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Volume II, Issue VI


JUNE 2014


Welcome to SIX

 Calendar 52

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Fred Wise


Shannon: Fashion


Brian: Father Knows



Halfway through the year! Welcome to SIX. We call this one the SUCCESS GUIDE 2014. Paired with our 3rd Annual NETWORK with the 100 event, this issue features a Who’s Who line-up delivering on topics of Career and Business growth. SUMMER IN THE CITY! Get ready for a unique experience with TWELVE this Season. Be sure to post your events on for a chance to be featured along our Hot Spot tour. Remember, beyond the digital or print experience, TWELVE is interactive, so get involved and engage at our live events too! You have an opportunity to contribute to the content by writing, submitting story suggestions, and of course, attending the launch events and more. Contact us at to get involved and send us feedback, too! Sincerely,

Ken L



What’s Different? Read It & Experience it Live SALES PRO


Black MBAs


Michele: Biz Setup 46


Though a lifestyle publication isn’t unique, TWELVE evolves the genre. It’s the only magazine that you both read and live. We set out to create more than a literary piece. We’ve merged both the online world and the live event into the “magazine experience”. Once a month, we release a new issue of the magazine. The release is paired with a live launch event on First Fridays, where the feature elements and characters of our magazine are brought to life for you to touch, taste, feel and experience. The live experience becomes part of gathering ground of additional stories, photos, and more for the final written magazine.


SPECIAL THANKS To all of Our Writers, Designers, Planners, Contributors, Advertisers & Supporters of Xii.

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FRED WISE Photo: Jessikha Williams

Finds Talent for Hallmark, One of the World’s Leading Brands!


Fred Wise is the Human Resources Director for the corporate recruiting, diversity and inclusion groups for Hallmark Cards. He is a graduate of the Olin School of Business from Washington University in St. Louis with a BS degree in Business Administrations (1989); and holds an MS degree in Organizational Development from American University & NTL Institute in Washington, D.C. (1996). Fred’s human resource experience spans 25 years in both HR generalist and functional areas at the PepsiCola Company, Nabisco and Hallmark. His expertise includes: recruiting, talent management, leadership development; workforce planning; succession planning; organization development; executive and international compensation; and H.R business partnership. He is a member of the University of Missouri- Kansas City Bloch School of Management Advisory Board and the 100 Black Men’s chapter of Kansas City.

In this article, Fred provides #12MAG readers with career guidance to give them an edge. What makes a candidate positively stand out?  Demonstration of work leadership and collaboration skills. Individual uniqueness and ways of showing (versus just talking about) their results. Also, leadership and involvement in the community. What are the key questions a candidate should be able to respond to most effectively in an interview?  What do you know about the organization? The leaders, culture? The industry? Competition?  What are your strengths and how would 7

you leverage them to bring value to this role? What are your areas of improvement? How have you improved in those areas? How does this opportunity fit into your short and longer term career goals? Why this role?

Even with a solid education, what are some common pitfalls candidates make that eliminate them from consideration?  Spelling errors or unexplainable work gaps on resumes  Shallow, cliché or contradictory responses to interview questions  Misused words, to impress versus effectively express one’s ideas.  Any kind of interview distractions – digital or otherwise  Lack of interviewing confidence - poor eye contact, weak handshake, speaking volume  Lack of professionalism – lateness, inappropriate dress, out-talking interviewers, excessive name-dropping , or no postinterview follow-up (e.g., Thank you note) After securing the job, how do you best sustain a career—considering layoffs and reorgs can impact any business?  Continue to broaden your skills and look for ways to increase your value to the organization.  Stay abreast of trends in your business industry. It will help you better navigate your career. It’s a “Who You Know” world. How does one network or start developing a relationship with Hallmark staff? Are there certain events, forums?  LinkedIn requests and occasional LinkedIn follow-up messages to staff in your areas of interest. (Continued on page 8)

Just a few of Hallmark’s Heavyweights (l. to r.) Kim Newton , VP North American Strategic Planning; Fred Wise, Human Resources Director for Corporate Recruiting, Diversity and Inclusion; James Seay, VP -HR for Crown Center; Pete Burney, Sr. VP - Supply Chain and Business Enablement

(Continued from page 7)

 

Meet and introduce yourself to Hallmark leaders or recruiters at local community events (e.g., KC Black MBA meetings, KC Area Development Council workshops, area professional or campus recruiting events, etc. ) Try to build a relationship with more than one individual over time. Ensure that the relationship offers mutual benefit versus only being one way.

Any format recommendation tips for today’s resume?  The standard format with a clearly stated objective, highlighted skill areas, chronological work experiences with the key bulleted accomplishments( not a laundry list of job responsibilities).


Classes that matter. Thinking of the direction of business, what are skill sets that today’s college student should learn or today’s professional should consider learning?  While this will vary based on the student’s major, a few courses in key business topics like marketing and accounting can prove to be helpful in the business environment.  Also, topics that cover innovation, entrepreneurship, technology and more common foreign languages will reflect a student’s business learning agility and cultural diversity – both important in a rapidly changing workforce of the future.

Thanks to Hallmark and Mr. Wise for your insights. #12MAG Readers, put these steps into action. Success Guide 2014!


Darius Jackson UMKC’s Men of Color Class of 2014



Club Kouture presents 4th Fridays at Qudos. 5.23.14. Millionaire Ent.



Look of Success


Words: Lena Banks Photos: Raye Jackson

nline shopping

ad passion, mad artistry, has and mad love are the names aren’t the only thing that sets them become the elements that developed M.A.D House, the nail apart. M.A.D House uniqueness relies on its new wave for lacquer line born out of Kansas City, MO. The natural components, excluding three main manywas working launch event for M.A.D House held April chemicals found in most nail lacquers on the 28th, 2014 at Firefly Westport. The market. It is also true to color on the first coat adults , andLounge Amouron Collections speakeasy atmosphere was the perfect ambiadopted the new era of retail therapy and no top coat is needed. ance for the eclectic urban crowdmarking that gathered in May of 2013, officially its to view theyear showcase. DisplaysThis of the nail boulacone anniversary. online As the event concluded Hamby was emotional quers tique were placed throughout the venue while serves women that possess proas she thanked her own mother and reflected portraits of models wearing polish graced fessionalism, modernthe style, class, and on thoughts of her daughter, these relationships the walls. Theoflevel a hint sexy.of artistry of the décor are what helped inspire her line. Hamby hopes foretold of a night of colorful and lively debut. her vision helps inspire others to build healthy What sets this store apart from the relationships as well. The founder of M.A.D House, Je’Ree Hamby, other hundreds of nationwide boucreated the House of Mothers and Daughters tiques is its reasonable pricing. The (M.A.D), in honor of her late greatowner prides herself on providing afgrandmother, Marion Waters. As a bonding fordable clothing to women without mechanism, Hamby recalls the women in her compromising on quality. Connoisfamily from her great-grandmother on down, seurs can enjoy the luxury of nice apcoming together for fellowship and comfort parel without breaking the bank. over bottles of nail polish. Hamby states this line is not only about promoting unique style Shannon Marie Strong’s desire to crebut the underlying mission of M.A.D House, ate a boutique derived from her love which is to “help other mothers and daughters of fashion as a child. At an early age find a new route of communication”. her mother adorned her in the finest attire:event fashionable dresses, trendy The launch was hosted by KC’s own hair Ray ornaments, stylish sunglasses, shoes, Tha Jerk and Jasmine Jackson. The event was a andoftopped flashy purses to showcase talentedwith performers and models. match.act, Precious Nichole, performed a The opening beautiful cover of “1+1”and the dance group is second nature toHamby Ms. Strong PoisonFashion moved the crowd with their routine to Fashionable in Black. Je’Ree flanked by guests at the M.A.D. House launch at the Firefly in Westport but her desire to learn a Beyoncé medley. Two M.A.Dmore Houseabout lines the were presented during the showcase, the Classic line and the Rebellious Glam line. Models strode through the venue donning the different polishes with names such as, Boy Bait, ExWizardThe PhotoGraphx boyfriend,Photo: and Cocaine. lacquers’ audacious 12

Shannon Marie Strong

fashion industry intensified later in life, prompting her to take her love for fashion to the next level by using it as a platform for awareness of women’s health. A percentage of each sale is donated to the National Breast Cancer Foundation. Amour Collections has been showcased throughout the Kansas City metropolitan area. Those events, highlighting women’s health, included the Women’s Bazaar, Sounds of Music Fashion for Breast Cancer, and Beauty and Bowties Fashion Show. As Amour Collections extends its product line, it will also expand into styling services soon. In fact, Shannon has been selected to partake in celebrity stylist J. Bolin’s Boot Camp in Dallas,

Photo: Jessikha Williams


Texas this month and will be officially in the market for personal styling or personal shopping. As of now, the store is solely based online at, where shoppers can find the newest collections and helpful health tips. Shannon has future plans for a Kansas City, Missouri store front location within 3-5 years. For updates and reminders, shoppers can follow the Amour Collections on twitter @amourcollection, be friends on Facebook at and check out the Nations Breast Cancer Page for Amour Collections at




By Brian Foster

hether or not we’re comfortable admitting it, race is a central factor in our society. Many countries’ citizens identify themselves with their country of origin alone (German, Cuban, Japanese, etc.); then, perhaps, they might secondarily include some other factor to enhance their primary designation. In the United States, race is at the forefront of our selfactualization. I learned this at a very young age from my father, Harold Foster. After receiving a heavy dose of “Black Pride” as a student at Tuskegee University, he was one the first four black This kid took one students to integrate Oklahoma look at my father, City University. pointed at him, That experience, coupled with the smiled, and said, overt bigotry he faced during his military service, shaped his outlook on race. He didn’t exactly hate white people…he just didn’t trust many of them.


My father had a television repair business in the early ‘60’s. His customers were from all walks of life: Black and non-Black, rich and non -rich. He was very busy in those days; occasionally, he’d take me on his house calls. On one particular visit, during the summer after I’d completed the 2nd grade, we went out on a call. The family happened to be white. It was apparent that this family was not among my father’s wealthy clientele; the screen door was torn, dirty clothes everywhere, and the TV was sitting on top of a rusty file cabinet. As my Dad began working on the set, this little kid – no more than three years of age – came toddling into the room, wearing nothing but a diaper. This kid took one look at my father,


pointed at him, smiled, and said, “Nigger!” The kid did that about 4-5 times. To his credit, he responded with cool; Dad said hello to the kid and kept working, as the kid left the room. I stood there, stunned, saying nothing. After about 30 minutes, the job was done, the family paid Dad, and we left. On the ride home, I asked my father why he didn’t get upset at that little kid. He informed me that he was upset…at that kid’s parents, because that’s the only way that kid could have learned that racial epithet. He grew up hearing that word being directed at him all his life, and that his “making a scene” wouldn’t solve the problem. Then, he taught me one of the most important lessons of my life: Never let others define who you are. You have to look in the mirror and like what you see. Others may or may not respect you, but you must respect yourself. I remember Dad telling me there were many black people fighting for civil rights on our behalf, and that we should respect that effort. But I’m not sure he believed in the movement’s tactics, or its demand that white people treat blacks with dignity and equality would ever come to fruition. His position: it’s up to us to carry ourselves with dignity, rather than expect others – even our “own” people – to bestow dignity upon us. Whenever I got into trouble (more often than I’d like to admit) he’d say, “Hold your head up, son; if you were man enough to do it, be man enough to face it!” I say the same things to my own kids to this day, and to other young people who I mentor. I believe that the only way one can help others is to have a true sense of selfrespect. For those who think Dad was a saint: he charged that family an extra five dollars for every time the kid said that word to him!

Photo: Jessikha Williams

Brian Foster

President, 100 Black Men of KC Mark Lovelace of the KC Swingers, Shows off his putt technique.




CAREER On the Scene Katrina Leonard

Executive Brief: Problems Moving Up?


LEVATION! That’s the

goal. Whether beginning your first job or you’re a seasoned professional, with a long-term career, advancement should be in your plans. Sure. A position in management may not necessarily be your end goal, but building knowledge, growing your network and your skill CAREER set should GROWTH always be among your highest considerations. We grabbed a few EXECUTIVES at the water cooler, from our Network with the 100 photoshoot to provide a few gems for our readers. Use these kernels of wisdom to help navigate your career course.

SPECIAL THANKS TO OUR EXECUTIVES: Andrea Hendricks SVP of Diversity and Inclusion, UMB Financial Kimberly Newton VP of Strategy for North America Hallmark Cards Kelvin Simmons Principal, Denton Willetta Willis-McGhee SVP and Partner Fleishman Hillard CONTINUED ON PG 20


Andrea Hendricks SVP of Diversity and Inclusion, UMB Financial “Search and seek out mentorship that can bring them up and bring them along the way, whereby the mentor can show the process that allowed them to get where they are in their career. “

Willetta Willis-McGhee SVP and Partner Fleishman Hillard “LISTEN! One of the key challenges of younger and newer colleagues is that because there is so much information available they mistake the information for knowledge. So listen to more seasoned colleagues and be open to learn.”

Andrea Hendricks SVP of Diversity and Inclusion, UMB Financial

“Continuous learning... Once you graduate from high school or college or, as you continue on your journey, never stop learning. If you stop learning you stop living and continuing your career. So continuous learning, reading books, latest newspapers, and articles to stay abreast of current events and career matters. Secondly, because of the changing demographics, it is important to learn to work with others in different perspectives, not just from a race, sexual orientation or gender, otherwise a person will hinder themselves from being able to become a manager or supervisor in a company. Embrace diversity! “


JUST A FEW OF THE FEATURE EXECS FOR NETWORK WITH THE 100 (l. to r.) Kelvin Simmons, DENTONS; Willetta Willis-McGhee, Fleishman-Hillard, Mark Watson, Federal Reserve Bank, Niki Donawa, Truman Medical Center, Andrea Hendricks, UMB 19


EXECUTIVE BRIEF: Continued from pg. 19

You need to find someone who can respond to your need instead of looking on your own. There are organizations and agencies that have leaders, head hunters, mentors, advisors, individuals that have access to the right people. And if you can build a relationship with such a person who can open the door for you via sponsorship and speak on your behalf and also write letters of recommendation you will see a major difference in your search.

Andrea Hendricks SVP of Diversity and Inclusion, UMB Financial

My son had this same issue. He came out of school wanting to get into the digital field but needed experience to be considered a candidate in the position he was looking for. I praise him in this time period of his life. He worked nights to pay the bills and took internships, part-time positions, contract positions etc., anything to get the work experience. It took him two years and now he holds a management position and is in the role he wants to be in.

Willetta Willis-McGhee SVP and Partner Fleishman Hillard



So I think if you have a job and are at a standstill I think it’s really important to make sure that you have an understanding as to what the “news is on you”, so stepping back and assessing what your brands stand for. And then you’re assessing it objectively to know what the two or three things are you’re going to change. Somebody, somewhere shared with me that it takes three different interactions with someone to change someone’s mind about you after they have formed an opinion. So it’s important that you develop that brand that you’re interested in by focusing on the few things you need to change.

Kimberly Newton VP of Strategy for North America Hallmark Cards 20








For a chance to get featured in TWELVE, Add your events to


Summer Break Keep ‘Em Active LeAndrea Mack Extra-curricular activities build confidence, character and camaraderie. Failing to discover and cultivate your child's strengths and interests could potentially limit their access to future careers, pursuits and passions that give them great joy. Often times, passions are revealed and honed during grade school years and, while parents cannot choose their child’s passion and purpose, you can help them realize their potential by giving them the tools they need to safely explore what the world has to offer.


One of the best methods of exploration for students is extracurricular activities, which offer students with physical, creative, social, political or career-oriented experiences. These opportunities can heavily influence self-worth, aspirations, and life choices. So what are the disadvantages of extracurricular activities? Sometimes students can become overwhelmed with the responsibility of balancing extracurricular activities, schoolwork, and chores. Learning time management skills are great lessons for students but parents must also monitor children’s schedules to ensure they’re not overcome by unmanageable pressures. Parental guidance is also critical for ensuring that students maintain discipline when pursuing activities they love, otherwise, students may be tempted to intentionally ignore other responsibilities like homework in favor of “just one more” game, round, lap, song, dance, etc. The number of different activities a student is involved in makes a difference, also. An excess of activities can consume valuable time that could be more wisely (Continued on page 50)




Lessons Learned NOW That School is over, 2014 graduates have matriculated and walked across the stage with brand new degrees. We wondered, what have they really learned? After all, there has to be a benefit from a college education—mastering a discipline, a skill, and even broadening one’s perspective and understanding of the world. A portion of the learning experience would inevitably be self-discovery, including the awareness of newfound personal capabilities and limits.

Katherine Williams

So class of 2014, what have you learned from your education or experience? Please share with those who may soon follow your path...or helped pay the bills:

My advice for a student would be to search and or create opportunities for yourself to gain knowledge, skills, and competencies essential to your career and professional development.

Kristan A Shelton Master of Public Administration Texas Southern University

I learned a few things in my educational journey but one thing that kept me going is not letting my failures keep me from my success. Use that low test score or assignment grade as motivation to go harder and adopt new approaches to better create or understand what the professor is looking for to obtain the grade you desire.

Masters in Higher Education Administration with a emphasis in Sports Administration & Exercise Science University of Missouri - Kansas City

As a former Division I track and field Athlete my area of study in Sports Administration and Exercise Science will enable me to prepare for leadership positions in different sports related division. I learned the basics of the organization and administration of sports programs, including coaching, athlete support services, recreation, facilities management, and sports marketing. I also was able to study and engage with fellow students on topics related to the psychology and sociology of sports and athletics. My graduate assistantship allowed me to be creative and independent by creating a sports show called 'The Kangaroo Sports Update ' for the athletics department for UMKC. I was the host, reporter, producer and editor for the show. The show tied in my undergraduate degree in communications. I am truly excited to start my career in sports because I have such a passion for it.

not letting my failures

keep me from my success.

Also, if you chose to focus on the nonprofit and service field, as I did with my Masters in Public Administration, I encourage you to make sure you have a heart and desire to help the people you will serve. Empower yourself by serving others. My favorite quote: "You can't lead the people if you don't love the people; you can't save the people if you don't serve the people." -Dr Cornel West

Samara Molix

Master of Business Administration Park University True learning is not limited to the classroom. Be sure to supplement your education with real-world knowledge by staying abreast of world news, reading respected newspapers and professionally relevant periodicals. 29

Lover Chancler Ph.D. Ecology Kansas State University

I earned a doctorate in human ecology from the family studies department. My research was qualitative study on the Role of Black Grandmothers in the Racial Socialization of their Biracial grandchildren. Words of Wisdom. Find a cohort and stick with them. They will help you study and proof read your work. They are also your sounding board. They will become your friends for life.



ONE LOVE See our next featured couples on the following pages. For a chance to be featured, email



Photos By Mojica Photography


Kristin & Joseph One Love.

Kristin Lambert and Joseph Jones

Wedding Date June 20, 2014

Engaged August 29, 2013

The Proposal Joseph proposed in a private suite at the Chief’s last home pre-game. I don’t remember a word of what he said except "Will you marry me?" LOL!

In the Beginning We met at a birthday party for the bride's best friend 7 years ago this June...we've been hanging out ever since!

The ONE We are truly best friends. We couldn't imagine not sharing our life together or with anyone else.


Wedding Planning If you’d asked us four months ago we'd have said it’s been a breeze! But now that we're less than 30 days out, we can relate to why so many couples say they should have eloped! We wouldn't trade any of this though. We're celebrating our Forever and we think that deserves the extra time & attention.

What will sustain your marriage? God is first in all things. Add friendship and open communication to the pot and we believe you've got a good recipe. We have good family and friends who have always prayed with us and supported us through good and bad, but ultimately we've always leaned on God and our friendship and that has continuously carried us through.

Advice to others? Honestly, neither of us are big on seeking out dating or relationship advice or giving it to others too much. Every person and relationship is different. You just have to pray God will lead and protect you in any relationship.



Photo: Jessikha Williams

One Love.

ShaQualyn Stone and Tarick Earle Wedding Date October 15, 2015 Engaged October 15, 2013 The Proposal “We kinda had to do a redo,” says ShaQualyn. “I was watching ESPN.” Tarick was just off of work and here’s ShaQualyn, distracted by the game. In the beginning Houston TX born, but Tarick moved here about the same year he met ShaQualyn, which was in middle school , in the late nineties. They grew up in the same neighborhood. Over a span of fifteen years, they’ve been off and on, but their bond was inevitable.


When you knew Tarick says, “I just had that feeling. I never wanted to propose to anyone else. She’s smart, beautiful, a wonderful mother and a great partner.” ShaQualyn stated, “I’m a planner. If I’m going date you, I’m going to date you for a reason. He’s funny. Always leaves a smile on my face. Boring doesn’t work for me. I’m spontaneous, but he’s more spontaneous. He puts up with my attitude.” Relationships. Where to find love? Websites are impersonal. They suggest social events, but not really clubs. Networking events, and the grocery store are other options they’d recommend. Wedding planning Most of the planning ShaQualyn handles. Tarick states, “It’s her day, but I’ve got the say so in the money aspect.” What’s the key for a lasting relationship? In a world of breakups. ShaQualyn has an answer ready. “Communication, compromise, patience and understanding.”





uccess. Many times the word itself is tossed around loosely. Why is success important? What are the critical elements that make up the mix of success? How might success be defined? Let’s agree on this working definition of success: “To succeed within an area of focus achieving one’s goals”. It would seem that no matter the ambition, the goal, or the level of success one achieves while ascending the proverbial ladder, success points back to one critical element, its very make up: foundation. No matter the mix; background, social economic status, geography, trials, adversities, joys and triumphs; the foundation seems to always rise to the top of the success formula as a key ingredient. Whether in leadership or achievement, a solid foundation is the anchor of success. One might further ask, why, then, (Continued on page 44)





W.Sarah Fletcher

YOUTH SALES magazine



TOP SALES PRODUCERS by KeithSalesPro Keith Antone Willis, Sr. aka, KeithSalesPro, joins Twelve Magazine with his Career / Sales Blogger Column, "MAKE IT HAPPEN". KeithSalesPro will provide career and sales tips for Twelve. Selling since the age of 12 (candy door-to-door) KeithSalesPro has sold everything from newspapers to corporate sponsorships. His soon to be released (Summer 2014) "10 Laws of the Ultimate Rainmaker" combines his knowledge and superior sales skills and techniques in 10 essential Laws that any sales professional must master to become the sales leader for their organization. KeithSalesPro also started "The Ultimate Sales Academy" to teach the 10 Laws to newcomers and 40

those who want to sharpen their sales skills. Keith is a proud member of the National Sales Network, St. Louis Chapter and current Director of Sales & Marketing for Who's Who in Black Kansas City. "Each column will have useful tips & techniques for all career professionals, not just folks in the sales industry" KeithSalesPro says. You can also hear KeithSalesPro weekly audio blog on Gospel 1600, Iheart Radio and One RareGem Productions internet site. Follow KeithSalesPro on twitter and facebook @KeithSalesPro or visit his website at and gokeithsalespro


while back, I read an article on Tom Black, author of "The Boxcar Millionaire." He shared his list of personal beliefs that he's observed in top salespeople and not surprisingly "having the right attitude" is crucial to being Top Sales Producers (T.S.P.). Here is a summary of 10 of his beliefs (in no particular order) typified by my personal experience. Top Sales Producers believe that people are as happy as they want to be. T.S.P. have very positive attitudes and can usually bring out that same spirit in others we come in contact with. We believe that you choose to either think positive or negative thoughts.

T.S.P. have a “What have I done for YOU lately?” attitude. We are always looking for ways to pay it forward. When we make service to others a part of our daily routine, our relationships and ultimately our sales will increase. Top Sales Producers are willing to leave their comfort zones. T.S.P. are risk takers, period. We know to get what you never had, you have to do what you have never done. This may be the most difficult belief for most to embrace and achieve.

Top Sales Producers are persistent even in the face of disappointment.

Top Sales Producers are persistent even in the face of disappointment. T.S.P. realize that every sales call won’t result in a close, but we count take-aways such as getting a referral or scheduling a second meeting as progress towards the win. We don’t have Wins and Losses. We have Wins and Learns!

Top Sales Producers constantly seek to improve, acquire knowledge, and learn new skills. T.S.P. are always, always looking for an edge, buying books, attending seminars and webinars. American companies last year spent 7.1 billion dollars on sales training alone. EVERY DAY seek to learn something NEW.

Top Sales Producers are consummate professional and behave accordingly. T.S.P. know that the selling profession is a 24/7 LIFESTYLE! We are always out selling, otherwise, we are getting outsold!

Top Sales Producers accept change as a part of life, willingly and completely. T.S.P. expect that something will go wrong, so we anticipate all scenarios going into a meeting or presentation. We are always extremely flexible. Top Sales Producers make decisions quickly and then take immediate action. T.S.P. are not procrastinators. We know that time is money, OUR money. Our motto is “It happens today or it happens tonight” ! Top Sales Producers take full responsibility for their performance.

Top Sales Producers think BIG even when dealing with the small-minded. T.S.P. are always looking for the next BIG close, meeting or opportunity. We always surround ourselves with other positive thinking people. We believe in ourselves even when those closest to us can’t see or share our VISION! Top Sales Producers are truly committed to being of service to others. 41

T.S.P. will NEVER point the finger at someone else on the team. If it is to be it is up to me. That’s how we stay sharp and focused on our GOALS!



he Kansas City Chapter of the National Black MBA Association is an integral part of the Kansas City Community. With over 20 years of creating educational programs, building relationships, connecting people and businesses in the community, the organization looks toward its future with relentless optimism and commitment. Considering the humble beginnings from which this organization emanated, it stands as an exemplar of excellence. There have been several changes, occasions for professional growth, and its members have received multiple opportunities to experience success. The chapter continually seeks mutual collaboration from other like-minded professionals and strives to increase membership. As their moniker states, their desire is to “empower visionaries” and anyone who is a member of this organization will obtain access to a realm that will cause them to perform better in the workplace, be more civically aware, culturally conscious and socially active.



KC’s Black MBA Association Provides Insights for Today’s Leaders!

(l. to r.) Kristi Gaylord Lacy, Vice-President Administration; Fred Phillips, Past President., Janine Wilson, VicePresident Records; Lori Watson, Vice-President Operations; Mozella Dyer, President.

The National Black MBA Association® The founders of the organization envisioned that African Americans were not only essential to diversity in the business world, but were key to changing the landscape of their communities’ economic and intellectual wealth. Established in 1970, the National Black MBA Association® (NBMBAA®) is dedicated to developing partnerships that result in the creation of intellectual and economic wealth in the black community. The growth of NBMBAA® is evident with 46 chapters, 28 collegiate chapters, a membership base of more than 9,500 and more than 450 corporate partners. Today, the KC chapter is an avid partner in the Leaders of Tomorrow (LOT) program and works with high school students to help them focus on and acquire access to a college education. Theresa Trussell was the Kansas City Leaders of Tomorrow (LOT) program’s first chairperson. The program has grown since then and is currently chaired by Tina Saulsbury. The Greater Kansas City YMCA Young Achievers Program will partner with the Kansas City Leaders of Tomorrow. This is another landmark occasion. On June 20, 2014, the Kansas City chapter’s LOT students will participate in the NBMBAA Success Boot Camp at Ohio State University. The participants have an opportunity to win scholarships toward their future undergraduate education. We are a self-selected affinity group dedicated to empowering visionaries through five channels of engagement:

By KC Black MBA Association

LEADERSHIP The Essential



After perusing John Maxwell’s book, The 21 Indispensable Qualities of a Leader, it can be duly noted that five of the most essential qualifications businesses are looking for today from its leaders are:


How a leader deals with the circumstances of life tells you many things about his or her character. Crisis doesn’t necessarily make character, but it certainly does reveal it. Adversity is a crossroads that makes a person choose one of two paths: character or compromise. Every time a leader chooses character, he or she becomes stronger, even if that choice brings negative consequences. The development of character is at the heart of our development not just as leaders, but as human beings.


If you want to be an effective leader, you have to be committed. True commitment inspires and attracts people. It shows them that you have conviction. They will believe in you only if you believe in your cause. As the Law of Buy-In states, people buy into the leader, then the vision. Commitment starts in the heart. If you want to make a difference in other people’s lives as a leader, look into your heart to see if you’re really committed. The only real measure of commitment is action. And there will be times when commitment is the only thing that carries you forward.

Education: Building a Solid Pipeline Career: Commitment to Measurable Success Leadership: Building Core Competencies Entrepreneurship: Creating Wealth and Value Lifestyle: Meaning, Balance, and Sustainability

Upcoming Events The chapter has two upcoming events. The first will be June 18, 2014 when the topic for conversation is work-life balance with panelists Portia Kibble Smith, CEO and President, PKS Executive Search and Consulting; and Dave Smith, President, Boys & Girls Club of Greater Kansas City. Also, on July 29, 2014, in collaboration with the Greater Kansas City Chamber of Commerce and the Kansas City Chapter of the National Society of Hispanic MBA’s, we will be hosting an event in the Board Room at Union Station. 43

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If you desire to be an effective leader, having a positive attitude is essential. It not only determines your level of contentment as a person, but it also has an impact on how others interact with you. Your attitude is a choice. No matter what happened to you yesterday, your attitude is your choice today. Your attitude determines your actions. You can choose your attitude, you can change it.


No one achieves and sustains success without selfdiscipline. It positions a leader to go to the highest level and is key to leadership that lasts. If you can determine what’s really a priority and release yourself from everything else, (Continued on page 50)

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is such emphasis placed on the attainment and achievement of one’s success? Quite simply, in our culture and time, success is linked strongly to one’s purpose, especially as development and life progress. To succeed in life creates a context around the realization of one’s purpose to some degree.

But even after debating the correlation between success and purpose, they both point back to a foundation, a strong foundation to realize one’s own greatness and purpose. A foundational mix can include a great deal; families, friends, opportunities, various experiences – both positive and negative – formal education, trainings, seminars, and other tools and resources. One resource we found for enhancing the foundation of success through training and development is the Institute for Greatness. The Institute For Greatness focuses on the training and development of Young Modern Leaders, equipping and empowering them to be both seen and heard as effective leaders today. While their current offerings include online leadership training and development for Young Modern High School Leaders, they will be releasing training products for Young Modern Leaders at the collegiate level and Young Mod44

ern Leaders in the professional arena as well. The Institute For Greatness champions leadership and the uniqueness in all of us that qualifies us to be great; to achieve our various callings and purposes; to succeed. To succeed or not to succeed should never be a question in the time and landscape in which we live. With this perspective, the Institute For Greatness team works to create materials and products that are simple, practical, and easy to digest for the trainee, creating the maximum learning impact and retention level. Trainings are delivered through a mix of proprietary methods and models that enhance preparation for both college and career. Current tools and resources offered by the institute include an online leadership training and development course for high school students (offered only in the summer), goal planning sessions, and individual and group success coaching which run parallel to the academic calendar for optimal achievement. As the conversation for success, achievement, and purpose continue, it is important to interject into the conversation tools and resources that support these aims. That support reinforces the foundation. The foundation for success is critical. As growth and development occur, the foundation is magnified as weight and pressure of achievement, purpose and success solidify it. How we lay, enhance and fortify the foundations of our goals and aspirations today, will be seen and reflected in our successes and achievements tomorrow. To learn more about the Institute For Greatness visit 45





SETTING UP YOUR BUSINESS Over 200,000 Missourians are selfemployed small business owners. Missouri Secretary of State Jason Kander is one of them and knows what it is like to sort through a lot of bureaucracy and paperwork to get things done with state government. When Secretary Kander took office in January of 2013, he started the Business Outreach Office to help entrepreneurs and small business owners navigate the process of registering their companies with state government. He strives to maintain an office that can assist business owners by reducing red tape and offering commonsense solutions to help small businesses grow. The Business Outreach Office also serves as a resource to connect business owners with organizations and other governmental agencies that may help them begin and maintain successful businesses. The Business Outreach Office has representatives in Kansas City, St. Louis and Springfield. These individuals, like Michele Watley, meet with local business organizations, service and leadership groups, and attend community events. A Kansas City native, Michele L. Watley serves as the director of the Kansas City branch office for Missouri Secretary of State Jason Kander. In this role, she works to develop key relationships and partnerships that will allow us to better serve Missouri business owners. She provides constituent services while overseeing the daily office operations and personnel. In this capacity she also serves as Legislative Staff for Secretary Kander, providing briefs on scheduling activities and recommendations for future outreach opportunities. By connecting business and government, the Business Outreach Office aims to provide assistance and information to entrepreneurs who are working to expand business growth and creation in Kansas City and throughout the state. The following list includes some basic steps for starting your business in Missouri. For additional information, please consult http:// startBusiness.asp. 47

STEP 1: Consult with professionals, such as an accountant, attorney, financial adviser, and other experts for advice regarding your small business.

STEP 2: Create a business entity and file a creation document with the Secretary of State, if needed. Business entities include:  Corporation — Articles of incorporation  General Partnership — No creation document required, but fictitious name filing may be necessary  Limited Partnership — Certificate of limited partnership  Limited Liability Company (LLC) — Articles of organization  Fictitious Name Registration — A fictitious name is commonly referred to as a “DBA,” an acronym for “doing business as.” If the business will operate under a name other than your own or the exact name of the entity, you must register that different name.  You can access many of these filings electronically through the Secretary of State’s Online Services at

STEP 3: Register the business for required state taxes, if applicable with the Missouri Department of Revenue.

STEP 4: Register with the Missouri Division of Employment Security for unemployment tax purposes through the Missouri Department of Labor & Industrial Relations.

STEP 5: Apply for a federal employer identification number (EIN) through the Internal Revenue Service.

STEP 6: Register with other Missouri agencies if required in your industry.

STEP 7: Register for a business license and other necessary permits (if any) with local city or county.



By Shemeka Cockerm


By Anna Thomas-Rios

he people of Texas are informed that in accordance with a Proclamation from the Executive of the United States, all slaves are free. This involves an absolute equality of rights and rights of property between former masters and slaves, and the connection heretofore existing between them becomes that between employer and free laborer." Executive Order Number 3. On June 19th, 1865, with these words, Major General Gordon Granger announced to Galveston, Texas that slavery had ended. Although the Emancipation Proclamation abolished slavery in January of 1863, Texas had so few Union troops, that the Executive Order initially went unheeded and without enforcement. Major General Granger’s announcement, which came almost three years after the Emancipation Proclamation was issued, finally allowed slaves in Texas to become freedmen. Many of these newly freedmen immediately left the plantation for the northern states in further pursuit of their freedom and many went to neighboring states in search of the family slavery had separated them from.

time off for the traditional pilgrimage to Texas and Juneteenth celebrations became antiquated. The Civil Rights Movement brought a renewed interest in Juneteenth and its place in history. During the 1968 Poor People’s March in Washington, D.C., Reverend Ralph Abernathy encouraged participants to return to their home states and initiate local Juneteenth celebrations. Eventually a group of local Louisiana leaders took on the challenge to make Juneteenth recognized nationally. This was a catalyst sparking Juneteenth celebrations throughout the country and the world, including locally, in Kansas City, MO. In the 1980’s, Mr. Horace Peterson, founder of the Black Archives of Mid-America in Kansas City, Inc, helped create Kansas City’s first Juneteenth celebrations in the Historic 18th and Vine Jazz District. Part of Mr. Peterson’s mission of sharing the history of Juneteenth and the African American experience was to see a reinvigorated 18th and Vine, including the Kansas City Jazz Museum, the Negro Leagues Baseball Museum and the Gem Theater. His passion and presence can still be felt today as the Black Archives prepares this year’s Juneteenth festivities at 18th and Vine, continuing with the emphasis on self improvement.


As they established their freed lives, they recognized the need commemorate this triumph in history, to relive the moment they found out they were freed and consider all that could entail. To celebrate, a return to Galveston to gather with family and friends became an annual event known as Juneteenth. These first Juneteenth celebrations were not much different from how Juneteenth would become celebrated around the country: bar-b-ques, educational events, and prayer gatherings. Over time, the tradition of Juneteenth evolved into a focus on self improvement. Cultural and economic forces brought the early celebrations of Juneteenth to a slow end. In school, children began learning only about the Emancipation Proclamation itself, and not of the importance of Major General Granger’s arrival in Galveston. With the Depression, many people were forced to leave their rural homes and find work in urban factories. Their new employers were less willing to consider allowing


On Saturday, June 14, 2014, the JuneteenthKC Planning Committee and its partners will host JuneteenthKC 2014: Picking up the Torch, a heritage festival in the 18th & Vine Historic District. The event will include youth development and educational activities, adult workshops, community service awards, musical entertainment, food and other activities sponsored by Black Archives of Mid-America Inc., TWELVE Magazine, Full Employment Council, Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, KC Greek Picnic, Never Give Up Foundation, Know Joey and other organizations. More information can be found at

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used for studying and attending to other responsibilities. Stretching the child too thin can put stress on the entire family, even with just managing transportation to various activities for overcommitted students. Another potential pitfall with extracurricular activities that parents, coaches, and other instructors are subject to is trying to live vicariously through the child, pushing the child to be passionate about an activity that the adult is passionate about. This is often done with good intentions because one can see their student’s potential, but the adults must be cognizant of the difference between strong encouragement and brute force. The advantages of extracurricular activities for most students far outweigh the potential risks and an attentive parent, coach or teacher can usually spot the signs of any issues and resolve them before they become a real problem. Unfortunately budget cuts, school funding reductions and other community cutbacks has forced many area schools to reduce or discontinue the amount of free activities that are available for students, but places like Kansas City Young Audiences, Boys and Girls Club, and the YMCA continue to offer scholarships to help defray costs. There are many free and low-cost activities still available in the Kansas City area and Twelve Magazine encourages you to get your student involved! Benefits of extracurricular activities:  Expands knowledge  Teaches time management  Productive use of free time  Improves social development  Builds relationships  Diversifies and broadens life experience  Raises self-esteem  Boosts college admission chances


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it’s a lot easier to follow through on what’s important. And that’s the essence of self-discipline. Self-discipline can’t be a one-time event. It has to become a lifestyle. To develop a lifestyle of discipline, one of your tasks must be to challenge and eliminate any tendency to make excuses. The next time you’re facing a must-do task and you’re thinking of doing what’s convenient instead of paying the price, change your focus. Count the benefits of doing what’s right and then dive in.


Leaders face the danger of contentment with the status quo. After all, if a leader already possesses influence and has achieved a level of respect, why should he or she keep growing? The answer is –– your growth determines who you are, and who you are determines who you attract, and who you attract determines the success of your organization. If you want to grow your organization, you have to remain teachable. Some people mistakenly believe that if they can accomplish a particular goal, they no longer have to grow. It can happen with almost anything: earning a degree, reaching a desired position, receiving a particular award or achieving a financial goal. But effective leaders cannot afford to think that way. The day they stop growing is the day they forfeit their potential— and the potential of the organization. These characteristics will benefit every professional in the corporate arena.

It is our mission to continue to lead in the creation of economic and intellectual wealth by empowering minority business professionals through a wide range of business forces, including career and educational programs, entrepreneurship, lifestyle, and leadership. At our core value is the empowering of minority business professionals by committing to make a sustainable and impactful difference in the communities we enrich, work, and serve in. The footprint we will strive to leave in the community is only accomplished when we have successfully eliminated impoverishment in terms of education, economic opportunities and personal improvements. The organization remains relevant today because when predominantly African American communities are successful, the community in whole benefits from that success. It is in part the needed leadership from African American professionals to continue to serve their communities and honor the legacy from which we can ill afford to allow to fade from memory. For more information regarding the association and future events, visit our website at




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Add your events and more to Tues 06/10 3rd NETWORK with the 100 Sat 06/14 JuneteenthKC Event type: Community Action Venue: 1616 E. 18th Street : KCMO Time: 11:00 AM - 10:00 PM Producer: Legacy Development, Contact: Makeda peterson Email: Sat 06/21 Big Hats & Bow Ties Scholarship Affair Event type: Fundraiser Venue: Wine Barn Winery & Vineyard: 2850 N 119th St Kansas City KS Time: 5:00 PM - 8:00 PM Producer: AKA-URO Contact: Courtney Wills Email: Phone: 913.667.9038 Sat 06/21 Christian Women of the Year Event type: Community Action Venue: Jack Reardon Convention Ctr Time: 11:00 AM - 2:30 PM Producer: Alpha Epsilon Zeta Contact: Shellie Stallings Email: Sat 06/21 Begin to Evolve, Zeta & Sigma Blood Drive and Health Fair 52

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Event type: Community Action Venue: Niles Home for Children -Dining Room: 1911 E. 23rd Street KCMO Time: 10:00 AM - 1:00 PM Producer: Begin to Evolve Contact: Danience Moreland Email: Phone: 816-7268770 Web:

Sat 06/28 Kansas City Greek Picnic 2014 Event type: Community Action Venue: Swope Park: Kansas City MO Time: 12:00 PM - 6:00 PM Producer: I'm Greek and I'm Proud Email: Web:

Thu 06/26 Kansas City Greek Picnic 2014 -Kick Off Event type: Networking Venue: TBA: TBA Kansas City MO Time: 9:00 PM - 12:00 AM Producer: I'm Greek and I'm Proud Contact: KC Greek PIcnic Email: Phone: Web:

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TWELVE KC Magazine. No. SIX. It's the annual Success Guide, Money, Jobs and Business. Read this to ELEVATE, find out about key opportunities...

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TWELVE KC Magazine. No. SIX. It's the annual Success Guide, Money, Jobs and Business. Read this to ELEVATE, find out about key opportunities...

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