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outhPole is a brand that has previously focued on changing the statistics of bullying but offering campaigns, programs, and events. Helping to inspire teens to speak up and stand up for themselves and other individuals that may be encountering similar bullying situations. Devoloping a deeper concern of students being bullied, and providing an apparel line that inspires teens to build self esteem creates an atmosphere where every teen desires to have their own unique style. SouthPole’s new campagin encourages every teen to build esteem and discover their own individual style. SouthPole contiunues to lessen the bullying statistics of bullying and also deposit efforts to instill amazing expression on every teen’s face. Fun filled expressions and happiness are developed from SouthPole’s products and service is success in itself. Edgy Urban Inspiring Sketchy Bold Teen

SouthPole 02

- Apparel Packages (5,000, 10,000, etc) - Restricted Brand - Limited Market Share

- Expand Product Range - Diversify - Global Expansion

- Consistent Trend Change - Increasing Competiton - Production Cost

SouthPole 04

- International Markets - Affordability - Web Vendors

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Helps to keep a professional look while using correct logo usages of the brand identity during advertising purposes and more. Logo guideline provided are the only allowed forms that can be used for the SouthPole brand.

SouthPole 12

SouthPole 14

SouthPole 16

IMAGERY The look and feel of images are those that are hip, urban, inspiring, confident, sketchy, fun, expressive, and unique. These images are chosen to give teens hope and encourage teens to want to feel and look the part. The essence shown helps carry the brand and creates a look and feel that every teen will want to be a part of and also embrace individuality, build self- esteem, and construct comfort in one’s self by being creative and unique.

MUSIC Appropriate sound qualities and music that will be used for the SouthPole campaign are energetic, fun, and gives a sense of fullfillment. The use of music will be inspiring , while including a positive message. Sound choices will encourage every teen to become a better individual, buid self-esteem, and help other to build esteem to build comfort in self. The quiality of music will be clear, pure, and easy on all the ears. SouthPole 18

This mood board creates expression that lifts spirits and creates hope for teens. In a sense the design concept explores freedom of expression and in a sense no flaws because of how flexible the design approach is. The targeted audience are middle and high school students and also at risk students. This targeted audience will build and construct the lives of each teen through SouthPole clothing. The look and feel helps create comfort within each individual teen to discover individual style. SouthPole promotes high esteem to the extreme through an urban apparel line designed for one another. This theme focuses solely more of the graffiti aspect while showing teens from all over the world full of confidence. The graffiti theme represents the freedom of expression because on graffiti design can be replicated because its “original�. The originality creates the differentiation from its competitors because no competitors have taken this design approach.

This mood board creates expression that lifts spirits and creates hope for teens. In a sense the design concept explores freedom of expression and in a sense no flaws because of how flexible the design approach is. The targeted audience are middle and high school students and also at risk students. This targeted audience will build and construct the lives of each teen through SouthPole clothing. This following mood board consist of more everyday street elements seen while walking through the downtown area, or even stuff seen just walking to a neighbors house. This theme is communicated to the targeted audience because relates to the urban market that SouthPole clothing targets where every seen or unseen teen can be discovered and discover their individual style. This look and feel differentiates from competitors because visually competitors fail to focus on the everyday life elements that are not looked upon as art.

SouthPole 22 This mood board creates expression that lifts spirits and creates hope for teens. In a sense the design concept explores freedom of expression and in a sense no flaws because of how flexible the design approach is. The targeted audience are middle and high school students and also at risk students. This targeted audience will build and construct the lives of each teen through SouthPole clothing. This particular mood board focus more on geometrical shapes that symbolizes all the corners SouthPole clothing is willing to take to provide that positive change in each teen. The design process taken consist of many patterns, colors, much creativity, and different artistic tactics. This differentiates from the competitors because the creative process taken is more original and is fun to look at and observe. The targeted audience attention is immediately grabbed visually which is very important.

The toolbox layout provides images of previous logo designs to the most modern version avaliable. It also provides displayed colors, imagery, backgrounds, and textures planning to be used withing the campaign project book.

SouthPole 24


The following sketches seen to the right of the page is the logo development process that inspired the current SouthPole logo for the Project book. Ideas varied from the letter “S” and “P’ to as far as the sketching of a polar bear and its features. Being in search for an icon that best fits SouthPole created an open flow of ideas and design .






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SouthPole 26

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SouthPole 30

SouthPole has chosen the following Media Mix that would best create an foundation for brand success by choosing proper business tactics. The communication method has been delievered in the most clear understanding way to eliminate confusion.

- Print Ads - Social Media - Website & Blog - Mobile App - Video

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CORPORATE OFFICE 222 Bridge Plaza South Fort Lee, NJ 07024 Phone: 201.242.5900 Fax: 201.242.8466 NEW YORK SHOWROOM 525 7th Avenue Suite 1707 New York, NY 10018 Phone / 212.840.9881

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