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For Connoisseurs & Conscious Living This magazine is called TWELVE to note its monthly presence, only TWELVE times a year. Also, and more importantly, TWELVE is a symbol of time. So it represents timely information and the central point by which life events are measured. And of course, timepieces are part of the finer things, perfect for our core readers in pursuit of sophisticated living. Welcome to TWELVE.


Volume II, Issue IV


APRIL 2014

 Bosede Iyewarun, jeweler DON’T MISS

Welcome to FOUR!

 Calendar 52

It’s a New Day...well, at least a new season. Welcome to the Spring Break edition of TWELVE. We call this issue THREE. TWELVE Magazine is part of the network. Owned by H.G.E. Marketing, LLC. (H.G.E.). Views & opinions expressed here are not necessarily those of H.G.E. or contributors.


Roni Marsalis


We also call this the “CRAVE” issue to acknowledge our passion for poetry and the arts. After all, April is National Poetry Month, so this issue, you’ll see some features as we salute area poets. In addition, Spring is the time when we refresh and take a break. Take in the information and tips for traveling this season through the summer. Explore the content, style and more. Remember, beyond the digital or print experience, TWELVE is interactive, so get involved and engage at our live events too!

Bosede Iyewarun


You have an opportunity to contribute to the content by writing, submitting story suggestions, and of course, attending the launch events and more. Contact us at to get involved and send us feedback, too! Sincerely,

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Dr. Auburn Ellis


Though a lifestyle publication isn’t unique, TWELVE evolves the genre. It’s the only magazine that you both read and live. We set out to create more than a literary piece. We’ve merged both the online world and the live event into the “magazine experience”. Once a month, we release a new issue of the magazine. The release is paired with a live launch event on First Fridays, where the feature elements and characters of our magazine are brought to life for you to touch, taste, feel and experience. The live experience becomes part of gathering ground of additional stories, photos, and more for the final written magazine.


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onisha Harris, a.k.a., “Roni Marsalis”, was raised by a single mom in a low income environment. Never going without the necessities, Roni and her siblings had no idea they were not rich. As she grew and her world expanded, Ronisha realized that through all of the trials and tribulations her mom, her siblings, and she endured emotionally and physically, she had her forged own life's poetry.

Words: Katrina, LLC Photo: Jessikha Williams

failure and negativity escapes no one. Inspired by random acts, Roni Marsalis uses society as a muse for her creativity. Idealizing poets held in high accord for the same humanity, Ms. Harris looks to the work of Tupac Shakur, a well-known rapper, actor and poet; as well as the renowned lyrical artist featured on Russell Simmons’ Def Poetry Jam, "Black Ice."This young lady is so spiritually sound that even her accomplishments speak volumes about her persona. Roni Marsalis garnered opportunities such as meeting her living idol "Black Ice" and producing a mixtape with features on radio, websites, and magazines.

National Poetry Month

Poetry, a word derived from the Greek word poiesis, is defined by Webster as a "making." The dictionary further explains that poetry is a “form of literary art which uses the rhythmic and aesthetic quality of language". First realizing her gift for literary art in her freshman year of college, Ronisha surprised herself with her first career poem titled, “Thoughts of a Youngster”, a deliberation over life's struggles and the world's glorification of money and happiness. Roni Marsalis the poet was developed by Ronisha Harris the humanitarian. Although she considers herself a Black activist, Ronisha deems it important to speak to all races and nationalities since


Our readers can follow and friend her at Roni Marsalis on SoundCloud, Twitter,Instagram, Youtube and Facebook, and be sure to check her out on her own website at ronimarsalis. This 19 year old Floetic women is Phenomenal!

Roni Marsalis POET



Bosede Iyewarun DESIGNER & CEO Earkandie! POParazzi & Celebrity Inspired Jewelry Photos: Jessikha Williams



Kandie D

estined for greatness. That’s the usual claim you hear about children from accomplished families. The lineage of Nigerianborn Bosede Iyewarun apparently predestined her for success. Her parents were welleducated. Her father earned his doctorate in social services and her mother, also a doctor, specialized in home economics and education. Success was inevitable. The only question: Exactly how would Bosede make her mark on the world? She pursued her education, matriculating at McPherson College in McPherson, Kansas, about 50 miles from Wichita, Kansas. Drawn to the arts, she received a Bachelor’s Degree in Photography/AV Communications. Thereafter, landing placements in network TV at WDAF-TV and even photographing weddings for five years. Yet, it wasn’t until years later that she found her true passion in, of all places, reality TV. You know the type: Housewives, Basketball Wives, and all the like. Bosede was drawn in like many to the drama, but she started to look closer. With a keen and developed eye for what looks good, she discovered through TV, that celebrities donned the most stylish and trendy jewelry. “I was hooked on reality shows. I noticed that every episode there was some type of jewelry, like connectors and long chains. She began her research on eBay to garner a feel for the cost of such pieces. Though stylish and trendy, the products available were out of the range for most. After all, they were designed for and by celebrities. Bosede set out to offer affordable, yet high quality, celebrity caliber options. Her next stops were to Hobby Lobby, Wal-Mart, and Michaels to begin product development for her first pieces, 15 sets of hoops. She remembers it vividly, “I was working in collections at the time. I waited until commissions day. I took my jewelry in and they bought everything I had. She spent $70 and came away with $350. That, along (Continued on page 13)


“I waited until commissions day. I took my jewelry in and they bought everything I had.“







‘ve always loved the sights and sounds of Spring. It’s one of the most refreshing and liberating experiences in life, to watch my surroundings be born anew.

Spring is here and it’s the start of something new. It’s a time when many of us ponder pursuit of goals, aspirations, and dreams. All seasons remind us that change is ever on the horizon but Spring holds a special meaning in the minds of dreamers. Have you ever had a recurring dream? One that plays while you’re asleep and while you’re awake? That recurrence is a yearning for your dream to become a reality. I have always felt a desire to do something that will fulfill a greater purpose. Becoming a life coach is more than just a career to me; it is a calling that I have been unable to ignore. Even still, paralyzing factors such as doubt and procrastination kept me frozen in my tracks. I’d reached a stage in my life that many would consider a point of con-

Dreams don’t have limitations or restrictions. In order to obtain them you have to get rid of any personally placed constraints.

tentment but I remained unfulfilled. My dreams were not willing to wait another day and I finally made the choice to not defer them any longer. Although I still sometimes feel overwhelmed by the enormity of my desire, I have dedicated myself to taking steps toward my goal. My goal, simply put, is to help people! Mentorship has always come naturally to me. I have always 11

found ways to help others realize their dreams. My life has been full of challenges. Sharing my story and helping others through their obstacles is the most gratifying thing I do. It took me some time to take this blessing seriously and to see the value in it. Throughout my entire life and career, I have been drawn to helping others. As a result I have learned that this is indeed my true passion. Let's pursue our dreams together! Your first step is to identify and declare your dream. Maybe it’s getting healthy, being promoted to the next level in your career, or starting a business. Zero in on your goal and declare it to yourself. Don't be ashamed of pursuing a long-held dream. Don't be afraid to discover a brand new dream. I have found that the most empowering thing you can do is believe in yourself. It’s easy to chase a dream when you believe it. It's hard to chase a dream when you only want others to believe it. Dreams don’t have limitations or restrictions. In order to obtain them you have to get rid of any personally placed constraints. You are the only person standing in your way, so step aside and allow your dreams to become a reality. Don't do it alone. Seek a mentor and get started with a collaborative and positive mindset. This will take your goal from something you chase, to something you check off the list. Be honest and familiar with your weaknesses. Seek out a source like a life or dream coach to help you fill in the gaps. This may be the best way to keep you on track. You don't have to overcome setbacks alone. There is help available to accomplish your goals. Be inspired by this season! This Spring, I invite you to get active in the pursuit of your goals. Bring your dream out of hibernation and breathe new life into your future. Kenneth Cheadle is a Kansas City native. He is a Mentor and Dream Coach.


Bosede Iyewarun

(Continued from page 9)

with the steady demand for products at the office, set Bosede off on her new career path. November 11, 2011, Earkandie! POParazzi & Celebrity Inspired Jewelry was born. The company name is both a brand and historical synopsis of its origin. Style, star status, and uniqueness are the essentials of a product line that continues to grow. Enticing body chains, intricate shoulder and wrist harnesses along with elegant bejeweled headpiece collections including bridal pieces; matching couple sets, men’s and women’s pieces including chains, chokers, bracelets, earrings, wallet chains, rosaries and so much more! What’s especially unique is that each piece is customized. From slight alterations to dramatic divergences, every customer walks away with a piece that’s genuinely unique. Bosede even has a line for children. The whole family can enjoy Earkandie. Today, Bosede and Earkandie! are in growth mode! The line has exploded. Bosede features exclusive (Continued on page 15)



(Continued from page 13)

Earkandie! models. Soon, you’ll see the brand everywhere from live events to the city’s billboards. Yet, in her growth, she wants to see her fellow Kansas Citians also succeed. This is the inspiration behind the Spring fashion mixer on May 2nd. Earkandie!, along with Savee Events, is bringing the fashion, entertainment, and media community together to learn from those with a passion for the city and to expose our talents. “People want to make it and leave. This showcase is for everyone from kids to entrepreneurs to let them know you can make it and stay here. If Bosede has her way, people around the country will travel into Kansas City for Earkandie! and, while here, discover the enormous wealth of talent and resources we have in our city. So to what does Bosede attribute her popularity and growth? “It’s God. It’s staying humble… Seerespecting the historyeveryone.” of college basketball at the CBE.

Yes, Bosede creates jewelry, but undoubtedly, it’s her very presence in KC that is a tremendous treasure of the city.


Roni Marsalis


Roni Marsalis

Eyes of a Soldier Eyes of a soldier trying to win this battle like pulling tickets in a raffle you never know what to expect all you can do is not accept the rejection eventually you’ll be their selection but until then continue to nurture yourself with love and affection Feed your heart with high expectations & patience young Lion, you’ll be there soon soon your shine will be with the stars because you kept faith in the moon. Ronisha Harris 17

GIVE A Red Carpet AFFAIR Gem Theater March 10, 2014 National Women and Girls HIV/AIDS Awareness Day Event. Taking steps to Inspire & Empower.

March is Women’s History Month. While there’s plenty of accomplishments to acknowledge, the Good Samaritan Project, government agencies and partners across the community, united to bring awareness to the risks that women face with HIV and AIDS. Features: Sean Tyler, Master of Ceremonies; Jannis Evans keynote speaker and award recipient; Lee Langston, Musical Entertainment. Plus, a special performance by the Bishop Hogan Middle School Choir.




Style Tip: Keep in mind while you’re out shopping around for new Spring/Summer pieces; don’t overlook the idea of transitioning some of your current Fall/Winter items into your Spring wardrobe!


bright festive colors, manicured nails, bold floral prints, beach-ready toes and statement accessories! Some of the hottest trends for women this Spring/Summer season include the ear, ring and hand cuff (not all connected together of course), chunky necklaces, the classic black & white combination, handydandy shoulder bags, shades of orange lipwear, geometric and tribal prints, bright metallics, shoulder length bobs, ombre colored hair, pixie cuts, the go-to nude shoe. As for the men, you may see bigger flower motifs on shirts, bucket hats, and contrasting tie and pocket square combinations. Gentlemen, please don’t be afraid of the colored suits. (Just embrace it). Try an olive green, a shade of blue, a brick red, or mix it all up. Wear your green chinos with a khaki blazer or your striped button up shirt with a paisley bowtie. Men, remember that great fit is key to any look …and its ok to get a pedicure! Lastly, just in case you didn’t notice, the leather trend has not left the building just yet!

Style Designer, Eranne Whiters EFFORTless Style by Rena, LLC


now trending

It’s time for soft pastels, bare legs,


FFLY LIFE Groove Station | DJ Q in the Mix. 3.7.14 Photo: Jessikha Williams



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Present Your Fashion Style


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TIPS BY -Monica D.


“...You can trip the lights fantastic with color fading dresses in bright colors and/or complex patterns…”

Fashion continues to lean retro and bring old school trends back for spring 2014. In addition to the pea coat lined with a petticoat, you can go classic sexy with a black and white bodycon dress (add red lips -- your ready to go!). You can trip the lights fantastic with color fading dresses in bright colors and/or complex patterns, or you could go for the “lax” updated overalls and a crop top in your own style. There's always the option of staying with the loose fitting t-shirt and designer leggings, since there are sooo many new styles, they won't fade this season. My favorite continues to be more of a monochromatic all black or all white pallet (with my overalls). I find that when you start off with a blank slate, you can get daring and creative with accessories. Happy Spring!! 26


FITNESS by: Gabrielle Phillips

It’s In the Water Hot Water For Breakfast? According to world renowned Herbalist, Dr. Sebi, a hot cup of water is just what your body craves to jump start its functioning for the day! When I first heard this, I was intrigued and couldn’t wait to test out this new take on breakfast. So of course, before calling the night quits and going to bed, I pulled out my plethora of herbal and anatomy books, hooked up my laptop, and began the journey on a research craze on the benefits of hot water. I had to find out if this weird, yet simple fact proved to be true. As I began to delve into this subject matter, I was discovered that this concept was more common than what I had initially thought. In fact, China, Russia, and Great Britain are among the many nations that consume hot water as their choice for breakfast, over the mouthwatering Belgian waffle, French toast, and succulent steak and eggs. It's been proven, in the field of homeopathy, to provide a myriad of benefits promoting healthy functioning of our bodies. The following is a brief sum-

Drink Hot Warm Water Regularly. 1. Increases liver function 2. Improves blood circulation 3. Cleanses/detoxes your system 4. Helps your digestive system work smoothly 5. Improves mental stability 6. Helps the nervous system 7. Speeds up weight loss


mary of a few of the key health benefits of drinking hot /warm water regularly. 1. Increases liver function 2. Improves blood circulation 3. Cleanses/detoxes your system 4. Helps your digestive system work smoothly 5. Improves mental stability 6. Helps the nervous system 7. Speeds up weight loss Not too fond of drinking plain water? Add a slice of lemon and a teaspoon of honey to perk up your taste buds. Viola! A power packed breakfast to go with the power packed day! For more information visit or email us at



Municipal Auditorium | 3.29.14 BUY | SELL | TRADE Usually, when you witness over a thousand people in a room, you’ll find a celebrity or two. Sure, there were a few here, even Tech N9ne made an appearance, but the real stars were the “shoes”. Sneakers, one of a kind apparel, and accessories, all composed one of KC’s most unique fairs. Brought to you by KC Sole.



SNEAKFEST 2014 | 3.29.14

Part II of the TWELVE Magazine Anniversary Weekend! Back By Popular Demand (BBPD). This one was called FOUNDERS DAY held at Groove Station and featuring KC’s Alumni Black Greek Organizations. Thanks to those who attended, especially in the SNOW!




SPRING BREAK Plan A Get Away Marriott Resort Dana Point, CA


By MQG / Cleopatra Journeys nnually, during the season of rebirth and reawakening, on universities across America you can experience a palpable shift as the brains of thousands of students transition focus from intense study to intense recreation as time grows near to take a break. They call it “Spring Break�. It is a designated time etched in all university calendars when professors and students are encouraged to venture off campus and take time out for a vacation after working hard to achieve their scholastic first quarter goals. Everyone is in search ways to celebrate and recreate. You are expected to return with a renewed mind and spirit ready to work hard.


Grade school and high school students need breaks, too. For them, spring break may begin during the week prior to Easter. The idea is for everyone to have an adventure rather than spending dollars on a new Easter suit and baskets. When our grade school children return to school, their first assignment is to present a show and tell about their spring vacation. They too, are expected to have a renewed mind, ready to be creative and explore new ideas in learning. High school students are expected to return to their classrooms inspired; ready to think out of the box with innovative ideas to change the world.

Unfortunately, Americans have become so loyal to their jobs and businesses they are forgetting the value of vacations.


Unfortunately, Americans have become so loyal to their jobs and businesses they are forgetting the value of vacations. The high achiever manager in corporate America often overlooks that at the end of the year several of their employees did not take advantage of their allocated vacation time. The American business owner often tells the family that vacation time will have to wait until next month, which stretches into next year. Working through vacation time today is acceptable in corporate America – or is it? The national news reports that the American worker who takes a vacation is found to be more productive than the worker who chooses to skip their allocated two week vacation time. Annual executive summaries from health insurance companies report that employees who take vacations appear to have less stress related health issues and a happier family lives. Recently, it was reported that a manager in the financial industry committed suicide after working several weekends straight without a break. (Continued on page 36)


(Continued from page 35)


God did not intend for his children to work without taking a break. In the Bible in chapter one of Genesis it states “And God rested on the seventh day”. Corporate America is listening, and many corporations are making it mandatory that their employees utilize their allocated paid time off. We can learn from Spanish and other European cultures. It wasn’t until I traveled to Mexico, France, Italy, and Brazil that I understood the importance of celebrating each day by taking time out to renew your soul and spirit. This daily time out is called siesta. During the late afternoon businesses will close for a period of two to three hours to take a break from the grind of work. By taking time out for renewal, the worker creates harmony and balance in their daily lives.

it is imperative for our children who live in a world of racial prejudice to know that we are more alike than unalike. Our children need to see that all human beings are more alike than unalike. Exposure to other countries or cultures will teach our children that we are no different than other people. Travel helps to remove racial differences. A child must be given the opportunity to travel, learn or listen to a different language, and explore new food, music, dance, and art.” Dr. Angelou teaches that it is our responsibility as parents to open as many doors as possible for our children through travel, balancing cultural scales and removing racial differences.

“A child must be given the opportunity to travel, learn or listen to a different language, and explore new food, music, dance, and art.” Dr. Maya Angelou


Using vacation time to travel not only renews the spirit, but enlightens the mind. I recently spoke with Dr. Maya Angelou on a late Sunday afternoon in March, about why she thinks it is so important for children to travel. She has written several books on children traveling around the world. In that wonderful, powerful, musical voice of hers you could feel her joy in each word she spoke. She said, “My dear girl, 36


In preparing to write this article, I interviewed several colleagues and friends who love to travel and have great national and global vacation experiences. One of these interviews included an executive mentor named Mr. Toohey. Mr. Toohey has traveled to over 74 countries. Mr. Toohey believes in taking family vacations. He learned the importance of leaving work at the office and putting family first while on vacation. He celebrates with family at least twice a year. When travel became complicated for some family members he created “Toohey Family Day”. The celebration may consist of a full day of fun and adventure locally or maybe a weekend getaway. Usually there is some

Herman & Marquetta Glass MQG / Cleopatra Journeys

type of competition included and the winners receive the family trophy until the next year. The experience may include a picnic, a day trip adventure, or a weekend at the lake. If family schedules permit, Mr. Toohey will schedule a week vacation together traveling a longer distance to stake their next family adventure competition. Today we call this type of getaway a “staycation”. A staycation can be one day or the weekend close to home. The key to a successful staycation is planning fun leisure experiences and leaving work behind. If the memories make you smile then you know your staycation was a success. Check your city website or Google for staycation ideas.


Vacation and travel yields many advantages, both professionally and personally. Let travel awaken your spirit of freedom. Use vacations to escape to your perfect dream adventure. Take time off to explore and affect change on a vacation missionary trip with your family where you build a new school or orphanage for children. You and your family will understand the meaning of gratitude beyond your expectations. Take your vacation and experience the joy of life by creating global friendships in as many ports as possible around the world. If you can dream it, you can create a vacation around it. Seek to balance your life by living full time and taking your well-earned vacations! To learn more about authentic and affordable dream vacations with personal concierge services at wholesale prices go to https:// Now lets’ review some travel tips to help create amazing vacation experiences. Your friend in travel MQG. 37

TRAVEL TIPS by MQG 1. Create a vacation budget and stick to it. 2. Select your vacation adventure or location as soon possible. Check to confirm the accommodations for a pet or family friendly hotel experience. 3. Be aware of high season and off season hotel rates. 4. To obtain great rates on airfares book departures on Tuesdays or Wednesdays. Saturday evening airfares can also yield great fares for families. If traveling abroad be sure to purchase travel and medical insurance. American Express offers great medical and life travel insurance. 5. Make sure you research the proper travel document requirements. All travel outside the US borders requires you to have a passport. In some countries you are required to have a Visa in addition to your passport. You can also contact the embassy or consulate representing the countries to confirm the travel documents required to enter their countries.

Angela Roulette A WOMAN SPEAKS

roux By Randi McCreary Photo: Raye Jackson

In a dim lit room, filled with anticipating ears and open minds, Angela Roulette is called to the mic. Her surname hints at a possible gamble, but none is taken when she speaks. Her words are unapologetic, her message is real and her position in the poetry world is a force to be reckoned with. Angela Roulette is the modern day face of the modern poet who wants the world to recognize when a woman is speaking. Poetry is often bred from experience. It acts as a sounding board and a means of therapy. For Roulette, it was the marriage of both. At the age of eighteen Roulette lost her father and found herself unable to completely heal. The discovery of HBO’s Def Poetry Jam, a notorious platform for spoken word artists created by Russell Simmons and Bruce George, helped Roulette find her niche. Def Poetry Jam exposed poetry lovers to great artists like Georgia Me, Suheir Hammad and Staceyann Chinn. Watching artists deliver thoughts and feelings with such raw emotion opened her eyes to a new release.

art, describing it as her catharsis. Roulette’s catharsis has served her well, landing her the honor of Best Spoken Word Act by Pitch Magazine for their 2013 Best of KC Edition. Additionally, Roulette is the co-founder of Poetic Underground Open Mic Series, creator and producer of the all female poetry show, Estrogen Rush and an advocate of the Kansas City chapter of Louder Than A Bomb. Roulette has found her voice and attributes her words to whatever strikes her at the moment. “I refuse to put myself in a category or style. I create whatever moves me to create at that time. I find being "genre" and "artist" being put together as counter-intuitive. In my opinion, creativity is about freedom,” says Roulette. “I’m inspired by life. It’s a twisted and beautiful thing.” Amongst poets there is often the debate between the stage and the page. Poetry can be a powerful vessel on the page, drawing in avid readers that enjoy dissecting the meaning of every line. It can also be the magic that happens on the stage, as the most personal thoughts are echoed in a crowded room. Roulette has found the balance of both sides, recently trying her hand in the literary magazine arena. Roulette defines poetry as the marriage of writing, mechanics, emotion, and storytelling. The connection that she is able to make with the crowd, through thought provoking content and emotionally raw delivery, is what highlights her gift for storytelling.

“It sounds cliché, but poetry literally saved my life. It’s been the place I go to for release of everything. I think I would have been a different person had poetry and I not crossed paths,” she explains.

When the world learned of the tragic death of Trayvon Martin, Roulette recognized the importance of adding her voice to the millions of others who felt so strongly about the violent end to an innocent youth’s life. Spoken word allows one individual to express the feelings of many. After writing, “Trayvon’s Blues”, Roulette understood just how impactful the art of storytelling can be.

From that day forward she was hooked to the

“So many people… black, white, young, old…have (Continued on page 40)




“ refuse to put myself in a category or style. I create whatever moves me to create at that time.�


(Continued from page 38)

come up to me and been so touched by it. I think it was because I chose to do the poem from Trayvon Martin's perspective talking to his mother and it resonated with people. I think that's when I realized the power poetry really has.” Poetry is not a gender assigned arena, but it does give women an opportunity to show extreme diversity in their style and message. For decades, women have proven that you don’t have to resort to sex appeal or watered down content to make a poignant name for yourself in the poetry world. Roulette can see it no other way, making point of the fact that the best representation of women artists in general, are those that are well rounded. “Women are essential to the arena of poetry. Especially being a woman of color, I feel I have a responsibility to carry the torch. I came up in the thick of the golden age of hip-hop and we had a lot of female representation. Even though there was a Lil Kim or Foxy Brown, we also had Lauryn Hill and Eve. Strong, distinct voices. Today that is no longer the case. Now we only have Nikki Minaj as the singular overpowering voice. We are in an imbalance. Who's going to fill the void? I think the on us is on us, as poets, to put things back in balance in terms of providing a more rounded view of women have to say.” As women poets like Roulette continue to hold a burning flame to poetry, the margin of what it means to be a woman writer evolves into something wonderful.

STAND Mz. Angela Roux

My name is poetry And I'm hotter than a government shutdown

Hotter than 47 rounds of ammunition shooting at an innocent opposition on a schoolyard Know the target I'm hotter than baby mamas waiting on WIC Hotter than a spliff ignited in the corner of a dorm room Where we commune Are you lifted? Do you inspire? Does your verse have the fluidity to crumble empires? Does your content contend with the complexity of those who came before you? Do you possess the gumption to overlook a cliff? To stare death in the teeth and say I have nothing to lose? Do you have that kind of juice? Know the ledge Know the edge is a figment of your imagination Know that truth is the sword and shield for your contestation Lose yourself to win tonight Drown yourself to breathe tonight Shackle yourself for three minutes to get free tonight It’s bigger than the judges’ Ones and Twos It’s bigger than this room Stand


On top of your mountain Knowing that you emerged from a rock and hard place But had the stones to speak for those still trapped (Continued on page 41)

STAND Mz. Angela Roux

(Continued from page 40)

To tell the testimony of how you made it over Stand For the woman sitting pretty With makeup covering that black eye Stand For the father serving a life sentence Who will never see his son walk the stage to receive his degree Stand For the mother Having to decide between tonight’s dinner and this month’s rent Stand For the boy who doesn’t know how to come out to his parents So the sentence stays choked in his throat Stand For the girl ashamed of her body Cutting herself in secret Because words do have the power to puncture and slice you unrecognizable Stand Let your metaphors be the metamorphosis Let them be the spirit blood to transfuse A broken vessel Know that refuge can be found on this stage Collapse with humility So you may ascend into the annals of those who are brave Stand



Dr. Auburn Ellis


At TWELVE, we take pride in all Kansas Citians who make their mark on the world, at home and abroad. It’s all in line with our “I’m So Kansas City” (#ISKC) campaign of exposing Kansas City art, talent and ingenuity and “exporting” our talents— rather than always looking for other cities to lead. Considering that, we’re proud to introduce Dr. Auburn Ellis. She’s a visual artist and one of Kansas City’s treasures. She now blesses the world with her gifts as both an exhibitor and educator. She received dual, art degrees in education from the University of Missouri-Columbia. Later, she continued with graduate studies in Chicago—receiving both a Master’s from the School of the Art Institute-Chicago and her doctorate in education from National Louis University. She possesses a full arsenal of artistic expressions including painting, drawing and collage and exercises these skills through an execution of traditional mediums, and particularly focused on art of the Diaspora. Rooted in 43

ceramics and three-dimensional design, she describes her work as pushing the boundaries of texture and rhythm. Her talents, as well as her travels, have no bounds. During graduate studies at the Art Institute-Chicago, her scope of work included shows in Chicago, Prague and even Italy. Yet, her core talents have been applied to examining, researching and teaching about the African and African-American experience. Still, she’s also contributed here at home, in Kansas City, having served as an instructor at Kansas City’s Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art. As a member of the African Diaspora, she feels “It is imperative to re-define culturally grounded aesthetic in contemporary society”. In fact, she is now ready to present a series of paintings relative to her doctoral dissertation completed using an African Centered Worldview. All are invited to see this work: Africentric Habits of Mind, Friday, April 18, 2014, at the Negro Leagues Baseball Museum on 18th & Vine, 6pm. You may also visit her website


STAYCATION: KC B&B Theatres - I 70 Drive In 8701 East US 40 Highway Kansas City, Missouri 64129 For Shows and Showtimes 816-256-4118 Tickets prices: Ages 12 and up are $10.00 each (double feature)

JAEGERS Subsurface Paintball Described as the world's first and only underground paintball arena catering to all skill levels of the game. 9300 NE Underground Dr, Kansas City, MO 64161 (816) 452-6600

Jaegerz Laser Tag Phone: 816.452.5151 Email: Address: 9300 NE Underground Drive Kansas City, MO 64161

The Maze Craze | Laser Tag The Maze Craze at Zona Rosa is open 7 days a week for guests to play! Personal Combat. Our high tech arena offers the latest and greatest in laser tag fun! The black lighting and 3D fluorescent graphics create an amazing visual 8610 N Dixson Ave, Kansas City, MO 64153 (816) 587-6293

Extreme Grand Prix Family Fun Center Experience real head-to-head racing at and discover why indoor karting is the fastest-growing sport in the United States! 1 Google review · Write a review 6731 Blue Ridge Blvd, Raytown, MO 64133 (816) 286-4156

Great Wolf Lodge Give your family the experience of a lifetime at Great Wolf Lodge, a Kansas City indoor water park with attractions for people of all ages. Address: 10401 Cabela Dr, Kansas City, KS 66111 Phone:(913) 299-7001

The Bay Water Park The Bay Water Park. 7101 Longview Rd Kansas City, MO 64134. Get Directions Note: Due to road construction Longview Road, entering from the East (turning ... Google+ page · Be the first to review owned by the City of Kansas City Parks and Recreation. 45

7101 Longview Rd, Kansas City, MO 64134 (816) 965-9218

Jazz - A Louisiana Kitchen The Authentic French Quarter Cafe, Featuring Fine Cajun Cuisine and Great Live Music 1823 West 39th Street – Kansas City, MO – Phone: (816) 5315556 1859 Village West Parkway – Kansas City, KS - Phone: (913) 3280003

Kansas City T-Bones The Kansas City T-Bones are a member of the Central Division of the American Association of Independent Professional Baseballl. Based in Kansas City, KS , the T-Bones play at Community America Ballpark. Fun for the whole family. Free parking, every night! FOR TICKETS CALL: 913.328.5618 The Kansas City Royals The Kansas City Royals are a Major League Baseball team based in Kansas City, Missouri. The Royals are a member of the Central Division of Major League. Ewing M. Kauffman Stadium, Kansas City, Missouri 1 Royal Way, Kansas City, MO 64129 (816) 504-4040

The City Market Open daily and featuring an eclectic mix of dining, shopping, entertainment and attractions in a unique open-air setting, the City Market offers visitors a variety of fresh produce, meats, cheeses, specialty groceries, flowers and gift items from nearby farms and around the world. 20 East 5th Street, Suite 201 Kansas City, Missouri 64106 Phone (816) 842-1271

Crown Center Over 60 shops and restaurants plus LEGOLAND Discovery Center and SEA LIFE Aquarium Address: 2450 Grand Blvd #200, Kansas City, MO 64108 Phone:(816) 274-8444


84TH MID-WESTERN CONFERENCE | March 20-23, 2014 Pink and Green Everywhere. Over 800 AKAs were in town for what was reported as one of the largest conferences for the Midwestern Region. Plenty of fun, shopping, stepping, sisterhood and more, but at its core, Alpha Kappa Alpha worked to continue its mission of service.


@nphckc “A Magnificent Journey of Timeless Sisterhood and Service”.



84TH MID-WESTERN CONFERENCE | March 20-23, 2014










Photo: @SmashGlam



Add your events and more to Sat 04/12 Youth Symposium Venue: Kansas City Kansas Main Library : 625 Minnesota Avenue KC, KS Time: 1:00 PM - 4:00 PM Producer: Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority, Inc.- Delta Eta Sigma Chapter Contact: Melinda Dessieux Email: Sat 04/12 Jeans, Jewels, & Jamz Venue: Jack Reardon Center: KC, KS Time: 8:00 PM - 12:00 PM Producer: Beta Omega of AKA Contact: akabeta omega Email: Phone: Fri 04/18 A NIGHT OF POETRY Date: 04/18/2014 7:00 PM-10:00 PM Location: Just Off Broadway Theatre 3051 Central Street KCMO 64108 come hear from kansas city BEST THE COST OF THIS EVENT IS $5.00 Fri 04/18 Dr. Auburn E. Ellis Presents: Africentric Habits of Minds Date: 04/18/2014 Time: 6:00 PM-9:00 PM Negro Leagues Baseball Museum 1616 E. 18th St Kansas City MO 64108 Sat 52 04/19 Hunt is On: Easter Egg Hunt

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Date: 04/19/2014 Time: 11:00 AM Location: Big 11 Lake 1310 N. 10th Street Kansas City KS Sat 04/19 2014 Cotillion Venue: Westin at Crown Center : KCMO Time: 6:00 PM - 9:00 PM Producer: Delta Sigma Theta KCMO Contact: Tausha Brooks Email: Sat 04/19 R&B Dance Party with The Collective feat. Br. John Venue: The Rooftop at Mestizo: 5270 W. 116th Place Leawood KS Time: 8:00 PM - 11:00 PM Producer: TTD Promotions Contact: Kathy Nemati Email: Phone: 816-6826832 Sat 04/26 Annual Scholarship Program Venue: Bruce R. Watkins Cultural Center: 3700 Blue Parkway Kansas City MO Time: 1:00 PM - 3:00 PM Producer: AKA - Xi Tau Omega Chapter Contact: Tarena Daniels Email: Phone:

Sat 04/26 Oldies but Goodies Party Venue: Knights of Columbus Hall: 5101 Blue Ridge Gut-off Kansas City MO Time: 9:00 PM - 1:00 AM Contact: Beta Lambda Email: Phone: 816-921-6161 Web: Mon 04/28 M.A.D. House Nail Lacquer Launch Party Date: 04/28/2014 Time: 7:00 PM-11p Location: The Firefly Lounge Drinks Specials |give a ways |21 & Over 4118 Pennsylvania Ave KCMO 64111 Tue 04/29 2nd Annual Who's Who in Black KC Date: 04/29/2014 Time: 5:30 PM-7:30 PM Location: UMB | $50 1010 Grand Blvd Kansas City MO 64106 Fri 05/02 Savee Events & EarKandie! Presents SPRING FASHION MIXER 2014! Date: 05/02/2014 Time: 7:00 PM-12:00 AM Location: Artis Events Space 3016 Cherry Street Kansas City MO 64108 KCs Urban Source. Add Your Events!



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Twelve Magazine FOUR  

Welcome to number FOUR, the April release of TWELVE Magazine. Spring Break, fashion, inspiration. This is Kansas City. Step inside and dis...

Twelve Magazine FOUR  

Welcome to number FOUR, the April release of TWELVE Magazine. Spring Break, fashion, inspiration. This is Kansas City. Step inside and dis...