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p oNtaneous

hallie witwer senior english major

16 luna negra winter 2008

Damn. Just made it worse. I could pretend That’s how it’s Made. Ya know — The “new thing.” I walk into The room, notably Awkward. Do they notice? A woman approaches Surreptitiously. “Hi there.”

God Damn it! Now this is Just awkward. I smile tightly. “Oh do I now!?!?” I exclaim, clearly faking. Then I think, What do I care? So I say, not quite Holding back A snicker, “Actually…(here goes)… I put it there!”

cus ano . les lie by stra tion

Later that evening I glance at The woman and Her husband.


She begins Speaking. “You know, Hun, You have a run.”

She looks utterly Confused, As I grin and move Towards the punch.


If I just pull A little here. Tug a little there.

Oh God…



I think I Can hide it. I think.

My gaze Drops to her Stunning shoes, As I realize she has a secret — A dirty little one, (Though to no one But myself). See — She has a tiny, little, Three-inch run, All of her very Own. ln luna negra winter 2008 17


I was the art director for Luna Negra my third semester in college. For being so young, I think I did well with the typography. Looking back...

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