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A Cultural Asset: A Resident Lead Vision: The National Public Housing Museum and Center for the Study of Housing and Society is inspired by public housing residents who envisioned a place where their history could be told. It tells the stories of residents and fosters a deeper understanding of the multi-faceted history of public housing and the effects of history on individual families in Chicago and other American cities. Modeled after the very successful Lower East Side Tenement Museum in New York City and other historic sites across the world, the Museum, through its exhibits and academic center promotes the values of tolerance and diversity. No other cultural institution is devoted to telling the story of public housing. This far-reaching policy, grown out of the Great Depression, has had a profound impact on hundreds of thousands of Americans throughout the 20th century. Chicago has been home to some of the first urban public housing efforts in the nation, including some of the largest and most significant developments. It is home to immigrants, migrants and thousands of other families who have been in need of subsidized housing. And though no city has had a more dramatic connection to public housing than Chicago, the Museum will tell American stories of “home� across the country and around the world. We are more than objects and artifacts...we are the sum of our stories.

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Museum Taglines “A living cultural experience on social justice and human rights” “...a complex story starts with as simple truth-- everyone needs a place to call home” “We are more than objects and artifacts... we are the sum of our stories.”

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