Relationships: An Imago Group Model (KramerSlepian)

O ID: 009 – New Attendee Buddy Meeting (Slade) (Oct. 27) O ID: 010 – Welcome Reception (Oct. 27)

ID: 302 – Giving the Love That Heals: An Imago Parenting Program (Ferstenfeld)


ID: 303 – Imago in the Multigenerational Context (Grunhaus/Harel)

O Creating Change in the Relational Paradigm (John Gottman, Ph.D.)

ID: 304 – Imago Professional Facilitator: Looking at Professional Relationships with Different Eyes (Brehm/Brehm)

O An Afternoon with the Founders of the Gottman Institute and Imago Relationships International

ID: 305 – The Exciting Potential for Imago Education (Bazan/Gibbon)



Please put a 1, 2, and 3 next to your top 3 choices.

ID: 100 – Reception at the Georgia Aquarium – $75.00 (Oct. 28)

ID: 101 – Affair Recovery: Restoring Connection after Infidelity (Nelson)

ID: 300 – IRI Sponsored Lunch – Global Membership Update & IRI Awards Ceremony (Oct. 29)

ID: 102 – Creating Change in the Relational Paradigm through Body Awareness (Bedrosian)

ID: 400 – Closing Ceremony & Dinner/Dance (Oct. 30)

ID: 103 – Imago from a Developmental Perspective: Exploration (Slade/ Stolp)

Please fill in the box next to the meal preferred.

ID: 104 – Mistakes: Looking At and Learning From our Missteps (Gressel)


OMeat OI will not be attending the Dinner/Dance

ID: 105 – Our First Year as an Imago Center (Siegel)



O I am willing to be a mentor to a 1st time Imago Conference Attendee

ID: 150 – An Afternoon with Harville Hendrix, Ph.D. & Bruce Crapuchettes, Ph.D.

O I am a 1st time Imago Conference Attendee O I would like to be a volunteer at the Imago Conference

Couplehood as a Spiritual Path Update (Atkinson, Hendrix, Hunt)

O I would like to find a roommate for my conference stay Gc\Xj\i\klieZfdgc\k\[]fidn`k_gXpd\ekkf1 @dX^fI\cXk`fej_`gj@ek\ieXk`feXc (-'9ifX[nXp#<Xjk9l`c[`e^Jk\(''( E\nPfib#EP(''*/ fim`X]Xokf)() )+'$.+*, PflZXei\^`jk\ife$c`e\Xknnn%@dX^f:fe]\i\eZ\%Zfd =fidfi\`e]fidXk`feZXcc/'' .)0$(()( (/

:fe]\i\eZ\ZXeZ\ccXk`fe& I\]le[gfc`Zp Cassidy Seminars/Amedco maintains responsibility for this program. Maximum of 40 hours.

I\]le[j Refund requests received by October 14, 2010 will be granted minus a $50 processing fee. Refunds will not be issued after October 14, 2010. Exceptions for illness or death of family member are permitted. Registrants may cancel their registrations online without notifying IRI. Nonattendance without prior notification will result in forfeiture of the full registration fee.



R Cassidy Seminars/Amedco maintains responsibility for this program.

ASWB provider #1082 is approved as a provider of continuing education by the Association of Social Work Boards through the Approved Continuing Education (ACE) program. Phone: 1-800-225-6880; Website:

Satisfactory completion: Participants must have paid tuition fee, and completed, signed, and returned an attendance/evaluation form in order to receive a certificate of completion/attendance. Failure to complete and return attendance form/evaluation will result in forfeiture of credit for the entire conference. Partial credit is not available. Certificates will be available after the conference online at

:flej\cfij Amedco is recognized by the National Board for Certified Counselors to offer continuing education for certified counselors. We adhere to NBCC continuing education. Provider #5633. R Cassidy Seminars/ Amedco maintains responsibility for this program. California MFT’s and LCSW’s R Cassidy Seminars/Amedco is licensed by the California BBS to offer continuing education. Provider #PCE 418+

GjpZ_fcf^`jkj American Psychological Association – R Cassidy Seminars/Amedco is an approved provider of continuing education for psychologists. R

Why does love so often fade away when conflict emerges? Imago’s Relationship Fitness Kit gives couples the tools to stay connected.

“I immediately saw in the DVD what I could have done differently…It was an incredible awakening.” -Robyn H.

“Through Conflict to Connection” offers real-life examples of people learning to improve a loving relationship by coolly exploring the hotbutton issues unique to each partnership. The kit is based around a 60minute documentary-style movie, which includes extraordinary footage of actual couples experiencing Imago therapy, and includes Couples Handbooks to help you and your partner through the journey to connection.

For more information or to order now


The Washington D.C. Training Institute For Couples Therapy An Intensive, Small-Group Training Experience in Imago Couples Therapy

Jette Simon



Take the next step as a clinician and realize your full potential as a couples therapist!


96-hour training in Imago Relationship Therapy will:

Clinical Training



Teach you how to avoid the common pitfalls in couples treatment


Equip you with a comprehensive toolkit for shifting couples from anger and blame to renewing their love and passion


Offer you an unparalleled opportunity to grow in your own relationship and move to the next level as a clinician


Earn you certification as an Imago Relationship Therapist

Singles Training HONKONG

The training consists of three intensive segments of four days each. CONTACT:

June 24-27, 2010 O Nov.18-21, 2010 O March 10-13, 2011 O


Feb. 28-March 1 2011

Imago Professional Facilitator Program WA S H I N G TO N , D . C . March 7-10, 2011 May 24-27, 2011 O Sept. 28-Oct 1, 2011 O Dec. 14-17, 2011 O O

Consultation Program V I E N N A , AU S T R I A June 22-24, 2011 Sept. 8-10, 2011 O Nov. 17-19, 2011 O

Betty Williams, Training Coordinator,


Imago Relationships International

The Washington D.C. Institute for Couples Training O 3911 Livingston St. NW O Washington D.C. 20015 O

     

           

    

  )'

The Imago Peace Project invites you to learn more. Join us during the Preconference, Tuesday, October 26, 8am â&#x20AC;&#x201C; 6pm.

Seltzer Studio Graphics

u Specializing in memorable, original work for the budgetconscious business u Print design, Web design, illustration & Flash animation u SPECIAL DISCOUNT FOR IMAGO MEMBERS: Mention your membership during your free consultation for a 10% discount off the final price of your project. | 917-340-3561 Seltzer Studio Graphics | Brooklyn, NY | Turning art into commerce for 15 years Enquiries: email All images copyright Š 2010 Thomas Seltzer for Seltzer Studio Graphics.


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Imago Relationships International 7th Annual Conference 2010  

IRI's international conference of mental health professionals held in Atlanta, GA.

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