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Judge’s Worksheet Project Title ________________________________________ Number __________ Please “X” the box which best describes the project.



To what degree is the problem new and or different for the student and how well is it written. To what degree is this a testable prediction?

Experimental How well is the plan developed to validate Design the hypothesis? Experimental To what degree does the sequential Procedures experimental process connect the hypothesis, data, and results?





No problem statement

Incomplete problem statement

Complete problem statement

Complete, well written problem statement and a new idea for the student

No hypothesis

Incomplete hypothesis

Hypothesis well written and testable

Lacks overall plan to validate or confirm the hypothesis Experimental procedures not listed

Partial plan to validate or confirm the hypothesis Experimental procedures are incomplete and/or not listed step-bystep Variables are identified but are not controlled

Hypothesis present, but not completely testable Sufficient plan to validate or confirm the hypothesis Experimental procedures are complete and listed in a step-bystep manner Variables are identified and some variables are controlled

Variables are carefully identified and controlled

Exemplary plan to validate or confirm the hypothesis Experimental procedures are quantitatively and /or qualitatively listed step-by-step

Variables and Controls

How well are the variables identified and controlled?

No variables are identified or controlled

Materials/ Equipment

How were the items utilized in an appropriate and /or new ways?

No material/ equipment identified/ used

Materials not appropriately Identified and /or used unsafely

Materials appropriately identified and used safely

Materials carefully identified and used above expectations

Data Collection

To what degree are the method, number of trials, and quantity of data appropriate?

No quantitative data collected

Insufficient data collected

Sufficient data collected

Data collected above expectations

Data Presentation

How well do the graphs, tables, logs, charts, etc. present the data?

No presentation of data

Data sufficiently and clearly presented

Data presentation is above expectations

Data Analysis

How well are the results interpreted? How well have the possible errors been analyzed?

No interpretation of data

Data partially and/ or not clearly presented Partial interpretation of data


How well are the conclusions and/or products identified and interpreted? How important are the findings?

No conclusions and/or products identified

Correct and appropriate interpretation of data Apparent conclusions and/or products identified

Comprehensive and significant interpretation of data with error analysis Inherent, significant conclusions and/or products clearly identified

Log Book

To what degree are the entries?

No log

Enough entries to explain experiment

Above expectations of entries. Include drawings

Visual Display

How well is the project constructed and organized? Are spelling and sentence structure correct? How clear/ will prepared is the presentation? How complete is the presenter’s knowledge and use of resources?

Poor display/ construction/ grammar

Fair display/ construction/ grammar

Good display/ construction/ grammar

Exemplary display/ construction/ grammar

Poor presentation, lack of knowledge/ no use of resources Cannot answer questions adequately and precisely

Good presentation, adequate knowledge/ adequate use of resources Adequate, precise answers to most questions

Excellent presentation, knowledge based and explained resources

How precisely are questions answered? How complete is the student understanding of the experimental work?

Fair presentation, little knowledge/ poor use of resources Partially answered questions

Oral Presentation



Incomplete conclusions and /or products identified Limited amounts of entries

Adequate, precise answers to all questions

Total score _______________

Judging Science Fair Rubric  

Visual Display No hypothesis Incomplete hypothesis Log Book No interpretation of data Good presentation, adequate knowledge/ adequate use of...

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