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1. Tool Kits & Inserts ATK610D 262 Piece Metric & AF Tool Kit in a 10 Drawer Tool Box Code A22104 80800D-1

Description 10 Drawer Tool Box With Ball Bearing Slides (712 x 472 x 474mm) High Density Foam Insert Tray

45PC 1/4” & 3/8” Dr Socket Set Metric & AF 43PC 1/2” Dr Socket Set A13170 Metric & AF 80800D-2 High Density Foam Insert Tray 1PC Offset Screwdriver Blade 16250 5.5, Phillips No.2 16316 1PC 10x200mm Screwdriver 16315 1PC 8.0x150mm Screwdriver 16348 1PC No.3x150mm Screwdriver 16344 1PC No.2x200mm Screwdriver 80800D-3 High Density Foam Insert Tray 16310 1PC 3.0x75mm Screwdriver 16312 1PC 4.0x100mm Screwdriver 16313 1PC 5.5x125mm Screwdriver 16314 1PC 6.5x150mm Screwdriver 1PC 6.5x25mm Stubby 16321 Screwdriver 16340 1PC No.0x60mm Screwdriver 16341 1PC No.1x80mm Screwdriver 16343 1PC No.2x100mm Screwdriver 1PC No.2x25mm Stubby 16350 Screwdriver 80800D-4 High Density Foam Insert Tray 17380 1PC Multigrips 250mm 17024 1PC Locking Pliers 250mm 40032 1PC 32 Blade End Feeler Gauge 17371 1PC Diagonal Cutters 180mm 17352 1PC Combination Pliers 200mm 17361 1PC Long Nose Pliers 200mm 80800D-5 High Density Foam Insert Tray A13028 1PC Adjustable Wrench 150mm A13029 1PC Adjustable Wrench 200mm A13031 1PC Adjustable Wrench 300mm A13145 6PC Ring Spanner Set Metric A13290 6PC Open End Spanner Set Met 12PC Combination Spanner Set A13336 Metric A13520 1PC 10mm XS Comb Spanner A13521 1PC 11mm XS Comb Spanner A13522 1PC 12mm XS Comb Spanner A13523 1PC 13mm XS Comb Spanner A13524 1PC 14mm XS Comb Spanner A13542 3PC Flare Nut Spanner Set Metric 80800D-6 High Density Foam Insert Tray 12PC Combination Spanner Set A13334 AF A13510 1PC 3/8” XS Comb Spanner A13511 1PC 7/16” XS Comb Spanner A13512 1PC 1/2” XS Comb Spanner A13513 1PC 9/16” XS Comb Spanner A13537 3PC Flare Nut Spanner Set AF A13285 6PC Open End Spanner Set AF A13140 6PC Ring Spanner Set AF Tools included not in insert A13395 28PC Hex & Star Bit Set A13060 30PC Hex Key Set A7200 8PC Long Pin Punch Set A7100 7PC Punch and Chisel Set 16240 6PC Precision Screwdriver Set 14092 1PC Ball Pein Hammer 450g 07118 1PC Podger Bar 450mm 40026 1PC Break Adjuster 12265 1PC 300mm Hacksaw 12601 5PC Screw Extractor Set A13330

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