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Top 10 Ways to Build Muscle Mass Fast at Ririan Project

23/03/08 3:26 PM

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Top 10 Ways to Build Muscle Mass Fast

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Top 10 Ways to Build Muscle Mass Fast at Ririan Project

23/03/08 3:26 PM

- Arnold H. Glasow Note: This guest post was written by Mark McManus. Check out his website here. Want to look better and burn more calories even when resting? You will if you add some muscle to your frame. Whether you want to be the next Ronnie Coleman or just want a more defined / toned physique like Brad Pitt or Jennifer Aniston, you’ll need to build some muscle mass. So here’s 10 tips to help you build pounds of lean muscle and get the body of your dreams. 1. Pursue Progressive Overload. The law of progressive overload simply says that you must increase the amount of reps or the weight lifted every single workout (or as close to this as humanly possible) in order to ignite muscle growth. The body adapts to stimuli, so how do we use this to our advantage? Well the key is to place ever increasing demand on the body, thereby forcing it to continually adapt. Training with weights is undoubtedly the best way to achieve this. You can know precisely how much weight you can handle and can also make incremental increases over time to spark muscle growth. If you workout with the exact same weight every session and perform the same number of repetitions, how can you expect your body to grow? So, if you want bigger biceps, you must increase the weight you are lifting every session or the amount of repetitions. Remember: Progressive Overload = Muscle Growth. 2. Perform 8-12 reps. 8-12 reps on any given exercise will stimulate most muscle growth. Lower rep ranges of say 3-6 work well for building strength but not necessarily muscle hypertrophy (growth). Higher reps e.g. 15 - 20 can indeed stimulate muscle growth but it is far from optimal. You should be lifting a weight so heavy that you can’t get more than 12 reps but light enough to allow you to get at least 8 reps. 3. Perform 6-9 sets. Yes just 6-9 sets per body part. If you are working out with good form this is all you need to stimulate muscle growth. You want to keep your workouts under 45 minutes to avoid the release of hormones that actually break your muscle tissue down (catabolic hormones). Luckily, you can easily accomplish this by performing a maximum of 9 sets per body part. 4. Eat Eat Eat. Working a muscle tears the tissue, it then repairs and grows. Muscles need fed in order to allow them to grow. Basically you need to eat big to get big. A good bodybuilding diet will allow you to grow without adding fat at the same time.

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Top 10 Ways to Build Muscle Mass Fast at Ririan Project

23/03/08 3:26 PM

5. Increase the Amount of Protein in your Diet. Muscle = protein. In order for muscle tissue to repair itself after your weight-training sessions it needs an abundance of protein. Some beginners don’t take enough protein and some more experienced guys take ridiculously extreme amounts of protein. So how much protein is enough to supply those hungry muscles? Use the following formula for the most accurate daily protein requirements. Lean Mass Weight (Kg) x 2.75 = Daily Protein Requirement Your lean weight is your total body weight minus the amount of fat you are carrying. You will need to know your body fat percentage for this. If you are unsure about this, you can get a good estimate by using the ‘Body Fat Calculator’ in the sidebar at site. Another good rule of thumb is to take 1 gram of protein for every pound of total body weight. So a 160 lb man would take around 160 grams of protein per day. My favorite sources of protein include * Chicken * Steak * Pork * Eggs * Cheese * Whey Protein Powder Shakes * Seafood - tuna, prawns, salmon… * Nuts * Seeds Here’s a good post showing great vegetarian sources of protein. 6. Eat Fat. A Low-Fat diet is not desirable in bodybuilding. Eating fat increases the amount of anabolic (muscle building) hormones in your body. These are: 1. Testosterone 2. Growth Hormone 3. Insulin-like growth factor (IGF-1) Some people resort to taking anabolic steroids in order to accelerate muscle growth but you can get great results by implementing the ultimate bodybuilding diet. 7. Make Sure you Drink Enough Water. Getting enough water is crucial for peak strength and energy levels. You should shoot for around 12 x 8 ounce glasses of water per day. Remember you can include your protein shakes towards your daily water intake. 8. Avoid Too Much Cardio. Cardiovascular work will rob you of muscle gains. Yes if your goal is to lose fat you should do cardio but make sure it is:

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Top 10 Ways to Build Muscle Mass Fast at Ririan Project

23/03/08 3:26 PM

(a) Performed immediately after your weight training (b) ‘High Intensity Interval Training’ form of cardio for a maximum of 20 minutes. The reason that too much cardio isn’t desirable when your goal is to build muscle is that too much cardio releases catabolic hormones in the body, breaking down your muscle tissue; obviously this is counter-productive. 9. Sleep. Sleep is so important for building muscle. We know that muscle tissue repairs itself and grows during rest periods but sleep is more important than waking rest periods. Here’s why: 1. The release of growth hormone reaches its peak during deep sleep 2. Your metabolic rate slows which is perfect for muscle tissue repair and growth 3. Increased blood flow to the muscles 10. Relax. Being stressed out results in a catabolic (muscle breakdown) environment in the body. One such hormone is cortisol. Remember that a calm, relaxed person builds more muscle than the hot-head (assuming all other factors are equal). Keep it positive and stay motivated! About Mark McManus: Mark runs, a blog he started as a way to share insights into the oftentimes confusing world of building muscle and losing fat. If you would like to get started today he has a free muscle building workout plan here. You can also download it as a free bodybuilding ebook. If you liked this article, please bookmark it on or vote for it on Digg. Thank you! 102 diggs

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Top 10 Ways to Build Muscle Mass Fast at Ririan Project

23/03/08 3:26 PM

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Top 10 Ways to Build Muscle Mass Fast at Ririan Project

23/03/08 3:26 PM

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Top 10 Ways to Build Muscle Mass Fast at Ririan Project

23/03/08 3:26 PM

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Top 10 Ways to Build Muscle Mass Fast at Ririan Project

23/03/08 3:26 PM

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Top Ten Ways to Build Muscle Mass