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Mission Statement


inosaur has extinct a long time ago, and no one can image what is going to be like inside the egg. Therefore, we want to be a creative, unique and everything will be limited edition.

The same style will only manufacture again if there is enough requests from our customers. Therefore, we will establish a close relationship with ourcustomers through social medias. We will also update our information on different platforms regularly.

We operating only online and in some marketplaces in certrain locations.

Our price is reasonable, so everyone can afford.

Our logo is consider our comapny asset. Therefore, there are a lot restrictions of using our logo.

Please read them carefully and follow the rules.

Our Logo is a important asset to our company.

It is important to keep it consistent. Colors: black, white, grey

For the egg it can only be grey or white.

background color Shadow on the white egg. color on the egg

We only use the one with black background for publishes. For different items, use different logo is possible.

No other

colors are allow for the background!

Only exception is on products from the DianosaurEgg.

Cannot be place on any other products.

Only on Dinosaur products.

Or on DinosaurEgg authorized products. No outside background photo can be used.

Background must be retangular.

No tilted!

The only position is straight!

No different crack pattern on the the egg.

They all must be the same!

No different shape of eggs!!! No square! No round! No oval! No other shapes! They all must be the egg shape!


Popular standard Only

No spaces in between the two words.


The name can only be on the bottum of the egg. Space must be the same.


Dinosaur Egg Dinosaur Egg Dinosaur Egg


drop shadow can be added to the logo and the fonts.

No strokes!

No other effects!

Logo image cannot be larger than 600 x 700.

Cannot be smaller than 111 x 172.

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