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MESSAGE FROM THE PRESIDENT Prof. EDWIN Y. GANTUANGCO, MD, FPCR The creation of the Kidapawan Doctors College is not an accident. The college has been part of the long term plan of the creator of Kidapawan Doctors Hospital, Inc. In fact, it is one of the many purposes of the hospital when the corporation (KDHI) was first conceptualized way back in early 1995 and eventually listed the college as a secondary purpose of the corporation when it was registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). Now, it is a dream come true. Why & how this college became a reality may pose a question. In the beginning, many of the incorporators of KDHI are physicians by profession plus its business partner, the Diocese of Kidapawan. All this was done to complete the mission, just like what Christ did – the HEALING. The physicians are in-charge of the physical healing while the priests for the spiritual healing. And out of this mission come the opportunities. As medical professionals, we promised in our oath to pass on to the next generation our talents and ideas we earned from our respective medical schools. That is why we have a mission to teach the young ones who will eventually take the responsibility, and so on. We teach our children to be part of this journey and take an active role in nation building. The hospital was created to help the locals in the whole province of Cotabato and South Central Mindanao in their quest for medical needs. That, instead of going to far flung urban cities like Davao City; we encouraged them to avail of our facilities here in Kidapawan City where we can be at par with the higher centers. So far, many of our patients responded and tried to avail of our services. And still counting. We were able to cater their needs plus the many advantages, such as big savings from transportation expense, leaving our job to care for the sick, etc. Then, opportunities arouse such as employment, added income taxes to the LGU, and many more. The college was created with the same scenario. From the beginning, risks were at stake but we were so confident that this venture will eventually be successful in the end, mainly because we have the hospital ready as a training ground for our students. Our aim is high so much so that in the end we will be able to produce quality products, quality students ready to be deployed anywhere in the world. Kidapawan Doctors College, Inc, started with a big bang and we were able to create a lasting impression to the community. We will continue to innovate for the betterment of our students. We will help them not only in their studies but also in finding for more opportunities for a brighter tomorrow.

Am I Preparing for Tomorrow? by: Bernard A. Gortina, RN, REU, MN, FPCHA

What should be the philosophy of every man to attain worth living? Is it necessary to justify the matter? In a very simple manner, only one thing that summarizes every idealism that man possesses. He constantly encounters a lot of changes and he must accept it for him to be happy. It has been quoted that every man is shaped by his own destiny. Consequently, it is a vague sense fallacy. Since every man is a master of himself, so destiny doesn’t matter at all. Thus, by virtue of freedom that has been exercised ethically is an absolute justification that he molded himself and decided what life he wanted to be. It solely depends on


the perception and integration of different influences that drive him to practice his freedom of choice. Hence, every choices man has made affects his way of living. As we go further, we can trace some essential aspect that would probably define the quest for generalization of this philosophy amidst the identical uniqueness of every man. Motivation has been defined as driving force to attain one’s goal. It plays an important role in every perseverance man should exert to get what he wanted. However, we must put into consideration that motivation plays in two ways, either right or wrong. Right motivation generally ends with satisfaction, while wrong motivation will possibly bring about frustrations. Therefore, man must be critical in scaling his motivation to be right. Motivated person in general, are those who are determined to become successful. It is best manifested by his day to day preparations.

PAULINO R. AGRAVE, M.A. Ed. Editor-in-Chief


Josephine D. Suyamin, MBA., MAEd Joebert D. Gabia, RL Nordy Paul V. Responte Michelle Ann C. Regala, MBA Maria Remedios B. Hilario Raymund A. Liboon, MBA Merly A. Ducao, MBA Edna A. Cornelio, MAEd Solomon Zaki Bacalso, RN Jhoanne P. Makasimbual, RN Contributors


MR. GENARO R. ANDRES, MBA MR. BERNARD A. GORTINA, RN, MN Mr. Antonio S. Coliseo, CPA Consultants

Priority can be one of the reasons why man fails. Sometimes he prefers to give more priority to other aspect rather than the most necessary and relevant one. The mistake of choosing some strategies by prioritizing useless and miscalculated endeavor will define future failures. Limitations influenced man’s achievements or accomplishments. It can be the highest cause of frustrations. Children who live in squatter area or in slum don’t have the choice to live in luxurious mansions or high-end condominiums. A garbage collector or a scavenger doesn’t have a choice to enjoy travelling around the world due to lack of money. Students who live in a third world country don’t have the choice to become a modern scientist due to lack of opportunity. Blind man doesn’t have the choice of seeing the beauty of God’s creation. Deaf don’t have

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History of KDCI By: Bernard A. Gortina, RN, REU, MN, FPCHA & Paul R. Agrave, MAEd

The idea of establishing a school, so as to expand the services aside from health care, was first conceptualized by Dr. Thaddeus A. Evangelista in 1994 right after the acquisition of St. Joseph Hospital which was renamed Kidapawan Doctors Hospital, Inc. (KDHI). Since the focus of the management was to increase the service capability of KDHI, the creation of an educational institution was set aside. Fortunately, KDHI continued as a tertiary hospital in 2007. Then, a CT scan machine was acquired as On March 9, 2012, KDHI was accredited as Center of Quality by the Philippine Health Insurance Corporation (PHIC), sixteen (16) years after its foundation. Inspired by the said accreditation, the idea of establishing Kidapawan Doctors College, Inc. was revived on April 2012 through the proposal of Mr. Bernard A. Gortina, the Quality Assurance Officer, together with Mr. Antonio S. Coliseo, the Administrator, and Mr. Sergio G. Bardos, the Human Resource Director, during the regular KDHI Board of Directors’ meeting attended by the following: 

Fr. Jessie Esparagosa, DCK, Chairman

Dr. Wilfred Artes, Vice Chairman

Dr. Edwin Y. Gantuangco, President & CEO

Dr. Elsa Khio, Secretary

Dr. Mylena Cabriles, Treasurer

Dr. Thaddeus A. Evangelista, Director

COLLEGE, INCORPORATED (KDCI) was founded. It was registered with the Securities & Exchange Commission (SEC) on May 8, 2012 with Company Reg. No. CS 201229594. On the same month, a 5storey building owned by Gillamac’s Marketing Inc. was acquired to become the KDCI’s school campus. The KDCI’s Board of Trustees: is composed of the ff: 

Chairman/President & CEO, Edwin Y. Gantuangco, M.D., FPCR

Corporate Secretary Mr. Bernard A. Gortina, MN

Corporate Treasurer Benelina O. Badilla M.D.

Trustees: Dr. Wilfred J. Artes Fr. Alfredo P Palomar, Jr., DCK Thaddeus A. Evangelista, M.D.

Mr. Bernard A. Gortina, MN, the appointed VP for Administration and Planning, with the support of Mr. Antonio S. Coliseo, CPA, VP for Finance, and Mr. Sergio G. Bardos, MN, the Human Resource Director, spearheaded the preparation of all the requirements for the full operation of the school. KDCI, as an affiliate of Kidapawan Doctors Hospital, Inc., a tertiary hospital accredited as ― Center of Quality by PHIC, provides quality education, and ensures great job and bright future to its students. The initial courses offered are : Bachelor of Science in Medical Technology (BSMT), Bachelor of Science in Radiologic Technology (BSRT), Bachelor of Science in Psychology (BSPsych), Bachelor of Science in Pharmacy (BSPharm), and Technical and Vocational Education Training (TVET) two-year programs such as: Information Technology (IT), Computer Technology (Comp Tech), Hotel & Restaurant Management (HRM), with TESDA Qualifications such as Computer Hardware Servicing NC II, House Keeping NC II, Bartending NC II, Health Care Services NC II, Commercial Cooking/ Cookery NC II, Food & Beverage Services NC II, and Bread & Pastry NC II.

Dr. Benilina O. Badilla, Director and Medical Director The said proposal was unanimously approved. Then, the detailed tasking for the establishment of KDCI started. It was then that the KIDAPAWAN DOCTORS

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Message from the President Am I Preparing for Tomorrow


History of KDCI


1st foundation Anniversary


Cañete for SYC in Singapore


First Research Capability Building




KDCI Laboratory Department: Striving for Excellence


KDCI Top Rank Review Center


Students’ Organizations Recognized Meet Our Library Personnel


KDCI Conducts Fruit and Vegetable Carving Seminar and Workshop HRS Faculty on the DINE Philippines


KDCI Explores The New Paradigms in Hospitality HRS Spearheads Nutrition Month Celebration


Let me tell you that... LeaderShip Training: Releasing Potentials


Unsderstanding Legality in the World of Education KDCI Celebrates World Teacher’s Day

Joan , as fondly called by her classmates , a simple lady yet intelligent and has a good command in English is among the eight (8) final student attendees who passed in the screening conducted by the CHED National Office held at CHED Regional Office, Koronadal City. This year, SOCSARGEN is the recipient of the said invitation . The said screening is for the Philippine participants for Sunburst Youth Camp (SYC) in Singapore on December 1-7,2013. The camp’s organizer is the Singapore Technologies Endowment Program (STEP) Limited. “THE ONLY COLLEGE IN KIDAPAWAN CITY” Ms. Joan Victoria Baria Cañete was born on November 23,1996, the daughter of the educators, Sir William Pecore Cañete, a School Principal in Sagkungan Elementary School and Madam Nenita Baria Cañete, a School Principal of Cabangbangan Elementary School. “OUT OF 105, KDCI IS AMONG THE 8 SCHOOLS” Ms. Joan is a First Year Medical Technology Student who has a heart in mentoring students who need her help in academics. She finished her elementary education in Notre Dame of Kidapawan College (IBED) as First Honorable mention and graduated her Secondary Education in Kidapawan National High School and received the recognition as Sixth Honorable Mention. The KDCI family is very proud of you.

History of… from p.3. KDCI sees the need to offer these courses due to the following reasons: BS Medical Technology (BSMT) or Bachelor in Medical Laboratory Science (BMLS) is not offered in any school in the provinces of North Cotabato, Sultan Kudarat, Cotabato City, Maguindanao, and Davao del Sur; on BS Radiologic Technology (BSRT), there is an increasing shortage of Rad. Tech. in the Philippines and increasing demand for Rad. Tech. abroad; on BS Pharmacy, there is a shortage of Pharmacists in the Philippines. The Department of Health (DOH) is strict in imposing appropriate Pharmacists ratio in the Hospital and there is an increasing demand for Pharmacist abroad. There is also a need to offer Bachelor of Science in Psychology (BSPsych). On technical and vocational training programs, there is a great demand of skilled workers abroad and the school is also preparing for skilled professionals to meet the demand for the K to 12 program of DepEd.


By: Paul R. Agrave, MAEd

August 24, 2013 was a memorable day for every KDCIAN faculty and staff. Thirty four (34) participants were the recipients of a very informative presentation on the importance of research in the exercise of teachers’ professionalism. The theme of the seminar-workshop was “Research and Development: A Voyage to Institutional Sustainability”.

groups. Two (2) to Five (5) research titles were formulated by each group and were presented for critiquing. Dr. Bauyot shared his knowledge and expertise on how to come up with a good research problem. He congratulated the participants in coming up with very feasible research papers.

The program started with an invocation by Ms. Edna A. Cornelio, Director of Laboratories, followed by the singing of the National Anthem, Kidapawan Hymn, and KDCI Hymn led by Ms. Josephine D. Suyamin, Director of Student Affairs. The participants were welcomed by Mr. Bernard A. Gortina, Vice President for Administration and Planning. He emphasized that research is a mandate of CHED, and as a Higher Education Institution, KDCI should give importance on the area of Research Capabilities of its manpower. He also added that research is something that everyone can be proud of. It is an output of how our minds work and an output of our own uniqueness. The statement of objectives/purposes of conducting the seminar-workshop was discussed by Mr. Paulino R. Agrave, Director of Research and Publication. The introduction of the Resource Speaker was given by Mr. Raymond A. Liboon, College Registrar.

Dr. Bauyot was indeed a very effective speaker. He is very conversant and knowledgeable on the topics. He also shared his experiences as the discussion progressed. He articulated that as an infant institution, teachers should start formulating research topics concerning instructions particularly on pedagogy. He emphasized that KDCI must have a retention strategy, thus, emphasizing the importance of teaching methods and strategies to deliver lessons effectively and efficiently.

The resource speaker was MARLEONIE M. BAUYOT,Ph.D.. He is the Director of Research and Publication, & Dean of Graduate School, at San Pedro College for several years. He is actively involved as a speaker, adviser, and consultant of different areas of specialization like thesis and research writing, organizational management, journal writing, academic institution management, and many more. The morning session was purely on the input of the resource speaker. Lectures and discussions were made on how to come up with a research problem and how to deal with it. He outlined the topics as follows: Evidence-based Practice in Research, Researchable & Non-Researchable Questions, Samples of Possible Sources of Research Topics, Literature Review, Quantitative & Qualitative Research, Research Designs, Guidelines in Design Selection, and Statistical & Instrumental Methods in Research. In the afternoon session, the participants were divided into groups to brainstorm of any possible institutional research paper, depending on the area of specialization. There were six groups who presented their output after an hour of brainstorming: The Language, Pharmacy & Medtech, Student Services, Finance & Math, Library, and IT & HRM

As the last part of the program, an evaluation was conducted to assess the activity. The resource speaker was evaluated with an overall weighted mean score of 4.50 with the description of Excellent. This is equated with “the resource speaker is an expert on the topic”. Among the five questions on the evaluation form, it was the question number 4 “the speaker showed friendliness” which obtained the highest weighted mean score of 4.86 which means excellent. It was followed by question number 2 “the speaker is very conversant/ knowledgeable on the topic being discussed with 4.79, and question number 3 “the contents were presented in logical manner of which the interest of the participants was captured” with the equivalent weighted score of 4.16 which means very good. Further, the popular general comment of the participants about the speaker was “The speaker is really an expert on the area of research. One day is not enough, it should be 2 or 3 days.” The seminar-workshop was indeed an eye–opener to every KDCIAN faculty and staff. It was a very good motivation, thus, this will develop our research culture.




KDCI Brings Fun On The Road

By: Nordy paul Responte, PE Instructor

Walking is a great way to improve or maintain our overall health. Just 30 minutes every day can increase cardiovascular fitness, strengthen bones, reduce excess body fat, and boost muscle power and endurance. It can reduce our risk of developing conditions such as heart disease, type 2 diabetes, osteoporosis and some cancers. Unlike some other forms of exercise, WALKING is free and doesn’t require any special equipment or training. It was early in the morning of June, 2013, when the KDCIANS gathered in front of the Kidapawan Doctors College, Inc., to have the 1st KDCI fun walk. Before the activity started, the participants did the warm-up exercises to prepare and condition their physical bodies. The route of the fun-walk started from Kidapawan Doctors College Inc. along Quezon Boulevard, down to Central Warehouse, to Cathedral church, and then back to KDCI. The fun-walk would not have been successful without the full cooperation of the board of trustees, administrators, faculty & staff, students and with the presence of the PNP who assisted the smooth flow of the activity.

KDCI: One Goal, One Team

By: Raymond Liboon, MBA

One of the pillars of a business organization is the workforce, the people behind its operations and management. People in the organization must be guided with one vision, mission, and goal, and must be inspired by its core values in order to achieve its objectives. In order for this to be accomplished, the management of Kidapawan Doctors College, Inc. (KDCI), a newly established institution in Kidapawan City committed to provide quality and holistic education to the people of Kidapawan City and nearby municipalities, spearheaded a team building activity which will enable its employees to work as one and promote camaraderie and unity with each other. The team building activity with a theme: “Coming together is the beginning, staying together is progress, working together is success.”, was conducted at White Haven Beach Resort, Gumasa, Glan, Saranggani Province last May 4, 2013. The employees were divided into three groups: Red, Blue and Yellow. The activity started with an opening program headed by Antonio S. Coliseo, CPA, Vice President for Finance, then followed by the orientation and preparation of each team for the different activities. In the evening, the participants had to be in their best Hawaiian costumes. One of the highlights of the activities was the Search for Mr. and Ms. Hawaiian Idols 2013, where each team had one (1) pair of contestants for the pageant. The teams also showed their musical talents as they presented their intermission numbers. The event was blessed by the presence of the Mr. Bernard A. Gortina, RN,REU,MN, VP for Administration and Planning, Mr. Antonio Coliseo, CPA, VP Finance and Dr. Edwin Y. Gantuangco, FPCR, President and CEO, who also have served as the judges of the pageant. The night was filled with songs and laughter of the employees during the socialization night. Everyone enjoyed the activity until dawn. Indeed, this activity helped the people of Kidapawan Doctors College, Inc. to work as one and lead as one.


By: Merly Ducao, MBA Director, NSTP & CES

Twenty three (23) NSTP-CWTS students under the leadership of Mr. Romel Palicte participated in the gardening and planting of vegetables at the Kidapawan City Pilot Elementary School (KCPES) on August 28, 2013. The activity was in response to the invitation of KCPES to our school (KDCI) to adopt a plot to be planted with vegetables as part of their program of enhancing the GULAYAN SA PAARALAN PROGRAM. The vegetable products of these gardens will be utilized to feed the undernourished children of the said school. The vegetables that were planted were; malunggay, ginger, lemon grass, onions, camote tops, and “alugbati”. To those students who participated in the said endeavor, thank you very much for your effort and for showing your desire to help, in any way, for the good of your fellowmen. May this activity will also inspire everybody to do their share to serve the community.



1st Foundation Anniversary of KDCI By: Paul R. Agrave, MAEd

The metamorphosis of KDCI started on May 8, 2012, after which was a year of preparation of the requirements for the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), Commission On Higher Education (CHED) National and Regional level, and Regional Quality Assessment Team (RQUAT). It was on this date that KDCI received the Company Reg. no. CS 201229594. May 8, 2012 to May 8, 2013, was the period of preparation for CHED requirements/documents like the curriculum, faculty line-up, library holdings, laboratory equipment and rooms, and the syllabi of the different subjects per program. RQUAT visits were also considered to check whether the documents, key personnel, deans, and heads or program coordinators were all evident and available. The CHED Regional Director also visited to confirm about the official report of the RQUAT. Finally, KDCI received positive feedback from the Regional Director Maximo C. Aljibe, Ph.D., DPM, CESO IV and was given the signal to open and start the enrollment for the school year 2013-2014. The 1st foundation anniversary commenced with a motorcade around the main streets of Kidapawan City, followed by a eucharistic mass celebration. The anniversary message was delivered by Dr. Thaddeus A. Evangelista in behalf of the Board Of Trustees of KDCI. Dr. Thad reiterated that the dream of his late father was now realized and he was so happy with the number of enrollees in the first semester 2013-2014.

KDCI holds 1st Orientation Program

By: Randy Paul Gumanao, RChem

Faced with the challenge of cultivating a school culture, the first batch of KDCIans started the academic year by getting attuned with the school’s policies through the general and departmental orientation programs organized by the Guidance and Testing Center on June 14 2013. “The aim of the orientation program is to guide the students on the school’s policies and regulations, and to introduce the school personnel who will assist the students during their stay here at KDCI. These things are necessary for a student’s adjustment in a new environment.” explained the Guidance Facilitator, Ms. Ma. Lourdes Lebrillo. In the said event, the school administration presented to the students the major policies on academics, student affairs, finance and records. School personnel were also introduced. Mr. Genaro Andres, MBA, Vice President for Academic Affairs, talked about the academic policies, while Mr. Raymond Liboon, MBA, the past Director of Student Services and currently the School Registrar, gave the orientation on student affairs and school regulations. Meanwhile, Mr. Antonio Coliseo, CPA, the Vice President for Finance, talked about the financial policies, and Ms. Josephine Suyamin, MBA, MAED, then the School Registrar and currently the Directress of Student Affairs, discussed the policies on school records. “It pays to know our duties as KDCIans. Being acquainted with the policies of the school helps us tread the direction towards a culture of excellence.” said Karla Solano, a BS Psychology student and the editor-in-chief of the student publication of KDCI. Mr. Bernard Gortina, RN, REU, MN, the Vice President for Administration and Planning, delivered an inspirational message. The school’s president and CEO, Dr. Edwin Y. Gantuangco, MD, FPCR, also graced the event and presented to the community the administration’s vision for the school in the next months and years, which made the school community even more excited on what lies ahead for the institution. In the afternoon, all the departments concurrently held their departmental orientation to discuss matters exclusive only for a particular department.


By: Merly Ducao, MBA Director, NSTP & CES

On September 3, 2013, the NSTP Coordinator, Mrs. Merly D. Ducao together with Mr. Romel L. Palicte, a NSTP facilitator went to Barangay Lanao to survey the site for the planned Tree Planting Activity. The suggested area to be planted is along the bank of Malamote Creek located at Barangay Lanao, Kidapawan City. The Barangay Chairman, Mr. Alberto B. Canonoy of Barangay Lanao requested Kagawad Flores to accompany the team to the planting site.


KDCI Laboratory By: Edna A. Cornelio, MAEd. Director for Laboratories


To be a state of the art medical laboratory school in Min-



To provide the students with standard laboratory facil-

ities in order for them to gain quality education. In line with her vision of being a state of the art laboratory school in Mindanao and to enhance her drive for a quality education, the Kidapawan Doctors College, Inc., though still a neophyte in the academe, gave her best to provide the students with all their needs when it comes to laboratory facilities. Because it can never be argued that quality education thrives on quality laboratory facilities, KDCI provided her students with six laboratory rooms for easy conduct of laboratory activities namely the Chemistry Laboratory, Biology Laboratory, Physics Laboratory, Med.Tech. Laboratory, Pharmacy Laboratory, and Rad.Tech. Laboratory. Each laboratory has fume hood, emergency shower, faucets and tiled sinks. There also exist separate rooms for chemical storage and chemical weighing. Guided by her mission of delivering the best to her students, the following laboratory supplies and equipment were already procured:

EQUIPMENT: 1. Asepto syringes 2. Base burette with clamp 3. Beakers 4. Electric binocular microscopes 5. Compound microscopes 6. Blood collection needle 7. Blood lancet 8. Blood tube 9. Brain anatomical model 10. Bunsen burners 11. Capillary tubes 12. Centrifuge machine, electric 13. Clay triangle 14. Crucible tong 15. Crucible and cover 16. Digital timer 17. Disposable syringe 18. DNA anatomical model 19. Double beam balance with set of weights 20. Ear anatomical model 21. Erlenmeyer flask 22. Evaporating dish 23. Eye anatomical model 24. Face mask

25. 26. 27. 28. 29. 30. 31. 32. 33. 34. 35. 36. 37. 38. 39. 40.

Female pelvis anatomical model Filter paper Florence flask Glass droppers and plastic droppers Glass funnel Glass pipette Glass stirrers Glass tubing Graduated cylinder Hot plate Human skeleton, synthetic and natural Human stomach anatomical model Human torso anatomical model Hydrometer Inoculating loop Inoculating needle

41. 42. 43. 44. 45.

Iron ring Iron stand La Germania stoves Litmus paper Liver anatomical model

46. Magnifying glass 47. Microscope slides and cover glass 48. Mortar and pestle 49. Paper towel 50. Petri dish 51. pH meter 52. pH paper 53. reagent bottles 54. refrigerator 55. rubber tubing 56. serving tray 57. LPG with tanks 58. Spatula 59. Spring scale 60. Stool containers 61. Cork stopper 62. Stopwatch 63. Surgical cap 64. Surgical gloves 65. Triple beam balance 66. Test tubes 67. Test tube holders 68. Test tube racks 69. Thermometer 70. Tourniquet

y Department: 71. 72. 73. 74. 75. 76. 77. 78. 79.

Tripod Universal socket adapter Urine specimen container Vernier caliper Wash bottle Cover glass Water bath, electric Wire gauze Working gloves

SUPPLIES Liquid: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. 20. 21.

Potassium acid CHOH Acetone Benedict solution Betadine Bromothymol blue Buffer solutions Calcium chloride Copper sulfate Denatured alcohol Ethanol Flame test- Ba, Ca, Co, Cu, Pb, Sr, Formalin Glacial acetic acid Glycerine HCl Hydrogen peroxide Iodine solution Lime water Lugol’s solution Methanol

22. 23. 24. 25. 26. 27. 28. 29. 30.

Methyl orange Methyl orange indicator Methyl red solution Methylene blue Phenolphthalein indicator Potassium dichromate Silver nitrate NaOH solution Xylene

Solid: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. 20. 21. 22. 23. 24. 25.

Activated carbon Aluminum sulfate Ammonium chloride Ammonium dichromate Barium carbonate Barium sulfate Benzoic acid Boric acid Calcium carbonate CaOH Calcium nitrate Camphor crystals Caustic soda pearls Citric acid Congo red Copper oxide Copper sulfate hydrated Iodine crystals Lead oxide Magnesium carbonate Magnesium hydroxide Magnesium oxide Magnesium ribbon Magnesium sulfate Manganese dioxide

26. Oxalic acid 27. Paraffin wax 28. 29. 30. 31. 32. 33. 34. 35. 36. 37. 38. 39. 40. 41. 42. 43. 44. 45. 46. 47. 48. 49.

Potassium aluminum phosphate Potassium carbonate Potassium chloride Potassium hydrogen sulfate Potassium hydroxide Potassium iodide Potassium nitrate Potassium permanganate Potassium sulfate Sodium acetate Sodium bicarbonate Sodium chloride Sodium metabisulfite Sodium nitrate Sodium pyroborate Sodium sulfate Sulfur powder Tartaric acid Urea Zinc chloride Zinc oxide Zinc sulfate

KDCI will never stop imparting the best education using modern laboratory facilities to students who need her help and services.

KDCI TOP RANK REVIEW CENTER By: Jhoanne Makasimbual, RN Kidapawan Doctors College Inc. opens its first Review center for Criminology named as KDCI Top Rank Review Center. It is a service oriented institution that operates as the first ever quality review center of KDCI in the field of Criminology, equipped with the best top caliber national reviewers. KDCI Top Rank Review Center aims to offer the public a quality review program that will refresh and enhance the knowledge or competencies and skills of reviewees obtained in their formal school setting. Its program is also designed to provide a comprehensive and effective review course with the help of our tried and tested veteran reviewers. Last June 8, 2013, the center launched its first day of operation with 40 officially enrolled reviewees. Most of them are BS Criminology graduates of Central Mindanao College and a few from Colegio de Kidapawan. The review classes are housed within the school campus of KDCI using the state-ofthe-art equipment and air conditioned Audio Visual Room. It is conducted every Saturdays and Sundays and can be flexible for the student’s availability. Top rank designed a 12 days comprehensive Final Coaching and proud to say that we are the first and only review center in North Cotabato that owns and uses Scantron Machine for diagnostic examinations. Whether to pass or to top the board exam, KDCI Top Rank Review Center provides the right approach. Amid all successful implementations of the review program, we will always pray and trust God for His Glory!




Students’ Organizations Recognized By: Josephine Suyamin, MAEd, MBA Kidapawan Doctors College through the Office of Student Affairs recognizes student organizations whose membership normally consist only of students. These organizations aim to facilitate activities and promote a belief system among its members. Among them are the Gray Matter Organization (GMO) that serves as a training ground for the student leaders in developing their leadership skills , supports all academic and students to maintain high scholastic records and active participation in all school activities, and instills social awareness and promotes community extension services ; the Society of Radiologic Technology ; Society of Medical Laboratory Scientists; Voice of Knights ; Information and Communication Technology Society with the planned activities on conducting seminars on graphic design, android mobile application development, web-design, and movie/video editing; the Botany and Taxonomy (Bottax Club) that aims to conserve native plants, educate the public to appreciate plant life and cooperate programs that concern with the wise use and conservation of all natural resources; Knight Movers, Philippine Student Alliance Lay Movement (PSALM) which has programs that exist in evangelical spirit, reaching out in love through kindness and service to any person and concerns about solving problem on biblical principles ; Council of Hotel & Restaurant Students (COHRES) targeting for seminarworkshop on hotel and restaurant service , participation / competitions on festivities and outreach program, the Peer Facilitators Society which has these objectives: acts as buddies, as friends and support group, act as model by helping other students learn appropriate behavior, be the conflict mediators, by assisting others solve misunderstandings, provide academic assistance by helping others to set goals, consider options and plan of actions and instill understanding and social awareness to develop respect and non-judgmental attitude among others; Youth for Christ that provides a healthy and Christian support environment to its members in the College, instills among the members and students in general, Christian values and principles, in preparation for the challenges the members are facing the workplace and life in general and to evangelize and re-evangelize students by providing venues where Christ and His gospel can be proclaimed ; Junior Chapter of Philippine Pharmacists; White Flag Spiritual Formation Camp that strategizes building Christlike character, develops student leaders, and looks into social concern and community service. Having these organizations in the campus, KDCI students are empowered on their capabilities and develop their talents and skills to the maximum level.

By: Joebert Gabia, RL College Librarian At the start of the school year 2013-2014, two library personnel were officially hired and become part of KDCI family. Mr. Joebert D. Gabia graduated at Notre Dame of Kidapawan College with the degree of Bachelor of Science in Secondary Education major in Library Science. He successfully finished and passed the licensure exam for librarian given by the Professional Regulatory Commission (PRC) last November 2007. His first employment was at St. Mary’s Academy of Kidapawan, Kidapawan City. He transferred to Southern Baptist College, Mlang, North Cotabato. For four years, he served as Cyber-Library In-Charge, Audiovisual Librarian, at the same time Assistant to the Chief Librarian. He is now working at the college as the Chief Librarian. Mr. Gabia is happily married with 1 child to Marife Panganiban-Lomotos Gabia, a former program assistant to the Kabalikat para sa Maunlad na Buhay, Inc., (KMBI) Digos City Branch. Another library personnel is Mr. Jose Ervin Magsipoc, an alumnus of Notre Dame of Kidapawan College, Kidapawan City. He is formerly connected with Central Mindanao Colleges as the High School Librarian. He is now working at the college as assistant to the Chief Librarian.

KDCI Library Library is described as the heart of the institution. It is said to be the storehouse of knowledge. This is a place where students can relax and feel comfortable while browsing the books and surfing the net. One can improve his knowledge through reading and studying inside the library. Kidapawan Doctor’s College Library is happy to announce that it has acquired a total of one thousand three hundred ninety one (1,391) volumes or eight hundred forty nine (849) titles of books and non-book materials for the 1st semester of this school year 2013-2014. All Library collections were classified and organized according to the Dewey Decimal Classification System to facilitate easy access and retrieval of information.

SUMMARY OF ENROLLMENT 1st Semester, SY 2013-2014






1st Year Male Female 26 19 5 29 32 22

77 76 18 32 30 32





2nd Year Male Female


8 3


11 455


TOTAL Male Female 26 19 5 29 40 22

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By: Maria Remedios B. Hilario


ruit carving is a form of food decoration. It involves cutting through various types of fruits to form beautiful figures and objects, such as flowers and trees. A fruit sculpture can be created from two or three carved out fruits. Fruit carving is increasingly becoming a hobby for people in Asia. The purpose of this is to make fruit more attractive, appealing and appetizing. To enhance the artistic skills in carving, the Hospitality & Restaurant Services (HRS) Faculty Members, Michelle Ann C. Regala and Maria Remedios B. Hilario of Kidapawan Doctors College, Inc. conducted a one day seminar-workshop on Fruit & Vegetable Carving last May 23, 2013 at Atrium, KDCI with the guest instructor, Chef Fernando S. Regala of Costa Favolosa Cruise. It was filled by the active and joyful participants from different food industries, colleges and universities here in Kidapawan City and nearby towns, such as University of Southern Mindanao (USMKabacan), University of Southern Mindanao – Kidapawan City Campus (USM-KCC), Read Data Access Computer College (RDACC), Colegio de Kidapawan (CDK), North Point College of Arts and Technology (NPCAT),

Notre Dame of Kidapawan City (NDKC), Central Mindanao Colleges (CMC), Kidapawan City Skills Training Center, Inc. (KCSTCI), Kidapawan Doctors College, Inc. (KDCI), St. Mary’s Academy, Dawn’s Café, Boylyn Pensione Plaza, and Kidapawan Doctors Hospital, Inc. (KDHI). The program started with a lecture presented by the guest speaker, followed with intense actual carving of the participants. He fantastically demonstrated to the participants how to carve the vegetables and fruits into beautiful geometrical shapes which could be used to decorate dishes and buffet presentations. A watermelon was carved into a rose, a squash into dragon, and carrots and spring onions were cut into flower shapes. All presenters did a great job with their fruit and vegetable carving activities. They viewed the experience as very helpful and educational. Our team members aren’t the only ones who have a great experience though! We’ve had a vast amount of feedbacks from this event praising both the demonstrations and lectures. It not only made the seminar successful, but meaningful and fun!

By: Maria Remedios B. Hilario

To enhance our faculty in learning the practical approach to food industry, the Institute of International Culinary and Hospitality Entrepreneurship (ICHEF), Epicure ICHEF, Joji Ilagan Career Center Foundation Inc., and Council of Hotel and Restaurant Educators of the Philippines (COHREP) invited the Hospitality and Restaurant Services instructors of Kidapawan Doctors College to join on the country’s foremost Restaurant Management Seminar Series, the Dine Philippine 2013. This summit was held at the Convention Center of SMX, Lanang, Davao City last July 19, 2013.


This Restaurant Management Seminar Series have already reached more than 500 industry stakeholders and academic community in Davao, Cebu and Manila since it began in 2010. With the support of culinary schools, the Council of Hotel and Restaurant Educators of the Philippines, and media partners like Business World, Business Mirror and F&B World, Dine Philippines has gathered some of the industry’s best restopreneurs. This event shared a practical approach to food business as discussed by authoritative experts in various fields of the restaurant industry. Among speakers were Ms. Pacita U. Juan, a Social Entrepreneur of ECHOstore (Environment, Community, Hope and Organization) Sustainable Lifestyle who shared Promotion of a Sustainable and Profitable Food Business; Chef Joshua Boutwood, a Corporate Chef of Bistro Group of Restaurants tackled the Menu Innovations: Best Practices from the Bistro Group; Chef Paul Huang, an executive chef and owner of the Fire Lake Grill in Tagaytay City talked about the Creation of a Profitable and CustomerFriendly Menu; Mr. Carlo Calma Lorenzana, a Vice-President of Mindanao AgriNetwork Corporation (MANCOR), exclusive importer of LAGARDE Wines and Development discussed the Effective Food and Wine Pairing Program for Restaurant Business. This event is such a one of a kind gathering to learn new wisdom from chefs and knowledgeable speakers!

KDCI Explores

The New Paradigms In Hospitality By: Maria Remedios B. Hilario The Council of Hotel and Restaurant Educators of the Philippines (COHREP), is an organization of educators, trainers and industry practitioners of hospitality and tourism, affirms its commitments to provide leadership toward the attainment of excellence through united efforts for the development of its members. COHREP envisions itself as the prime mover of excellence in hospitality education through the general advancement of teaching, learning, research and human resource development in the hospitality industry. As such, COHREP commits itself to upgrade the instructional methods and quality of instruction through continuing education and faculty development, continue to support for research and creative endeavors in the field of hospitality education as well as in dissemination of their results, active involvement in national and international issues affecting the organization and hospitality education industry, establish and maintain local and global institutional linkages, foster unity, cooperation and camaraderie among members. COHREP was created in 1989 to address the growing needs of educators and students in a relatively new area of study. Since 1992, an annual convention is held alternating between Manila and a city outside of Manila. This year, the 21st National Convention was held last January 31 – February 2, 2013 at the Waterfront Insular Hotel, Davao City with the theme “DAVAO: Life is here” (Diverse, Amazing, Vibrant, Alluring Opportunities in Hospitality Education). Working around the acronym of DAVAO, the convention committee has invited varied speakers from the academe, industry, government agencies to present new updates in content and skills in the tourism and hospitality industry. This year, the Kidapawan Doctors College, Inc. affiliated with this organization. Three vibrant hospitality instructors of KDCI, Michelle Anne C. Regala, Maria Remedios B. Hilario & Maguid L. Makasimbual joined on the said convention. As a pre-convention took in the morning of January 31, members were introduced the technology-based instructional materials as it is interspersed or supplement traditional modes of delivery, these are the American Hospitality Academy (AHA) World Campus Online Programs and Lodging Business Acumen Certification that supplement instructional delivery and fortify the business sense of faculty members which they

shared with their students. Plenary sessions spelled out D-A-V-A-O. Diverse Research Experience: An Explorer’s Tool and A-mazing Link to Outcome Based Education: Converge, Connect, Commit presented by Dr. Allan de Guzman of University of Sto. Tomas, who bowled over the COHREP members in the seminar. V-ibrant Keys to Creating Knowledge & Building Competencies was discussed by Steve Hoods (SHARE Center). A-lluring Food Tourism: Selling Histories, Satisfying Curiosities expounded by the Davao based chef-academician, Mike Oberle. Finally, O-pportunities and Choices: “A Challenge to Live a Good Life” shared by Dr. Sergio Cao. A Panel Session, with Dir. Rica Bueno of the Department of Tourism, Vice Chancellor Benhur Ong from the Technical Panel of Tourism representing Commission on Higher Education (CHED), Dir. Imee Taganas of Technical Education and Skills Development Authority (TESDA) and Wayne Crosbie of Angliss International discussed impacts, opportunities and challenges in addressing the new area of interest among tourism and hospitality professionals and educators, the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) 2015 development. Aside from these formal sessions, the first day was capped with a fun fellowship dinner at the Garden by the Sea with the theme “Madayaw Dabaw”, that allowed delegates to experience Davao hospitality with games, food and a joyful program. On the 3rd day, a fun-filled tour of famous historical places, and got opportunities to see unique flora and fauna, shop for souvenirs and eat the famous durian. Raffle prizes that include international program scholarships, gift certificates for tours, books, and other fun prizes were given out during the convention. The event was a big blast for it dazzled not just the hospitality and tourism faculty members of different schools and colleges, but also the different hoteliers and spectators who came together to participate, and witnessed the 21st COHREP National Convention. It was indeed a fun experience.

HRS spearheads Nutrition Month Celebration By: Michelle Ann C. Regala, MBA Focusing on the significance of Nutrition, the Department of Hospitality and Restaurant Service (HRS) spearheaded the culmination of nutrition month last July 27, 2013 at the Atrium Center of KDCI. Mrs. Jocelyn E. Encienzo, MD. The Head of City Health Office was the guest speaker on the said event. The Nutrition Month theme for 2013 is “Gutom at malnutrisyon, sama-sama nating wakasan!” This is to raise awareness on the need for more action in addressing hunger as part of the Philippine’s commitment to the United Nations Millennium Development Goal. Eradicate extreme poverty and hunger. The objectives of this year’s celebration are to: a) increase awareness on hunger issues and actions to mitigate hunger and malnutrition; b) encourage stakeholders to contribute in addressing hunger issues; and c) advocate for stronger political action to end hunger. “It was indeed a very momentous event for the KDCI students since this is the first ever Nutrition Culmination Month celebration. The Atrium was jam-packed with the different events. Students were also able to mingle with each other as they compete in the different activities offered by the organizers. The second part of the program had started with the simultane-

ously conducted activities such as The Market Basket/Experimental Dish, each competing participants shows their skills on cooking and preparing the dishes with the right amount of nutritious ingredients and followed by Fruit and Vegetable Carving its shows their skills on creative design of watermelon, Ms. Apryll Rose Agito and Mr. Jerrick Espenilla an HRS students awarded as First Pace and the Table Set-Up with Centerpiece, again from the Department of Hospitality Restaurant Service grabbed the First Place, Poster Making Contest, and Slogan Making Contest simultaneously conducted at Physics Laboratory. The event in the afternoon was highlighted by the search for Mr. and Ms. Healthy 2013. Different departments of the College give full support to their candidates and literally brought giggles and cheers from the audience. They came out of the stage in their most creative costume in relation to the month celebration. The Pharmacy Department grabbed the first Place in Nutrition Jingle Contest. The Department of BS Psychology crowned as Mr. and Ms. Healthy ’13 in persons of Mr. Reynaldo Vonn Kluck Hererra and Ms. Dyessa Gabrielle Plaza. Unity and Camaraderie was overwhelmingly demonstrated. The activity ended with “smiles “on every faces, a sign that truly resembles the fact that everybody won. J


LET ME TELL YOU THAT… By: Hannah Mae Burcao

KIDAPAWAN DOCTORS COLLEGE, INC. acquired the FIRST ever Scantron Test Scoring Machine in the entire Region XII. It is an American-based company designed to collect data from paper forms in an image-based software and scanner. It is invented, designed and engineered in the year 1972 by Michael Sokolski who was an immigrant to the US Poland. He died last June 13, 2013. It is used in checking Board and other Examinations that require examinees to mark answers to academic multiple choice test questions using pencil. The approximate amount of the Machine acquired by the College is Php 360,000.00. The College acquired this machine for purpose of familiarization and preparation for students’ Board Examinations in the near future.

It is presently used by the College in checking Exams for the Top Rank Criminology Review Center, BS Pharmacy, BS Medical Technology, BS Psychology, and BS Radiologic Technology major subjects to assess their knowledge and level of competency in different areas. It serves as a “Test Analyzer” in which the level of comprehension in each item in a certain class size who takes the exam is being evaluated. The teacher can measure if each test item is easy or difficult based on the number of students who got the correct or wrong answer. It is convenient and easy for the teachers to evaluate their subject taught because the Machine can be programmed to measure the individual’s level of comprehension or understanding. They can redesigned or look for other teaching strategies for the students to understand the subject matter better. The College plans to open doors of opportuni-

Leadershape Training: Releasing Potentials By: Elmarie S. Man-on, SSG President The true foundation of leadership is not power but authority which is built upon relationship love, service and sacrifice. Being a student leader is really difficult but as we go through our journey of being the first Supreme Student Government Officers we discovered that the true essence of leadership is to serve, not to demand. It is very important for a leader to have a commitment to render service to the people. After the leadership training, we’ve learned how to be more responsible and dedicated to our obligations. The true meaning of leadership is influence: nothing more, nothing less. We chose to be student leaders because we believe that we can push through our goals in this institution with the cooperation of the students and the administration of this school. Yes, we are still LEARNERS today and we assure that tomorrow we will be TRUE LEADERS with full commitment, dedication and service. We started the Leadership Training with an opening program to welcome our guest


speakers, Mr. Mervic A. Osic, MaEd and Mrs. Carlisa Z. Arsolon, MaEd from Tagum Doctor’s College Inc. After the opening program, Mr. Osic officially started the Leadership Training by giving us an activity by group. In that activity, we shared personal and private things about ourselves so that we will know each other more. After the sharing session, we answered some questions like: “What do you expect from the training, from each participant and from the resource speakers?” We wrote our answers into a Manila paper. Afterwards, we presented it in front of the speakers and the other participants. We had lots of expectations like: we can learn something new; we hope that all participants will cooperate and the speakers are openminded and jolly. We had more team building activities like Personality Test, Make a tower using a yarn and spaghetti pasta, Mission Impossible, Catch the Dragons Tail, Caterpillar, Hula Hoop Bal-

ty for the neighboring schools to use the machine in checking their examinations. This is beneficial for them in the assessment and evaluation of the students’ level of comprehension so as to concentrate on the areas found to be weak. This is to serve the general purpose - to ensure 100% passer in the Board Exam in the future. It can save time because all you need to do is to collect data, which can save countless hours of tedious labor in checking tests manually. So you run up quickly and efficiently. There are many existing standardized test scoring machine, so most likely, what we call as “Scantrons” are not really Scantron-brand items. Scantron has become a trademark terms like “Xerox” and has become a common term because of its popularity and not as a trademark status. Using Scantron is easy and fun.

Am I Preparing...from p.2. the choice of hearing beautiful music and annoying sounds. Therefore, limitations deprived man to choose what he wants. Responsibilities also affect man’s pursuit to his personal goals in life. Since he is responsible for the future of his children, he sacrifices and deprives himself by forgetting his own dreams and comforts. Suppression is the best defense mechanism he will use. Due to commitment and some circumstances he perceived and assumed to be his own, he may humbly pursue it without looking forward for himself. This is best described as sacrificing one’s goal for the sake of others who are his responsibilities. Many great personalities have concluded a single statement; “success is not a destiny to wait but a preparation to be exerted.” It actually illustrates the real essence of today’s preparation for tomorrow. Every undertaking that man has made is basically for his future and the outcome of every preparation portrays the unveiled future. Finally, there is one philosophy that answers several questions on how to attain worth living. A simple question that answers the future, “Am I preparing for tomorrow?”

ance, Longest Line, Put the first person in the last, give me a scenario of and give me what I want. It’s super fun and knowledgeable. When darkness cloaked the part of the Earth where we are residing, we conducted a Search for Mr. & Ms. Leadershape 2013 which ended at 10:30 in the evening. On the second day of the said training, we started at seven o’clock in the morning and ended the Leadership Training with a closing program at 11: 30a.m.

UNDERSTANDING LEGALITY IN THE WORLD OF EDUCATION By: Hannah Mae Burcao Education evolves through time. Different changes happen and we have to cope up to these changes. Rules, regulations, and policies are set by different schools and institutions to come up with a systematic management approach. This has become the standard of each school which makes them unique and has created their own identity. KDCI is not an exemption to this. Of course, as an academic institution, it has to build its own uniqueness and own identity. As an infant institution, KDCI started building its foundation through knowing the legalities in Education. When we talk about legality, it comes from the root word “Legal”. According to Merriam- Webster Dictionary, legal (adj.), means conforming to or permitted by law or established rules. Therefore, legality (n.) means the quality or state of being legal (online Meriam- Webster Dictionary). To better understand this concept, KDCI Human Resource & Development Office conducted a seminar on “LEGAL ASPECT OF EDUCATION &

PRODUCTIVITY IN THE FIELD OF ACADEME” last April 27, 2013. This was made possible with the help of our resource speaker, Mr. Roberto A. Flores who has been a Human Resource Director for many years. He let us widen our knowledge on this concept, as well as for us to know the Do’s and Dont’s involved in the Academe. He helped broaden our perspective when it comes in dealing legal educational issues. He gave examples and situations in which we were challenged to answer on legal basis. He emphasized the importance of understanding the legality in order for us to adapt to the existing general rules and laws in education. He pointed out that an Institution will remain strong and will become stronger when it has established its standards without taking risks of the rights and privileges of its man power – students and employees. In the near future, we all know that there will be changes in the rules and policies of schools. But as long as these changes will adapt to the general rules and legal basis in education, we believe that there will be no problem on that. For now, KDCI set standards, policies, rules, and regulation that we believe will be helpful in creating the premier and finest educational institution in Mindanao. Let this be our stepping stone towards successful education!

KDCI CELEBRATES WORLD TEACHERS’ DAY By: Josephine Suyamin, MAEd, MBA The World Teachers’ Day was celebrated in Kidapawan Doctors College which was spearheaded by the Supreme Student Government through the leadership of Elmarie S. Man-on, President & other SSG officers. It was a surprise to all of us as we entered the school building, a tarpaulin was hanged, pictures, cards and open letters were posted in designated areas, and the balloons colored the lobby , faculty room and in the deans’ office. The voices echoed as the students greeted us with their flowers and chocolate cakes. The Hotel & Restaurant Services Students prepared and served the snacks for us . Those extravagant gestures were expressions of gratitude to their mentors. Teachers, you truly are the architects.


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