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Yumcha Teahouse is inspired by Saint’s Alp Tea House, which offers a comfortable dining experience with quality Taiwanese Cuisine. Instead Taiwanese cuisine, Yumcha Teahouse serves quality and delicious Cantonese dim sum appetizers. In the front of the store, it will have a tea shop which serves only fresh Chinese hot or cold tea. Customers who wish to only pick up refreshing and delicious tea can quickly order in the front. Those who prefer to dine in and drink tea from a teapot and enjoy dim sum can go to the back.

The purpose of Yumcha Teahouse is to spread Chinese dim sum culture to everyone. Every Sunday, it is a lifestyle for my family and I to go to a Chinese restaurant and eat dim sum and drink tea. I’ve notice that there is not a lot of people who are not Chinese who enter the restaurant. It is intimating for people to come in these restaurants because not many of the workers speak English well, so ordering can be a hassle. I want to create a welcoming restaurant for anyone to try Chinese dim sum.

-Emily Mar



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Logo must be placed on the center and corner of material. No images or text should interfere with the design of the logo.


x:y ≈ 1:1.375

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do not


teahouse DO NOT change the font, color, positioning of text, leading, kerning, rotation and stroke weight.

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