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Informer Issue 13 Autumn 2009

• KCS guide to classroom chairs • KCS guide to IT furniture • e-procurement • New best value KCS ICT consumables contract

Dear Customer, Welcome to the Autumn 2009 edition of the KCS Informer.

Look out for...

Thanks to everyone for their positive comments linked to our change of format. We were very pleased with the Summer ‘09 issue and it appears you agree! Your feedback is key to us offering you market leading levels of service. Our annual Schools Customer Care Survey runs from November 1st to December 22nd and we welcome your views. This is the 5th year of the survey and we look forward to more responses than ever before.

KCS 1GB Flash Drives 19 000 001

Qty 1–29 Qty 30–99 Qty 100+

£5.49 £4.99 £4.49

This edition features a guide to selecting furniture that will complement your IT requirements, a reminder of the benefits of e-procurement and the introduction of our new best value, computer consumables contract. Our School Shout pages are expanded this month as interest grows. If your school has something that you are proud of, please speak to your Sales Rep or our Customer Care Team and they will tell you how you can become involved. Once again, thank you for your continued support and if you have any further ideas or suggestions in relation to KCS, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Ultrawhite Competition Every time you purchase KCS Ultrawhite copier paper (01 977 075), you will be entered into a monthly prize draw to win a £100 voucher to be redeemed on KCS stock products of your choice.

Best regards, Steven Munday KCS General Manager T: 01622 605485 E:

This edition contains articles on: Christmas closure dates ................................... 03 Customer Care Survey ...................................... 03 KCS Guide to Classroom Chairs ................... 04-05


Soft Furnishings from KCS ................................ 09 KCS Guide to IT Furniture ............................ 10-11 KCS Webshop ............................................ 12-13

KCS Exercise Book Range .................................. 06

New KCS ICT Computer Consumables Contract ................................ 14-15

Sale Items .......................................................... 07

Sales Team Awards / Promotions ..................... 17

KCS Own Brand .................................................. 08

School Shout ................................................ 18-23

July winner: Longfield Academy (026248) August winner: High Christie Tech College (052221) September winner: Bexhill High School (290669)

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KCS Schools Annual Customer Care Survey Autumn 2009

Christmas Closing Dates




08:30 – 12:00 Last date to place orders for pre Christmas deliveries

Last KCS delivery date KCS offices shut 17:00


As an added incentive, return your completed survey to us by Tuesday 22nd December for your chance to WIN 1 of 20 class packs for your school.

Decorala Class Pack for primary schools

Evolution Class Pack for secondary schools

RRP £21.31

RRP £21.31

KCS would like to thank Bic for their support.


Offices closed from 24/12/09 – 03/01/10



Offices re-open 08:30 First post Christmas deliveries for orders placed before 12:00 on the 23rd

This is the fifth year of the KCS Schools Customer Care Survey, your chance to tell us what you really think of KCS. The 2009 edition follows a similar pattern to previous years with a mixture of tick box selections and response questions to cover your views on; • Our 2009/10 Catalogue • Our Sales Office/Team • Our Customer Care Pledge

• Our Deliveries • Our Own Brand Range • Our KCS Webshop

This is our chance to fully understand what you require from KCS and how we are performing against your expectations. Please make every effort to put aside 5 minutes to complete either a paper copy or an electronic copy. A paper copy should be contained within this edition of the KCS Informer and we will email out the survey twice during November. Results will be published in February 2010. If your copy of the KCS Schools Customer Care Survey is missing and you would prefer to complete it this way, please do not hesitate to contact your Sales Rep or our Customer Care Team. Tel: 0845 270 8811 Fax: 0800 243 732 Email: 03

KCS Guide to Classroom Chairs Budget Option

Maintenance Free Option


Available in a choice of colours Available in a choice of colours

Harmony Chair

Titan Chair Unbeatable & unbreakable! The Titan chair... available in 5 height options. Sizes 5 & 6 available in all 7 colours from stock. Encourage good posture for your children. Titan 5 Titan 6

Seat H430mm Seat H460mm

072 993 949 072 993 950

Wooden Option

14.60 14.90



Vertical stacking chair, epoxy powder coated frame with a one piece plastic shell. Recommended for severe contract use. 11–14 Years 14–Adult

Black Frame 072 641 080 072 641 105

Seat H430mm Seat H460mm

Designer Option Available in a choice of colours


Grey Frame 072 641 091 072 641 116

11.35 11.95




Pop Chair The Smile Chair Designed and manufactured to provide the highest quality and specification demanded. High quality protective scuff resistant feet with high quality Beech Show-wood seat & back. 20 year frame guarantee. Seat H430mm Seat H460mm


072 920 042 072 920 043

32.20 32.75

Designed and manufactured in the UK. All Polymer chair – No screws, joints or stress points. Made from reinforced Polypropylene. Lightweight and easy to handle. Durable and easy to clean. Stacks efficiently up to 10 high. Interior and exterior use – UV resistant. 100% Recyclable. Guaranteed for 5 years from structural defects. Secondary Seat H430 mm 772 000 009 Qty 1 Qty 2–19 772 000 010 Qty 20+ 772 000 011

30.40 25.20 23.20

Further Education Seat H460 mm Qty 1 772 000 012 772 000 013 Qty 2–19 Qty 20+ 772 000 014

30.40 25.20 23.20

For details of our full range, please see our KCS Furniture Directory.

Your Guide To BS EN 1729?

Recycled Option

BS EN 1729 is the standard for classroom tables and chairs which are intended for use in UK schools. BS EN 1729 was introduced in December 2006 and is the only current and valid standard for classroom furniture.





The standard is in two parts and covers:

Available in a choice of colours

98% Recycled Max Chair We will pick up your old chairs, FREE OF CHARGE! (Orders of 100+ units only), they are then shredded, granulated, melted, mixed, and coloured. This is then turned into brand new chairs. Anti-tilt frame, stackable, 5yr warranty. UK manufactured. Promotes good posture. Size 5

9–11 yrs. H430mm

Size 6

12–Adult. H460mm

072 212 894 072 212 893 072 212 892 072 212 891

Qty 100–199 Qty 200+ Qty 100–199 Qty 200+

09 £21.00 £19.80 £21.00 £19.80

Size and shape of products • Checks functional dimensions. • Ensures correct ergonomics for children’s back care and encourages good posture. Strength and stability • Checks product safety. • Ensures products will stand up to the demands of a modern classroom. Any product must pass BOTH parts to become fully compliant with BS EN 1729. Why is there a new standard? Since the last standard was introduced the average size of children has increased. As a result furniture sizes need to increase.

Best Seller


Is use of the standard compulsory?

Available in a choice of colours

No. In the UK (unlike every other country in Europe) the standard is advisory only, however everyone involved in the provision of furniture for children has a duty of care and it makes sense to provide furniture which meets BS EN 1729 when you can.

ST Chair

Please be very careful when you order new products. If in doubt, call our Customer Service Team on 01622 605304 for advice. The new table and chair sizes are typically 10–20mm different to the old sizes and their heights will probably not match up with existing furniture in your classrooms. Also old and new chair sizes may not stack together perfectly.

What are the new sizes? Size Mark Age Guide

Ergonomically designed for correct posture. Smooth lines give a clean shape which is both comfortable and supportive across all age ranges. This chair has no separate underframe so boasts an excellent 15 year guarantee. Size 5 Size 6

There is now better understanding of the need for children’s furniture to be ergonomically correct. The new standard requires furniture to be properly shaped to help prevent long term damage to children’s backs.


Age 11-14 years Age 14-Adult

Seat H430mm Seat H460mm

072 801 659 072 801 660

14.85 15.20 Valid until end March 2010

Do I have to throw away my current furniture? No, but as you buy new furniture you ought to consider changing to products which comply with BS EN 1729.

1 2 3 4 5 6

3–4 4–6 6–8 8–11 11–14 14+

Seat Height

Table Height

260mm 310mm 350mm 380mm 430mm 460mm

460mm 530mm 590mm 640mm 710mm 760mm


KCS Exercise Books – The Best Value Solution!

Price Comp a Exercise B A4 64 page

KCS 2009/10 Exercise Book Range The 2009/10 KCS Exercise Book range comes with our market leading Customer Care Pledge. • Free Next Day Delivery (£30+ ex VAT orders only) • No telephone or fax queues • No minimum order All our exercise books are: • Market leading quality • European sourced 06

A4 80 page 9 x 7” 80 p 8 x 6.5” 48

ook Forma


. Pk50

age. Pk100

Loose Leaf


A4. Box 5 re


KCS Price £14.50

. Pk50

page. Pk10



£15.25 £18.95 £10.95

KCS Price £12.95

GLS Price £17.00 £17.75 £22.25 £12.10

GLS Price £16.79

Consortium Price £18.95 £18.17 £22.65 £12.55

Consortium Price £17.75

To request a copy of our new exercise book flyer, please contact our Customer Care Team on 0845 270 8811 or email Alternatively, see pages 10–17 of the 2009/10 KCS Main Catalogue for further details of the entire range.

KCS Exercise Book Sale Hurry while stocks last! Code 01 301 409 01 301 412 01 301 413 01 301 415 01 301 419 01 240 035 01 221 031 01 224 821 01 225 129 01 270 104 01 270 039 01 270 112 01 302 820 01 300 002 01 301 475 01 301 477


9” x 7”

8” x 6.5”

Was (£) Now (£)

Description A4, Red, 64 Page, 5mm Square/Alternate Plain Bx50 A4, Orange, 64 Page, 8mm/Alternate 2/10/20 Bx50 A4, Blue, 80 Page, Plain, no Ruling Bx50 A4, Yellow, 80 Page, Plain, no Ruling Bx50 A4, Light Blue, 80 Page, 8mm Ruled Bx50 9x7”, Red, 64 Page, 6mm+margin Ruled Bx100 8x6.5”, Blue, 32 Page, 15mm+margin Ruled Bx100 8x6.5”, Vivid Yellow, 32 Page, 7mm Squared Bx100 8x6.5”, Pink, 32 Page, 10mm Squared Bx100 8x6.5”, Red, 48 Page, 6mm+margin Ruled Bx100 8x6.5”, Light Green, 48 Page, 6mm+margin Ruled Bx100 8x6.5”, Red, 48 Page, 5mm Square Bx100 8x6.5”, Orange, 64 Page, 6mm+margin Ruled Bx100 8x6.5”, Red, 64 Page, 6mm+margin Ruled B 100 6.5x5.5”, Red, 24 Page, 15mm Ruled Bx100 6.5x5.5”, Green, 24 Page, 10mm Squared Bx100

14.50 14.50 15.25 15.25 15.25 17.50 9.50 9.50 9.50 10.95 10.95 10.95 15.50 15.50 8.50 8.50

6.5” x 5.5”

10.87 10.87 11.44 11.44 11.44 13.13 7.13 7.13 7.13 8.23 8.23 8.23 11.63 11.63 6.38 6.38


Light Blue


Vivid Yellow




Light Green


Clearance Items Art & Craft and Nursery Products Code

Sponge Animal Shapes Pk25 03 200 004

Was 1.50 Now 0.70

Make a Mask Pk30 See P233 of the 08/09 Catalogue for details.

16 000 009

Was 13.75 Now 10.50

Wooden Transport Templates Pk8 See P188 of the 09/10 Catalogue for details.

03 200 042

Was 14.99 Now 9.90

Xmas Blank Box Shapes Pk8 See P267 of the 09/10 Catalogue for details.

16 900 108

Was 5.99

Now 3.75

03 200 009 03 200 020 03 306 120 03 326 000 03 324 149 08 500 009 08 702 090 08 702 091 08 702 104 08 800 018 08 650 108

Description Sponge Nativity Shapes Pk12 Sponge Dabbers A-Z Pk26 Jumbo Oil Pastels Black Bx12 Pencil Very Soft Graphite Aquarelle Pk12 Berol Venus Drawing Pencils HB Pk12 Lace Your Shoes Playmobil Modern House Playmobil Modern Kitchen Playmobil Viking Longboat Jigsaw Puzzle People Who Help Us Giant Double Sided Street Scene

Was (£) Now (£) 1.50 13.95 1.70 4.95 1.75 4.50 74.65 11.80 28.05 9.95 53.00

0.70 6.90 1.50 2.30 1.50 2.95 55.00 8.90 20.80 4.50 49.50

Catalogue N/A N/A 08/09 P165 08/09 P156 08/09 P156 N/A 05/06 P404 05/06 P404 05/06 P405 05/06 P435 08/09 P507

For further information please call:

Tel: 0845 270 8811 07

KCS Own Brand


From humble beginnings in 2006, when we launched KCS Own Brand, our 2009/10 range has grown to over 100 different products with over 200 variations!

wn 99% of p Brand rice or reduce s held d fo 2009/10 r

Before we put our name on a product, we have to assure ourselves of its quality to offer a best value substitute for a branded line. Over the last 4 years, we have worked with many schools who have usage tested proposed new additions and given us their thoughts as to the potential success of the product.


Top: Launch products, 2006 Above: New products for 2009/10

a quality product, at a competitive price, from a supplier you can trust

products at launch in 2006


100+ products in 2009/10



For those products that we add to the range, we regularly ask for wider feedback through our annual KCS Customer Care Survey. This includes your views regarding quality, price, lifecycle and packaging.

of prices have either been held or reduced to offer you best value in 2009/10!

In the 2008 Customer Care Survey .....

92% 90%

of respondents had purchased a KCS Own Brand product of them rated the price as either excellent or good!

For further information or to arrange an estimate please contact the KCS Furniture Team on:

Tel: 01622 605304

Did you know KCS provide a full solution for all your soft furnishing requirements? We supply and install carpets, curtains and blinds. From a full set of stage curtains to an entrance mat for your school. KCS can help!

10 key questions to ask a supplier: 1 How can I guarantee you are offering my school best value? KCS have obtained best value prices through an OJEU tendering process with all successful suppliers meeting their necessary public liability requirements. 2 What are the product guarantees? Under the KCS contract, the product guarantees vary from 12 months plus, depending on the specific product. The fitting guarantees are also from 12 months plus, depending on the type of product which is being fitted and the environment in which it is fitted.

6 What recommendations are in the Disability Discrimination Act (DDA) in relation to the product? Each product offered by KCS will have specific recommendations associated with it in relation to how it conforms to the DDA. This will be included in the site survey carried out by KCS. 7 Will the supplier conduct an on-site survey? KCS will arrange a convenient time for you to have an on-site survey – free of charge, where you can discuss your requirements with an expert.

3 Is the product designed for use in school? All of the products offered by KCS have been tested to the latest British Standards to ensure that they will withstand the heavy use, education environment.

8 What assurances are in place to guarantee correct fitting? The KCS contract allows for us to ensure that all suppliers are qualified to fit all Soft Furnishing products professionally and to the high standards expected from all educational establishments

4 Does the product have a suitable life cycle? All products offered by KCS have been tested for their suitability in this specific environment. Our experts can help you determine which product is required for your specific needs.

9 What happens if there is a problem? Although problems are rare, if you do encounter an issue at any stage of the process, please call KCS on 01622 605304 and we will arrange for an expert to be on site as soon as possible.

5 Is certification available to ensure the product meets relevant performance standards? All of KCS’ Soft Furnishing suppliers can provide certificates illustrating that products have been tested to the relevant standard.

10 Given the current economic climate, is the supplier financially stable to honour any guarantees? All contracted KCS suppliers have been fully audited to ensure they are financially stable for the term of the contract. 09

KCS Guide to IT Furniture The demand for teaching IT skills in schools continues to increase and with this comes an increased focus on the environment that schools provide for this resource. With recent studies showing that the average time a student spends at a computer is increasing, the importance of furniture type, its layout, and the design are all key factors in how the space will perform for both teaching staff and pupils. This simple guide outlines some of the key points to consider along with some case studies to show how schools are adapting to the variety of IT requirements within their environment.

Key points to consider: Is the room to be used solely for IT teaching? In smaller schools there is often a space pressure that does not allow for a dedicated area, or where teaching switches between IT and general class based activities, meaning that there is often a need for a flexible solution that allows for dual use.

What future flexibility will you need to adapt to changes in IT or class sizes? By using a modular system instead of built-in worktops, areas can be ‘future proofed’ to ensure they can be adapted easily at a later date at minimal expense.

What IT infrastructure will be needed? To assist in minimising the infrastructure changes, plug and play electrics and data cable management can be used to provide service above or below the work top in an easy plug and play format.

How secure is your IT? Depending upon your preferred IT solution, there are various ways to offer security to laptops, PC’s and screens.

Who will use the IT area? As these areas are often used by a variety of student age groups, the height they are set at will be of great importance. Is the IT room solely an internal resource? It is not uncommon that these areas are opened up for use by the wider community, so their ability to be adapted to suit different age groups is essential. 10

How can IT be introduced into classrooms, and libraries, cafe and atrium areas? Many different solutions are available, but a one size fits all is not always the best approach. Getting expert advice on what is available is essential to ensuring schools make the best use of the areas available.

Call us at KCS, we’re here to help you! T: 01622 605304 E:

Case study: Standard ICT room This school wanted to maximise the space available with the requirement of limiting the amount of movement needed to turn. We assisted them in laying out the room to maximise the light, while minimising its impact upon the VDU screens. All screens were easily viewed by the teacher and all students had enough room for their work.

Case study: IT within the classroom This school had a need for a small amount of IT available for its students on a constant basis within the classroom environment. By using modular furniture and slim-line hardware, a small area of the classroom space was dedicated to computer use with students encouraged to integrate its use into their daily class based activities.

Case study: Large IT Suite We helped this secondary school produce an IT suite for 140 students that had the ability to double as a standard non- IT based classroom environment. As well as being used by the school, it was also used by the wider community for teaching outside school hours.

Case Study: IT in Communal areas By offering IT in wall mounted units, we were able to provide a solution to the school’s requirement to support access to IT in its communal areas.


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About Us

Contact Us is KCS’ online e-procurement tool. With the exception of furniture, you will find all of KCS’ best value products, services and contracts all in ONE place. is SIMS FMS 6.78 compatible meaning no double entry and orders are sent directly through your financial management system.

Our pledge to you...

KCS can also offer e billing and this linked to direct debit payments further saves you time and money.

Free Next Day Delivery for Stock Products

For further information on how you can sign up to please contact our customer care team on 0845 270 8811 or speak to your sales executive.

No Telephone Queues No Quibble Stock Returns Professional Sales Staff Enquiries Resolved Speedily


STOP PRESS! KCS announces the launch of their “Webshop II“ project, bringing you a brand new site with greater functionality and easier use. Estimated go-live April 2010.





For further details of the go-live dates etc. please contact our customer care team on 0845 270 8811 or speak to your sales executive.


New KCS Best Value ICT Consumables Contract As you will know, all our contracts are let through the OJEU process and the majority are through collaboration with 17 other local authorities within the Central Buying Consortium (CBC). The pooling of our respective spends, brings volume and this allows us to negotiate some of the best, if not the best deals, on the market today. We are continually trying to improve these contracts to bring you, our customer the best value available. KCS, as part of CBC, has awarded a new framework contract for the supply of ICT Consumables. The contract started on the 1st August 2009 and runs for 4 years. Supplies Team have been awarded the contract and existing KCS customers will be familiar with them. Supplies Team has instant access to over 25,000 products including a full range of HP, Epson, Canon, Kyocera, Lexmark and Samsung ink and toner cartridges at greatly reduced prices.

Service is important and Supplies Team offer: • Free next day delivery on all orders. • No minimum order value. • Dedicated Account Manager. • Wide range of environmentally friendly products. • Recycling scheme. • Online ordering facility. 14

Recycling Your Toner Cartridges Starting recycling couldn’t be easier, just follow these simple steps: Request a Recycling Collection Box Supplies Team is committed to working with all customers through their recycling scheme and product selection, to help them reduce their environmental impact when purchasing printer consumables. We are very confident that this contract will represent the best value available to you. To find out more, please contact your dedicated Account Manager who is available to help with any product or order queries you may have.

If you order by phone: Ask your Account Manager to send you a collection box when you next order office products. If you order online: Just add product code ‘0262138’ onto your next order.

Tip: Order one more box than you need to get yourself ahead and to reduce delivery miles.

Start Collecting When your collection boxes arrive place them close to busy printers and inform your colleagues. Place used cartridges into the box WITHOUT PACKAGING. Any packaging can be recycled in your organisation’s recycling bins. When the box has 10 – 15 laser, or 40 – 50 ink cartridges (or weighs between 20 – 25kg) Seal the box with tape so it’s secure in transit.

Neil Spilsbury Local Government Account Manager

T: 01274 741 111 or T: 01274 745 036

Contract No. CBC/1TOI/PS347/AM

Put the box in an accessible location such as reception or a loading bay. Call 0844 3719460 to arrange a collection. This will be made within 5 working days (wherever possible we aim to have them collected the following day). Don’t forget to order your next collection box when you place your next order.

Tip: If you have the storage space to wait to have a bulk collection…even better as you’ll be helping to reduce exhaust emissions too! 15


Up to 33% Off Code


Was (ÂŁ) Now (ÂŁ)


Laundry save up to 25% 06 985 099 Ariel Non-bio 70 wash 06 986 085 Ariel Bio 70 wash 06 985 085 Ariel tablets 06 100 550 Daz 70 wash 06 966 379 Lenor concentrate

18.49 15.99 22.49 13.49 10.49

13.99 11.99 16.99 10.49 8.49

Cleaning save up to 33% 06 100 490 Flash all purpose 2L lemon 06 990 398 Flash all purpose 2L pine 06 100 526 Flash all purpose 5L lemon 06 100 515 Flash all purpose 5L pine 06 990 401 Flash all purpose 5L sea minerals 06 100 535 Flash all purpose 5L apple 06 200 532 Flash Ultimate spray 06 987 355 Flash Kitchen spray 06 985 031 Flash 4 in 1 Washroom cleaner 06 100 537 Flash 4 in 1 Toilet cleaner 06 300 111 Ajax Degreaser 500ml 06 300 155 Ajax Window cleaner 500ml 06 300 122 Ajax Bathroom cleaner 500ml 06 984 010 Vortex1L 06 966 335 Vortex 5L

3.99 3.99 9.49 9.49 9.49 9.49 2.49 2.99 1.99 1.49 2.40 1.99 1.66 0.87 4.75

3.49 3.49 7.99 7.99 7.99 7.99 1.99 2.49 1.49 1.25 1.60 1.29 1.10 0.69 3.75


Dishwashing Save up tp 20% 06 966 553 Fairy original 5L 06 987 822 Fairy Lemon Zest 5L 06 100 031 Fairy Active Bursts 06 985 008 Hederol 5L

8.99 8.99 9.49 6.49

7.49 7.49 7.49 5.19


Freshener save 25% 06 585 271 Febreeze Cotton Fresh








* 06



09 10








* 18
















KCS Sales Team Scoops Awards! At the recent Commercial Services Quality Service Awards Dinner, Rob Cox and Janine Fagg both received awards for their outstanding work with schools in Bromley, Bexley, Croydon, Sutton and Kent. This is great news for KCS, whose Customer Care Pledge is key to our operation. Congratulations to both Rob and Janine on their awards!

07 08 09








* Not illustrated



! t u o h S Holy Trinity Primary’s Library Transformation Project Earlier this year, Holy Trinity School contacted KCS to work with them on their library transformation project. In the past, the space had been used as a walk through and a storage area. The plan was to transform the area in order that it could be used not only as a library, but as a exible space for assemblies, teaching and informal meetings. The school worked closely with KCS and a specialist supplier to create the vision and the new library was opened on Friday 17th July. The school are rightly proud of their new jungle themed library and invited the local press to show it off to its best effect! 20 18

New Toilet Roll & Soap Dispensers to Complement a New Build! The Facilities Team at North West Kent College were clear that to complement their new build they wanted toilet roll and soap dispensers that would not only reflect the prestigious look of their new Gravesend site, but that would be robust enough to withstand the demands of a busy facility. They chose Lotus SmartOne toilet tissue systems, as their unique design allows only one sheet to be dispensed at a time. This can reduce toilet tissue consumption and refills by up to 50%. The tissue itself is made in the UK, from 100% UK recovered fibre, therefore offering an eco solution. Lotus foam soap dispensers were also installed to complement the look, with the simple refill system that will save the team time in replenishment. Speaking after the installation of over 150 dispensers, John Doran, Deputy Facilities Manager at North West Kent College said: “We are delighted with our new dispensers. They look fantastic and really complete the look of our new build. They are easy to refill and will hopefully save us time and money. KCS worked with us to make sure our installation was arranged at a time to suit us, and the fitters were so efficient that you would not have known they were there!” 19 21

St James the Great Primary School & Nursery. Their new school building:

“Best school in the world”

When Sylvia Crockett, the Head Teacher of St. James the Great Primary & Nursery School, wanted a partner to assist in the purchasing of classroom furniture for her new build school, she selected KCS. Sylvia should be very proud of what she and her team have achieved, as the school is a credit to them.


“It has been a pleasure working with KCS. It was a large project furnishing a new school and KCS were able to provide a whole solution to complement the architectural design (CTM Architects) of the school. The end result is absolutely stunning. It was so much simpler working with just one person, Janine Fagg, who coordinated orders and was able to source outside the catalogue in order to deliver our vision. Raf Galvez (Wagstaff) was also a great support to Janine, including turning the school’s bespoke ICT design into a reality. KCS fitted into us, rather than the school having to fit into the catalogue. They listened to the image and atmosphere we wanted to create and brought it to life.” Sylvia Crockett, Head Teacher.


Below are some words from Rockets Class as to how they describe their new school : “The school is so special, we can do so much fantastic learning”, “The new school is wicked because we have new stuff, we are so lucky”, “The new school is so great, it has so much in it”. 20

“It Rocks!” “Exciting”

New School Building for Barnes Cray Primary The children, staff and parents of Barnes Cray Primary are enjoying the feeling of space and light that their new build brings. “Every two classes in each Key stage, enjoys a shared small group room and pupil toilets. Cloakrooms are now within each class, and they have access to their own patio area with awning for working in the fresh air. The school started replacing the furniture in the old school well before the move, as we were concerned that this sensitive project could affect the set up of the new school. This proved to be the case, but as we had given ourselves plenty of time, the new school was up and ready, fully furnished for when the children returned. The help that we received from KCS was invaluable. From arranging plans for the classrooms, visiting the furniture assembly unit at Kings Hill, overseeing the orders and quickly responding to any problems, the Customer Care was excellent. Special thanks to Rob Cox, our area rep who supported me and the school with our long list of furniture and fixture requirements, always with a smile and a quick responce.” Claire Lewsey, Office Manager We hope that all of the children and staff at Barnes Cray Primary continue to enjoy their exciting new building!


Bennett Memorial School’s STEM Fair The aim of June’s Fair was to celebrate all of the curricula work the school has done between the Science, Technology and Maths departments on the theme of ‘Renewable Energies’ and Sustainability’. Each Year 7 Science class was asked to complete a project on a different type of renewable energy including Bio Mass, Wind, Solar (PV and thermal) and Hydro and produce a stall for the Fair where they showcased models, Powerpoints and experiments related to their theme. Also involved were Year 9 Technology students, who had designed and made electrical lamps and lamp-shades and then tested their efficiency in Science lessons using calorimetry. Some Year 7 classes, who had designed and made solar powered cars which were then raced and a 22

group of sixth formers, who after a trip to the Design Museum and Sussex University had designed and made solar powered water heaters using aluminium drinks cans! Bennett have also been keen this year to help to create a network of local primary and secondary schools who are interested in pursuing sustainability and to learn from each other’s experiences. As part of this, pupils from Southborough, Langton Green and Speldhurst Primaries and Skinners and St. Gregory’s Secondary schools were in attendance and contributed a number of additional interactive exhibits. Bennett teachers have also been involved in a number of visits to some of these schools to share good practice and help out at other STEM events such as the Science Week at Southborough Primary School. We were very fortunate to also enlist the help of a couple of STEM ambassadors, Mark and Eli, two young professional Scientists volunteering their time to promoting STEM subjects in schools. Their help in coordinating the pupils, presenting the projects and general organisation was invaluable and we couldn’t recommend them more highly.

Here are just a few of the many comments made by pupils lucky enough to be in attendance: “My favourite stall had a hydrogen-powered car because it showed what our cars could be like in the future and it was cool how it made hydrogen from water” ”The class had made models of wind turbines and water wheels. There was a competition to see the best wheel design and the fastest spinning turbine” “My favourite stall was the energy-generating bicycle which was converted into enough electricity to power several light bulbs and even a PS2!” “This Fair was to show us the importance of using renewable energies in the future and to show how hard we have worked this year in Science and Technology” “The STEM Fair has really made me think about the ways that we can save energy in the future” The event was a huge success and we have already begun to plan next year’s Fair which will hopefully be even bigger and better!

Joy Lane Primary’s Sports & Health Week In May, pupils and staff at Joy Lane Primary School enjoyed another of their special themed weeks, this time, Sports and Health week. The week was opened by the school’s own ‘Jazzy Dancers’ group who thrilled fellow parents and pupils. Throughout the week, the children enjoyed activities such as yoga, outdoor teambuilding activities, whole school ‘Wake Up and Shake’ sessions, healthy eating taster sessions, smoothie making workshops, Karate demonstrations, football workshops led by coaches from Tankerton Football club, sportswall and traditional games sessions with the Active Life Team, Instep Dance sessions, Young Sports Leader training, country dancing and multi activities sessions led by teachers and students from Herne Bay High. Mark Ashley-Jones, the Deputy Headteacher said, ‘The School has been supported by the whole community, who have provided many of the activities offered. Special mention must go to the teachers and students from Herne Bay High and the SSCO team under the leadership of Karen Keating, who organised and led the sessions with such enthusiasm.’ A busy week culminated with a joint visit from ex Joy Lane Primary School pupil and cricketer Joe Denly and Alastair McKean, Canterbury’s very own Para-Olympian medallist. Joe presented special sports award certificates to children for effort and enthusiasm and Alastair closed the week by presenting Young Sports Leaders certificates after delivering one of his inspirational assemblies. 23

The 2009/10 KCS Customer Care Pledge As you will know, we take Customer Care very seriously indeed. We believe that we have to: • Understand your needs. • Meet and at times, surpass your needs in terms of product choice, quality, pricing and delivery. • Be able to demonstrate the value we add. To ensure that you can continue to see and feel the difference in our Customer Care compared to our competitors, we have revamped our KCS Customer Care Pledge.

We pledge... • Telephones are answered within 3 rings. • Telephones are answered not by a machine but by our friendly, well trained sales staff. • No telephone or fax queues. • No quibble stock returns. • Your own KCS sales rep to advise you on all purchase decisions in the comfort of your school. • Enquiries are resolved speedily: – Telephone: either during the call or within 24 hours. – Fax/Email: within 24 hours. – Post: within 5 working days. • We will provide ongoing training for all our staff to ensure that they are polite, respectful, knowledgeable and able to help. • We have informed all of our suppliers of our pledge and have received their support to ensure success. • We will deliver all stock orders over £30 ex VAT placed with us by 12:00 noon, on the following day. (An industry leading 99.23% success rate between 01/04/08 – 28/02/09!) • We will involve customers in new product selection through focus and testing groups. • We will expand our KCS Own Brand range to ensure that we can guarantee you ‘a quality product at a competitive price from a supplier that you can trust!’

KCS... putting you first! KCS – A division of Commercial Services

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