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Select MLS listing for purchase and click “Transaction”

• This will open up Transaction Desk 1 of 2 Screens will populate Easy 123

Transaction Wizard

• For purposes of this tutorial, we will be utilizing “Easy 123” • When you reach this screen, select the “Purchase Agreement” InstanetForm

Select “Purchase Agreement”


• The purchase agreement will open in a new window and populate the information. Finish typing in the rest of the required information‌

• When finished with the PA, to select a new document within the transaction, click “Transaction Forms”

• Once clicked, this will open a new window with all of the forms listed. Click the form you would like to work on next. Continue this step until all forms are filled out.

• If you need to add additional forms to your transaction, do the following: • Hover over file and a pull down will appear– select “Add Forms”

• A new window will appear with all of the forms, click the + to expand the forms list and then select the forms you need.

• You will be able to select as many additional forms as you need and then click “Add” • To access these additional forms, use the “Transaction Forms” button as previously covered.

• Once all forms are completed, click “Save” found in the “File” pull down menu

• Then, click “Exit” and it will take you back to the Transaction menu screen.

• To begin Authentisign, click “Authentisign” in the menu bar

• The Authentisign Screen will open and the first step is “Create New Sigining”

• A window will open with 2 options : Create a blank authentisign or import from a saved transaction. • Select “import from a saved transaction” • A pull-down will appear with all of your saved transactions, select the transaction for the purchase agreement.

• Click “Continue” • A new screen will open with the name of the transaction, keep “Sign-in line” selected, you can select an expiration date or reminders if you prefer, but it is not required.

• After you are done filling out the information, click the arrow to go to Step 2.

• Step 2 is adding participants. When you click the arrow you will get a pop-up window with your name (selling agent) and the listing agent’s name. Do not select the contacts – click cancel. • The “Reviewer” requires action and the documents will not reach all parties until they are “reviewed”. This delays the transaction from reaching all signers.


• Click “Add New Participant”

• Click “Add New Participant” • Type in the contact information including: Type, Name, Email, Role • The options for “Type” are pictured in the drop-down menu. For the client signing “Remote Signer” is the role. If you, the agent, wants to view the signing process “CC Only” yourself. Client You • The options for “Role” are pictured in the drop-down menu. Select the role of the signer.

• When all information is entered, click “Add”

• The contact will now show up as Remote Signer - Buyer

• To add yourself to the signing, select “Click here to add yourself to Authentisign”

• Select type as “CC Only” your name and e-mail will auto-populate, click “Add”

• Now both names will be on the participants list, and you are ready for step 3– click the next arrow.

• Step 3: Adding Documents • Select the documents you need signed by the Buyer, then click “Add Documents”

• The selected documents will now be listed. To change the order of the documents click the green arrow and “Update Order” Then click the next arrow.

• Step 4: Prepare Documents • A new screen will open with all of the selected documents. • On the right hand side you will see the signers name highlighted in yellow • The “drag and drop blocks” are going to be used to indicate where on the document the buyer needs to sign or initial.

• Drag and Drop the necessary block to the area on the form where it needs to be initialed/signed.

• Do the same for signatures and add the date

** If there are multiple signers, their name will show up in the sidebar. To select a different signer, click their name and it will highlight in yellow and drag and drop the selected block to the designated area.**

• Click the next arrow to continue on to Step 5.

• Step 5: Review and Send • The final step shows the participants and documents that will be signed. • If everything looks correct, click the thumbs up “Finalize Details and Send to Signers” button

• A pop-up box will appear asking you to “Finalize and Send Invitations” Click this and it will send an e-mail to your signer with an invitation to the documents. **Once this is done you can no longer edit the document or signer information**

• After you finalize the signing, you will be brought back to the Authentisign home page and all of your signings will be available. **Throughout the signing process you will get e-mail notifications when actions have taken place.


• Your client will receive the following e-mail. They will need to click the “Click here to Sign” icon to be taken to the signing process.

• A new window will open asking them to Accept their signature, create a password, and to accept 2 disclosures. • The First Step is accepting/modifying the signature, here they can select their font style or keep it as the default.

• The client will need to click the (+) next to the next step. The next step is creating a password. (This will be the same password they will use for future Authentisign transactions as well)

• The next step is Accepting the Disclosures. Have your client check “I agree” to both disclosures.

• When everything is correctly filled out, in the top right corner “Confirm and Accept” will flash in red with an arrow. Your client will then click this and be lead to the signing process in a new window.

• Your client will click “Start” and the signing process will begin with their progress being tracked at the top of the page.

• Authentisign will take them through the pages with an arrow and red highlight around the areas they need to initial/sign. The client will need to click on the selected area and then will be automatically taken to the next signing block.

• See below for completed signing– the signing includes a date, time and serial number.

• Your client will now click the “Complete” then “Complete Signing” button to finish the signing process.

• Once completed, your client will receive this confirmation message.

• They will also receive an e-mail with an attached PDF of the final document.


• Once all documents have been signed, you will receive an e-mail with the document. To download the completed document click the attached PDF file which will save to your computer, or forward directly from your e-mail to the listing agent.

**If you ever need to retrieve a signing, this can be done through the authentisign main screen where all your transactions are listed.**